Nisan 4, 2021

Skys the Limit Ch. 02

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Please realize this is only a work of fiction. Neither I nor anyone I know practice incest. I write, wrote these stories because it has a following and I read a few. Also I do not judge others…That said, please do not comment about your personal pleasure or send me emails detailing what you do. This is fiction and should be viewed as such. If you don’t like INCEST stories don’t read them and please do not comment on them. Doing so does what?

As for editing…I am working with someone but there may still be errors. If you can’t get pass them…don’t. This is free…to enjoy…if you can’t get pass the errors…move on. If the story was for sale, I’d pay for editing. I do my best to go over these stories before posting but I can’t seem to catch ever error. Writers write. If you would like to edit for me, email me.


When Reggie and Sky arrived home, he took his time unpacking the car. He was nervous about seeing his wife after the weekend he’d had with sky. It was clear that Sky had no anxiety about being home because she burst from the car like a firecracker and ran to the house. He’d thought about how they would act around his wife after they returned briefly but he was enjoying himself too much to let the thought spoil his fun. Now…now he couldn’t push his deeds away.

He was home and the gravity of what he’d done was weighing on him. He actually loved Cheri and he really didn’t plan what happened but it did happen and already the thought of seeing his wife scared him because he wasn’t sure he would be able to keep it from her. Guilt had finally set in and he’d never kept anything from his wife in his life. There was no way he would be able to keep his infidelity from her.

“Need a hand?” A familiar voice asked from behind him.

Reggie turned around to see his brother-in-law, Max standing behind him. “Hey man, what’s up.” He embraced Max. Max grabbed a bag and they walked together towards the garage. “I didn’t know you were coming for a visit. How long have you been here,” Reggie asked?

Max sat the bag down next to the bag he placed on the floor of the garage. “Max Jr. and I got in right after you and Sky left.” He leaned against the wall of the garage. “So how was the daddy daughter bonding?”

“It was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had.” Reggie nervously looked down and placed his hand in his pockets. “So…how are things around the house since Junior left for college? You and Theresa loving your new found freedom?”

Max laughed. “Not really. Jr. and his mother got really close in the past year and she misses her boy.” He stood. “She wanted desperately to visit you guys with us but she’s got this big report due at work. She sends her love and wanted me to tell you she’s looking forward to you and Cheri visiting soon.”

“Yeah, Cheri loves seeing you guys. She misses you both. The move here hasn’t been easy and Sky misses living practically next door to her favorite cousin.” He shrugged, “Cheri maybe visiting sooner than later.”

Max laughed for some strange reason and patted Reggie on the back as they walked into the house. They found Sky and Junior in the family room talking and laughing. Reggie greeted nephew. Junior was a year and a few months older than Sky. He’d gotten taller since he’d last seen the boy and if it was possible, more attractive. The kid was built like one of those athletic male models and Reggie couldn’t help wondering if the kid was good with the girls.

Reggie sighed then went to find his wife, leaving Max with the teens. It was time to face the music. He found Cheri in their room, stepping out of the shower. He sat on the edge of their bed and watched her walk over to him.

Cheri was a knock out, prettier than any girl he’d ever laid eyes on. She and Sky could be twins except for that upper body difference and Cheri’s hips were wider, sexier. His wife had a magnificent body due to all the gym visits. She was sweet, caring, and practically perfect.

“Enjoy your trip,” she asked, dropping the towel to expose all her luscious curves and perfect full breast. Reggie lowered his head, feeling his guilt like a blow to the chest. Her tone was strained when she spoke again, “I’m so sorry Reggie. I didn’t think she would refuse you. Not with her and her friends talking about how hot you are. Were you able to have any of the other girls?” She pulled him to his feet and traced the rim of his shorts. He gave her a confused look as she pulled his shorts down. “I bet your poor balls are ready to explode.”

“What,” he asked with disbelief?

His wife sunk to her knees and took his cock that still had Sky’s juices on it in her pretty mouth. “Mmmm,” she licked, “you fucked someone recently.” It was hard to think with her mouth moving over his hardness and even harder to concentrate knowing that his wife was swallowing their daughter’s cum that covered his cock. “Did Sky deny you sweetie or did you pop her sweet cherry,” she asked then swallowed his dick whole? student sex parties porno

Her pull grew stronger. She could be a professional at sucking cock and he loved her mouth. His body tensed and he could feel his orgasm nearing. He wasn’t sure why but he could only assume it was because of the dirty talk but he lasted all of sixty seconds before he called out, “I popped her sweet fucking cherry.” Then he spilled inside his wife’s mouth.

“Happy belated birthday Sky,” Uncle Max said when he sat down on the sofa. “Did you have a good time at the cabin?”

Sky hit Junior for something he’d said before she spun on the floor to face her handsome uncle. Junior was sitting somewhere behind her on the floor as well but she ignored him when he tapped her back, “Thanks Uncle Max. I had a blast.”

Uncle Max gave her a wicked smile then looked around her at Junior but she kept her gaze on him. She was wondering what that look was about then she felt a hand come around her waist and pull her back. Instinct told her to fight but she knew it was her cousin playing again.

She was on her knees so when Junior pulled her back between his legs, she ended up on her butt with her legs spread out inside his. Her back was to his chest and he lowered his head over her shoulder. Junior kissed her neck and it drove her mad. His hands moved up under her shirt to cup her uncovered, braless breast. He began rubbing them and she instantly melted against him.

“Mmmm,” she squirmed.

“So Tiny…my dad says you fucked your father,” Junior whispered in her ear. “Did you fuck Uncle Reggie?”

She’d always hated that nick name, Tiny. Her Uncle Max had started calling her tiny years ago when she was the only girl who hadn’t developed breast in the family. It always rubbed her the wrong way but now it didn’t bother her quite so much. Especially not while Junior, her drop dead gorgeous cousin, was kneading them. His hands were so warm and it felt to damn good to complain about a measly nick name. “Uh huh,” she licked her lips.

“Did you like it Tiny? Did you like fucking Uncle Reggie,” Junior nibbled on her ear?

“I loved it,” she moaned. “Are you both going to stick your rods in me too,” she breathed? When Uncle Max went to his knees she gasped. They were going to fuck her right here in her house with her parents upstairs and it excited the hell out of her. Her pussy was so wet and aching that she was trying to wiggle her panties off even before Uncle Max pulled them free. She was so happy she’d decided to wear a little ruffle skirt today and that her dad had sprayed his cum in her mouth earlier and not her pussy. Her uncle paid no attention to the skirt when he lowered his head between her legs and feasted on her soaking wet cunt.

“Tiny baby,” her uncle said as he sucked on her nub, “you taste as good as your mother sweetie.” He pulled her down so she was lying on her back and not on Junior.

Through her pleasured haze, she noticed that Junior was taking off her top. He had taken his shirt off and was working off his shorts as he sucked her huge nipples. He lifted his mouth off of her nipple and kissed her on the mouth.

This whole weekend had been strange because none of the men in her family had ever touched her in a sexual way before today. Never had they done anything remotely suggestive or said anything that could be construed as sexual to her or any other girls in the family. But then, she thought to herself, she wasn’t a woman. That was it, she surmised. They must only approach you when you became of age, when you turn eighteen.

Junior slipped her his tongue then sucked on hers. It was enough to catch her attention and pull her from her thoughts. He raised his head and placed his cock on her lips, spreading the creamy bead of liquid on the tip like her favorite lip gloss. Her eyes opened wide when she got a look at her cousin’s massive cock. If she placed her wrist together they wouldn’t be thicker than the beautiful dick she was looking at. It was even bigger and longer than her father’s.

“I fucked your mother Tiny,” Junior smiled, “Aunt Cheri’s pussy was good but I just know yours will be just as sweet if not better.”

“Ohhhh….fuckkkkk,” she screamed as she came in her uncle’s mouth. There was only a second for her to swallow what her cousin had just told her. “You fucked my mom,” she moaned as she looked at Junior. He flashed another sexy smile she imagined only the devil would display then nodded.

“I’ve been fucking your mother since she turned eighteen sweetheart,” Uncle Max added. His face was wet with her cum so she squirmed with anticipation. He moved around to the side of her face. “Her pussy is sweet Junior, have a taste.”

And he did. Junior licked and slurped her pussy until she actually screamed his name. He laughed as he told her how sweet she tasted and how hers may be his favorite out of all the pussy he’d eaten including both their mom’s. submissive cuckolds porno That made her cum again while she sucked her uncle’s cock. Uncle Max’s rod was curved and long but not as long or as big as her dad’s and Junior’s. She had no problem sucking him as he pounded her mouth.

Uncle Max groaned then pulled his cock from her mouth. He was a fit man so it was nothing for him to pull her up on her knees. He leaned her over so he was behind her then began licking her neck. “I’m going to fuck your cunt then I’m going to fuck your ass Tiny.” And with no more warnings, he rammed his long pole inside her twat. Junior then offered her mouth his huge dick again. She moaned and squealed as her uncle fucked her, cumming over his hardness twice as he grunted.

Then oh too soon he pulled out of her cunny. Uncle Max rose up, pulling her to her feet. He sat on the edge of the sofa, turning her around to face away from him. The pulled her down, slowly aligning her asshole with his cock. He pushed the tip of his rod in her reluctant hole until the tip was all in then he pulled her down, impaling her. Sky let out an agonizing cry of pained pleasure. She wasn’t an anal virgin but his assault was unexpected.

“Shhhh Tiny,” Junior captured her lips with his. He lifted her legs and nestled his toned body between them, causing her to lie back on her uncle chest. The position was only uncomfortable because her uncle’s cock was balls deep in her ass and he was grinding it inside her. Junior kissed her passionately as he rubbed his cock’s head up and down her vagina. “I’m going to make you feel good.”

Junior prodded her tight pussy with his mammoth cock, slowly and methodically gaining entry. It was the most amazingly good feeling she’d ever felt in her life. Junior continued to push inside her making her scream her pleasure. And when he leaned over her and began slowly moving in and out of her swollen hole, perfecting a deadly sweet rhythm, she began to cry as she moaned and screamed. He growled like an animal as he filled her completely. With a dick in her pussy and one in her ass the world began to spin.

“Are those happy tears beautiful,” Junior kissed a tear from her cheek. She nodded, unable to vocalize a single word. Hell, all sound seemed to escape her as she silently moaned and screamed as she was being fucked raw. When she found her voice it didn’t even sound like her. She wailed and screamed like an injured cat. Sky was amazed that Junior was able to talk because he had been making as much noise as she was now. Even Uncle Max was grunting and moaning with every pump he made.

“I’m fucking cumming Tiny. Squeeze your Uncle’s cock dry baby,” Uncle Max yelled.

Junior moved so fast she didn’t have a moment to protest. He pulled out of her warm cunt and pulled Sky off his father’s pole just before it erupted. He then lifted Sky and was carrying her up the stairs and to her room as his father yelled curses and threats at him.

“What are you doing,” she laughed as she nestled her face in his neck.

Junior kissed her forehead. “I’m whisking you away.” He opened her bedroom door and laid her on the bed. “I want you all to myself.”

Sky scooted up on her bed as Junior climbed over her. His blue eyes sparkled with some kind of emotion before he kissed her again. He gripped his shaft and pushed inside her. Immediately they both moaned. Again, Sky couldn’t hold back her tears.

“I want to live and die inside you,” he told her as he slowly made love to her. The feeling was so new because everyone had fucked her up until now. He continued his muffled kisses as he held one of her legs up and opened her eyes to the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Junior was young and energetic so it was no surprised that he had the endurance of an energizer battery and she loved every second. And when he was close he asked, “Can I cum inside you beautiful?”

“Please,” she begged. She didn’t think it was possible but his cock seemed to harden a little more. That ordinarily wouldn’t matter but with his girth it was life shattering for both of them. He swelled then filled her with hot spunk and they both cried to the heavens.

Junior didn’t fall over her. Instead he moved over and laid half over the side of her body and half on the bed. He laid his head on her chest and because both of them were drained, they fell asleep.

It was hours later that Sky eased out from under him to go to the bathroom. Junior grabbed her hand. “Hurry back,” he told her with a smile.

When she returned he was sitting up, resting his back on her headboard with her sheet covering him. He held out his arm to welcome her. She took his hand and snuggled under the sheet beside him. “I’m curious cousin,” she said looking into his eyes, “Are you moving in?”

He gave her a quick kiss on the lips and laughed. “I wish I could.”

She wished he could too. Sky had secretly been in love with her cousin taboo heat porno for a long time. She had even mocked married him when they were seven. Now eighteen, she would totally marry him for real, except for that pesky detail of him being her cousin and knowing what kind of weekend she’d had. Fucking her was one thing but they could never be. He would never want her like she wanted him. Whatever, she thought as she pushed the thought away. “So, how long have you’ve known about our family’s dirty little secret,” she asked?

“Since I was thirteen. I saw my dad and Aunt Lacy playing nice at the family reunion. I was confused, yelled a lot then I ran away.”

“I remember that,” she said. “We looked for you for hours.”

He laughed. “Yeah, well when they found me I refused to talk to my dad so my mom came to me and explained it all. She said that my dad’s side of the family has lived like this since the early 1800’s. She explained that there are a few rules. The most important is that no one under the age of eighteen can ever be touched. Another is they have to be willing. Everyone doesn’t partake in the families trysts though. And you can decide at anytime to opt out. I can’t say that I fully understood it all then, I wasn’t old enough to grasp it all. I was scared that my parents were getting a divorce but then they opened up a world of possibilities for my future.”

Sky remembered the family reunion and the day they found Junior. She was so relieved because everyone was so worried. The next day of the reunion Junior came running towards her and grabbed her hand. She knew Uncle Max was yelling something to him as he pulled her into the dense patch of woods behind the bathrooms. Junior grabbed her by her shoulders that day and kissed her. It wasn’t the smoothest kiss she’d ever had but it was her first and she never forgot it. “Really, you can opt out,” she asked? Not that she was ready to give Junior up now that she had him. Funny how she was just telling her dad how the guy she wanted wouldn’t be with her, now he was lying in her bed with her.

“Apparently your mom participated until she met your dad and opted out. Then just a month ago she called my mom and decided it was time to reenter the fold. I think it was because of you.” He kissed her again. “Are you planning on opting out beautiful?”

She looked away. “I don’t know. Last week I didn’t think I’d be fucking my father, a few of his friends and my uncle and cousin all in the span of a few days. I mean, I want kids and a family eventually and I don’t think I could ask my husband to participant in this.”

Junior slid his arm from under her and hovered over her face. “Do you like it, fucking our dads, the club members, and me freely,” he asked, looking very serious?

She’d never been a liar and even if the truth painted her a slut, she would own it. “Yes,” she winced.

“Then you fuck them until you don’t want to anymore.” He lay back down and pulled her over him so that she was covering him.

“Why did you say them? Are opting out Junior?” Her heart beat sped up and her throat dried up. It would be awful to get her hands on him just to lose him in the same day. “Do you have a steady girl you’d give it up for?”

He rubbed her ass and narrowed his eyes like he was thinking then he placed them behind his head. He inhaled then exhaled slowly. “There’s a girl I would give this up for.”

Oh no the hell he didn’t come all the way from that preppy ass rich boy college three thousand miles away just to fuck her and her mother like they were prizes he was entitled to just to leave and never look back. Sky narrowed her eyes as she pushed off his chest and got to her feet. “Great,” she yelled as she backed away from his grasping hand, “tell her your cousin gives you an A in dick control.”

Junior got to his feet and lunged for her. She wasn’t as fast as him so she didn’t get far. He slammed into her, grabbing her around the waist. He pivoted right before she slammed into her dresser, taking the blunt of the impact but he didn’t gain any sympathy points from her. The dresser shook when he hit it then they fell to the floor. Sky tried crawling away and managed to get to her feet but he quickly got to his feet and pinned her to the wall.

“What the hell is going on in here,” her father asked as he pushed her bedroom door open?

Junior looked over his shoulder, “Nothing Uncle Reggie.” He pressed his erection in her back.

“Sky,” her father asked?

“Nothing daddy, Junior’s just an asshole,” she yelled.

Her father laughed as he backed out of her room. “Ok, just try not to destroy everything. And we’re all going out to eat later so clean up and get dressed.” She saw her dad’s lustful gaze as his eyes moved over her body then he raise a brow, smiled then close her door.

She realized then that she and Junior were stark naked and he was pinning her face flat to the wall. “Get off me,” she spat. Only her words lost their venom when he kissed her shoulder.

“I like where I am,” he grinned. She tried to head butt him but he jerked his head back. “I thought we were having a good time Tiny. Why all the hostility?”

“What’s her name, this girl you like?” She tried pushing away from the wall but it only made his body rub against her more.

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