Mart 25, 2021

After School

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You lean back in the chair behind your huge desk on the side of your classroom as you inspect your history students working quietly on an in class assignment. You glance at the clock, five minutes left. You can’t wait to get home and relax for a while. Your eyes wander the room aimlessly until you rest upon eyes looking back at you. I quickly avert my eyes when we connect but you keep your gaze. I sit at my small desk, legs crossed, eyes lowered, resting the tip of my pen on my bottom lip.

You inspect my body closer. I wear a thin white blouse, that is stretched over my firm young breasts. You can see the outline of my bra. You see that the blouse is neatly tucked into a short grey skirt that ends at my mid-thighs. Licking your lips, your eyes move down my long legs to my knit socks and Mary Janes. You suddenly feel an urge for me. You can imagine taking me on the cold floor of the classroom. Your hands roaming up my thighs, undoing the buttons on my blouse with your teeth. You notice that I am looking back up at you, smiling sweet. I flick the tip of my pen with my tongue and then turn back to my work.

You lean forward in the chair, getting more aroused with every move I make. Watching me, you decide that you are too horny to take care of this yourself. You’re sure I like you too, you will hold me after class and teach me things I will learn no where else. You glance at the clock, two minutes. You take a deep breath and tap your pencil on the hard wood of your desk top. Never has the clock ticked by so slowly. You watch me finish and slip my things into my backpack. The class is starting to get restless.

“Okay class,” you call out. There is some assignment for them but you can’t get your brain to think history. “No homework,” you pronounce, giving up. The bell rings and everyone is up in a flash, rushing to put their essays on your desk. I move slowly and soon I am the only one left.

“Could I talk to you about this essay?” You are beşiktaş escort stunned at how easy this will be.

“Of course,” you say quickly, imagining yourself licking my inner thighs, up and down. I walk around to your side of the desk and lean my hip against the top. My skirt is pushed up a bit and you try not to look at the tanned flesh of my upper thigh. You fail and I notice with a smile. I slide my hand down my hip and, with my pointer finger, slide the skirt up a little higher and watch your reaction. You are jumping for the door in a second and dead bolting it. You quickly pull down the slide over the window and turn back toward me.

“You are one of my best students,” you mutter. I flash a dirty smile.

“I am good at a lot of things.” Quickly I jump up onto your big desk, feeling the hard wood beneath my fingers. “I think here will do,” I say with a bat of my eyelids. Just the thought of taking me on your desk makes you hard and I gesture for you to come over with my finger. You quickly come over and push my short skirt up around my hips, reveling white cotton panties. I spread my legs and you stand in between them. Playing with your tie, I kiss your neck softly.

You put your hands on my thighs and rub them, up and down, and up again. I moan softly at your touch and slip the tie from around your neck. As I undo each button on your dark blue shirt I kiss down your chest. Soon I have it all the way undone and you help me slip it from your shoulders. I smile and place my hands on your shoulders, rubbing them slightly. I move my hands form your shoulders, up your neck, and into your hair in a swifting motion that makes you shiver in pleasure.

You move your hands to my blouse and stumble with the tiny buttons. In a second you are done and you open it to reveal a white cotton bra covering my 38C’s. My nipples are hard already and you are quick to remove the bra. You look at beylikdüzü escort me for a second, admiring my young perkiness. Then you move forward, wrapping your warm mouth around one of my nipples. I groan in ecstasy at the feel of you sucking on my nipple. You lick rings around it then suck it again, making me moan and shiver. I direct you to my other longing nipple and you continue the sucking and licking pleasure. After a while you continue down my stomach to where my skirt is still bunched up. We both look at each other, then you hungrily attack it, trying to get it off. I wriggle my hips to help you and soon I am left in nothing but my white panties, which are already soaked with my juices.

Seeing my soaked panties makes you so hot that you immediately slip them off my hips and press my knees to each side of your waist. I smile down at you and you start to kiss me again. A sweet kiss on the mouth and then down my neck, harder. Down, tracing my collar bone. Then, licking my nipples, down my breasts. Farther, across my stomach, pausing to explore my belly button. By now I am almost pushing your head down with anticipation. Finally, you reach my mound, pausing for a second.

“Please,” I beg. You smile at me and hungrily lick up my sweetness. You feel yourself pressing hard against your slacks as you run your tongue over my clitoris, making it hard immediately. You spread my lips with your hands and plunge into my slit. I moan deep with pleasure and clench my fingernails into your back. “Yes,” I say softly. You know I am almost ready and take your mouth away from me. Quickly, we work together to disgard of your slacks and they are off in a second. I grab your growing cock in my hand and run it up and down quickly. I can’t wait that long for you. I use one hand on your balls and the other keeps moving on your cock. Soon you are ready for me too and you go to position your self at my opening. I beyoğlu escort spread my lips for you, feeling my juices run down my thighs onto your desk. You rub my slit slightly with the head of your cock, teasing me. “I need you now,” I growl deeply. You are quick to respond and slide yourself into me partly. I lick my lips with a deep breath and place my hands on your bare ass.

Then with a quick shove you are in me fully and I can feel you fill me completely. I toss my head back with a mix of growls and moans. You ram me with full force, knowing you are so close. You feel my nails dig into your ass as you pump me and then with a throaty sound you feel the walls of my vagina shudder as a gigantic orgasm grips my body. I take you in and milk your penis and you explode your hot cum deep inside me. As we both come back from our orgasms we smile at each other and you pull your half hard dick out. My pussy drips with a mix of our cum and I smile at you.

“Thanks for the help.”

Mary looked down at the paper that sat on her desk and put her pen down. Her hand hurt. The bell rang seconds later and the teacher called for everyone to put their essay’s on his desk. Mary panicked. She didn’t write anything else, she didn’t have any essay but this one. The students around her filed past her quickly, she had no more time.

Quickly she grabbed the paper and stuffed the pen in her backpack. She tried to walk past her teacher’s desk casually, but he noticed her lack of essay.

“And where is your essay, Miss Apell?” Her teacher’s handsome face focused on hers.

“I didn’t write one,” Mary mumbled.

“And what do you call that?” He pointed to the paper she held tightly in her hand.

“Umm..nothing,” Mary felt her heart race.

“Give it to me,” the teacher reached for it. “If you insist on wasting my call time Mary, I at least want to know what your wasting it with.” Mary forcefully handed him the paper and he scanned it quickly with raised eyebrows. He took a deep breath and shifted in his seat.

“You are to meet me in this classroom at six 0-clock sharp. No later, no sooner.” He looked down at the paper once more. “I will keep this.”

Mary looked down and began to walk out. “And Mary,” he called after her. She turned toward him. “You will not need a pencil.”

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