Mart 22, 2021

My First Time

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I had led a sheltered and naive childhood and leaving home at eighteen was a bold move for me. I wanted to start my journey in the world, leave my childhood behind me and get a life.

I got a job as a Commis Chef in an Italian restaurant in Edinburgh. Only downside was I didn’t have anywhere to stay. My boss suggested the long seat at the back of the restaurant looked comfortable to sleep on. I did that for a few nights. I placed an advert in the local Edinburgh newspaper, seeking a room in a shared flat.

I did get quite a few replies. One in particular stood out, it was close to the bus stop where I could get a bus to work. I replied back and arranged to meet the landlord the following day.

Roger’s bedsit was lovely and comfortable. It was on the ground floor of a block of bedsits. He explained he was rarely at home so I was welcome to move in. I didn’t even consider the fact there was only a double bed at the end of the room. It was a small bedsit; livingroom and bedroom combined, a kitchen and a small bathroom. Given that I didn’t have anything other than a restaurant seat to sleep on, I was excited to take it, moving in the same day.

Great, I thought as I brought my two bags up the stairs, containing everything I owned. For the first couple of days, I never saw him at all, but one night he came in when I was watching television. He chatted away to me. He was a lot older than me, forties I would guess but he had a great sense of humour. I liked talking to him, he was interesting.

As the night wore on, he told me that he needed to stay the night, just the one night. I told him it was okay before realising there was just the one bed. I had never slept beside anyone before. However, I didn’t give it any thought.

I got myself ready for bed, getting my pyjamas on and slipped under the duvet. He got undressed and, to my surprise, stood in his under pants in front of the full length mirror, doing some stretching exercises. He finished and climbed into bed with me, just wearing his underpants. I thought nothing of it and went straight to sleep. He was still sleeping as I got up and got ready for my work, leaving quietly so I didn’t wake him.

He was in the flat when I finished my work and arrived home. Again, I didn’t think anything of it. It was quite late so I just got ready for bed. Again, he stood in front of his mirror, doing his exercises in his under pants, it seemed to be a nightly ritual for Roger.

The following night, a Saturday, I got home from work quite late, he was there and explained that he was probably going to stay for a few days more, ‘not a problem,’ I replied.

I wasn’t working on the Sunday so I was looking forward to a long lie. Early in the morning, I felt Roger’s arm around my shoulder. I didn’t think anything of it, he must be asleep and not realising what he was doing. I got up and went to the kitchen to make a coffee, trying to be quiet so I didn’t wake him.

The following morning was the same, I woke with his arm around me, I was lying on my back. Again, he didn’t stir when I got up for work.

That night, as he got ready for bed, he slipped out of his pants and stood naked in front of the mirror. Stretching and exercising as usual. I lay in the bed, peeping out of the duvet. I had never seen a naked man before. He was quite muscular and in good shape. I did think it was very erotic, I was watching a naked man. Again, I didn’t give it another thought as he got into bed beside me.

The third morning was different. I woke up on my side, away from him, and he had his arm around my waist and his hand cupping my cock and balls. God, what do I do? He was still sleeping and I was getting an erection. I felt my cock grow in his hand. Even when I was fully erect, he didn’t move at all. What would he say if he woke up and saw I was erect? I wondered what to do. I turned on my back and lay there, not knowing what to do next. A few minutes later, I felt him stir and put his arm around me again. God, I had a naked man cuddling me. I just didn’t know what to do.

He moved again, his arm quickly moving down my body to cup my balls again. He did it in one fluid motion, almost accidental and here he was cupping my erection. I was so excited. I should have just got up but I didn’t want to disturb him. Minutes later, I felt his hand grip my cock. He was just lying there on his side facing my back with his hand on my cock. I could feel him squeeze me, again, so gentle that it had to be accidental.

I lay there, my heart pounding. I was so excited. I thought of his cock, wondering if he had an erection. He kept squeezing me, more times than what would be accidental. My cock was throbbing, it was that stiff. He wanked me once. That couldn’t be accidental. He gripped my cock and pulled the foreskin right back and then stopped. I was getting more and more excited. I wanted him to do more.

I had never been with a girl before. I had never seen nude adults other than in the porno antalya escort mags we showed each other at school. Here I was, achingly hard and wanting more. I tried to control my breathing and turned over to face him. He let go of my cock as I turned. We were on our sides, facing each other. I knew he was naked, I was still in my pyjamas. I wondered if he had an erection. Slowly, he moaned, as if he were still asleep and moved closer to me.

My cock was so hard. I felt wave after wave of excitement. I had never seen an erection in the flesh before. This seemed so sexy and naughty. I knew about masturbation, in fact I wanked most days. I used to fantasize about girls when I wanked, thinking about guys that way had never entered my mind. I was a virgin, at eighteen.

Roger moaned again as he stirred. He moved closer still and his cock was nudging against mine. God, I could feel his erection against mine. He must be awake, he must know what he’s doing. Yet, he continued to appear to be sleeping.

I felt his hand go in my pyjamas and he gripped my cock again. I moved my hips, just a little closer to him. He wanked me again, just the once. God, I wanted him to wank me. Again, one firm grip and he pulled my foreskin back. I shivered at the sensation it gave me. A few minutes later, I was desperate for him to do something, wondering what he would do next.

I felt his hands unbuttoning my pyjamas. I remained completely still. Slowly he pulled them down a little. Again, he stopped and I was breathing so hard. It seemed to take ages before he moved again. He moved closer still to me and then thrust his cock against mine. I felt him move his hips, ever so lightly so that his cock rubbed against mine.

I was feeling dizzy with excitement. I had Roger’s cock rubbing against mine. He had an erection. Should I move my hand down, and touch him? Would he say anything? He started making signs that he wasn’t sleeping. I felt his hand around my cock and he was gripping his own cock. Slowly, he wanked us both. I was feeling so excited.

This was a completely new experience for me. I’d read sex stories of two men in the porno mags. They suck each other’s cock. I felt a thrill as I thought about that.

I don’t know where the thought came from as I’d never had it before. I wanted to suck Roger’s cock. I’m not sure why I was feeling like that. He was making me feel good and I wanted to make him feel good. I was convinced now that he was awake and we were having sex. I sighed out loud as the reality of it sunk in. I was in bed with a naked man wanking me. I couldn’t believe it. The first time in my life I’m having sex and it’s with an older man.

As he wanked both our cocks, I decided I was going to do something. Up to now he’s done all the work and I’ve laid back enjoying it. I counted down the seconds in my head, then I slowly slid down the bed until I was beside his cock. I shuddered when I held his cock. God, it was way bigger than mine. I didn’t know if it was a big cock or an average one, I’d never seen one before. In comparison to mine he was huge.

I wanked him slowly and he moved his hips. His cock head was huge. I was fascinated. Even though I was under the duvet, I could still see and what I was seeing was a beautiful sexy hard cock. I pulled his foreskin back, revealing his purple head. It pulsated as I gripped it. God, it was beautiful. I could see the veins in his shaft. I watched as my hands clumsily tried to wank him. I could just get my hand around it. I used both hands to wank him. He kept moaning and grinding his hips.

He let out a long moan as I kissed his head. I licked every part of his head, seeing a drop of spunk dripping from it. Slowly, I took the head into my mouth and wanked him. I kissed every part of his cock. God, I had never been as excited as this. I felt his balls move and fondled them as I sucked his cock.

He indicated for me to move so that we could suck each others cock. I almost came when I felt his lips on my cock. God, this was so exciting. I was amazed at how much I was enjoying it. Eventually, Roger moved my hand and started to wank himself. I cupped his balls. I know I wasn’t good at this but I was learning, Roger seemed to be enjoying it. His head seemed to get bigger in my mouth,…… suddenly he came, groaning and shuddering. I spluttered as I felt the first spurt of spunk fill my mouth. I couldn’t take it all. I choked as I tried to swallow but I was getting carried away myself as Roger wanked me and I felt my own orgasm building. He pulled my foreskin right back and licked my head. I spurted and shook as I came. Roger was still spurting in my mouth, God, it was dripping out of my mouth. We were both coming together. He knew how to swallow, I didn’t, but I did not too bad.

I moved up the bed and lay on my back. Neither of us said anything. Instantly, I started to regret it. He was lying there beside me and he’s silent. I got up,and dressed for work.

He kepez escort was in the flat when I got back after a long shift. Again, neither of us said anything about what we had done in the morning. I had cooled down a bit and conceded it was really very sexy. I had no,idea it could be like this with a man.

I peeked out of the duvet as he stood in front of the mirror. I looked at his cock. He was in very good shape, a nice hairy chest and a lovely cock. He got into bed with me and turned the light out. I was stiff, hoping he would start something. I wanted to do it again but I daren’t start it myself. Maybe I had just dreamed about it. We went to sleep, in silence.

The next morning, he was rubbing my cock. I pulled down my pyjamas and kicked them off. I turned to face him, thrusting my cock against his naked erection. Again, I turned and slipped down the bed, this time, lying on top of him. He put his arms around my ass and pushed me closer to him and took me in his mouth. This time, he didn’t try and wank himself. I must be getting good. I came before him and it was electric. I’d never had an orgasm so powerful. He squeezed every drop of spunk out of my cock, smearing it over his lips and swallowing it. I felt him shudder and then he spurted in my mouth. I was ready and swallowed as quickly as he was spunking in me. This was so horny. Again, nothing was said and I dressed and went to work.

Roger was in bed when I got home. He looked to be sleeping on his back. He never stirred while I got undressed. This time, I got into bed naked. I lay on my side, looking at him. He was handsome, that was for sure. I moved my arm so my hand was on his stomach. I was sure he was just pretending to sleep. Slowly, I moved my hand down, tracing my fingers over his cock. He was soft but quickly responded to my touch. I moaned as he spurted in my mouth, swallowing every drop. God, it tasted so nice. Salty and slimy with the scent of a man. I didn’t cum, instead I put my head on Roger’s chest and went to sleep in his arms.

Next morning, he was surprisingly talkative. He never mentioned the sex but spoke about everything else. As he spoke, I played with his cock. He reached to touch mine. I turned over and sat across his thighs, my balls against his cock. I sat up straight as I straddled him. I could see myself in the mirror. I was looking really sexy. Roger had helped me discover that I had really sensitive nipples and I sat there, stroking them while Roger wanked us both off. Spunk dripped onto his stomach and I moved so that I could lick it. There was loads of it, from us both and I moaned as I cleaned it up.

That seemed to break the ice. Roger told me he was gay and had been all his life. He saw my advert for a room and wondered what might happen if he took me in. The rest is history. Although I had never even considered I was gay, here I was with a man, with a lovely cock that really excites me. From then on, we had sex at least twice a day.

I learned so much from Roger. He taught me how to suck cock, how to tease the sensitive parts and how to enjoy the cum. I learned quickly. I could make him hard and suck him off within five minutes. We timed it once. I just loved doing that. Every time we did it, I swallowed his cum. I wiped his cum over my face, licking my fingers and savouring every single drop. I loved the taste of cum.

One evening I was wrapped in his arms in bed. He was hard and I was enjoying the feeling of his cock against me. I opened my legs slightly so he could push his cock between my legs and nudge my balls. He thrust, like he was fucking me, between the legs. He had a very sensitive cock, as I knew from sucking it so often, and he could cum quite easily. I would rub lotion between my legs and he would fuck me. Every time he came, he would rub the spunk all over my ass, sticking a finger inside me. I loved the sensation of his spunk rubbing into me.

One day, I was up to my arms in the sink. He came up behind me and undid my trousers, letting them drop to the floor. He stroked my ass as he slowly dropped my underpants. He pulled out his cock, rubbed some lotion on it and thrust it between my legs, hitting against my balls. God, that made me so horny. He was taking me and I couldn’t do anything about it, my hands were wet. He would fuck me like that, for ages before spurting his cum over my legs and ass and rubbing it in.

I did ask him once about anal. I told him I would do it for him if he wanted. He didn’t want to, said he didn’t like it. What he loved was cock sucking and fucking me between the legs. And we did it all the time. I just loved making him hard, I loved controlling his cock as he spurted in my mouth and I loved being taken from behind as he fucked between my legs. I was fast becoming an expert

We got into a routine quite quickly and each knew what the other liked. Morning and night, we had sex. If we could, we would have it during the day as well. I just loved manavgat escort feeling his strong arms around me as he fucked me from behind, spreading his hot spunk over my ass. I loved going to sleep like that, I felt warm and secure.

Although he was twenty odd years older than me, the sex was fantastic. He got off on having a young man to have sex with and I got off on being subservient in bed. I just loved being taken by him. I wanted his cock in my ass and told him but he kept saying no. I was satisfied, nonetheless. I became more and more of an expert on sucking him and I loved just going up to him, anywhere in the house, getting on my knees and sucking him off. I had plenty stamina, being a teenager and so did he. He really could have sex as often as he wanted.

One afternoon, I was in the flat reading when the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and there was a man I had never seen before. He was looking for Roger. I explained that he was out but he was welcome to come in and wait. He thanked me, introducing himself as Tom.

I sat across from Tom as he explained that he was a friend of Roger’s, looking to catch up with him as it had been a year or so since they had last met. He asked me about myself, how I’d met Roger, how long I had been here. He seemed friendly enough as I answered his questions. He was about Roger’s age, not as fit looking though but quite handsome.

I was shocked when he sat back in his seat and unzipped his trousers. Slowly he reached in for his cock and started wanking it in front of me. I didn’t know what to say. I hoped Roger would come home soon. I did find it a turn on, though, the guy wanking like that. I got aroused quite quickly. He came across and knelt between my legs, fondling me. He unzipped me, taking my cock straight into his mouth. I reached down and rubbed him as he sucked me. He was very hard but smaller than Roger’s cock. He stood me up, kissing me. I melted as soon as I was in his arms.

We undressed and dived into bed. What followed was some really amazing cock sucking. God, he was better than Roger. He stopped before I came. He asked if I had lube and I reached over to pick up the lotion. He rubbed it over his cock and my ass. God, he’s going to fuck me. No, I thought. No, this is wrong. If Roger found out he would go mad. He pushed me onto my knees and knelt behind me, rubbing his cock over my hole. It felt so nice, another new sensation. I didn’t want this to happen, but on the other hand, I did want it to happen. He pushed against my hole. It was sore. He told me to relax and poured more lotion over his cock. I tried to relax as he pushed further and further in to me. I moaned with the pain. He stopped, relaxed and continued to push again. Slowly, he pushed until it was right inside me. I hugged the pillow. It was sore. Too sore. God, hurry up and cum, this is too sore. Slowly he fucked me. Trying hard not to hurt me. As he took me, slowly the pain subsided and gradually, I began to enjoy it. I loved it when he pulled out to the tip and thrust all the way inside me. ‘Cum, Tom, cum inside me…….,’ I begged. He shuddered as he spurted inside me. My God, I can feel it inside me. I was no longer a virgin. Tom had fucked me and filled my ass with his cum. My ass was tingling.

As soon as he recovered, he dressed and made to leave. ‘Don’t tell Roger I was here’ I’ll catch up with him another day,’ he said. I felt offended. This guy comes to the door, fucks me and then walks out. God, I felt used. I went to the bathroom to clean up. I felt his spunk dribble down my legs.

There was no chance I was telling Roger what had happened in the afternoon. I was also hoping we don’t see Tom again too.

I forgot all about Tom as I lay on my side, feeling Roger slip between my legs and fuck me. I just love the feeling, I can’t describe it, I just love it. Whenever I could, I was on my knees for Roger. He could do anything, any time and any place. I was his to do with as he pleases.

It was a lovely sunny day and we were lying in bed. My hand was running over his stomach. He tensed his muscles, letting me feel his six pack. I told him I really did want him to fuck me. I didn’t feel completely fulfilled with him unless he did fuck me. I wanted him to take me….properly.

He didn’t want to do it but finally agreed. When we were both raging hard, I snuggled into him. He enveloped me in his arms. I stuck my ass out towards him. He positioned his cock against my hole. God, I wanted this. I relaxed as he slipped in me, fucking me ever so gently. I hugged his arms. I felt the hair on his chest tickling my back. I moaned, ‘cum in me……let me have it……please….’ God, I was desperate. It was sore but a nice soreness. Finally, I felt his cock stiffen and he shuddered. I felt his cum, hot sexy cum, pour into my ass. I kissed his arm as he spurted inside me. He gripped me tightly as he came. Now, at last, I feel like I’ve been taken. Smothered in his arms and his spunk deep inside me.

We had anal several times, him always coming inside me. He didn’t want fucked at all. Most of all, we sucked and wanked and I was happy with that. If I wanted fucked he would do it but only if I asked. I did enjoy it though. I got a thrill from being taken.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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