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This is a short story that gets down to the nitty-gritties relatively quickly, unlike my other stories that spend a bit of time developing characters and relationships. From that perspective it’s not a story as one might expect, with a beginning and middle and an end. There are no details of those involved, nor much background on how they got to where they are. It’s just a snapshot of a day in the lives of two siblings who are into each other.

It contains graphic descriptions of incest between Amy and her older brother, Jason. If you are offended by consensual brother-sister sex, don’t bother to read it — please move on to something more suited to your taste.

All characters are over the age of 18.


My sister Amy wandered into the bathroom, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. I was shaving at the sink, dressed only in my jocks, and I watched her in the mirror as she slipped in though the door and padded over to the toilet.

She hitched up her nightie and sat, and in a moment I heard the tinkle of her pee in the bowl.

I smiled. “No knickers, then?”

“What? – oh, that. I couldn’t find them after you ripped them off last night. They’re probably in shreds somewhere.” She yawned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

I remembered every detail of the night. How I had slipped into her room, the moonlight throwing a silver square of light over her bed, painting her skin in bright pewter as she lifted the bedclothes for me to move in beside her. The smell of her hair in the semi-darkness; the softness of her lips, the touch of her hands as they guided and pleasured me; her gasp as I entered her and the incredible heat of her body, so wet and tight. I remembered the hours of gratification, of muffled moans and stifled screams; of pumping sperm, thick and hot as custard, until we lay spent in each other’s arms with the tangled sheets reeking of our sweat and our juices.

I remembered how we clung to one another one last time before we slept, and then the jangle of the alarm and the unwelcome thought of work in the cold and dark of morning.

She was smiling at me. “A penny for your thoughts.”

“I was thinking of what we did last night. We’ve moved forward quickly.”

She nodded, her eyes shining. “That’s right. A few days ago we were just brother and sister… I can’t believe how much we’ve fucked each other since then.” She paused a moment, her head on the side, contemplating. “You’re a complete bastard, you know. I thought my world was settled…now you’ve turned it upside down.”

“It wasn’t me who kept wiggling their little tush in my face every morning at breakfast.”

“No — but you’re the one who took it to the next stage.” She shivered as she thought of that first time, and how things had all changed so quickly. In truth it had been simmering for a long time, but when it happened it happened fast: those first sizzling kisses, the frantic tearing of clothes… the wonder of our naked flesh pressing against each other. I’d been as hard as I had ever been before, desperate to fuck her…and she’d been so compliant, gasping with desire, head thrown back as I entered her. I had a powerful memory of her lying on the table amongst the wreckage of breakfast, her nightie up by her waist and the cutlery on the table rattling with every thrust.

It was a compelling vision, and I felt my cock stiffening. “It’s your fault for turning me on so much.”

She laughed, and looked pointedly at my crotch. “It seems that I still do.”

I had pushed out the front of my jocks in tent-like proportions. I laughed. “Oops. Sorry.”

“Don’t be. It’s good to see that he’s still got energy.” She tore off a piece of toilet paper and deftly wiped her pussy, grimacing as she did so. “Ouch. I think you’ve battered it half to death.” She lifted the fold of material in her lap and peered down. I caught a glimpse of the fine golden hair surrounding her cleft and a brief flash of her moist, swollen lips, and then her head obscured my view as she bent down to examine herself. I felt another surge of desire and my cock grew harder, threatening to burst out of the front of my pants.

She slipped one hand between her thighs, and I could imagine it moving over her pussy, fingers cool and dry, lightly touching the hot wet entrance to her body, slipping aside the lips to probe inside herself.

She turned her face up towards me, feigning anger. “It’s fucked! You’ve broken my pussy!”

I turned and stood in front of her. A mane of tousled golden hair swept down over her shoulders and her grey eyes were wide and clear, setting off the perfect oval of her face. Her lips were pursed in concentration, moist and pink, slightly apart and with the gleam of white teeth behind them. I could see the push of her breasts against her nightie, the curve of her waist and the long, smooth columns of her legs. I thought she was stunningly beautiful.

Her gaze shifted to my crotch. “He doesn’t seem to be very contrite.”

“I casino şirketleri guess not. He likes what he can see.”

She laughed. “Well, if he can see me and I can’t see him, that’s hardly fair.”

She lifted her hand, her fingers brushing over my jocks, sliding over the protuberance underneath. She deftly inserted her fingers through the fly and drew me out, looking intently at the thick shaft. I was painfully swollen, the skin stretched taut and shiny, and my foreskin had rolled back so that the head was fully exposed, red and angry. She moved her hand so that she could cradle my balls and for a moment my rod lay along her forearm, almost as thick as her wrist. I closed my eyes and groaned at the heat of her touch.

She seized my prick and drew me towards her, bending forward slightly so that she could take me into her mouth. I watched as her lips slid over the head and I popped into her, and I growled at the furnace heat of her mouth. She slithered her lips along the shaft until I could feel the narrow confines of her throat pressing against the glans.

She drew back, and I slid out, the skin shining with her saliva. She looked up at me. “I can taste myself on him.”

“I’m not surprised. You creamed me pretty well. I think we were almost washed out of bed when you came the last time.”

She shook her head. “Not me, buster. It was you. I thought my pussy was going to burst, you pumped so much into me.” She bent forward again, lifting my shaft so that she could lick the sensitive underside, the tip of her little pink tongue flicking against the skin like a kitten lapping at a bowl of cream. A drop of lubricant appeared at the eye and I watched as she deftly licked it off, a thin strand of silver connecting us for a moment.

She sat up again and looked at my cock, her small white hand gripping the shaft. “Looks like there is lots of life in the old dog yet.” She laughed again. “He deserves doggy style as a reward.”

“I’ll be late for work.”

She pouted. “Wrong answer. Remember that Mum and Dad get back today, so let me ask you again – would you rather stay and fuck your little sister all day long, or go to boring old work and miss out altogether?”

“I thought your pussy was broken.”

“Not that broken.” She released me and in one deft movement slid her nightie up over her head, tossing it into a corner in a whisper of silk. She sat back on the toilet, opening her legs slightly and thrusting her chest forward so that her breasts stood proud. “Its not like you won’t have a good excuse. Your boss will completely understand if you tell him you had to stay at home and fuck me.”

She was right. My boss had been lusting after her for as long as I could remember, but I didn’t think I could tell him that. He might not understand the whole incest thing.

She took my silence for hesitation, and pouted again. “You’re not really worried about being late, are you?” She looked up at me again, smiling at a sudden thought. “Remember the old proverb – a cock in the bush is worth ten in the hand!”

“Do you mean a chick in a bed is worth ten in the hand?”

She laughed. “That’s exactly what I meant.”

I pulled her to her feet and she pressed herself against me, her breasts against my chest, the nipples burning like hot pebbles. Her head was level with my shoulders and I bent down and pressed my face into her hair, breathing in, smelling the crisp clean smell — apples and cinnamon and….sex. I ran my hands down her body, over the curve of her hips and down to her tight little butt, cupping it, each cheek filling one hand, firm and pliant.

She raised one foot off the floor and I lifted her up, feeling her arms come around my neck to steady herself, her thighs hooking around my waist and her ankles locked behind my back. She turned her face upwards and pressed her mouth to mine. Her lips were soft, tongue invading me, the scent and taste of our sex lingering on her mouth.

She broke away, her lips close to my ear. “Mmmmm. Sugar and spice. Christ, you turn me on, Jason. Put it inside me.”

I reached down between us and hefted my cock up a little, fingers feeling for her, finding her wetness, fumbling to find the opening. My cock head pressed against her flesh, hard, finding resistance, being forced back. I heard the hiss of her breath against my cheek.

“Christ, take it easy. Remember I’m a battered girl.”


“And you’re at the wrong entrance.”

“Oops, silly me.”

“That really didn’t sound sincere. My pussy is the next one along.” She reached down and I felt her adjust me so that the head of my cock was engaged against her vulva. “Now, gently. I’m still swollen after last night.”

She was right. I felt the head of my cock pop into her, tight and hot. She pressed one hand against my shoulder, pushing herself up a little to reduce my penetration. “Fuck! Wait. Let me adjust….Jesus, that’s big!” She was tense, her thighs gripping me tightly, and she was holding herself casino firmaları up so that I was only just inside her. We were still for a few moments, and I could feel my cock throbbing, pulsing, the head trapped inside her and the shaft outside. I wanted to thrust it in, to impale her so that I was far up inside her belly, but I held off.

She gradually relaxed and sagged downwards, and I felt myself slide into her, slowly, inch by inch. I imagined her vulva being stretched, the lips pushed aside, the slippery shaft of my cock forcing its way into her. I envisaged the purple head sliding in, levering the swollen walls of her vagina apart, still dripping with sperm from our lovemaking last night. I could feel the ring of her vulva gripping at me like a hot steel band, and I could hear the hiss of her breath against my shoulder as I violated her bruised body. At last I felt the grind of her mound against me and I knew that I was fully embedded inside her. She gripped my head with her hands and leaned back a little so that the angle of my cock shifted, the shaft pressing more tightly against the front of her cunt.

“Ah, Jason, that’s good. Slowly….slowly. Don’t move yet…let me adjust a bit more.”

“Jesus, Amy, you’re tight.”

“Tight and sore. I think you fucked me half to death last night.”

“I’ll fuck you more. I’ll fuck you to death.”

She giggled. “Ha!….you can just see it in the headlines: ‘Sister fucked to death by lecherous brother.'”

“Stabbed repeatedly by his monster prick.”

“Drowned in gallons of his sperm.” Her smile faded and she frowned in concentration, her mind focused on her pussy and what was happening to it. She started to move a little, bobbing up and down tentatively. I picked up the rhythm and assisted her, lifting and lowering her with my arms so that my cock began to slide in and out. She groaned. “Ahhh, that’s good. He’s right up inside me. He’s doing well.”

My hands were on her buttocks, and I moved them so that the fingers were engaged in the crack of her ass, drawing her buttocks apart to fully expose her. My fingertips pressed against the lips of her vulva where I entered her, feeling her slipperiness, pressing against the shaft of my cock as it slid in and out. I moved one finger back a little and lightly touched the rough crinkled opening of her ass.

She shook her head. “Ah-ah. Out of bounds, remember.”

“It’s a shame to waste it.”

“Perhaps one day. You’ve got a mountain of pussy fucking to do before we get to other options.”

“Right. It’s a great pussy, too.”

“The best.” She began to rotate her hips a little to illustrate the point, and with each downstroke she tightened her vaginal muscles to grip me tighter.

I groaned. “Ah, yes. Fuck that’s good! You have a talented cunt.”

“A stunt cunt, you might say.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Doing tricks for you.” She thought about that for a moment, then corrected herself. “I don’t mean that kind of trick.”

“That’s good….I’d hate to pay. Hold still for a moment.” I backed out of the bathroom, her legs clutched tightly around me, her arms around my neck, and I carried her down the corridor, my cock still embedded inside her. I went to turn into her bedroom.

“No.” Her mouth was close to my ear, whispering urgently. “Let’s use Mum’s bed.”


“Because it would be really bad — you know…brother and sister fuck in mother’s bed, in the very place where she puts her pussy every night….the one that we both came out of. It’s a neat circle.”

I was learning a lot about my sister that I hadn’t even dreamed of a week ago — that she had a wicked mind and a brazen sexuality, for example…a delicious combination. And she was right – it would be really bad to fuck in our parent’s bed….to close the sexual loop, as it were. It would magnify the whole taboo thing.

I nodded and kept walking further down the corridor. She leaned back as I carried her so that she could see where we were joined, and how my shaft moved in her with each step. She laughed.

“We don’t need to use the old in-and-out routine….we can just walk around like this.”

“Around the block, perhaps. We could do the grocery shopping at the same time.”

“And buy the vegetables. Cucumbers and Bananas.”

I kicked open our parents’ bedroom door and she looked over her shoulder as we entered, observing our reflection in the full-length mirror opposite the door. She snickered. “Hmmm. Looks like you already bought a cucumber.”

I laughed. “A prize winner. I see you bought a couple of great melons, too.”

The image I could see reflected was erotic. She was clinging to me, her hair swirling around her shoulders, the skin of her back flawless. I could see my hands under her buttocks, the curve of her ass, her thighs wound around my hips. She levered herself upwards and the base of my cock became visible, half of it buried inside her, my hands either side of the stretched opening.

We stood güvenilir casino in front of the mirror for a few moments, fucking, watching the way I appeared and disappeared, then I moved to the bed and lowered her onto the rich red counterpane. She flipped over and scooted back so that she was kneeling directly in front of me, her ass up, sex open and wet, pushed back so that she was ready to receive me. I shuffled forward a little and placed the head of my cock against it, holding myself still for a moment before easing forward. I watched as her loins swallowed me, her labia easing aside and the head of my cock disappearing into her body. There were little bubbles of juice where we were joined, and I heard her expel her breath in a hiss and I slid into her.

She grunted with satisfaction. “Christ, Jason, you’re big. Jesus, that feels full.”

“It’s you, Amy. You do that to me. Ugh! How good is that!”

I was buried inside her, as deep as I could go, the cushion of her buttocks pressed hard against my hips. I was struck by how slender she was — her waist was so narrow I felt I could encompass it with my two outstretched hands, and her butt was small and tight. My cock looked thick in comparison, a fat intruder that almost looked too big to fit through her narrow pelvic girdle — but in reality it fitted just fine, gliding into her until my balls were rammed up against her, the head buried right up inside her delicious little body.

I pulled out again until only the very tip of my member was inside her. The shaft was covered in her juices, thick and oily, shining in the light. I held myself still for a moment, savoring the image, then eased forward until the head of my cock disappeared inside her again. I watched how the shaft displaced the lips of her pussy outwards, and the flesh around her vulva was distended by the girth of the intruder as I entered her. I was reminded of an old blue movie I had once seen of a girl being fucked by a donkey, and how her perineum had bulged outwards with the pressure of its prick inside her.

Amy turned her head on the bedspread, peering backward and up so that she could see me. “What are you doing? Fuck me properly…put it right in.”

“You should see what I can see. It’s fucking hot.”

“Get a mirror. Mum’s got a hand mirror in her bathroom.”

I pulled free and padded through to the ensuite bathroom, picking up the ornate hand mirror and bringing it back to the bed. Amy seized it and held it between her knees, angled up so that she could see the juncture of her thighs. I shuffled forwards again and penetrated her again with the tip of my cock, holding it there so that she could see how her labia were pushed aside, then I slid forward and my shaft sank into her body.

She moaned at the depth of my penetration and the visual image that she was watching. “Shit, that’s hot! Pull out, pull out!”

I complied. My shaft disengaged from her body, bobbing free. Below it I could see Amy’s face in the mirror, her eyes hooded with lust as she witnessed her own violation. She lifted her free hand off the bed and started to play with her pussy.

“Now fuck it again. Let me see you stretch it open.”

I entered her again and she groaned at the sensation, excited by the visual image of her sex being violated. I could feel the flutter of her labia as her fingers played with her clitoris. The room was filled with the rich sound of our fucking, the wet slurp of our genitals moving together, the slap of my thighs against her buttocks, the creak of the bedsprings and our sighs and moans of pleasure.

And as I fucked her the prism of my consciousness shifted, slowing down time and heightening my awareness. It was if we had become a single entity, fused together by the thick shaft embedded within her. The whole length of my cock seemed hyper sensitized, my brain registering the pressure and movement of every millimeter as it moved within her. I was keenly aware of its length, of its position inside her — the feel of her vulva clasping at my rim, compared to the deeper sucking pressure of her vagina as I burrowed down towards her cervix. I could sense the beat of her heart and the coursing of her blood through her arteries, and I could hear the laboring of her breath. Through our connection I could feel her growing excitement, share the seed of the orgasm germinating in her brain, expanding exponentially, reaching for the light.

She came quickly, a little squeak of gratification as it first struck her, then a series of deep primeval moans as if she was in mortal pain. She arched her back, and under my hands I could feel the muscles and sinews in her body tense, quivering like bowstrings in the storm of her pleasure. I felt the grasp of her cunt as it seized me, gripping and massaging my cock as it pulsed and twitched in orgasm, and a spurt of love juice was squeezed out of her to dribble over my balls and splatter on the mirror underneath us, distorting the reflection of her face like a wax image held to a flame.

Gradually, her tremors subsided and her body relaxed. I stopped moving, savoring the feel of her cunt as it twitched around me. Then she was still, and I could see a sheen of sweat shining on the polished alabaster of her back.

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