Mart 12, 2021

Saving Chloe

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Casey stood in front of the full-length mirror. She had just finished a long hot soak in the tub and was wrapped in a fluffy white bath towel that covered her from her breasts to mid thigh. It was the most excited she had been in the five years since she started her private security business.

Out of college at twenty, and with a BS in business management and a black belt in karate, she took an evening class in personal security. She became so intrigued with the idea, she took courses in small arms use, defensive driving and under cover surveillance. At twenty-two she took a job with a professional security firm in Seattle. Her three-year internship ended when a male associate had made improper sexual advances toward her while on nighttime surveillance of a city councilman suspected of having an affair with a young waitress who worked at the ‘Sundowner Bar’.

Knowing it was possible she might have to enter the bar undercover, she had worn a tight tee and short skirt. They were setting in the front seat of a Silver Crown Victoria, her in the passenger seat, when her associate had put his hand on her exposed bare thigh. Casey had no reaction except to look at him. When he didn’t remove his hand she sent the palm of her right hand into his nose, breaking it. He grabbed his face with both hands and screamed out a string of obscenities at her, his greatest and last error in judgment. Her right fist crashed into his windpipe causing his head to snap backwards with such force that the side window shattered.

She dialed 911 while standing at the curb. She hailed a taxi as she was dialing her boss to inform him of the evening’s events and to head off the inevitable by submitting her resignation. Finally she had told her boss that the suspected waitress was in fact a middle aged gay man named Chester Anderson who was a frequent patron of the ‘Sundowner Bar’. After all, she had been paid to do a job and she did it. By the time the taxi stopped in front of her apartment building she had formulated a plan to start ‘C. A. Wright Security’, Casey Ann Wright, owner and sole employee.

That was five years ago. In those five years she had relocated to Los Angeles and since then, struggled to make a name for herself in a very competitive industry. Three days ago she took a telephone call from the personal assistant of Erin Sanderson, wife of Robert Ames Sanderson, third generation CEO of Sanderson development. The firm was, among other things, a major player in downtown LA land development. The family was reportedly worth more that three billion as of the last Forbes report.

The Sanderson’s were interviewing for private security for their daughter Chloe. Casey had an interview for this afternoon at the Sanderson home. Casey pealed off the towel tossing it into the bathroom. Rummaging her drawer of underwear she selected a pair of black bikini panties and matching silk bra. She pulled on the panties and snapped on the bra.

Casey fanned through the limited offering of her closet and took out a gray-striped suit and a white blouse. With the blouse buttoned, she stepped into the slacks and pulled them up, tucking the top in as she did so. She looped in a thin black belt and buckled it. Casey went to her bedside table and pulled open the top drawer revealing a brown leather shoulder holster. She slipped it on. She took out a thirty-eight revolver with a three-inch barrel. She flipped the carriage open, checked the cartridges, flipped it closed and inserted it into the holster. The handle hung downward and forward providing easy access should it be needed. She put her jacket on and checked to make sure the gun was not readily visible.

Black lace-up rubber soled shoes completed her outfit. She hated the shoes but given her occupation and possible need to run across broken terrain or kick an attacker she was willing to make some fashion concessions. She stood in front of the mirror and admired herself. At twenty-eight she presented a tall, lean and quite stunning reflection.

She would have described her 09′ silver Toyota Camry as looking suspicious setting in the round-a-bout of the drive in front of the Sanderson’s mansion. Brick pavers, stone center fountain and extensive landscaping each costing more than the car. But, she thought, it blends in where it needs to.

The door opened as she stepped up onto the marble entry landing before she could try out the large brass doorknocker with a lion’s head. She really wanted to bang that shiny devil. “You would be Ms. Wright.” A fresh faced twenty something with dimples and a Prince Valiant haircut greeted her with a sincere smile.

“Right.” Casey replied.

“I’m Ellen, Mrs. Sanderson’s assistant. We talked on the telephone on Wednesday. It was good of you to meet her on a Saturday. Please come in.” The girl said.

Casey wasn’t sure which statement to respond to first. She decided to ignore all of them except to say, “It was no problem at all. I’m happy to meet you, Ellen.” Casey stepped into a foyer large enough to hold her apartment. Three pendik escort stories rose to a glass ceiling. An octagon shaped room surrounded her. “If you would follow me.” She said. The girl walked ahead of her down a wide hall. The girl was wearing a dark blue skirt that fell to just above her knees with a matching jacket over a light blue blouse.

They entered a parlor with floor to ceiling windows along one wall. The room was over furnished with antique furniture and there were many large potted plants arranged in front of the sunny windows. Casey set down in a straight back Queen Ann chair. ‘One more thing that cost more than my car’ she thought. As Ellen stood in front of her, Casey saw that she had on a dark blue men’s tie with a gold tie bar attached in front. “May I get you something to drink?” Ellen asked.

“No. I’m fine.” She replied. The girl turned and left the room turning down the hall and farther into the enormous house. Casey heard a door open and then close only a few seconds later. Casey spent the next twenty minutes looking over the room and deciding that building skyscrapers in the center of a major metropolitan area could have been a better life choice than private security.

“Ms. Wright?” A voice said. When Casey looked to the doorway, a forty something woman stood with the personal assistant standing behind her with only her face visible.

“Mrs. Sanderson. Please, call me Casey.” Casey held out her hand as the woman approached her and took it.

Mrs. Sanderson sat on a love seat and ushered Casey to set back down. They were just five feet apart. “Thank you for coming.” The woman said. I know you have been told that this position involves our daughter. What you were not told is that I believe she could be in danger.” The woman hesitated. “At least at risk.” She added.

Casey was watching the woman’s face but was aware that the PA had walked up to the seat where her employer sat and was now standing behind her again. She had placed her hands on the back of the small sofa. “I have done some research.” Casey offered. “I am aware that your family is quite wealthy and may very well attract, shall we said, a criminal element.” Casey waited. “Mrs. Sanderson, I run a very small office and I am not sure if I am the right fit for your needs.” Casey sensed that Mrs. Sanderson was not used to being told what she needed.

“I am aware of your business.” She said. “I have done some research my self.” Your size along with your training and history is exactly what makes you a good candidate.”

“My history?” Casey asked.

“I have a report her that says you severely injured an associate while at your last job.” Mrs. Sanderson said.

‘It wasn’t that severe.” Casey offered.

The woman raised up her hands palms out. “Oh, don’t get me started.” Said Mrs. Sanderson. “If you had killed the bastard it would have made no difference with me.”

“Yes, well unfortunately, if I had of killed the bastard I would not be here to help you now.” Casey offered. “But I’m still not sure what you want me to do.” The PA smiled at Casey’s bluntness toward her boss.

“I want you to protect her.” She said. “I want you to be there to protect her when ever she leaves this house, until she returns.” The woman was leaning forward placing emphasis on her words. “I want you to be with her at concerts, shopping malls and restraints. I want you right next to her in the gym and while she’s jogging or walking down the red carpet at one event or another, which she loves to do so much.” Mrs. Sanderson looked directly at Casey. “Keep my daughter safe.”

“Mrs. Sanderson, I would have to drop every other client I have to do this.” Casey said.

“If your negotiating for a better deal financially I won’t work. I never negotiate.” She said. “And besides, your last client was more that a month ago and they have yet to pay you.” She looked at Casey. The job pays two thousand a week and I won’t listen to complaints about long hours.” She leaned and looked out of the window presumably at her car. “Chloe has a limousine available to her whenever she leaves home. It will be available to you also. Any expenses you incur will be reimbursed so please keep your receipts.”

“I refuse to go in the bathroom stall.” Casey said.

The young PA could not stop her laughter even with her hand covering her mouth. Mrs. Sanderson stood and the PA hurried to the door. “I will assume we have an agreement.” She said. “Can you start Monday?”

“Yes.” Casey said. “But I would like to meet Chloe first.”

“Ellen here will e-mail you her schedule for the remainder of this month this afternoon. You will get each month’s schedule a week in advance and updates every Monday morning. She will give you any necessary telephone numbers and get her a credit card issued, Have then overnight it.” She had changed her focus form Casey to Ellen with out Casey noticing it. “Come out tomorrow at one. You can have lunch, while Chloe, I’m sure, will still be having breakfast.”

She left the room and disappeared maltepe escort down the hall. “Did you get all of that?” Casey asked Ellen still standing at the doorway. “You didn’t take a single note.”

“Mrs. Sanderson doesn’t allow notepads. She says that most things written down will cause problems in the future.”

“Ah, A trick I never learned.” Casey said.

“Just give me your e-mail, I already have most everything else already. Any thing else, I’m sure we can deal with tomorrow at lunch.” Ellen was all business.

When Casey left the louse and got into her car she just sat for a few minutes absorbing all she had heard. She decided this was going to be either the best or worst decision she had ever made but in the end she just could not pass up the opportunity. She started her car and pulled around the circle heading for the street. Movement in the rearview mirror caused her to slow. Mrs. Sanderson was walking down a stone path along side of the house headed toward a secluded side garden. She had her assistant’s hand in hers.

Ellen sent the e-mail regarding Chloe’s schedule with a detailed emphasis reminding her of the need for security of that information. She also sent along the telephone number of the limousine driver, Jason and urged her to begin using it tomorrow in order that both she and Jason get comfortable with driving times to her apartment. “Shit, they don’t want my car in their driveway.” Casey thought a few seconds. “Oh well, who would.”

Sunday around nine A.M. she called Jason who was very polite with a strong British accent. She gave him her address and asked to be picked up at twelve fifteen. Her drive home yesterday took forty minutes. Jason assured her he would be there.

Casey decided she would test any unspoken dress codes the first day and in fact her salary didn’t actually start until Monday. She pulled on a pair of tight leg jeans and a black tee. Assuming she would not be leaving the house with Chloe she put on black sneakers. It was a cool spring day so she wore a denim jacket and dropped her thirty-eight into a specially made inside pocket. When she stepped outside a long black limo was parked at the curb. A man she assumed was Jason stood at the rear door. He opened it as she approached, greeted her by name and closed it after she sat down.

There was no conversation between them during the forty-minute drive and when the limo came to a stop and Casey reached for the door handle Jason said. “Please let me get the door Ms.” Jason walked around and opened the door. “There is a driver’s lounge over the garage. Just call when you are ready you leave.”

“Thank you Jason.” Casey said and turned toward the house. The door opened before she could play with the brass knocker once again. The smiling face of Ellen greeted her.

“Right on time.” Ellen said. “Come it. It’s such a wonderful day Mrs. Sanderson asked that lunch be served on the rear patio.” Ellen led Casey through the house. Once again Ellen wore a skirt that ended about three inches above her knee, matching jacket and white blouse. They exited a set of French doors onto a very large slate patio. A three-foot high hedge bordered it and planters of flowers were all about. A round glass top table with four cushioned chairs set in the center. “Please have a seat and I’ll tell Mrs. Sanderson you are here.

When Ellen returned, sat in a chair next to Casey but before a conversation could start Erin Sanderson stepped onto the patio wearing jeans and a tee shirt. Casey was quite surprised. “Good afternoon Mrs. Sanderson.” Casey offered.

“Casey, nice to see you.” She sat next to Ellen and across from Casey. “Lets settle this Mrs. Sanderson thing right now. Call me Erin, please.”

“Fine.” Casey said. A figure appeared in the doorway. “Casey looked to see a young Chloe of around eighteen. She was standing there in a yellow button front cotton pajama top that ended at her navel. It was decorated with multi-colored unicorns. She wore matching boxer bottoms. Her hair was a short dishwater blonde and looked mussed but it looked comfortable on her as if that was the way she wore it all of the time. She grinned and stepped gingerly toward the table. She was barefooted. When she sat down next to Casey she folded one foot under and let the other one swing back and forth.

She was maybe five feet tall and no more that a hundred pounds. She had a brilliant smile that must have cost twenty grand. Her lags were tanned and athletic. She had no visible breasts that Casey could see.

A maid in a white uniform brought out drinks followed by salads except Chloe was delivered a bowl of fruit. When they brought out the main course of baked halibut with rice, Chloe was served a bowl of hot oatmeal. A side tray held chopped nuts, maple syrup and blue berries. Chloe ate everything and made no notice that her diet was far different than her mother’s.

Chloe made several attempts to start a conversation with the young girl but she would seldom return more than a nod. Casey kartal escort decided she would come out of her shell when she was ready and moved her conversation to Erin and Ellen. “My god.” She thought. She just realized their names were so similar.

After lunch was over Chloe announced. “I’m going for a run.” She looked at Casey. “You want to go?”

“Chloe, Casey doesn’t actually start until tomorrow.” Erin said.

“No problem.” Casey said. “If it’s okay with you of course. I’ll run with her today.”

“Fine with me.” Erin said.”

Chloe got up. “Good, I’ll go change.” And went into the house.

“You do run?” Erin asked. Casey stuck out one of her sneakers.

“Always ready.” Casey said.

“She will try to test you.” Erin said.

Casey stood up. “Many have tried.” She took off her jacket and removed her gun and shoved it down the back of her jeans and pulled her top over it as best she could. She had no idea how Erin would react.

Erin patted Ellen’s bare knee and said. “I knew she was the perfect choice. Change her starting date.”

Casey was in front of the house bending knees and starching leg muscles when Chloe came out. Chloe was wearing black spandex shorts and a matching sports bra. Casey observed that a remarkable change had occurred in her client from a spoiled little girl eating at lunch in her pajamas to a developing young beauty. “You lead.” Casey instructed.

Chloe jogged off down the drive and, reaching the twin stone entrance columns, she turned right into the ultra-private residential development. Casey had no trouble keeping up with Chloe and she was enjoying the view of Chloe’s tight little rear bouncing inside of the spandex shorts. Casey had been very careful to keep her sexual interests private since moving to LA. In five years here she had only one affair, a girl who worked at the corner grocery store. It was the type of store that was rapidly disappearing. It sold quality foods at high prices but with personal service as their focus. The girl made home deliveries of grocery orders.

Casey remembered the first time the girl accepted her offer of a glass of lemonade on an especially hot day. As she sat at Casey’s kitchen table Casey could see her sweaty tee cling to her small breasts. The girl’s fingers pulled the wet fabric from her skin and said. “This is awful.”

Casey suggested she take it off so she could toss it in the dryer. Without a hint of modesty the girl peeled the tee off and handed it to Casey.

Casey was starting to revisit that afternoon when Chloe hesitated and then turned from the walk and onto a mulched trail leading into the woods. Casey was snapped back to reality. Chloe picked up speed and Casey matched her as the trail became shaded and quite with the sound of their running and their breathing all that she could hear.

They ran on the wooded trail for ten minutes before it emerged into an adjacent development. Back on concrete Chloe slowed slightly once again. Casey figured the harder pavement was stressing her calves or possibly the heels of her feet.

They had been at it for a good half hour and covered maybe four miles when Chloe pulled up and put her hands on her waist and was breathing hard. “Your pretty good.” She said looking at Casey.

“Have to be.” Casey explained. The girl nodded.

“So what would you do if a car stopped and some men tried to kidnap me?” Chloe asked.

Casey was breathing hard too. “Ask then for a ride home.” Casey said.

Chloe laughed. “How about we walk the rest of the way. It’s only about another half mile.”

Casey stood and nodded. “Fine with me.”

“Really, what would you do?” Chloe asked again.

“Shoot them.” Casey said.

The rest of the way home they talked mostly about Chloe’s upcoming schedule especially tomorrow night’s concert at the Arena to see a metal group named ‘Corroded Dreams’.

“I have a private box.” She said as if it was a normal way of going to concerts and no big deal. I have three friends meeting me there.”

Casey thought. “A private box could be the best of all possibilities. A lot easier to control than floor seats.”

As they turned into the drive Chloe walked closer to Casey and then slipped her arm around her waist. “You would really shoot them?”

“In a heartbeat.” Casey said. She let the girl walk with her arm around her until they neared the house where she gently pushed the girl’s arm away.

Casey called Jason informing him that she was ready to leave. “I’ll see you tomorrow at eight. We’ll have an hour to get to the arena before the concert at nine.”

“I want to go shopping.” Chloe said.

“Thanks for the notice. When and where?” Casey asked.

“I want to go tomorrow around noon. There is a shop on Pondella Road. They have really cool stuff.” Chloe said.

“Cool stuff.” Casey repeated. “Should go nicely with heavy metal.”

“That’s’ what I thought.” Chloe said.

Jason pulled into the circle drive as Casey said. “Fine. I’ll be here at eleven thirty.”

When Chloe climbed into the limo on Monday morning she in a black tee, black jeans and black combat boots that were untied with the laces dragging. Casey looked down as the limo pulled onto the street. “That’s a safety hazard.”

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