Şubat 19, 2021

Her Enormous Son Ch. 02

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Cathy was smiling at her friend Cynthia with a goofy oh I just got fuck by a big black dick kind of smile while I just had an oh shit I just got caught fucking a while lady here comes the police kind of look. Cynthia didn’t really move. She just looked at the two of us. I guess she was in shock seeing me fucking her friend.

I release my huge dick from between Cathy’s creamy pussy lips and Cynthia’s eyes were bulging at the sight of my pussy juice-dripping dick.

“May I,” Cynthia asks me.

I wasn’t going to be stupid and tell her no. You can’t have any. So I sat on the bed with my legs up in the air and my massive hard cock shooting straight up at the ceiling. Cynthia came over slowly and just stood between my legs, staring at my hard meat. I think she couldn’t believe how big I was and just never saw a black cock in her life.

“Well silly. Eat up,” said Cathy who was rubbing my thighs keeping me hard and throbbing. Her hands soon found their way to my giant hairy balls and caress them with her fingertips. I had chills going through my body.

Cynthia finally got the urge to move in and take my swollen thick cockhead into her mouth. The sensation of her warm winter fresh mouth covering the head make me quiver all over. Her warm moist tongue slowly swirling around the head and finding my pee hole.

Cathy just watches as Cynthia was sucking my big head. Her hands were still caressing my balls and thighs. I couldn’t help but to take one of Cathy’s huge tits into my hands and squeeze it. Feeling the soft spongy texture flood through my fingers was making my cock throb even more. Cynthia’s eyes were nearly coming out of her socket, watching my dick grow an inch longer. She took the head out of her mouth and beat it against her tongue. She had an amazingly long tongue. I just hope she can use it. She would soon prove to me that she could.

She starts to slither her long tongue up and down the sides of my cock. Sliding from the base of my big dick, to the very top of the cockhead. Cathy wanted to get in on the action, so she stuck out her tongue and starts to caress one side of my cock, while Cynthia had the other side on lock down.

I was moaning and breathing heavily, feeling these magnificent tongues slither all over my massive meat. Soon both of their tongues met at the center of my cock. They started sword fighting with their tongue while my meat was in the middle being assault like an innocent bystander by multiple licks. They soon started to suck at each other’s mouths with my cock still in the middle being suck on by these two rich white ladies.

I just wanted to cum right then and there but I didn’t want to ruin their spectacular show they were doing to my cock. Sucking and licking it in union. They released my cock from their mouths and both ladies had attached themselves to one of my heavy balls. Both girls had a unique way of sucking their respective ball.

Cathy had my right giant ball in her mouth while her tongue inside, assault it with lashes. Cynthia had bahis firmaları my left giant ball outside her mouth and was eating down on it like a rabid dog biting a piece of red meat. It didn’t exactly hurt because she was doing it in a very sexual manner that was giving me so much pleasure. She also used her tongue to probe every inch of my giant left ball.

They spend about five minutes sucking and coating my balls with their saliva. Cynthia stood up and unzips the front of her business suit. Cathy had my cockhead press hard against her huge right tit, rubbing my pre-cum into her skin. Cynthia soon had her blouse off and standing before me in her black bra. Just like Cathy, she had an amazing pair of big breasts. I couldn’t wait to see them.

“Well you do the honors,” Cynthia asks me while she turns around with her back facing me.

I unfasten her bra and it slowly drops to the floor. She turns around with her hands and arms covering as much of her tits as possible. From what I could tell, they were nicely tan and well… Huge!

She finally releases her arms and her huge tan titties flop out at me. They jutted out her chest like giant torpedoes and all naturals. It surprised me how big and natural both their tits are from being women their age. But I was a lover of big tits, so I would just enjoy fucking them while I have the chance.

Cynthia crawls over to me and gives me a deep and passionate kiss. I cup her breasts from the bottom and bring them towards my mouth. I didn’t waste anytime and stuff my mouth with her tit flesh. Sucking on each nipple in turn. Cathy was giving me an awesome tit fuck. Wrapping both her giant melons around my massive dick. Bouncing them up and down the sides. The swollen cockhead would emerge from between the valley of her tits. She could stick out her tongue and get a few licks in before it disappears back between her luscious tits.

Speaking of luscious tits, I had a pair stuff in my mouth by Cynthia. Her hands were moving all over my chest and shoulders. Trying to bear my hard and intense pleasuring of her big tits. I bet her husband never work her breasts like I was doing. Cynthia was breathing hard and letting out loud moans while I stuff my mouth with her huge tits and suck on her nipples. They were the size of erasers and were surrounded by large saucer like areolas. My tongue really works her nipples and areolas. Cynthia even moaned out that she was going to cum soon from the treatment her tits were receiving.

I was on my way to cum soon too, as Cathy increase her tit fucking and rapidly bang my thighs with her oversize titties. Her big hard nipples were compressed into my stomach while the big tits themselves surrounded my cock comfortably.

Cynthia drops her tits from my mouth and bends her face down above the bouncing tits of Cathy. As the cockhead pop from behind her breasts, Cynthia would suck on it while Cathy’s tits bounce and hit her in the chin. My hands rested on the top of Cynthia’s head, pushing her down into the bouncing kaçak iddaa tit flesh.

Cathy released my throbbing meat and let Cynthia push her head down further on my huge dick. She stuffs her mouth with 5 1/2 inches of thick meat. I felt like I was on ecstasy, just zoning out into a different world while these ladies work my dick over.

Suddenly, Cathy had my legs up and my ass had been lifted off the bed. I felt her wet tongue slithering its way inside my asshole. I have never felt anything in my ass before but her tongue brought me back to life like I had just died. She lays my right leg over on Cynthia’s shoulders while her hands spread my ass cheeks apart. Her tongue begins to drill its way deep into my anus. The licking gave me chills and my toes curl within my socks.

Cynthia was bobbing her head wildly on my cock. Her small left hand stroke my cock at the base while she pushes down more and more on it. She had taken in another 2 inches. Her other hand was between her legs, rubbing furiously at her pussy. I moved my hands up to her ass, which was push up into the air. I lift up her skirt and slide my hands over her nice round ass. It was firm and jiggling a little bit during my hands exploring it.

Cathy had removed her wet tongue from my asshole and started an assault on my giant balls. Moans flooded the room from the girls and myself while they suckle my nut sack. I felt my cock ready to explode and explode it did. I felt it spring up from my balls and travel through my shaft, spilling into Cynthia’s awaiting mouth. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and lets my cum flow from it like a volcano going off. Thick layer of cum covered my dick and spill onto her hand. Both girls then preceded to clean my cock up and lick up all the cum.

“We’re not done yet baby,” said Cynthia. “I have to feel your huge cock in me.”

Cynthia starts stroking my limp floppy dick. Trying to get it hard again. Cathy fed me her appetizing titties. I pull and chew on her fat nipples. I took a good amount of her areolas into my mouth as well. Sucking on them hard and savagely. My cock started to grow enormous again and Cynthia just stared at it in awe.

“Mmmm. Let me sit on this big dick,” Cynthia moans.

She hicks up her skirt just like Cathy had done and slowly eases her pussy lips around my swollen cockhead and then starts stuffing her pussy with my thick shaft.

“AAAHHH! Holy shit! So huge. The biggest cock I have ever felt in me,” cried Cynthia.

She presses down further, trying to engulf my entire cock into her tight cunt. Soon the only thing left outside her pussy was my huge balls resting at the lips. Her pale white face became bright red and sweat started to drip from her forehead. My hands grab onto her big as she begins to ride me.

“OOOOWWWWW GOD! So incredible! So huge and thick. UUUGGHHH!” Cried Cynthia riding my cock like she was bull riding. She was tossing her body in every direction while pounding my dick and pressing my balls against her pussy lips. Her huge kaçak bahis tits were flying at my face and I had the urge to suck them into my mouth but a surprise to me, Cathy bet me to it. Cathy had her mouth and hands all over her best friend’s chest. Stuffing her mouth with tit meat that was bouncing from my huge cock. Watching her suck her friend’s tits drove me wild.

I started to lift Cynthia up by her ass and slam her down hard on my dick. Getting large amounts of her ass into my hands and kneading it. Cathy moved her right hand down between Cynthia and my pelvises. She started rubbing her loosen pussy lips with her fingers. Cynthia was moaning up a storm. Crying because of the pain and felt herself reach an orgasmic state.

Cynthia presses her body against mines, sliding her slippery huge tits against my chest. She was moaning in my ears while she kisses and suckles them.

“I’M CUMMMING!!!” She cried lifting her head up and pressing her hands down against my chest. Her massive sweaty breasts were bulging between her arms, swaying in rapidly at me. Cathy was behind Cynthia, pressing her down hard on my cock and smoothing her back with her big tits. I seen her hands move to Cynthia’s front and grip a handful of bouncing tits and do things to them that I couldn’t take any longer.

As soon as Cynthia came hard on my cock. I pulled out and position her on her back. I stroke my cock a few times before it erupted with three huge spurts of cum, hosing her chest and stomach down. Cathy even took my cock into her hands and strokes it over her friend’s breasts. Emptying my balls out for the moment and then taking the cockhead between her lips and starts sucking what’s left of the cum out.

“I wonder where could Cathy and Cynthia has gone to?” Said Cassie.

“I don’t know. Why don’t I go find them?” Suggested Cindy twisting the front part of her blond hair around into a braid.

“You don’t that,” replied Cassie. “And tell them that we’re going to be heading over to the club to show Theresa around all right?”

Cindy headed upstairs, hoping joyfully and came across my close door. She heard strange noises coming out and got curious. She pushes the door open slightly to find her board members Cathy sitting on Cynthia’s face, getting her pussy munch on, while I was on my knees between Cynthia’s legs, eating her pussy and sucking her clit.

She pushes the door open further and we all heard the doorknob hit the wall. I looked up from between Cynthia’s legs and Cathy had turned her head around. Cynthia wasn’t paying attention and just kept working Cathy’s sweet cunt. We didn’t know what Cindy was going to do or say to us. It was a moment of silence except for Cynthia slurping and sucking on Cathy.

To my surprise, Cindy rips open her shirt, revealing her braless huge breasts that shook and jiggle with their release. Her small frame makes her tits look gigantic. Perhaps bigger then both Cynthia and Cathy.

“34 JJs. You like?” Cindy asks me while my mouth was wipe open and in disbelief. Cynthia’s pussy juices was dripping from my mouth as Cindy makes her way closer and closer to us. I guest I was wrong about her small frame making them look huge. They were and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

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