Mayıs 1, 2021

The Plane Crash

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18 year old Vicki kissed her father on the cheek as he lifted the private plane away from the pad it had been sitting on. “Oh daddy, this is the best present you could have given me.” She squealed as they moved away from land and out over the water.

Rich smiled at his daughter as he guided the small Cessna out over the Florida Keys then out into open sea. Rich had raised his daughter alone since his wife Caroline died when she was 4. He had watched as she grew from a little butterball into the full figured woman she had become. She reminded him a lot of her mother. Same dark blonde hair, same blue eyes. Her ample tits were enclosed in the top of her bathing suit as she looked out the window.

Today was actually a multiple present for his little girl. She had turned 18 a week ago, and had graduated as valedictorian from her high school class. When he asked her what she wanted for her reward for being such a good student, she had told him that she wanted him to take her up in his plane. Rich had his pilot’s license for years and on the spur of the moment bought the small two person plane a year ago. He promised Vicki he would take her up in it after she turned 18. Today he kept that promise.

The sky was beautiful as they flew out over the Atlantic Ocean. Vicki was squealing in delight when Rich lowered the plane almost touching the water. “It’s beautiful daddy.” She cried hugging him tight.

Rich laughed, “I’m glad you’re having fun sweetheart.” He suppressed a moan when she pressed her breasts against his arm when she hugged him.

He had never thought about having sex with his daughter. She was always just his little girl. Even when she was a teenager and walked around the house in her bra and panties he would laugh and tell her to put clothes on. He never thought of her that way. She was his little girl. But something had changed this morning when he was coming from his bedroom and saw that she hadn’t closed the bathroom door completely.

He was about to walk on by when he heard a low moan coming from the room. Curious, he stopped outside the door listening. When the moan came again, he pushed the door open. Vicki was sitting on the toilet with her legs spread before her. One hand was squeezing her tit, while she fingered her pussy with the other. “I want a hard cock.” She cried as she flung her hand hard against her body slamming her fingers into herself. “I am so tired of being a virgin.”

Rich was mesmerized as he watched her masturbate. His cock rose hard in his jeans. When he realized she was getting close to cumming, he ran from the bathroom hoping she hadn’t seen him watching her. She came out a few minutes later, dressed in her bathing suit and shorts. They had left shortly there after.

Now as she pressed her body against him as she looked out the window of the small plane at the vast water and sky, his cock was pressing hard against his shorts. He forced himself to keep his attention on flying the plane instead of his daughter’s hot body.

They had been in the air about 4 hours and Rich was thinking about turning back towards home when the first clap of thunder sounded as lightning filled the sky and rain washed against the windshield. “Oh no.” Vicki whined moving back over to her seat as the wipers tried to clear the rain.

Rich glanced over at her. “I’m sorry baby. The weather man said it was supposed to be clear.”

Vicki sulked against her seat as her father turned the plane back towards home. “It’s okay. I had fun anyway.”

Rich smiled at her but that was it as he was trying to keep control of the plane. The rain was coming down hard and the wind was pulling at the plane. Rich held hard to the steering wheel. “I hope we can make it home in this.” He yelled over the wind and the sound of the engines.

Vicki looked at him with fear in her eyes. “Are we going to be okay daddy?”

Rich squeezed her knee with his free hand while trying to give her a reassuring smile. “Sure we are honey.” But as he looked back out the dark window, he wasn’t so sure.

He dipped the nose of the plane down towards the water, looking for someplace he could put down to wait out the storm, when suddenly the plane started rocking dangerously. Vicki started screaming as she quickly put her seatbelt on.

Rich gripped the wheel, trying to control the shaking plane. He had seen a small island and was heading in that direction, when suddenly the engine cut out. The plane started to fall fast towards the ground. He hit the controls over and over until it roared back to life. “We’re almost there baby.” He said as Vicki dug her nails into his arm.

Rich steered the plane towards the island, when suddenly the engine cut out again. The nose of konyaaltı escort the plane dipped as they fell. The last thing Rich remembered before they crashed on the island was screaming his daughter’s name.

Rich opened his eyes as rain poured down on him. He was lying on the beach a few feet from the plane. The damage didn’t look to bad from what he could see through the driving rain. He gingerly moved to his feet. He had a few bruises but for the most part seemed to be in one piece. Then he realized that Vicki wasn’t beside him. “Vicki,” He screamed running towards the plane.

He landed flat on his stomach, as in the darkness he tripped over something then heard a low moan. “Vicki.” He turned towards the noise. When a shot of lightning lit up the sky he saw her lying behind him on her back. The driving rain was flying down over her. “Vicki.” He cried pulling her into his arms.

“Daddy?” Vicki asked softly as she shivered. “Where are we?”

Rich looked around. “I don’t know sweetheart. But we need to find shelter. Can you stand up?”

She moved her legs. “I think so.”

He helped her to her feet, then holding her hand in his, they moved up the beach into the trees. They walked through the trees as the rain fell down, drenching their bodies. “I’m cold daddy.” Vicki whimpered as she stumbled beside him.

“I know baby. So am I.” Rich was squinting through the driving rain, trying to see. He saw what looked like a small clearing up ahead where a bunch of trees had grown together. He pulled Vicki behind him until they were under the protective bush. The rain still fell but not as hard as they huddled together.

“I’m cold daddy.” Vicki cried pressing her body close to his trying to warm herself with his body heat.

Rich held her close as he looked around trying to find something to make a fire with. He had been a boy scout and learned how to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

As lightning lit up the sky, he saw wood scattered all over the clearing. He pressed his trembling daughter away from him. “Honey, I need you to try to help me gather wood for a fire.”

“O…Okay.” She replied her teeth chattering. She pulled herself away from him.

They stumbled in the darkness, lit up occasionally by the lightning until they came back together, both carrying armfuls of wood. Vicki dropped her pile then dropped to her knees crying. “It’s okay baby.” Rich told her as he separated the wood by size. “It’s okay.”

Within minutes he had a roaring fire going. Vicki curled up against him as they huddled close to the fire. “Daddy, why did the plane die?”

Rich was rubbing his hand absently over her bare arm. They had both stripped out of their wet clothes. Their clothes were lying on the ground by them drying out from the heat of the fire. “I don’t know baby. I think we might be having an electrical storm or something. The plane may have gotten hit with one of the lightning bolts.”

Vicki huddled closer to him, her naked body slowly warming. She ran her hand over his lap without really noticing until her hand accidentally brushed against his semi hard cock. When Rich suddenly moaned she looked up at him.

He blushed. “Sorry. It’s been a long time.”

She shrugged but let her hand brush over him again. When he again moaned she smiled. “You know daddy. We’re both cold and no one is here but us.”

Rich looked down at his daughter. “What are you talking about baby?”

She lifted her head, looking into his eyes. Her own eyes were glowing with lust in the firelight. “I’m just saying that whatever we do tonight while we are alone…” She took his cock into her hand, stroking it slowly as she felt it grow. “Nobody has to know.” She kissed him on the lips.

Rich pulled her away from him in shock. “Vicki, you are my daughter.”

She stuck out her lower lip in a pout. “Dad, I’m 18 years old and still a virgin. I am so tired of taking care of myself. You have a cock. I want a cock. What’s the problem?” She pushed her point further by lowering her head down until she was able to take him into her mouth. She moved her head up and down over him as she slowly sucked him..

Rich closed his eyes as pleasure washed over him. He let her suck on him for a minute then looked at her as he gently pushed her away. “You’re my daughter Vicki, as much as I would love to fuck you. I won’t.” He kissed her forehead. “Now go to sleep.”

She watched as he laid down on his side with his back to her. “But dad…” She pouted.

Rich held himself still, his cock still throbbing from the sensations she had given it with her mouth. “Go to sleep Vicki.”

He heard her lay down beside him. He relaxed his body until she suddenly kültür escort pushed her naked body against his back, pressing her breasts tightly against him while she rubbed her pussy against his ass. “Vicki…” He said in shock.

“I’m horny daddy.” She whimpered kissing his neck.

He rolled over quickly to reprimand her again, only to have her pull his face tightly against her tits. He moaned against them as he moved his mouth slowly over her flesh. “Oooohhhh daddy.” She moaned pressing herself tighter against him. Her hand moved down his body, gripping his cock again.

Rich knew he should pull away. It wasn’t right that he was sucking on his daughter’s tit while she jacked him with her hand. But his body didn’t seem to be listening to his head. His tongue was moving over her breast as he humped his cock against her soft strokes.

He gasped in surprise when suddenly she rolled over onto her back, pulling him on top of her until she was able to pull his cock against her entrance. “Daddy…fuck me…I need to be fucked so bad.” She cried rubbing her pussy over his cock.

Rich gave in. He moaned against her while he pushed her legs apart. He started to push into her only to stop. “No daddy, don’t stop.” She cried as she felt him begin to fill her, then suddenly stop.

He pressed himself up on his hands so he could look down into her eyes. “You’re a virgin baby.”

She looked up at him disgusted. “I know. That’s why I want you to fuck me.”

He chuckled, running his hand over her face. “That’s not what I meant baby. It means that I can’t just slam into you and start humping.”

She looked up at him. “Why not?”

He kissed her softly then moved his mouth back down to her ample tit. “Because it would hurt you to much baby. I need to make you ready for me.” Then he locked his mouth on her tit, as he lay down beside her on the sand..

She whimpered as he sucked at her breast, then moved down until he could take her nipple into his mouth. The whole time his mouth was busy, his hand was moving over her body in a loving caress. Vicki sighed in pleasure. When she felt his hand move over her pussy, she spread her legs wide.

When she felt his finger touch her clit, she cried out as she lifted her hips. “Oh daddy…Touch me.” She wrapped her arm around his head, holding him against her.

Rich kept his mouth tight against her nipple as his hand explored her untouched flesh. He circled his finger over her clit a couple of times then lowered his hand down until he found her entrance. She was soaked; she was leaking her juices all over his hand. He found the little nub above her slit and pressed hard on it.

“Oh my god.” She whimpered pressing hard against him. Rich chuckled against her tit, and then pressed hard again, before lowering his hand down until he was cupping her slit. “Daddy…” She begged pressing up against his hand. “Please.”

Rich sucked harder at her tit, feeling the nipple harden against his roaming tongue. He teased her slit a minute then slowly let his finger enter her. “Yessssssssss…” She cried out as her muscles tightened around him. He slowly slid his finger in and out of her as he moved his mouth to her other breast, giving it the same treatment.

“Yes daddy. Finger my pussy daddy.” She mewled resting her head against the sand as she lifted her hips against his probing hand.

Rich devoured her tits with his mouth as he slipped another finger inside her. He pushed hard against her, pushing his hand as far as he could before pulling it out to enter her again. Vicki was screaming and mewling with pleasure as she humped herself against his moving fingers. “Finger me daddy.” She shrieked digging her feet into the sand beneath her.

Rich dug his fingers hard into her as he raked his thumb over her clit. “Oh god…” Vicki yelled as she came suddenly. “I’m cummminnnnnggg…” Her body pressed hard against him as he fucked her through her orgasm.

The storm had stopped, the rain dropped to a drizzle but the two people lying in the clearing didn’t notice. Rich’s cock was throbbing hard against his daughter’s leg as he took his fingers from her snatch and his mouth from her breast.

Vicki was lying on her back, panting as she tried to catch her breath. She opened her eyes slowly as he moved his body over hers, once again positioning himself at her entrance. “You gonna fuck me now daddy?” She purred as she lifted her legs around his waist.

Rich rubbed his cock head against her a bit, coating his cock with her juices then slowly pressed into her. “Yes I am baby. I’m gonna fuck your sweet pussy until you are begging me to make you cum.” He kissed her hard as he slammed forcefully into her ripping through markantalya escort her hymen with one powerful thrust.

Vicki gasped against his mouth as she felt him tear something inside her as he impaled her on his rod. “Fuck…” She whined as pain coursed through her full snatch.

Rich licked away her tears as he held himself buried inside her. “I’m sorry it hurt baby. But it won’t anymore. I promise.” He reached between their bodies running his hand over her clit as he kissed her softly.

Vicki started mewling as he once again brought her body to life. “Oh daddy.” She sighed when he slowly started thrusting into her. She tightened her legs around his waist as she lifted against him.

When she started fucking him back, Rich moved his hand off her clit, putting it up by her head as he kissed her passionately while he pumped his hips, driving himself deep inside her. “I love your sweet pussy baby girl.” He panted as he slowly rode her.

“Fuck me daddy.” She cried moving her hips so she could feel him everywhere. She tilted her head back when he lowered his mouth to her neck, leaving open mouth kisses all over her flesh. “Daddy…Daddy…Daddy…Ride me.” She screamed when he started hammering his cock into her fast and furiously. His balls slapped against her ass with his vicious strokes.

“Yes… take daddy’s cock you little slut.” He growled digging his hands into her ass as he thrust her forcefully against him as he reamed her pussy. “Take daddy’s cock baby. You wanted it so bad, you got it now girl.” He rode her hard and fast, his cock slamming deep inside her while she begged him for more. He was afraid he had created a monster when her hands moved to his ass, pulling her deep inside her clenching body as she thrust wildly against him.

“I’m cumming…Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee…” She screamed as her body clung to his thrusting cock.

“Oh baby….” He cried as he suddenly lost control. He slammed her hard, pushing her deeper into the ground as he reached for his own release. When it came, it came on so fast that he couldn’t have pulled out if he wanted to. “Take me inside you baby.” He yelled loudly as he filled her with his jizz.

All through the night, they found love and comfort in each others bodies. He took her on her hands and knees, on her side and finally with her riding him. They fell asleep near dawn. She was lying on top of him with his cock still buried inside her.

He awoke later to her moving slowly up and down over him. “I love your cock daddy. It feels so good in my little pussy.” She purred when she saw he was awake.

He groaned as she rode him slowly, driving his cock to new heights. “Oh baby. Yes. Ride daddy’s cock, fuck me with that sweet cunt of yours.” He gripped her hips, pulling her down over him as he forced himself upwards. It wasn’t long before they were straining against each other looking for release. She came hard around him and he followed a second later.

The fire was out but the sun was shining, the air was warm when the pulled on their dry clothes. “Let’s go see how bad the damage is and call for help.” He said taking her hand in his as they walked back towards the beach.

They walked in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. They had found enjoyment in each others bodies but they also knew that when they returned home they had to go back to just being father and daughter again.

When they found the plane, they stood beside it as they both gasped. See dear reader what they couldn’t see in the driving rain the night before was the fact that when they crashed, the front of the plane had smashed into a tree. Crushing the cockpit.

Vicki and Rich stood by the ruined plane, their eyes locked on what sat in the seats. Vicki’s body was almost cut in half from where the seatbelt had cut into her. Rich’s body was slumped over hers, his head crushed by the dashboard, his arms around her as though to protect her.

Vicki looked at her body in the seat of the plane then looked at her father. “Daddy…Does this mean…?”

He looked at her. “Yes baby. We’re dead. We died in the crash last night.”

They stood there for a minute as a rescue chopper flew overhead then landed maybe 10 feet from them. They watched as two men ran towards the broken plane. One of the men ran right through Vicki as if she wasn’t there.

She watched as the men moved to pull their bodies from the mangled cockpit. It couldn’t be true, she didn’t feel dead. In fact she felt more alive then she had in her 18 years on this earth. But as she watched her father’s body pulled off hers and the rescue men work to cut her out of the plane, she knew it was true. She turned to her father with a smile. “Make love to me again daddy.”

Rich took her wildly there on the beach, their cries soundless to the men working to salvage what was left of them from the wreckage. As they moved together, they thought that maybe the storm hadn’t been such a bad thing after all.

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