Şubat 5, 2021

Jill , Sue

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If you want some background to this story please read “Jill’s Exploits” chapters 1 & 2.

* * * * *

As Jill got up to go shower off after such a great fuck session with Tim there came a knock at the door. Jill walked to the door and answered it. Sue, her next door neighbor was standing there in tears. Jill motioned her to come in and closed the door behind her. Going to the couch and setting down Jill asked Sue what was wrong. Sue proceeded to tell Jill about an awful fight she had had with Bill her boyfriend. It seems Bill was claiming that Sue as cold and unfeeling towards him when it came to sex. It seemed Bill wanted sex a lot more often than Sue did. Now Jill knew Bill had a great sex drive, in fact he had visited her a time or two when Sue had turned him away, but Jill wasn’t about to tell Sue that.

“Look at you sitting here naked with a body to die for and it doesn’t bother you in the least. I wish I could be more like you” and with that Sue burst into tears again. Taking Sue into her arms for comfort, Jill stroked her hair and whispered that everything would be okay. Before Jill realized what she was doing her body started stirring again. She just couldn’t seem to get her sexual appetite sated today. Her pussy was starting to throb and she wanted Sue in the worst way. Jill had wanted Sue for some time now but she had always seemed to prudish and unapproachable. That was until now. Jill let her hands roam down Sue’s back caressing and soothing her as her lips found her temple where she started planting little kisses. Sue’s hands were on Jill back and was moving on their own accord as well. Jill didn’t think Sue was even aware that she was caressing and arousing Jill so. Jill got an idea and decided to see just how far Sue would let her go.

Pulling away just a little Jill reached down and took Sue by the hand, pulling her up to her feet. “You know what you need, “a good massage. You’re way too tense.” Sue just looked at Jill, willingly putting herself into Jill’s hands. “Go into my room there and stripe and lay down on my bed. I’ll get my oil and be right in.” Sue wasn’t sure what possessed her to do as Jill instructed but she did so without the least bit of hesitation.

Jill watched as Sue went into her bedroom and striped off her clothes and laid down on the bed. Now Jill had seen Sue in a bathing suit around the pool and had admired her body. It was nothing to be ashamed of, she had nice round, firm tits, a nice shaped tight little ass and long shapely legs. Licking her lips Jill casino şirketleri went in and climbed up on the bed with Sue. Sue didn’t have much time to get nervous or try and hide her body. Jill poured some oil in her hand and started rubbing it all over Sue’s back. Sue could feel herself starting to relax as well as a tingling sensation starting in her pussy. Jill took her time and worked Sue’s shoulders and upper back till she could feel her relax. She didn’t want to rush and cause Sue to get skittish on her. When Sue was completely relaxed Jill straddled her legs and started rubbing her lower back and down to her firm ass cheeks. Sue was a little surprised to feel Jill’s wet pussy rub against her leg, but for some strange reason she said nothing.

Jill grew bolder still, running her hands up Sue’s sides and caressed the sides of her breast. Sue let out a soft moan of pleasure. Jill knew she had her where she wanted her but reminded herself to go slow and make it something for Sue to remember. Jill moved down to Sue’s legs and started to massage them in turn, working her magic up and down each leg. Sue’s legs spread without hesitation for Jill, who was smiling to herself as her hands ran to the top of Sues thigh. Jill was a hairs breath away from her prize, Sue’s sweet pussy. Almost touching but not quite. Sue’s in drawn breath didn’t go unnoticed, as she made her way up the other leg. This time she let her fingers brush Sue’s pussy lips. They were puckered up so sweetly just begging for attention. Jill could see how wet this was making Sue. Her pussy was glistening with her juices. Jill moved her knees between Sues legs which spread wider without any prompting from Jill. Jill took this as an invitation so without further ado Jill’s hands made their way to Sue’s pussy, watching for signs of resistance, there were none.

Jill let her fingers glide up and down Sue’s wet slit. Her pussy lips opening up like a flower opening up to the sun. Sue raised her pussy up begging for more and a moan escaped her lips “mmmmmmmmm.” Jill allowed one finger to slide inside her pussy. She stayed still for a minute then started rotating her finger inside Sue’s hot wet pussy. She slowly fucked her finger in and out of Sue’s pussy rotating it ever so often, then she slipped a second finger in. Jill’s fingers were coated in pussy juice and Sue was breathing hard. Jill slowly turned Sue over onto her back and lowered her head kissing Sue on the mouth. Sue froze for a moment not sure what was going on, then as she felt Jill’s fingers casino firmaları buried in her pussy and her other hand kneading her tit Sue relaxed and gave into the pleasure of it all. Jill’s mouth was so soft and feather light against her own. This was something she had never felt before, not even with a guy. Jill seemed to know what Sue liked.

Then she felt Jill’s mouth traveling down her body. She stopped at her aching tits and taking a hard nipple into her mouth sucked on it gently. Jill lavished both breast with tenderness before Sue felt her lips trailing down her stomach toward her hot aching pussy. Would she go down on her she wondered? Sue had heard of such things but had never dreamed it would happen to her. “Oh my Gawd” Sue moaned as Jill’s mouth found her hot throbbing clit. The feeling was almost climatic for Sue but little did she know the best was yet to come. Jill’s mouth devoured Sue’s sweet pussy. She licked her clit which was a hard little nub and easy to find by now. She then circled around and drew her tongue down Sue’s slit that was opened up to Jill with her juices running the length of it. Jill lapped at Sue’s pussy then making her tongue hard like a little cock she started fucking her with it. That was all it took to send Sue over the edge, she was cumming all over Jill’s tongue and face. Jill lapped up Sue’s juices as they flowed from her pussy. When Sue came back down from her climax Jill moved up to kiss her and give her a taste of her own cum. Sue opened up to Jill and they explored each others mouth. Sue was turned on beyond belief. She reached out and started touching Jill in much the same way Jill had just touched her. Jill laid back and let Sue explore.

Sue lowered her head to Jill breast letting her hands and tongue explore each one in turn. Licking, squeezing, caressing each one as Jill had done to hers. Jill let out a moan of pleasure letting Sue know how good what she was doing felt. Sue let her right hand travel down Jill’s stomach all the way to her pussy. Sue could feel how wet Jill was. She got braver and started kissing her way down Jill’s stomach. This caused Jill to suck in her breath with anticipation. Sue trailed her tongue and kisses down till she was at Jill’s clitty that was hard and throbbing waiting for Sue’s hot mouth. It didn’t have to wait long as Sue looked up into Jill’s lust glazed eyes she lowered her mouth onto Jill’s clit. Her tongue reached out and licked it, swirling it around, drawing it into her mouth so she could gently suck it. Jill moaned güvenilir casino her pleasure and grabbed Sues head and pressed it into her pussy even further. Sue didn’t complain one bit she was enjoying eating Jill’s sweet pussy.

She could taste her juices and also a mans cum as well she realized. Jill must have had a hard cock stuffed in her not long ago. Realizing she was eating some unknown guy’s cum out of her neighbors hot pussy turned her on even more. While eating Jill’s pussy she slid her hand down to Jill’s cunt. Stroking a finger in and out like Jill had done to her. Jill wiggled and moaned spreading her legs wider giving Sue access to her over heated sex crazed body. Sue moved her hand further down to Jill’s ass and started playing around with it, finding cum oozing from her ass as well. Sue couldn’t believe it here she was sucking on Jill’s pussy and playing with her ass where not long ago some guy had unloaded his cum. She couldn’t believe how turned on this made her. She would have thought that would have turned her off but it didn’t. She had never let a guy fuck her in the ass and now she wondered what it must feel like. Sue slid a finger around Jill’s ass hole, which was back down to size, and slowly inserted it into her. Her ass hole sucked the finger in and was hungry for more. As Sue slipped another finger into Jill’s ass and slipped another one in her pussy it sent Jill over the edge. “I’m cummmmmmmming” Jill screamed.

Little did they know that they were being watched. Outside one window stood Tim watching and stroking his cock as Sue slid her fingers in Jill’s ass and pussy where he had cum only minutes ago. Watching this he shot another load of cum against the side of the house. While around the corner to Tim stood Bill. He too was stroking his cock while he watched his girlfriend fuck and get fucked by her neighbor. Bill shot his cum at the same time that Tim did. Neither guy knowing the other was only a few feet away. As the guys slipped away the girls embraced and shared a long lingering kiss.

As they lay in each others arms Sue said “You know Jill, maybe Bill was right. But I’m going to prove him wrong now. I’m glad I could be of help. Anytime you need convincing just cum on over.” They both laughed at the pun. But within minutes they were locked into a serious 69 position feasting on each others pussy’s. They licked and sucked each others pussy as if they hadn’t had sex in days. They ground their pussy’s into each others face all the while sucking and fucking each other to a frenzy. They came at the same time, their bodies arching into the others as if it were their first time. As they lay spent they both knew that this was only the beginning of a very close neighborly relationship.

more to cum…oops come

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