Şubat 21, 2021

My First Story

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Rays of mid-morning sun danced through the curtains to the lids of Emilia’s eyes, clenched shut in irritation. Not a breeze stirred the thick summer air outside the open window and the drapes hung limply. Emilia, a young woman of 23, felt so weary and stifled by the weather that any movement sounded tiresome. Still, insufferable temperatures or no, the summer house in upstate New York had to be run and cared for before her family moved back to the city. Peter, Emilia’s new husband, had barely spent a week on their honeymoon before going back to her father’s law office to work. Emilia had been so prepared for a summer of love only to be disappointed and sore after one quick meeting of amorous congress. Pulling up her damp negligee, she ran her long, delicate fingers down her smooth abdomen to the secret crevice between her legs. In spite of being alone, she had discovered a new favorite pastime with Peter away and found thinking of First Lady Frances Cleveland more than helpful.

Suddenly a knock at the door interrupted Emilia’s cunny play and forced her to quickly cover herself again. Upon Emilia’s vocal acquiesce Anne, a freckled and curvaceous woman of thirty entered the room with a silver tray. Her rosy cheeks and some loose, frizzy curls around her face were the only sign of the temperature on her person. As she set down the tray on the nightstand, Emilia rolled onto her side to see what Anne had brought. ‘Surely it’s too hot for coffee and toast,” casino şirketleri she thought.

“Oh Anne, you gem! You’ve brought me a cold compress for my head,” Emilia cooed from the bed.

“Most fine ladies need some extra enticement to get out of bed on such a hot day,” Anne said, “Strangely, the heat never bothered me much.”

Emilia sat up, like a dog waiting for a treat, on the edge of the four post bed and waited while Anne soaked the cloth in the water basin. Emilia’s thin nightgown clung to her slight body’s curves as she watched Anne’s rough yet elegant hands wring the excess water out. She felt a strong desire to be that hand towel, in Anne’s strong, capable hands, and have the increased wetness wrung from her body. Emilia felt a chill shoot down her back as she watched Anne unroll the damp towel and turn towards her.

“Lay down, ma’am, and close your eyes,” Anne commanded gently.

Emilia complied and felt the cool cloth lay down over her eyes and the shift of weight as Anne sat down beside her. She sighed in relief and felt goose bumps grow on her skin, but in response to what she couldn’t be sure. The cold compress was a Godsend, but Anne’s closeness stirred something in her as well.

“You would feel much cooler out of that nightdress, ma’am. May I help you out of it? You won’t have to move,” Anne whispered next to Emilia’s ear.

Emilia nodded and could hardly breathe as Anne untied the ribbon casino firmaları on the neckline, opened it gently to reveal her dewy breasts to the morning air, which caused them to perk up. She felt the weight of the blanket lifted off her legs and then Anne’s cool hands brush across her legs to lift the bottom of the lace nightdress. There was a slight breeze as Emilia felt it slide up her body and over her head, which freed her from one less oppressive layer.

“Better?” Anne whispered again.

“Oh yes, but I must beg another favor of you, dear Anne.”

“Anything, my lady, what shall it be?”

“Touch me,” she whispered.

Anne responded with her fingers as they caressed Emilia’s smooth skin. Caresses then turned gropes as Anne massaged Em’s small, perky tiddeys. Temptation soon got the best of Anne when she replaced her hands with her mouth and began to suck on Em’s pretty pink nipples. Emilia arched her back in delight to encourage more of this activity.

“You’re so delicious, dearest Emilia.”

“Come to my face, Anne, I want you to be the first thing I taste this morning,” Emilia begged.

“As do I,” Anne said as she plunged her fingers inside Emilia and then sucked on them.

Emilia moaned until Anne silenced her with her bush. It was stifling and yet Emilia could think of no better way to suffocate. She turned her head to kiss along Anne’s damp, pink thighs and craned her neck up and down, so güvenilir casino her tongue could reach into her lush, wet garden. In spite of the thick and woolen material of her uniform, Anne smelled like lilac and tasted like honeysuckle. Emilia was like an excited honeybee, pollinating her flower as if it was the only chore in life. If only.

Anne grasped onto the bedposts to avoid collapsing on Emilia’s ravenous face, which continued to forage for fruit. Anne felt Em’s pointy nose nuzzle her engorged clit and stifled a shriek with her fist. Who would’ve thought this fine lady could be such a humble servant in bed? Anne wanted to let go, but had a better idea. Before she could melt any further she sprang off the bed; Emilia, caught off guard, quickly followed suit as they scrambled to remove Anne’s uniform. Their bodies thirsted for each other and needed as little barrier between them as possible on such a sweltering day.

Once down to her bloomers, Anne slipped in bed next to Emilia and walked her fingers down towards her secret garden. Emilia did likewise as she leaned in to kiss Anne and a fever raged inside her. Her fingers and cunt felt the same wetness on them as she breathed through Anne. Nothing could quench her thirst like Anne’s plump, pink lips. Excitement was building within her when Anne shushed her and paused to look her straight in the eyes.

“Don’t cum until I say so,” Anne instructed breathlessly.

“I may die before then,” Emilia squealed as she tried to restrain herself.

“Let’s die together,” Anne gasped as she grabbed Emilia’s hand and road it harder.

“Mistress, please,” Emilia knew how to get Anne there sooner, “I’m begging you.”

To be continued…

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