Haziran 10, 2020

Losing The Big

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Losing The Big

I completed my graduations and this is my first story i have been a regular reader and have decided to share with you my experience about losing my virginity. Let me tease your imagination a little my vital stats are “34-26-36¨. I’m 5’2¨ tall, Fair in complexion. The story i’m going to narrate happened a year ago. Let us call him Sid and he is a year older to me. I met him in college. I had met through my boyfriend at that time. He is a around 5’8¨ tall. He has an amazing body and an amazing sex drive. His dick is 6”. I had got very friendly with him.

He has a girlfriend and so he and his girlfriend and my boyfriend and me, we used to hang out together and we used to go on trip and stay out late night and yes Sid and me we used to love partying and we went for parties together. We were very much free and open with each other. As all this were going fine with our friendship. I came to know that my boyfriend had been cheating on me and had been sleeping around with some other girl. I had never had sex with my boyfriend. Whenever he asked i always said that i wasn’t ready for it. So i had left my boyfriend and Sid felt very bad for me and I used to text Sid often. Then one day he said he has something planned for me for the next day. I agreed to it.

Next day, Sid came to my place in his car and picked me up and i was wondering as to what he has planned and he took me to a pub and we partied. I had so much fun. We had a competition as to who would drink the most number of tequila shots. So we started. I had my first, second, third, four and by my fifth i stopped. Well, he had seven shots. He won. But i had the best night with him. Even though i was terribly drunk, he dint lay a finger on me. All he did was took me home and put me to bed. He stayed that night at my place. He slept on the couch.

I woke up in the afternoon and saw him sitting on the couch and talking to his girlfriend over the phone. He had made lemonade for me. I had that and was sitting in my room. He came in, he was in a bad mood because he had an argument with his girlfriend. So i somehow calmed him down and changed the topic. I started talking about last night’s party and thanked him for it. We hugged. Hugging was usual between us. Then i ordered lunch. We sat down and had and talked. Then he left to go see his girlfriend. And the days went by, we had become the best of friends. Sid and I. He would just crash at my place whenever he felt like. We used to talk about everything illegal bahis including sex.

One day when we went out and i don’t remember what exactly we were talking about but i dared him to feel my boobs and he said “Ash, do not dare me!! I’ll seriously do it!!”. I said “Lets see!!”. He just kept driving. Suddenly out of nowhere he held my boobs. I dint resist. He put his hand inside my shirt and felt my nipple. I was awestruck. I din’t expect it. He then gave me a love bite on the left boob, the top part. The bite was visible as it was not covered by my shirt. I actually loved it. Then he dropped me home. We hugged and kissed. That’s all.

Days went by and we had decided to go on a long drive and so we went and he parked in an isolated place and we kissed and he felt my boobs and this time he felt my pussy. I was wet. He commented,”You are really hot down there!”. I just smiled and kissed him again. I felt his dick too. It was hard as hell. I stroked it a little. And suddenly we heard someone honking. We just stopped and we drove back home. He dropped me and had coffee at my place and then left to go see his friends. We still had not had sex. After a few weeks, he calls me and asks if i wanted to come over to his place. I dint mind so i said yes.

His room mates had gone out of station for the weekend and he came and picked me up and we reached his place and we went in. We sat, had coffee and talked. He came and sat next to me. I was extremely comfortable with him now, physically. So we talked and talked. It became late evening. We thought of ordering dinner, we ordered. We had dinner and talked. We just kept talking. We came to the couch and were talking, he suddenly dropped the shirt off my shoulder (I was wearing a lose t shirt). I looked at him and he just kissed my neck. It was around 9 o’clock at night.

He kissed my neck i dint resist till he got up and poured two glasses of wine and got me one and i had a sip and looked at him. We kept looking at each other. He leaned forward and kissed my lips. I reciprocated. It was amazing. He kept kissing. He grabbed my boobs and wad squeezing them together. I kept my drink aside and came and sat on his lap, facing him. I unhooked my bra from inside my top, took it out of my shoulders and pulled it out from the front, under my top and dropped it on the floor. I gave him a naughty smile. He picked me up like that, smooching me, took me to his bedroom. He put me on his bed and came on top and perabet giriş we smooched.

I was wearing shorts and i removed his shirt and he removed mine and he saw my boobs and went crazy and he grabbed them and sucked my nipple one by one. He sucked it like a baby. He bite my nipple and i moaned. He licked it in circles and rubbed his teeth on my nipple. Oh god!! I swear that’s the best feeling. Then he started rubbing my pussy on my shorts. He unbuttoned my shorts and pulled it off. He rubbed it on my panty now. I was wet. It had a wet patch on it. He couldn’t even wait to remove it and just tore my panty apart. That made me go crazy.

He went down to my pussy and kissed it and started licking it till I helped him get better access my spreading my pussy so that he could put his tongue in me. I must tell you, he is an amazing pussy sucker. He was so good. I climaxed twice. He licked my pussy clean. He licked my asshole and put his finger inside. I moaned loudly ‘ahhhhhh yeahhhhhh’. He loved my moans. He inserted one finger in my asshole and one my pussy and finger fucked me. I moaned like crazy. I climaxed again, for the third time, and it was just finger fucking. He came up and kissed me.I then pushed on the bed. I slowly kissing him went down. Unbuttoned his pants. He had a huge bulge.

I pulled his pant and boxers at once and his dick just sprang up and hit my face till It wanted me and i held it and started to stroke it. I licked the tip, kissed it, rolled my tongue on it. It was a beautiful pink tip. I was in love with it. Licking it, i put it in my mouth. I started sucking it. He started to moan. I was loving it. I started to suck it faster, rolling my tongue all around his dick. I spat on it and rubbed it and sucked it again. I was squeezing his balls at the same time. He held my hair up and started pushing me deep throat. I was gagging.

He was about to cum and i started sucking his dick super fast and he was pushing my head on his dick and Suddenly he cummed in my mouth. A little cum fell on my boobs, i just rubbed it on my boobs. I went and cleaned. I came back and he was just lying on his bed. Oh, i forgot to say, he is nota virgin but i was. I went and lay next to him. He looks at me and says, “your blowjob was amazing”. I was surprised as to it was my first time. I had only seen in porn videos. He came on me, he said to make his dick hard again. I sat on the bed and he stood front of me and gave me his dick. I sucked it again. perabet güvenilir mi He got hard in no time. He then told me to turn around. I got on all fours on the bed. He inserted from behind.

It was a little hard for him to insert but he pushed and a little went in i moaned in pain and tears ran down my eyes as i told him to do it slow. He waited for sometime and then pushed again. He was fully in me. I screamed in pain. He told me it’ll be fine in some time. Then he waited and started fucking in a very slow pace. I was in pain. He slowly increased a little and slowly my pain turned into pleasure. My pussy hole got used to his dick. He increased his pace. I started to moan, “ohhhh yeaahhhh ahhhh ah ah ahhhh ahhh yeahhh. Fuck me, yeahhhhh yesss, dont stop. Its all yours”. He went crazy with my moans and was fucking very fast. He spanked my ass very hard. It had turned red.

Then he bent and held my boobs from behind and he was squeezing it and fucking like crazy and i told u he had an amazing sex drive. I was loving it. He took his dick out and wanted me on top of him. So he lay down and i came top of him and inserted his dick and was slowly jumping on this dick. He was moaning. His moans made me go crazy. I started jumping like crazy. My boobs were jumping like crazy. He held them. Slapped them. Pinched my nipples. That was just amazing. After sometime i got tired and bent over him and was moving his dick in and out. My boobs were on his face. It was rubbing his face. He held them and squeezed them together and bite my boob really hard. I got a blood clot.

Then he pushed on the bed and came behind me and inserted his dick in my asshole an that was the most painful part but he din’t hear my cries and just pushed it in. I scream loud. He dint bother to hear it. He just started to fuck me hard in my asshole. It felt amazing after sometime. It was heaven. He kept fucking me and he cummed in my asshole. By then i had reached orgasm two more times. He then just lay on the bed. He came and kissed me. I felt amazing. After sometime we went to the washroom. We had shower together and fuck again in the bath tub. We came to bed. Hugged and slept naked. Morning again we had sex.

We had a strictly physical relationship and no emotional attachment but we never dated each other till it was just sex and i actually liked it like that. He kept having sex often and still do till date. He comes over to my place and now he never sleeps on the couch at my place. He is still with his girlfriend and we have sex whenever possible. He lands up at my place in the middle of the night. I am enjoying it. Please leave your comments here. I would love to know how you liked my experience. Thank you for reading! Love, XOXO!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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