Nisan 14, 2021

Small Town Girls with Big Ideas Ch. 02

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.. … .. and so the story of the Four Girls from a Small Town continues …….

[To help you pick-up some of the background of this story, you should read the first part called, “Small Town Girls with Bid Ideas.” This is Part II of their three part trilogy. You’ll recall the four characters: Cindy, Sally, Liz and Sheri, four inseparable girls who did everything together and who also developed a habit of sharing just about everything. The story continues as Liz, chomping at the bit, is ready to to join the ranks of learning what Cindy discovered “the hard way” on her third date with Alex. Later at a slumber party the shy and reserved Cindy had boasted about IT but no one believed her when she talked about Alex’s prowess in front of the others, trying to impress her friends. Boldly saying he was “bigger and better” than any of their boyfriends definitely struck a disharmonic chord with all three and she was immediately challenged to prove it.

Well, the friendships remained strained after that until Cindy and Alex devised a plan. Thanks to Cindy’s eagerness to prove it, she struck a deal with Alex where he agreed to meet with her friends, one at a time, where each would share an Alex experience first hand with Cindy. That way, Cindy figured, she would be able to prove her boast and help her restore her valued friendships with the girls. Alex, subtly agreed to be the good sport and anxious to let Cindy arrange the personal encounters. It was to become a sort of “sharing the wealth plan” all of whom, when approached by Cindy, were more than ready to discover the fact that Cindy’s boast was completely truthful.]


Continuing on with the story …

It was a typical Friday night in Websterville and that meant there was a big game on tap, either at home or away. On this night it was a home game and afterwards most of the seniors and their dates would be heading out to “The Pits” for a big bonfire and the girls were excitedly anticipating the post-bonfire activities once the flames had died down. Our four of the girls had become sexually active with their steadies and they all knew tonight would include a bonfire because of the special significance of the game.

It was nearing the end of the basketball season for Websterville’s P.T. Webster High, and, in an important match-up against their chief rivals, the Middleburg Trojans, the game had progressed to the fourth quarter. The two teams were tied for first place in the conference and tonight’s game would probably determine the Championship. Liz was looking her absolute best as she lead the crowd in cheer after cheer, stirring them to a fever pitch many times during the game. She continuously flashed her great smile and displayed her compact little figure, becoming the focus of men and boys alike throughout the entire game. Some went so far as to claim she was “an utter joy” to watch as she bounced around out on the floor. She was definitely a cutie and she found it fun to stir the emotions of old men in the crowd. Even men in their 40’s and 50’s were moved to jump to their feet and cheer vociferously, following her call for team support by using just her charisma. She was loved by everybody in Websterville and tonight she held them all in the palm of her hand!

This night was also one that held some sentimental attachment for Liz, because it was their last home game before the tournaments and she was keenly aware that her days as the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad were rapidly coming to a close. So, she was at her best this night. Then it happened!! Only fifteen feet from where she was standing, Liz’s steady, Josh Davis, the team’s high scorer and an All Conference guard, was involved in a mad scramble for the ball near the sidelines with two Middleburg players. All three crashed into the first row of the bleachers as they contested a loose ball. Fortunately, no one in the stands was hurt, but unfortunately, Josh was, suffering a badly broken right leg. The game was delayed for over thirty minutes as the team doctor and the ambulance crew administered to him right on the basketball floor. Eventually they placed his right leg in a temporary splint, gingerly lifted him onto a gurney and then rushed him off the the hospital in nearby Chesterfield, sirens blaring and red lights flashing. As a result of the accident and the uncertainty of Josh’s conditions, the last eight minutes were played under a somewhat somber mood as Websterville completed the rout, 67-53, over Middlebury. The inspirational captain of the cheerleaders seemed to have lost most of her spark after that, her eyes at times clouded with tears, as she went through the motions until the final buzzer sounded. Quickly she ran from the floor to the parking lot with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Though everyone accepted the fact that Liz was a genuine flirt and some even rumored she had been around the barn with a few times with a couple of the older guys in town, she was still very much Josh’s girl all through their senior year. As soon as the game was pendik escort over, she left immediately for the hospital alone since she had driven the family car that night. Sobs wracked her body as she raced up Route 17 to the Chesterfield Memorial Hospital, twenty-six miles away. As she burst through the doors of the Emergency Entrance desperate to locate Josh. With the tears again flowing, she was intercepted by the admission’s nurse and asked where she thought she was going. Now sobbing uncontrollably and calling out Josh’s name, She pulled away, eager to get past the nurse, who was finally able to steer her to the emergency cubicle where Josh and his parents were waiting for the x-ray results.

Josh’s parents had left the game immediately, following the ambulance to Chesterfield. Now together in the room, Cindy and his parents hugged and exchanged greetings, hoping he was going to be alright. But common sense indicated he would be hobbled for at least six weeks with a cast and crutches. Ten minutes later the coach and the other three girls of the Fabulous-Fearsome-Foursome arrived, including Sally and Sheri with their boyfriends and, of course, Cindy with her Alex.

It was almost mid-night when the doctor met everyone in the waiting room to report on the emergency surgery he had performed to re-attached the broken bones of his broken tibia. He reported everything had gone well and assured them that Josh would soon be fine. Minutes later they all paraded through the recovery room saying a few encouraging words to a very groggy, somewhat incoherent patient before the floor nurse began to shoo everybody out to allow Josh to get some sleep. Liz finally remembered to call her folks to tell them what had happened and that she intended to spend the night at the hospital after the doctor had said Josh would be kept over night and the next day, maybe even longer, depending on his progress.

At 12:10 AM Josh’s folks announced they were going to head for home. Upon further consideration, Liz decided there was no purpose in her staying longer, since a well medicated Josh was fast asleep and would sleep well into the morning. Following a final kiss on the forehead of the patient and hugs from his parents, Liz found Cindy and Alex waiting for her in the Lobby. It was Cindy who asked Liz if she’d like her to spend the night with Liz. Cindy had already called her Mother and told her that she was going to stay all night at the hospital with Liz and that Liz would bring her home after they’d seen Josh in the morning. However, the prospect of a long night in an uncomfortable Waiting Room was beginning to have less and less appeal to both girls when Alex suggested they could spend the night at his apartment right there in Chesterfield. They both agreed and in less than five minutes they were headed to Alex’s apartment. Liz had heard but forgotten that Alex had moved to Chesterfield just before Christmas. Mr. Allen had opened a second station there and had promoted Alex to Station Manager. After a few weeks of late night closings and early mornings openings, Alex had decided to find an apartment in the area rather than the dawn and dusk driving routine every day.

The apartment was a true bachelor pad, small with two bedrooms, a living room,tiny kitchen and a bath, located over a detached garage, or, as he preferred to call it, the old Coach House, of a very classy estate. Once inside, Cindy and Liz shared a long hug and managed to stem the flow of tears. Alex returned to the living room with Cokes and the girls settled down on the sofa. It took some considerable maneuvering of the rabbit ears but Alex eventually found a Late Night Movie that was still running. It was an old black and white movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn called The African Queen. The girls stared blankly into the 17 inch screen and there was little or no conversation. Cindy seemed a little fidgety and Liz kept thinking about what she might have been doing with Josh about now if he hadn’t had the accident. She had carefully counted the days and knew this was a night where she had “no worries” but now that plan was gone, laying in the hospital bed with a sedated Josh a few blocks away!

Very subtly, Cindy broached the subject. “We’re sure sorry about Josh, Liz. I’ll bet the two of you had big plans after the game, huh? Were you planning to head for “The Pit,” she asked coyly with a knowing look in her eyes?

“Well, yes! We probably would have left the sock hop early and driven out to The Pit. Almost everyone was going. I was really looking forward to the “pit party” and everything. I was planning on having a wonderful night with Josh and all. You know how the guys are before games because of what the coach says, ‘Fooling around totally saps your energy, guys! Always remember that!’ That may be true, but after the game, the guys are more than ready to ….. ” her voice drifted off. The Pit Party had since turned into a Pitty Party for Liz!

Alex smiled to himself. “Are you suggesting that you may maltepe escort be feeling a little horny tonight, Liz,” Alex asked?

“Well, if you want the honest truth, I really haven’t even thought about that, Alex. I’ve been too concerned about Josh,” Liz responded sincerely. “I just hope hope my being here doesn’t interfere with anything you two love birds had in mind. Why don’t you just pretend I’m not even here. I could go into the other bed room if you want some privacy,” she said, giving them some options.

After all that had happened that night, a hopeful Alex wondered, even with Liz spending the night with them, if anything would actually materialize. With that remote possibility fixed on his mind, he continued to checked out Liz, sitting there in her tight fitting cheer leading uniform. He couldn’t seem to pry his eyes off her well rounded breasts nor her short but shapely legs. It was a body he had coveted for a long time. The movie proved to be rather boring to everyone and the conversation, when it did managed to interrupt the screen dialog, was sporadic and dealt primarily with the details of the accident. Liz’s eye lids felt heavy and with her head resting against the back of the sofa, as she glanced half awake around the room, wishing she wasn’t there. During this gazing, she happened to focus on that infamous and pronounced bulge in Alex’s pants. Nothing was said, but Cindy, too, noticed that something seemed to be arousing Alex. Cindy’s mind immediately shifted into high gear, thinking this just might be the perfect situation for him to score with Liz.

Cindy’s plan began to bloom when she noticed Alex watching Liz. She’d seen that look of lust before and she was hopeful she could some how get Liz into a situation where she would want to be with Alex. She knew of Liz’s interest in Alex and she figured a little teasing might be all it would take. A quick glance was exchanged between Alex and Cindy and they both shared a smile. That told her Alex was ready and that’s when she and Liz exchanged a look over the growing object in Alex’s pants. Yes, it seemed everyone was about to be on the same page.

At that point Alex got up, stretched and headed off to the bathroom, leaving the girls alone for a few minutes. Liz looked at Cindy questioningly and asked, “What exactly was he getting at, Cindy, when he asked me if I was horny?”

Cindy smiled and and nodded, “I think he’d like to have his time with you tonight. Are you game?”

Surprised, flattered and also aroused, she said, “Well, I don’t really know … I mean, after all that has gone on tonight, I’m not too sure how much fun I would be?”

“Oh, don’t worry, Sweetheart, Alex will provide the fun. All you’ll have to do is ride along!”

A bit confused, Liz didn’t have much time to contemplate a decision when Alex returned and the conversation subsided as he sat down between them on the sofa. It was now Liz’s turn to head for the bathroom and Cindy quickly raised the topic of making Liz the target for tonight. Alex, as always, was more than ready and so the plan was set in motion. When Liz returned, Cindy would leave to give Alex a chance to make his first moves.

And so it happened. With Cindy gone, Alex innocently maneuvered his arm around Liz’s shoulder and pulled her gently closer to him with a hug, commiserating with her how sorry he was about Josh. She accepted his condolences by snuggling into the crook of his arm and she resting her head against his chest, appreciative of his concern.

When Liz heard the bathroom door open a few minutes later, she attempted to straighten up, but found herself locked hopelessly under Alex’s hugging arm. Slightly embarrassed, she looked up, smiling sheepishly at Cindy who plopped down on the other side of Alex and said, “It sure is nice to have you with us tonight, Liz. Don’t you agree, Alex?” Alex just angled his head down and simply kissed the top of Liz’s blond pony tailed head and squeezed her for an answer. Her head had been forced into a slightly downward angle from the kiss and she couldn’t help but notice the growing “snake,” trapped beneath the tight pant leg of Alex’s jeans.

He threw his other arm around Cindy and pulled her to him, planting a wet one on her as a curious Liz looked on, somewhat surprised, particularly when she observed Cindy’s tongue blatantly sliding into his mouth as they kissed. Something about that observation caused Liz’s blood to stir. She was seeing a side of her timid friend she’d never seen before. Cindy squirmed closer to him as the arm draped over her shoulder and the hand attached to it crept down the front of Cindy’s blouse until it had cupped her left breast. Liz’s sat there wide-eyed as she watched Alex fondle Cindy as if she were not even there. When they broke the kiss, Cindy laughed at Liz’s apparent look of surprise and said lazily, “Alex, why don’t you share some of your sugar with Liz? She might enjoy some of it, too, Sweetie!”

In a heart beat, his arm captured Liz’s head and angled kartal escort her mouth up toward his. Both surprised and unresisting, Liz felt her face being drawn to Alex’s and she closed her eyes in anticipation of lip-to-lip contact. Aware of her expectation, he paused just long enough to throw off her timing before placing his somewhat open mouth completely over hers. Immediately, his tongue slowly penetrated and then withdrew from her mouth in a manner that resembled unhurried intercourse. For thirty second Liz did not breathe. But, her pulse and heart beat skyrocketed as she felt his hand reach over her shoulder and similarly cup her breast. As if involuntarily, her body twisted to meet his and her arms reached up around his neck as she kissed him back with an intensity that surprised both Cindy and Alex. As the kiss continued, Liz began feeling the telltale wetness building between her legs. Even Cindy was making a move to be involved, reaching in and caressing one of Liz’s breasts for a few seconds before she moved across the room to dim the lights. There she stopped and dropped into a stuffed chair where she could watch everything. Alex made short work of removing the Cheerleader’s sweater and slipped her bra straps off her shoulders. In a wisk-minute, he’d unhooked her bra and lifted her up off the cushion, pivoting her so his mouth could savor her large, erect nipples. Liz’s arms instinctively locked around his head and buried his face into her cleavage. Briefly, her body shuttered as he lifted her up and onto his lap, settling her directly upon his very hard but still encased erection.

Enjoying the escalating excitement that was enveloping Liz, Alex peered over her shoulder to see that Cindy’s right hand was buried beneath the elastic band of her slacks, her fingers busily entertaining herself as she watched the two of them with mounting fascination. Her personal pleasuring stopped, however, when Alex motioned with his head for Cindy to come and assist him. Quickly, she was kneeling on the floor between his legs, and, as he physically lifted Liz off his lap. Reaching in, Cindy deftly unbuckled his belt and as soon as he flexed his own butt off the sofa, shucked his pants down beyond his knees and off his shoeless feet. During all of this, Liz’s mouth had been so involved in tongue kissing Alex she was unaware his pants had been removed. Consequently, Liz cried out when he lowered her panty covered crotch and she felt the warm length of his twelve inch completely exposed cock against her bottom. Somehow, in a scramble that followed, she managed to maneuver until she was straddling his legs, sitting on his lap and facing him.

“Ohhhhh, my God,” Liz exclaimed as she lowered herself again, sitting on IT!! Her eyes were wide in shock but there was also escalated pleasure that escaped no one. When Alex’s mouth bent to return to sucking her breasts, almost involuntarily she began a grinding motion that can only be described as a “fucking stroke” along his bare cock. “Ohhh, my gawd, ohhhh, my gawd,” she repeated over and over as she anticipated what logically lay ahead. Finally, she reached down between their bodies and with the force of a desperate woman, grasped and literally ripped the crotch of her panties from between them and lowered her bare pussy to his cock again.

She was definitely wet and the gliding action only fired the lust that was rapidly building for both of them. Somehow, Alex managed to flex his body forward on the cushions with enough momentum to allow him to stand with his arms around Liz and her legs locked around his waist. “Let’s move to the bedroom,” his mumbled more to Cindy than to Liz. Eleven steps later they were in his bedroom and he was placing Liz gently on his bed. Immediately, Cindy scurried in from the other side to remove Liz’s short pleated Cheering skirt, her tattered panties and her socks. Completely nude, she lay waiting for Alex to finish his undressing. Her eyes drifted back to Cindy who by now had also removed all of her clothing. The two young women looked with particular interest at each other’s bodies and Cindy, wanting to take a commanding role, crawled across the queen sized bed to kiss one of Liz’s nipples, all problems between the two of them now completely forgotten. Cindy had proved her boast and Liz was sure she was about the reap the benefits of that challenge.

The next sensation Liz felt was totally new to her. Alex had crawled up between her open legs and was kissing his way down her up stretched caves, past her knees and along the insides of her thighs. Little pleasure alarms were going off more and more rapidly when he passed her knees. Poor Liz was finding it difficult to concentrate on the wonderful kisses she was also receiving from Cindy’s kissing and sucking mouth. All she knew was that every inch closer to her pussy Alex’s mouth moved was dramatically increasing her pleasure. When his tongue was almost to “the promised land,” Cindy whispered into Cindy’s ear as her tongue licked it, “Do you believe me now?” At that exact moment his tongue touched her clit and out of control she exploded into his mouth, violently twisting and turning to compensate for the energy release she was experiencing. On and on it went until she gradually settled back down on the bed.

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