Mayıs 10, 2021

Movie Night

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Saturday night, music on, bottle of wine open, as James, my husband, and I get dinner put together. He is the cook, but I at least keep him company and help where I can. And right now I’m cleaning raw chicken, so I would say I am helping a lot. Our kids are sleeping out tonight but we decided to stay in as the weather was not so nice.

My phone makes a buzz indicating I have a new text. My phone sits next to my husband on the counter. He looks at it.

“Sara, you’re getting a text from Tyler, who is that?”

“He is a guy I work with, a kid really, I think he is like 25. He text me before asking for another coworkers phone number. He is probably just responding with a thanks.”

In my head I knew differently. He was a 25 year old stud I work with. Standing at 6.2 blond surfer boy hair and this cute and sexy face that made his wicked and sexy smile stand out. Oh and he was cut like a soccer player. Just an all around sexy body. And according to rumors around the job, he is a monster in bed.

He has flirted with me at work nothing to extreme as he knows I am married, and am true to my husband. But at 40 years old having a 25 year old stud look at you with lust can really make a girl feel good.

Shit, I knew it was dangerous and reckless and completely insensitive to my husband and our family. But I do get a rush unlike any I ever felt just by a simple text from him like, “Hey I am at Starbucks do you want a coffee, tea or…”

My husbands voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Is that the guy who said he did not think you were a day over 30?”

I forgot my husband heard my talking about that at a friends house one day. I can tell he is trying to be innocent in his question but his radar is up.

“Yes that is him.” I answer unsure of what else I should, or need to say.

“You know a 20 something year old kid saying that to you, he wants to get in your pants? I mean I tell you all the time you are sexy as hell. You have to notice a kid saying that to you is him trying to get with that booty?”

My booty. My priced asset by my husband account. I stand at 5.4 nice brown middle of back straight hair. Brown eyes and a nice set of breast. Though over 40 I am still in good shape. My husband tries to remind me every day how beautiful he thinks I am. But he flat out worships my ass. It is on the larger side, but plump and round in all the right places.

Damn how does he come up with shit like this? More so he is right. This kid, as we are calling him does want me.

I look at my husband and respond, “You know your nuts. Not every guy who talks or text me wants to fuck me. You are crazy. Why would a 25 year old good looking guy who can probably hook up at will nowadays want me, a 40 year old married mom of 2?”

“Why? Because you are a sexy as hell 40 year old who does not know it or believe it.”

He continues on. “That turns guys on. A woman who we know is sexy but they don’t show it or whatever. It makes a guy want to fuck you. It makes us want to be the one to bring that sexual awakening out of you. And as a 20 something kid chatting up the older 40 year old, well to a lot of guys that is a fantasy. To think they can be the one to do it. He probably sees you as a challenge. He knows you’re faithful and it is a challenge to make you unfaithful.”

My phone beeps 1, 2, 3, more times than 4,5. I look at my husband whose hands are empty at the moment compared to mine with raw chicken on them. It is not uncommon in our house to answer each other’s phones when the other is occupied, and I can see that is where this is heading.

I quickly do a mental check in my head. The last text between us was indeed asking for a number I just hope my husband does not scroll up and catch any of the some what flirty texts. Most of the flirty ones are Tyler flirting with me, so I can explain those off, but on occasion I have flirted back, like one time telling him he could not handle a sexy milf like me.

I don’t know what got into me on that day I was just excited from having this stud hit on me.

James looks at me and asks, “You want me to read them to you, seems like more than a thanks.”

“Sure”, I try to casually say. “If not I can check it when I’m done.”

He grabs my phone and puts my password in and reads. His face drops some and I immediately panic.

“What’s it say? Is everything ok?” I’m still trying to be casual but I think my voice betrayed me.

“The first text was a video from your friend, and a text saying good try last night but I told you, you would not out last me. You know who to call when you want it again.”

James looks up at me to read my face, and I’m sure it shows utter shock. I don’t know what it’s about.

James continues, “The second is him saying omg like 10 times. The third, Sara I’m sorry that was not meant for you. Forth text, unless of course you think you can out last me. The fifth text says, didn’t you once say I could not handle a milf like you? Well I think I can. And bahis firmaları last but not least enjoy the video, bye sexy girl.”

Oh fuck, the optics on this definitely don’t look good. I wash my hands ready for James’s anger. I’m shocked and nervous for what’s to come.

He speaks first, “What the fuck is this? Sara are you cheating on me? He can’t handle a milf like you? What the fuck Is that?

I can see the hurt and anger in his face. A Saturday night all alone with me, this is probably not what he was envisioning.

“No of course I’m not.” I respond, “Shit James you know I would never do that. I will be truthful with you. This Tyler is a handsome guy and your right, he wants me. It is flattering, a young guy flirting with me and all and every now and again I have flirted back. I’m sorry about that, but I don’t really know how to handle some young stud flirting with me.”

“I don’t want to come off as the cold older woman who won’t talk to anyone , yet I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize our family. Honestly it is harmless flirting that maybe is getting a little bit more intense and I understand you being angry and pissed but I promise you I’m not cheating.”

He let out a sigh and I can tell his head was spinning. “This is fucked up, I don’t think you’re cheating physically but emotionally I don’t know. Can’t handle a milf like me. You know how bad I long to her you talk like that to me? To flirt with me like that? I send you a flirty text, you ignore them or answer with a boring, ok or lol.”

He continues on and I just listen, “I have tried to share some of my fantasies with you, I get nothing back. No response nothing. I have bought toys you could care less. I have asked you to get some you may want, you don’t. Then you are telling some guy he can’t handle you. God damn this makes me feel like shit. Is all I want when we have sex is to satisfy you. To make you hot, to make you orgasm. Guess I just need to be 20 something.”

I look at him and sigh. “I love you and think you are amazing. Maybe we have fallen into a rut, we have been together for 20 years. Maybe you do try harder then I do to keep a spark in our sex life. But I am not going to cheat, but having some young good looking guy hit on me has been a turn on, and maybe I let it go to far. I don’t want to loose you, or hurt you and I’m sorry I have.”

I try and lighten the mood, “And for the record I orgasm all the time usually on that impressive dick of yours.”

He smirks at my remark but he clearly is upset and angry. We continue with this back and forth for another 10 minutes or so. He seems to be relaxing.

“Look Sara, I think you are sexy as hell and I am crazy for you, even after 20 years. I’m upset, but more so in that you don’t get hot for me like you do this guy. Shit sometimes I fantasize about you being taken by me and another guy to your utmost pleasure. Just so I can imagine what you would look like in total sexual bliss. Cause I get off on you being turned on, on you getting off.”

I understood where he was coming from and told him as much. Though I’m surprised by his comment about him and another guy. I never gave something like that much thought, and the mention of it does arouse something deep within me.

He looks at me and says, “Honestly it is very strange but it somewhat turns me on that this guy is into you. But I would like to have known about it. It is something we could have explored together. Rather then making me feel like I do now.”

I apologize to him again for making him feel so bad. I walk over and we embrace each other in a hug. When we do I can’t help but notice that his cock seems to be somewhat hard.

Sensing what I feel he looks down at me, “Let’s go downstairs and put this video on the tv and watch it.”

“You want to watch it? Why? It will probably be nothing special.” I protest.

He looks down at me again with eyes that say are you serious. “Sara no guy sends a video with a text like that unless he can fuck like a pro. This vid is going to be hot and I want to see what this guy who wants to fuck my wife so bad can do.”

I say ok and we walk downstairs to the tv area. I’m nervous about this but also feeling hot like I never have. James sets up the vid and then walks over to the sofa and sits next to me.

He looks over at me and comments, “Well I finally got you to watch a porn with me.”

I’m definitely conservative when it comes to sex. My husband wants to do and try so many thinks but I shut him down. And ironically yes the porn he always wanted to watch with me is now of a guy who wants me.

He hits play and the video begins. It is a shot of a full living room looking to be Tyler’s apartment on the screen. Then Tyler walks into the frame with a woman. They are making out and they both have their shirts off. He looks amazing, his body perfectly chiseled in all the right places.

James looks my way, “Wow he has some body on him, and the woman, she remind you of anyone?”

“Who I say? kaçak iddaa Me? Come on.”

“Sara her hair, tits, skin color, and come on look at that ass. This was not mistakenly sent to you. He set it up for you to imagine what it would be like to be his.”

I look at her and he is right. She does look an awful lot like me. I also am thinking over my husbands words. To be his. Not to be with him or something like that. But to be his.

I am snapped back as I hear Tyler’s familiar voice from the tv. “Take your pants off. I want to take the rest of you in.”

She slides out of her pants and stands before him as his eyes take her in. He smiles as if he is pleased and then removes his own pants. His back to the vid.

The woman on the video just smiles and giggles. “Shit you were not kidding. That is some cock. And on your body it is even more amazing.” She says this as she walks over to him and begins kissing his chest.

“I told you I’m worth cheating on your husband for. After I am done with you, you won’t want to settle for what he gives you.”

The girl looks embarrassed and hurt, as if wrestling in her head with what she is about to do. Tyler then turns around and for the first time, we the viewing audience get to see his manhood. Man he did indeed have a nice cock. It just hung there, large, thick and strong and he was not fully hard yet.

That though was about to change. Tyler spread his legs a little more then shoulder width, and stared at his mate.

She knew what was wanted and knelt before him. She started by just liking his dick and gently kissing it. Her hands on his feet as she knelt before him. Then she opened her mouth and slowly took his cock into her mouth. It was so hot watching him grow in her mouth as he responded to her work.

After a minute or two she pulled him out of her mouth and revealed his now fully hard cock. It was big probably 9 inches and good and thick. And it stuck straight out hard as a rock.

“Sara he wants to fuck you with that.”

My husbands voice startled me. I was so into the vid I forgot he was there. He was standing up and taking his clothes off. His cock popping out hard in front of him. A nice one also at 7 inches.

I respond to him, “I don’t know, it is just flirting I don’t think he really wants to.”

“You’re kidding right, Sara this vid is not an accident. It was made for you. This is a girl, closer to your age then his, she looks like you. The comment about not wanting to settle for what the husband can offer. This was all for you. He wants you to imagine what he would be like.”

As he says this I look back to the screen and the woman is sucking on him with passion and vigor. He in turn is just standing before her like a god being serviced.

I look over at my husband and he is slowly stroking his dick. He is getting off on this. He looks at me and stands me up and starts to remove my clothes. He slides my pants down and kneels down to remove them from ankles. We are angled side ways so we can both see the girl is now getting face fucked. Tyler is now in control, working himself in and out of her mouth as his big hand holds onto her head. She takes him deep into her mouth and he holds himself within her.

My husband rubs his hand up my thigh and gently rubs my sex.

“Gees Sara, you are wet as can be. You want that big cock don’t you, your curious what it can do for you.”

I don’t respond but grab his head in much the same way Tyler is on tv. I look down at him and then pull his face into me. Like the girl on tv nothing is said but he knows what to do.

Something within me feels so powerful as I stand like Tyler is, and take control of what I want. My husbands tongue feels amazing as it runs up and down my aroused flower. I know I will orgasm quick from his work. I look down at him lapping at me and he is loving it, his face is wet with my excitement.

I watch the video of this girl working so hard to please Tyler and my husband doing the same to me. It is so erotic. Tyler backs off from face fucking her and she goes right back to giving him slow and delicious head. She is really good at it, and part of me is jealous that I think she is doing it better then I would.

I have a sudden desire to suck cock. To prove to myself that I can match her skills. My husbands tongue feels so good but I want his dick. I grab him and pull him up. He stands up and I give him a deep kiss and lick and suck my juices off of his lips.

“I need to suck your cock.” I say it with urgency, and he not being a dummy, does not argue.

I drop in front of him and take him into my mouth. I suck on him quickly and he urges me to slow down. I think about the girl servicing Tyler, and start to give him the slow and sexy blow job like Tyler is getting.

I’m making love to his cock with my mouth. Slowly dragging my lips up his manhood. Dragging across his head I look up into his eyes as I do it. Moaning in lust. I notice so much more going at it this way. How hard he kaçak bahis is. How his balls flex every time I go down on him. How he Moans when my tongue circles around his head.

I also notice myself. I’m amazed at how turned on I am giving him head this way. I feel powerful knowing how good I am making him feel. I go deep on him and then slowly drag my mouth off him lightly biting his sensitive head.

I do this for a few minutes. “Fuck Sara that is amazing, I’m going to come soon, I can’t hold off much longer.”

I give him a wicked smile and put my hands on the floor and continue to go down on him, using just my mouth no hands. I look up at him and he is watching me and also watching the vid. I look over also, and as I do I hear Tyler grunt.

Knowing what was about to happen I stop to watch. Tyler grunts again and his beautiful muscular body flexes. He grabs at his cock with one hand and pulls out of her mouth and jerks himself a few times. And then he erupts on her face. The first rope of come she has her mouth open for, and he shots a direct hit into her mouth. The 2nd follows right behind that. Then he shots the rest all over her face.

She smiles up at him and swallows down what was in her mouth. “I told you I could challenge you, young stud.” She says these words with pride in her voice like she just won something.

Tyler looks at her holding his still big cock in his hand and smirks. “Sweetheart, you ain’t seen nothing yet, when we start fucking your are going to orgasm more tonight then you have all month. Go clean up I will wait for you.”

I look up at my husband give him a wink and in a lust filled voice say to him, “Wow that was hot.” And then go back to sucking his cock.

I know he is got to be seconds away from cuming also. I have never let him cum on my face like that and I wonder if maybe he will try it tonight.

I did not have to wait long for an answer. I felt his body tense up and he looks down at me and tells me to open my mouth. I find his new found confidence a turn on.

He starts to jerk himself, and then lets out a few grunts. That’s when I got what felt like a blast of cum from a fire hose. It hit me hard on my tongue and then he jerked the rest of himself all over my mouth and chin.

I smiled at him, and he took his spent cock and put it at my mouth. “Clean me off.”

I looked into his eyes, his cum still sitting in my mouth and took him in my mouth. I don’t usually swallow. However with his cock lodged in my throat, tonight I know I am going too. I suck on him a few times loving the power I have to make his knees buckle. I pull him into me as deep as I can and swallow.

As I do I get a wicked tingle from within. Knowing how sexy I am being. When it hits my husband that I actually swallowed him, he grabs my chin and pulls me up to him. He kisses me deep and hard.

“Holy fuck Sara, that was unbelievable. Now let’s get back to your needs. “Sit down and watch the video I will be right back.”

He walks away and I hear him heading up to our bedroom. I Look back at the screen and at Tyler, and his sexy body. He is laying on the couch slowly stroking his cock. Though he just came he is still somewhat hard.

His body is beautiful. Looking at him I fantasize what it would be like to have that big dick in my mouth, his sexy green eyes starring at me with approval. What it would be like to have him laying below me as my body melts onto his huge cock. My hands rubbing on his strong masculine chest, as he brings me to orgasm.

I never fantasize about guys and rarely masterbate, but looking at him it is hard not to. I find my hand exploring my body. The girl comes back into the screen now.

Ever so sensually she crawls between Tyler’s legs and asks, “Now where were we.”

She grabs his semi hard dick and licks and sucks on him.

Tyler looks upon her much how I just fantasized him doing to me. “You are an excellent cock sucker, but sit up and bring your pussy over to my face. I want to taste you.”

Fuck it is so hot how he talks to her, and I let out a sigh as my finger sinks into my flower. I don’t do this, play with myself, but here I am getting off to this stud.

The girl stands up and walks over to Tyler. He tells her to sit on his face and she does. At this time my husband clears his throat and smiles at me.

“Enjoying yourself?” He asks.

I give a guilty smile back, “Mmm Hmm, Please come over here and lay down. I want to ride your face like this slut is on the video.”

James walks over and grabs my hand that was just inside me. He takes my finger and sucks on it, “With pleasure.” Is his response.

He lays down on the couch. I take in his body. Though he is no 20 something stud like Tyler, he looks good at 41. I stand over him and he pulls me close. I am sitting on his chest my flower inches from his mouth.

He looks into my eyes, “I want you to ride my face. Let go and be free. Cum on my tongue. I want it.”

I grab his head and lift his face into my sex. He immediately starts to lick me. I am so wet with excitement and as soon as his tongue enters me I know I will be coming soon. His tongue feels excellent as he knows just how to please me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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