Şubat 9, 2021

And it Keeps Happening

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You should probably read ‘How did that just happen?’ before you read this.


Both Sheila and I were peering out from behind the curtains to see who was arriving for Jeff’s lunchtime birthday party. We were invited guests too, but were hanging back knowing that, like ourselves, there would be many of Jeff’s past conquests. But which ones were they?

Mr and Mrs Fenton from up the road, surely not, she was an upright member of the local church. George Wright and his wife Greta, the local councillor. Young Rachel, the nurse from the local doctors surgery, and then the tax girl who was now walking properly, after her previous visit to Jeff’s. Everyone was arriving thick and fast.

“Hey we must go, this is such a laugh, please don’t wink at me too much if you get any clues.” Sheila was giggling.

We made our way to Jeff’s, meeting Gregg Chappell, the local pharmacist on the way in.

“Hello you two,” he began, “Jeff’s lucky to have such lovely ladies as neighbours.”

That seemed a bit ‘over the top’ and gushing, but Gregg was young, handsome, and single, and both of us giggled.

Sheila said embarrassingly, “We are lucky to have such a handsome pharmacist,” and this time he blushed slightly.

There must have been forty guests by the time everyone was there. Jeff greeted the two of us with a kiss on both cheeks.

“Welcome, you two.” He was well aware we both knew we had both slept with him, so we were quite relaxed.

“Happy Birthday,” we both said.

Jeff invited us to get a drink and mingle, which we did. Sheila was collared by one of our other neighbours, so I drifted into the conservatory, and struck up a conversation with Grace, an elderly neighbour who had her niece staying in a hotel in town, she was over from Texas. Lynn was about my age, sandy haired, shapely figure, and with that Texan drawl.

We seemed to hit it off straight away. She was over here, without her husband, it seemed he was a workaholic. I told her about my lack of intimacy with mine, and that he was on the golf course, as we spoke.

We were on our third glass of wine by the time we’d decided to meet up the following morning, and I would show her round town. Lynn seemed pleased that she would have a buddy for a couple of days.

I noticed that Sheila seemed to be getting on fine with Gregg, I wondered about possibilities there!

Lynn went off to find her aunt, and I got talking to the couple, Alice and Henry, who lived in the house opposite mine. Henry was a bit of a ‘lech,’ but always seemed quite harmless. A bit of a neighbourhood busybody, but he ran the local ‘neighbourhood watch.’ Alice was a very attractive woman who seemed out of place with Henry, but they were always jolly and laughing. Henry had had a lot to drink so I had to be quick on my feet to avoid his straying hands. Alice was slightly embarrassed, but I caught her eye, and just smiled.

I said, “It’s good of Jeff to invite all these folks to his party isn’t it?”

Alice replied, ” Yes he’s a kind hearted bloke, when I help him out with the column he writes, he’s always generous with his thanks.”

The penny dropped! Alice was another of his conquests, no wonder her eyes sparkled when she spoke about him.

I continued, “Yes, he seems to be a popular man. I’ve only just got to know him myself.”

There was the hint of a smile from Alice towards me.

Jeff made a little speech of thanks to everyone, and he cut his birthday cake. We all sang ‘happy birthday’ and the drinking continued. I found Sheila, and we compared a few notes. I told her about Alice, and she told me about the tax girl we had seen at Jeff’s.

Before we left I touched base with Lynn, and arranged our meeting time for the next day, I was looking forward to it.

Next day I met Lynn in town near her hotel. We spent part of the morning in the museum, and art gallery, before hitting the shops. We had lunch in a deli before walking back to her hotel. At some point in the morning she suggested that we use the spa at her hotel that afternoon, and that’s where we found ourselves later.

We had a dip in the pool, and Lynn booked us each a massage treatment in one of the salons.

Our masseurs were two attractive foreign girls, who started work on us side by side on our two couches. I’d never had a massage before, and I found it totally relaxing. Naked with scented aromas, and soft music, my girl worked on me, until I was almost asleep. After about an hour I retired to the jacuzzi, and awaited Lynn.

Sitting there in the bubbles I was reflecting on my reinvigorated libido when Lynn arrived in fluffy white bathrobe, and a slightly flushed face.

“Are you ok? Did you enjoy that, I did very much, thank you.”

Lynn sounded slightly confused. In her Texan accent she slowly said, “Holy cow, that woman just made me cum!”

I sat up.

“You mean she brought you off…deliberately?” Before I could carry on, Lynn interrupted, “She was working on my buttocks and thighs, and casino şirketleri I was drifting off, and I thought she accidentally touched my pussy. I didn’t say anything, and then it happened again, more gently. I let it pass, but then I just felt so damned horny that when she touched me again I just parted my legs. Fuck Laura, I just let a woman masturbate me.”

“Hey Lynn, just get in here, and relax. I’m quite envious,” I said jokingly.

We ended up laughing and joking about our sexual exploits, mainly the bits before we both got married. We finally got dried off, donned our bathrobes, and went up to Lynn’s room where we flopped out on the bed, and carried on reminiscing.

When she reminded me of the party the previous day, she casually mentioned Jeff, and what a nice guy he was. And I burst out laughing when she said he’d invited her for coffee the next morning.

“Why are you laughing,” she asked.

“Well I’ve could say nothing, but that would be cruel. The fact is Jeff is a ladykiller.” I started giggling again.

“Tell me, tell me more,” Lynn demanded to know, but smiling herself.

“Perhaps all I need to say is that he’s well endowed!”

“How do you know? How do you know? You must have fucked him?” Lynn was bouncing with excitement.

“Actually he fucked me, to be absolutely correct,” I was giggling again. “You ought to decide before you go, if you will give in to temptation.”

There then began a debate about where we both stood on being unfaithful.

I revealed to Lynn my indiscretions with Jeff and Matt. She told me that she’d been unfaithful with a friends husband, that was apart from with the masseur earlier.

By late afternoon we had bonded so well it was like we’d known each other for years.

Lynn had broken open a bottle of wine, I’d phoned home to say I’d be out all evening, so we were set to relax and chill. What happened next was probably as a result of our conversations on our opening up about sex. It was a cathartic new attitude.

I was being inquisitive when I opened the bedside table drawer to reveal Lynn’s vibrator.

“Ah ha Lynn, this is something you didn’t admit to,” I took it out, and waved it under her nose. When I switched it on it shook so much i nearly dropped it.

“Oh god Laura, I was so nervous about customs opening up my case at the airport, I would have died. I nearly didn’t bring it.”

She took the vibrator from me, and giggling, pushed me back on the bed, threatening me with it in a jokey way.

“Have you got one of these? It’s such fun, and this is a beast.”

So saying she tried to thrust it between my legs, but I grabbed her wrists, pulling her onto the bed beside me. By now both of us were laughing so much, wrestling to get hold of the vibrator.

Lynn was on her back holding the vibrator high in the air with me gripping her wrist, and my body half on top of her. Her bathrobe pulled open, her breasts spilling out. As we struggled I lowered my head, and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth.

Instantly she was still, and a long moan came from her mouth. The vibrator stopped buzzing, our struggling ceased, and as I raised my head, she kissed me full on the lips. The kiss went on for a long time. Our tongues intertwining, flicking, stroking. When our lips parted Lynn gasped, “God, I’ve never done that before, Laura are you ok?”

I looked down at her, looking into those Texan eyes, “Neither have I, I’m thinking my sexual urges have taken over. I’m sorry if you didn’t like it.”

“Laura, I did like it, that’s what’s confusing me.”

I kissed her again, this time gently, softly, and just for a few seconds.

“Shall we take it further?” I asked, looking into her eyes with trepidation.

Lynn didn’t say anything, but just slipped her bathrobe off completely, and lay back on the bed naked. My response was to remove my bathrobe, and to slide into her arms. Silently, we kissed, and explored each other’s bodies. It was a totally new sensation. The softness of another woman’s body, breasts sliding against breasts, thighs intertwining, feeling my skin against her pussy.

Lynn rolled me onto my back, and taking the initiative, slid down, until her head was between my thighs. I knew what was about to happen, but when it did, when her tongue slid between my labia, I cried out, “Oh Lynn, Yes, Oh yes, oh god, yes, please, go on.”

Her tongue worked so much magic, it’s tip searching the folds of my pussy, drawing out more juices than were already there, and finally when my clit was exposed, and vulnerable, she took it between her lips, and I started to cum. My hips bucked up and down, I could hear myself shouting out, I know not what, but as my orgasm subsided, I could feel her licking the juices from my thighs.

“It’s your turn,” I said, still out of breath.

Lynn flipped herself around, straddling my head, but still lapping gently at my pussy.

Lynn’s pussy tasted so sweet, as I slipped my tongue into her wetness, my face was glazed with casino firmaları her juices. Her clit was just as sensitive as mine. I licked it, sucked it, and heard her muffled moaning. Suddenly my concentration on the task of giving her the pleasure I wanted to, was broken, when I realised that I was going to cum again. Magically as my orgasm approached, I felt a gushing sensation as Lynn started to cum. The timing was perfect. Both our bodies were shaking with the intensity of what was happening.

When we rolled apart, and managed to hold each other once more, we spoke.

“I don’t believe what just happened,” she said.

“It did, and I won’t forget it in a long time, ” I replied.

We lay there, in the afterglow, and just kissed quietly.

I left later, wishing Lynn ‘good luck’ with Jeff the next morning, and suggesting she pop into mine afterwards, to say goodbye, before she caught her flight home at the end of the week.

Lynn phoned her husband that evening, 7pm GMT was lunchtime back home. Her husband spoke in short sentences, he was obviously busy. She thought, “fuck him, I’ll fuck Jeff tomorrow,” and with a terse ‘goodbye’ she rang off.

Lynn went to bed early, just having a light snack, and a single glass of wine. Her thoughts about meeting Jeff the next day were swinging one way then another. Should she go at all? Should she go and just see what happens? Should she play innocent or be a bit slutty?

Next morning she washed her hair, bathed, shaved her pussy, and dressed to impress. A blouse with a uplifting bra, a shortish fitted skirt, hold up stockings, no panties, high heels. Her decision had been made.

She took a taxi to Jeff’s, and he greeted her at the door with a kiss on one cheek.

“Come on in Lynn, you look lovely, and I love that perfume.” Jeff actually thought it was his lucky day, he thought she looked absolutely gorgeous.

“Thank you Jeff, I haven’t thanked you properly for inviting me to your party. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of interesting folks.”

“Yes it was a complete mixture, friends, neighbours, ex colleagues, and a few close friends. I didn’t get a chance to chat to you then, so we have a chance now. Tea or coffee?”

“Coffee please, black. So tell me Jeff, you live alone, but you keep this place so comfortably, no girlfriend lurking?”

Jeff laughed, “Let’s say I have a couple of ladies who I see from time to time, but I’m quite discreet.”

“I guess that means they’re married? So quite naughty Jeff? But I guess I’m envious of the freedom to do that. This trip without my husband has shown me that.”

“I would never let them down, they seem to like me, perhaps I give them something extra that their husbands don’t. But I have never forced them, all ladies should have free choice, and be comfortable with the arrangement.”

Jeff brought the coffee to the breakfast bar where Lynn was seated.

“Well I can understand how you could be a temptation Jeff, this seems such a safe space, it’s a lovely house.”

Jeff studied Lynn’s face closely as he asked, “I’m sure if you were sticking around here I would be inviting you for coffee regularly.”

“Ooooh Jeff, that sounds like you’re flirting with me, have I walked into the lion’s den?”

“No, Lynn, it’s just that your accent is a bit of a turn on, and that perfume is a double whammy.” Jeff half smiled, thinking he was going to be knocked back.

Lynn’s heart was beating faster. She didn’t want to give any clue that she was excited, but she wanted Jeff.

“My perfume? Just come here, c’mon, closer, take a sniff.”

Jeff stepped next to Lynn, and inhaled deeply, smiling as he did so.

Lynn leaned forward to present her neck to him. On the stool her thigh pressed against Jeff’s groin, and she immediately felt his erection.

Jeff didn’t move, and Lynn kept her thigh against him. Turning her head, their faces were inches apart.

Lynn said quietly in that accent, “I think I’ve made my decision Jeff, and I can feel you’re in the process of decision making.”

Jeff kissed her softly, “There is no hurry Lynn, you’re a beautiful, sexy lady. Would you come to bed with me?” Jeff didn’t need an answer, he helped Lynn off the stool, and held her hand, leading her upstairs.

They arrived in his bedroom, turning to face each other, and they kissed slowly. Jeff pulled away, and began unbuttoning Lynn’s blouse, all the while looking into her eyes. Sliding it off her shoulders, her ample cleavage was revealed.

“You look wonderful, Lynn,” said Jeff, kissing her once again. He was unzipping her skirt as Lynn was unbuttoning Jeff’s shirt. A few moments later Lynn stood completely naked apart from her black hold ups. Jeff was only in his boxers as he drew her close again.

Lynn’s nipples hardened as her breasts pressed into the hair on Jeff’s chest, but then she felt his hardness against her tummy. She remembered what Laura had said about his size, so as she sunk to her knees she pulled his boxers down. Although güvenilir casino she had known, she was still unprepared for Jeff’s cock.

As it stood erect, it was seeping precum, and Lynn’s tongue licked the oily liquid from the head. As she closed her mouth over the end of Jeff’s cock, she heard him say under his breath, “Oh yes.”

She tried to take as much of it as she could, but started to gag, and backed off slightly.

“Come to bed my sexy Texan.”

Lynn lay backwards as Jeff watched her body offer itself to him. He lay beside her, and they kissed again.

Lynn was aware that she was highly aroused, as Jeff’s fingers explored her body he found that her nipples were erect and sensitive, and her pussy was sumptuously wet.

“Fuck me Jeff but take it slow, you’re quite big.”

“Trust me Lynn, relax, and we will go on a journey.”

Jeff took Lynn in his arms again, and as they kissed, he traced his fingers down her cheek, and took one breast and cupped it in his hand. He kissed her neck, and bit her shoulder lightly. Moving his mouth to her nipple, his fingers moved further down over her abdomen, and stroked her inner thighs. She felt his finger tips slip inside her pussy, and probe deeper, first one finger, then two. As he transferred his mouth to the other nipple, Jeff moved his body to between her thighs preparing himself to enter her.

Lynn was holding her breath as she felt the tip of his cock move her labia aside. Jeff moved his cock almost imperceptibly an inch inside her pussy.

“Oh son of a bitch,” she shouted as he pressed further inside.

Jeff looked down at Lynn’s face, as she closed her eyes, and threw her head back. Suddenly he pushed further, and she cried out again, “Oh my fucking god.”

And then he began.

Slowly moving back and forth. His body rising and falling as their sole destination was the achievement of pleasure. Lynn’s pussy stretched to accommodate Jeff’s rampant cock. He knew with every stroke that he was bringing Lynn closer to her orgasm. He watched, and the signals began to show themselves, the breathing, quickening almost to a pant, the opening of the mouth, the flickering eyelids, the high pitched gasping. He felt Lynn arching her body up towards him.

Lynn came with a loud cry, strangely shouting a disrespectful expletive about her husband, and then , ” Oh god Jeff, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

Jeff had no intention of stopping. As she relaxed he slid out of her pussy, and turned her onto her front, he lifted her hips, until she was kneeling. He positioned himself behind her, and slid into her once more. Carefully he thrust forwards, not too deeply, but with a steady rhythm. Holding her hips he was conscious of her breasts swinging in time.

Lynn’s face was buried in the pillow, but as she tried to push back against each thrust, she felt Jeff’s fingers reaching around to massage her clit. She was biting the cotton pillowcase as she felt the approaching orgasm. As Jeff held back, his fingers made her cum, this time with stifled moans from her partially hidden face.

They both collapsed side by side on the bed, Jeff holding her close, kissing her softly.

Lynn lay quite still, overwhelmed by what had just happened, wondering when she would start to feel guilty, but she didn’t. The feeling of a man laying next to you, who has just given you so much pleasure was, to say the least, novel.

Jeff ran his fingers down Lynn’s spine. She lifted her head and they kissed again.

“Thank you,” whispered Lynn, “but you haven’t cum yet.”

“All in good time,” Jeff replied.

“Yes, and that time has come.”

Lynn moved down the bed, and took Jeff’s diminishing cock in her mouth. Within seconds she had it hardening again, and Jeff decided to lay back and enjoy Lynn’s attentions.

Lynn began to suck the head. But at the same time dribbled saliva down the length of Jeff’s shaft, and slid her hand up and down. Jeff started to moan, but gritting his teeth, he was going to fight against cumming. Working away, sucking, and rubbing, she climbed astride his body, and squeezed her breasts around his cock. She dribbled more saliva between her breasts, and continued to titty fuck him.

Jeff was realising Lynn was winning, and his resistance was crumbling. A jet of semen shot up between Lynn’s breasts, and then another, and another. His grunting went on until the last of his spunk had oozed out. Lynn’s breasts and Jeff’s chest were glistening with his semen.

“Wow Lynn, you certainly know how to do that.”

She smiled, and reached for the tissues.

Jeff led the way to the shower, and the hot water washed away all evidence of bodily fluids. Jeff soaped Lynn’s body, while Lynn soaped Jeff’s body. When they got out they dried each other with towels, and Jeff dried, and combed Lynn’s hair.

“I’ll phone for a taxi shall I?” Jeff offered, as he ran the comb through her hair.

“No, that’s ok thanks Jeff, I’m popping round to Laura’s to say ‘goodbye’ before I go home. It’s so sad I’m leaving all you guys behind.”

Jeff quietly agreed. “This morning has been wonderful,” he said.

Lynn stood up and said, “I’d better get dressed Jeff, you’re a wonderful man, I will remember this morning forever.”

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