Mart 7, 2021

Red Eye

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My name is Tracy. I’m just another young, lonely business woman in an okay job position traveling from place to place in search of happiness. That’s what I make myself believe anyway. I’m really taking these midnight flights because I travel way too much as part of my job. Flying, I’d say, is okay. Kinda fun when you get used to it. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s tiring. When you’re alone, and you do these kind of things more or less by yourself, you start to wonder what exactly you’re doing there, and sometimes it’s a little disorienting, which makes it a bit boring.

Well, whatever the case, all planes have their ups and downs. Sometimes I get to fly first class in a plane with movies, eating an in-flight lunch and honey roasted peanuts. Other times I have to fly in coach next to an engine, eating nothing but pretzels. I always try to make sure that I sit next to a window, because it isolates me a bit more from the tons of people on the plane, and if I have to sit next to the fat guy with a disease, I can just stare out of the window the whole time and not have to talk to anybody.

This particular flight was at night. There weren’t too many people on the plane. It was almost empty. Nonetheless, they sat me right at the back of the plane, in a seat that didn’t even have a window. I tried to reseat myself but they just gave me crap about it. Being tired, I didn’t care. I figured I’d just go to sleep anyway.

Sitting in my seat, waiting for everyone to get seated so we could take off and this flight could be over with, a tall woman walked all the way to the back to join me! Normally I’d have been rather miffed that someone was sitting next to me in a plane where there were almost no people whatsoever and they decide to pair us up. But this person looked like she’d be a good bit of company. It’s not like I had a window to look out of anyway.

“Oh! Figured I’d be alone here. Hello.”


She sat down in the middle seat next to me and put her carry-on in the isle seat. If this had been anyone else, I’d have felt cramped. But I felt more relaxed.

“I’m Miranda.”

“Tracy.” I said with a smile as I shook her hand delicately.

“Where you headed?”

“Home. Just got back from a business trip.”

“Well, me too! Except more escort dikmen of a vacation than business trip.”

This woman was taller than I was. But oh boy, was she handsome! She had dark brown hair in a neat hairstyle, a bun that drew strands of hair out in different spots, held together by chopsticks. Her tan business suit only added to the professional look, yet one made to seduce if I’d ever seen it. She took off her jacket for the plane ride though, so she was in a white long-sleeve shirt and dark gray dress skirt. I was in pretty much the same thing, except different colors of a different brand, but business attire nonetheless. A dark-blue long-sleeve shirt and a pitch-black dress skirt. Mine was longer too. But I kept my gray jacket on. What drew me to stare at Miranda though was the way her large breasts jutted out of her white shirt. Her shirt was a bit thin, too, so I could see the outlines of her black bra underneath. But, like anybody who stares at breasts, I had to look away and make it look not so obvious. It was a bit tough because she was looking at me and smiling so much, her big red pouting lips making her look all the more sexy. I forgot to put down the armrest when she sat down, so our bodies were touching in the small seats, making me able to see the smooth curves of her legs that she kept tightly together the way nicely-mannered girls would sit. It was actually a pleasant warm feeling.

We kept talking until we took off, then as we were in the air I thought I would get some sleep.

“Good night Tracy.” She said with a smile. I smiled back at her before closing my eyes.

I never actually fell asleep, just sort of put myself into a daze. I became more and more relaxed. Then I began to feel waves of heat over me. My body was getting warmer. It was as if the sensual mood of the room had increased. I was in a state of content. I was in a state of love. And somehow I’d found myself leaning against Miranda’s shoulder as I heard her purr against me. I opened my eyes and realized what I was doing. I was rubbing up against Miranda in my state of bliss! I slowly picked myself up, feeling just as warm as I did. Miranda was sitting in her seat, breathing heavily, lustfully, as I saw that her shirt was open and she was rubbing her large breasts escort elvankent through her lacey bra. Her hands eagerly stroked her large mounds and she was loving it.

I rested my hand on her shoulder and startled her a small bit. Instead of jumping and gasping, she talked to me.

“Oh…*sigh* Sorry Tracy, I thought you were asleep.” She looked downwards, covering her breasts by folding her arms. Though I could still see her bra, and her breasts were just being squeezed by her arms. Suddenly, I wanted to bury my face in those soft breasts of hers.

She looked up at me, trying to conceal a smile. She looked down again, trying to look innocent. I think she was waiting for a response from me.

“So, what were you doing?” was the only thing I could think of in 5 seconds.

“Um, well, I thought you were sleeping…and you were leaning against me…and it felt really nice to feel another woman’s warmth against me so I sort of-“

I knew I wanted this woman. My state of body and mind were telling me.

“You wanted a release.” I said, smiling at her.

She giggled uncomfortably, her face beet red, and began to button up her shirt. I laid my hand on hers, and stopped her. I unbuttoned what she’d buttoned up, inched closer to her face, and licked her cheek, as I laid my hand upon her breast. I whispered into her ear.

“Let me help you.”

Miranda went “Ah!” and sighed heavily as I kissed her cheek, then her neck. My hands grabbed the fullness of her breast and caressed the rough material of her bra, tracing my fingers around her nipple. My right hand massaged her neck and collar bone.

“Aahh…ahhh, Tracy! Ohhh Tracy!”

My right hand kneaded her right breast over her shoulder, and my left hand traced down her skin to her leg, giving her a large chill as my hands caressed her body. She put her arms around my head and kissed me deeply. Her eyes showed extreme desire and her tongue attacked my mouth. I got to feel her glossy lips against mine; it drove me mad.

I rubbed her legs and eased my hands under her skirt, rubbing her inner legs. The heat down there was exquisite, and it made Miranda moan even more. I traced my fingernail across the edge of her soaking panties and she shuddered. I poked my escort emek finger through her panties at her pussy and she jumped. She grabbed my hand, broke our kiss and whispered to me, panting.

“Oh God do it to me Tracy. Fuck me with your fingers!”

My fingernails slid under her panties and felt her fine fur. My fingers found the lips of her swollen pussy and glided inside. The walls of her pussy were steaming hot and so soft. I began to pump my fingers in and out of her pussy, massaging her clitoris with my palm. She broke our kiss again because it was too much for her; she couldn’t stifle her deep, sexy moans. Instead she wrapped her arms around me and thrust out her hips, trying to follow my rhythm.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh God; Oh God…Ahh!”

I licked her cheek and neck, rubbing her pussy and caressing her breast, sending her straight to bliss.

“Oh…fuck me! Fuck me!”

I hooked my fingers in her pussy, pumped her harder, pumped her faster, pinched her clit, moved my hand under her bra and felt her naked breast with its nipple so hard. Miranda was sweating, panting, almost tearing up. How I would fuck her on a bed. She likes it; she’s loving it; she’s loving it a lot! She didn’t have to be too quiet on this loud plane, but she was getting loud!

“Oh Tracy; Oh Tracy, Oh God Oh God Oh God OH GOOOOOD!”

She became overwhelmed and her hips shot out of the seat with my fingers still inside her. She grabbed my hand and the folds of her pussy squeezed tightly around me and thick hot girly cream poured out of her, filling her panties and spilling it onto the seat of the plane. The spasms seemed endless until she finally settled down and leaned against me, trying to calm down her breathing.

“ohhh, oh god…oh god, thank you…”

I kissed her head. “I really like you Miranda.”

“Ohh and I love you Tracy!”

I simply sat there hugging her, until the stewardess told us it was time to land. Miranda got dressed and we buckled up. When we landed, Miranda wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to me.

“What’s this?”

“It’s my address. Come visit me, will you?”

“Holy moly this is a walk’s distance from my house!”

“Oh my…”

“I wish I’d met you sooner.”

“Me too. But better late than never, eh?”

I laughed. Miranda smooched me on the cheek, leaving a classic red lips mark. I left it there as the two of us walked side by side in the airport and to our cars, heading home.

I immediately headed to her house as soon as I saw her pull up, and we had lots of fun.

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