Mayıs 28, 2021

Sexplorations Ch. 09

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Annika Albrite

Sexplorations – Episode 5 – Rita’s Journey


It took me a long time to recover from John and Susan’s visit. I’m not even sure that recover is the right word. I felt that I had changed somehow, that I wasn’t the same person anymore.

I spent some time exploring my feelings and finally concluded that my life alone wasn’t satisfying anymore. Sexually, I needed more than what I had become accustomed to. My expertise in producing my own orgasms just wasn’t enough.

I knew I could always count on John and Susan to help me, but I wasn’t sure that we could work anything out on a more long-term basis. After all, they were married to each other, and although I certainly had evidence that theirs was an open marriage, I didn’t think that Susan wanted to share John permanently. To be frank, the way I was feeling, I didn’t want to have just one penis at my disposal.

I decided to call Susan and talk with her about this. I knew she would understand and that she might come up with some ideas about how to solve my problem.

“Susan, hi this Rita. How are you?”

“Hello, Rita. I’m fine, although our vacation is almost over. I’ve actually been thinking about going back to work in a positive way. I’m looking forward to getting back to the old routine.”

“Susan, I need to talk to you about something that’s kind of important. Could you possibly spare me some time?”

“Sure, I’m just lying around the house. John’s off with a couple of his buddies at a ball game, so this would be a good time.”

“Great, I’ll see you in a few minutes. Bye.”

“See you soon.”

It didn’t take me long to walk over to Susan’s. She greeted me at the door – “Hi, come on in. Let’s go in the den, I’ve got some iced tea waiting for you.”

“Great, I am a little thirsty. The walk over was pleasant, but it is a bit hot out today.”

“What I wanted to talk to you about is a problem I find myself in. Let me be frank, you and John have awakened something in me that I didn’t know was there. After our recent encounter I’ve found myself a different person. I’m certainly not complaining at all, but my problem is I now want something more permanent.”

Susan interrupted me by saying, “John and I have talked about this ourselves. We’d come to the conclusion that you were going to be grappling with this. We both felt that your sexual being wasn’t going to want to stay bottled up and only be let out once in a while.”

“You’re so right. That was really sweet of the both of you to be thinking about me. Don’t misunderstand me though, I’m not looking to get married. To be blunt, what I want is some cock, at my beck and call.”

Susan laughed at that. “I know what you mean. There’s even been times when I’ve felt that I’d like to supplement my John diet with something else. I love John, but an infrequent tryst with some fresh meat does sound interesting.”

It was my turn to laugh at what Susan had said. “You know, all those years I was married things were so monotonous. He had so little imagination about sex.”

Susan put down her glass and joined me on the couch. “All this ‘dirty’ talk is getting to me. Tell me, is it just ‘cock’ that you want? Or could I interest you in something else?”

I looked at her, and suddenly felt a wave of desire come over me. It had been several days since Susan and John had visited me and I had spent a lot of that time thinking and feeling. But I knew that now I wanted to have sex, and that Susan would do quite nicely.

I reached over to her and pulled her to me. “Take me, I’m yours!” I said in my best Hollywood voice.

She laughed, but then said “Are you sure you want me to take you? I might want you to be fully under my control.”

I liked it when we had played our control games as part of our sexual encounter, so I said, “You can take me, command me, do with me what you will. But you must allow me to climax.”

“I can accept that condition. Now why don’t you undress me?”

I began to remove Susan’s clothing. This didn’t take too long – she didn’t have a bra on, just an old sweatshirt and some cut-off jeans. I pushed her down on the couch and began to kiss her and fondle her breasts. Her nipples hardened up quickly, so I decided to suck on them. I kept alternating between the two of bahis firmaları them, keeping both fully erect. Suddenly, Susan put her hands on my head and started to push it down. “Eat me, lick me, suck my clit!” As my face approached I could smell her fragrance. It was intoxicating.

I left a trail of wet kisses down her stomach. When I reached her pubic hair I veered off to the left and began to kiss and suck on her inner thigh. My right cheek was nestled on her mound and I could feel the heat emanating from there. I sucked harder and bit her gently. She moaned loudly then put her hands back on my head. She began to push and pull me towards her crotch.

“You’ve teased me long enough,” she panted. “Spread my lips and lick me. I’m soaking wet – you’ve got to clean me up!”

I used my fingers to pull her labia apart. They made a soft, wet suction sound as they spread. I looked closely at her spread-apart sex. It was different shades of pink, with the darkest colors near her vaginal opening. As I watched, her hole seemed to beckon to me as it slowly opened and closed. I knew she wanted something inside her – to fill her pussy. I inched forward and began to slowly lick up and down her entire opening. As I did this I could see her anus also gently spasming as I dragged my tongue across her.

Her moans got louder and more arousing. I could feel my own nipples trying to poke holes in my shirt and my pussy was very wet. The smell of sex became stronger and I began to lick harder. I moved farther forward and put my hands under her cheeks. I lifted her up and pushed my tongue deep into her vagina. I pushed it in and out and then pulled back to her clitoris. I licked and nibbled at it and she began to cry out “that’s it, that’s it! Fuck me, put something in me, I’m going to come!”

I stopped licking long enough to get my hand positioned by her pussy. I found it easy to push three fingers in, and then four. I started to move my fingers around as I went back to her clit. She started to buck her hips around to help get my fingers farther in. I could feel her walls squeezing hard on my fingers as I redoubled my efforts with my tongue.

She cried out, “I’m coming, oh Rita, I’m coming!” Her hips really thrashed around as she tried to push herself farther onto my fingers and at the same time tried to get more of herself into my mouth. My tongue beat a fierce rhythm on her clit and labia.

For a final thrill, I pulled my fingers out and quickly pressed two of them into her anus. My fingers were so wet from her secretions that they easily slid all the way in. She gasped as I moved them around and in and out. I felt her hands leave my head – she must be squeezing her own breasts and tweaking her nipples. I felt that I was almost ready to have an orgasm myself – it was all so arousing. But I didn’t, which only made me more frustrated.

Susan’s breathing began to slow down. I knew she was starting to come down. I gently removed my fingers. Then I gave her a final kiss right on her clitoris. She shuddered and moaned, “That was very good. I’m going to lie her for a minute or so. Why don’t you go into my bedroom and get undressed. I’ll join you shortly.”

I did as she asked. My whole body was tingling in anticipation. I put myself on the middle of the bed and stretched out. I slowly spread my legs and let both of my hands slowly trail over my thighs and stomach. I was ready, willing and waiting. It seemed to take Susan forever to come into the bedroom, but she did finally arrive.

“Rita, as you recall, you are mine to do with as I please. Of course, your pleasure is also assured. But you must trust me. Have you ever been tied up?”

“No, never. This won’t hurt me will it? Have you done this kind of thing before?”

“No, not really. I’m certainly an amateur but I think it might be fun. And you will climax, perhaps many times. Now turn over and put your knees up under you.”

I did as I was told. I had a feeling of great anticipation and desire for relief. My body kept on tingling. I had my head turned to the side and my knees tucked well under – pushing against my breasts.

“Put your arms over your head and keep your knees together.”

Again I followed her orders. Susan reached down and put a silk teddy, rolled up, over kaçak iddaa my eyes. She tied it in back of my head and suddenly I couldn’t see.

“Rita, the idea here is to block out some of your senses so that you can concentrate on feeling. I’m going to put some cotton in your ears so you won’t be distracted by sound either. Turn your head so I can get at both of your ears.”

I felt very excited by what Susan said. Soon both of my ears were plugged. I could feel the bed moving about – Susan must be on it. Suddenly I felt something soft around my left wrist. Susan was really tying me up! She repeated this for my other arm, then I felt her do the same thing around my ankles. I felt very exposed and vulnerable but also very excited. I trusted Susan and knew she wouldn’t hurt me.

I could feel Susan getting close to my body. She wasn’t touching me, but I could feel her body heat next to me. I felt her breath on my back. Slowly her warmth moved farther down my body until I knew she was positioning herself by my crotch – my wet and dripping crotch. She began to blow gently on my lips – warm air that at the same time felt cool as it hit my moisture. I started to groan softly, I felt very hot and I wanted to encourage her.

Her breath stopped and then her soft, exquisite tongue began to lightly lick around my lips. She continued to do this – it only teased me and teased me and felt so good. Of course I wanted more so I began to thrust, as best I could, my pussy onto her tongue. But she kept teasing me by keeping her tongue at an even distance.

And then one of her fingers began to trace around my labia in a decreasing spiral – homing in on my vagina. Slowly it began to penetrate me as her tongue continued its journey around and around. My vagina spasmed on her finger as it slowly penetrated me. I felt excited, aroused, and I certainly wanted more. Suddenly my desire was fulfilled as her tongue stopped twirling around and settled on my clitoris. My throbbing clit was sucked into her mouth and her tongue stroked and teased it.

Susan began to fuck me with her finger which was soon joined by more of her fingers. She kept fucking me and sucking on my clit. I began my orgasm as she added a fourth finger. My pussy kept squeezing on her as my breathing turned into pants and groans.

“Oh, I’m coming, I’m coming! Keep fucking me, please keep fucking me!” She obliged by quickly moving her mouth and tongue around to my anus. She licked at it and then began to push in with her tongue. My orgasm responded by going up another notch as she continued this while her fingers stretched me and her thumb started rubbing against my clit. Her fingers were rapidly thrusting in and out as she got my entire anal area very wet with her licking.

Susan then pulled her fingers out of my pussy and dragged them up to my anus.

My orgasm was beginning to die down but I knew she could re-kindle it with what I hoped she was going to do. Suddenly her free hand smacked against my left cheek. It really stung and I clenched my buttocks together. This really surprised me. Before I could do anything else to react she started to push her fingers into my anus. It felt tight as I was still clenched but that didn’t seem to bother her. In fact I felt that she wanted to make it somewhat painful. She just kept pushing even though I was still clenched. My anus felt hot and tight, and then I surrendered. I relaxed and pushed back and her fingers slid in. I was still panting and trying to catch my breath when I felt her re-position her body. I smelled and felt her crotch up against my face, which was turned to one side. It was awkward but I started to lick her as she thrust her fingers in and out. I began to work on my orgasm, which had almost died out but was now climbing up again. I began to feel lewd and wanton and managed to say a few words between licks, “fist me!” Susan responded by pushing her pussy closer to my face and slowly working her fingers, now joined by her thumb, up my ass. She didn’t get to far in when my orgasm took over – I flexed and squeezed and pushed and licked and shouted. This one didn’t last as long, Susan somehow sensed this and soon got off the bed.

I felt like a rag doll and was ready to curl up for a short nap but I was still tied down. I kaçak bahis began to wonder what else might happen – what was she going to do to me?


I felt really excited about the opportunity that Rita presented me with. I wanted to get my own gratification over with so that I could operate on a level above one of need and desire. She was soon at work with her fingers and tongue and I soon had a very pleasant climax. As I slowly floated down I told her to go into the bedroom, get undressed, and I would join her shortly.

As I lay on the couch I started to think about what I would do with Rita. I thought about all that had happened between us sexually – we had done a lot together, but the reason she was here was not to seek more of the same. She felt that she needed something more. Suddenly it came to me. John and his friends should be back from the ball game in about an hour. With both John and I persuading them I felt sure that we could provide plenty of cock for Rita. This was a great idea, but I wasn’t sure how to approach Rita about it. Then I realized I didn’t really have to, I felt sure she would thank me for it. I began to get excited about the scene that was going to play out, and in a final leap of inspiration I decided that I would tie Rita down. After all, she had played at both domination and submission with John and I at her ‘garden party’. I felt my pussy begin to get wet again and almost reached down to caress myself, but decided instead to join Rita and put my plan into action.

I found Rita lying nude on the bed. She looked like she was ready for some relief.

“Rita, as you recall, you are mine to do with as I please. Of course, your pleasure is also assured. But you must trust me. Have you ever been tied up?”

Rita answered, “No, never. This won’t hurt me will it? Have you done this kind of thing before?”

“No, not really. I’m certainly an amateur but I think it might be fun. And you will climax, perhaps many times. Now turn over and put your knees up under you.”

She did as I told her. Both her pussy and anus were exposed.

“Put your arms over your head and keep your knees together.”

As she did this I got a silk teddy out of my dresser. I rolled it up and put it over her eyes. Then I tied it in back of her head.

“Rita, the idea here is to block out some of your senses so that you can concentrate on feeling. I’m going to put some cotton in your ears so you won’t be distracted by sound either. Turn your head so I can get at both of your ears.”

I soon had her ears blocked. I then got some stockings and got her arms and legs tied to the corners of the bed. I surveyed the scene and made a note that I might have to buy some real gear if this kind of thing became routine.

She looked ready and I could see that I was going to have to start the pleasuring now. I got on the bed and began to tease her and arouse her. She very quickly responded and I soon found myself eating her pussy. I put my fingers in her and began to suck on her clit. She started to come as I put more fingers in.

“Oh, I’m coming, I’m coming! Keep fucking me, please keep fucking me!” She cried. My own state of arousal got the better of me – I had to push her up to another level. So I was at her asshole licking and making it very wet. She kept on groaning and moving her hips around as I did this. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and got them positioned by her anus. Then, just to remind Rita that I was in control, I spanked here once with my other hand. This surprised her and she tensed up a bit. Her reaction somehow caused me to feel a little perverse, so I began to push into her anus before she relaxed. She fought it for a time, and then relaxed. As I began to fuck her ass I realized that I had gotten very wet. I managed to get my crotch around so it was next to her face as I continued to fuck her. I was soon rewarded with some tongue from her. Just as I began to fist her she reached the peak of her climax. As I knew there was more in store for her I didn’t push for more climaxes now. I got off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash up.

When I came back to the bedroom Rita was still recovering from her orgasms. Her breathing was more regular and some of the flush had left her skin but I knew it wasn’t over yet. I got a summer blanket out of my closet and gently put it over her. She murmured something but I didn’t quite understand her. I leaned over, kissed her and then left the room, closing the door behind me.

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