Nisan 19, 2021

Amy Ch. 01

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I would have to say that the oddest and hottest thing I’ve ever had happen was with my own daughter.

Her name is Amy, and she’s stunning, just like her Mom was at that age. 18 is a wonderful age for girls, and I’ve appreciated it my entire life. That was her mother’s age when I met her, and she was incredible then.

I still remember that first day. We were actually playing Frisbee outside the college we were going to, and this strange girl walked up to me.

“Can I play?”

I looked at her. I saw the dark hair, tight jeans and the thin t-shirt with no bra. There was no way in hell I was turning her down.

So she joined in, and I watched those big tits bounce with every throw she made. After the game we talked a bit, and before I knew it, I had a date with her.

Naturally, not long after that we were regulars on the old dirt road. She lost all of her virginity out there, and we’d spend hours exploring each other’s bodies.

Finally I asked her to marry me. She accepted, and we started our lives together.

Our daughter was only two when it happened. She had a condition no one knew about, and one night when we were sleeping, her heart started racing so fast that it stopped. I discovered her the next morning.

After the funeral, I became Mom and Dad. Ok, it was fun to get cards twice a year for that, but otherwise there were times it sucked.

I watched my daughter grow into a beautiful young woman. She could have been her Mom’s sister from the way she looked. She was tall and thin, with incredible DD tits. And like her Mom, she had a narrow waist that flared out to wonderful hips.

She went her own way after high school, but we lived in the same town still. So I heard from her once a week or so. She left most of her stuff at my place though, and one day I decided to pack it up and make an office out of her room.

As I was clearing everything out, I ran across the diary I’d given her years ago. As usual, the lock was broken. So I sat down with a parents curiosity, and thumbed through the pages.

There was the usual shit there, and it was fun to see her writing change as she matured. The last entries were from a year ago, right after she turned 18. Then I flipped to the page that changed everything.

It was a complete chapter, and it was titled, “Daddy.” This would be interesting.

As it turns out, it was interesting. As I read through it, I felt myself getting hard from the words on the page. Closing it, I took it to my bedroom. And that night, reading her words, I shot an incredible load of cum all over my belly.

I had to work that weekend. My weekend job consisted of babysitting a computer. If everything went ok, I had 6 hours of free time. If it didn’t, I was busting my ass to fix it.

I’d just gotten there and found everything working fine, when my phone rang. No surprise, it was Amy.

“Hey Dad! What you doing today?”

“Watching the damn computer as usual.”

“Want some company? I’m bored.”

“Sure. But do me a favor please. Wear that sundress you were wearing a couple of weeks ago.”

“Sure. Why?”

“I just thought it would be nice to see you dressed up for a change.”

“Ok. I’ll be down in a few.”

Yes, I had an ulterior motive for that. I wanted eye candy to go along with the fantasies that were making me cum night after night.

She bounced in a little maltepe escort while later, dressed exactly as I asked. “Hi Daddy!”

“Her baby girl.”

When she leaned over to hug me, I got a great view right down her top. This was going to be a hard day!

“So how’s it running today?”

“Fine. I’ll not be doing anything today.”

“Good. Could you show me around the place? All I’ve ever seen is your office.”

“Sure.” The grand tour took about 30 seconds, and she was disappointed. “Is that all there is?”

“Well, there’s a basement.”

Moments later we were down there. It was fairly boring too, with the exception of the conference room. That was big and open, with a huge table and wonderful carpet on the floor. That impressed her.

That’s when it hit me. “Amy, sit down for a minute. We need to talk.”

“Sure. What’s wrong?”

“I was clearing out your room the other day. I’m going to make it an office. Anyway, I was packing your stuff up and I found your diary.”

It took a moment for that to register, but she got it. “Oh. Did you read it?”

“I did.”

“All of it?”

I nodded. “Including the entire chapter titled Daddy.”

“Oh my God.” She blushed as she said it. “I’m sorry Daddy.”

“Don’t be. It was fascinating reading. But it left me wondering something.”

Amy looked puzzled. “What’s that?”

I smiled. “I was left wondering if they were just fantasies, or if you wanted to live them out.”

Her eyes went wide at that. She stared at me for a minute, then softly said, “What if I did want to? Live them out that is.”

“Then I’d probably get you somewhere nice and secluded, just like this. And then I’d probably do this.”

I walked over to the door, and flipped off the light switches. Walking back to her, I sat down across from her again.

“Then what Daddy?”

“That’s when I’d do this baby girl.” I reached up behind her neck, and undid the string that held her top up. I heard her gasp when I did. Holding onto the ends of the string, I slowly pulled her top down, revealing those massive tits. I could see her nipples in the dim light of the basement, and they were already nice and hard.

There was no way I could resist those mounds, and my hand gently squeezed one massive breast. I could see her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as she felt my hand on her for the first time.

Leaning forward, I whispered in her ear. “Exactly what would you like to do baby girl?”

I saw a slight smile cross her face, then her hand slid forward, slipping slowly up my thigh. I watched as it climbed higher, finally wandering across my lap. She found what she was looking for. My hard cock was stretched across the front of my jeans.

My daughter’s soft hand slid gently across the bulge there. “Tell me the truth Amy.”

“What’s that Dad?”

“Was what you wrote in your diary true? Did you really used to peek in on me when I was taking a shower?”

She smiled when she said, “Yeah I did. That was a guaranteed show for me. You always jerked off there.”

That was dead on the money. “What were you thinking while you watched?”

“Everything Dad. I wondered what it felt like, and how it would taste. You name it, and I probably fantasized about it.”

I smiled at that point. “Then let’s see about letting you live those out. Take off your dress.”

She let go of me, escort maltepe and stood up. I watched that dress slide off and hit the floor. Her thong followed, and my baby girl stood there naked in front of me. I could see those huge tits and shaved pussy clearly in the dim light of the conference room.

I stood then too. “Now it’s my turn.”

My shirt slipped over my head, and my hands went to the belt holding my jeans. I saw Amy’s eyes locked on my hands as I unbuckled it, then undid the button and the zipper. Once they were undone, my jeans slowly slid down my legs, exposing everything to my daughters eyes.

She was staring at I stepped out of my jeans. “Daddy, we’re gonna, well you know…”

“We’re going to do anything you want baby girl. But there’s one thing Daddy really wants.”

“Anything Daddy. What do you want?”

I sat down in my chair, spreading my legs. “Daddy wants to watch you suck his cock.”

I could see the eager look on her face as she knelt between my legs. Her hand went out again, this time stroking my bare shaft. That and the feeling of those big tits against my thighs was fantastic. As was the sight when she leaned forward, opened her mouth and slid my cock right in.

I felt her tongue slipping and sliding around the head of my shaft, then those wonderful lips started moving slowly down my length. That dark head started bobbing up and down my shaft then, her lips stretched wide as she took me as deep as she could again and again.

I would have loved to let her keep going. Just the thought of blowing my load into that hot wet mouth was tantalizing. I realized though there was a lot more to do that day, and filling her mouth was low on my list. So eventually I had to stop her. That surprised her a bit.

“What’s the matter Daddy?”

“Nothing baby girl. I just don’t want to cum in your mouth. Not the first time at least. I can think of someplace better for my cum today.”

She smiled, and laid back right there on the floor. I watched her hand wander over those amazing tits, playing with the nipples. Then one hand slid down her body, coming to rest on that hot pussy.

“How about right here Daddy?” I could hear soft squishing noises as her fingers explored her pussy. “You wouldn’t believe how wet I am right now.”

I got up and knelt between her wide spread legs, stroking myself slowly. “Tell Daddy exactly what you want baby girl.”

I could hear the desire in her voice when she answered. “I want you to fuck me Daddy. I want you to bury that big cock in your baby girl.”

That’s exactly what I hoped she’d say. I moved into position, and found she wasn’t kidding. She was literally dripping wet. So my hips moved forward, and my cock slid into my daughter for the first time.

When my balls hit her ass, I stopped, letting her get used to my length buried in her. I heard her voice in my ear then. “Fuck Daddy, that feels amazing!”

“Glad you like it baby girl. Are you ready?”

“God yes! Fuck me Daddy. Fuck your little girl!”

I did as she asked, plunging my hard cock into that tight hot pussy. I could hear her moan as we fucked right there on the floor.

When her body started shaking, I knew she was going to cum. I wasn’t far away myself. The taboo nature of fucking my daughter had us both going then. But I wanted to enjoy that pussy a bit more, so I stopped for a moment.

“Want maltepe escort bayan to know how your Mom liked it?”

“Yeah. Actually I do.”

“Your Mom had two favorites. She loved to ride me, and she absolutely loved doggy style.”

Amy smiled, and moved out from under me. I watched as she got up on her hands and knees, that amazing ass facing me.

I knelt between her legs again and watched as my cock slowly slid into that forbidden pussy. With my hands on her hips pulling her back onto my length, we fucked hard and fast.

Minutes later, we were both close again. My hands went to her tits, feeling those hard nipples against my palms. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Daddy’s going to cum in you baby girl.”

“Oh God yes! Do it Daddy! Fill my pussy up!”

It didn’t take long for me to fulfill her wish, and as I blasted the walls of that creamy pussy with my seed, she moaned, cumming again.

Our bodies slowed eventually to a stop, and reluctantly I slipped out of her. We laid down there, cuddling for a few minutes. Finally Amy spoke.

“Dad, would you mind terribly if I spent the night tonight?”

“Not at all. But your beds not in your room anymore.”

She raised up on one elbow smiling. “I wasn’t planning to be in my bed.”

After my shift, she came home with me. We spent the rest of the evening cuddling and watching TV until bedtime.

At bedtime, we snuggled into bed naked. Amy surprised me by asking me, “Can you tell me about Mom?”

I had her entire life. I wasn’t sure what she meant, and when I asked her she said, “What was this part of your life like together?”

I thought for a moment then said, “Actually, pretty incredible. Your Mom was very adventurous when it came to sex.”

So I told her about fucking her Mom out on the old dirt road. I told her how she surprised me one night by slipping my cock into her ass, and fucking me that way.

“Mom took that in her ass? Wow!”

I nodded. “Then she wanted to try threesomes. So we did that too.”

“Were they with guys or girls?”

“Actually, your Mom did both. It depended on the mood she was in that night. One night I’d bring home a friend to fuck her while she sucked me off, and the next she’d tell me she wanted a girl. So it was pretty much 50-50. Although later on, she developed a taste for girls.”

I was remembering the night her friend Jasmine came over. They went into the bedroom to talk, and it got really quiet. I got curious, so I walked in to find my wife licking her way down her friends body.

The thought of her friends tits shiny with her saliva as she licked her way lower got me going again. I got hard right away, and Amy noticed. Her hand went under the blanket, stroking my shaft as I told her all about her Mom doing her black friend.

I described everything, blow by blow. Amy really liked it when I told her about joining in.

“So I fucked her as she was kneeling over your Mom’s face. Naturally she was eating your Mom as it happened. Then, when I came in her pussy, your Mom licked her clean.”

“Damn that’s hot!” Amy smiled at me then. “I’m a little sore from today, but I’ve still got a treat for you Daddy. Lady back and enjoy.”

I did just that, watching her suck my cock again. This time she took me all the way, and I pumped my second load of the day into that hot willing mouth.

As we lay back relaxing, Amy whispered in my ear. “I like girls too Daddy. I’m going to have a friend spend the night tomorrow night, and I think you can help me with something. Will you do that?”

I nodded and smiled, wondering what the next day would bring.

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