Mart 11, 2021


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Lily curses her vehicle as she steps from behind the wheel and slams the door shut. Stalking around to the front and popping open the hood, she then curses the heat, as a massive cloud of steam and smoke emerges from the engine.

“Damn it!” Glaring helplessly at the inoperable car, she pushes her heavy, black hair out of her face, bright green eyes snapping. “Now What?”

With a heavy sigh, Lily walks over to the open window, flips on the hazard lights with one hand, and grabs her purse with the other. Turning and leaning against the door, she purses her lips in thought.

She was only about halfway to her friend’s cabin, which she was borrowing for her weekend vacation. Now stranded, she had no idea how far the nearest town was. She had been driving for a good half-hour with no sign of populace, just a few scattered houses and the occasional gas station along the road.

Digging into her purse, Lily pulls out her cellular phone, and flips it open to find that her battery had gone dead. “DAMN!”

Kicking the nearest tire of her white Honda Civic, she snaps the useless phone shut and drops it into her purse. Dejected, she looks both up and down the road, in hopes of seeing a building, a car, or at this point, any sign of life. No one would even begin to miss her until late Monday morning, and it was still only Saturday.

Squaring her shoulders, she picks a direction and takes a determined step, only to be stopped by the faint rumble of an approaching vehicle. She sends a silent prayer of thanks to the heavens at the sight of the car cruising up the road towards her, and in the direction she had been going when her car had died.

Seeing the flashing lights on her car, the driver pulls over and kills the engine. It is then that Lily realizes that there is not one, but two people in the car. The driver is a slightly athletic looking man with dark brown hair, and a golden tan. His friendly eyes smile sympathetically at her, and the vivid blue color of them strikes her as though she were looking into the clearest of oceans.

The passenger is the first to speak, and Lily turns her gaze on an attractive woman, with blonde hair cut into one of those short, messy styles that not many can carry off. And she carried it off with abandon. Her brown eyes were also friendly, as was her voice.

“Rough day?” She opens the passenger side door and steps out. Lily cannot help but notice that she is also athletically built, tanned, and lean.

“You could say that…” giving a rueful smile, Lily gestures at her car. “I think it overheated, is all.”

The driver of the sporty little car behind hers gets out, and Lily’s eyes grow large. He is HUGE! He didn’t look so tall behind the wheel…he must be at least 6 foot 5, if he is an inch. Suddenly, Lily’s 5 foot 4 inch frame seems much smaller to her.

“Let me take a look under your hood, and see what we have here.” He grins down at Lily as he strolls past her towards the open hood.

“I…uh…would really appreciate that, sir,” slightly stumbling over the few words.

“Sir?!” The woman snaps her head back and laughs. “Please! My name is Sara, and this is my friend Zach. No one calls him ‘sir.'”

“How would you know?” Zach arches an eyebrow at Sara, and tries to look offended at her remark, but fails miserably. The easy camaraderie between the two puts Lily at ease.

Extending a hand to the woman first, Lily introduces herself to the couple. “Well, my name is Lily, and I really appreciate you stopping.” Turning towards Zach, she offers him the same hand. “My cell phone is dead, and I am on my vacation.” The last couple of words come out breathlessly as Zach surprises her by taking her hand, gracing her knuckles with a soft kiss.

“Well, I have good news and bad news…which would you prefer first?” His eyes twinkle as he stands back up, and lowers the hood.

“Bad.” Nibbling her bottom lip and clutching her purse, she waits for the bad news.

“Well…you seem to have a blown radiator.” Another sympathetic smile. “Even if I could put some coolant in the radiator, it wouldn’t stay there.” He grins.

“Ohhh….” Groaning in frustration, Lily closes her eyes briefly. “Okay, and the good news would be…?”

“There is escort mamak a good-sized town about an hour down the road, in the direction we both appear to be heading.” Walking over to Sara, he slings his arm around the smiling blonde’s shoulders. “And we would be more than willing to give you a lift.”

Nibbling her lip for a moment while weighing her options, Lily makes a decision. “Okay, thank you both so very much. I am sorry to be an inconvenience.” She opens up the driver’s side door and rolls up the window after turning the hazard lights off.

The woman gives her a bright smile. “Not at all! We don’t mind in the least, do we Zach?” Looking up, the two exchange a smile.

“Nope…the more the merrier, is what I always say.” Gesturing to his waiting vehicle, “shall we?”

“I believe I have everything I need right now.” Giving one last glance at her soon to be abandoned car, Lily walks over to the passenger door.

Sara grabs the handle first, saying, “I will take the back seat. You look like you could use the air from the vents a bit more than I could.” With a grin, she slides her lithe body into the back of the car.

With a smile, Lily thanks her and settles herself into the roomy front seat. The car shifts slightly as Zach gets back behind the wheel.

“I hope you don’t mind the sunroof being open. We have been using the air conditioning as well, but we love the freedom of the open roof.” With a quick glance in Lily’s direction, he turns the ignition, adjusts the air conditioning, and maneuvers the car onto the road once again.

Happy to be on the road once again, as well as in front of the vents blowing cool air, Lily murmurs a reply and lifts her long hair off her neck, trying to cool her body down.

They spend the next fifteen minutes or so getting to know each other, and soon Lily is laughing and feeling completely relaxed. Sipping on a bottle of chilled water that Sara handed her, she hums along with the radio.

Glancing over at Zach, she notices him adjusting his rearview mirror, pausing a moment, and then moving it again. Shrugging off the odd behavior, she turns slightly in her seat to ask Sara a question, only to feel her breath catch in her throat at the sight that greets her.

Long, tanned legs sprawled ever so slightly, Sara’s eyes are closed, and she is wearing a look of self-indulgence. Her white denim shorts are unbuttoned, and one of her hands is gently stroking her right breast through her pink t-shirt.

Spinning around to face the front again, Lily’s face flushes bright red, and her eyes dart over to Zach to see if he had witnessed her embarrassment. He fires a small grin in her direction, and suddenly she realizes why he had been adjusting his mirror.

Not sure what to make of the situation in the back seat, she nibbles her bottom lip and plays with the hem of her skirt, eyes staring straight ahead. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Zach adjust the mirror one more time, and to her mortification, her curiosity is getting the better of her.

Surely, she did not see what she thinks she just saw. After a moment’s deliberation, she reaches down for her purse and pulls out a brush. Flipping the visor down, she locates a mirror and, taking a deep breath, slides it open with the pretense of untangling her mass of hair.

Taking a deep breath, Lily tilts her head until the mirror is filled with a view of the backseat, and of Sara. The brush lies limply in Lily’s lap, completely forgotten.

Seemingly lost to her own pleasure, Sara gently runs her fingertips lightly over her breasts, her nipples hardened and prominent. A soft moan escapes her lips, barely discernable above the noise of the radio. But that one small sound is enough to make the passenger in the front seat bite her bottom lip against responding with the like sound.

Adjusting her body until she appears to be lounging against the door, head settled against the back of the seat, Lily stares into the mirror with a hooded gaze. Unconscious of the fact that her hands are mimicking what she sees in the mirror, her breathing gradually quickens to a soft, sharp panting.

Sara has now slid her t-shirt up her body, baring her small, pert, naked breasts ofise gelen escort to Lily’s gaze. She lightly pinches and plucks at her nipples, her tongue running along her bottom lip slowly. Lily’s eyes stare first at her wet lips, then her tight, cherry red nipples.

Forgetting everything but the sensations she is feeling, Lily’s eyes drift closed, and she shifts slightly on her seat, legs splaying slightly open. She runs her own fingertips along the edge of her skirt, and shifts again.

Lost in sensation, she gives a startled gasp when she feels another hand upon her thigh. Her eyes fly open, meeting Zach’s burning gaze. They stare at each other silently for a moment, his thumb stroking a lazy circle on her inner thigh.

“Yes…” whispers Lily’s assent, as she parts her legs even more for his touch. Once again lowering her head to the back of the seat and closing her eyes, she emits a small sigh.

With her eyes closed, she does not notice the glance that Zach and Sara exchange through the rearview mirror, his eyes staring heatedly, and hers lustfully.

Sara silently slides to the seat directly behind Lily, and gently lowers the seat in front of her down. Lily stares up at Sara with startled eyes. But the other woman just smiles softly, and continues to stroke her own breasts while gazing greedily at Lily’s hands, which are still rested upon her own naked flesh.

Realizing it was now obvious that not only had she been watching Sara, but that she was turned on by what she had seen, Lily throws all caution to the wind, and lets her most basic of instincts guide her.

Reaching out a hand that is shaking from too many emotions to name, she takes Sara’s hand, and places it upon her full, soft breast. Then, shocked by her own boldness, she lies completely still.

For a moment, there is complete and utter silence, as Sara stares down at Lily who looks back hungrily. Then both gazes shift to Zach, who glances at the two women momentarily.

Looking at the long stretch of road before them, the image of Sara’s hand cupping Lily’s breast burned into his mind, Zach swiftly pulls off the road and parks behind a couple of large shade trees.

Lust suddenly rampages through each of them, as Lily kneels on her seat backwards, helping Sara tug off her shorts, throwing them in a random direction. While she is doing that, Sara pulls Zach’s shirt over his head, this following the same direction as her shorts.

Lily leans over and greedily thrusts her tongue into Zach’s waiting mouth. He grips a fist full of her hair, and slants his mouth passionately over hers, flicking his tongue hotly against hers. Then sucking hers into his mouth, both tongues dance back and forth, again and again.

Sara pushes Lily’s skirt up around her waist, and slides her hand over the smooth, firm, plump ass just exposed, totally devoid of panties. Encouraged by the low groan coming from the dark haired beauty’s throat, she then relieves Lily of her gaping shirt and bra, leaving her virtually naked.

Zach trails his tongue down Lily’s neck, biting and sucking vigorously. She leans back a bit, panting, and grips the sides of the open sunroof. Sara takes advantage of the pose, and gently turns Lily’s face towards her, brushing soft, pink lips against red lips before slipping her hot, wet tongue into Lily’s mouth, seducing her tongue in a sexual rhythm.

Masculine lips trail from her neck down to her large, soft breasts as Zach flicks his tongue against a hard, pointed nipple. He exhales, blowing cool air across it, causing it to tighten even more than it has.

The sensation of two mouths upon her at once is almost overwhelming, but Lily cannot get enough. Opening her mouth wider to Sara’s onslaught, she grasps the back of Zach’s neck and pulls his mouth closer to her breast. This simple act destroys what little control any of them may have had left.

The car is filled with the sound of harshly drawn breaths, panting, moaning, and hotly whispered words of sex.

“You have beautiful tits,” Zach mutters, gently biting and sucking Lily’s nipples. She arches into his mouth in response.

“Oh, God…that feels so good.”

Reaching out, she palms Sara’s small, otele gelen escort firm tits, pinching, plucking, and rolling the cherry red nipples between thumb and forefinger.

Feeling empowered by the husky moans with which she is rewarded, Lily looks into Sarah’s eyes and says, “Let me taste you, Sara. I have never tasted a woman’s pussy before, and I want to taste yours.”

In a flash, Sara stretches out along the back seat, and tugs Lily down by the hand. Zach turns in his seat, watching the two beautiful women together, and strokes his hard cock through his jeans. Lily gently takes one of Sara’s lithe legs, and drapes it over the back of the seat, leaving her trim and shaved pussy open to her hungry eyes.

Trailing her fingertips lightly over Sara’s leg, thigh, and stomach, Lily whispers, “You’re beautiful.”

Zach leans close to Lily’s ear. “Taste her.”

Sara’s eyes burn into Lily’s. “Taste me.”

Kneeling backwards on the seat, Lily braces her weight on her forearms, and breathes in the sexy, musky scent of a woman, and is no longer capable of thought — only feeling.

Lily slowly licks a path from Sara’s clit to her pussy, and then back again. Sara moans loudly, her eyes drifting shut.

Driven purely by instinct, Lily dances her tongue in circles around Sara’s clit slowly at first, then faster. Smiling when she feels the clit begin to swell, she then laps at the wetness, tasting Sara’s sweetness.

“Ohhhh….” Sara shifts to open her thighs wider.

“You taste like heaven, Sara.”

“Your tongue is taking me there…” she replies huskily.

Settling down to suck Sara’s clit into her mouth, she sees Zach unzipping his jeans and pushing them off. His cock springs up against his belly, huge, hard, and ready. Lily feels her pussy grow wet at the glorious sight, and she moves up a bit on the seat to make room for him behind her.

“Watching your mouth on her pussy is so incredibly erotic, Lily.” Kneeling behind her, he grasps his cock in his hand and rubs it up and down her wet slit. Moaning and keening, Lily gently bites down on Sara’s hard clit, and sucks it into her mouth again.

Sara grasps Lily’s head with her hands and rasps at Zach, “I want to watch your cock fill her pussy while she licks me, baby.”

Hearing the blunt, erotic words makes Lily’s pussy tighten and she pleads over her shoulder, “Fuck me, Zach. Please, fuck me.”

Gripping Lily’s hips, he plunges his hard length into her tight wetness, full-hilt. The motion causes her mouth to press more fully against Sara, who moans loudly. In a short time, the three lovers find their rhythm.

Lily inserts two fingers into Sara’s pussy, and quickly begins sliding them in and out in time with the pounding thrusts of Zach’s cock.

“Oh, god baby! I am going to come….YESSS!!!” Sara’s body arches with her release. Greedily licking at her wetness, Lily buries her face while Zach shoves his cock forcefully inside her. Sara scrambles out from underneath Lily, and kneels beside the two thrusting bodies, panting.

“That was incredible.” Sara reaches out and strokes her hand over Zach’s sweaty chest, then trails it down to Lily’s ass. Bending down a bit, she begins to talk to Lily, pushing her closer to the edge with her words.

“Did you like licking my pussy, Lily?” Sara caresses Lily’s ass softly.

“Yesss….” Lily moans in pleasure.

“Do you like his cock in your pussy, Lily?” Sarah whispers, lightly spanking Lily’s gyrating ass.

“Oooohhh…” Pressing back into both the spanking and the pounding cock, Lily begins to shake. Silence ensues, broken by the occasional grunt or groan from Zach, and the slapping of skin on skin. Sarah lightly spanks Lily’s bottom in time with Zach’s thrusts, and trails her tongue over Zach’s chest, flicking his flat, male nipple. Feeling Lily’s body starting to tighten, he quickens his thrusts.

“Come for me, baby. I want to feel you come around me.”

Bracing her hands on the back seat, Lily pushes her body back into the thrusts, taking him deeper and deeper into her body. Suddenly, she arches and screams out, “OH GOD!!”

At that moment, Zach dives into her body one last time, deeply burying himself, and shoots into her warmth, her body still spasming around him, milking him dry.

“AAHHH!!!” He thrusts twice more, and collapses on her, catching his breath. After a short while, the three crawl back into their seats, smiling at each other.

“So…” Lily grins at Sara and Zach, “do you two have plans for the weekend?”

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