Mart 22, 2021

My New Life

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I’m currently parked outside an out of the way motel about 20 miles outside of town contemplating how I got here. Well I know how I got here but to honest with myself I’m afraid of what I’ll become if I get out of my car and walk into room 107 – as instructed on the text message I received an hour ago.

I guess it would help if I explained how I got to the point where I’m about to go and have sex with another man for the first time, a man I met via the internet, a man I’ve never seen and who’s voice I’ve never heard.

I can’t remember the last time I had sex with my wife. It seems the longer we’ve been married the less she’s been interested. Not surprisingly I’ve found myself sitting in front of my computer night after night whilst she’s at work browsing through as many erotic sites as I can whilst enjoying the attention of my own right hand.

A few weeks ago I wandered across a bisexual site and found myself more aroused than I’ve been in years to see the images of men on men. My cock jumped in my hand at the sight of one guy giving another head and clicking on the short movie trailer had me coming all over myself at the sight of a guy taking it up the ass.

Now I’ve always considered myself as straight as they come but after experiencing the best orgasm I’d had in years I began to wondering whether I really was a straight as I’ve always believed.

A few nights later I was back on a similar site and flashing across the top of the screen was an advert for a gay chat-room. I was transfixed with the advert, just staring at it like it could lead to all the kinky thoughts that have been playing through my mind over the last few days.

Gathering my courage I clicked the link and signed in….

Of course one thing led to another, I’ve been chatting to Mike for nearly a month now, he knows I’m a virgin, he knows I have a submissive side and the cyber-sex we’ve shared has made me blow more cum than I have in years. So here I am sat outside a motel room that we’ve agreed to meet in to take my experiences to the next level.

Getting out of my car I steel my nerves and walk across to knock on the door.

“Hi John!” Mike is a lot hotter than I imagined. He’s taller than me by nearly a full 6 inches and I’m 6 foot! He’s got short black hair, piercing green eyes that are almost black as he looks at me (I guess he likes what he sees as well).

Stepping aside in invitation I walk into the room, noticing he’s only dressed in a light robe and that he’s pulled all the bedding to the foot of the huge double bed, leaving just the crisp white sheet on.

“Hi Mike, it’s so great to finally meet you,” I hold my hand out to shake but he just pulls me in by my wrist, wraps his other hand behind my neck and plunges his tongue into my mouth!

The kiss is wet and hard, sloppy and possibly the best kiss I’ve ever experienced. After what seems like hours we break apart both panting for air and he gives me an evil little smile, “Oh I am going to have so much fun with you!”

Mike konak escort bayan pulls my jacket off my shoulders and sliding his hands under my t-shirt, pinches my nipples hard.

“Ow!” I’m panting now with want, his roughness is only making me hotter as my cock strain’s against the confines of my jeans. Glancing down I can see his robe is tenting with his own erection and that just spurs me on.

Yanking my shirt over my head I don’t even check to see where it lands as my hands go to the front of his robe and begin pulling on the ties. At the same time he is busy unzipping my jeans and pushing both my jeans and boxers down to mid-thigh to free my throbbing erection.

Pulling his robe open I freeze, I’m completely mesmerised by his magnificent cock! I’ve never seen another mans cock in real life before and Mike’s cock is enormous. Now I’m not shy, I’ve got a fairly nice 8-inch cock which is quite a nice thickness but Mike’s cock – my god!

Reaching out I closed my hand around his shaft, his head was an angry red and leaking pre-cum, this monster had to be at least 10 inches and was so thick my fingers didn’t even meet when wrapped around it!

Glancing up at his face I saw the evil little smile was back as he placed his hands on my shoulders and forced me to my knees. ‘He’s playing to my submissiveness’ I thought and all I could think was that it was the hottest thing that had happened to me in years.

Coming face to face with a cock for the first time was a quite daunting experience but he didn’t let me ponder the idea as he leaned his hips forward and pushed his cock past my lips.

“Yeah, that’s it baby, you were born to be a little cock-sucker weren’t you,” Mike now had a hand on either side of my head as I sucked the head of this monstrous cock and tongued the slit.

My first taste of pre-cum is not one I will ever forget. It was bitter but at the same time so sweet and I continued to run my lips up and down his shaft as I reached down to my own throbbing meat and gently pulled on it.

Smack! The sound of Mike’s hand hitting the side of my face echoed in the small room and I looked up at him in shock.

“No my little slut, you will leave your cock alone, you will get to come when I say so and not before, is that clear bitch?”

My cock jumped at being spoken to in such a degrading way, could I really want this? The throbbing in my balls said I did so I bowed my head and replied in the only fashion I thought I should “Yes Master.”

Mike’s eyes turned almost black with arousal at my words and grabbing my head again he proceed to feed his cock to me, fucking my face gently, never giving me more than about half of his cock.

“Ok slut, it’s time to take all of me” my eyes met his and he must have seen the panic but obviously didn’t care as he grabbed my head hard and forced his cock into my throat.

“Aaaaaaaaa,” I tried to pull away from the invading monster as I gagged but he had my head hold escort konak tightly as he continued to pound away at my throat.

“Relax, give yourself to me, you are my cock-slut, mine to use, surrender you cock-sucking pig!”

His words just made me hotter, even though tears were rolling down my face I sensed the moment he knew I’d surrendered, my throat opened completely, I stopped gagging and he shoved the last few inches down my gullet as he pounded away, “That’s it take me bitch, take me, suck that cock you fucking whore!”

All I could do was hold on for the ride as I was abused so completely. I wanted to bring myself off but had already learned that lesson so I gazed up at my Master submissively and let him take what was his.

“Aaah, I cumming, swallow it all you little slut, aaaaah, take it, aaaah that’s it you slut!”

He started cumming down my throat and then pulled back to fill my mouth with the last few spurts. His cum was amazing, so sweet, I swallowed eagerly and then continued to tongue his shaft, cleaning every drop from his still half-hard cock.

“You are such a good little slut.” Mike was caressing the side of my face lovingly and I beamed with pride that I had pleased my new Master so well.

Dragging me up by my head Mike brought our lips together in another sloppy wet kiss as he pushed my jeans the rest of the way down my legs.

“Get rid of the rest of your clothes and go and kneel in the centre of the bed facing the wall my little slut!” I couldn’t have moved quickly enough. I knew what was coming. My new Master was going to fuck me, he was going to take my last virginity and forever make me his slut!

I was kneeling on the king size bed on my hands and knees and listening to him move about the room behind me. There were that many different emotions running through my head that the first strike made me scream.


“Ah my little slut, you need to be trained, I like to hear my bitches moan, and I like to ride an ass that’s burning because of me!”

“Aahhhhh,” the next strike wasn’t such a shock. Whipping, he was whipping me; he had some sort of riding crop that he was using to lash my upturned and waiting rear end.

“Aahhhhhh!” The strikes were coming faster now.

“You will thank me slut. You will thank your Master for every lash!”

“Aaaahhhh, thank you Master!” I shouted. I meant it too. I’d always known I had a submissive side but without this meeting, without meeting Mike, I never would’ve known what type of slut I truly was. I wanted him to use me, I wanted him to abuse me and whip me and fuck me. Whatever my Master wanted!

“Aaaahhhh, thank you Master!”

“Such an obedient little slut. You should see your ass, shining such a beautiful burning red, just right for me to ride hard!”

I felt the bed dip behind me as my Master knelt between my open knees. “Yes Master, ride me hard, fuck your slut hard!” I didn’t know where the dirty and nasty words were coming konak escort from, somewhere inside of me that had been locked up forever, open now for him.

I started as I felt a cold and sticky finger running up and down my crack. ‘This is it’ I thought, ‘This is what I want’

I felt him push his finger into my waiting anal channel. There wasn’t any pain just a slight stretching, he fingered me for a while then pushed two fingers in.

“Aaaahhh, fuck!”

“Yes my slut, moan for me, scream for me!” Pushing three fingers in as he said this and scream I did.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!!, Master it hurts, aahhhh, fuck aaaaahhh Stop please!” “Oh my slut, we’re not going to stop, we’re only just beginning!”

And then he did it, he knelt up behind me and I felt his cock head pushing at my entrance.

“Noooo, you’re too big, please, nooooo!”

SMACK! His hand came down on my ass so hard tears sprang to my eyes. “You will take me slut! You will not fight me, you will take your Master, take me bitch!”

He pushed again, harder this time and his cock head breached my anus. I opened my mouth to scream but was so winded from the pain in my ass that no noise would come out. “Good slut, take me my slut!” He was rubbing his hands in soothing circles over my ass cheeks as he slowly inched his way up my channel.

Once he was all the way in he draped himself over my back and kissed my neck tenderly. “Such a good little slut. I’m all the way in now, you have all of me bitch. Tell me what you want?”

I knew what he wanted and in that moment I wanted it too. Pride swelled in my chest at having taken all of my Master inside of me so I gave him the answer both of us wanted, “Fuck me Master, Fuck me hard!”

Without a word he straightened himself up and grabbing my hips pulled his cock from me in one smooth motion, only to thrust it back in to the hilt.

“Aahhhhhh, Master!”

“That’s it bitch, squeal for me, take me!”

“Aaahhhh, fuck me, harder, fuck me!”

His hips pistoned his cock in and out of me. The edge of pain was still there but now it was joined by a wondrous burn from my ass. I wanted this; I’ve always wanted this.

“Aaaaah, Rape me, Abuse me, AAAAhhhhh, Fuck Yes”

“I’m raping you, you little slut, Aaah, my little cock whore, take me, take me, take me!”

Harder and harder he fucked my little hole. His monstrous cock sawing in and out of me at increasing speeds, I wanted to cum, I needed to cum, “Please Master, please can I cum? Please Sir rape the cum out of me!” I was pushing back against his thrusts now trying to get more of his cock.

Reaching under me he grabbed my cock in his fist tightly, “Yes my slut, I am going to fill you, cum with me whore, cum NOW!!”

I came on his command spurting over his hand, at the same time I could feel him filling my ass with his hot sweet cum as I came harder and longer than I ever have he continued to fill me, raping my ass!

“Yes, yes, take it bitch, I’m cummmmmming, yes slut take me!”

I felt him collapse over my back and was quite happy to lower both of us to the mattress. My last thought before I blissfully passed out was that not only had I found my Master now, I’d also found my true self and I would be happy playing with both for the rest of my life.

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