Mart 30, 2021

Fun at the Office

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Our story begins with a meeting in our conference room just coming to a close. With everybody starting to file out we lag behind a little bit till we are the last two in line, with you in front of me. When it’s your turn to leave though, you instead gently shut the door, but don’t lock it, while I step up behind you and start massaging your breasts from behind as I kiss, bite, and suck on the side of your neck.

As you begin to moan under my ministrations, I slowly trace one hand down your stomach, keeping light contact with only one finger, and use that hand to hike up your skirt enough to begin touching your clit through your panties. After a few minutes of this (or a few seconds, time easily becomes distorted in these situations), I lean you up against the door face-first and slowly pull your down your panties from under your skirt, kissing my way down behind the panties.

Bending you over to afford myself a view of your beautiful parts, I move my tongue into position right at the edge of your slit, teasing you with my tongue as I gently slide it up and down, taking great care to let you know it’s there, but without touching any real pleasure receptors, letting the anticipation build. Finally my own willpower gives out and I viciously attack your clit with my tongue, alternating between quick darts of the tongue, slow licks that flick the clit, and sucking it into my mouth.

I continue my assault even as I plunge a finger into your depths, sending it as deep as I can and making sure to wiggle it around so you know it’s there. Contemplating my next move, I decide there’s no harm in trying, and withdraw the finger from your pussy and use it to tickle your ass, gauging your reaction to find out if I should proceed.

Seeing no resistance, I push my finger into your tight little ass, letting you feel my digit invading you in a place normally taboo. With my tongue locked onto your clit and a finger pumping your ass, I use my other hand to give fatih escort you a nice little spank on the ass, just to make sure you know who’s in charge. After a few minutes of this, with your moans beginning to grow louder, I stop completely and all at once.

The look of surprise on your face fades as I guide you over to the conference table and sit you down on top of it, kissing you and letting you taste your own juices from my tongue, my hands begin doing circuits from your breasts and nipples down to your V, where they rub your clit for just a moment before continuing their circuit.

Towards the end of one of the circuits, when both hands are on your breasts, I bring them together, grab a hold of your shirt, and rip it open, sending buttons flying in all directions. I begin kissing the tops of your breasts over your bra as I take the remains of the shirt off of you, then begin to work on the clasps of your bra.

Finally unlatching the dastardly device, I unmask your beautiful breasts in all their glory. With only a moment to admire them, my mouth greedily moves for a nipple, pulling it inside and letting my tongue trace circles around it while occasionally flicking it’s top with my tongue. While I work on that nipple with my mouth, my hand kneads the other breast, rolling it’s nipple between my fingers. When the nipple I’m sucking on becomes a close approximation of a glass cutter, I switch sides and give the other one the attention it so clearly needs.

I change it up this time though, and while one hand does, in fact, massage the available breast, the other works it’s way back down and two fingers find their way inside of your pussy. Soon both nipples are hard enough that they can be classified as weapons, while your pussy drips enough liquid that it seems it could fill a bathtub.

Deciding you’re ready, I cease my ministrations and take off my shirt and pants, but leaving on my tie and socks (just fındıkzade escort because I’m sure the kinky image this creates is something you’d like). I then take my own rock hard dick, and slowly begin rubbing it up and down your slit in an effort to tease you.

Finally, when it becomes clear you can take no more teasing and no more waiting, I plunge my dick straight into your pussy, hilt-deep. Watching you arch your back in pleasure, I leave my dick buried while I lean forward and give one of your breasts a quick suck. Bringing my head back while keeping the suction on your nipple, I finally let go of it with a satisfying pop.

I then begin to slowly pump myself in and out of your depths, being careful to keep the rhythm steady to keep my own reactions under control. Watching the warring desires on your face, the desire to scream and the desire not to get caught, I begin to increase my tempo until my balls are slapping your ass with every stroke.

Tiring of this position, I sit down in one of the big office chairs scattered around the table, and beckon you forward until you climb on top of me. With access so convenient, I begin sucking on a nipple with my mouth, massaging a breast with my hand, and slowly thrusting myself up inside of you, occasionally matching a thrust with a quick bite of whichever nipple is currently in my mouth. This continues until the rhythm becomes so violent that I can no longer keep my mouth on your breast, but must focus on your beautiful, bouncing body, which is bouncing up and down, peaking so that the only part of my cock left inside your pussy is the head, before savagely pushing yourself down until I am once again buried to the hilt in your sweetness.

Deciding to try something new, I slow, then stop your frantic bouncing before repositiong my penis, and sliding it into your ass. Because of the angle, naturally it can’t go in as deep but that doesn’t seem to matter much halkalı escort as you begin impaling yourself recklessly on my dick in an effort to increase the pleasure even more. We thread our fingers through each other, and using this to keep your balance, arch your back and continue your bouncing even as I try to thrust my cock deeper and deeper into your nether-regions.

Before I can lose control of myself and end our session prematurely, I pull out and stop your bouncing before leading you back to the conference table and bending you down over it. Leaning down myself, I give your clit a good tongue-thrashing to ensure your cunt stays good and wet, while also letting my blood cool a bit.

Cleaning my dick off on my discarded shirt first, I once again begin teasing my dick up and down your slit before finally plunging back into your sweet, sweet pussy from behind.

While fucking you from behind with reckless abandon, I reach both hands forward and continue cupping and massaging your tits, rolling their nipples in between my fingers and making sure they stay as hard and aroused as possible. Bringing my hands back and setting one firmly on your hip as I pound into you, I use the other to begin giving you light spanks, what could be called love taps if they were done for any reason other than as a show of who’s in control.

Finally I lose focus on the spanking, and keep both hands firmly planted on your hips, pulling you back in time with my thrusts. Feeling myself about to lose a battle of will and pleasure, I decide I no longer care and begin thrusting myself into you even harder, straining to go deeper with every thrust. Soon, I’m helpless to do anything other than firmly grab your hips and pull you close as I erupt inside of you, while the new throbbing of my cock inside you sets off a chain reaction, causing you to orgasm all over my hot, hard stick.

Both of us exhausted, tired and sweating, we plop down into available chairs to catch our breath while waiting for the foot traffic to die down enough that we can risk getting to our respective desks, where changes of clothing await. Sneaking to our desks and back, we get dressed and attend to the rest of the work day before going home to rest and try everything again the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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