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I am 21, and waiting in an office for a Job interview and I am seated in an area that is not visible to the rest of the Office. A sexy mature lady comes over and sits across from me, it is you. I try not to stae but you are so hot, I think at least 55 years old. You have sexy to die for legs, just enough makeup to make you even sexier than you are and hot wet, red lips. I notice right off that you are wearing Black Seamed Nylons, a Short Sexy Skirt that comes up just above your knees and Spike High-Heeled pumps. I can not stop from staring and the more I try not be obvious in my staring the more you are exciting me. I am reading a magazine and as you reach over for a newspaper, you seem to part your legs ever so slightly, but just enough for me to catch a glimpse of your Black Nylon tops and garters. You then sit back, slowly re-cross your legs, and as you do this, your skirt rides up a little on your sexy thigh.

My eyes are glued to your fabulous nylon covered legs, and the black tops that are just visible above your skirt. You then cross your legs a few more times until the garters are barely visible, but all the while never looking in my direction, just reading the newspaper and jotting down some information. You then dangle a spike heel-heeled pump and the shear sight of you are doing is driving me crazy, I’m hot, with sweaty palms and wildly excited with lust and desire.

You are then called for your appointment, you slowly get up and pull your skirt down and as you leave you brush against my leg and drop a note into my lap.

When I come out of my meeting you were gone, I was disappointed as I went to the elevator, the sign said out of order so I headed for the stairs, oh great I thought another wonderful day. I opened the door and to my delight there you were standing against the wall, putting on some red lipstick. You look up at me and smile telling me that you liked the way I had discreetly caught glimpses of your leg show. You then raised up your skirt and straightening your black nylons motioned for me to come over. I hesitated for a moment and then moved over to you. You grabbed my hand and placed it on your nyloned thigh, moving it up and down. Our lips connected as we deep French kissed, our tongues probing and reaching. My hands were on both your nyloned legs as you began grinding your hips into me as we kissed even harder.

You raised your high heeled leg up between mine and rubbed against my now rock hard cock. We continued kissing deeply, our breathing increasing, my hands were squeezing and massaging your tight butt, as our bodies ground into each other. I moved my hand to the front of your skirt casino şirketleri and moved upward until I felt the dampness of your panty covered mound. I slipped your panty aside and began to probe your wet pussy with my finger and you squirmed with passion. I continued to do this as your hand found its way to my hard cock. Rubbing me from the outside you started breathing even harder as I probed you deeper, looking for the G spot. I felt you cum on my hand as we kissed deeper and harder, breathing like it was our last.

Trying to catch your breath you suggested that I follow you as we could continue our getting aquatinted meeting in a more private place. You pulled down your skirt and giving my hard cock a final rub, and one last French kiss we went to the parking garage. I went with you to your car as you walked hotly on your spike high heels, making those sexy clicking sounds on the pavement. When you got into your car, your skirt rode high up on your thigh showing off your hot nyloned legs and garters. You told me more was in store when we got to your house. We kissed again and I couldn’t help but rub your nyloned legs one more time. You moved my hand up to your wet panty covered pussy and I massaged until we knew it was time to leave.

It was hard for me to walk back to my car as my cock was so hard and I was so excited and turned on by your actions……………

We arrived at your house in no time, you got out of your car, making sure I had a good look at your hot nyloned legs as they were visible because your dress had ridden up. I was just in heaven at the site of how sexy you were in your Black Nylons and Spike High Heels. I liked watching your sexy walk up the stairs and into your house as I followed behind. When we were inside and the door closed you turned to me and our mouths embraced hotly, our tongues probing each other as our hands roamed each others body. My hands on your sexy tight butt, squeezing and raising your dress to feel your nylons and garters and then rising even higher to feel the crack of your butt and then your warm mound.

I moved a hand in front feeling the outline of your pussy through your panties, massaging and rubbing ever so gently feeling you get wetter and wetter. Your hand rubbing and squeezing my cock making it get even harder. We kissed deeper and faster as the urgency of our horniness grew more apparent. You moved your mouth from mine and told me to take a seat as you were going to change and get more comfortable, as I was getting ready to protest, you kissed me again and left the room.

It was agony as I waited, my cock hard, my mind a blur, and my casino firmaları thoughts of only one thing…Pleasing You. You reappeared a few minutes later and my mouth dropped, there you were standing in the doorway wearing a sexy black full slip, Black nylons, I could see the outline of the Garterbelt and your sexy bra. You were wearing on your feet, a pair of 5 inch spike black suede high heeled pumps. I just froze as you came up to me and pulled my head into you, my hands went wild, feeling up and down your legs, grasping your butt, reaching up to your back and then around front to grasp your breasts. You ground your hips into me as I pressed my head to your belly. You reached down, pulled up your slip and my head immediately went to your black panty covered pussy. I started to massage your wet mound with my mouth as I felt it getting wetter through the black panty. I kissed and licked the inside of your leg, first one then the other and running my tongue down each leg to kiss your thigh and black nylon top. I resumed my position with my mouth at your pussy licking and pressing against your panty with my lips. My hands held your nyloned legs.

I reached up and slowly slid your black panties down your sexy black nyloned legs, then off your suede high heels to the floor. My mouth and tongue went right to your pussy, licking each fold then moving down to push my tongue in as far as I could. Moving my mouth back to your button, taking it between my lips and gently sucking on it, flicking my tongue quickly over the tip as it grew in my mouth. I love the way you taste so sweet and sexy. You start to grind your hips against my mouth as I lick and suck on you. My hands roaming up and down your nyloned legs, feeling how good the nylon feels to my touch. I probed my tongue deep into your pussy and then almost removing it, pushing again deeper, like my tongue was the extension of my hard cock, trying to fuck you with my tongue. I grabbed your butt with both of my hands and brought you even closer to me so I could really enjoy your gifts. I raced my mouth and tongue from your clit to your pussy then back, kissing, sucking and licking as I watched your eyes start to close, breathing increase and your sexy hot body tense. Moments later I taste your sweet juices as it flows from you into my mouth, over my tongue and a little down my chin. My lips and face had that gleam, freshly produced wonderfully sweet pussy juice, I love it.

You just held onto my head and kept it between your legs and pussy, I licked a little more and you started to quiver from the sensation. I looked up and smiled at you and I could see from the expression güvenilir casino on your face that you had enjoyed my mouth massage.

You told me to change places with you, and with that I got up and you sat down making sure your slip was hiked up so I had full view of your sexy nyloned legs. You slowly unzipped my pants as you rubbed your head back and forth against my hardening cock. You removed my pants and then started to move your mouth over my hard cock over my shorts, leaving wet lip marks where you had pressed against me. It feels sooooo good, you’re hot breath and mouth making me wonder what else I’m in for. As you pull down my shorts, my cock springs straight out and into your wet warm mouth, the sensation of your red lips and moving tongue is beyond description. It feels so good when your sexy mouth moves up and down my shaft, pressing firmer against it with each movement of your sexy mouth. My eyes are closed feeling the pleasure you are giving me.

I watch in awe as you suck me, the sensation beyond description. I want more of your sweet pussy and soon manage to position you so that I could lick and suck on your pussy and you suck my hard cock. My favorite thing to do. I probed deep into you then up to your button to suck ever so gently, sometime blowing on it then sucking and moving to insert my tongue again deep into you. You taste so sweet and I seem to not be able to get enough. The way you are sucking my cock makes me soon realize that I can not hold back much longer and I’m about ready to cum.

You sense this and we roll over with you on top, my cock hard as a rock you get up on your high heels and lower yourself onto my hard cock making it disappear deep into your pussy, what a feeling. I start to pump you slowly at first, almost bringing my cock all the way out, then pushing it back deep into you. We start to get into a sexual rhythm as we pump each other, you are so hot and wet. I slide easily in and out, faster as we go, our breathing quickening with each thrust, god it feels so good, you are so good and sexy, I can feel the sensation in my cock as it is almost ready to explode inside you. I want to hold back, but you are just to hot and wild for me. My lust for you is uncontrollable. I tell you I’m cuming and you pump yourself even faster as you ride my rock hard cock, in, out, in, out, faster, faster. I’m starting to cum now, my juices start to flow deep into you as my cock swells with each pump, wow, so good, my eyes are glazed from the excitement. You moan, then scream in pleasure as I feel your pussy contract on my cock and your juices flow freely from inside. We pump each other, wanting to extract all we have. We then slowly come down from our sexual high. I kiss you deep and hold you tight, never wanting this moment to end, but knowing we will have more in the future.

Nothing better than an interview and meeting a new hot, sexy, erotic lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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