Birthday Ch. 2

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Blondie and the two boys were laughing as they disappeared into their car and drove out of the parking garage.

I was finally able to get my wits about me and went to my car. I was on my way home when I saw the club where Peggy worked and I said to myself, “what the hell, nobody at my house anyway,” so I pulled in for a drink and to pass a little time with old friends whom I had not seen for quite awhile.

I passed my keys to the valet and told him to keep it up front I wouldn’t be long. Robert said, “yes sir, we haven’t seen you for sometime now sir, I trust all is well.” I assured him it was and passed through the outer door and parted the heavy red plush curtain to enter the club.

Pausing to allow my eyes to adjust to the subdued lighting I looked around and saw a few familiar faces and many unfamiliar ones. At that moment Ma was suddenly at my side saying, “Hey lover, where you been? I tried to keep it hot for you but you been gone sooo long I had to get help to put the fire out.”

Now, you must understand, at about two hundred forty pounds it seems impossible for Ma to do anything suddenly. But there she was. I laughed and told her that it was OK, I knew there was enough to go around.

We exchanged pleasantries as she led me through the club to my favorite table. Following her I was again impressed by the grace of movement possessed by this aging woman. She was a dancer herself in bygone years and still had the ease of movement demonstrated by the best of the best. Ma said to me one time that she once opened for Gypsy Rose Lee, and worked for a while with Tempest Storm. If you have lived a decent Synful life you will recognize the names of two of the best strippers to come out of vaudeville.

I ordered Three fingers of Jack, neat, with seven back when the waitress walked up to the table. Then I heard a familiar voice saying, “Something’s never change.” I turned to look into the big brown eyes of Annie. Annie was a dancer / waitress. She did not need to dance because the tips she made at the tables were plenty but Annie loved the dance, not to mention the tease.

I said, “Well hello Annie, how’s tricks”? To which she replied, “looking up now that you are back.” I said it was a short visit and for her not to get her hopes up. Laughing Annie went to get my drink.

The rest of the time there was mostly uneventful. Oh yeah, I saw a good variety of T&A and one or two quick glimpses of pussy as one of the dancers would slip ( wink, wink ) and show a little more than allowed.

Leaving the club after about an hour and only two drinks I drove home. almanbahis Christy’s car was not in the garage. I didn’t really expect it to be but I was hopeful.

Great, here I am, turned thirty today, Got turned on by my secretary, was teased half to death by a few horny teenagers, sat through several sets at the strip club and getting ready to go to bed alone. Sometimes life just plain sucks. I puttered around a little and went to bed.

While setting the alarm for morning I heard the garage door go up. Since the bedroom faced the back of the house I knew Christy couldn’t see the light was on so I quickly turned it out. Actually I was pouting and feeling sorry for myself because she forgot my birthday. I crossed the room and closed the drapes over the French doors leading to the pool and then I crawled in under the sheets and pretended to be asleep. I would show her it didn’t matter at all.

I heard the door open and Christy entered the room. Then I heard her trip over the chest at the foot of the bed and a muffled curse. I almost laughed but managed to keep silent. The drapes over the doors shut out all the light coming from the pool which we kept lit for safety’s sake. Chris had closed the bedroom door behind her making the room very dark so I guess she misjudged where she was at and hit the chest.

There were the quiet sounds as Chris got out of her clothes and pulled back the sheet to get into bed. In my minds eye I saw her. She appeared, as she often did for me, the way she was when I first saw her nude. We were both just sixteen and neither one of us had much first hand experience. The sun was bright that day and Christy appeared out of the brush where she had gone to remove her clothes in preparation for a cooling swim at the lake. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I had expected her to show up wearing bra and panties as she had before when we went swimming.

She stopped by a tree and leaned one hand against it and said, “You like”? What’s not to like. Golden hair falling softly on her shoulders framed the face of an angel. Skin which had me thinking of peaches and cream. A light tan accenting the alabaster breasts and proud nipples. Stomach so flat and firm you could bounce quarters off of it. Light golden curls framing her pouting pussy lips. And those legs. God almighty those gorgeous legs. Long without making her appear too tall. The picture still makes an imposing presence in my mind.

I bent and removed my shorts releasing my hardening manhood to the afternoon breeze. I held out one hand and she approached and took it. almanbahis giriş We just stared into each others eyes for a few moments. Then I said, “We are not going swimming, are we.” In answer she smiled, shook her head side to side very slowly, and lowered herself into the thick grass growing up from the lake.

That however, is a story for another time. I felt a slight give to the mattress as Chris got on the bed and pulled the sheet up. She slid across the king size bed and nested against my back as she sometimes did when she was feeling horny. I had every intention of ignoring her.

Chris was not going to be ignored. Her hand came up and swirled the hair on my chest before lightly pinching both nipples in turn. She softly massaged my chest before running her hand across my stomach and into the hair above my resting penis. So far my body had not betrayed the fact I was awake.

Chris continued downward but avoided my manhood and traced her fingers across my thighs. Lightly tickling down to my knees. As her hand rose towards my groin her nails left a soft trail behind. Up, up went her fingers until they raked lightly over my balls and my now awakening cock.

The pretense was over. My body was betraying me. I rolled on to my back, sort of stretching to continue the illusion. Looking across at the clock I saw it was only nine thirty. I said, “You are home early. Did you enjoy the play”? Mmmmm she murmured and raised herself only to lay down on me and busy her mouth and tongue on my nipples.

Time for conversation was gone for the moment. Chris kissed her way across my stomach and immediately took my cock into her mouth and sucked it all in. Gentlemen, I don’t have to tell you how great it feels to have your woman take your soft cock in her mouth and bring it to full ready without letting go. Heaven on earth is all I can say. Give it a try ladies, he will love it and to feel him awaken in such an intimate way, well, I bet it helps make your day also.

Chris was now really going to town on my cock. She withdrew completely and blew a soft breath over me. That, combined with the wetness of her mouth caused a cool but delicious chill to go through me. Her head lowered again and took only the head of my now engorged member between her lips and sucked. Her tongue bathed me and teased me to the boiling point. She released me only to run her tongue along the bottom side all the way to my balls which she sucked into her mouth one by one.

This lady was outdoing herself. I mean she was normally good at sucking cock but tonight she was inspired. I mean almanbahis yeni giriş sensation after sensation went through me and I could only pray for more. She licked her way back to the top and bit the head before engulfing me completely. Did I say completely? I was all the way in her mouth. Her lips resting on the base of my cock at the pubic hair. The head of my dick firmly planted in her throat. This was a first for Chris. Never before had she been able to do this although she had often tried. I thought I had indeed died and gone to heaven.

I reached for her but before my hands barely touched her hair she softly but firmly placed my hands at my sides. Then it began. Sweet torture. Up and down my length she traveled. Slowly at first, then increasing the tempo only to slow down again. Over and over, faster and faster. My hips raised off the bed on their own hoping to stay deeply imbedded in that clasping mouth. My every nerve was taut as a bowstring. I felt a swelling in my nuts and then every muscle in my body began twitching as I unloaded into that hungry throat. I think I yelled out loud but I can’t be sure. The pent up frustration of the whole day was pouring out of me and she didn’t miss a drop.

That was the first time I had been able to cum in her mouth. Chris always said it wasn’t very lady like. I was deflating and still she sucked. Softly now, lovingly as if she were nursing. I was so relaxed I didn’t think I would have the strength to move.

I was about to speak, to tell Chris how beautiful that had been. From across the room I heard Christy say, “Happy birthday darling, Was that good for you? I enjoyed the show.”

What the fuck was going on. Chris was beside me but talking from across the room. I knew it, I had lost my mind. At that moment the drapes opened and Chris was silhouetted in the soft light from the pool. A body left the bed and crossed to Chris. They embraced and kissed, a long seemingly passionate kiss. All I could see was two great bodies pressed together but the only light came from behind them. I couldn’t make out any details.

The kiss broke and one of the ladies left the bedroom. I started to rise but Chris said, “Relax lover, she will be back.” I laid back on the pillow in a semi state of shock. This was more than I could comprehend.

Chris then told me that she didn’t know what to get for my birthday and then she remembered a long ago discussion of fantasies where I had said having two ladies at once was every man’s fantasy.

At that precise moment I heard a car start out front and drive away. “You said she would be back.” I almost cried. To which she replied “Yes my darlin, but I didn’t say when.”

“But I really didn’t have two at once.”

“No,” she said, “but just imagine what you have to look forward to.”

The end. Or is it? Damn, I can’t wait for Christmas.

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Bike Trails

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It was time for me to face the truth; I was not the young man I once was. I had let myself go and just didn’t feel good anymore, so I decided to change that. I even tried some sit ups. I knew it would take more then that, but I was never one to go to the gym and work out. I had to find something else. A friend at work knew of my struggle and suggested bike riding. I laughed. I was so out of shape I wouldn’t make it across the parking lot.

After two weeks I was doing pretty good I thought. I was eating better and had cut back on my drinking some. I was getting better with the sit-ups too, but there wasn’t much change. I knew running would kill my shins and knee’s, and the gym was still not for me. The bike riding crossed my mind again. I really didn’t see how bike riding was going to help me. At least it would be easy to do.

I started to ride every day, not far at first, then further, and further as the days progressed. By now I felt I was ready to go to the park that was near by. I checked out the many trails they had and I found out just how hard they were. The flat trails were good. The dips were fast and the inclines were bad, I had to walk them. So I found my new goal, small it may be, it was mine.

I rode every day before work, building up myself to meet my challenge. The more I rode the better I felt, and my friends could see a change in me also. I got to the point to where I would ride my bike to the park rather then haul it on the bike rack. After a few weeks of riding I started to see the same people everyday while riding. We would nod in passing but I never really took time to talk to them.

Less then a week later was when I saw a new face, or back as it were. She came riding past me in a flash and rode on. She looked very tight in her bike shorts and had long brown hair pulled into a ponytail. I knew I would have never caught her, but the thought did cross my mind, as well as other thoughts. As the weeks passed I got leaner and in better shape. I saw the brunette pass me every time. I was closer to keeping up now, but she still would disappear ahead of me. I rode almanbahis on till I came to a rest point and decided to stop for some water and stretch. Something was off in the trees something moving. Thinking it was a deer, I looked hard to see if it was. It looked more like a person, but there weren’t any trails out in that area. Shrugging it off I went on with my ride.

It was about twenty minutes later when I could hear a rider coming up from the rear. As they approached I moved to one side to let them pass as always, but no one came by. I looked over my shoulder to see the brunette that I had seen pass me before. As I turned my eyes back up the trail she came along side of me.

I nodded and said hi, just trying to be polite. She bluntly asked me, “Were you watching me?” That took me by complete surprise so I slowed and stopped. She could see the puzzled look on my face and said again, “Were you watching me back there at the stop?”

Now I was completely stunned, I finally spoke up and told her I did not know what she was talking about. She saw the look in my eyes and knew I was being honest. From my look she realized just how rude she sounded then told me she had gone off the path to be alone and saw someone watching her.

Then it hit me, and I told her that it was me she had seen, I had stopped for a break then saw movement in the trees and thought it was a deer or something. I had no intention of spying, and apologized. She seemed to calm down at that point.

She asked if I would like to ride with her for a while, I said sure. We rode slow and talked about normal things and got to know about each other. Nothing to in depth but still it was interesting. I told her I ride here just about everyday. She said me it was one of her favorite parks. As we neared the end of the trail I told her I hoped I would see her again.

For the next week I rode everyday in hopes I would catching her, but never did. I began to think I had scared her off. The following week I had a day off and went for my ride about an hour later. I had just got on the trail when someone almanbahis yeni giriş pulled up beside me. I saw it was her. She looked at me and smiled and said, “Well I see I finally found you.” She went on that she had been here just about everyday riding and looking for me. As we talked we worked it out that we were riding at different times, just missing each other. We both rode together for a short distance then she motioned for me to pull up and stop. She said, “I want to show you something.”

Confused I said, “Ok.” She looked behind us to see if the trail was clear, then quickly left the trail into the woods. I quickly followed her. I asked her where we were going, and she turned and placed a finger to her lips to silence me. We pushed our bikes in between the saplings until I couldn’t see the trail anymore. As we neared a small clearing she laid her bike down and took off her helmet. She said, “This is my hiding place.” I laid my bike down beside hers.

As I stood there I could hear nothing but the birds and air moving through the trees. No cars, no people no other noise at all, just nature, I was amazed. As I turned toward her, she was letting her hair down, I did not know just how long and soft it was under her helmet; it hung just past her shoulders.

She looked at me smiling and said, “This is where I take my breaks.” I told her it was better then the bench on the side of the trial and with that she pulled off her shirt reveling a sports bra enclosing a pair of firm tits. She went on to strip off her bike shorts to revel a modest pair of red panties.

She looked at me and laughed, I was standing there staring with my mouth open. She walked toward me saying, “I like to be close to nature.” Wrapping her arms around me our lips met in a deep kiss, our tongues exploring each other’s. I lost all thought of where we were and took to the moment. She shed my clothes down to my boxers in seconds, while kissing wildly over my body.

She stopped, stepped back and held a finger to her lips as before, pointing off to the corner of the clearing. almanbahis giriş As I turned to look I saw a doe. When I turned back I saw something more to my liking, she had stripped off the rest of her clothes and was touching herself. My cock was straining at the site of her rubbing and caressing herself. Unleashed, her tits were larger then I thought, her nipples were as big as the tip of my little finger as she squeezed and pinched them. I moved my eyes down and could see her hand rubbing her pussy, she was clean-shaven except for a small patch at the top. Her moist pussy had left her fingers glistening.

She seemed to be in a trance staring at the deer till she looked at me and said, “FUCK ME!” I went to her and she pulled me down onto our clothes. I tried to kiss her and play with her, but she looked at me with an intense look and said, “FUCK ME NOW!” She was ready and wanted it NOW, so I yanked off my shorts and got between her legs. She was on her back holding her thighs to her shoulders with her pussy to open for me. I rubbed the head to wet it then slammed in full stroke making her gasp. She let out a low guttural growl as she hissed out, “MORE!” This girl was an animal and I was enjoying it.

The harder I slammed her the more she liked it. I had her feet up behind her head and her hands had a grip on my ass cheeks driving me in. I was so intent on fucking her I didn’t even move my hands to play with her tits or ass. I saw her tits bouncing with every thrust and wanted to suck them but didn’t. I knew I was not going to last much more. She wrapped her legs around me pulling me in hard and deep and bucking under me trying to pull me in deeper. Her legs were strong from riding and she squeezed me tight.

I shot hard and deep into her wet walls as she orgasmed under me. It was not till we caught our breath did I roll off and lie beside her. As she sat up she took my hand and pulled me up. There at the edge of the clearing was seven doe’s grazing. She turned to me and kissed me, then whispered that it was time to go. We dressed as quietly as we could and slowly stood. To my surprise the deer were still there. We picked up our bikes and made our way to the bike path. As I looked back the deer moved into the area we had just left.

When we got to the trail, she was on her bike and ready to go, turning to say bye, she left as fast as she had shown up.

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Bianca on the Bus

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Ever since she started high school, Bianca has ridden the same bus with the same driver, being the first one on the route to board and the last one off in the afternoon. She had noticed right away that Chuck, the bus driver, was cute, tall and athletic with red hair and freckles. Not until a few weeks ago, however, had she actually developed the hots for him, and decided to do something about it. For one thing, she had celebrated her eighteenth birthday by then, and knew that men would not usually get in trouble for having sex with her, which removed inhibitions she might have otherwise had.

Over the years, she had gotten to know Chuck fairly well. She was sure that, as she grew older and her figure filled out, he found her attractive although he had never expressed his interest. Bianca didn’t know why; perhaps he still thought of her as a child or he might have been afraid he would get in trouble for “taking advantage” of one of his charges. Whatever the reason, the things she had learned in her empowering group, about seizing the initiative and going after what she wanted, had been taken to heart. That was the main impetus for her decision to do something about her own sexual desires and about what she believed were his.

Bianca had made her plans for that Friday afternoon. She had carefully formulated the most plausible story she could, involving heavy traffic, a late start and other delays to explain to her parents why she was late getting home from school. A condom, stolen from their supply, was stashed in her backpack. To facilitate the actual seduction, she had worn panties and bobby socks instead of her more usual pantyhose.

When the last of her schoolmates had left the bus, she raised her skirt, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and quickly pulled them off. The cool plastic seat on her naked, young ass gave her a devilish thrill and made her even hornier. Next, she reached behind her back, unfastened her bra and stuffed it and the panties into her backpack. After taking out the unwrapped condom and tucking it into the pocket of her skirt, she was ready for action with a minimum of delay. Carrying her backpack, she moved up to the seat directly behind Chuck. This was the seat she had taken every morning for the last few weeks, laying groundwork for that day, and he was not surprised to see her there.

“Hi, Bianca. Nice spring day, isn’t it?”

“Hi, Chuck. It’s a really nice day, but can you pull over please?”

“Why? Is something wrong? Are you sick?” As he spoke, he was looking into the rear-view mirror that enabled him to see the interior of the bus.

“No, I’m fine. I just want to show you something.” She was smiling sweetly at him in the mirror, her green eyes wide open.

Always willing to oblige pretty girls, Chuck pulled over onto the wide shoulder of the road. As he concentrated on maneuvering the bus, Bianca unbuttoned her blouse but held it in place with her hands. She wanted her display to him to be sudden.

With the bus safely parked, Chuck turned sideways in his seat to see what Bianca wanted to show him. She got to her feet, stepped forward to face him and bent over, pulling her blouse open to show off her breasts. They were big, with pretty pink nipples, and Bianca was proud of them. She was slightly less than six feet tall, just the right height to thrust her charms into his face where he could reach up to fondle them if he wanted to, as she earnestly hoped he would.

He did want to. After quickly glancing in both directions for approaching traffic, he reached up and took one of her beautiful breasts in either hand. “Very nice, Bianca. You know, over the years, I’ve watched you develop into a really beautiful and sexy young woman.”

“I’m glad, but I hope you’re ready to do more than just watch.” She parted his legs, got to her knees between them and unzipped his pants, eager to feel his cock in her hands and her mouth.

Chuck stopped her though. “We can’t do anything here. Somebody will come along and see the school bus and think we’re in trouble.”

“There’s an old farm up ahead. Nobody works there anymore and you can pull off the road and behind the barn so anybody driving by won’t see us.” So far, things were going as Bianca had planned, and the unattended farm was an important part of her calculations.

As Chuck pulled back onto the highway and drove to the farm, Bianca knelt on the floor beside him, her hand inside his pants and around his cock. It was fully erect and she loved the feel of its hard roundness. Its size delighted her too; it felt big enough to give her mouth and pussy a really good time but not big enough to be painful.

“Right here,” she told him, and Chuck made a right turn into the weedy driveway and pulled to almanbahis a stop behind the L-shaped barn. He saw that, as Bianca had told him, the bus was completely hidden from the highway.

He turned in his seat again, hoping the pretty young woman would resume what she had started to do, but Bianca stood up and was removing her blouse. “Let’s go to the back seat so we can have more room to stretch out.” Chuck had to agree that was a good idea. That seat, which extended across the end of the bus, was the only place that didn’t have any armrests to get in their way.

Bianca’s blouse joined her backpack on the seat she had just left and Chuck removed his shirt on the way to the rear of the bus, leaving it in the corner of the back seat. As he sat in the middle, Bianca removed his shoes and socks and unfastened his belt and the top button of his pants. Hooking her fingers over their waistband and that of his underwear, she started to pull them down. He rose up from the seat to let her accomplish what she wanted and Bianca pulled them all the way off, tossing them into the corner to join his shirt. Completely naked, his erect cock jutting, Chuck sat in the middle of the back seat, more than willing to let the pretty teenager have her way with him. So far, her way had been highly enjoyable, and he was sure it would get much better.

Bianca knew it was going to get very much better. Several times recently she had masturbated to fantasies of Chuck and she was elated to find that his cock was even better than what she had imagined. It was slightly longer and thicker than her dildo and she knew it would feel even better in her pussy than the toy did. That would make it a good size for her mouth too, and she wanted to experience that for herself. With her forearms resting on his thighs, she rose up and held the hard cylinder gently in her fingers.

She expected to feel his cock in her mouth, and in her pussy, but first, she licked the solid pink head. A special tingle swirled out from her tongue as she stroked around the mushroom shape and under the ridge, paying special attention to the slit in the end. Opening her mouth wide and lowering her head, she was able to engulf most of the shaft. Practice with her dildo had taught her how to do this, but Chuck’s real, warm cock felt so much better, as it glided in and out between her lips all the way until it was pressing against the back of her mouth with every stroke.

What she was doing felt great to him too. “Bianca, you’re really good at that. I won’t cum for a long time but do you want me to cum in your mouth.”

She raised her face from his lap to answer. “I don’t want you to cum anywhere right away. When you do, I want to cum at the same time and I want your cock to be in my pussy, and wearing a condom.” She made it clear that she was in charge and Chuck was having too much fun already to want to argue.

“That sounds like a good plan.” He leaned back against the backrest to enjoy what her mouth was doing for him.

Bianca enveloped Chuck’s cock in her mouth again and slowly caressed it with her lips. As she had also practiced, her tongue laved the thick shaft when it surged in and out and licked the head between strokes, holding it lightly in her lips. She wanted to experiment with his cock and play with it in different ways before they started fucking. After a few minutes of slowly sucking him, she took it out of her mouth and held it between her breasts.

Chuck immensely enjoyed everything that was happening to him. Little had he dreamed that morning that Bianca, whom he had been lusting after for the entire school year, would have such a welcome surprise for him in the afternoon. Her tongue licking the head of his cock and her lips caressing the shaft had been far better than he could ever have fantasized. Even the sight of her pony-tailed head rising and falling above his lap as he felt his cock was enveloped by the warm wetness of her mouth was beyond his most erotic imagination. He just hoped he wouldn’t suddenly wake up and discover he had been dreaming.

If it was a dream, it was his best one ever. After a few minutes of incredible pleasure from the young student’s mouth, she took his cock out and began massaging it and her breasts together. One of the reasons Chuck liked warm weather was that, as he sat in his driver’s seat, and young women like Bianca walked up the steps, bent over by the weight of their backpacks, he could look down their blouses. That was nice but now he was seeing her breasts, creamy-white and luscious as he had always imagined, and completely naked. Not only was he seeing them, he was feeling them surrounding his stiff cock.

Bianca started by squeezing his shaft between them and slowly stroking up and down, her tongue fondling almanbahis giriş the tip of his cock at every chance. It was fun, but as she was holding her breasts with her fingers on their rigid nipples, she thought of something that would be even better.

Holding his cock with one hand and one luscious globe with the other, she rubbed the head with one nipple then the other. The juices from her pussy, which had been a trickle, seemed to become a gusher as connections were established between her clit and her nipples. On other days, and especially nights, she had fingered her clit to make her pussy wet enough to accommodate her dildo. On that day she knew there would be a real, live cock filling her pussy to overflowing.

Bianca continued holding Chuck’s stiff cock with one hand while she fished the condom out of her skirt pocket with the other. She stood up and, following the instructions she had earlier read on the packet, rolled it onto his cock. Chuck saw and felt what she was doing and smiled in anticipation. While he was moving away from the center of the seat to give her room to lie down, Bianca removed her skirt and hung it over the armrest beside her. Both she and Chuck were completely naked.

He had moved in the direction of one end of the back seat so Bianca lay on her back near the other end and spread her legs. One foot was flat on the floor and the other was resting on the top of the seat back. Her fingers were ready to spread open her glistening, pink pussy to receive the latex covered cock she was lusting for.

Chuck was eager to provide that cock. With one knee on the seat and that arm on the back, he scooted over until he was over her. Guiding his cock with the other hand, he aimed it at the delightful target she was presenting to him.

“Oooo, that feels good already,” she murmured when she felt the tip of his cock against the dripping hole that was yearning for it. It felt even better when he rubbed against her wetness to cover the tip with her lubricating pussy juices. “Ahhh,” she sighed, ecstatically, when she felt the head of his cock wedge into her.

Supporting most of his weight with one hand on the rear backrest and the other on the back of the next seat, Chuck eased the first inch of his cock into the tight hole that wanted it so much. To give Chuck more room, so he would be able to lie on top of her, she moved over slightly, putting her ass closer to the edge of the seat. He moved his hands so they were on either side of her face and plunged almost two more inches into her. Although they had just started, Bianca knew the cock going into her pussy was the best and the biggest she had ever entertained. From the exquisite pleasure of feeling the opening being stretched as it had never been stretched before, she moaned aloud.

“Oh, God, that feels good, what you’re doing,” she whispered. I’ve wanted this so much. Let’s take our time and make it last.” There was really no need to whisper but it seemed more intimate to do so.

“I’ve been wanting this too, Honey, for a long time,” Chuck answered, with some truth. “And I want it to last too.” Moving slowly, he backed his cock out till only the head was still inside, paused, and thrust it back, burrowing even deeper and sending thrills coursing though Bianca’s body and his own. Once again, she whispered to him how great he was making her feel.

It got better and better for both of them as Chuck drove his cock repeatedly into her tight pussy, going in deeper with every stroke until his curly red pubic hairs were mingling with her soft blonde ones. He curled his arms under hers, putting his weight on his forearms and she reached up and hugged his neck. Bianca’s legs wrapped themselves reflexively around the bus driver’s hips and held on tightly. Hardly any of his weight was on her and she would be able to move around freely under him.

With the first long, full stroke of his cock into her, she did move freely, fucking her pussy back to meet him, sighing happily as his cock was once more solidly imbedded in her. Bianca met his second stroke, and his third, feeling her level of pleasure slowly building. She thought of it as a mountain of ecstasy, which would steadily grow within her until the volcano of her climax exploded.

Chuck felt his pleasure building too. With every stroke into her, he could feel the walls of her pussy gripping his cock and releasing it as he pulled back. Bianca was the most beautiful woman he had ever fucked and her pussy was the wettest and the tightest. He fervently hoped that this would be just the first of many sessions they would have on the back seat of the bus or other places, and he wanted to ensure that by giving her the best orgasm possible before reaching his own climax.

The man and woman almanbahis yeni giriş moaned a duet of bliss as they fucked for a long time on the back seat of the bus. The strokes of Chuck’s cock were straight into Bianca’s welcoming pussy, with only a minimum of contact with her clit. He knew, and he wanted to teach her, that such limited contact would give them both a long, happy period of coupling until the time arrived when they would be ready to cum, and that time hadn’t arrived yet.

Besides flexing her legs she had wrapped around Chuck’s hips, pulling her pussy forward to meet the thrusts of his cock, Bianca was rocking from side to side on the seat. It was narrow; she knew it was not as good as a bed would have been, but there was enough room for her to be as active as she needed. Her movements let his cock slide into her at a slightly differently angle with every stroke, adding to her mountain of pleasure until she knew the volcano was close to exploding.

Bianca slipped her hand in between herself and Chuck. “I’m ready to cum but I have to play with my clit to do it,” she told him.

“Let me do it. I’m ready to cum too.” Still keeping most of his weight off his partner, Chuck slid farther up on her body. From the new position, his cock, both plunging into her pussy and being drawn back out, massaged her clit with its entire length. His strokes were faster too, driving in harder and just as deeply.

Bianca could feel new, intensified pleasure coursing through her body from the greater contact with her clit and the stronger thrusts. She let him know how good it was by fucking back harder and faster to meet him and by urging him to continue.

“Ooooo! Yeah!” she murmured. “Oh, God, yes! Like that! Give it to me! Fuck me hard!”

With great alacrity, Chuck did as she asked, his own pleasure increasing with every stroke of his cock into her tight, wet pussy. He could feel his climax building and he knew he couldn’t hold back much longer. Bianca was on the verge of cumming too, he could tell, from the way her body was thrashing under him and the way her head was tossing back and forth as she moaned ecstatically.

“Yes! Yes! I’m cumming!” she cried out joyously as her volcano began exploding, far mightier than it ever had before. Her fingers gripped Chuck’s shoulders and her legs squeezed his hips, plastering her pussy against him. “Uh! Uh! Uh!” Bianca whimpered from the intense pleasure as his big cock continued driving harder and faster into her pussy.

When she climaxed, Bianca howled ecstatically and incoherently. Her back arched and her fingernails dug into Chuck’s shoulders. After her orgasm, she happily collapsed on the bus seat as her muscles completely relaxed. More satisfied than she had ever been, Bianca lay under the man who had brought her to that marvelous state.

He continued fucking her but not for very long. The pain in his shoulders from Bianca’s fingernails was smothered by the incredible pleasure Chuck felt welling up in his groin. From all throughout his body it collected and exploded out his cock. Seconds after hearing the orgasmic cry from Bianca, he matched it with his own as he climaxed, ejaculating heavily into his condom. Three times his cum spurted before he was finished and sprawled on top of his partner.

They lay for several minutes, seeming to be in some kind of stupor, resting from the tremendously enjoyable sex they had just shared. Bianca recovered first and whispered into the ear of the man on top of her: “That was wonderful, Chuck. Both of us cumming together like that. It was the best I’ve ever had.” Bianca smiled up at the man who had just given her such a great time.

“Me too. I mean, it was the best I’ve ever had. You are really hot, Bianca; did you know that?” He smiled back at the woman who had just given him such a great time.

“I’ve been told that but it’s better, hearing it from you. Do you live near here?”

“Not too far. Why?”

“I live just a mile or so down the road. Maybe I could go to your place the next time, on a Saturday or Sunday, and we could use your bed instead of this hard seat. That is, if it’s okay with you.”

“It’s more than okay; it’s a great idea. With more time and more room on my bed, there’s a lot of really fun things I’d like to do with you. I now you’ll like them too.”

Chuck and Bianca smiled, both inwardly and outwardly, thinking about the great sex they had just enjoyed and the even greater sex that lay ahead of them.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Chuck and Bianca did. I like writing stories on this site but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them. That’s why I always appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most other writers on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such comments help me to write more and better stories, and I respond to them whenever I can.

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Better Than Dreams

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Special thanks go to BlueEyed5ftAngel for her advice and encouragement.

Shara looked into the mirror smiling, running her hands over her curves, feeling the soft velvet dress caressing her fingertips. In her stocking clad feet Shara was exactly five foot tall, with her full breasts and rounded hips her figure could only be described as hourglass.

She may never really be a Goth but she did love dressing up as one.

The long, black velvet dress clung to her every curve, low enough in the front to show off her generous cleavage with slits up the sides to show flashes of her beautiful stocking clad legs.

The dark, smeared eyeliner made her smoky blue eyes look even more mysterious while the blood red lipstick gave her lips a fuller, inviting look.

“Tonight should be good” she thought to herself.

She needed a positive night out. Ever since the break-up her confidence had been shattered and non existent.

Her ex, John had thoroughly convinced her she was unattractive and this was his reason for cheating on her with younger, slenderer girls. He always described Shara’s curves as fat, pushing her to a variety of diets. He had come very close to shattering her completely before she finally woke up to his manipulations. What a pity it took her three years to come to that realization!

Sitting down she pulled on her knee-high black platforms which added a few more inches to her height.

Julia, her housemate came in offering her vodka.

Shara smiled, “Sure, I guess a little Dutch courage could help.”

As Julia and Shara entered the dark smoky club, Shara perked-up hearing her favorite song starting to play.

She moved onto the dance floor, sensually gliding to the song. She loved Portishead: Glory box for its slow sensual beat. Closing her eyes she let the music and words wash over her. “Give me a reason to love you…give me a reason to beeeeeeeeeeeee a woman…I just wanna be a woman…”

As the song finished Shara ran her hands up over her breasts and into her hair opening her eyes to find Peter staring at her

Unconsciously she licked her lips.

She had been attracted to Peter since the first time they met, eight years ago when this club first opened. At the time they had both been in relationships and unable to act on the attraction they felt for each other. Unfortunately over the years they had never been single at the same time. Recently Shara heard Peter hadn’t been seen with anyone since he broke up with his fiancée a year ago.


Peter oozed confidence and sex from very pore. Six feet tall, he had piercing blue eyes that made Shara feel like he was looking into her very soul. His fitted black leather pants left little to the imagination, seeming like second skin on his long lean legs. Shara couldn’t tell if the silver buttons adorning his groin made his bulge look bigger or if the rumors of his size were true.

Gazing at his chest she could see he lost none of his muscle over the years. He was still lean and toned, at least from what she could tell through the mesh of his dark shirt.

Licking her lips again Shara wondered if he tasted as good as he looked.

Mentally shaking herself Shara felt her heated pussy begin to throb.

Smiling shyly at Peter she went to the bar to get a drink. Weaving her way through the crowd, writhing to the music, she brushed against a variety of velvet, leather and pvc clad bodies. She shuddered as her nipples, erect from her earlier musings on the dance floor, brushed against the back of a man in a studded leather vest.

“Ok Shara calm down” she lectured herself.

Seeing someone that she hadn’t spoken to for a while, Shara got herself a drink and headed over to catch up. Cara was a good friend to Shara. Ever since the beginning of Shara’s relationship with John, Cara had been trying to get Shara to realize just how bad almanbahis he was for her. Cara was one of the many girls John had tried his moves on and one of the few that had actually turned him down! No wonder he hated her.

Cara is a willowy woman, standing five foot five with small pert breasts, flashing green eyes and long, natural blonde hair that cascaded down her back looking like it had just been ironed.

Tonight Cara was dressed in a black pvc catsuit, tight and low cut with her creamy breasts almost overflowing.

Grinning wickedly at Shara, Cara leaned in and whispered, “I saw you and Peter exchanging your usual longing stares. I swear I thought you were mentally undressing him!”

Shara blushed drinking some of her vodka.

“Not completely undressing him, just full of wishful thinking that he would go for someone like me,” she muttered.

Cara looked down at Shara mentally cursing John for hurting her and cursing Shara for not being even remotely interested in a woman.

Cara was distracted with thoughts of bending down to kiss Shara’s full lips, making her realize just how much of an attractive woman she was.

Frustrated, Cara snapped, “Stop being so down on yourself. Peter should consider himself lucky if you allowed him to lick your boots.”

Seeing the hurt and startled look on Shara’s face, Cara quipped, “Or, maybe if he let you lick his boots, seeing how you love to be the submissive slave.”

Shara was blushing profusely.

“Finish your drink, have another… then go find Peter and talk instead of staring!” Cara grinned, placing a finger under Cara’s glass, tilting it to her lips.

A few drinks later Shara did a circuit of the club, finding herself in the smoking area where she found Peter standing by himself.

For a moment Shara hesitated, her stomach full of butterflies at the idea of making any kind of moves on Peter. Her pussy was throbbing in eagerness. Giving herself a quick mental lecture about being a strong confident woman coupled with the confidence given to her by the alcohol, she went up to him.

Smiling, Shara greeted him with a hug, surprised and excited when he hugged her back longer then she had expected.

Pulling back a little she kept her hands on his hips.

“So how are tricks Peter?” she asked with a shy smile.

“Ahh I’m getting old Shara, thirty-three, single and I haven’t gotten laid for almost a year now,” he said with a smile, gazing into her eyes.

Peter’s hands slowly stroked down her back before cupping her rounded butt. He’d always wanted Shara, sometimes to the point of fantasizing about her while making love to his girlfriends. He smiled lazily feeling her shudder against him.

Impishly Shara looked up at him.

“Well, you should have taken me up on my offer to come home with me last time I saw you honey. I would have been more then happy to service you.”

Inwardly Shara shivered. Her last offer was only made in jest, knowing he surely would not have taken her up on it.

“I was intending to actually,” he replied. “But you had left early.”

Shara tilted her head back, unintentionally pushing her pelvis into his groin as she tried to see if he was kidding.

Next thing she knew Peter was holding her firmly against him, brushing his lips against hers.

Shara felt a bolt of electricity shooting between their mouths.

Closing her eyes she slid a hand behind his head pulling him closer as she deepened the kiss. As their tongues started to dance stroking each other, she felt on fire, her pussy was throbbing, her nipples stood erect and in desperate need of attention. She rubbed them against his chest moaning softly into his mouth.

Grinning, Peter pulled back a little grabbing one of her hands, pushing it in between them until it settled onto his cock.

“I think I have almanbahis giriş just what you need right here,” he whispered.

Shara stroked his cock through the tight leather pants, not believing she was doing this in public.

Groaning softly she continued massaging his growing bulge, realizing the rumors were true about Peter’s cock ‘being big enough to split a woman in two’!

Shara’s eyes closed. Visions of his enormous cock flooded her mental screen. She wanted to rape his leather protected organ.

“Let’s go somewhere a little more private,” he moaned into her mouth.

Startled, Shara suddenly realized just where she was but all she could think about was having that enormous cock inside of her tight little pussy.

“We could go to my place,” she purred with parted lips and a dazed look in her eyes.

Running a thumb over her lips Peter growled, “I don’t think I can wait that long. I have somewhere closer in mind.”

Taking her by the hand, Peter led her out of the club and down the sidewalk to an alleyway.

Half way there he was already unbuttoning his pants, releasing his throbbing cock.

Shara gasped seeing how long and hard it was, at least nine inches, very thick and richly veined. Her hand hesitated before reaching out to stroke it.

Peter let out a low moan; stopping for a moment while Shara relieved her urges before they set off at a faster pace.

Shara’s mind was in a haze, feeling as though this was some great dream. She couldn’t believe she was walking down the street with Peter’s cock still in her hand.

He guided her into an alleyway, around the corner to a dead end where they couldn’t be seen from the street.

Suddenly Peter spun her around.

Shara’s back was to him as he ripped down the sleeves of her dress, pulling down her bra at the same time exposing her breasts to the cold air.

Shara gasped at the suddenness of it. Her nipples were hard and rigid and her pussy was throbbing out of control.

Peter’s hands started mauling her breasts, pinching her nipples as he bent forward kissing and biting her neck.

Shara’s body tensed and jerked as she whispered “No marks”.

“Don’t worry I won’t mark you,” he whispered into her ear nibbling her lobe.

Shara felt the electricity shooting down her spine as she leaned against him for support.

Peter kissed his way down her neck then began biting and licking. His hands were rubbing and squeezing her breasts, his fingers moving to pinch and pull on her nipples.

Shara jolted with each pinch, feeling shocks from her nipples racing down to her clit.

Her pussy was throbbing and all she could do was moan with need.

Her hands started to slide up her skirt so her fingers could give her clit the attention it was screaming for. But Peter stopped her; dropping onto his knees he pushed his hands up her thighs instead.

His blue eyes bore into hers, widening in surprise as his hands explored her stocking encased legs before reaching her bare ass! She wasn’t wearing panties.

Peter’s hand brushed teasingly against her pussy feeling the heat pouring from her smooth mound. Lifting her skirt he popped his head underneath using his hands to open her pussy lips as his tongue reached out to flick at her clit.

Pulling back he inhaled the musky scent of her pink, inflamed arousal.

Shara clung to his shoulders for support as he pushed his tongue into her throbbing hole, rubbing her swollen clit with his thumb.

“Man your pussy tastes so sweet, it’s been too long.” Peter moaned, inhaling her sweet perfume before diving back in to tease her some more.

“Please…” Shara moaned. “I want more, give me your cock.”

Smiling Peter stood up kissing her fiercely.

Shara sensually licked his lips tasting her own juices before biting his lower lip, demanding almanbahis yeni giriş more attention.

Rubbing his cock against her stomach Peter realized that the difference in height could cause a problem for what they both now desperately needed. Quickly looking around Peter spotted a pile of boxes to sit Shara onto so that she would be the right height for his cock to be able to slide into her.

Perching her on the edge of the boxes he grabbed his tool rubbing it against her clit, coating it with her juices.

Shara thrust demandingly against his cock, sighing with satisfaction as he slowly eased the head into her.

While kissing and nibbling her lips Peter started gently thrusting, inching his cock in and out of her…Trying not to hurt her as he pushed deeper and deeper.

Shara moaned into his mouth as her pussy slowly stretched to accommodate him. She had never felt so full in her life.

Pushing him back a little she looked down to see his cock slowly disappear into her.

Peter grinned, “So you like to watch huh?”

He angled himself back a little gripping her hips before thrusting back into her.

“Oh my god, you can take all of it!” he groaned.

Peter’s ex was a small woman and had never been able to take all of his cock; he couldn’t believe this tiny little vixen could take all he had to offer.

“Oh yes,” Shara moaned as she watched his cock slide to its hilt into her throbbing little pussy.

Closing her eyes, pinching her nipples she began to thrust to meet him.

Her body was on fire as his rod slammed in and out of her.

Feeling her orgasm approaching Shara held her breath letting it build even higher.

The lack of oxygen made her head spin, always giving her mind blowing orgasms.

Peter looked at her with concern realizing she wasn’t breathing but then smiled at the look of pleasure on her face.

I’ll have to remember that for next time he thought to himself.

Shara suddenly exhaled in one long moan as her orgasm shot through her.

Peter felt her hot chamber throbbing around his cock and thrusted harder and faster, his finger working her clit as he kept her orgasm going.

Moaning and whimpering Shara begged for him to stop but felt a sense of loss when he did slide out of her.

Peter grinned at her. “Greedy are you?”

In blissful relief Shara weakly smiled up at him.

“But you haven’t cum yet,” She sighed apologetically.

Hungrily staring at his cock she wondered if it could fit in her mouth.

“Don’t worry, the night is still young.” Peter replied with a lustful grin on his face.

Gently he straightened her dress, smoothed her hair and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

“I feel like dancing some more, then you can take me to your place where I intend to spend the rest of the night with my face or cock firmly imbedded in your sweet little pussy.” Peter growled pushing his throbbing cock back inside his pants.

He had been waiting a very long time for this moment, and intended to make it last long as he could.

Shara smiled lustfully and then winced as her pussy throbbed from the pounding it had just received. She couldn’t wait to get him home tonight.

When they returned to the club Shara excused herself to the bathroom to clean off the cum soaking her thighs.

Leaving the toilets Shara bumped into Julia.

“Where the hell have you been?” Julia exclaimed, “I thought you had left without me! And what is with that dreamy look on your face. What have you been up to?”

Shara smiled. “Oh I just went for a walk to get some fresh air. By the way, make sure there is room in the car. I’m not coming home alone tonight.”

Shara’s eyes glazed a little as her pussy throbbed again at the thought of what was to come later on tonight.

Julia grinned. “Ah no wonder you look like you are in dreamland, who’s the lucky guy?”

“Just someone I’ve wanted for a long time.” Shara replied mysteriously.

“In dreamland?” Shara thought to herself. “I don’t think so. This was better than anything I could ever dream.”

The end… For now

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Best of Both Worlds

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“Don’t worry about it” the young blonde woman said as the older man rolled off her naked body muttering.

“Fuck it, I’m sorry Sammi.”

“Bob it doesn’t matter, please don’t beat yourself up. It’s only a fuck.”

They had been in bed for an hour or so. The fifty seven year old married man had made the twenty four year old single girl cum three times; once with his fingers as he undressed her standing behind her with his hands in her panties and twice with his mouth as he made awesome, well she though it was, oral love to her.

It was when he tried to fuck her, though, that things went wrong. His hard on vanished.

Sammi had been school friends with Jane, Bob’s daughter. She had spent lots of time at Mister and Missus Roberts house and Bob had held some naughty thoughts for her, but had never done anything about them. It had been years since they or Sammi and Jane, who now lived in New York, had seen each other.

Bob was a Regional Manager for a large leisure company that owned a number of health clubs, one of which Sammi attended. He was due for retirement in a few month’s when they bumped into each other at the gym, had a chat, then a drink. Bob gave her a lift to the station a few times and then they had kissed in the car. Neither knew it then, but it was only a matter of time before they had sex. First in his car in Epping Forest and then at his home when his wife, Phillipa was in Portugal playing golf with ‘the girls’ from the golf club .

That was the start. The beginning of an affair between a mature man and a young woman.

Sammi lived with her mum not too far from Bob’s house in suburban Essex. She also rented a small apartment in Bethnal green in the East End of London. She needed that for, unbeknown to her mum who was now separated from Sammi’s dad, she was a glamour photography model in her spare time and needed to store the masses of underwear and other stuff she needed when posing. That helped her pay her way through stage school, which her father could no longer finance due to having lost his fortune in the Spanish property crash. It was at the apartment that she and Bob most frequently had sex. It was also the flat where she had carried on a short fling with a guy of her age, Jack, who was part of a group that met at a pub and played darts on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. It was after those times that for a few weeks they would go to her flat and he would fuck her several times during the evening or afternoon. Meeting Bob and starting the affair with him had been bad news for Jack, for Sammi was not able to cope with both, either physically or emotinally. She couldn’t handle being fucked three or four times on a Wednesday and most Sundays by Jack and having long, often three hour sessions with Bob who would only cum once, but would give her countless full and mini orgasms.

“Let me help” Sammi said kissing Bob on the lips and taking hold of his hand. She placed that on her fairly small, but beautifully shaped and pert B cup breast. He squeezed it, both gratefully and lovingly, but felt bad about losing his erection.

Lying on her side with Bob on his back she ran her fingertips down his fairly hairy chest, past his waist, over the slight bulge of his middle age spread stomach and into the untidy curls of his thick, matted pubic hairs.

Although she was a little disappointed that Bob had lost his erection, Sammi, being a very ‘glass half full’ girl, looked forward to the challenge of getting him hard again, although never having been with an older guy who lost it before it was uncharted territory to her.

It had happened to Bob a few times with his wife, but he had put that down to familiarity, her being overweight and too much drink. Worryingly, a few months ago just before he met Sammi, it had happened at a massage parlour and that had worried him, although he realised it was the sort of thing that happens at his age. He had made a mental note to get some Viagra or Ciallis, but couldn’t face seeing his doctor, who was almost a family friend and explaining that he couldn’t get it up. Up until now, nothing like it had happened with Sammi and he had been able to get erections almost on demand and keep them for ages. He had even cum twice one afternoon so the idea of taking something for his erectile malpractice had slipped from his mind. It came back though when she muttered.

“Why don’t you get some Viagra or something?”

“I couldn’t do that.”

“Why not? Loads of blokes do” she went on lifting his limp cock with one hand and stroking that and his balls with the other.

“How do you know that?”

“They tell me and I have seen them take them.”

“What young guys?”

“Yes, lots take it.”

“You’re putting me on.”

“No I’m not. I swear on this” she smiled squeezing his dick. “Most of the cityboys do, it helps them when they have shoved coke up their nose all day and drunk vodka and champagne all evening, they need some help then.”

“Well I’ll be buggered almanbahis giriş I never knew that” Bob replied feeling some mild stirring in his balls and cock and feeling much better about possibly taking the pill. “Maybe I’ll get some, you reckon it would help?”

“I’m sure that it would, it does for the druggies, but this should work just as well at getting it up” Sami smiled bending forward, her blonde hair tumbling onto Bob’s stomach. She lifted his slightly hardening cock and licked its nearly soft length. “Not sure whether this works as well at staying hard though” she smiled taking it into her mouth.

“Jesus Sam” Bob groaned as his fingers slid into his young mistress’ golden blonde hair.

Sammi was not that experienced at giving oral sex. It wasn’t that she was averse to it and, in fact quite enjoyed providing such pleasure to a lover. It was just that with the young guys she generally went with there never seemed to be much time for that. They were usually in a hurry and were far more interested in sucking and fucking her. Not that she lost much sleep over that!

Until recently, Bob also had little experience of oral sex for his wife Philippa frowned upon such ‘perversions!’

Sammi let her natural female instincts take over sucking, licking, kissing and stroking Bob’s cock and balls. Slowly, but very, very surely she could feel it hardening in her mouth; that was a great sensation.

“Oh yes, yes Sam, that’s fantastic” Bob moaned gripping her hair more tightly as she sucked his cock and scratched that little patch between his balls and arse. He reached out for her again; he had to feel and touch her. Sammi realised that and altered her position so he could get his hand between her legs, which she opened for him. He felt her warm wetness and slid his fingers along her soaked, slimy slit, revelling in the feelings on his fingers and sending shudders of sexual delight through the young woman.

At last he was hard. Sammi took him out of her mouth and smiling at him said huskily. “Come on old man, you can fuck me now.”

And that was exactly what he did; long, tenderly, creatively and in a maturely expert way so that their orgasms coincided perfectly


They didn’t see each other that often and there was no commitment from either about not having sex with others. No, what they had was a sex with no strings relationship and that seemed to work for each of them. In effect, they were what the Americans term ‘fuckbuddies.’

It worked on one level for Bob for it provided him with another source of sex. He had very infrequent sex, not even once a month, with his wife Philippa. She seemed to have pretty much gone off it, well at least with him Bob often thought. He sometimes wondered if there was more to the ‘girls at the golf club’ than she let on. He also visited a massage parlour where he had a preferred masseuse Sofi. He went there on average once a week and revelled in: being massaged by her, massaging the Latvian blonde, playing with her nice big tits and finishing off usually with a blow job. She let him kiss her and for the short time he was there, she was just like a lover, not a hooker.

Sammi also gave something else to Bob, self-esteem. He felt amazingly proud of himself to have pulled the young bird. He knew that he was a bit of an old fart and sometimes couldn’t work out why she was him, but he never took her for granted. She was a stunningly attractive, blue eyed blonde. Great legs, an even greater arse and small B cup, but wonderfully shaped youthfully firm breasts; she was a real head turner. Add onto that her habit of rarely wearing a bra, her strong sex drive and her very open views on sex, and on sexuality come to that and she really was a fantastic and highly desirable package.

At another level, it didn’t work as fuckbuddies. The more often he saw her, the more strongly he felt for her and he hoped against hope that he was not falling in love with her, although he suspected that he might be.

Sammi’s situation was quite different. She had always been attracted to older guys, but usually about ten to fifteen years her senior, not over thirty, although at uni she’d had a fling with a lecturer twenty years older than her.

That said, the idea of her having an affair with a guy over thirty years her senior who was old enough to be her grandfather would have been unthinkable if anyone had suggested it. Now though, having had a fair amount of sex with him, the idea was not at all unthinkable and to her was perfectly reasonable. Ok there were major differences in their likes and dislikes with stuff like music, books, politics and movies and going on dates was difficult, if they got to that stage. However, when they were alone and sex was the only agenda item, age became irrelevant. In fact, Sammi often thought that if she were able to cover his face, where his balding hair and wrinkles gave his age away, she wouldn’t know from his body that he was so much older than her. It was almanbahis with his sexual performance that Sammi was enamoured. True, he couldn’t fuck her several times in an evening; true, once he had fucked her or she had made him a cum a ‘second coming’ was a rare event and true he couldn’t keep an erection for the hours on end that some of her young lovers could. But he made love to her in a caring, sensitive, thoughtful, languid, experienced and mature way. He made her and her body the complete centre of attention. Her needs were paramount, her desires supreme. He hardly seemed to need to cum, and at times Sammi felt he had gone home after they had made love for ages without cumming. Ejaculation almost seemed irrelevant to him. Being treated like this was alien to her. She was used to sex sessions where she was fucked several times and where the guy remained as good as hard for hours on end. It had taken her some time to adjust.

She knew that she wasn’t falling in love with Bob, but she had no idea how she would get him out of her system when and if they parted.


Philippa was a strikingly handsome woman. She was not beautiful or dazzling, but she was memorable, a bit like Glen Close or Meryl Streep although bigger. She had mousy coloured hair that some thirty years ago she had dyed champagne blonde and it had been that way ever since. Her stunningly blue, rather narrow eyes and thin, oversized, Aquiline nose, prevented her being a beauty, although her full, voluptuous lips tried hard to counter that. She was quite big. Not gross or obese, but certainly overweight. Slightly above average height she weighed just over one sixty pounds. She had great legs, a big rotund arse and tits that some drooled over and others felt were rather saggy, which they were.

Some years ago now she had lost interest in sex with her husband. She wasn’t sure why, because she still loved him, but now it was with the love of a sister, not a lover. She didn’t yearn for other men and an affair had no attraction to her. She was, however, concerned at her feelings, particularly as she now found women’s company preferable to men’s. She had always been quite staid with both her attitudes and morals and the idea that she might be bisexual or worse, even lesbian, although it had crossed her mind, had always been unthinkable. Until recently that was. She had not, of course done anything about it, but, more and more she felt she was being tempted. Furthermore, she had a suspicion, fuelled by both gossip and observed behaviours, that a few of ‘her golf club girls’ may well have taken things a little further in that direction.

She had always had a low sex drive so satisfying that was easy. In her earlier years she had masturbated about every couple of weeks, but since marrying Bob she had stopped. It somehow seemed ‘unfaithful’ to her to have sex with herself, although on the rare occasions over the years when she had been really relaxed and he persuaded her to do it while he held and watched her it had been amazing. That sort of thing no longer happened though. On the roughly monthly basis when they did have sex, it was all pretty straightforward and that was exactly how she wanted it.

She did at times wonder how Bob coped and occasionally speculated that he might have a mistress, but she had seen no evidence. She also thought that he might visit a prostitute, but felt overall if that kept him away from her it was probably a good thing. At times though, something, and she was unable usually to work out what it was, she wanted sex. At those times she would get into bed naked.

“Oh fuck no,” Bob groaned to himself when he pulled the duvet back and saw that his wife was naked.

“Why don’t you take those off?” She said pointedly looking at his pyjama trousers.

Bob did as she asked. It was pointless not to, although the idea of making love to her after his recent sessions with the gorgeously big-boobed Sofi and the simply gorgeous Sammi was almost laughable. It was, though, something that had to be done.

Naked he got in to bed, took his wife in his arms and kissed her. She just about opened her mouth, although she hated being deep tongued. She pressed her boobs against her husband’s chest and squirmed a little bit, quite enjoying the sensation of his hairy chest on her small, dark nipples.

Bob didn’t feel at all aroused and the recent experience with Sammi came to mind. That made it worse and as Philippa ground her overweight body against his athletic, trim and muscular form his mind was in overdrive worrying that he would have to admit defeat again. Moving his chest away a little and keeping his eyes tightly closed he cupped then squeezed his wife’s big, soft tits. Philippa liked that and it felt good. She gave a low moan of appreciation. Desperately trying to imagine that it was Sofi’s boob he was caressing Bob at last felt a slight tingling in his balls. In his mind, he was saying. ‘Sammi I so want to fuck you.’ ‘Sofi you have fabulous tits.’ almanbahis giriş ‘Let me fuck both of you’ as he imagined he was about to have a threesome with his two lovers. It worked. He got hard.

Philippa felt her husband begin to get hard. That made her feel good. ‘The old girl’s still got it’ she thought to herself, so badly mistakenly as she rolled onto her back.

In the dim light, Bob saw her udder-like tits flop to either side of her body. ‘Shit I could almost get my body between those two fucking melons’ he thought as he rolled on top of his wife. She opened her legs a little to give him the space between her sturdy thighs. He pressed the bulbous end of his cock against her lips.

“Mmmmmm” she murmured as his cock stimulated her clit.

Bob’s mind was full of images of Sammi and Sofi, their gorgeous bodies entwined, their tits pressed together and their mouths clamped. It was only those images that enabled him to shove his cock right up his wife’s cunt and fuck her. It didn’t take long.


Sammi hadn’t seen Bob for almost three weeks. It was the longest time they had not had sex since they had started. There was no one reason for it, just both of them being busy, Bob having to go to Frankfurt on business and Sammi attending a three day acting workshop at a conference centre in Oxfordshire.

“I hoped you would be here” the long haired, slim built, ruggedly handsome twenty five year old student actor said to Sammi in the bar on the first night they were there. They had chatted quite a lot during the breaks in the workshop and after an early dinner they were in a quiet corner of the bar.

Although they attended different stage schools and he was training to be an actor and Sammi a producer and writer, they met a few times a year at workshops and events like this. They’d had a fling a couple of years ago, but with Gil living in Manchester and attending a school there, it had fizzled out.

“And why pray sir, is that?” Sammi joked back.

“Well madam” Gil replied picking up on the banter. “I was hoping you would realise that.”

“How sir, could that be?”

“By casting your mind back to other times,” Gil replied running his eyes quite obviously up and down Sammi.

She was wearing a blue and white hooped, long sleeved tee shirt that had a scooped, but not particularly low, front and long, flared sleeves. Her denim, micro-skirt, was ridiculously yet hugely erotically short. Its ragged hem just covered the cheeks of her bum and she was wearing dark blue leggings. Over the tee shirt, she had a denim waistcoat with all the buttons undone. She had pleated her hair into a pigtail that flicked from shoulder to shoulder and from her chest to her back. She felt good and by the leers and ogles she got from the guys and the envious stares from the girls, she must have looked bloody good too.

“And what sir, were those times?”

Slightly hidden in a corner of the bar, Gil leaned forward and gripped her leg, just above her knee. “I doubt you really need me to remind you do you Sammi?” He said quietly squeezing her leg.

“Maybe no, but they are all in the past, now.”

“Sam” Gil said as he felt his cock starting to harden. “They don’t have to be do they?”


“In the past” he said thickly as he slid his hand slightly further up her leg.

It was only just after seven, but the wine she had drunk at dinner had gone straight to her head and she felt slightly tipsy. Gil didn’t drink.

The first time he fucked in her bedroom they didn’t undress. After kissing her as they stood just inside the room, he had got his hand up her tee shirt and confirmed her lack of bra, which excited both of them. Gil fiddled her skirt up, her leggings and thong down and bending her forward onto the dressing table, he shagged her from behind.

“You really are a sod aren’t you?” Sammi said after he had finished.

“Yes but not so much that I forgot this” he smiled back holding up a well-filled condom.

“Ok thanks” Sammi smiled as she pulled her thong and tights back in place.

“Why are you doing that?”


“Pulling your tights and panties up.”

That made Sammi feel a bit silly. ‘Why am I?’ She asked herself realising that with Bob she had got used to one single shag in a session.

“Come on luv, get yer kit off” Gil said adopting a cockney, instead of his natural Lancashire accent as he stood up and pulled his scruffy tee shirt over his head.

He was quite scrawny Sammi noted looking at his almost hairless chest. His ribs suck out making him look rather emaciated ‘An undernourished actor’ Sammi thought pleased that she was not planning to go that route with her career. As she pulled her tee shirt over her head and bared her breasts to him Gil muttered.

“Mmmmm even better than I remember,” as totally unselfconsciously he shucked his jeans down.

He wasn’t wearing underpants so his thick, long dick was on view to Sammi. To her surprise it was still semi-erect and that made her remember that he sometimes didn’t lose his erection after he had cum. That made her shiver a little for she realised that she was probably going to be fucked several times this evening. And that was precisely Gil’s intention.

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Helping a Co-worker

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Big Tits

Author’s Notes: As is usual to state on Literotica, in case it is not clear enough from the story itself, all characters participating in sexual acts occurring in this story are at least 18 years of age.

This story is a work of fiction. Any character resemblances to real life personae are strictly coincidental. Copying, re-posting, storing (whether digitally or in print form) or redistribution of this material is prohibited.

The first thing I noticed as I saw her walking into the office that morning was the mischievous smile upon her cherry kissed lips and a twinkle in her eyes as if she had just learned of a delightful little secret that was just too juicy not to share. She cooed “Good morning lads,” as she swayed in to the clock in machine. She got her time card from the pigeon holes on the wall and it started to punch in to her shift. She was dressed in her company uniform of a white dress shirt and black skirt, both which was a size too small but I didn’t complain about that.

Her dirty blond hair was always in a high ponytail and swished to and fro wherever she walked. The fabric of her shirt strained against her pert breasts outlining her bra and I could just kinda make out a pink bow on one of the straps. I wondered what she was wearing today, was it a plunge or demi bra? Her skirt moulded to her behind like a wet cloth and I could see a feint tanga panty line to which my heart raced. My dick twitched a bit and started to bulge; straining against my boxers.  She was in a playful mood today as she finished clocking in and as she turned around she caught me admiring her pert derriere. I flushed with embarrassment and started to go do something. She smiled to herself and innocently asked if I could come help her get something in the cupboard.

I said “Sure no problem, lead the way.” As she was walking in front of me she was talking about what a great night she had dancing at the new club which had opened up somewhere downtown but I didn’t hear a thing as her hips were swaying hypnotically from side to side lulling me into a trance; somewhat turning me on.

“Hey,” she said. 

“Are you listening to me?” I stammered “yes yes,” and continued following her to the walk-in linen cupboard as she needed table cloths for brunch set up. She went in to get some linen at the far end of the cupboard and she was stretching on her tippy toes to reach the top shelf. I went up to help and stood behind her and I accidentally nudged her with my hard on, I could hear an audible gasp from her and I started to apologise. She turned her head and flashed me a wicked grin and murmured huskily “Don’t apologise, I’m feeling a bit frisky this morning.”

With a sudden pasion in her eyes she backed her perfect behind onto my groin. I was dumbfounded at what was happening as I could feel myself getting harder.

She seductively scooted her tight ass against me and gyrated it till she found the outline of my dick and guided it to the groove between her ass cheeks. She started grinding my pole up and down, up… and down, as the material charged our bodies with static electricity and my desire popped a circuit.

I placed my hands on her hips very slowly at first thinking that she would swat them away but she didn’t, I pulled her deeper to my hard-on and she moaned a bit as my rod massaged her inner cheeks through the constrictive material. I released my grip from her hips and let my hands roam her body, as I cupped her breasts and massaged them over her shirt. I tugged at the shirt a bit and freed it from her waistband. I slid my hands up and under to her perk breasts which was cradled in a demi bra, I smiled to myself and thanked the Lord for my good fortune, I started fondling them through the sheer material and her nipples hardened to my touch as she sexily moaned. She steadied herself by holding onto the shelves in front of her as she grinded harder against my dick and I tried not to blow my load against her fantastic ass; as it has been a while. I started nuzzling the nape of her neck, catching a whiff of her perfume, Joy by Dior which overwhelmed my senses; god she smelled fantastic. As my hands moved down to her skirt  I slowly slid the material up with my palms, grazing her thighs until the black cotton panties peaked just under the hem of her skirt. I was in awe how she colour matched her underwear to her outfits for work, I never really actually thought about that. My fingers played across the front of the cotton material and I could feel the slight dampness against my fingertips.

She moaned a bit louder as I caressed her through the thin material. I slipped my hand inside her panties and felt the heat emanating from her little mound, I swiftly plunged a single digit into her wet pussy; she gasped and bucked against my hand, gripping onto the shelving to steady herself as pleasure rippled throughout her body, I slowly delved in and out of her hot snatch as she continued to grind on my dick. Her breathing was laboured almanbahis as she tweaked her nipples under the shirt and my finger started to get slick from her pussy  juice sliding in and out at a fevered rate. She looked at me over her shoulder with lust filled eyes and pleaded with me. “Take me now!” I looked at her and stammered that I wasnt packing and she said not too worry she was always prepared. Without a second thought I dropped my trousers and pulled her panties to the side as she stood against the shelves arching her back so I had better access; and with a  single long stroke I entered her, lifting her petite frame ever so slightly of the floor; impaling her with my hard cock as a low gurgling moan escaped me.

She whimpered “fuuuck” as I stood marvelling how tight she was  around my dick, my mind exploded with desire. As I withdrew she grunted “Ohshit”…I held her hips and slowly started getting into a rhythm as I started slamming her hot body into the linen. Whimpers broke through her lips as she desperately tried to hold in the erotic sounds. Her ass was slapping against my thighs as she tried to keep quiet, moaning through each hard long stroke. Her breathing became faster and shallower as she came closer and closer to Cumming. She helped herself along as she started rubbing her clit through her soaked panties and biting her lips as I increased the pace; my fingers digging into her soft flesh, she came screaming into the linen which made me climax and with a final hard thrust that pinned her whole body against the shelves, my dick erupted with an explosion of cum which I unloaded in her sweet pussy as my legs shuddered from the waves of pleasure cascading over me. I held onto her hips as my body pumped the last remnants of semen from my groin.

She was coming down from her own shuddering orgasm,  breathless, still twitching on my cock. We both stood there for a while as she leaned against me smiling. “Fuck that was hot…maybe you should come help me more sweetie.”  I withdrew from her with a gentle plop, cum and vaginal juice coating my dick. She wiggled out of  her panties and used it to clean herself from her juices and my warm spunk that dribbled down her inner thighs. “Lucky for you I’m on the pill.” She turned to me and placed the soaked panties in my pocket. Something to jerk off to later she teased.

I stood dumbfounded with a stupid grin on my sweaty face as she straightened herself out, she grabbed some linen and looked me up and down and smiled coyly and sneaked out of the cupboard. The rest of the day was a blur for me as I could not stop smiling.

Mid afternoon I had to go to a room that was out of order and move some furniture around. The room was on the furthest part of the hotel and the was quite isolated. As I put up the do not disturb sign on the door I went in and assessed the task ahead of me.  As I started to roll up my sleeves I heard my name l being called ever so playfully…I stopped and wondered if I was in the right room! I slowly walked around the corner and stopped dead in my tracks…there on the king size bed lay Zoe, absolutely starkers…she was slowly rubbing her moistened slit with one hand and tweaking her rock hard nipple with the other. She had freed her blond locks from the hated scrunchy and it framed her beautiful features like a godamn masterpiece. She huskily said “Hi there,” I stammered something incoherent as I just stood in awe. “I asked reception where you were going to be this afternoon and I decided after that phenomenal fuck this morning, I just had to have another one.”

I slowly walked to the edge of the bed…mesmerised by her perfect tits, they were the size of ripe cantaloupes and her nipples were like small erect brown olives, I did not have a chance to appreciate them that morning, they were moving up and down at a steady rhythm as she continued to pleasure herself, moaning seductively with each stroke of her finger while keeping eye contact with me. Her body was petite, tanned and taut as she loved the beach life so she made sure she was bikini ready. Her toned legs were playfully swaying from side to side as she rubbed her moist cooch, eyes half closed with a soft smile on her lips; she looked at me and said “Well?”

I leaned across and grabbed her legs and yanked her to the edge of the bed as she squealed with laughter. I pinned her wrists above her head and kissed her passionately and she responded to my kiss playfully and started sucking on my tongue. The bulge in my pants grew as she writhed under my weight gyrating her hips on my boner.  I broke the kiss off and started to work my way down her gorgeous body.

I left a trail of sloppy kisses down the nape of her neck (there was that Dior scent again, drove me godamn wild) as my tongue wandered over to her heaving breasts. I cupped the soft mound of her left tit in my hand caressing it till I could feel the stiffening nipple in my palm as I licked her other pert breast and took the hardened almanbahis giriş nipple in my mouth and sucked till I heard her moan. I started to get delirious with lust as I moved down stopping at her belly button, she had a piercing of a swarovski stud and I suckled on that ever so gently rolling my tongue over the piercing and dipping it in and out of her belly button, a bit of saliva trailed my tongue. I could feel the excitement in her taught stomach muscles as I moved down towards her most sensuous part of her body; I knelt in front of her and lifted her legs over my shoulders.

She had the cutest landing strip of golden hair that led to her moist slit, I tenderly nipped at her inner thighs as I neared my goal. She propped herself on her elbows and spurred me on with her husky voice. “Yes baby, please lick my little muffin, please make me cum, make me.. ooooh fuuuck!” I delved right in as my tongue darted in and out of her labia folds, I parted her lips and licked her from the bottom to the very top, her musk filled my nose and throat as I lapped at her pussy as it was the cats milk. She clamped her thighs around my head and lifted her hips to gain more access to my tongue. “Fuckfuckfuckfuuuuck” she whimpered. I took my time, savoring each moan, each exhaled ‘fuck’, every tine i got a response my dick got harder I slowly moved from licking and started sucking on her clit which just drove her wild as she clamped harder and pulled my head deeper to herself, she started grinding on my tongue “OGOD, fuck…fuck!”

I continued to eat her out and consume the flowing juices of her cute pussy. At that point I wondered how long she had been waiting for me… lying naked on the bed, thinking of how she would seduce me, playing with her pussy getting herself wet with excitement, thinking how “if” she got caught by someone else was just so fucking hot. At one point I put my hands under her ass and lifted it up and slurped her like an oyster, her hands gripped my head “OOOOH…FUUUCK.TAKE.ME.NOW.FUCK.”

At that very moment in time I sucumbed to my base animal instincts and released her stunning pussy from my lips, as she let out a groan of disappointment and anticipation…I pulled my pants down and brought her hips to the edge of the bed again and with a growl of desire I plunged my rock hard dick into that sweet, sweet passage. “OH” she exclaimed, arching her back and gripping the sheets as I held my composure, not withdrawing from her tight tunnel, her breasts heaving from the exquisite torture, her lust filled eyes pleading with me to hold it there for a bit longer. I almost came right there as she gripped me like a vice. As I withdrew from her she gurgled a throaty moan “Ohhgaaawd,” and I plunged back into her and her eyes rolled back as she mouthed “omyfuckinggawd.”

Sweat was beading around her beautiful bouncing breasts as I started pumping her faster and faster deeper and harder. “Fuckfuckomygodfuck, pleaseplease.”

I was completely dumbfounded at this stunning beauty who was rocking my world at this very moment, I did the unthinkable; I stopped and pulled out with a moan of disapprovement from her. I lifted her of the bed and spun her around and stood behind her. She was breathing heavily, leaning against me as I nibbled her ear and tweaked her nipple of her left breast. She mewed ever so huskily as I held her sex in the palm of my right hand and massaged her clit, rubbing it slowly in circular motions and then I increased the pressure and speed which made her gasp with pleasure, she leaned forward a bit and my wet dick slid in between her thigh gap. She realised she had an unique opportunity to get her own back for driving her crazy with lust and so she clamped her thighs together trapping my erection between her taught supple legs, she started to pivoted her hips forwards and backwards jerkin me off with her sweaty thighs increasing her pace as she arched her back to get maxim hold of my dick and it felt fucking hot as I exhaled a mighty “GODAAAAMNIT!!” 

I quickened my pace with my hands rubbing her swollen clit till her legs buckled under the sheer pleasure of my touch and I let her fall forwards onto the bed. Her body gleamed of sweat and she almost shimmered in the glow of the sunlight streaming through the window. I marveled this beautiful woman, this fucking godess who let me ravish her. I positioned myself behind her perfectly shaped ass as her engorged pussy was glistening from the fucking. She lay with her arms outstretched trying to catch her breath, looking over her shoulder with come get me eyes. She cooed “What are you already fini…OH FUCK!!” she screamed into the mattress as I rammed my dick into her. All I could hear were muffled moans of ecstasy “ohohohogodogodfuckfuckfuck!” I held onto her hips and fucked like my life depended on it. Her pussy gripped my dick and it felt like it never wanted to let go as the slapping sounds filled the room. “Fuckmefuckme,” she moaned into the covers as I almanbahis yeni giriş was getting ready to burst, I stopped for a brief second and grabbed one of the pillows and propped it under her hips and plunged into her wet hot passage one more time hitting her spot and getting rewarded with moans of desire.

“Yesyesyesohyesgodyesfuckfuckyeeeeees!” She came hard as she climaxed, convulsing around my dick screaming my name into the mattress as I held onto her hips riding with her climax as I thrusted into her harder and deeper, to the hilt… my hot cum shooting into her wet snatch, I collapsed next to her, breathless…in awe, looking at her sweat browed face coming back from her plateau smiling as she tried to catch her breath. “Well that was unexpected…again.”

We just lay for a bit, bodies heaving in post ecstasy and then she stood up saying that was fun but she had to go clean up before she had to leave. She went into the bathroom and I could hear the water from the shower hitting the tiles. I stood up and wandered over and saw her standing in the big walk in shower as the hot water cascaded down her supple body, she started to soap herself up…her dirty blonde hair clung to her wet shoulders as the soap suds formed around her pert breasts and flowed down her taut stomach getting caught in that beautiful matted landing strip. She used the sponge to soap her tight, perfect ass and I started getting hard again. I removed the rest of my clothes and entered the shower. I stood behind her and grabbed the shampoo and started washing her hair, massaging her scalp and base of her neck eliciting a sultry moan, I took some soap from her and started to lather her tits from behind, “What are you doing?” she giggled as she scooted back and felt my dick press against the small of her back and she exclaimed “Again!” astonished at my recovery.

I told her that she made me this hard, I spun her around and scooped her up against the wet wall of the shower. She looked at me with desire as I started lowering her down onto my hard cock. Agonisingly slow, deliberately slow, inching down bit by bit, holding her gaze as she enveloped my dick with her tight pussy. She gasped as I penetrated her and she locked her legs around me, spearing herself with pleasure as she moaned my name…I cupped her ass in both hands and positioned my knees against the wall and lifted her off my throbing dick and let her drop, time and time again… ‘FUCK’…’FUCK’…’FUUUUCK,” she moaned in my ear.

She pulled me closer with her legs every time I let her drop trying to get as much of me in her. The wet slapping and moaning noises filled the bathroom, as the steam filled room became hot. She clung onto me as I kept impaling her and I lost all control and started fucking her with unbridled energy against the shower wall, her ass bouncing off the wet tiles as she tried to match my rhythm. I clamped my mouth over one off her erect nipples sucking the hot  soapy water from it and drew a gurgling moan from her. Unfortunately in my frenzied pounding I lost my footing and took a tumble to the ground bringing her with me. Both of us lay on the drenched floor, trying catching our breath but then she seized her moment and in a flash she jumped on me. I looked up at this stunning hot woman straddling me, water flowing down her wet glistening body and I wished this moment would never to end.

She leaned to the side and picked up the liquid soap from the shelf and spurted a glob in her hand; she reached behind her and grabbed my cock and slowly started to jerk me off, lathering up my rod with slow and deliberate movements as she teased her pussy just out of reach of my soapy hard member. She smiled as I grunted with every tug she performed, slowly sliding her wet body up and down mine whilst holding onto my cock stroking it up and down, up…and down, I was delirious with need as she smiled at the power she had over me in that moment.

Slowly she slid down over my soaped up cock; trapping it with her hot wet muff, coating her vagina with the extra suds, teasing my dick with her slick soapy slit. I tried to gain entry to her pussy as she tormented my dick with the most sensational slip and slide of my life. I just lay helpless groaning her name. She steadied herself with one hand on my chest as she lifted herself up and my dick sprang free from her sleek body, she hovered above my engorged dick as she gave me a passionate kiss, her tongue swirling with mine…and then slammed her hot sex down on my foamy rod. She impaled herself on me as we both shuddered with pleasure. Her tight pussy gripped my dick pulsating with heat as I groaned a throaty “FUUUCK” she smiled at my response…”This time I’m in charge sweetie,” she slowly started rocking her hips backwards and forwards, water falling around us, my dick feeling the intense pressure of her pussy, her moaning spurring me on as she found the best rhythm for hitting her spot. I fondled her tits as she started speeding up the pace and grinding her pussy on my dick. My hands dropped from her breasts as I held onto her ass, my fingers dug into her supple flesh as I pulled her in on every stroke of her sensuous hips. I was groaning and grunting as she was yelping “godgodgodgodgodfuckfuckfuckfuck…”

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Finding My Ex

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Everyone involved in this story is at least 18, and this is a work of fiction. This is my first story, and I would love all constructive commentary. ©ellejaywrites    

I studied myself in the mirror as I was getting ready to leave to meet my friends at a club downtown. I was tall, about 5’8” and on the curvy side. My long, dark hair was curled don my back and the black tank top I was wearing was low cut and exposed my 36D chest nicely. I was just about ready to leave when I got a text from my best friend. “

BFF: Girl, you best come you’re your ex is here.

A thrill of excitement shot through me. I hadn’t seen him in years. I glanced at myself in the mirror again. I changed from the tank top and jeans to a low-cut black dress with a short skirt. This dress was made for the club. I grabbed an Uber and headed downtown.

My friends met me up front, but quickly ditched me for the hunt of their own. I found myself moving around the edges of the dance floor. When I found him, he took my breath away. He was tall, his dark curly hair was tousled on top and cut short to his sides. He was wearing a navy-blue t-shirt that clung to every muscle in his arms and a pair of well-worn jeans. His bright green eyes were a little duller than usual, most likely from the alcohol. He stood with a couple of his friends, propped up on the bar, but I could feel him in the room. Even all these years later, it was like every cell of my body was aware of him, and if he was nearby, they all had to react.

I looked down at myself to make sure I looked ok. The black dress clung to my body like a second skin. It was now or never, so I sauntered up to him before I lost my nerve. I could tell the moment his body alerted to my presence; his body went from relaxed and causal to alert. He still had a little sway to his posture, but his eyes scanned the room and when he locked eyes on mine, everything else in the room faded away. He put his cup down and stalked in my direction. The look in his eyes was almost predatory as he took me in. The skirt on this dress was shorter than the ones I usually wear, but as his eyes trailed up my legs, I wasn’t disappointed by his reaction in the least.

I was expecting a greeting of some sort, but he grabbed my face and pulled me close to him. Slamming his lips down across mine and drinking me in. He savored the moment, before he licked the seam to my lips, seeking entry. I opened for him, and what little resistance there I had left in me ignited as his tongue explored my mouth. He broke our kiss, and his eyes studied me.

He leaned forward and spoke in my ear, “I’ve got to get you away from here. almanbahis I don’t want my whole team watching what I’m about to do to you.” His voice was husky and so much deeper than I remembered. Goosebumps prickled across my skin.

He pushed us back on the dance floor and wrapped his arms around mine as our bodies began to move with the music. He pushed his thigh between my legs as we danced; our bodies moving together. His lips finding their way to my exposed skin we moved. I was breathing fast, and my heart rate kicked up as he traced down my neck. He was ghosting tiny kisses and nips along my throat. I couldn’t contain my groan as he traced my collar bone with his tongue.

“I like this tattoo,” he said. I could feel his lips caress the tattoo’d skin of my collar bone.

His eyes shot back up to mine with a wicked grin on his face. He leaned towards me, invading my space as he captured my lips in another kiss. His tongue against mine worked in a frantic rhythm while he pulled my hips closer to him. He broke our kiss and turned me around pushing his erection up against my ass. One hand grabbed on to my hip and squeezed as our bodies continued to move. I could feel the other hand trace up my thigh and under my skirt grazing the outside of my panties with his knuckle. He growled in my ear and slipped a finger under the edge of my panties rubbing his thumb against my clit.

“You are fucking soaked, pretty girl,” he muttered.

I whimpered as he pulled his finger away. I bit my lip to keep from begging when he grabbed my hand and pulled me off the dance floor.

Awareness of our surroundings flooded back in as we moved across the back of the dance floor. He pulled me behind him, and we turned down a long hallway. We continued past the bathrooms, and around the corner. The emergency exit was on the left, but he pushed through a door on the right. We were back in the club, but this time, we were up against the wall behind the DJ booth. I started to ask how he knew about this, but his mouth was on mine again before I could formulate a question. He devoured me; this kiss was an explosive mix of tongue and nibbles around the edge of my mouth. He traced his hand traced from my neck to the strap of my dress. He pushed the strap off my shoulder and drug my dress down exposing my chests. He cupped my breast in his hand, stroking his thumb across my nipples.

He whispered in my ear, “These are so much better than I remember.” His lips were on my nipple, sucking it into his mouth as I arched my back. My hands gripped his shoulders trying to anchor me to something. I rubbed my hips up against him, trying almanbahis giriş to find friction between my legs when he broke away from my chest. He traced his hand down my other shoulder, pulling my shoulder strap and bra down with him as he went. He rubbed his hand down my shoulder onto my breast, tweaking that nipple between his fingers.

His hand continued to run down my side to the bottom of my skirt. He grabbed the hem of my skirt and slid it up my thighs. He hooked his thumbs into the band of my thong and pushed it down over my hips and towards the ground. He helped me step out of it, and then I saw him stuff my thong in his pocket. He pushed his lips up against me again, and when we broke apart. The scruff of his jaw scraped against my cheek as he moved his way towards my ears. Shivers erupted up under my skin as his lips traced along my skin. When he got to my ear, his tongue traced along my ear lobe and then he sucked it between his teeth, nibbling slightly. I could feel wetness gushing down my thighs as he continued his assault. His hands were on my hips now, and he was anchoring them in place. Despite my best attempts, I couldn’t find the friction I was looking for.

When his mouth let loose of my ear lobe, he spoke, his voice was gravelly when he asked me, “Is this ok?” I nodded.

He responded, “I’m going to fuck you, ok?” I nodded again, and he said, “No, I need your words. I’m going to fuck you. It’s going to be fast and hard, ok?” I nodded again. He tightened his grip on my hips. “I need your words.” I sucked in a breath of air, and it felt like it took all my effort to push words out.

“Yes, please, fuck me.” I groaned. He let go of my hips and I almost cried out at the lack of contact; I reached down for his pants, but he beat me to it. He unbuttoned his pants and loosened the zipper; the bulge of his black boxer briefs was coming into view.

My mouth watered at the thought of him, and I dropped to my knees. I ran my finger around the waist of his boxer briefs pulling them away from his body. His cock popped out the top and up against his stomach with a smack. I leaned forward, eager to take him in my mouth, when he gathered a handful of my hair in his hand and pulled back. An animalistic cry escaped my lips. Another full body shiver raced through me. My skin was tingling from my scalp where he pulled my hair. He pulled me back up to my feet and brushed his lips across the shell of his ear.

“If you do that, this will be over way before it starts, I’m already not going to be able to control myself.” I nodded, but I could feel the disappointment work through me.

He almanbahis yeni giriş lifted one of my legs, hooking it around his hip and traced the tip of his cock up and down his slit. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “I remember how fucking responsive you are for me, but this is amazing. Everywhere I touch, your body reacts.”

He traced the tip of his cock up and down my slit again, and before I even open my mouth to beg, he slammed into me. He lifted my other leg, wrapping it around his hip and leaving me at his mercy with my back pushed up against the wall. He pushed his forehead up against mine and rolled his hips; pleasure shot through my body as he set a quick pace. Over and over again, he pulled out and slammed his hips back up against mine. I was having trouble formulating words so what was coming out of my mouth was a series of grunts and groans. He started whispering in my ear again; the filthy things he said shooting straight to my clit.

“You are so fucking wet, pretty girl. Your pussy was made for my dick,” he said. His dick sliding in and out of me over and over again. “Are you close?” he groaned in my ear as he continued to pick up the pace.

“Yes,” I groaned out in response.

“Fucking good,’ he responded, ‘because after you cum all over my dick, I’m going to take you back to my hotel room. I’m going to worship this damn body. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I cried. My voice was breathy and unrecognizable. “Yes what?” he asked. His hips moved at a frantic pace as he slammed his cock into me over and over again. “Yes sir,” I groaned.

He pulled my hips down, so I slid further down on his cock. This change in position applied more pressure to my clit. The familiar heat was building in my belly. he leaned forward and sucked my nipple into his mouth again. He continued to pound through the course of my orgasm. As the last wave subsided, he pulled out, putting both my feet on the floor. He pushed me down to my knees in one fluid motion. His cock was right in front of my face, and I opened my mouth, leaning in, trying to take it in my mouth. He wrapped his long fingers around his shaft and tugged three times. With a growl, he came and sprayed hot stream after hot stream of cum all over my exposed chest.

He staggered a step or two backwards after his orgasm subsided and then leaned forward. He reached his arm out on the wall to brace himself and he smiled down at me. I was still on my knees in front of him, and he reached out a hand to help me up. I steadied myself on my feet and I watched him as he situated his clothes.

He stared at me, smiling, and he said, “I can’t fucking believe you’re here.” I smiled back, but I was too overwhelmed by the moment to speak. His eyes traced down my body. My chest exposed, covered in his cum, as I sat on my knees in front of him.

He smiled softly at me, “We made a mess of you, pretty girl.”

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Cooling Off Is Hot

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Cooling Off Is Hot

God it is hot. It’s even worse now that swimming is over. Carrie unpacked the car and entered the warm house. She raced to the bedroom to strip and get into the shower. “Oh! it will be so nice. Cool water washing over my body.”

Rushing in, she immediately turns to close the door. As she pulls her shorts off she turns around and sees him sitting on the bed with an impish grin. Luke stands up and steps close in front of her. Her shorts around her ankles pull tight.

He has stepped on her shorts, so Carrie steps out of them. He lifts her shirt over her head and she raises her arms to help.

The shirt falls to the ground when he releases it and he draws his fingertips down the inside of her arms and down the sides of her breasts. When his hands reach the seam of her tankini top, he grips it and slowly raises it. She feels her midriff exposing to the air and anticipates the feeling of her breasts being freed. The top peels off slowly. First raising the breasts then suddenly, they are free. They bob a little and settle firmly with dark areola and hard nipples pointing slightly up. Carrie hears him take a breath.

The top peels over her face and she finds him staring into her eyes. She is hot from being outside and in the car and hot from being in the small space with him. Sweat beads on her temples and between her breasts. Seeing this, Luke leans a hand down to the night stand and takes a long piece of ice from his drink.

Staring into her eyes, he runs the tip along her forehead from temple to temple. The cold ice on her hot skin is insane. She almanbahis tingles all over. He runs the ice around her neck to the front and then down her throat. The line of tingling cold pleasure is drawn down between her breasts; all the way to her navel.

He then makes a slow spiral with the ice from around the outside of her breasts inward to the areola. Tension builds in her breasts as Luke draws the ice around closer and closer to the nipple. The areola is puckered from cold ice and hot need. The ice bounces across the engorged, nubby areola as the cold circles her bulging, erect nipple. He slides the ice into her bottoms to let it melt in her pubic hair and run down her vulva.

Recovering slightly, she kisses him hard. She wants every part of him. Right now. Luke pulls her close and snugs his hard member against her pubis; pressing the ice against her and accelerating the melt. She turns him around and backs him to the bed letting him fall when the back of legs hit it.

She reaches down and pulls his jeans off. Luke’s cock is hard and the tip is poking above the waistband. She pulls those off and gets on her knees watching the need in his eyes as she descends.

She pushes his legs apart and takes a long lick from his balls to the head of his penis. She pulls the cock straight up and puts the head in her mouth.

She makes a circle with her tongue and then sucks hard. She releases and takes more and more in her mouth. Then she sucks lightly and pulls back, sliding her lips on the shaft. At the top she swishes some saliva around the bulging head almanbahis giriş with her tongue and then goes back down. She pulls up and sucks hard on the head, then back down. Up and down. Up and down, while he makes small moaning sounds.

She feels tension in him and stops. Carrie stands up and turns, slowly taking her bottoms off; making sure Luke gets a look at her pussy. From behind and below it is framed perfectly between her thighs making a gorgeous pointed oval with her inner labia engorged and shiny pink. In a practiced move, he rises from the bed and she lays down.

With her feet at the edge of the bed and knees spread. Luke kneels before her altar of pleasure and begins to worship. He licks the taint first. Then licks up around the side of the vulva. He goes all the way around until he is back at the bottom of the vulva. Carrie’s breathing becomes more rapid.

He lightly licks the extruded labia. Then sucks it in. Lets go. Sucks it in. Lets go. He parts her with his tongue. It is hot, slick, and perfect. Carrie turns her head to the side and sucks in a lip. Moving his head up and down he parts the labia with lick after lick. Then he licks the bottom of the clit. It is a shot of pleasure that makes her shudder slightly.

Her entire body is tense with need. She cups her breasts and pinches her nipples sending a wave of pleasure coursing through her body. His hands come under her legs to hold on to her hips. He continues to lick the clit and the shudders are more regular. He begins to suck the clit. Hot, wet sucking. Release. Lick. Suck. Release. almanbahis yeni giriş Lick. She reaches for her tits and squeezes them tightly. Crushing her nipples between her fingers letting pleasure wash over her breasts.

Then he slides two fingers inside her. She can feel them against her vaginal wall. Suck. release. Lick. suck. His fingers rub the spot inside. Carrie’s shudders become regular as heat and electric pleasure build. The world drifts away from Carrie until there is nothing but pleasure centered on her vag, and filling her ass and limbs with hot joy.

She rides this pleasure as it crashes in hard waves. Her pubic muscles clenching and releasing, while her hips rock like she is on a horse. Slowly she becomes aware he is still there. She sighs, pushes him away as the pleasure waves recede. As he stands she grabs his cock and pulls it to her.

He kneels onto the bed and she can feel the head pressed against her hole. In! She screams in her head. In! He thrusts firmly and she is suddenly full of cock. He stays up on his hands and thrusts hard and regular sending spikes of pleasure as his pubis bangs into her clit. She can feel the tension building again. She grabs his ass and pulls.

He thrusts hard and leaves his penis inside. He grinds his pubis against hers making a hard circle on the clit. His penis moving in and out on the circles. The clitoris is hard and primed. Her pleasure builds as wet heat while he grinds and thrusts. She builds and builds until she lets out a moan and jerks against him, holding the pressure on the clit and squeezing his cock with her pelvis.

The pleasure washes over her and then she is spent. She drops her arms, drops her hips and just sighs. He smiles and slides her closer to the edge. He stands and holds her legs up and thrusts a few times before groaning.

All in all a good day.

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Birthday Money

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It is my birthday. I remember when I used to love this day. When I was kid, I couldn’t even imagine I’d live to 25, much less 50. Birthdays were exciting, anticipated, planned for, and enjoyed. Today, I wish it was any other day as long as it was before this one.

Oh, and it’s fucking Wednesday. Even if I wanted to celebrate I’d have to be in bed by 11, or face the ordeal of nodding off in my office tomorrow. Worried that I was snoring loud enough my staff could hear me.

50, Goddamn 50. I shouldn’t complain, I still have most of my hair, I’m in the best shape of my life, even if everything hurts the day before it rains. My dick works pretty well still, when my wife and I can find the time or desire. Even if it didn’t, I’ve got some pills for that. When I tell one of the girls at work how old I am they always look surprised. It seems genuine.

Anyway, It’s my fucking 50th birthday, and it’s Wednesday. I’m sitting in a booth at the Olympus Diner. Alone, looking at what’s left of Diana. That’s the name of the omelet with basil leaves and feta in it. It’s my twice a month escape from work mid-morning breakfast. I do it as a treat but usually leave feeling worse.

There is a new waitress today, her name tag says ‘Cassy’, but I don’t assume that’s her name. Sometimes the new girls wear derelict name tags for a while before Marta, the owner’s wife, will make them a new one.

This Cassy is not a great waitress. I had ordered the Artemis, which is a Diana but with tomatoes. I told her no toast but there they were, charred and buttered triangles of gluten. Another reminder of my age. Fucking gluten. God I missed real toast. My cup was almost empty of cold black coffee, and she hadn’t even bothered bringing water.

All that aside. She has nice tits. Just enough heft to bounce when she walks and still young enough to be winning against gravity. She was wearing her hair back in a ponytail and its auburn tip was long enough to dance between her shoulder blades. Her hips were wide and she’s got great legs. Her little polyester uniform dress ending mid thigh did a great job of teasing me with a nice ass that never quite got uncovered, even when she leaned over to wipe down the booth across from me.

When she had pretended to write down my order I had enjoyed watching her mouth the words while she pantomimed using the little pencil. Her lips were full and glossed up. She was pretty, but the kind of pretty that started to fade after a while. Certainly working here. I guess it’s what they call the ‘beauty of youth’.

She dropped my bill on the table and encouraged me to have a nice day. She never quite made eye contact. Something else about being 50, women under 30 or so had stopped registering me as an individual. I had become a non-entity to the young. Hard to complain though, my wife told me that had started happening to her around 35.

I pull out my wallet and fish a twenty from it, that would cover my order and an unearned 30 percent tip. I see it in there, the birthday gift from my mother, a crisp $100 bill. I had given up begging her to stop giving me money on my birthday 20 years ago. Now at 72 she was still doing it. What an awkward gift. I don’t really ever use cash anymore except for this diner.

What the hell, I throw it down on top of the $20 and head for the door. I walk fast so she won’t catch me. Not that there’s much chance of that. She ignored my table the whole time I was sitting there, no reason for her to pick up the pace now.

I start my car and put my seatbelt on. Through the windshield I can see Cassy step outside, the $100 in her hand. She can’t see me with the sunlight hitting her in the face. I wait for her to go back inside and then pull out. Stupid impulse, it’s not the first time I’ve done something without thinking and God knows it won’t be the last.

Two weeks later, I’m sitting in my car realizing how stupid that tip was. Now I’ve made things weird, right? I do pretty good at work, but tipping out $100 every two weeks on a $14 bill isn’t really in my budget. Whatever, she’s probably been fired by now anyway.

No such luck. I see her the second I walk in. She’s waiting on a couple of older guys. Everyone looks older to me nowadays, but these guys are all wearing hats from their navy days. Underneath those gold lettered hats, tufts of white hair and fuzzy ears. Certainly older than me.

Marta thankfully seats me in Carla’s section. I like Carla. She’s quick and funny, she calls me by my name. I know she’s a single mom and she just turned 30. She sees me sit and grabs the coffee carafe before coming over.

“You want the Artemis today, Jack?”

I’m grateful for the familiarity and tell her I do.

I’m sipping my coffee and letting my mind wander to the rest of my week, when Cassy slides into the booth and sits across from me.

“You’re the man that tipped me.”

She’s not sure, and it almost sounds like a question.

“Yeah, I’m the guy.” I answered her.

She smiles at me and says,

“Well I just wanted to say thanks, that really helped me out. I didn’t almanbahis know how I was going to pay rent.”

I put my hand up and palm out.

“I’m glad. I don’t always tip like that, I was just feeling funny.”

Cassy pursed her lips. Not really knowing how to respond. I tried to help her out.

“Yeah, I was a little depressed about turning 50 and thought I might do something to make somebody happy.”

I expected her to go back to ignoring me but she didn’t, she reached across the table and put her hand over mine.

“Yeah, birthdays are lame.”

To my surprise she sat and talked with me for a while. She asked me about what I did for a living and I tried not to bore her with the gory details of being a sales manager. She stopped me,

“But, like, what do you do for fun?”

I thought about it for a minute. I used to do all sorts of things for fun. I used to go to shows, take road trips, I did some swing dancing classes once. Now I didn’t do a whole lot. Except I liked to scuba dive.

“Wow, I’ve always wanted to do that.”

I was happy to talk to somebody new about diving. My wife and friends had no real interest and always got that glazed over look whenever I talked about it too long. But, Cassy just listened to me. I told her about seeing sharks and hearing humpback whales, and she really just sat and listened. When I was winding down she said ‘thanks’.

“Sorry to bore you.” I tried to give her an out.

“Not at all, I think it’s fascinating.”

I took a look at her. She really was pretty cute. She didn’t wear a ton of make-up, she had nice skin. Cassy had eyes the same bronze-brown as her hair. Her lips were pronounced and curled down at the edges. Looking at her lips I felt a stir in my jeans. That didn’t happen very often. I leaned into the creaking vinyl of the booth and smiled at the girl. She smiled back at me.

I pull out my wallet and found a business card. I hand it over to her.

“If you ever want to check it out, I’m a dive guide, I’d be happy to get you started.”

She reads the card and looks at me.

“Alright Jack. I might.”

After that she got up from the booth and wished me a good day. Her hips swayed suggestively as she walked away. I wonder if she walked like that two weeks ago. I need to pay better attention.

Later on that evening while enjoying my third glass of whisky and watching a murder documentary with my wife, my phone pings.

I look down and see an unknown number has texted me. Opening it up I read it,

‘Jack it’s me Cassy from Olympus have you ever been to the aquarium?’

I text her back.

‘Hi Cassy. Yes I have been there a few times.’

She replies,

‘Cool I was there today and there was a scuba guy in the tank with the sharks’

And then,

‘ScARY!’ followed by a couple of emojis.

I send her a smiley face and hope that is that. I put her in my contacts and set the phone down.

Looking over at my wife, I see she has long since fallen asleep. I give her a little poke and when she rouses I send her to bed. She is a good looking woman, just a year younger than me and fit. We both enjoy regular visits to the gym and it shows in her. A while back she stopped dying her hair. At first I embraced the gray and was very supportive. Lately though, I’d been wishing she’d go back to the blonde I had known since I was thirty. I kept it to myself though, it was ultimately her hair and if she wanted to go gray, my job was to tell her it looked good.

I finish my glass and rinse it in the kitchen sink. On my way to the bedroom I lock the doors and make sure the porch lights are on. I can see Ted and Steph across the street having a few friends over. I watch the party for a minute, trying to remember the last time we had people over.

When Friday rolls around, I find myself dreading the weekend. The long stretch of emptiness that I fill with TV, yardwork, and booze.

At home, my wife and I act out the same scene we play most nights. We talk about work, make plans to go to Costco, I make dinner, we eat in front of the TV, I drink whisky, she drinks red wine. Around eight my phone buzzes. It’s Cassy.

‘Jack totally random but can you give me a lift???

Car broke down and i’m stuck at the diner’

I type in the words ‘No, sorry.’

I don’t send it.

I stare at the phone for a full minute. Then I turn to my wife who has already started dozing off.

“Do you mind if I take off for a minute? Troy at the dive shop wants me to help him out?”

She looks over at me half awake.

“Sure, don’t make any noise when you come back in. I’m going to bed.”

15 minutes later I’m pulling up to the diner. Cassy comes out and jumps into my car. I notice she’s changed from her work uniform into a pair of leggings and spaghetti strap tank top. The black lace of her bra peeks out from her thin shirt. She leans over and punches me in the arm.

“Thank you so much Jack. I know it was weird calling you but I couldn’t think of anyone else, plus.. If you don’t mind too much I need almanbahis yeni giriş a favor.”

I looked at her from the corner of my eye as I pulled out.

“I thought this was a favor.”

She bites her lower lip and bats her eyes at me. If I had been anywhere near her age, she would have had me right there, but I wasn’t.

“Well, see… It’s my friend’s birthday, and she’s having a few people over and I sort of told her I could get us some alcohol.”

I looked at her closely

“You’re not 21? How old are you?”

Cassy pouts and puffs out her chest.

“I’m almost 20, you can say no. I’m sure I could find somebody else.”

It has been a long time since a woman tried to manipulate me just on the basis of her looks and the needs of my penis. I was flattered.

“Naw, it’s fine. I can do it.”

She bounced in her seat.

“I knew you were cool.”

Cool or not, Cassy gave me some directions, and then ignored me typing into her phone. A flurry of messages back and forth. Ostensibly about this old man she had tricked into buying her booze. I was beginning to feel a lot less cool.

In the parking lot of a package liquor store, we meet up with Cassy’s friend. Her name is Anita and she is a long slim girl with waist length black hair. Anita hands me a list and then Venmo’s me some money. I look at the list, it is mainly cheap and plentiful. A couple handles of vodka, gin, a little cheap Canadian whisky and a few cases of beer.

“Oh and rum, I love rum. Get the coconut kind.” Cassy adds.

It takes me a minute to round up the supplies and load them into a cart. I’m feeling more and more foolish by the minute. I know that soon my humiliation will be over. Cassy and Anita will be long gone and I’ll be home with a whisky in one hand and my dick in the other.

I help them load Anita’s little Subaru and then wish them both a good night. I can see the two girls having an animated conversation. Cassy runs over to my car and knocks on the window.

“Do you want to come over and have a drink with us, for Anita’s birthday?”

I pretend to think it over and then respond

“Naw, I should really get home.”

She asked, I answered, letting the two girls off the hook. Except Cassy won’t leave.

“Come on Jack, one drink with me.”

She does that weird little dip, curtsey thing that girls do when they are pleading. It almost looks like she needs to pee.

“Alright. One. I’ll follow you over.” I give in.

But instead of returning to the Subaru she just turns and gives Anita a thumbs up and hops into my passenger seat. This is what it feels like to have a trap sprung on you. At least the cheese is nice to look at.

After a short ride we pulled up at a house. It’s a suburban neighborhood, I know that this used to be railroad housing back in the day, little one and two bedroom cubes for guys who spent most of their time loading and unloading freight. Now the blocks had become popular with college students and artists. Little cafes and hip second hand stores littered the once blue collar neighborhood. I rented here when I was single, a lifetime ago.

“Just pull in behind her.” Cassy gestures to Anitas car.

I park in the driveway and help the girls unload booze out of the car and into the tiny kitchen. It’s cute, decorated with movie posters in french, and furnished with a table and chairs meant to look like they were built in the 50’s. Except these were new. Everything that should have been metal was plastic.

Anita asks me to make a couple of drinks and I pour some vodka over ice and add some Cranberry-Grape juice I find in the fridge. The three of us toast each other and Cassy wishes her friend a happy birthday. The first of their guests walks through the kitchen door unannounced.

Cassy makes an effort to introduce me to her friends as they come in, but eventually we both get tired of it and I head outside hoping to finish my third cocktail and make an Irish exit. Out the kitchen door I notice a few more cars parked behind me in the driveway. It might be a while before I can go home. I wander to the backyard and find a sturdy plastic chair. I try to hide myself in the shadows.

Eventually I am surrounded by twenty-somethings and possibly younger. They are vaping and talking politics. I’ve never understood why a grown man wants to smell like a fruity cinnamon bun.

Cassy finds me trying to hide and pulls a chair up next to me.

“How are you holding up Jack?” She leans over and tries to catch my eye.

I lie

“I’m great, your friends are nice.”

I gesture to the plastic cup in my hand.

“Just going to finish this and head home.”

Cassy taps my cup with hers and we drink.

“So, what exactly do you do as a sales manager?”

I sigh,

“Mostly surf the web. Occasionally I have to step in and help massage a sale. I have a team that does most of the work I get to take credit for.”

She stretches and I can’t help but watch as her breasts strain to get free of her little tank top. She sees me looking and almanbahis giriş doesn’t stop.

“What do you do? I mean when you’re not at the diner?”

She sounds bored,

“Oh you know, I like to party, I like hiking, last month I went and rode side by sides with my family. That was pretty fun.”

I try to find something to hold on to and respond with, I seem to have forgotten how to talk to younger women. I don’t know when that skill left me but it’s gone. I decide to be honest.

“I really feel out of place here.”

Cassy leans over and puts a hand on my forearm. She gives it a squeeze and leaves her hand resting there. I can’t remember the last time a strange woman had touched me like that. I start to feel slightly intoxicated.

“I like your arms.”

She lets her fingers slide up and down from my elbow to my thumb. It might as well be from my lips to the tip of my penis, judging by how my body is reacting to her touch. I am starting to get a little scared of what I’ve gotten myself into.

“Thanks.” Is all I can come up with.

Is this flirting? Is she flirting with me? Couldn’t be. She’s just waiting for me to try and kiss her or grab her tit. Then she can scream and embarrass me. Maybe have some of these young guys kick my ass for her.

Before I can steel myself to break this exotic contact, I look up. In the trees I see the familiar flash of red and blue lights. A young man bursts out the back door and yells,


Young adults start to scatter and head for the exits. I laugh to myself. I used to be afraid of cops too, but I haven’t broken a law in forever.

A voice in my head whispers,

“Until tonight.”

Holy shit. How against the law is it to buy alcohol for kids under 21? I turn to Cassy,

“Are any of these kids minors?”

She gets a worried look on her face.

“Yeah, most of them. Anita’s little sister brought a bunch of her friends over. They’re all in high school.”

To her credit, she immediately recognizes the danger I’m in. She stands quickly and motions for me to follow. We head to the back fence of the yard and she gestures for me to make a stirrup with my hands. I do and hoist her up over the fence. Then with a little hop I make it over too.

Behind the house is a wooded area. We are standing on the edge of a tiny arroyo. I can hear the sound of running water from the blackness. Cassy takes my hand and using her phone to light the way, leads me down to a little creek.

At the water’s edge she locates a little house. It’s like a play house or a tree house, except it spans the six foot gap over the water. LIke a bridge.

The sounds of police radios echo through the little canyon. I can see beams of light sweeping the scrub oaks above us. Cassy opens a door and we climb into the little hut.

“This belongs to the neighbors, they built it for their kids.”

I sit on the floor, I let my eyes adjust to the new dark. I think about how my car is at least 3 deep in that driveway. I think about my wife waking up and wondering where I am. My mind wanders back to Cassy and the way she touched my arm.

“We just need to wait a little. They won’t come down here.”

She crawls towards me and kisses me in the dark. Her lips are warm and wet. Her breath is humid and sweetened by coconut rum. I kiss her back, out of habit at first and then with the excitement of this new first kiss.

I need to say no, I must tell her stop. But I don’t. I can’t, because I don’t want her to. I forget about leaving and put my arms around her and kiss her harder.

I can feel the gap between the hem of her shirt and leggings. I let my fingers slide across that hot pliant skin. She moans a little and I can feel her lips curl into a crooked smile with my mouth. I take the edge of that thin fabric and pull it up over her body. She leans back so I can bring the shirt over her head. She finds the clasp of her bra, nestled in between her breasts and snaps it open.

I slide the straps down her shoulders and watch her form in the red and blue lights as she tries to set the garment gingerly on the little play table next to us.

Silhouetted in the moonlight I trust my hands to find her body. Her breasts are taut and her flesh is springy. She sighs as my hands glaze over her nipples. I bring my mouth back to hers and we kiss.

I feel her hands work the buttons of my shirt and soon our flesh is pressed together. She squeezes the muscles of my shoulders and says,


I have to agree. I work out a lot and until now, seem to be the only one who appreciated the effort I put in to maintain my body.

I can feel the pinpoint of heat where her sex meets mine. She grinds into my dick and I feel like the skin of my cock is going to split with the blood filling it. It’s been years since I felt this hard.

Cassy squirms and wriggles herself out of her pants. I try to keep up and soon my slacks are down around my ankles. If the cops show up I won’t be able to run. I realize I don’t care. She slides on top of me and her hot wet pussy envelops my cock.

She doesn’t waste any time thrusting against me and soon she is frenzied. Her hands scratching at my chest, her mouth biting at my neck. I hold her hips and push up into her trying to match the crazy pace she is trying to set. She starts to cry out loudly,

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Agents of Pleasure Ch. 13

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When Paige walked through the back door, her watch said she’d been gone almost two hours and the kitchen was empty. She could hear the TV was on in the living room. As always her mother had put her dinner in the microwave, and while it was warming, she poured herself a glass of lemonade.

As she was setting the food down on a TV table, her mother said, “Goodness, that took a while!”

“Yes, I got into a back and forth with a client, but in the end we reached an agreement.”

“Honestly Honey, I’ve not seen you this busy since we moved here. Working this hard could end up affecting your health!”

The memory of what happened with Charlie Green in her office flashed before her eyes; she smiled, “I don’t think that will happen, Mom. But anyway, you do realize the busier I am, the more successful too, right?”

“By successful you mean wealthy?”

“That would be number one, yes!”

“I never argue with fat bank accounts, but for me my family’s health is priority one! Just be sure you’re taking care of yourself!”

“Mom, I love you; you are amazing, but I do want to repeat myself from this morning. I want YOU to take care of YOURSELF also, deal?”

Trudy turned and faced her daughter more directly, “I am very happy right now!”

“Okay, just don’t think your future is settled, you’re not so old that you can’t dream anymore!”

“I think we’ll see what the future holds, but thank you for the insight!”

“Final Jeopardy” was just ending as Paige finished her plate. After looking in on the sleeping little ones and checking in with the girls, she stripped and put on a nightshirt, picked up her phone, and stepped out onto the front porch for some “alone” time. Sitting on the swing and thinking through the last several days, she murmured to herself “God, what’s gonna happen next?” That made her giggle to herself, but it also knocked over the domino thought, “Oh yes, Chad and I just said Saturday, no more secrets!”

She lifted the phone and tapped out a text, “Long long day, my Love! How was yours?”

A minute later the response was, “Great! Nice conversation with Virginia Steadman. I hear you’re meeting her tomorrow?”

“Yes, 9:00 am in River Oaks.”

“She likes you; she flat out said so. You haven’t even met her yet.”

“She’s friends with Sara McCullers, connect the dots!”

“You’ve just officially moved from ‘hot little momma’ to ‘scorching sexy MILF!'”

Paige laughed and called him, “You silly doofus! I was ALWAYS scorching!”

“No shit! I like yanking your chain!”

“I’m calling you because I wouldn’t mind some time together, but it was such a long day I’m going to bed early. Can we make a date for tomorrow night?”

“I think I can clear my schedule!”

“You’re such a DOOFUS!”

“Yeah, but you love me; c’mon over when you’re ready!”

“I do love you!”

“I Love you too! See ya tomorrow night! Shall I have my love-making equipment ready?”

“You better!”

She had considered telling him about Charlie Green right then, but decided face-to-face would be better. The next thought made her smile, “I’ll get naked…THEN tell him!”

Thirty minutes later she crawled into bed, and as she did Charlie’s words came flooding back to her, “When you lay your head down on the pillow tonight, you’ll start thinking about whether or not your pussy will be able to take the fucking that my cock can deliver!” The words were so clear that for a moment, she actually thought he was in the room speaking them.

“Oh my God!” she whispered to herself, “That mother-fucker is right, dammit!” Under the sheet she reached for her titties and squeezed them. The familiar erotic shiver lit her up, and of course her pussy responded to it! What WOULD it feel like to have that fucking monster dick slide into her hole? THAT thought made shudder!

When she awoke the next morning, it wasn’t even a minute and the same thought was still hanging there! Charlie had said, “Don’t obsess, you’ll get another chance!” She sat up on the edge of the bed; her mother was up already, so she wouldn’t hear when Paige said out loud, “No obsessing, you hear me, Brain?”

The shower felt great and she washed her hair. Blow-drying, make-up, check! What to wear for Ginny Steadman? She briefly considered going all in on business attire, but ultimately settled for her “Italian/Tuscany look” with slacks, stylish blouse, and best sandals.

The first house on the docket did not not have a security gate, Ginny Steadman didn’t specify. It was, however, two minutes from the McCullers and four minutes from the State Bank where Jack Steadman worked. When Paige pulled up in the driveway on the dot of 9:00, Ginny was already there.

“Hi there! You must be Ginny; I’m Paige!”

“Paige, so nice to meet you! It’s a beautiful day isn’t it?”

“It certainly is; I’m not sure it could be better! Thank you so much for choosing Hannigan Realty, I hope we can meet your expectations!”

“We’re off to a good start, Paige; I like the look of this house already! Right off the top, what are they asking almanbahis for it?”

“$310,000. I was here late last week and it seems like it’s in great shape; very well-maintained, and the landscaping is perfect! How do you like the location?”

“It’s in a great spot, that’s for sure! I like the curb appeal and I REALLY like the access. This driveway is perfect! We love to entertain and one could easily fit ten cars on this drive, if our two are in the garage!”

Because Ginny chose the word “entertain,” Paige’s mind flashed ahead to the swinger group that the Steadmans were certainly a part of. She took that moment to make an assessment of Ginny Steadman’s appearance. First off, the agent would have guessed her new client’s age somewhere in the late 40’s. She wasn’t dressed sharp like Sara McCullers always was, but she did look cute in her capri pants and collared but sleeveless blouse. Her shoulder length hair was black and it had dark blue highlights; vaguely reminding Paige of Marie’s hair; but today, Ginny had hers pulled back in a ponytail. Her eyes were dark brown and her figure was very nice. A closer look showed a pooch in her belly indicating childbirth, and her boobs were well-proportioned to her body, perhaps a “C” cup.

“Let’s take a walk around the outside of this house,” said Ginny, “I want to see the yard before we even go inside.” When they got there, she was a bit surprised, “Oh this is a great Patio, but there’s no pool!”

“Paige’s heart jumped into her throat, “Uh, Ginny, I don’t believe a swimming pool was on your list.”

“I’m pretty sure it was, Hmm…”

The redheaded agent set her briefcase on the patio wall and looked for the printed copy of the email, “No, I’m looking…a swimming pool isn’t mentioned,” she handed the paper to her client, “but, if it’s that important, we can go to my car and pull up some more listings?”

Ginny scanned the letter, “Oh bother, I plainly made a mistake! I really like this place too!”

“Let’s go inside and see what you think; then we can make a decision.”

Inside, the kitchen was fabulous, but the living room was smaller than she would have liked and the fireplace was dated. The master bedroom was fine, and its bathroom was very good; but the second bathroom was small and she didn’t like the tub/shower combination.

“How unfortunate; but let’s go see the other house, no sense getting too worked up over the first one we look at, right?”

The second house was four minutes farther down on the same road. The front of the house was basically the same as the other one. When Paige got out of her car she said, “Okay then, this house DOES have a pool! There’s a picture and it’s kidney shaped!”

They walked around back, the pool was a good size, but the patio was smaller as a result. “How do you like this yard, Ginny?”

“Not bad, I think it would be easier to expand the patio rather than build a pool. This one looks very nice!”

“Let’s go inside!”

Indoors, this house had been upgraded. But despite that, they couldn’t or didn’t change the second bathroom; and again, the second and third bedrooms were small.

“Are you making notations, Paige?”

“I am, and I’m getting the feel of what you’re looking for. Pardon me for saying it, but these two houses aren’t it! Is that good grammar?”

Ginny laughed, “No one can expect the perfect place to fall into our laps right out of the box! I remember you said there was a third house?”

“I don’t think we should even try it. The square footage is less than these first two.”

“Then I agree, let’s skip it and you go back to work and see what you can find. I’m kind of thirsty, Paige; what would you think if we go get a drink, go over these ideas together, then we try for another day this week?”

“That sounds wonderful! There’s a Chile’s about a mile from here on Main Street. We can sit at the bar and talk about the details.”

“I’ll meet you there!”

Being that it was 11:00 o’clock and they had just opened, Chile’s wasn’t crowded. Paige got a club soda and Ginny ordered a daiquiri. It didn’t take more than five minutes to edit the details of what the Steadmans wanted, and Paige put the paperwork back in her briefcase.

“I don’t have to be anywhere until after lunch; what about you?” her new client asked.

“Same, I thought we’d be busy looking at the third house; but this is nice, maybe I’ll get some lunch here ‘to go.'”

Ginny took another sip of her drink and swiveled her chair to face Paige more directly. “Now that we have the business side of things settled for the moment, may I ask you a personal question?” She put her drink down and folded her hands in front of her chin.

The redhead blushed; her pulse quickened; “Uh, sure! What is it?”

Her brunette client smiled at her above her hands, “I deliberately told you that we spent Sunday at the McCullers. Does that raise any questions in your mind?”

Paige blushed even redder, “Actually it does; Sara said that in her lifestyle, discretion was one of the first rules!”

Ginny almanbahis giriş Steadman laughed; it was genuine and warm. She had one of those laughs that Paige would have classified as “cute!” “I’ve known Sara for several years, and I can tell you she is totally committed to discreet. But, within our small circle of friends, she DOES love to tell stories!”

Paige giggled (but she was still blushing,) So I’m guessing she told you a story from Friday afternoon?”

“Oh yes! She told quite a ‘tale!'”

The redhead nodded, “And how detailed was this ‘tale?'”

“Let me put it this way, she was very explicit! You and your friend Marie were exceptional lovers as I understand it!”

That made Paige shiver, “I’m guessing that sharing adventures like that is one form of entertainment in the swing lifestyle?”

“It definitely is! If you like, I can share a story about a get-together we had six months ago.”

“Go ahead, I like stories!”

Ginny picked up her drink again, “Our group had rented a ski lodge up in Wisconsin for a weekend. One of those days it was snowing heavily; so late in the afternoon, we built a fire in the main room, mixed some drinks, and Connie Landon came up with the idea of sharing experiences. In this case it had to be a story about a group sex encounter each of us had before we ever thought about swinging.”

“Oh my! That sounds like it could make for a fun night!”

She laughed again, “For sure! I wouldn’t be telling you about it if that night turned out to be dull!”

“So, what happened?”

“That was one of those times where everyone was in the same room when the fun started! Those stories were such a turn-on, I was fanning myself right from the start!”

Paige shivered again, “Wow, I can imagine! Maybe Sara will use our Friday lunch date for one of those story times!”

“THAT was what I told her!” laughed Ginny, “at the very least, she could tell it at one of our ‘ladies only’ get-togethers!”

“You have ‘ladies only’ parties?”

“Once or twice a year, yes! The last one was a weekend get-away we had last year.”

“Oh my God, I bet a few good stories came out of that one too!”

Ginny’s eyes flashed at her, “Oh yes, quite often I’ll tell one of them to my husband when we’re alone. He goes crazy when I do!”

“My fiance probably would too! He’s already very accepting of my relationship with Marie.”

“Sara told me they invited you and Marie to one of our parties. Do you plan to attend?”

“I’m undecided at this point; I can’t see it happening very soon. Chad and I are getting married next month and there’s a lot of planning to do.”

“Understandable, does Chad know about our group?”

“Yes, we don’t keep secrets any more; we used to, but that was creating a lot of problems.”

Ginny nodded, “I get that for sure; I had an affair early in our marriage…with an ex-boyfriend. It almost split us up, but when we decided to share things honestly, that affair was the catalyst that led us into swinging. Our group is not huge; we rarely go to swing-clubs (although it has happened,) but this is small-town-America…we don’t advertise and we’re very selective on who joins the group. It’s been over a year since Adam and Jane Polecki joined us.”

“Adam and Jane? Really? Don’t they own the bakery just down the street from here?”

“That’s them! But remember, what we say here, stays here. At some point, your names will get around to them; but let THEM bring up the subject to you first, okay?”

“I don’t know the Poleckis very well, but we are on a first-name basis when I go into their store.” Paige looked at her watch, “Ginny, we could talk all afternoon, but I do need to go.”

“I do too. You do your thing with our new search parameters and give me a call when you’re ready.”

“Twenty-four to forty-eight hours should do it; I’ll make it priority one!”

The women got up to leave, “This is on me, Paige! Give my regards to your fiance, and I might add I’m looking forward to meeting him!”

Paige smiled, “You ladies are too much! I love it!”

When she got home at 4:30, she poked her head in the girls’ room to say hi, “Okay, this is a mess; let’s take twenty minutes together and get it cleaned up.” It took thirty! After that (out in the back yard,) Jimmy and Jamie were petting the neighbor’s dog through the fence. Paige spent ten minutes chatting with (older than Trudy) Gloria so the kids could play with her dog. Of course, THEN she had to fend off five more minutes of Jimmy bugging her to get a dog!

Back in the house, all four girls helped in the final preparations for supper; for some reason her mother had gone all out on this meal, pot roast! “What’s the occasion, Mom?”

“No occasion, I was feeling ambitious!”

“You’re going to spoil us!”

“Call the kids in from the yard, and wait til you see what’s for dessert!”

“Oh my God!”

When the incredible meal was over, Trudy took over the little ones, and Paige had some “mom/daughter time” with the girls. Actually, she almanbahis giriş wanted to grill Olivia on how she was doing with the “boys thing,” but she hoped she could be subtle about it. No such luck! During that conversation she must have heard “Oh Mom!” at least four times!

After reading to the two youngest for fifteen minutes, they got ready for bed and she finally headed out to the porch. Her mom was in the rocker. “So how did your day go? Bank account get any fatter?”

Paige snorted, “It wasn’t the best,” and she told her how expectations were not clearly communicated. While relating that story, her phone binged.

When she opened the message, her mom said, “Is that from Chad?”

Fibbing just a small white one, her daughter said, “Yes, he wants me to come over and discuss some options for the addition.”

Her mother looked at her over the top of her glasses, “Why doesn’t HE come over HERE?”

“It’s quieter over there.”

Trudy burst out laughing, “What do you take me for? A dingbat?”

Paige got up and kissed her on the cheek, “Never!”

Her mom said, “Oh, go on with you and have your fun!”

Walking up to the front door, it opened before she could knock. “I saw your car pull up, Babe; c’mon in. I’m gonna have a lime margarita, want one?”

“I’d love one!”

“Be right back.”

She went in and sat down on the sofa. The thought flashed across her mind that maybe it would surprise him if she stripped naked. “No,” she said to herself, “unwinding with a drink sounds better right now.” There had been a running dialog in her head all day about how to tell him about Charlie Green, but she had not settled on anything specific. “This shouldn’t be that hard,” she said to the empty room, “We’ve confessed three or four things already this month!”

Chad came back carrying the drinks and handed her one, “Did you say something?”

She switched into “fibbing mode,” “Yeah, I was thinking that it was a beautiful night. and it would be great to have these drinks on my porch!”

He smiled at her, “That WOULD be great; it won’t be long now!”

“I can’t wait!” Paige took a sip of her drink, “Mmm, this tastes awesome!”

“I got a new blender; it has an attachment for crushing ice,” he sipped his, “perfect!” They briefly went over the business parts of their day, and Paige told him about the bedroom set she found. “Why don’t you send me the link to that?” he asked, “but I’m sure your choice will be just fine!”

“Will do, but hey, I did have a conversation with Virginia Steadman today; she’s the one who was referred to me by the McCullers. We saw two houses (which didn’t work out,) but then we had drinks just before lunch. We got into a discussion about their swing group; very enlightening!”

“Who started it?”

“She did, they were with Jason and Sara on Sunday, and Sara told her about Marie and me.”

“What was her reaction to that?”

Paige looked at him like, “Duhh!” and she giggled, “How do you THINK she reacted?”

Chad chuckled, “Yeah, everyone would like to have been a fly-on-the-wall at that encounter!”

The redhead snuggled up closer to him, “Know what, Chad?”


“I really REALLY love turning you on sometimes!”

“You do huh?”

“Yes, when you get aroused, this little look creeps into your eyes and I’m like ‘Whoops, there it is!’ Know what else?”

“No, what?”

“I’m guessing your big cock is stirring in your pants!”

He took another hit from his margarita and put the glass down, “Good guess!” then he leaned over and kissed her. It was a great “first kiss of the night!” Paige had to hold her glass away from them or it would have spilled for sure!

Thirty seconds later he leaned back, Paige said, “God, you really know how to make a girl feel wanted, my Love!”

“That was my ‘I’ll love you forever’ kiss,’ good, right?”

She put her drink down, “Exceptional, may I have another?” They made out for two more minutes. Paige’s pussy was creaming and she brushed her hand over Chad’s bulge and giggled into his mouth, “Mmm, yeah, I’m gonna want that big dick fucking me tonight; seems like it’s good to go!”

His eyes flashed at her, “I’m in a big-time pussy eating mood too; like maybe some face-sitting is in order!”

“You REALLY DO know just what to say!” He was about to kiss her again when she put her hand on his chest and stopped him. “But…before we do this, there is something I want to talk about.”


“Yeah, something else happened that you need to know; no secrets, right?”

Chad looked at her quizzically, “Right, Uhh…what is it?”

“I’ve been trying to think how to tell you all day; do you want me to beat around the bush first, or just tell you straight out?”

Chad chuckled, “What kind of question is that? Yeah, Paige, beat around the bush first…that’s what I want!”

Paige laughed, “Yeah, that does sound dumb, okay…here it is; I kinds/sorta had sex with a client yesterday!”

“You what?”

“You heard me,” she smiled, “he didn’t fuck me, but we did just about everything else!”

As best she could, Paige put a soft-pleading type expression on her face; it looked so ‘puppy-dog’ that Chad couldn’t help but smile. “This is pretty unreal,” he finally said, “Our lives were SO predictable two months ago, but NOW?”

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