Stepmom and Me Ch. 06

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As you may recall in Stepmom and Me Part 6, Beccky and Emmy had massive amounts of pubic hair. Becky’s was coal black while Emmy’s was nearly silver grey. Emmy also had long grey hair that came down past her shoulders.

As we continue with the journey we are back in Princeton where everyone but Emmy is assembled in the restuarant.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Suddenly the door from the store opens and in pops Emmy Lou. Everyone is stunned. She has been shorn of her long grey hair and is now wearing it close to the skull but with curls. She has also had it toned and it is no longer the dull grey color it was.

“Oh mother. You look so lovely with your new hair style.” said Becky. “It looks so nice on you. I can only hope you didn’t get your cunt hair trimmed and toned too.”

“No darling. I didn’t” said Emmy as she unfastened her dress and showed all of us her mass of grey pussy hair. She was wearing only her dress and full fashioned stockings held up with roll garters.

Velma said “Oh Emmy. It looks so nice. Getting all that long stringy grey hair cut off and having it toned makes you look years younger. Herb is surely going to want to fuck you more often now than before.”

Becky said to her mother. “I think it looks beautiful. Makes your face look so much younger and then when I see that mass of grey pussy hair you have, I am sure that several men are going to want to stick their pricks in your cunt.”

“Emmy, you fucking whore. Why didn’t you let me know you were going to have your hair done? Now get over here so I can play with your fucking cunt and then we will all have lunch.” daddy said.

Emmy walked over to daddy and spread her legs wide apart. Daddy immediately stuck his right hand up to her cunt and told Emmy to pull her cunt lips apart. As she did so I could see daddy curl his hand up and insert it into her cunt. Emmy wriggled a little bit as daddy pushed his hand further inside of her, then he slowly pulled it and then thrust it up inside her again. She screamed as he did so and told daddy that he had made her climax.

Daddy pulled his hand out of Emmy’s cunt and went to Velma and said “Now darling clean my hand off with your mouth and see how nice Emmy’s juices taste.”

Velma opened her mouth and daddy stuck his hand in it and she began licking the wet juices off of his hand. When he was satisfied she had done a good job he pulled his hand free of her mouth and said “Well darling. Did she taste good”?

“Oh yes dear. Her cunt juice tasted very good, but I am really hungry so let us all eat lunch. Then we can shop and play later.”

Emmy interjected “Darling. I am famished too, but I really need to piss. My fucking bladder is absolutely filled. Daddy, why don’t you be a good man and get the glass potty so I can relieve myself before we eat lunch?”

Daddy went to the shelf where Joann kept the potty, retrieved it, and went back to where Emmy was standing.

Emmy spread her legs apart, took hold of her long cunt lips, and said to daddy. “I’m ready to piss if you will get the potty under me.”

Daddy put the potty under her cunt lips and Emmy began dribbling pee. Suddenly her dribbles erupted into a strong stream that splashed in the bottom of the potty, began running all down her thighs, and across her ass. She pissed for about a minute and suddenly was finished.

“Becky.” Emmy said. “Get your fucking ass over here and get on your knees and suck your mommies cunt dry. I don’t want to wipe my wet pussy and I don’t want to sit down while it is still wet with pee. I might even find an extra dribble of pee for you.”

Becky grabbed a pillow off the sofa and walked over to where Emmy was standing. She put the pillow on the floor and kneeled down on it, grabbed her mothers thighs and got her face right up in Emmy’s cunt lips and began sucking her cunt.

After about thirty seconds Emmy was squealing with delight as her daughter made her climax three or four times. Becky continued sucking Emmy’s cunt until Emmy told her to stop before she fell over in a faint.

Becky stood up, grabbed her mother by the back of her head and kissed her fervently on the mouth, inserting her tongue in Emmy’s mouth to make sure she got a taste of her own piss. Then she took her right hand and ran it through Emmy’s thick grey thatch of pussy hair and into her cunt lips, playing with her cunt as she did so.

“Attention everyone.” Joann said. “It is time to eat lunch before we proceed further. Find your place and sit down please.”

Lunch was served on a round table set for eight. Joann, Velma, and Becky were each wearing full fashioned stockings and black or navy blue garter belts while Emmy, after she shed her dress, was wearing only stockings held up with roll garters.

All of the women had painted their areolas with rouge which caused them to appear dark. Of course, Velma and Becky hardly had anything to speak of in the teat department while Joann and Emmy’s spilled all over the place.

None of the men wore anything so their Zeytinburnu Escort cocks were simply swaying in the breeze, so to speak. That didn’t last long once everyone sat down.

Emmy was quite tall in stature and required a long size 3X stocking, which Joann kept in stock in a variety of shades and heel patterns for her.

Emmy’s daughter Becky was also quite tall and slender and needed a 2X stocking to go up on her thighs. Velma, Jewel Burke, and Margie Donahue all wore regular standard size stockings, but Joann had plenty of patterns and shades for each of them too.

The arrangement around the luncheon table was quite interesting too. On my left was Becky and on my right was Emmy. Seated on her right was daddy then Joann followed by Herb, Velma, and finally Pierre. Herb was Emmy’s husband and Becky’s daddy and he had a rather short cock, but it could get nice and erect just like other men’s could. His problem was that he was a bit on the conservative side and was pretty much taken aback by what he had discovered about his wife and daughter’s sexual forays.

I presumed Joann had seated she and Velma next to Herb so they play with and fondle his prick and nuts while eating lunch. Perhaps one of them would conveniently drop something undet the table and need to retieve it, giving them an opportunity to stick his cock in their mouth.

Lunch began with a very tasty lobster bisque followed by an elegant chicken salad and sliced tomatoes. There were several bottles of delightful white wine as well as a bottle of Zinfandel and the ladies were making sure that their glasses remained filled to the brim. I knew Becky had at least three glasses of wine and Emmy was working on her third as she finished her chicken salad.

Suddenly Becky dropped her fork and slid down off her chair to retrieve it. Quickly she scooted in front of me and I spread my legs apart so she could reach my cock with her mouth. She quickly got her head on my chair and had my flaccid cock in her mouth. She sucked me three or four times then quickly moved back so she could get back in her chair.

Emmy reached over with her left hand and grabbed my prick. She whispered into my ear. “Your cock is all wet dear. Did someone just have it in her mouth?”

“I think perhaps Becky gave it a lick or two when she went down to pick up the fork she dropped.” I replied.

“Well, I’m going to play with it for a minute. You know I want you to fuck me with it later today. Do you like my new hairdo darling?”

“I think your new hairdo is beautful. I’m so glad you let them cut that dreadful grey hair off and put a toner on your new style. It makes you look so much younger.” I whispered to her. “However, I love the grey hair around your cunt. I will probably want to eat your cunt when we get back home this afternoon.”

I heard Velma tell Pierre that she needed a refill on her wine, but when I looked at her I saw her eyes geting glazed over and knew she was getting drunk. As Pierre poured her wine, she reached to her left and dropped her hand in her lap. I saw Herb jump momentarily and I knew Velma had reached down to play with his prick. As I watched Velma’s hand and Herb’s face I could tell Velma was playing with his cock and he wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. Suddenly, Herb just relaxed and a small smile came across his face as Velma obviously did something Herb enjoyed. Then, Velma brought her hand back up in her lap and reached for her wine glass with her right hand and took a sip of wine. She then leaned over and whispered something in Herb’s ear and his face broke into a broad smile.

Velma and Herb left the table together and headed for the rest room holding hands. They went inside together and you could hear the door lock. Before they left I had noticed, as I’m sure a few others did too, that Herb’s cock was partially erect. He kept checking out Velma’s stockings as the headed across the floor to the rest room.

“Herbie, darling I need to piss very badly and I want you to help me. I don’t want to sit on the toilet but rather stand with you holding this chamber pot under me catching all my pee. Then when I finish you can kneel down and wipe my wet cunt with your tongue and if you need to piss, I will let you piss in my mouth darling.” Velma told him.

That excited Herb and his cock began to get even more erect than it had been. “I think I would like to do that Velma.” he told her. “Emmy doesn’t like for me to eat her pussy although I would gladly do so. Becky, on the other hand, loves it when I snack on her hairy cunt. When I finish pissing in your mouth I think I would like you to suck on my cck for a minute or two.”

With that Herb held the potty under Velmas’s cunt and she spread her hairy cunt lips wide apart and began pissing It was like a roaring stream falling over Niagara Falls. Suddenly she stopped and Herb put the potty down and kneeled down on the floor and stuck his face in Velma’s cunt and began licking and nibbling on her erect clit. As he was sucking her clit, Velma unloaded Escort Zeytinburnu a few drops of pee on his face and chin. Then she told him that was enough and for him to stand up and she would sit on the toilet seat and give his cock a few good sucks.

Herb stood up and Velma sat down and pulled his short prick into her mouth and began sucking him. The metamorphosis was instataneous. Herbs cock went from partially erect to standing out in front of him like a flagpole. Velma sucked it all in and gave him a good blow job for about a minute.

Then she said “I think we need to go back and join the rest of them before they think I fell in or something. I’ll finish sucking your peter later today darling.”

They left the restroom and went back to the table with Herb trailing Velma so no one could see his erection or what was left of it. Daddy wanted to know if Velma had a good pee and Herb told everyone she filled half of the potty.

Lunch was concluded with a dessert and a dessert wine and Joann told everyone she had some beautiful new lingerie items in the store she thought they would be interested in. So everyone,including Pierre, got up and went into the store to look at what she had.

Emmy latched onto daddy’s cock as they went into the store. Becky took hold of my cock and gently guided me in the right direction as Herb and Velma went hand in hand to the store.

Joann brought out some six and eight strap garter belts and garter girdles as well as some shelf bras and cut our bras. She also had new colors and heel patterns in stockings. One of the garter belts was either a six or eight strap in a gold lame which was quite sexy looking.

Daddy whispered loudly to Emmy “If you were wearing that with dark Manhattan heel stockings and your teats sticking out of a cut out bra I could fuck you for hours.”

Velma replied “I don’t think so my dear. You’d have to fuck me too and I don’t think your cock could do that.”

Daddy said “Well. I guess we will have to try and see if I can’t. Joann, package up the gold lame garter girdle and cut our bras for all three of them. Get each of them six pair of stockings in whatever color and heel pattern they want. Then we must go home so we play tonight. Just for the hell of it, get each of them three pairs of sheer panties including one in gold lame.”

Becky looked at me and said “Does that mean we are going to have a fuck party tonight? I think I would really enjoy that becuse my cunt is itching and needs to have a long cock inside it scratching the hell out of me. You do it better than anyone in the group. I don’t need any new panties. I still some I haven’t worn because my pussy hair is so long and sticks out so much in front, the panties never really fit me the way they are supposed to.”

“Well dear. That’s too bad because I am not going to let you shave away that glorious black pussy hair you have. Your mother’s is just like it except for being grey in color. Each of you has a huge clit and a big pee hole and are fun to eat, so don’t even think about shaving your bushy cunt hair.

“Joann.” daddy said. “Get a few pair of those ultra sheer gold panties out and let the ladies try tham on. I really want to see that my wife, Emmy, and Becky look like when they are wearing them. I want to see how their pussy hair shows.”

“Now ladies, try them on so Herb, John, and I can see what your cunts look like with these sheer panties.” daddy continued.

They each picked out a pair of gold bikini panties and slipped them on. They looked like spun gold and their cunt hair clearly showed through the fabric.

“Alright now. Leave them on.” said daddy. “I want you to wear them on the trip home. Now Joann let me pay the bill so we can be on our way. Does anyone need to pee before we start?”

Only Becky raised her hand and daddy told me to go with her to help her piss. We left the group and headed toward the restroom. I opened the door for Becky and she pulled her bikinis down and took them off so she didn’t piss on them. She dribbled about ten seconds, then the roar of the waterfall began. It must have lasted a minute then quickly stopped.

“Now you motherfucker. Get on your knees and lick my wet pussy.” Becky said. “I want you to suck my clit and lick me dry. Then you can stand up and I’m going to peel that long foreskin back over the head of your cock and give you a little blowjob.”

I sucked on her elongated clit, then found her pee hole and sucked on it for a few seconds. She told me that was enough and for me to stand up in front of her. Becky pushed my foreskin back over the red head of my cock and took it in her mouth and began sucking on it. I let her know I would blow my nuts off in her mouth if she kept doing that, so she quickly let go and informed me that we needed to get back so we could leave for home. She didn’t even put her panties back on, but just left them for me to carry.

Becky and I were going back into the store where daddy, Velma, Herb, and Emmy were looking at the lingerie. All Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan of a sudden I saw Velma spread her legs apart slightly and pee began dribbling down out of her cunt lips. She was standing in her high heeled shoes and was a little wobbly from too much wine. Suddenly the dribbles turned into a torrent of piss running down her thighs, legs and onto the floor. Daddy saw what she was doing and scremaed ‘What the fuck are you doing you fucking whore. Don’t you know you are supposed to tell me when you need to piss? Here you are pissing all over Joann’s nice floor. Now spread your legs apart so you can be punished.”

With that Joann handed daddy a quirt she had behind the counter and daddy took it and gave Velma two hard smacks on her ass causing Velma to do a toe dance. Then he smacked her twice on her cunt and when she hollered he gave her one stroke on her teats. The pee was still dribbling out of her cunt lips so daddy gave her two more smacks on her cunt lips and said “I told you to stop you fucking whore. You’ve pissed all over the place and now you heave to clean it up. Now get down on you hands and knees so you can lick it uop then Joann will give you a bucket and towel so you can wipe it dry. Do you understand dear”?

“Yes Master Daddy. I understand. I’m sorry I pissed on the floor but I just couldn’t help it. I really needed to go.” Velma said.

“Here. I will help you Velma.” said Emmy.

“No you won’t you big fucking bitch. Let her do it so she learns a lesson.” With that daddy gave Emmy two smacks between her hairy legs and she screamed that it hurt. With that he gave her two more sharp smacks on her cunt lips and told her to be quiet.

Emmy put her hands between her legs as if to try and stifle the pain. Suddenly I looked at Herb and saw his cock beginning to get an erection. Becky must have seen it too because she looked at me and said.

“Daddy. I can’t believe you are into S and M. Master daddy gives mommy and Velma a couple of strokes because they have been naughty and your fucking cock begins to rise. Who do you want to fuck? Mommy or Velma? Now look at your hard on. It’s standing straight out in front of you like a fucking flagpole.” said Becky.

“I guess I just got aroused seeing Velma dribbling pee out of her cunt and down her legs onto the floor. Then when Master daddy hit her with the quirt a few times that got my mind aroused and my prick started to get hard. Now I just want her to get up on her knees and stick my cock in her mouth and suck me off.” said Herb.

Master daddy told Velma to do what Herb wanted and get up on her knees and suck his cock. Velma looked at daddy with a quizzical look as if to say “Do you really want me to do that?”, but got up and took Herb’s prick in her mouth. She just sucked his foreskin without pulling it back over the head of his cock and fondled his nuts as she sucked.

Herb lasted about fifteen seconds before he erupted in Velma’s mouth. I counted four blasts from his cock before he settled down and just let her suck the rest of his semen up. Becky nudged my arm and looked at me as if to say ‘I can’t believe what I am seeing my father do with your stepmother.’

Master daddy told her to suck Herb’s cock clean and gave her two more stiff cracks on her ass with the quirt as a reminder for her to do as he said. Velma pulled Herb’c cock back ito her mouth and began nursing on it again, getting all of the remaining semen this time.

Seeing her daddy being sucked by Velma must have turned Becky on because she simply said to everyone “Let’s get our items picked up and head for home. I want to try some of my new things on later this afternoon and also play with John.”

Velma got off her knees and looked at daddy as if to ask for his permission to stand up. He nodded his head “Yes”. She took a towel and wiped the piss off of her stockings then wiped the excess semen off of her mouth.

Emmy came over to her and asked “Did you have a good time sucking my Herb’s prick darling? Did he fill your mouth with his hot baby batter?”

Velma whispered to Emmy Lou that Herb had indeed given her a large dose of semen and she had swallowed it all. She also informed Emmy that it didn’t taste bad at all. Sort of a non descript taste, but thick.

Emmy Lou said “I must try that with Herb sometime. He just never seems to get a hard on much anymore so perhaps a good old fashioned cock suck might help him. I will wonder what his baby batter tastes like until I do it.”

Velma replied. “Oh. I can give you a little taste right now if you give me a nice French kiss. I’ve still got some in my mouth.”

With that Emmy Lou engulfed Velma’s mouth with her own and I saw Velma force her tongue inside Emmy Lou’s mouth and I knew she was giving her a taste of Herb’s semen.

“Oh yes. It does have a nice flavor to it Velma. I must try it soon.” said Emmy Lou. “I’m so glad you were able to share it with me. Becky? Have you ever tasted your father’s semen?”

“Mother. How can you ask me a question like that? Of course not. I have hardly seen my daddy’s cock except for the past three or four months. It wasn’t until we got together with John, Velma, and Master daddy that I had ever seen a real cock except for when I was a very little girl. But I do enjoy seeing daddy’s cock when he get a hard on. It sticks straight out from his belly.” Becky replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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