Mart 12, 2021

Meeting the Boss’s Daughter Ch. 02

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It’s been a month now since that meeting at Philip’s (my boss) house. I had gone to bed extraordinarily happy though exhausted and woke up with enough fear that I might get into work and have the entire military forces ready to handcuff and jail me for what I’d done. Surprisingly, nothing. No lecture, no awkwardness from the boss, nothing out of the ordinary. I had gone about my work as if nothing had happened until today.

So, as a refresher, my boss has a 21-year old daughter. After his wife left them many years ago, he’s been her sole caretaker and always expressed how important she was to him. I’ve only seen her once or twice at the office, a few more at their home when Philip sets meetings or just drinks for office camaraderie after work.

Katie was about 5’7, long slender legs, a tiny waist, a cute bump for an ass and quite significant mounds for breasts, from the looks of it, 34cs would be an appropriate guess. I could still vividly remember how full and firm they were in my hands that night. She had long, dark brown hair that had these natural curls at the ends and dark brown eyes to match. I always thought that she was hot even though I’d never seen her in tight, skimpy clothes, outside of her room that is.

That night, she was just so vulnerably and sexily exposed. The lace that touched the tops of her breasts, the strap of her teddy hanging off her shoulder, her nudity when I tore them off her… I looked around realizing my cock was starting to get hard just remembering her. I’m at work and on a desk that faced other desks, surrounded by glass walls. I scratched my head absent-mindedly, trying to refocus on the sketches I had to make. But all I could think of were her delicate moans and the trembling of her voice as she came. If only there could be a recap of it, I thought to myself. She’s probably disgusted with me now though. It wasn’t my intention to hurt her or to make real the threat I had said that night. Contrary to what had transpired, I wasn’t a bad man, I grinned. I just could not resist having all of her that night.

I threw my pencil down hopelessly, burying my hands in my face. There was kartal escort bayan some chatter around the office all of a sudden, heels sounding on the floor, I look up and I thought I’d fallen off my chair. There she was, Katie, walking at her father’s heels, in a loose, silk blouse that clung beautifully to her body, and a tight black skirt that just hugged at her ass, the ass I had made my way into that night. On her feet, black, shiny stilettos that could pass for an ice pick across my chest. Her hair was neatly tied back compared to that night when it was just a sexy mess. I stared as she passed, my vision of her like a split screen, a decent side and a wild naughty side.

To my surprise, she turned to me only for a second. There was no reaction that it left me curious as to whether she remembers or recognizes me at all from that night. The doors to Philip’s office closed with them both and his personal secretary inside.

“Fuck, that is one hot daughter!” Stan, a colleague in my section said out loud. Stan was very much known for his treatment of women, he’d fuck any girl who messed with him or any girl that he admired, whether or not she would let him.

“I bet she rocks in the sack,” another voice sounded out.

I started to refocus my attention to the work at hand, only to be called into Philip’s office by his secretary, her name is Amy by the way, cute lady, in her late thirties, double D breasts, curvy hips, glasses. She smiled at me, sort of a flirty smile, as always.

My heart started thumping, maybe Katie remembered and is now on exposing my actions to the man I call “the boss”, who’s face must be bloody red with anger and ready to throw his numerous achievement trophies at me.

I opened the door and stepped in, Amy closes it after me.

“Adam,” Philip starts to say, “how is your workload at the moment?”

I cleared my throat, in case it came out hoarse and filled with obvious fear, “I’ve only a couple minor projects, drafts mostly, dull ones.”

He grins, “then you have spare time! You remember my daughter, Katie?” He directs his hand at her.

I turn escort maltepe to look at her, she avoids my look and I see her hand tensing up on her leg. She remembers me. “Of course, Philip, It would be impossible not to remember,” I smile at him and at her.

“Well, Katie is graduating university soon and I would like for her to learn a bit about the work here. Do you think you could spare some time showing her around and showing her what you do as well?

Bloody hell, I thought to myself, I could show her what I do every second of the day if she wanted, what I would do to her, that is. Trying to hide the excitement however, I told him that I probably wasn’t the most qualified for the job. Ultimately, he insisted on it and it was the end of the discussion. How could I refuse?

In a little corner room at the far end of the office area, bent over the maintenance shelf, skirt wrinkled up around her waist, moans muffled by a mouth stuffed with her own panties. Amy held on to the metal posts of the shelf as hard-bodied Stan pounded at her pussy. He smacked her cream ass at it bounced back at the power of his thrusts.

He reached down to cup her breasts, pulling her up against him as he continued his thrusting. He enjoyed how she always willingly gave but never dared ask for anything she wanted, so giving, so easy. He grunted as his thick cock slid in and out of her, her pussy holding tight around him. He felt her body tense up, he stopped and held still.

“Did I say you could cum now?” he asked, leering down at her.

She didn’t speak as her mouth was full, she tried fervently to obey, successfully regaining control of her senses. She knew he would leave her at an even worse, wet situation if she disobeyed.

He grinned, “you want my cock inside you so badly, don’t you, slut,” he began thrusting again, hitting her deeper and harder, pulling her legs up, wide open as he pounded her pussy.

She couldn’t help herself, she held onto the bars with a vengeance, her huge breasts hanging lowly on her chest, her pussy clamped tightly around his shaft.

She felt something different rubbing pendik escort against her clit, creating a muffled moan of pleasure. She tried looking down, he was holding the grip of a screwdriver, rubbing its rough handle against her hard clit. Her sense were on overdrive, she couldn’t keep up, she met his thrusts harder, more desperate as she knew this time, she would lose control and he would leave.

He could hear her muffled moans, his hands dug into her thighs as her held them up. It wasn’t hard, she was a small woman with huge breasts and a very hungry pussy covered only by a small patch of dark hair.

He stops and pulls out, pushing her down on her knees, pulling the panties out of her mouth, handing her the screwdriver. He pointed his cock at her bright red lips, she opened up and closed them over him, tasting her juices, her tongue sliding around his length. She brings the screwdriver head down to her clit, rubbing it against her again.

He holds the back of her head, as he starts to build a rhythm with his cock in her mouth, it was such a sight to see a tiny mouth so full of cock, lips tight around his thickness, the tight, warm feeling of her sucking on him.

“Ah fuck yeah!”

He started moving in motion, thrusting in and out of her mouth, not waiting for her, but imposing his momentum. He could see her hand moving vigorously between her legs, the thick head of the screwdriver buried deep in her pussy. He rocked his hips into her mouth faster and faster, as she moved up and down on the screwdriver.

Her muffled moans filled the room as she nears orgasm again. He feels her tongue swirl around him, pushing him to the edge, exploding inside her mouth, his cock muffling her screams as she reaches orgasm as well.

At 36, Amy was a stepmom to an 18-year old daughter, a third wife to a man who left her and his daughter for another much younger woman. Despite all that, she was always still so giving and forgiving when it came to men. She was petite, about 5″3 but she had always believed herself to be very well proportioned in the aspects that mattered most.

She walked out of the maintenance closet, prettied up as if nothing had happened, but the glances were obvious that the entire floor was privy to her activities. She was the boss’s secretary, who would dare report her, she walked undisturbed about what thoughts must be running through their minds.

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