Mayıs 29, 2021

Suhani and Maria

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Suhani wasn’t thrilled when I started going to the gym. She worried that I would meet other girls there. Or more specifically, she worried that other girls would meet me. “Of course you would never do anything wrong, Pete.” she would say with her soft little hand on my arm. “You’re such a gentleman. But some girls aren’t ladies, you know. Some of them just join gyms so they can ogle hot guys who are trying to stay fit.”

Suhani was a real sweetheart. She loved paintings and sunsets and to be held lovingly after sex. All the stereotypically romantic stuff. She was the sort of girl who’d cook me an amazing saag paneer but who I didn’t like staying over for too long because she’d try to order the cutlery in my drawer or nag me to put up some decorations in the foyer. I’m a man, and men don’t need little bottles of paper flowers or doilies with “every day is a new day” crocheted on them in purple and pink. I would put them up for a day or two so her feelings wouldn’t be hurt, but I couldn’t leave them up for too long.

Much as I adored Suhani, she could be a bit stuffy at times, a bit boring. She would pester me to come try out one of those newfangled food truck with her. Some sort of fusion taco place. That was her idea of adventure, but I don’t get my food from trucks. I’d take her out for steaks instead, but even I could see she didn’t care for steakhouses.

Suhani and I often found ourselves without common interests. She didn’t like cars, she didn’t like basketball. She was short and a little insecure about her weight, but not fat. She had firm breasts that poked out of her shirt and long dark hair that fell past her plump ass. The sort of smile that could talk a man down off a ledge. She could empathise with any problem, but rarely had advice beyond ‘smile more’ or ‘don’t worry, things will get better I’m sure’.

Suhani would be even less thrilled if she knew the main reason I joined the gym was so I could ogle hot girls as they tried to stay fit. And being the gentleman I was, I would offer to help them rack their weights, spot them, or just give them helpful little tips. I loved the gym. The testosterone, the rush, the burn. The sweating girls as they honed their asses on stairs and treadmills. It was the perfect place to get away from Suhani.

Suhani was also dull when it came to sex. She liked straight missionary, and would shoot down my suggestions to experiment. She gave halfhearted blowjobs, thought porn was nasty, and never took the vibe I got her out of its packaging. All this isn’t to say I expected her to be my therapist and meet all my sexual desires, but I wanted more. I needed more. Just a little excitement. Someone to make me forget my problems, not wave them away. Her smile was wonderful, but sometimes it could get grating. I needed someone to blow my mind, and my cock.

I needed Maria. We’d traded glances at the gym a few times, and even had a friendly fight over who got to use the last treadmill. I let her have it because I was a gentleman, and because I had no interest in using the treadmill. She soon caught me checking out her long legs and tipped me a broad wink. It was all I could think of all day, and I replayed that wink over and over as Suhani and I fucked that night. She looked a little surprised at my forcefulness, but I didn’t care. It was all I could do to avoid groaning ‘Maria’ as I pulled out and blew my load on her stomach.

Maria was everything Suhani gazed longingly at in her fashion magazines: tall, thin, and with the sort of breasts I would need to sprout two more hands to fully appreciate. Her hair was crimson and cut in a sophisticated bob that accentuated her sly face. A face seductive like a fox. When Suhani smiled I felt at ease, but when Maria smiled, it was like she was evaluating and challenging me. She was daring me to make a move. I did, and we were soon talking.

As we saw each other in the gym more, we would chat over deadlifts and leg presses. I took care not to give out personal information beyond my name, and so did she. She knew I loved nice cars and drove a mustang, I knew she had done gymnastics in middle school before before her breasts came in. We both loved basketball. The anonymity provided a certain provocative air that I’m sure we both felt. It was just two hot and sweaty strangers chatting about who was going to win the eastern conference and laughing at loaded quips about balls and rims.

Suhani wasn’t into sports except, inexplicably, soccer. The only times I ever saw her delicate features and big brown eyes harden into anger was when her beloved Barcelona lost. Then she’d curse with a venom that would shock even the most racist of football fans. I’d try to shush her so the neighbours wouldn’t hear, but these were the only times she wouldn’t listen to me. When she calmed down I would ask her about it, but she would just shake her head.

That being said, I still fondly remembered the time Barcelona had beaten illegal bahis Real Madrid 5-1. It was the only night she’d let me do anal. But try to bring up football (real football), or the NBA, or even a nice relaxing game of baseball, and Suhani would just give her lovely smile and nod along. Then she would ask me again about visiting that weird fusion taco truck, and I’d have to find another excuse not to go.

It was strange, I thought as I lay down on the bench press one day. How was I together with Suhani? She’d actually approached me at a New Year’s party and told me nobody should be alone during the holidays. Her smile and her personality was uplifting. We’d shared the last of the rum punch and soon ended up in the bathroom where I’d hoisted her petite frame up on the sink and fucked her until the entire house could hear.

I added more weight.

I knew the whole house could hear us because they’d all been waiting outside and burst into applause when we peeked out. Suhani had been mortified, but eventually returned my calls and agreed to go see an art exhibit. I remember she mentioned liking romantic art, and I’d heard the local gallery was running an exhibit celebrating it. ‘300 Years of Love Around the World’, or something like that. I thought it would show my sensitive side. Turns out the romantic movement was some sort of European artistic movement a couple hundred years ago that had nothing to do with romance, just emotions or some shit. I dunno: I still can’t figure the two apart. At least all the paintings of people making out or staring lovingly at each other set a nice mood.

I added more weight.

All our best memories seemed to involve Suhani’s tenderness and compassion when I’d needed it most. She could make anyone feel worthwhile, and the sex, while not exciting, was at least fulfilling. I was less empty when she was around.

My arms buckled.

Maria caught the bar before it could crack my chest. “You look like you need rescuing.” She helped me ease it back into its bracket.

“Thanks.” I grunted, sitting up like it was no big deal. “You saved my life there. However can I repay you?” She just stared at me with her hands on her hips and a smirk on her face. I flexed and tried to flirt back.

Twenty minutes later we crashed through my front door, tongues intertwined, hands probing each other’s nooks and crannies. This was it. Weeks of fantasising about Maria and her perfect body. All those times I’d thought about her as I’d undressed Suhani, imagining that it was Maria I was kissing. When I pushed Suhani over the dining room table, she sort of flopped over onto it. When I pushed Maria back over the dining room table, she bent with the push, her back arcing like a gymnast’s.

She steadied herself by grabbing onto my neck. When she pushed me against the wall, I stroked her glossy hair and let her mouth work its way down my chest. Her hips ground against my hardening cock and she looked up to give me another smirk as her belly rubbed it up and down. I nearly lost it and soaked us both right there, but I’d worked on lasting longer and fought the rising pressure behind my navel back down. No, for Maria I would hold it.

I picked Maria up around the waist, carried her into my room, and tossed her giggling onto my bed. Our shirts came off at the same time. Maria unclasped her bra and gave it a casual toss over my head, and finally her tits jiggled before me in all their naked glory. I dove onto the bed like I was aiming for a perfect ten. I used first one hand, then the other. Then both hands and my mouth. I fondled, kissed, sucked, and stroked every nanometer of those splendid breasts. I ran my tongue over her tits, thrust my face between them and just inhaled, and all the while she was reaching down, tugging away my pants, pulling at my boxers, caressing my cock.

Maria pushed me onto my back and slowly ran her tongue up and down my thighs. She curled up next to my chest like an animal getting comfortable and popped my shaft into her mouth, taking it right down to the base in a single gulp. I exhaled, frozen, as she slid her lips over my cock, all the way up to the tip of my bulging head, then back down until the hair on my balls tickled her chin. It was divine. I hadn’t felt this good in ages and it wasn’t long before I could feel the pressure building up again, radiating from my navel down to my balls. My cock ached. Perhaps Maria could sense I was near because she hopped to her feet and stood over me as she dropped her pants and underwear in a single swoop.

Her pussy was neatly shaved with a bright red landing strip over her glistening clit. I tried to sit and admire it up close, but Maria was having none of it. She held me down then lowered her lithe body onto me until the head of my cock slipped past her lips into her warmth. I groaned and again fought back the building pressure, but Maria was a juggernaut in bed. She squatted over me as she rode, illegal bahis siteleri pounding her ass against my groin and thighs, shaved pussy on full display, all her weight coming down over and over onto my swollen member, her gaze fixed down on me triumphantly. No woman had ever ridden me like this, no woman had ever made me feel as though all the pleasure in my body was about to burst out of my cock with each thrust of her body.

Maria placed a palm on my belly. The other hand reached behind and under her ass and caressed my balls. She was saying something to me, something fucking dirty and horrible, and I was responding in kind, though I couldn’t hear anything over the thwap of skin and the wet squelch as my glistening cock appeared from between her pink cunt then disappeared back in.

“You’re close, aren’t you?” she asked, giving my balls a squeeze. The pressure inside me burst up through my cock. There was no time to pull out. I came in her and she just kept riding, the cum dripping from her cunt and down my cock until it was white. I nearly blacked out. When I finally finished she looked down at me like a fox looking down at a mouse. “Now that was impressive.” she said, leaning back on her haunches.

I was a little guilty about cheating on Suhani, but the knowledge that I had just had the best sex of my life helped me get over it. Suhani couldn’t make it over tomorrow. Work, probably. She lived on the other side of town to be closer to her job, so that meant I was on my own. And it suited me now because all I could think of was Maria and how our next time would go. But before I could message her, she messaged me. She wanted to come over again. I caught myself from answering too quickly, but could only wait a minute before agreeing. A simple ‘yeah, sounds good when you free’, and soon we’d agreed to meet again in a few days.

Whatever Suhani didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her, and I needed this. I deserved it. Maria was a revelation, and being with her again was worth any guilt.

The days flew by until the date of our rendez-vous came up. Suhani had been distant, but I wasn’t thinking about her. I was on the balls of my feet, waiting for the doorbell to ring. When it did, I found Maria carrying a shopping bag. “Something special.” she said, giving me a quick kiss. “We’re going to do things a little different this time.” I wanted nothing more than to just undress and have sex with that beautiful body of hers, but I agreed. I would have agreed if she’d told me we were flying to the sun. Maria led me into my room and told me to undress. When I stood naked in front of her, she reached into her bag and pulled out a pair of fuzzy purple handcuffs.

I grinned. “Now we’re talking. Turn around and I’ll cuff you.”

“No,” she said, her face slyer than ever, “I’m going to cuff you, Pete. Sit down against that radiator and don’t struggle.” I was reluctant to be handcuffed, but Maria was gyrating seductively, and was she ever dressed to kill. The curvature of her ass was just poking out beneath her miniskirt, black lingerie held her breasts under a translucent pink blouse, and her fiery hair was tied up in twin pigtails that bounced with each shake of her hips. My cock was standing to attention.

“Come on, are you afraid of your medicine?” I asked.

Maria ignored me. “Don’t leave me waiting.” she said, twirling the fuzzycuffs over her head like a violet lasso. “The show is about to start, but the audience needs to find his seat.” I sat against the radiator and let her cuff me.

“Good boy.” she said. Then she raised her voice. “The show can begin!” Footsteps sounded outside. I gave a confused look at Maria, but she was watching the door, licking her lips. What was she up to?

The door opened and Suhani peered around the room before stepping in. My heart sank. My cock went soft. Suhani was in a green dress, several inches shorter than what she normally wore. “Hi, Pete.” she said, facing me. Her face was impassive. I’d only ever seen her this emotionless was once when we’d fought over politics. But this time I had no answer.

Maria walked up behind Suhani and wrapped her pale arms around Suhani’s brown neck. “Imagine my surprise, Pete, when I found out that you have a girlfriend and still agreed to hook up with me. Naughty, naughty.” She wagged a finger under Suhani’s button nose. Suhani just stared at me. My eyes fell to the floor. The guilt of betraying her mixed with the shame of being caught, naked and handcuffed no less. I couldn’t look her in the eyes. Not after everything she had done for me. Suhani had been so innocent, so pure.

“So I decided I would track down this girlfriend of yours and apologise properly.” continued Maria. “Because, unlike you, I’m not scum.” She smiled foxily. “But what really pissed me off wasn’t just that you were using me to have an affair. It was that you were using me to have an affair with the sweetest, most wonderful girl canlı bahis siteleri I’ve ever come across. I don’t know how that’s possible, but somehow you did it.” I looked up and Maria had her chin resting on Suhani’s shoulder. Suhani, her eyes still fixed on me, reached up and stroked Maria’s face. I shook the fuzzycuffs, but they were secure.

“She forgave me before I could even tell her I was sorry. And then we started talking. And we talked and talked. We talked about our passions and our aspirations. Did you know Suhani still dreams of being a firefighter? I doubt it because you never ask her about those sorts of things. We talked about love, relationships, and heartbreak. Suhani talked about you and how wonderful you are, or how wonderful she thought you were, and how she didn’t know what to do anymore. I told her about my own string of forgotten lovers and how I had put them behind me. We must have stayed up the entire night talking. And wouldn’t you know it, Suhani has her own dark side. Everyone does. It just needed a bit of coaxing to come out.”

Maria laughed and stretched, throwing her arms up then back around Suhani. I could have sworn we’d talked about these things before, but the guilt was beginning to wear off in favour of arousal at seeing Maria’s naked form draped over Suhani’s back. It was hard to concentrate on the past. “So the two of us were sitting there in her apartment,” continued Maria, “sipping pino and watching the sun come up when we hatched a plan.

“It’s a real shame what you did, Pete. If you would just admit what you’d done to Suhani, we agreed we’d let the whole thing slide. But you wouldn’t do that. You wanted more from me. She’s spent the last few days crying, and you didn’t even check on her. You broke her heart, Pete. And for that, you will watch me mend it.”

Only then did I realise Maria’s hands were running the length of Suhani’s body. One ran down her hip and along her thigh, the other strayed up, stroking her stomach, sliding over one breast, and softly caressing it. She turn Suhani around and bent her elegant neck down to give her a long loving kiss. Not the impatient predatory face-devouring she’d done with me. This was the sort of kiss you could end a movie on. And to my shock, Suhani returned her kiss. Suhani’s hands were reaching around Maria, pulling down her miniskirt. When Maria pulled her face away, Suhani was panting.

“Are you watching?” asked Maria, taking off her blouse and tossing it aside. I was. She kicked off her skirt and stood, black lingerie tracing out her curves, exposing as much of her skin as possible while leaving the best parts a mystery. “She wanted to protect you, Pete. She didn’t want to talk about her sex with you, but it eventually came out. All your poor performances, all your selfishness. I can’t imagine having someone as wonderful as Suhani and not trying to please her during every moment of sex.”

This was too much. “What do you mean I don’t satisfy her?” I said. “Suhani, I make you cum every time, don’t I?” Suhani said nothing.

“Clearly you don’t.” said Maria. “So watch closely and learn. This is how you make love to a woman.”

Maria unbuttoned Suhani’s emerald dress and let it fall in a heap at their feet. She unstrapped Suhani’s bra and let it fall as well. She got down on her knees and pulled Suhani’s underwear down with her teeth. Beads of liquid glistened through her neatly triangled bush. Maria bent all the way down and kissed Suhani’s feet, her ass sticking out so close I could almost prod it with a toe. She worked her way up the legs with leisurely abandon.

“Take your time.” murmured Suhani with a meaningful glance at me. Maria took her time. She caressed Suhani’s calves and turned her around again so her mouth could worship every square inch of her thighs. Suhani shuddered but didn’t protest when Maria’s sharp white teeth nipped her plump ass. I wanted to speak up, but couldn’t find the words. There was a sort of pleasure in it, you know? My cock was straining. Every guy sort of dreams of seeing his girl with another girl, but usually he’s free to join in.

I was expecting Maria to start in on Suhani’s trimmed pussy, but instead she just kept kissing her up the back, ending on her shoulders and neck. Suhani was purring almost like a cat as she turned her head around to give Maria’s vulpine face another kiss. Maria guided her new lover to the bed, my bed, and laid her down on her back, kissing her all the while. Face, shoulders, arms, neck. She shifted and turned her so I could watch as she ran her tongue along Suhani’s breasts, finishing each tit with a little nibble than made her whimper in ways I’d never heard.

Maria kissed down further and further until finally she nestled her head between Suhani’s legs. She was neither loud nor hasty but firm, and with each kiss, each lick, each nuzzle, Suhani’s gasped and whimpered louder. Maria’s hands were never still, stroking Suhani’s back and thighs. She inserted one finger then another into Suhani’s pussy, spreading her legs apart so I could see them go in and come out shining with juices. Then she lapped at Suhani’s clit, her fingers fucking her in time with each lick.

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