Şubat 13, 2021

Glory B

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A Taste

Game Night Gets Wild For Real.

A few years ago, my wife and I read this very erotic story on Literotica titled “GAME NIGHT GETS WILD” under the “loving wives” category.

The story’s basis is four couples that had never done any kind of lifestyle play, get together, and come up with a makeshift glory hole game.

My wife Amy and I loved the story and decided it would be fun and exciting to find three fun couples to broach the subject with and see if they would be up for giving it a try.

Some background on Amy and me, we have been married 15 years, and both just recently crossed over the 40-year mark in life. We have dabbled in the lifestyle over the years, but by no means consider ourselves hardcore lifestylers. We got into the lifestyle after one night in bed; Amy expressed her long time curiosity to be with a woman. I didn’t need to hear that twice to figure out how to make that happen, but that is a different adventure. Over the years, we have discovered what we enjoy in the lifestyle and the excitement it brings to our relationship.

Amy is a 5’7″ blonde, with shoulder-length blonde hair, brown eyes, enhanced perky D cup breast, small waist, and a butt that can stop traffic, especially when she bends over.

Now we knew we could have easily found three lifestyle couples to play out this glory hole adventure with, but we wanted it to be with friends that were not in the lifestyle and see if they would be willing to push their boundaries.

After reading the story in 2015, it became an obsession of ours to try and make that erotic story come true. Whether we were hosting the dinner party or had invited as a guest to a dinner party, we were continually trying to work the idea into the party conversation and see if we could make it happen.

We came close a couple of times with the right mix of couples, but there would always be one or two women and occasionally a man that would say, “no way.”

Having been in the lifestyle for a few years, we knew the challenges ahead if we wanted to make this happen. Still, we didn’t figure it would be as impossible as it turned out to be, so we eventually put the idea on the back burner until a month ago.

We had a dinner party with four couples, two couples from our neighborhood, a couple from Amy’s work, and a long time couple friend of mine. We usually like to keep dinner parties to 8 people as eight people fit our dining room table very comfortably, but on this night, a close friend of mine from college was in town with her wife, and we ended up inviting them as well.

This couple was Nicole and Kim. Nicole and I met her freshmen year of college.

From the first day, she walked into the freshman orientation, and I saw her; I was attracted to her. Nicole is a gorgeous petite Iranian woman. Jet black hair, eyes so dark brown they look almost black, and a figure that every woman around her is envious of, she still has the same figure.

Nicole and I hung out together during my last two years of college, and after graduation, we would get together whenever our paths crossed. Back then, while she claimed she wasn’t interested in men, we ended up in bed together having wild, crazy sex on more than one drunken occasion.

She could be very aggressive in bed, and for a woman that professed not to be interested in cock, she had no issue taking me deep inside her over and over. I would tease her about claiming she wasn’t interested in cock, especially after receiving one of her toe-curling blow jobs. I give her full credit with teaching me the oral skills to please a woman with my tongue. Skills that my wife Amy and several of her girlfriends enjoy now.

Amy and I introduced Nicole to Kim. Kim and Amy worked together a few years back; one night, Amy asked if I thought Nicole would be interested in Kim. I told her there was only one way to find out; we had them both over for dinner, and from the moment they met, you could see the sparks between them. Nicole is 38 years old and still as sexy as the first day I saw her on campus. She has a perky C cup breast that she continually teases me, saying things like, remember these Johnny?.

She never wears a bra around me and always makes sure she shows more than enough cleavage to give me a chubby cock in my pants. It wasn’t like I hadn’t seen them plenty back in college, but that was almost 15 years ago. Plus, she has had them enhanced since then, which is fine with me.

Kim, her wife, is blonde with rather large breasts and a round firm bottom. Kim has the girl next door look going on, always has a smile on her face. Kim is very quiet compared to Nicole, and most would think she is timid until you get a chance to know her one on one, and she opens up. Kim is a few years younger than Nicole and always wears very casual baggy clothes, so we never knew what she was hiding under those clothes until this night.

When the four of us get together, Kim and Amy are locked in conversation as they both work in the same legal field. casino şirketleri Kim is fully aware of Nicole and me’s history and gets a big kick out of teasing me that now she is the one getting to enjoy Nicole’s sexy body in bed every night. Over the years, Kim and Amy have become very close. Whenever they are in town, we get together for dinner at our place or at whichever hot new trendy restaurant they recently read about and want to try.

The other couples at the party were Simone and Ben. They both work with Amy. Ben is an attorney very down to earth, unlike several other partners at the firm where the 3 of them work. Ben is a good looking guy, played college football before going to law school. He is big, 6’3″ probably around 220 lbs, a few years older than Amy and me. While he is not fat, his job of sitting at a desk all day has made him a bit soft around the middle, but still in excellent shape for a guy stuck in an office all day.

His wife, Simone, is a beautiful mixed-race woman and is perhaps one of the prettiest women I have ever met in person. She could easily be a Victoria secret model with her stunning figure. She has the most beautiful skin and a figure that impresses. Big breasts always fill out everything she wears. We have been out to dinner with them many times over the years, and while we have always said we need to have them over for dinner, this was the first time we made it happen.

Recently during one of our nights out with them, Amy and I picked up on some comments the two of them have made that have led us to think they might be open to some lifestyle adventures if they haven’t already. The last few times we met for dinner, Simone has hugged me a little longer than usual, and she has started pressing her body into me while we embrace. Amy mentioned that both of them have begun kissing us on the lips instead of the casual, friendly peck on the cheek. At first, I thought it was just wishful thinking on my side that Simone wanted more than a warm kiss, but Amy mentioned that the last few times Ben had hugged her, she was sure she could feel Ben pressing an erection against her leg.

After the last time, we had dinner with Ben and Simone; I broached the subject with Amy of playing with them in the lifestyle. Both Amy and I think Simone is extraordinarily sexy and would enjoy getting her naked. Amy was nervous; it would make the work environment awkward, so we set the thought aside.

The neighbors that we invited that night were Jacqueline (Jackie) and her husband, Jack. Everybody in the neighborhood calls them “THE JJs.” We have been friends with them since we moved into the area 10 years ago. We hit it off with them during our first block party. The four of us ended up a bit more intoxicated than we probably should have been, but it was the start of a long time friendship. Over the years, Amy and I have become very close to the JJs.

Jackie has always kissed me on the lips from the first time our friendship progressed from just being neighbors to being our best friends. On several occasions, I swear if I pushed the kiss further, our tongues would have ended up wrapped around each other.

Jackie is a tall, slender blonde, 5’9″ with deep blue eyes and a runner’s body, not an ounce of fat on her. She has full perky B cup breasts that Amy assures me are enhanced. Jackie’s nipples are always at full attention and look like they will poke holes in whatever blouse or top she is wearing.

They don’t go unnoticed either when it is just the 4 of us. Jack, her husband, and I always comment we didn’t think it was that cold out, which causes her to blush. Jack makes sure to mention Jackie’s little weather thermometers seem to make an extra special appearance when she knows the 4 of us will be getting together.

In the past few months, I have noticed that Jackie is braless no matter what she is wearing, and her top is always very low cut. Tonight was no different. She was wearing a very sheer summer dress that showed off her amazing legs and ass. Her nipples were at full attention and looked like they were about to poke two holes right through the material.

Jack, her husband, is tall and lean like his wife; both are long-distance runners and do a couple of marathons a year. Amy is attracted to Jack; he isn’t all that much on looks, but Amy says Jack carries himself in a certain way that she says makes him very attractive. I don’t mind as I have the same attraction to Jackie, and whenever the 4 of us get together, it always ends up with Jackie and me sitting together and Amy and Jack sitting together.

The other neighbors at the dinner were Derrick and Samantha (Sam). Derrick just recently moved into the neighborhood. He is a softball buddy of mine and is around my age, 40ish. Samantha is his new wife, and much younger than Derrick. Amy hasn’t let it go unnoticed; still in her 20’s, 28 to be exact. Sam has a bit of a tomboyish look going on, but overall she is adorable. Auburn hair, blue eyes, beautiful full breast, and casino firmaları a tiny waist accentuates her very round butt.

According to Amy, Derrick is handsome physically, but he knows he is attractive, and she finds that to be a turn-off. I completely understand her point of view, too; when it is just Derrick and us guys hanging out, he is fun to be around. As soon as an attractive woman is around, he can be a real prick and only motivated to score.

However, since he married Sam a little over a year ago, he genuinely seems to be smitten with her and wholly committed to her. Something he didn’t do during his first marriage.

On this night, THE JJ’s were the first to arrive, and as usual, we exchanged hello kisses and hugs. I immediately noticed Jackie’s outfit, and I let out a “WOW YOU LOOK HOT,” which caused her to blush.

I just kept staring at Jackie’s nipples that were at full attention and poking at her blouse, trying to get out.

Amy punched me in the arm and said, “Easy big fella; she will be here all night.”

Jack laughed and said, “my wife always seems to wear something special when she knows she will see you, John.”

Then it was my turn to blush.

Amy asked the two JJ’s to help us finish setting up before the rest of the guests arrived.

As they helped us set up, Jackie asked who else was coming and if they knew any of them.

We told them that Derrick and Sam were coming and two other couples that they hadn’t met before. We gave them some back story on Simone and Ben as well as Nicole and Kim.

I told Jackie that Nicole could be very blunt with her comments, and in no way does she mean them as offensive, so keep an open mind.

Jackie cringed when I told her that.

It had been roasting the past week in the bay area, so it was no surprise what the JJ’s were wearing, and we expected everybody would be wearing light summer wear tonight.

Jack was in shorts, flip flops with a Hawaiian shirt that hung down below his waist. Jackie was wearing a very sheer sundress that clung to her body and left very little to the imagination as to her figure.

Derrick and Samantha arrived shortly after the JJ’s and then Simone and Ben. Everybody exchanged greetings, and Jack got busy making drinks for everybody. He makes killer margaritas that go down way too easy; this isn’t bad when having a dinner party with a group that has never met before.

Both Derrick and Ben were wearing similar outfits as Jack and me, while Samantha had on a skirt and blouse. Simone was wearing a beautiful pastel blue sundress that, I swear, barely covered her brown bottom. I caught Jack checking her out every chance he got. I can’t blame him; I was doing the same thing.

Nicole and Kim were late as usual, and by the time they arrived, the eight of us were already on our second round of margaritas.

Nicole has always dressed like she is attending the Oscars red carpet event. Tonight was no different; she looked stunning. Kim, on the other hand, had on her usual casual baggy outfit. I describe it to Amy in private as “Classy Frumpy.”

I introduced Nicole and Kim to everybody.

When Nicole met Jackie, she blurted out, “OH MY, aren’t you a tall drink of water? You have a gorgeous body and look at those nipples, Kim. I see why you want her so badly, John.”

I had forgotten one night over too much tequila, and I told Nicole of my lusting to get Jackie naked and suck on her nipples.

Everybody just about spits their drinks out when they heard Nicole’s comments.

Jackie turned beet red as Jack jumped in and shook Nicole’s hand while introducing himself, “you must be Nicole and Kim. John told us what a breath of fresh air you two are.”

Kim responded quickly, “don’t put me in the same basket as my wife. Once again, she has left her social filter at home.”

That broke the ice for the night as everybody let out a laugh.

Nicole’s comment about Jackie undeniably relaxed the mood for the entire group.

Amy added in, “well, Nicole wasn’t fibbing, Jackie, your breasts do look amazing, but then they always look amazing.”

“Yes they do, I wish my nipples were that perky, OMG,” added Simone.

Derrick, who we know is a horn dog, added in, “I agree with Nicole, Jackie, your nipples are spectacular.”

That comment resulted in a smack in his arm from Samantha.

“Oh, yours are just as amazing, babe,” Derrick said sheepishly to Samantha.

“Nice try, buster,” replied Sam.

With the ice broken, the booze started flowing, and everybody continued to get to know each other better. The usual topics of how long they had known us, what kind of work everybody did, yadda yadda.

After some time, Amy suggested we better get dinner on the table before everybody is under the table drunk.

I got up and went to the kitchen to get dinner going. Jackie followed, offering to help.

Once in the kitchen, Jackie said, “Seems our spouses are already off in güvenilir casino their little corner again, solving the world’s problems, no doubt. Guess that leaves us all alone, John.”

Smiling at her comment, I responded that I was happy to have her helping me. I was waiting for Jackie to ask me about Nicole’s comment. She quickly answered my thoughts by moving in close and whispering in my ear that she was just as attracted to me as it seems I am to her. She then leaned in and kissed me on my cheek while grabbing my ass at the same time.

Simone walked in just as Jackie was kissing me and commented, “OH, gosh, am I interrupting you two naughty birds?”

I casually asked Simone if she could tell the rest of the group to get seated for dinner. Everybody could where ever they liked, no assigned seating.

We have a large round dining room table that allows everybody to stay engaged in one conversation. Verse a long rectangle table where one end of the table is involved in one conversation, while the other end of the table is talking about something completely different. The table seats eight people comfortably, but tonight we had ten. Our guest would have to squeeze in close, but it didn’t look like anybody would mind.

I asked Jackie if she would please take a couple of food platters out to the table, and I would be right behind her with the rest of the dinner.

As she turned and left the kitchen, she looked back over her shoulder and said she would save next her for me.

I was a few steps behind her admiring her firm round ass, as I carried out the main course. When I got to the table, I noticed that Jack and Amy were already seated next to each other as I expected. Ben was to Amy’s immediate left. To Ben’s left were Nicole and then Kim. Then it was Samantha, and to her left was Derrick.

As I put the food on the table, Jackie patted the chair next to her and said, “John, I saved you a seat here next to me.”

Sitting down, Simone quickly grabbed the last chair to my right, which sandwiched me between these two lovely ladies, Jackie to my left and Simone on my right.

I was barely in my chair when Jackie reached under the table and put her hand on my upper thigh, saying, “Dinner looks wonderful, John, thank you for inviting us tonight.”

With everybody seated, I notice the couples had arranged themselves in a rather odd order. Once Simone sat down next to me, Derrick was to Simone’s immediate right. Not exactly how I would have arranged the seating, but who am I to argue, sitting between two very sexy ladies, each wearing shallow cut tops.

At the same time, Simone put her hand on my right thigh and said, “Yes, dinner does look great. I wonder what’s for dessert.”

My mind was swimming at this point with wild sexual fantasies, while at the same time wondering what got into this group. Had the drinks been that strong? Jackie and Simone were overly flirtatious, very touchy-feely with me. Not that I was complaining, it just caught me off guard.

I looked over at Amy, and she was smiling like a Cheshire cat, sitting between Jack and Ben with both men vying for her attention.

Dinner was full of laughter, and good conversation as everybody got to know everybody better. Politics got brought up once but was quickly shot down by Nicole, “saying, let’s not ruin the evening.”

As dinner was winding down, Simone blurted out, “Oh my goodness, Amy, I have been meaning to ask you what you think of our main partner Clancy getting divorced, over a blow job of all things.”

That got stopped any conversation that was going on and got everybody’s immediate attention.

Jackie and Nicole were instantly on it. “WHAT?” They both said. “We want details.”

Simone looked at Amy, “well, Amy. I think you were in the middle of it all, spill the beans.”

Amy laughed and said, “well, not literally in the middle of it all. But it seems Bill; Mr. Clancy had his assistant in his office and was giving her some serious DICKtation when his wife, Mrs. Clancy, walked in to find Sarah, his assistant, on her knees with a mouth full of Mrs. Clancy’s husband’s cock.”

Jackie said, “WOW that must have lead to some office drama. I can’t believe you haven’t mentioned it before, Amy.”

“Oh, you have no idea,” Amy replied. “Bill is now living in an apartment with half of everything he used to own.”

Simone said, “I can’t believe she divorced him over a blow job? That’s crazy. It’s only a blow job; it’s not like she walked in on them fucking, now would be a horse of a different color.”

That brought a laugh from everybody.

Amy looked at me, and we made eye contact. I knew what she was thinking immediately; “could this be the group to float our random glory hole party idea too?”

As I was thinking about that, Samantha spoke up for the first time; she had been pretty quiet up to that point. “Yeah, seriously, she divorced him over a blow job? Apparently, there was more going on in their marriage than just that. I mean, it’s just a blow job for goodness sakes, and let’s be honest here; the lady is the one in control during a blow job. Maybe Mrs. Clancy should have been sucking Mr. Clancy’s cock a bit more, so he knew who was in charge.”

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