Mart 30, 2021


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I have been asking you to meet me for weeks, months it feels like. Always thinking about it doesn’t help in the least. I think about times we’ve met when I’ve been at work, when I’ve been with other guys, and especially when I’ve been alone in bed. That is my favorite one. I can remember what you’ve said, what you have done and I can even imagine what I want to happen when I am alone in bed thinking of you. When I got your email…on one hand it was very vague and on the other I knew exactly what it meant.

January 16th 10PM gas station on Michigan Ave I will be on break so don’t be late I’ll only have a limited time.

Other plans or not, at 10pm on that day I knew where I would be. The time didn’t matter to me. I’d meet you anytime of day for however long you needed. All week I could think of nothing else. My body shook and my nipples got hard when I thought of all the things that would happen that night.

I left work early to get changed into a sexy bra and undies set and then be on the road, halfway hoping that if I got there early, you would be waiting and we would have a few extra minutes. I get a call at 930. You say you will be there at 955 and you’ll get in my car, it’ll be less noticeable than the squad car.

I pull in at 945. I can hardly wait, every minute that passes excites me more. I see the lettering and lights pull in and park next to me. I switch around to the passenger seat, thinking that you know the area better than I (or maybe ’cause I know how much it turns you on to start playing right away). I barely let you get in the taksim elit escort seat before I am rubbing the inside of your leg and reaching for your zipper. You start to drive away. Hearing no objections I slide your zipper down and my hand inside your pants. I find you already hard. My hand rubs your cock up the length thru your shorts. I can feel it strain in its restricting fabric. I work your cock free and immediately my lips find the head and circle around it. I love the way it feels in my mouth. I can feel your hips pulling back. Not wanting to stop, I follow your moves and start deep throating you. Cursing and moaning, you pull my hair and make me stop for a minute. I keep rubbing it, playing with your balls, and licking the head of your cock.

You tell me we are at the spot and say we would have more room in my backseat. I open the door and meet you at your side while you pull your pants up. I stop you at the door and pull them right back down, my mouth finding your cock rock hard once again. Being at a better angle, I run one hand up and down your shaft while my mouth is bobbing up and down the head. While I enjoy sucking your cock so much, I know I need more of you before you tell me its time to go. We climb into the backseat and your hands are removing my bra in no time. I keep up a steady pace of stroking and pulling and rubbing on your cock as you caress, lick and bite my nipples. Your hand reaches down the front of my pants as I moan and arch, knowing how amazing your fingers feel when they rub my clit. You find taksim escort me very wet and excited. Your mouth stays on one nipple as your hand rubs me. Responding to my moans and sighs, you start to go faster. I am in absolute pleasure. I want to feel more but I need to cum so bad. I can feel myself start to tense up. It feels soooooo good. You slow down after I cum once but you don’t completely stop. My clit is very sensitive. Each move of your finger sends a pulse thru my body. I pull your hand away, begging you to stop. I reach for your cock again, needing to feel it in my mouth again. You stop me and I look at you, puzzled. You tell me we have ten more minutes, then we have to head back. My puzzled face turns into a wicked smile.

I say, “Well you better get back early.” You start to object and I stop you by whispering in your ear, “I’m kidding,” and pull your pants further down. In a matter of seconds we are both out of our pants and I can feel your strong body as you lay on top of me. I am so ready to feel it. For some reason, you find it amusing to rub you cock lightly on my clit and pull my hand away when I try to pull it into my pussy. I say, “Please, Mike.”

You respond with, “What?” What is it you want?” You continue to rub it on my clit, going faster and thrusting your hips into mine.

“Come on,” I say.

“What is it you want?” you repeat, “Are you ready to go?”

“No.” I moan, pull your ear to my mouth and whisper, “Oh God Mike, fuck me , please fuck me now.” With my last word you moan and thrust your taksim eve gelen escort cock deep in my wet pussy. It feels so big. I take shallow breaths to adjust to it. It feels so good in me. I can feel you start to pull out and I moan, “Wait, not yet.” After a few seconds of relaxing myself I nod as to say go ahead. You start slow at first, pulling it out an inch and slowly working it back in. When my hips start to meet your thrusts, you pull more of it out. You’re driving me crazy. “Faster,” I whisper “please faster.” With your hands on my hips and your mouth on my neck, you start to ram your rock hard cock into me. I moan and scream out, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, Mike, that feels so good.” I can feel your cock start to stiffen, You go in deep one more time then pull it out. Holding onto your balls as to make sure not to cum yet. My hands find your cock and start to pump it so fast. One hand on the base and my tongue licking the tip. “Cum on my tits, please, Mike,” I beg as I rub the head over both my nipples. I want your hot cum all over them. I want to lick it off.”

“I can’t hold it anymore,” you say and I run my tongue over the tip one more time. You grab your cock and start to stroke it in one fast motion. Each of my hands grabs a breast and pulls them together wanting you to cum on them so bad. I feel the first few hot drips of cum directly on my nipples and moan in delight. Your next few strokes land in the middle of my breast. I pull them to my mouth, licking the cum off of them. We dress without words and head back to your car.

I am so satisfied I don’t even want to think about the drive back home. Back in the parking lot we change drivers again and say a quick “be careful” to each other. I watch you pull away, take a few deep breaths and start to drive away myself.

The whole ride home all I can think is, “Hmmmmm, wonder what’ll happen next time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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