Şubat 8, 2021

Bad Boy Ch. 01

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Lukas knew it was gonna be a bad day from the moment he woke up. First thing that happened was that skewered his foot on a toy crane left from his li’l bro. Grunting under his breath, Lukas hopped along to the bathroom and tried not to curse too loud about the large hole in his left foot leaking blood onto the carpet. Next bad thing was that there were no plasters in the medicine cabinet so he had to content himself with wrapping his damaged appendage in toilet paper and hoping for the best. Walking a little unevenly downstairs for breakfast, he next discovered that there was no milk and even better, no cereal. Trying really hard not to burst into a string of swearwords, he calmly hopped back upstairs to get changed – only to find his elder sis in the bathroom.

“…Sweet Jesus…!”

* * *

In the end Lukas made it to school for 9.50am, 5 minutes late. As soon as he walked in the classroom he knew he wasn’t going to be able to escape that black cloud from his house at school. Mr Redborough – his tutor – had a face on like a guy with constipation, genital warts and a number of other STD’s, but as Lukas sniggered at this fact his teacher boomed,

“Late again Lukas?! That’s 3 times this week now, so another after school detention for you to add to your ever growing list!”

In vain Lukas tried to explain to Mr Redborough about the crane, plasters, milk, cereal and his sis but his tutor brushed it off whilst writing out his detention slip.

“Oh and Mrs Kirkwood wants you to report to her office when the bell for first period goes. Probably to suspend you no doubt.” Redborough smirked.

Turning his back on his infuriating teach. and swearing under his breath Lukas stomped to his place where his cronies Kev, Key and Dane were waiting for him. Except this morning they were not. Rubbing his temples with one hand and trying not to bash his head in with the other he leant forward and tapped Lucie Evans on the shoulder to ask where they were.

“Em…I think they called in sick – or they could be skiving or some such. I dunno though.”

Groaning Lukas sank back in his chair. What a day! First the detention, then Mrs Kirkwood, THEN his mates go and run off without him – probs. to go and hang round in the park and actually have FUN!

“Bloody buggering hell…”

“What was that Lukas?! Swearing?! And I’d thank you to get your feet off casino şirketleri the table unless you want another detention slip coming your way.”

* * *

At last the bell for 1st went and Lukas was away – glad to get out of the clutches of Mr Redborough.

“More like out of the frying pan into the fire though I guess…” he muttered to himself as he navigated the crowded corridors towards Mrs Kirkwood’s offices near the top of the building. Soon the hallways were quiet as the other students filed into lessons and Lukas was left waiting outside the intimidating door with “HEADMISTRESS” stamped on it.

“Well, here goes nothing.” Lukas sighed and knocked twice.

“Come in.” A husky voice declared from inside.

Gulping Lukas pushed open the door and walked in. A large spacious office greeted him, decorated in oak and with a large table at its centre. A tall woman with dark bushy hair and glasses sat behind it.

“Lukas! We meet again I see.” She smiled

“Uh…yes Mrs Kirkwood.”

“Please,” she gestured to the chairs infront of the desk. “Do be seated.”

Scuffing his feet and with his hands in his pockets, Lukas made his way reluctantly to the chairs and sat down in one. They were really uncomfortable with straight backs that made him have to sit up like a poker. Mrs Kirkwood smiled again leisurely and began putting papers on her desk into piles. At last she found one paper that she seemed to have been looking for. Adjusting her glasses she read,

“Lukas David Eckles: D.O.B – 14/07/86.”

Placing the paper on the desk she looked at him rather sternly over her glasses.

“I don’t think I’ll bother with reading out the list of offences that you’ve caused over your time at this school Lukas. It runs to several sheets and it can get very tedious.”

She leant back in her chair and interlaced her fingers together.

“Lukas…do you have any explanation or reasoning to why you are constantly disruptive, late, naughty and positively hell in every sense of the word?”

Lukas felt a little bit shocked to hear Mrs Kirkwood say the word “hell” – she seemed very conservative.

“Um…well I don’t really know why Miss. I guess I just don’t like school.”

Whilst Lukas spoke Mrs Kirkwood had gone to the door and shut it – and unbeknownst to Lukas, locked it. Now she returned to her desk, but instead of sitting casino firmaları on her chair, perched on the table – her skirt riding up her leg. Lukas gulped again.

“You just don’t like school? Well I can understand that – I mean do you think I like school? Working here day in day out with these hideous teachers and punk students?”

Lukas was seriously worried now – maybe Mrs Kirkwood had some kind of mental illness. Mrs Kirkwood looked sharply at him.

“You don’t understand why I’m saying these things do you Lukas? I can see it in your eyes.”

“Um…no I don’t Mrs Kirkwood. And if it’s all right with you I think I’d like to leave now.”

Lukas stood up from his chair and backed towards the door. He tried the handle…

“Yes Lukas. Locked.”

“M.m.m.m.rs Kirkwood – are you feeling alright?”

“I’m feeling positively rampant Lukas. Why – aren’t you?” Mrs Kirkwood shook out her hair and removed her glasses. She also began to unbutton her jacket much to Lukas’ horror.

“As much as the staff know Lukas, you are ill. At lunchtime Mr Redborough will receive a note that you went home feeling sick after your meeting with me. So…we’ve got plenty of time together…”


“Oh yes Lukas…together… Don’t think I haven’t noticed you amongst the others. You’ve got real brains and you know how to use them in the outside world unlike these sheep. They’ll end up in offices – working away on the same project for years. You’re real Lukas. I’ve seen what you look like under those clothes. Didn’t you wonder why the boys changing rooms were under maintenance for so long?”

Lukas’ eyes were wide open now.

“You…you…you were spying on us?!”

“Oh not them Lukas…just you…you’ve got a fine body…so ripe…just ready for the taking. And don’t think I haven’t seen what’s under those pants…” She got off the desk and came over to the door. “Don’t be frightened Lukas…I can teach you. Don’t tell me you’ve never fantasized about being with an older woman. Every little boy does it…it’s perfectly natural…and I’ve seen plenty in my time…” She came closer and pinned Lukas up against the wood. With one hand she flung her jacket to the floor revealing an almost see through blouse with a small lacy black bra beneath it, barely covering her full breasts.

“Mmm…have you ever seen a woman’s breasts before güvenilir casino Lukas? Real breasts? Not the stupid things little girls force into training bras.”

Now she grabbed his crotch with her other hand whilst keeping her weight against him.

“Oh Lukas!” she feigned embarrassment, “Why…do spank me if I’m wrong…but…I think you’re a little aroused by all this.”

She began to massage his penis through his trousers whilst whispering into his ear.

“Lukas…I know you want this…I’ve been watching you almost since the day you arrived at this school…watching you grow…and I know what a big boy you are under these trousers…I want you to fuck me Lukas…fuck me with that big cock…I’ve seen it and don’t think I haven’t touched myself each time I watch you in those toilets…oohhh…you’re such a dirty boy to wank at school…”

Lukas groaned. Mrs Kirkwood’s hand felt so good and her dirty talk was making him pretty hard. Now she stopped rubbing him and knelt to the floor. Lukas watched in a stupefied daze. Smiling she undid his trousers and slid them to his feet.

“Ohhh…Lukas…what are you hiding under there…?”

She looked up at him innocently.

“Are you feeling a little…tight? I think you need some fresh air.”

Slowly she slid down his boxers, lingering on the waistband so it trapped his penis and made him feel light headed.

He heard her gasp for real.

“Oh my…those cameras really don’t show you how it is in real life…it’s magnificent.”

She looked up at him teasingly.

“You really are my best student Lukas.”

Taking Lukas’ penis in one end, she licked the head fast and hard, making it swell as blood rushed to its engorged tip. Lukas leant against the door feeling weaker. He slid onto the floor as Mrs Kirkwood crouched over him, sucking on his penis like some kind of succubus. He groaned as her mouth covered his whole 8inches and she sucked him hard.

“I think I’m…”

He cried out as he came in her mouth. Streams of white cum dripped out of Mrs Kirkwood’s mouth, as she tried to swallow all of the thick creamy flow. Lukas moaned again. Was this some kind of crazy dream?! What the hell was happening to him? Sighing loudly, Mrs Kirkwood sat up on her knees and licked Lukas’ spunk from around her mouth with a sensuous pink tongue.

“Mmmmm…oh, little boys cum is the best taste in the world…especially when they’re virgins…”

She leant over his face, her dark hair hanging round her head and seemingly blocking out all the light.

“But don’t worry Lukas…you won’t be when you leave…”

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