Haziran 12, 2020

Good Neighbors

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Good Neighbors
It was a chilly morning the normal routine was in effect. Wake up coffee say good bye to my wife Jen as she goes to work just a normal day. Except I had off today it was an unusual day to have off but due to a staffing mistake at work I was permitted today off. After Jen left I was awash with ideas of things to do but I knew better I knew it would devolve into television in bed. 10ish in to my day the dog was pacing and whining I knew what that meant so I opened the back door and he pranced to his favorite spot and popped a squat.

As I was turning to go back inside I heard something that peaked my curiosity coming from the house behind ours. It was the unmistakable sound of a woman moaning. My neighbor Beth and her husband Joe where great neighbors. We had gone to barbecues and dinners on multiple occasions. I was always envious of Joe Beth was stunning. She was small standing all of 5’2 I would guess and could not have weighed 115 lbs she had an infectious smile and silky black hair. She was of Asian descent, exotic and very attractive.

I quietly shut my door and sat listening to the symphony of what I had imagined so many times in the past. Her moans of ecstasy where getting louder it sounded as if she may have been just on the back patio or had the back slider open. I was continent to just sit and listen with the erection growing in my pants. That is until I heard her say “I love your black cock fuck me harder” I was almost bowled over Joe was white. Was Beth having an affair? This was a bomb shell we where friends. What do I do? I think to myself I don’t even really know what’s going on the Privacy fence separates our yard Beth’s moans continued unabated as she escalated towards climax as I got closer to the fence. I began to her a man’s voice who was defiantly not Joe. “Let the whole neighborhood know you fucking slut…the sound of bahis siteleri colliding flesh began to quicken. “I…I…Love you….I love your black cock mark”

I did not know what to do this was defiantly not a normal day I was upset for Joe, But excited about what was going on the other side of the wooden plank. This was defiantly better than some nature show. My erection that was raging and pressing hard against my pants proved that. I found a small gap in the wood where if I stood at just the right angle I could see into Joe’s yard. It was a sliver of sight but is I paned around. It was a sight that I would not forget
Beth was standing up against the outdoor kitchen wall of her house. Her small perky brown nipples that where so defined against her milky skin seamed to jump out towards me with every thrust the sheen of her hair that was d****d over her face in abandon shook as she was brought ever closer to orgasm. She was holding herself up with her forearms. Her small frame seemed so frail and the large muscular black mountain of a man was behind her pounding her without mercy. His hands where huge and pressed hard against the top of her hip even from the distance I was at I could tell his grip on her was strong and commanding. Beth repeated “Fuck me” over and over again. The sight was overwhelming and I freed my staining cock from its confines and began feverishly stroking. “don’t stop mark fuck my married pussy” as Beth’s hair was pulled away from her face by this mark and held taught behind her head.
The motion pulled her body more upright and her breasts heaved with excitement and the force of his thrusts. Her body was now pushed against the wall and having nowhere to go and no room to absorb the force of him I watched her eyes roll into her head and a guttural moan escape her gaping mouth.

I was envious of him as I stoked my own dick for not bahis şirketleri only taking Beth an act that I had often fantasized about, but his ability to deliver such a strong orgasm. Jen had never acted like that with me and honestly we had fallen into the some routine in the bed room as my day began. My mind drifted as Beth continued to moan and I thought of Mark with Jen my wife. The thought was too much and I exploded violently I had never cum so much or felt so conflicted what was I thinking about? What was I watching? I was still excited an ashamed at the same time. I am watching my friend Joe’s wife Beth fucking a black man in her back yard imagining my wife Jen doing the same. What am I doing?
As my faculties return to me I begin to realize I may have made agave mistake. In my own ecstasy I reached out to the top of the fence and grasped it. I look at my arm knowing my fingers must be on the other side. Did they notice? Did the fence shake as I came from the contact? Did I make noise DO THEY KNOW I AM HEAR? I slowly remove my hand from the fence and look through the gap.

At first I am at ease they have not stopped mark is still fucking the brains out of Beth I am taking comfort in the adulterous actions of my friends wife the irony is not lost on me nor is lost on me that I just experienced the best masturbation session of my life watching this spectacle. But as I watch closer I begin to have second thoughts. Beth is seemingly staring right at the fence where I am and so is mark. Do they know? Wouldn’t they stop or say something? Marks pace is quickening now. Beth squeals “don’t stop don’t stop” Mark pulls her hair and she is pulled close to him. I listen closely and hear him tell Beth “I’m gona cum in your married pussy” as he releases her she is begging for him “Please cum in me I need it ohh my god” He belts out a thunderous grunt illegal bahis and I know he is pumping his load deep in Beth she is pressing hard against him.

As he withdraws and I am amazed at the size and girth of his member I had not been able to see it because of the angle until now but. It is glistening in the sunlight from the mixture of Beth and his cum. He glances over at the fence whispers into Beth’s ear gives her slap on the ass and walks into Joe’s house like he owns it. I hear the master bedroom shower start. I was so fixated on Mark and his tool that I almost forgot about Beth. I glanced back to find her standing on the patio completely naked in what looked like a wonder woman pose. Her legs where slightly spread showing her swollen pussy that was still leaking marks cum. Her hands on her hips and her gaze fixated on the fence where I was. I froze knowing I could not move without being found out the noise of me moving through the yard would give me away for sure.

I was horrified as Beth began traversing the yard on a direct line to where I was. She stopped short of the fence about three feet away. She slowly bent over her I could only see a portion of her body through the crack. Her body was every bit as amazing as I had fantasized about I could not take my eyes off her pussy it was swollen and red her face sported a devilish smile. As she spread her lips open and plunged her fingers in herself pulling out gobs of thick cum that clung to her fingers she seductively sucked the fluid off her fingers. “You like what you saw?” I was frozen in fear. “Good because you are going to see much more than you bargend for you pervert” she giggled as she walked back to the house and slowly closed the slider to the master bedroom. As soon as it was closed I scurried back to my own home nearly forgetting the dog in the yard.

I was a nervous wreck when Jen came home that night but it was normal. That is until dinner when Jen told me “Beth called me today” ohh what did she want “Joe and her want to have dinner this weekend” Well I don’t Know honey “ I already accepted we will be hosting on Friday”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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