Şubat 16, 2021

Wife caught

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Sarah wanted only to ease her body into the steaming hot bath. Her body was already glistening with sweat from the heat.

It had been a long week of homeschooling, chores, kids, and pain. This was her escape. She did not have to be anyone to anyone but herself.

She glanced in the mirror at her 52-year-old body. She was pleased she had kept her figure after kids, for the most part. Her small breasts still firm enough and perky. She slowly flicked a moistened finger over her pierced nipple, delighting in the sensation. That one small jolt and her pussy was alive.

She had brought Marc, one of her favorite toys, in case she really wanted to relax.

Accepting the reflection of her body as still sexually desirable and fit, she slowly slid her naked body into the steaming water.

The water hit her aching pussy like a bolt of lightning. Damn how she wanted to feel a hot cock in her. As if by some carnal memory, Sarah eased 2 and then 3 fingers into her wet love nest. The feeling is tight and explosive. Her clit swells with anticipation and the scent of her own musky, sensual juices sends her into “get off” mode. She spreads her legs as far as the tub allows, and picking up speed she thrusts and flicks and thrusts and flicks at her pussy and clit. Her back arches. She knows how to make herself cum, but stops. She must have control. Her breathing is fast and lustful. She gently removes her fingers and brings them to her mouth. She touches her cum covered fingers to her full lips. She spreads her cum over her lips like some high-priced gloss, inhaling the scent of her desire. Slowly her lips part to taste the sweet, pungent flavor of her own pussy. Damn how she longed to feel the hot breath and beard of a man drinking her nectar.

Knowing her pussy wanted more, not to mention the desires of her ass for a good fucking and her mouth longing to suck the cum from a fat cock while her hair is tangled around a strong hand, Sarah turns to Marc, grabs his remote and lets her dripping wet body impale itself upon Marc’s hard shaft. She gasps as her pussy is suddenly stretched and tightening all at once. With no regard she bounces herself up and down like a kid in a bounce house. Each descent slamming against her swollen labia. Marc is thrusting faster, his heat intensifies. One more button and the vibrations send contractions and orgasms pulsing through her body. She is almost there…tease a little longer. She pulls herself from him and with a sly, sluttish smirk, she brings his cock deep into her mouth, licking every drop of her off of him.

Her body is quivering, she sinks back into the now cold water which furthers her sensitivity.

While the hot water refills, she slows her wanton ways by focusing on her tits. They are not as big or firm as she would like, but she enjoys them. casino şirketleri Her nipples have always been easily aroused. So much so, her husband can make her cum by only touching her breasts. They are always erect now that they are pierced. The sexy look of those silver spikes piercing her nipples is arousing. Pulling and pinching, she slowly makes love to herself. Reminding herself of her female body. She caresses her breasts, almost tickling with all the tenderness of a lover unwrapping a lifelong gift. She circles her nipples marveling at their response to touch. She places one and then the other of nipple clamps…oooo the pleasure…but to have them sucked and pinched would be better.

With a dripping pussy, lips and tongue tasting of cum, Sarah had only one mind-blowing orgasm left in her.

She gets Marc…she is giddy with excitement. She knows what is “coming”.

Just then lightning strikes outside and the power goes out. Wrapping a towel around her, she stumbles through the darkness to the candles. The storm has really picked up.

She slowly heads back to the steamy bathroom with candles, Jim (another cock), and a still insatiable need to cum more.

The thunder is loud, at least the neighbors wouldn’t hear her cum.

Her brown eye twitches with desire. Unlike many women, Sarah has learned to enjoy every aspect of her body. Every pleasure. Every hidden orgasm.

She liberally applies oil to her ass and Marc. She allows him to gently massage her ass, just pressing….waiting for the invite. She teases her ass as the water laps against her hard nipples.

Her hips begin a steady rhythm as Marc matches her with harder pushing. She wants him. She wants to feel him deep in her ass. With much teasing and patience, Marc takes her ass, her breath is shaken from her. She embraces this welcome visitor, squeezing her rectum tight against him, her pussy oozing.

Oh yes, Jim…will have to wait. Marc is feeling so good and Sarah wants to cum. With a scream of delight and a loud cry of, “FUCK”, she has to hold Marc in from the strong pulsing orgasm pushing through her body.

Hyperventilating and filled with lust, she grabs Jim by the balls and buries him in her waiting pussy. Oh, my word, she marveled at the pleasure.

Her legs are trembling as she continues to plunder and please herself. She licks her lips with desire as she hears a strange noise…

Startled from the noise, she isn’t sure what to do. Her husband took the kids to visit their grandparents and wasn’t due home till morning.

She quickly dries off, checks the security cameras, and decided it was just the storm.

Sarah decides to move her pleasure to the bed.

She slowly rubs oil over her entire body, sprays some cologne of her husband’s and went back to pleasing casino firmaları herself.

She looks for a video and starts it on the TV. She watches as she sucks her husband’s hard cock. Marc is working his magic on her ass and she slowly slides Jim in and out of her juicy pussy. She purposely slows as she moves the head of his dick over her g-spot.

A slow squeak breaks the sound of her heavy breathing. She opens her eyes to see her husband, Drew. She’s been caught. Is he angry, jealous, or surprising aroused as he takes in the view of Sarah being fucked and filled with two other cocks?

He doesn’t say a word, but she notices the increasing bulge in his shorts. He takes his clothes and motions for her to continue.

She is on all four. Marc is thrusting quickly in and out of her ass as Jim continues to plunge deep into her.

She looks up at Drew to find him stroking his bulging cock. His precum glistening and begging to be licked.

He moves himself in front of her mouth and passes his cock just out of reach of her lips. She wants him, and he is going to give her exactly what she wants….but not just yet. He still hasn’t said a word.

He uses his finger to give her a taste of him. “Please, let me suck your cock” she pleads.

He simply shakes his head no. He moves her body so he can see. He watches as Marc pushes past her ass opening. He hardens as he sees the ease with which she takes Marc’s cock deep into her.

Still startled by her husband’s early return, lost in her pleasure, and staring with want at his sexy cock, Sarah doesn’t see Drew take the control.

All the sudden Marc is fucking her harder. Drew helps Jim to plow that pussy like a pro. He is ready to burst as he watches his wife being stretched, pleased, and fucked by these two cocks…it’s too much.

He grabs her hair and with all the force of ownership, he pushes his cock deep into her throat. She gags, but hungrily sucks at him. She allows this invasion with joy.

He could cum by the shear visual of his wife being banged in every way. She continues sucking his cock like a horny wife wanting to please her man.

Drew’s dick hardens while being sucked and licked.

His wife laying before him, cocks in every hole…he wants it to last, but wants to please her. He stares and moves cocks in and out. He teasingly moves Jim from her pussy to her mouth. With a smile she begins licking her cum off of him. She smiles because she knows Drew’s cock will replace Jim in her dripping pussy.

Drew stops his cock right at the wet, warm opening of her vagina. Wanting to show her whose cock is better, but not wanting to cum yet, he waits. He slowly pushes into her, feeling every squeeze and pulse. His balls grazing against Marc’s cock filling her ass. She continues sucking Jim’s güvenilir casino cock.

Drew is enjoying the pleasure he brings his wife. His cock quickens it’s plunging of her pussy, her squeals and screams urge him on to harder fucking.

He quickly pulls out so he doesn’t cum. “Let me clean that up for you” his wife demands.

He refused.

He pulls out the laptop and starts some triple penetration porn. He leaves her there to think about what is about to happen.

Drew comes back with Marc and Jim. He dips Jim into her pussy and then places him to her mouth. He turns her over as she deep throats a cum covered cock.

Marc enters her pussy with one long push. He’s thrusting and hot.

Sarah knows what is going to happen. She wants it.

Drew moves in behind her. She catches a quick glimpse of his oiled hard, fat cock just before feeling it pressed against her tight and hungry ass cheeks.

He gently spanks her ass. She arches up for him with a begging, “please”.

In one, lustful, powerful, move, Drew eases his entire cock deep into her. She drags him in with contractions. Her pussy aches as it pulses out cum all over.

Drew increases his speed and depth. His hands firmly on her hips he drags her ass back towards him.

She is sucking Jim, Marc is ravishing her pussy with his thrusts, and her husband is fucking his wife’s ass hard…just how she likes it. He feels Marc sliding against him just on the other side. Her ass wants fucked.

Knowing she is ready, and he won’t last much longer….Drew grabs her hips and pulls her aggressively onto his cum filled cock.

She screams his name and cums all over. Her body is out of control. She forces herself hard against his cock and doesn’t stop until she feels his cock bend, harden and he’s gonna cum.

He rams his cock as far into her ass as possible and lets go . Fuuuuuuck! His cock is pulsing and thrusting deep into her ass as his cum explodes out of him. Damn, he loves her ass. “Spank my ass” she requests through gasps and spasms. He grants her this pleasure with one smack of her ass cheek.

Drew doesn’t stop ramming her until his cock is drained of cum. She wants and takes every bit of him while still enjoying Marc and Jim.

Sarah is spent and wet, but Drew isn’t done….after all, that pussy looks scrumptious and it belongs to him, not Marc and Jim.

Drew knows his wife and he knows there is one left in her, one BIG one…his finger quickly finds the spot as his mouth sucks her clit and pussy lips. His finger knows just what to do. He works her into a frenzy until her legs spread wide and she surrenders total control.

It’s building, the total body orgasm. His finger moves faster and faster until that holy fuck scream escapes his wife’s lips and she squirts her pleasure all over him, herself, and the bed. The spasms of pleasure course through her body and just as it’s easing Drew takes her there again.

The bed is drenched in their lust and love as they collapse in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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