Nisan 17, 2021

Surreptitious Love Ch. 81

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Nguyet, Thanh, and I had found an afternoon on which we would go to the hot springs together. All three of us were excited, since running around naked and giving in to one’s lust outside was probably the most sensually arousing pastime. Thanh and I had been to said thermal springs two weeks earlier, and we had loved it: we had bathed in the warm pool, drank sparkling wine, and then fucked twice. And peed once.

When Nguyet called me three days before we would go, I was alarmed. Had she changed her mind, or did she have to work during her long lunch hour, all of a sudden? No, we were still on, but she wanted me to come to her house over lunch the next day. She didn’t say why, but when I asked her if she was just horny, she told me that it wasn’t about sex, which I liked as that would give me two more days to garner a large load.

Of course, I started to think about what my visit could be about as soon as I had put down the phone, but I didn’t want to call her back. Perhaps it wasn’t anything negative, and she had a sweet surprise for me? Anyway, she had told me to get to her place around 11; her son would be at kindergarten, while her mother was at a funeral two towns over. So, we would be alone and, I was sure, would end up fucking a little. Oh, well, so be it.

When Nguyet heard me coming, she stepped out from the kitchen, which was around the corner in the back of her house. She was walking towards me but then went into the bathroom, after she had playfully lifted up her skirt. She seemed in good spirits, and I so followed her. Leaning against the doorframe, I watched her pee.

“You couldn’t have waited another minute?” I teased her, alluding to our frequent peeing games.

I could hear the pan sizzle in the kitchen but, otherwise, it was completely quiet in the house—apart from the titillating noise of her urine leaving her beautiful body and hitting the water underneath. Nguyet had lifted her skirt up fully, and so I could see her bush. She dabbed herself, looking at me. Then she got up, flushed, and pulled her panties up.

“Well, after lunch, maybe,” she only said.

She had probably meant that she might pee on me later.

So I peed now, by myself, since she had walked past me to go back to the kitchen. Well, the peeing together hadn’t really been all that important to me a minute ago; I had just wanted to tease her. And peeing together was best anyway during arousal or after sex. When I stepped into the kitchen, Nguyet was standing at the cooker and turned around. She laughed alluringly, and so I stood behind her and reached around her upper body with both arms. I caressed her belly and breasts through the fabric of her thin dress and noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I unbuttoned the front of the dress and reached inside. She squeaked a little when I pressed one of her boobs, but then I opened the front and let her tits snap out. I put my chin on her shoulder and watched my hand play with her little fruits. Her nipples were caught between my index and middle fingers, and I kissed her ear.

She had turned off the stove but was still holding the chopsticks in her hand, like she was thinking about what to do next. Absentmindedly, she stirred the food some more, like she didn’t want to move away. So, I reached down and lifted up her dress slowly. I looked at her sweet little bum, which was clad in whitish older panties. When she still didn’t move, I caressed and squeezed her butt cheeks a bit and then pulled her panties down. It was really quiet in the house, now that the sizzling in the pan had stopped. All we could hear was our horny panting. But when I ruffled her furry triangle in the front, it felt strange. I turned her towards me and looked down. She was holding the hem of her dress and still had her panties on her knees.

“Oops, what happened there?” I asked her, laughing.

It looked like she had wanted to trim her bush but had slipped with the scissors a few times.

“Ben, that’s why you’re here today. I … I wanted to cut my hair down there a bit, but somehow … I couldn’t manage to get it right. Well, I want you to help me … before I mess it up completely.”

Looking at her bush, I scratched my head, like a car mechanic who just got some jalopy towed into his garage. If I had been wearing a cap, I would have pushed it to the back of my head. Well, I used to cut hair, but that had been in the army, 30 years earlier. I still cut my hair myself, but I used a machine. Was pubic hair any different? At least, Nguyet’s was fairly straight. And she had a lot, so I still had quite a bit to work with. Well, somehow, we’d get it done.

“Sure, will do,” I said in a decidedly reassuring tone. “But why? I mean, why does it matter? Was it just too much? I mean, I always loved it …”

“Hey, let’s eat first,” she reminded me, avoiding an answer for now.

The curve of my arousal had flattened anyway, and so I sat down. Nguyet pulled her underwear up, and put everything on the table. I still loved kartal escort the scene when she had pulled her panties back up, even though they had gone in the wrong direction. Apparently, she had even tried to trim her hair in her ass crack a bit. I remembered that being longer, too. Nguyet put some tea on the table and sat down next to me at her side of the corner. I looked at her dress, whose buttons were still open, and was tempted to reach inside to get her breast out again. Oh well, perhaps we should eat first.

Since she still hadn’t told me why she wanted to trim her bush, I thought that there was some embarrassing reason, so I didn’t insist. Instead, I asked a little more about the details of the project:

“Do you want me to cut it really short or even shave it, partially? Or do you want everything gone, perhaps?”

“Oh, no. I mean, I like my hair down there … no, that would be strange … like a child. No, just prune and thin it out a bit, huh?” she laughed.

I nodded, and we started to eat. We didn’t say much for the next ten minutes, and when I was done eating, I moved a little closer to her. I put my hand on her thigh, and she fumbled her panties off her legs, which she then put on the table, next to her bowl. She lifted up her dress, so that I could see the mess again that her pruning had caused:

“Look! The hairs are longer on one side … that’s where I messed up.”

She was probably concerned that she might look silly in front of Thanh two days hence, at the hot springs. I had put my hand on her thigh to start our fore-play, but she had read it as an attempt to discuss the details of her bush-trimming project. Well, we did need to take care of that, she was right. And so I looked at the accident like an experienced coiffeur, who needed to fix a botched attempt of self-improvement. Upon second thought, it didn’t seem so bad, I decided. The only thing I had to do was to trim her hair on the longer side as short as it already was on the other, without having to cut the shorter side even shorter. That could be done easily, I reckoned.

When I realized that my dick was pumping itself up, I took off my pants and underwear and sat on them. Nguyet sheepishly glanced at my dick like she had never seen it before and turned towards me. She rolled her dress up, so that her bush would stay exposed, and we leaned towards each other. We kissed and then looked around the kitchen to see if there wasn’t a good spot for a quick fuck.

In the end, we both proposed in unison: “Hey, let’s go upstairs.”

Mechanically, Nguyet put the dishes together for later like we weren’t half-naked. She carried them over to the small section on the floor that was rimmed by a six-inch wall, where the drain was. Finally, she took her panties off the table, and we were ready.

“Now, tell me, why did you want to trim your bush to begin with?” I asked her finally on the way up.

“Because of Thanh, of course,” she told me with a tone in her voice like that was the most obvious thing in the world.

Thanh, Nguyet, and I had met for coffee last week but then ended up at Nguyet’s office in the model home in the suburbs, where we had fucked about to warm up for the hot springs. That little threesome had been thoroughly enjoyable but Nguyet and I had both noticed that Thanh had been a little sheepish leaning into Nguyet’s large, thick, dense bush. For the first time, Thanh had had sex during her period, which she had enjoyed immensely, though. She had sucked Nguyet’s little titties and, apparently, she had liked it so much that she had still raved about it a few days later when we had spoken over the phone.

“Did Thanh complain that your bush is too large? I mean, she lay down on you … did you get the impression that she was turned off or even disgusted?” I inquired.

Upstairs, in her room, Nguyet took her dress off and sat down on the bed.

“Well, she didn’t say anything, of course, but, mind you, I could see her face, while you were banging her from behind. It looked like it took her some effort …”

“Well, that was her very first time with a woman … so your theory is that if we trim your bush, it’ll be easier for her? But Thanh’s bush and pussy aren’t particularly small either,” I reminded her.

“Sure, it was her first time, I know. But I want to make it easier for her. I don’t want to go to the thermal springs and then she feels obligated to lick me or put her face in my lap when she doesn’t really want to …”

“Ok, I’ll see what I can do,” I told her. “Sure, it’ll be better if Thanh actually likes your pussy …” I laughed.

When I was standing in front of her with my pretty erect dick, thoughts seemed to be racing through Nguyet’s mind behind her forehead. And probably further down, the fluids were racing, too. Since I didn’t think it would take long to fix her botched pussy-haircut, I stepped closer, and she snapped after my glans like a hungry animal. After she had greedily sucked maltepe escort bayan and licked for a few minutes, she let it out of her mouth, took a deep breath, sighed, and said:

“The scissors are on the desk over there. Let me get a comb, too … when we’re done, we’ll fuck a little, ok? But please get the hair done first, will ya?”

Of course, she looked hot the way she was sitting in front of me, but she was right: if I banged now, we’d have to take a shower next, and all I would do then, the last half an hour, was pruning her bush. No, it made much more sense to do that as a foreplay, as I only wanted to fuck once that day to save some energy for the much more rousing prospect of spending two naked hours with the ladies two days hence. And, after looking at Nguyet’s pussy for 30 minutes while trimming her bush, I sure would want to bang her properly.

Nguyet still asked if I wanted her to take a shower first or if she should rather sit on a chair, but I liked the aroma between her legs. Just as it was. So, I folded the blanket once and spread it on the floor. I kneeled down between her thighs and got started. First, I combed her hair thoroughly and made a plan where to start.

“Just tell me again what exactly you want, Nguyet!” I asked her.

“Well, can you get the triangle a little slimmer and shorten the hair a bit, too? And then, of course, next to my pussy, which otherwise Thanh won’t be able to find …” she laughed.

Nguyet was right. If she brushed her hair over her pussy, one couldn’t see it at first glance, which I had always found hot, partially because it was so unusual. It also increased the contrast between her decidedly cultured personality — she was smart, interested in science and math, and she could draw extremely well — and her wild, natural side. Frankly, Nguyet’s pussy looked like an animal’s. Not that I had ever seen one, though.

While I now started at the top, trying to get both sides of her triangle to the same length, I kept glancing at her beautiful trim body, which was heaving slightly. I could also hear her breathe. I noticed her erect nipples, which were pointing at the ceiling, since she had already fallen back on her back. Nguyet was almost 34 now, but she still sported that curious, hot mixture of a mature MILF and a teenager. She didn’t have a single ounce of superfluous fat on her body. Her pussy was still closed and seemed to be resting like a small animal under all that thicket. I kept quiet, like I didn’t want to wake it until I was done.

“Have you talked to Thanh in the meantime?” I asked her to distract myself.

When Nguyet didn’t reply, I thought she had dozed off and didn’t ask again. But then, she said:

“Yes, on Zalo,” which was a Vietnamese chat platform.

“She told me what you did the last six weeks,” Nguyet added and giggled. “Do you know what I like best?”

“No,” I just said but then rummaged through my memory.

I liked our very first time. And, then, of course, our afternoon at the hot springs.

“The thermal springs?” I thus surmised.

“No, when you came on her body from like three feet away. When you jerked off in front of her when she was masturbating …”

The way Nguyet had said it had been hot. But yeah, that had been great.

“Well, since she’d been ovulating … and Thanh had never seen a man jerk off …” I reminded Nguyet, almost sounding like I was apologizing.

“I’d like that, too,” Nguyet admitted. “We’ve never done that either. I’ve never seen a man come …” she reminded me now.

“Just ask Vu,” I teased her, “the next time you’re ovulating.”

Nguyet had started a ribald affair with a young man, Vu, who was 21 and a former student of mine. She kept bragging to me how often he could do it, like three times in two hours. Or an hour-and-a-half.

“He isn’t into playful sex. All he wants is to fuck. If I’m ovulating, we use condoms. But don’t get me wrong, he’s tender, but he doesn’t like spending his load outside of me,” she laughed. “He would probably just give me a weirded-out look if I ask him to come on my body …”

“Well, couldn’t you blow him or give him a nice, oily handjob? And then he could come on you … but, knowing him, he’d probably just tell you to ask me,” I laughed now.

“Yeah, you’re right. That’s exactly what he would say …”

I was done with her triangle now and pretty pleased with my job. Her hair was short around the edges but longer in the middle. It looked hot. Perhaps, I should start trimming her bush periodically?

I looked at her groins now, thinking where to start.

“But, Nguyet when we are at the private pool, we’ll be naked the whole time, won’t we?” I asked her.

“Well, that’s what you did with Thanh the last time, didn’t you? If Thanh gets naked, I’ll do it, too …” she assured me and slid upwards on the bed so that I could get to her perineum more easily.

Her cunt was exuding a slightly pungent aroma already. Maybe she escort pendik had showered in the morning, but it smelled more like last night, before she had gone to bed. When I saw that her clit was completely covered by hair, I combed the hair around it but then took off half-an-inch. Now, her clit snuffled at me like a hedgehog’s nose.

“Did you try to trim your hair in your butt crack as well?” I asked, so that I knew what still lay ahead of me.

She laughed and lifted up her ass.

“Yeah, look, but I cut myself.”

Sure, there was a small, dark-red cut. Nguyet now spread her legs as wide as she could, and her pussy snapped open. I licked my finger and comforted her butt first, but I was sure tempted to bend forward into her treasure.

Her groins were now done as well; they were still slightly hairy but it sure looked more inviting now, especially for a newbie like Thanh. I wondered if Thanh would notice Nguyet’s new hairdo.

Chuffed with what I had already accomplished, I found it time to wake up the sleeping giant. Gently, I pulled her pussy lips a little more open, which she noticed, of course. She moved a bit and seemed to want to say something, but I spoke first:

“Yeah, yeah, I know: Business before pleasure.”

“Ben, I’m so grateful. When you’re done, you can do whatever you want …

Naturally, that was music to my ears, and so I took her clit between my lips and stared to suck it. Then I licked her sharp, black inner labia, which reminded me of the hood of a cobra, and said ‘hi’ to her urethra. Just when I wanted to push my middle finger inside her velvety sheath, a large, crystal-clear drop of nectar rolled out, which I used to coat the whole area. Everything was pulsating, like she was about to give birth. When there was another fat drop, I took some to rub her nipples. As petite as Nguyet was, I could pretty much always reach everything.

Of course, I was ready and tempted to just mount her, but the haircut wasn’t completely done yet. I asked her to kneel on the bed, so that I could thin out her butt crack a bit. Her hairs back there were too short to comb, and so I asked her to pull her cheeks apart, which she gladly did. Some more of her aroma came wafting towards me, and when I was done, I put the scissors on the floor and admired my work. I looked into her dark, velvety sheath and pressed my tongue into the pumping hole. She moaned wholeheartedly and sighed:

“C’mon, let’s do it.”

My dick had been half-erect during the whole haircut-thing, but I was stiff from kneeling down to fuck her right way. So I heartily smacked her ass a few times, and she turned again and lay on her back. It was funny how she understood that language. I brushed the hairs off the bed first, however, and put them on the desk, stretching once more before I would lie down on her. When I turned around though, she was standing in front of the mirror, admiring her bush. She smiled coquettishly and seemed rather pleased.

“So, you have a wish!” she laughed.

I lay down on the bed and pointed at my dick. First, she took it in her hand but then wrapped her mouth around my glans. In the warmth, my cock grew quickly, and when she felt he was ready, she pulled her gorgeous body over it. Initially, I had wanted to lick her for a bit, but now I just gave in to the dynamics of the moment. I always liked licking the opening of her urethra, but we were going to see each other again in just two days. I was glad that everything had turned out so well, and let her sheath milk me.

At some point, I reached for her ass cheeks and assisted in the bobbing and swaying. I admired her new haircut, the one on her head: having her hair parted to the side looked hot. After she had been riding me for ten minutes, I pulled her closer, and she lay down on me. Her breasts were pressing against mine, but then she wanted me to lie on top of her. Of course, I obliged and banged her for another few minutes in the missionary position. My balls were banging against her newly coiffed perineum, while she cooed and hollered with her mouth wide open. We rejoiced absentmindedly, and I came lavishly after I had pulled her head into my chest hair with both arms. I kept lying on top of her, until my dick slipped out. Before I dismounted, we kissed profusely, but then she suggested we take a quick shower.

“I gotta go back to the office,” she added, seeming in a hurry.

When I looked at my cock, I saw that there were some hairs on it. She laughed, took my hand and pulled me towards the bathroom. Up here, on the second floor, there was only a simple shower but since the water was stored on the roof, it was pleasantly warm. After a while, she put my hand between her legs, where I felt the warm jet of her pee. I let go, too, as that was the most natural thing in the world.

“There’s an outdoor shower at the private pool …” I began.

Nguyet immediately knew what I meant: “Yeah, Thanh told me …” she laughed.

“Did she tell you how she peed on me?” I was curious.

“Yeah, she did, of course,” Nguyet giggled.

Back in her room, I got dressed, while Nguyet was looking at her freshly trimmed bush once more. I still found it bigger than most women’s, perhaps because Nguyet was so petite.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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