Mayıs 26, 2021

Stuck in the Middle with You

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Adriana Chechik

I have a difficult, and often misunderstood job. I go door to door and talk to people about issues, and ask them to give money to whichever group I am working for at the time. It’s all legitimate, don’t get me wrong, but it does require me to be out at odd hours of the night.

One thing my job is great for, however, is halloween. Cute little kids have nothing on me. I’m 5’5″ and a half, 125 lbs, well toned legs, sporting a C cup. I get candy *and* cash. It’s the greatest night of the year, as far as my career goes. My office thought it would be cute to decorate the office, and dress up, reasonably, for the holiday.

I came in wearing a burgandy peasant blouse, over a long green skirt. very renaissance. topping the whole thing off with a black corset, (a little over the top for a work day, I admit) I figured I would do fairly well that night.

Our office manager, Greg, normally looking pretty suave at a well-toned 6’3″ looked down right excellent in goth-y black cape, white ruffled shirt, and black pants. His normally dark hair seemed a shade or two darker, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he dyed it. The rest of our office was not quite so … well, halloweeny. Not in my sense of the word, anyway. Some thought it would be funny to wear masks of former presidents (and current). Never the less, the day started off normally, despite our distinct attire.

As we were getting ready to drive out to the area we would be working that night, Greg mentioned that he would be working with me for an hour, to see how I was doing. I’ll admit, the past few nights hadn’t gone so well… I was off my game. As we dropped everyone else off, Greg and I traded jokes about each other’s costume, each time implying that the other was overdressed.

“Going to get a lot of money, tonight, with that costume?”

“That was the idea.” I grinned.

“Candy too, canlı bahis but not as much as me.”

“Right, right, it would be embarrassing if the office manager didn’t make as much as the star employee.”

“Star employee? Not this week.” (We were always a bit competitive) “Speaking of which… ” He paused, pulling over to where my area of houses began, “I’ll meet you here at 8:30… go to a few houses with you, see how you’re doing. Boost that average of yours… Star.” I had to laugh at that last part.

The night went very well, as I had anticipated. Everyone was in good spirits, and if they couldn’t afford my asking amount, they gave me a few handfuls of candy. Either way you looked at it, I was doing great. At 7, the sun dissappeared entirely from the sky, and twilight turned into night. The moon peeked over the neighborhood, through the leaves of the tree-lined roads I was walking along. The houses were located on a country road, with no streetlights… it was very very dark.

“Shit..” I muttered. It was almost impossible to see where I was going, but I had been doing the job for over a year, so it didn’t really matter if I could see or not. Besides, I had to meet Greg… only… I had somehow disoriented myself. Every corner looked identical to the one past, and I couldn’t figure out which one he had dropped me off on, and damned if I could read my notes.

“When am I going to remember to bring a flashlight?” I muttered, nearly creating a lawsuit over an uneven section of sidewalk. It was particularly quiet that night, and I could have sworn I heard someone walking behind me. I glanced over my shoulder, but couldn’t see more than a few feet. Whoever it was was getting closer, so I sped up. (I’m competitive in everything, what can I say?)

I knew it was past 8:30 and I was trying not to get too worried. I’d figure it out sooner bahis siteleri or later, and if worse came to worst, I’d just call the office. Fat lot of good the office could do me in the dark, but it was a comfort to know I had my phone with me. I have very good senses, so I immediately became attentive when I felt the air around me becoming warmer.

“Now I know why you’re so late.” I was ready for the voice, though, and thankfully, it was familiar.

“Oh?” I replied, covering my surprise.

“You’ve got too much candy. You’ve been doing more trick or treating than actual work.. such a weakling. Let me help you with that.” I felt a warm hand brush my own to take my overflowing bag of candy.

“hey, get your own.” Despite the darkness, it was apparent I was smiling.

The hand took the bag from my unresisting one, and set it down gently. Confused, I began to protest, but soft lips crushed against mine, silencing me. Woo… some halloween this was turning out to be.

Setting all additional baggage on the ground (literally, not figuratively), the hand was joined by another, brushing against my sides, sensative through the thin material of my costume. (So I got a cheap corset, let’s stay focused, shall we?) I ran my hands over the figure in front of me, over the muscled chest to the broad shoulders towering over me. Greg leaned down to kiss me again, and as I pushed up against him, I felt his hardness between us.

He stifled a moan as I undid his pants, running my fingers over his hot shaft. He deftly raised my skirt above my thighs, and pushed me over the short wall that ran along the road. As the cold october air met my hot skin, I felt his finger slide against my wet slit. Gasping, I shivered both from the cold and from the sensation. Satisfied I was quite wet enough, his hands slid over my ass to my hips. His warm cock fit smoothly bahis şirketleri into my waiting pussy, where he paused, momentarily.

“God, you’re tight.” He breathed. I shivered again, tightening as the crisp air entered my lungs.

“Jesus…!” His hands gripped my hips, and he plunged into me. Holding onto the wall, I pushed back into his thrusts, feeling his hot hard cock riding against my g-spot and filling me to capacity, only to slide out again. Gripping him harder, he groaned loudly, and thrust faster. I bit my lip hard to keep from crying out, but I moaned as I came. My juices running over his cock, he moved faster, thrusting in harder than before, his rock hard cock hotter and larger than it felt before.

“Ohhhh GOD!!” I moaned, hugging the cold stone wall, as he fucked me. I came hard again, tightening around his intruding cock.

“I’m not going to last if you keep doing that,” He said, and I wanted to reply, but I was gripped by a third orgasm. As it rocked through my body, his pace increased. Moaning, I arched my back, as he thrust in further than before, pausing as he came, cum shooting into my tight pussy. He thrust a few more times before sliding out entirely. Quickly zipping up his pants, he pulled me against him.

“Cold?” He seemed bashful about his actions, but inable to apologize for acting inappropriately… not that I minded, of course. “Not anymore.”

“Good.” We were both rather straightfaced, if flushed.

“We should get going. It’s ten past.”

“Right. Everyone will be wondering where we’ve been..” He broke off, and I could tell he was blushing.

“I shouldn’t have..” I began, but he cut me off.

“*I* shouldn’t have. I just couldn’t keep my hands off you in that damned costume. I could barely contain myself when you walked in this morning.”

“I didn’t mean to be so distracting.”

“You’re always distracting.”

“I’ll work on that.”

“I’ll help.”

He leaned in and kissed me quickly.

“So much for checking up on my performance.”

He snorted. “I think you performed rather well indeed.”

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