Mart 25, 2021

Nurse Karyn

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When I first saw Karyn, there was only one thing I was sure of…

There wasn’t going to be anything between the two of us. Not that there should have been, because after all, Karyn Miller wasn’t coming to my house for my personal amusement. She was a Home Health Aide, assigned to visit me four times a week as I recovered from back surgery, and the first day we spent together was a little bit testy.

She arrived with a cellphone plastered to her ear, which drove me crazy from the start, and after she continued to yak away and treat me as an afterthought for as long as I could stand, I finally said something.

I’ve never been known as a wallflower, preferring to just say what was on my mind, and while I never did it in a malicious way, I usually made my point. Whatever I said seemed to make an impression, because that was the last time the phone made more than the briefest appearance.

I think Karyn respected my honesty, in part because she might have been a lot like me in some ways. Her manner was a bit blunt too, and was not shy in the least. That went with her appearance, which was – let’s just say she was not going to be mistaken for the fairy princess.

Karyn’s looks seemed to scream out that she was a lesbian. The first time she visited my place, she was wearing a red flannel shirt and blue jeans. That was fine by me, but it was about as feminine as she would ever look.

Her mannish clothing matched her features, which further underlined her lack of interest in trying to be any traditional type of woman. Her facial features were very severe looking, with no make-up, and her jet black hair cut very short and combed back.

Her body seemed to be more suited for a football uniform as well, although it was tough to be sure under that flannel shirt which made her seem rather shapeless. She definitely had broad shoulders and a great deal of strength as well, as she showed when helping me move around. At about four inches shorter than my six foot height, I was certain that she could handle herself in the ring, even before she told me that she boxed as a hobby.

“Weightlifting too,” Karyn added when I commented on her strength in a complimentary way, resisting the urge to say something along the lines about her being able to toss me out the window if I got fresh.

I couldn’t imagine any guys coming on to her like that, because she wasn’t very attractive, at least not in the traditional manner. Then again, I’m not a guy that gets every excited over what most other guys do. I like a woman a little rough around the edges; ones that don’t follow the latest fashion trends or race to the waxing salon every other day.

That sure described Karyn, but I had no delusions about anything happening between us. She was there to do a job, and besides, as she pointed out early in our getting to know each other, she had a girlfriend.

Karyn looked at me for my reaction to that, but I remained stone-faced. It would have been hard to be surprised at that, although it did trigger some fantasies in me. I imagined mostly what Karyn would like naked.

I do that to almost every woman I see. I find all women interesting looking in one way or another, so my fantasizing wasn’t anything special in this case. I suspected that Karyn would likely have an abundance of body hair, basing that on her bushy eyebrows and the faint swirl of down around the front of her ears, and while I knew that there wasn’t any way I was going bahçelievler escort to ever find out, it was fun to use my imagination as we interacted.

Little did I know…

I was going to find out the answer to my rhetorical wondering. Karyn had offered to help me take a bath, and while I initially turned her down like I had before, her ribbing got the best of me.

“Promise I won’t look at your goodies if that’s what you’re afraid of,” Karyn said with a wry grin, a product of our relationship becoming much more friendly after the rocky start. “I know some guys are shy like that.”

“I suppose I could use the bath and your help,” I said, and let her bring me into the bathroom.

Karyn helped me off with my pajama top before turning on the water. I managed to unsnap the clasp on my pajama bottoms and let them slide to my ankles, and Karyn helped me step out of them before setting up the chair in the tub.

“Thought you promised not to look,” I reminded her after catching her take a second look at my crotch.

“Busted,” she said with a laugh, and after checking the temperature of the running water Karyn began to unbutton her flannel shirt.

“Don’t worry,” Karyn said when she saw my eyes widen as her fingers flew down the row of buttons. “I’ve got a t-shirt on underneath. Don’t want to give you nausea or a heart attack on top of your back problem.”

Karyn was being self-depreciating, but when she pulled that flannel shirt off and went back to adjusting the temperature of the water, I realized that she didn’t know much about me at all. Judging by the way my cock was stiffening, she would soon enough.

Karyn was wearing a white t-shirt – one of those wife beater tank-tops – and although I’m sure she didn’t wear it to intentionally excite me, the sight of her impressive physique did just that to me.

From behind, Karyn’s neck and shoulders were incredibly broad and muscular, and I could see part of a large flaming red tattoo of a dragon of some kind that peeked out at the neck and arm holes of the shirt.

There was a black tattoo around her right bicep, a thick chain that completely circled a bicep that was bigger than mine, and when my eyes drifted near that area of Karyn’s body I knew that any hopes of not having a full-blown erection in seconds were gone.

“Don’t get out much, do you Tony?” Karyn quipped after she did a double take when she first saw my swollen cock bobbing in front of me.

“Sorry,” I said sheepishly.

“Don’t apologize,” Karyn said as she helped me get into the tub and settle myself on the seat. “Not many guys get wood looking at me.”

“It’s just that I find your body art very erotic,” I admitted.

“Oh, you dig tattoos?” Karyn asked, and then, after looking at my unmarked body, shook her head in confusion. “How come you don’t have any ink then?”

“I meant your armpit hair,” I told her, having seen what looked to be a generous tuft of coal black hair under her arm when I watched her from behind.

“Oh, this?” Karyn asked casually, and then proceeded to lift her arm and look over at her armpit.

The tuft of hair in the surprisingly deep hollow of her armpit was thick and dense, and I hoped she hadn’t seen my cock jerk upward involuntarily as the blood surged through it.

“Yeah,” Karyn continued as she raked her fingers through the jungle of hair, almost as if she was fluffing it up for me. “I bahçeşehir escort haven’t shaved them in about a month, since my last bodybuilding competition. I compete in the “natural” division, but the natural means without steroids. The judges don’t look kindly on pit hair, maybe because it hides the muscle definition here.”

Now Karyn was gesturing with her hand to the various muscles in her shoulder and upper arm, and if she was trying to excite me with her totally innocent anatomy lesson she couldn’t have done it better.

“I see,” I said, my hands gripping the sides of the tub so hard that I could almost imagine leaving the impressions of my fingers embedded in the porcelain. “That’s too bad. Guess I’d make a lousy judge then.”

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting as far as breasts go, but I certainly wasn’t expecting what I saw, because while I could see the outline of what appeared to be very large nipples, Karyn didn’t seem to have breasts at all. Her pectoral muscles were impressive but as far as actual definable breasts, Karyn didn’t appear to have any.

Part of me was actually wondering whether Karyn could pass for a man, while another part of me was wondering why I was so aroused by this woman who was so mannish looking. Maybe I’m getting senile at 60, or perhaps being lonely was part of it, but the fact was that I had a raging erection from looking at Karyn’s shoulder muscles ripple and the jungle of dense black hair that filled the deep pocket of her armpit which was so close to my face.

“Go ahead,” Karyn said, breaking me out of the trance I was in.

Karyn’s hand was on my thigh, inches away from my cock which was so hard it was curling back toward me, and she had moved onto the edge of the tub while leaning toward me the her arm upraised, offering herself to me.

“Really, I don’t mind. I kinds dig it in a way,” Karyn said as I stared into the thick tuft of hair while my face moved closer, and when I glanced over expecting to see her laughing at me she wasn’t, but instead was just nodding.

Was I actually doing this? That was my thought as my cheeks were buffeted and surrounded by Karyn’s armpit hair, the softness of which both surprised and delighted me, and when I pressed my face into the thicket I earn Karyn let out a little moan.

It probably was a sight to see me sitting there with my face buried in this woman’s armpit, licking, chewing and sucking away like an animal, but I didn’t care. I reached up and grabbed Karyn’s bicep and held and caressed it, the muscle like iron in my grip.

The aroma of Karyn, and that’s what it was because she wasn’t wearing deodorant, so outside a faint soap taste and scent, this was all Karen and it sent shivers down my spine. Not floral or dainty in the least, but a musky scent that aroused me as much as her pit hair did.

Karyn was squirming on the bench, pressing herself into my face, and along with the various feral sounds I was making I could hear Karen’s heavy breathing as her chest heaved.

Then I felt Karyn’s hand grab my cock and start jerking it. My cry was muffled by the furry pocket my face was buried in as I came hard, and although I didn’t see my ejaculation I would see the mess all over the place when I eventually took my face out of Karyn’s underarm.

My face felt red as I emerged, partly from the exertion but also from embarrassment, but Karyn seemed totally at ease with what had just bakırköy escort gone on.

“Don’t usually do that,” Karyn said as she wiped a rope of my cum off of her wrist. “Got a little carried away there. That’s as far as I’ve ever gone with a guy.”

“I can’t believe I did that,” I said. “I don’t know what got into me.”

“If it makes you feel better that isn’t the first time for me,” Karyn admitted. “Although usually it’s girls that I have do it.”

“I used to nibble under my wife’s arms,” I confessed. “I liked doing it but this – whew!”

“I like it too. I love to have people look at my body, especially if they look at me like you did,” Karyn said. “Turns me on. I guess I’ve got sensitive armpits, but you should see what happens when my pits get licked after they’re shaved and I can really feel the tongue. I’ve had orgasms just from that.”

“I’d like to see that,” I said, trying to imagine what that craters would look like smooth.

“Well, if I’m still coming here at the end of the month maybe you can,” Karyn said. “I’ve got a bodybuilding competition coming up so I’ll have to shave.”

“I’d be glad to help with that,” I offered as my bath neared the end.

“Sorry, I’ve got a girlfriend who would get pissed off if I let somebody else do it,” Karyn declared. “Besides, there are other areas that need work too. I’m high maintenance as far as body hair goes. Remember that I wear a bathing suit for these competitions and down below needs a whole lot of gardening”


“And I’ll bet you’d like to see that too, you dirty old man,” Karyn kidded.

“Who wouldn’t?”

“Millions of guys!” Karyn laughed. “Not all that many guys out there like you. Hell, I’ll bet that you’ve been wondering whether the armpit you just lapped belonged to a man or a woman.”

“I – uh – well…” I babbled, impressed by her ESP.

“I don’t take it as an insult,” Karyn explained. “I look the way I do on purpose, because I like the way I look, and if anybody else likes it, all the better.”

Karyn stood up and calmly dropped her jeans to her thigh while I protested weakly that I was sure she was a woman, but I looked at what she was showing me. Karyn was wearing rather modest white panties and were unable to contain the black curls that poured over the ides of the elastic.

Karyn eased the panties briefly to show that there was nothing under there but a lot of hair and a lot of woman, and even through the thick jungle I could see the plump labia below..

“Satisfied?” Karyn smiled. “I’m not your average woman, but I am one.”

“A beautiful one too,” I said. “Although I’m not sure whether that’s something you want to hear or not.”

“Of course I do,” Karyn replied as she helped me out of the top and dried me off. “You’re a sweet guy and I like you. Trust me when I say that I don’t make a habit of doing stuff like that.”

“I’m sure you don’t.”

“I guess the combination of you being a cool guy, along with your cock looking a whole lot like my favorite dildo got me feeling frisky,” Karyn confessed.

“You realize that the prospect of seeing those incredible armpits of yours shaved is likely to make me not want my back to get better all that fast,” I chided her.

“We’ll see,” Karyn said, and added, “Of course, they’re no law that says I couldn’t come by on my own.”

“Or for me to show up at one of your competition, as a fan or an assistant,” I suggested. “Don’t you bodybuilders get oiled up before you compete?”

“Boy, you’re trying to get rid of my girlfriend altogether,” Karyn laughed and then reminded me that no matter how charming I was there were things I would never be able to change. “I like you Tony, but I’m still gay.”


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