Mart 22, 2021

Doing My Husband’s Nephew

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I’ve always had this sexual attraction for young, muscular, guys.

Last summer my husband’s nephew, Alex, came to our city to continue his studies.

It was 8 years ago that I had met him for the first time at my wedding. At the time, he was a cute little boy of 11.

Now, at age 19, he arrived at our place as a mature teenager with a sexy nature…hmmm similar to the ones that I masturbate during my fantasies…

I am a happily married 34 year old woman, redhead, green eyes, white skin and sexy full-figured body that attract glances wherever I go. As I mentioned, I’ve been married for 8 years.

It was a hot summer and we spent most of our time taking Alex to different places in town.

He is a tall, blond, muscular, very well built young guy. I was constantly monitoring him and noticed that he was a little bit shy. Mostly I noticed that he used to sneak glances at my legs and chest specially that I was dressed in a very revealing outfit and shorts.

Next day my husband went to work and I spent the day with Alex playing card games and rearranging the house. He is very good in decorating, his suggestions made sense and my husband and I were very pleased with the changes that he did to our living room.

We spent the rest of the week going around and searching for a nice studio-apartment for him to rent. Eventually we found a very cozy one that his artistic taste appreciates and he moved-out from our place.

It was a nice couple of weeks that we spent together and I really enjoyed his company, especially the güvenilir bahis times when I teased him and made him have an erection that he tried to hide nervously…

In one occasion my pussy got so wet that I had to go and change my panties, as well as rub my pussy to a quick climax before I went back and pretended nothing happened.

In his presence, several times I had to go to my bedroom and masturbate to release the sexual tension. I didn’t want to seduce him, after all he is my husband’s nephew and I am deeply in love with my husband and don’t have the intention of cheating on him and endangering my married life.

Couple of months later, one of my cousins was getting married and Alex was invited too.

At the reception, we were seated on the same table; my hubby on my right and Alex on my left.

I discovered that he is really on the shy side and I urged him to dance with the attractive, young girls on the dance floor, but he refused…

Eventually I took him to dance. I really got turned on by the fact that he is my husband’s nephew and a handsome young guy. My juices were really flowing and my pussy and panties were damp, I had to change them. Usually I keep a pair of panties in my purse for similar occasions. So, after the dance I excused myself and went to the ladies room to change. On my way back I wanted to take a fresh air and went outside for a walk, I started thinking about Alex and my sexual attraction for him. Eventually, I decided that I need to fulfill my fantasy and seduce him no matter what!

On my way türkçe bahis back, I noticed a room in one of the corridors, I opened it and it was empty, except for a chair and a table.

I went back to my table. The night passed and my husband mentioned that he had left the wedding present in the car. I said I can bring it since I needed a fresh air. Then I asked Alex if he can help me bring the present in…

We went to the car, picked the present and came back, on our way back I faked a slip and pretended that my ankle is hurting me. Limping I led him to the room that I had discovered earlier. I sat on the table, while Alex tried to comfort me, I removed my shoe and put my leg on the chair and asked him to massage it for me. He didn’t hesitate and started massaging my stocking’d foot. I bent my knee in a way that dropped my skirt higher on my hip and most of my legs were exposed to him. He was trying hard to avoid staring at my legs and to make things more difficult for him I opened my legs wider and exposed my panties to him. I was making it quite obvious and wanted him to react…

Finally I took the initiative and said; “Alex, do you find my legs sexy?”

“uhmmm…sure Lisa.”

“What are you going to do about it?”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to show me what you can do with your lips…”

“I…I don’t understand…”

“Stop massaging my foot and remove my panties Alex.”

He did what I told him.

Then I held his head and lowered it to my wet snatch.

“Lick it Alex, it’s all yours, güvenilir bahis siteleri hot and juicy.”

I was really surprised at the expertise that he showed in lapping my cunt, in no time I was cumming in his mouth and having the greatest orgasm ever. Alex licked me dry and then he stood up, I was still shaking.

“We better go before they suspect anything,” he said.

“I need to take care of you Alex.”

“No, I think we need to go back Lisa, it was my pleasure to do it to you, don’t worry about me.”

Well, he was right, we were getting late.

Back at the table everything was normal and Alex behaved very mature and well.

An hour later, most of the tables were getting empty, and it was about time to leave. I whispered to Alex to go and wait for me in the same room. He left. I excused myself and left to the direction of the washroom, then slipped and went to meet Alex.

I opened the door and he was there, waiting for me, his pant down to his knees and his 9 inch pecker in his hand…

Without any hesitation, I went down on my knees and took his dick in my mouth. I felt heat coming out of his prick and the blood flowing in the nerves…

After several strokes and a good licking and sucking Alex held my head with both hands, got stiff and shot his load down my throat. I couldn’t move my head even if I wanted to, and swallowed every drop of his cum.

It was a quick one. We left separately and joined my hubby and the group as if nothing had happened.

A week later we had intercourse at his apartment and then I explained to him that we can’t do it anymore. That was it. I had my fantasy come true and got the satisfaction to fuck a young stud.


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