Mart 25, 2021

I Have a Plan-Plans ALWAYS Work Ch. 03

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Big Tits

All characters are 18 or older

I Have A Plan — Trust Me — My Plans ALWAYS Work — Chapter 3

OR — A 36 Year Old PHD Mother Can Learn To Just Let Go


For the next 4 weeks, we found out what it truly means to be Big Black Cock Fuck Sluts. I swear there was a path worn in the sidewalk between our two houses. Sr and Jr were coming to our house to fuck us both, we were going to their house for the same thing, one of would go there and one would come here. Plus, every Thursday night was Ladies Night at several of the predominately black dance clubs in East Atlanta. We of course were taken there by Sr and Jr.

As long as we were white girls accompanied by a black man we got in for no cover charge and all our drinks were free. As a side benefit, this was just another step in our training on how to be respectful, devoted and loyal Big Black Cock Fuck Sluts. At each club, Marcus Sr would have 3-10 of his new friends follow us back to his house where Valerie and I would of course service Sr, Jr and all their new friends’ Big Black Cocks til sunrise Friday morning. Friday and Saturday nights were the same.

Sundays we spent all day after church on our backs with our white girl legs spread wide as Sr and Jr fucked us and made love to us til almost 11:00 pm Sunday night. And trust me — Valerie and I got Sr’s moneys worth on our new strap-on 20 inch Big Black girl cocks. Let’s just say we made sure we kept our pussies and asses ‘primed and ready’ for our Big Black Daddies. And that I OWN my daughter’s pussy and ass and she is indeed my bitch when we have our sex play and she knows it and loves it!.

Our third weekend was the surprise highlight of our training. Sr had rented a small sized ball room or dance hall in the hood projects side of East Atlanta. I had the honor of servicing 55 Big Black Cocks in my first ever ALL BIG BLACK COCK BAREBACK gang bang that lasted from Friday afternoon until late Sunday night. Talk about that song, “I Can’t Drive 55” – I’ll tell you – ALL 55 drove their Big Black Cocks into me several times each! WOW! I LOVED IT!

And Valerie had the honor of keeping each one of their cocks sucked hard, slick and primed ready to fuck me. Afterward, I jokingly told Valerie , that she had done such a great job, she can always fall back on being a “fluffer” in the Porn Movie Industry keeping all those Porn Star cocks hard and ready for their next fuck scenes.

Sr said we had earned at least 5 Queen of Spades tattoos. Not to worry, I looked up what the symbolism meant. And he was right, we had EARNED the right to be marked as a Queen of Spades with at least 5 tattoos– just had to figure out how to make sure all those tattoos are OK with Stan — But I had a plan! And my plans ALWAYS work!

The last week we cut short on Wednesday. Marcus wanted to give us time to recover a bit before Stan got home on Saturday morning from his grueling trip. It’s funny in a way — Sr and Jr have been fucking Stan’s wife and daughter for 4 weeks straight, yet he has respect for Stan and is his friend.

I told Marcus to expect a chat from Stan about “fulfilling” my fantasy while Stan watches and participates. Of course I told him I would insist with Stan that it would be even hotter if it was Mother and Daughter being taken by a Father and Son as Valerie has the same fantasy– And of course Marcus would insist that we needed to be marked for having become Black Cock Fuck Sluts. Once Stan agrees, which I know he will — Valerie and I will quickly get our 5 Queen of Spades tattoos.

Now as to Stan’s homecoming. I had a plan for that too. Told Stan to text us as soon as his plane landed at Hartsfield Airport Saturday morning, as we had a welcome home surprise for him. We would be modeling them by the pool, so hurry home. As soon as we got his text at 10:15am, Valerie and I had two pitchers of Bloody Marys setting on the patio table by 11:00am.

As well, she and I were wearing our matching Mother Daughter mini microkinis relaxing in our chaise lounges by the pool soaking up some rays so to speak and getting horny as hell waiting for Stan. Actually we were going to literally rape Stan together and I was gonna watch him fuck his own daughter. In her pussy AND her ass. And watch her give her Daddy’s 10 inch hard cock a Deep Throat blow job he’ll never forget.

Sure enough, as soon as Stan got home, he rushed out to the patio to greet his wife and daughter he has been missing for 4 weeks. Talk about your deer in the headlights look as his eyes locked on my nearly nude body in my new barely there mini microkini swimsuit. Valerie was in the pool and I was stretched out on the chaise lounge.

When he saw how little my mini microkini covered he had an immediate hard on pitching a very obvious tent in his slacks. It pulsed even more as Valerie slowly and like a sexy slut walked up the pool steps with water cascading off her nearly nude figure. We both quickly embraced şirinevler escort him — Valerie on his front with me on his back smothering him with kisses and roaming hands.

“Welcome home Daddy — we missed you so much.”

Then Valerie did something with her Daddy she had NEVER done before — she gave Stan the hottest French kiss I had seen in over a week (since the last time she and I kissed Sr and Jr). Before he could say a word, I spun him around and gave him one of my own making sure my tits were firmly pressed into his chest. Then once again we spun him around so Valerie could give him another as one of her hands slowly stroked his bulging cock.

Stan didn’t know who was touching him where since we were all over him. That is till he looked down and saw Valerie’s hand firmly wrapped around his tented cock. So I of course spun him around and gave him another deep French kiss, as Valerie reached around to keep stroking his very hard and excited cock. As we temporarily let go of him, Stan almost tripped over himself as he tried to step back.

“Here babe — take a drink of Bloody Mary and take this pill. I’ll tell you what it as AFTER you swallow it. Come on be a good Hubby and Daddy — Take your medicine. Good job babe. That was just a 100mg Viagra. You’re gonna need it cause you’re about to be fucked for the next 4 hours non stop. 4 weeks 4 hours — sounds like a good start. Don’t you think so, Valerie.”

“What the — Valerie – you grabbed my cock — what’s going on – OMG you two look ravishing and so damn HOT and SEXY! – I can see your nipples and you — OMG You’re even making me all HOT and BOTHERED! DAMN!!”

“Yeah Daddy it is HOT out here and you have on way too many clothes cause it’s about to get lots hotter! Don’t you agree Mom? You take the top half and I’ll take the bottom half. Lift your feet Daddy — shoes and socks first.”

Stan was still a little dumb founded but he did lift his feet as I kept French kissing my Hubby while rubbing my tits all over his chest. Once Valerie had his shoes and socks off I began to very slowly unbutton his shirt. Valerie unbuckled his belt, then unbuttoned his slacks, unzipped him and slowly began sliding his slacks and briefs down his legs. Stan still didn’t know whether to shit or go blind.

“Look Mom — Daddy’s cock is rock hard — I think he’s glad to see us. Poor thing has been neglected for 4 long weeks. What should I do to help my Daddy and his hard cock, Mom? Oh I know — How’s this feel Daddy?”

Stan took in a huge breath as he looked down to see his own daughter now Deep Throating his cock.

“Relax babe — enjoy — You and I have our fantasies that we want to fulfill — Well this is Valerie’s — She’s gonna suck you and then even fuck you while I watch, stud. Pussy AND ass big boy! Perhaps you should sit down here – Your legs are getting awfully wobbly, stud. And she’s no where close to being finished with her Daddy!”

I pulled Stan back onto the chaise lounge as Valerie then spread his legs wide after she pulled him to the very edge of the chaise. Her tongue shot out and started rimming her Daddy’s ass, then started tongue fucking his ass. Stan’s eyes were almost rolling back in his head. When she lowered her mouth all the way down onto his cock till her nose was pressed against his tummy, his head popped up, his eyes popped open and he just stared at his daughter giving him the Deep Throat of a lifetime.

Once he was about to cum, Valerie backed off. As she stood, she quickly removed her mini microkini. I pulled Stan back til he was fully reclined with his 10 inch hard cock standing straight up like up like a flag pole. Valerie slowly climbed on to the chaise lounge and once she had Stan’s attention she grabbed his cock, aimed it at the drenched pussy and slammed all the way down balls deep.

“HOLY SHIT VALERIE — You cant — You shouldn’t be — I’m your Daddy – OMG your pussy feels so tight — So wet — So hot — OMG – fuck me you little slut. Fuck your Daddy — Be Daddy’s slut!”

“Oh I plan too – Quite a bit this weekend Daddy — pussy AND ass. I’m your little slut all weekend Daddy. Too bad you had that damn vasectomy — I have a fantasy of you knocking me up too.”


I took off my mini microkini and lowered my hot pussy onto Stan’s mouth.

“Eat me stud. Eat this pussy that is all yours! Make me cum all over your face!”

I figured if we keep giving Stan enough distractions he’ll be our fuck toy for at least the next 4 hours. So far so good — One Deep Throat, one pussy fuck of his daughter — one pussy eating of his wife — and that’s just for a warm up. Wait til he sees Mother and Daughter fucking each other with their new 20 inch Big Black strap on girl cocks or when we get into a 69 and make each other cum like wild Amazons. This is gonna be a great welcome home surprise all afternoon.”

“Come on and fuck me too şişli escort Daddy. I’m about to cum all over your hard cock. Cum in me Daddy — Fill me with your cum Daddy. Make me your slut daughter — Claim this pussy as YOURS! Oh yeah Daddy That’s it — That’s it — YESSSSSS — Pump it in me — Gimme all your Daddy cum – Knock up your slut daughter stud.”

“OMG YES cumming — gonna knock you up Valerie- Your Daddy’s fucking you — Gonna fuck my baby into you.! YEEEEESS!”


OK round one down with a hell of lot more to go. As Valerie pulled off her Daddy’s still rock hard cock, she and I both got down on our knees and began taking turns kissing, licking and sucking Stan’s cum and girl juice covered cock. Then we alternated Deep Throating him. No holding back this time — We’re gonna make him cum while he’s being Deep Throated. We want to see his eyes roll as Mother and Daughter share his cum between our mouths before swallowing it.

“OMG you two — I mean HOLY SHIT — You’re’ driving me crazy with lust — Whatever you do — Don’t stop!”

“Baby there ain’t no way we’re gonna stop. You’re ours all damn weekend. You ain’t gonna be able to walk come Monday morning. And most likely neither will we.”

Valerie and I took two fingers each , as we took turns sliding them into Stan’s ass and began an alternating in and out massage of Stan’s prostate as we also massaged his swollen balls while we each took turns Deep Throating him. Stan was moaning almost non stop now.

“Almost there now stud. Your balls are starting to tighten up. Cum in your slut daughter’s mouth. Reward her with all that pent up cum – CUM FOR US BIG TIME STUD! YES! FILL HER MOUTH WITH DADDY CUM! CREAM DOWN YOUR SLUT DAUGHTER’S THROAT!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh yessssss yessss take my cum slut. Eat my cum. Take all your Daddy’s cum. You’re my slut from now on!’

“Oh my Stan — Look how much cum you pumped into your slut daughter’s mouth. Show him, Valerie. Look how rich and thick it is Stan– And so much of it too – There’s even enough to share, don’t you think Valerie. No need to be a greedy slut, kiss your Mom slut!”

Valerie leaned forward and we shared a deep passionate French kiss between Mother and Daughter. Something Stan has never seen us do before. Valerie’s tongue also pushed about half of Stan’s cum into my mouth. We both turned then leaned forward so Stan could see all his cum now in both our mouths. We both swallowed, smiled at Stan then opened our mouths to show him it was all gone. As additional icing on the cake we French kissed each other and licked the last remnants of Stan’s cum off each others faces.

Stan needed a short break to let his cock rejuvenate and his balls to refill, so we let him sit up and down some of his Bloody Mary. All the while Valerie and I were smothering his entire naked body with caresses, kisses, nibbles and a few bites. Valerie even bit down and sucked a HUGE hickie just above his cock. Valerie even gave her Daddy hickies all over his neck. We then each gave Stan a huge hickie on either side of his cock. I mean we had to mark him as ours, right. Thank God for Viagra. His cock is still rock hard. Of course, I think we added a little to his stimulation keeping him hard.

“Hmmm Stan — How long has it been since you fucked a nice tight teen age ass. Well that’s too long. Valerie turn around, bend over and spread those sweet cheeks. Let Mom get that tight ass ready to be fucked by your Daddy.”

Stan moaned out loud when he saw me begin to tongue fuck our daughter’s ass. He moaned even louder when he heard Valerie yell back — “More – deeper like last time, Mom.” After getting her ass wet and starting to open, I slowly licked three fingers in front of Stan’s watching eyes and then one by one I slid them into Valerie’s ass and began finger fucking her ass constantly spreading my fingers wider and wider.

“YES MOM – YES — MORE – WIDER” In short order Valerie’s ass was gaped open wide and ready to be fucked. She made a show of getting up onto the chaise lounge next to where Stan was, getting on her knees, leaning forward, reaching back and spreading her sweet ass cheeks wide, then looking over her shoulder at Stan with the sluttiest pout on her face

“Daddy I’ve been a really bad nasty girl. I think you really need to fuck my ass to teach me a lesson.”

Stan didn’t hesitate this time. He had his cock poised at her gaped open ass in a flash. Grabbing her hips he began to work his throbbing cock head into her ass, then once it was in, slowly pulled back on Valerie’s hips as he thrust forward til he was finally balls deep

“Yes Daddy Yes — Fuck your really bad nasty girl’s ass. Show me how bad I’ve been by fucking my ass til you fill it with your Daddy cum. Make me your bad little slut daughter Daddy. Fuck your slut’s hot nasty bad girl ass. Fuck me Daddy — Fuck my bad girl ass Daddy. Make me your fuck slut forever!”

At taksim escort first Stan was taking long slow deliberate strokes. It was as if he was savoring very millimeter of his daughter’s tight ass. He would intentionally pull his cock all the way out only to line it up and thrust back in balls deep. Valerie was moaning like a true fuck slut. She was in heaven having her fantasy made into reality.

She also knows this would not be the last time her Daddy fucked her — In fact she knew he would be fucking her on a regular basis from now on. But even better, I was really getting off watching Stan fuck our own daughter. It may have been Valerie’s fantasy but I know it is also Stan’s and mine as well. In a way, I wish Stan could knock up Valerie. It would be like life going full circle.

“Oh yeah — My bad girl’s ass is so tight around her Daddy’s cock. Gotta fuck this ass every time you’re a bad girl. Take it Valerie. Take your Daddy’s cock balls deep in your tight teen ass. OH YEAH gonna cum again. Gonna fill my bad girl slut daughter’s ass with Daddy cum. Yessss yessss yessss OHHHHH YEEESSSSSS Take it all slut. Take all of Daddy’s cum in that tight bad girl ass!”


Guess I shocked Stan again when as soon as his cock pulled free I did Ass- to -Mouth on his cock til he was clean, slick and hard again. Then I turned my head and devoured Valerie’s cum filled just fucked ass making sure I got every drop of her Daddy’s cum out of her ass and into my mouth. Then again when she and I French kissed to share her Daddy’s cum and swallow it. I mean we are Mother Daughter sluts you know. Stan watched us in surprise with his mouth gaped open in awe!

For the rest of our surprise welcome home it was time for us to go in doors. I asked Valerie to please bring the two pitchers of Bloody Marys and some of those disposable 20 ounce cups then meet us in our bedroom. Then I whispered for her to get our two strap ons, the lube and put them in the master bathroom. Since we’ve started blowing Daddy’s mind, might as well make it a complete job. Once Valerie made a stop in the Master bathroom and then had the pitchers of Bloody Marys on the night stand, I poured us all three a refill. As we sat relaxing together sipping our drinks, it was time to set up our next round.

“Baby doesn’t Valerie look really HOT. So delicious in fact. The way she has me waxing my pussy smooth and bare we could so easily pass for sisters don’t you think. Have you ever seen sisters eat each others pussy and ass in those porn flicks you watch. How about in real life. Well babe sit back, relax and enjoy your welcome home sex show. Come here bitch — Eat my cunt — NOW BITCH!”

Valerie was nose first between my spread legs right in front of her Daddy. His eyes bugged out as he saw his 18 year old daughter devouring the pussy of his 36 year old wife. Then she began tongue fucking my ass while finger fucking my pussy and he was squirming side to side trying not to cum without even touching his cock. When her lips locked down on my clit and made me squirt all over her face when I started cumming, Stan began moaning out loud. He wanted to cum really bad.

He also wanted to fuck us both right then and there. But we still had a plan for that. After I had cum 5 times in a row, I pulled Valerie into a 69 and started to devour her pussy. Stan was speechless and as his hand started to slide to his cock to start jacking off so he could cum – I slapped his hand and shook my head NO. Once I was back onto Valerie’s pussy, she started cumming and squirting hard for me. I was relentless and didn’t stop til she was breathless after cumming hard 9 times in a row for me and her Daddy. Damn, but she always tastes so sweet and of so fuckable.

“Well Babe — what do you think of your your new lesbo wife and daughter? Pretty HOT huh. Kiss me — her pussy and girl juices taste so sweet.”

I lip locked a heavy French kiss on my Hubby. He was speechless when I finished but he was also hungrily licking his lips and mine savoring the sweet taste of our daughter’s pussy.

“See – you she tastes sweet, Be a good Daddy and she’ll beg you to eat her pussy later. Valerie your Daddy’s cock needs some attention. He REALLY needs to cum baby girl. Why don’t you slide up here and sink that sweet wet pussy down onto his 10 inch hard cock. But don’t fuck him yet. I’ll be right back for another part of his welcome home surprise.”

Once Valerie got her pussy down nice and tight on her Daddy’s cock I stepped into the bathroom to slip on and lube up my 20 inch Big Black girl cock.

“Babe you know what a DP is don’t you. I’m sure you’ve seen that in those porn movies before. But I bet you never saw one like the one you’re about to witness first hand. Spread your ass cheeks baby girl – Mom’s gonna fuck your ass while Daddy fucks your pussy.”

Stan’s eyes almost popped right out of his skull when he saw me walk from the bathroom sporting a 20 inch long Big Black girl cock. It was glistening in the room light from all the lube I had slicked down onto the entire length. Stan’s eyes never once left contact with my Big Black Girl Cock the entire time that I walked over, hopped onto the bed and positioned myself at Valerie’s spread ass cheeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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