Mayıs 26, 2021

Tied Up

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Jurgen decided blissful, erotic torture was the only punishment fit for his Janey’s crime – the crime of being so sexy that he had been distracted at work, unable to perform his duties satisfactorily.

“Take off your clothes.” he commanded, she obeyed.

He watched her hungrily, his cock quickly getting hard. He unzipped his pants, and his hardness sprang free. Janey gasped – the sight of his hard cock always set her loins ablaze.

“Now get on the bed, put your arms above your head, and don’t move.” She complied with her eyebrows raised, interested to see where this was going – he was always amazing and adventurous in bed, but never had he taken on a commanding aspect like this.

He reached into the bedside drawer, and pulled out two lengths of fleece. She forgot to keep her arms still; she instinctively reached for him, to caress him and pull him down for a kiss. But he grabbed her wrists, and roughly pinned them above her head, his face inches from hers.

“I thought I told you not to move. If you move again, the punishment will only be worse.” he growled, the mischievous twinkle in his eye belying his gruff tone.

His sensual mouth brushed against hers, before his teeth claimed her bottom lip in a gentle bite. She moaned softly – he knew how that drove her crazy, especially when he licked her bottom lip after biting it, then plunging it into her mouth to kiss her deeply, hungrily.

“I love you, woman.” he said huskily. “Now stay still, you sexy vixen.” Janey giggled softly, and resisted the urge to push him further.

He tied both of her wrists to the bed head – the material soft and flexible, so it wouldn’t hurt her. Next, he found two more strips, and tied her ankles to the end of the bed. Janey’s heart was pounding furiously – Jurgen was a passionate lover; he never did things by halves, and he always put his all into everything he did.

A stab of sharp desire went through to her core, and the sight of him undressing made her ache for him. He undressed slowly; usually he got his clothes off in a hurry, but this time, he wanted to watch her face as he revealed himself. The look on his face was enough to draw a soft groan from her – his eyes dark and full of lust, his lip quirked in a seductive half-smile.

“You’re so sexy.” she whispered, letting her eyes roam all over his masculine frame. She loved his broad chest, his wide shoulders, his muscular arms and his strong legs. She güvenilir bahis loved how his chest and torso were covered in fine, dark hairs, all the way down to his beautifully shaped cock. He was perfection – he was raw masculinity, pure man. Nothing delicate about him; some might say he was brutish.

She sighed as she watched him step out of his pants – she knew she was already wet and ready for him; she hoped he would take her now. She opened her legs wider while wriggling her hips invitingly, but he just shook his head. “Not yet.” he said, and then the cruel man took hold of his hard cock, and began to stroke himself, very slowly.

He didn’t take his eyes from hers the whole time, only to occasionally roam over her nakedness, to linger on her glistening sex. Janey was desperate for him by now – he knew the sight of him masturbating drove her wild with lust, and her pussy was now throbbing and swollen. “Jurgen…please, I need you…” she pleaded. He smiled devilishly, yet he continued to torment her. She began to feel a bit impatient, yanking on her bonds to no avail. She growled in frustration, making him chuckle.

He let go of himself, and placed his knees between her feet. Her heart skipped a beat, hope evident on her flushed face. But he wasn’t ready to give in to her just yet – he lifted her foot as much as the bonds allowed, placing a tender kiss on the inside of her ankle. He made his way slowly up the inside of her leg, placing slow, wet kisses as he went.

As he got to her thigh, he used his tongue to circle where he was kissing, and by the time he arrived at her groin, she was panting. So when he unexpectedly grazed his teeth against her groin as he licked and kissed her there, she whimpered loudly.

“Mmmmh…you’re so wet for me.” he groaned huskily, drawing one finger through her sopping wetness, torturously slow and soft.

“Jurgen!” she groaned, bucking her hips.

“Now, now. Be patient, remember?” he circled her engorged clitoris just once, then he withdrew his finger. She glared angrily at him, incredulous that he could torture her so.

She usually became wet instantly with him – all it took was a kiss, or a cuddle, or a pinch to the ass, even a look, and then their clothes came off quick, and then they were at each other. It was usually frantic, frenzied – he knew how highly sexed she was, and he surely knew how she was suffering. She wondered how he was managing to be türkçe bahis so strong.

He propped himself on his elbows between her thighs, and blew air onto her pussy.

“Stop that!” she growled.

And then suddenly -finally- he pressed his open mouth against her wet pussy lips, his tongue pushing into her vagina. She gasped loudly, and he dragged the flat of his tongue upwards, flicking back and forth over her clitoris. Her mind and her vision went fuzzy; sparks of electricity bringing every nerve ending to life.

When he placed a finger inside her, she couldn’t control the pants and moans that were becoming increasingly high pitched. She loved the look on his handsome face as he licked her, how erotic his expression was, how sexy his soft lips looked. The way his eyes watched her, feeding his own fiery lust with her wanton sounds and expressions. He pushed his finger in and out of her deeply, increasing his speed. He caressed her g-spot each time he pulled his hand back, and very quickly, she felt the tingling of impending orgasm filling her lower abdomen. The sexual tension and buildup was almost unbearable to the point where she felt slightly nauseated.

He felt her walls become more swollen around his finger, her sweet lubricant dribbling out. He knew she was close, but he wasn’t done with torturing her yet. He abruptly withdrew, earning a string of hissed expletives and promises of a painful death. He silenced her by shoving his tongue into her mouth, kissing her deeply and hungrily.

She could feel the tip of his cock brushing her entrance, and she was reduced to a trembling mess. She wouldn’t beg him anymore, no – she was too proud for that. So she put up with his torture, willing herself to cum without his assistance, then his little game would be over. But of course, her body wanted only to wait for him. He pulled away from the kiss to nibble and bite her jaw, lick and nibble her neck. He dragged his tongue over her left nipple, then across to the right. He gave both of her breasts a bit of attention before placing himself between her legs once again, the tip of his cock now pressing against her clitoris. She bucked her hips against it, her pussy buzzing and throbbing hotly. He held himself still; groaning as she ground herself against his shaft, but he pulled his hips up every time she tried to draw him in.

“Put it in me Jurgen…please…” she breathed, giving into begging him one last time.

With güvenilir bahis siteleri a growl, he finally pushed into her. He had it in his mind to continue the torture by withdrawing slowly…agonisingly slow, and then pushing back in equally as slow, only to hold still for several moments. But he only managed this kind of thrusting once…twice, before he couldn’t take it anymore; the burning hunger in his loins needed sating.

He slammed in hard and fast, sheathing it in all the way. His eyes rolled back in pleasure as he groaned – she was so swollen, hot and wet. It had been torture for him too, and now that they were both finally getting what they wanted, it wouldn’t be long before they were both over the edge. Jurgen cried out in ecstasy -finally!

God, he felt so good inside her. He was the perfect size for her tight pussy; stretching her walls, filling her completely. Stars exploded before her eyes, her hips rushing up to meet his as he slammed in and out of her. He jack hammered her at an unrelenting pace, her clitoris getting mashed hard against his pubic bone. He clutched her hair tightly in one hand, his other hand propping him up. He grunted with effort, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead.

She wished she could grasp him with her hands, to pull him tighter against her, to stroke his hair, caress his back, clutch his ass. She wished she could wrap her legs around him, but she was trapped. He fucked her mercilessly, his face a picture of concentration and carnal need, and the sight of it brought her orgasm rushing up, nothing to stop it this time. He knew – and he brought his head down, sinking his teeth into the junction of her neck and shoulder. The mix of pain and pleasure tipped her over the edge, and as she screamed out her ecstatic climax, he licked the bite, adding to the sensation overload. She convulsed around his shaft, milking him to draw forth his own climax.

“Ohh, fuuuuck…” he growled, his movements becoming jerky as he spilled his seed into her.

Janey had never heard him swear during an orgasm before, and she found it surprisingly erotic. Jurgen clung to her tightly as they rode the waves of their orgasm, their movements slowing until they lay there panting, not moving. Jurgen untied her hands, and she immediately stroked him, every part that she could reach – she needed to touch him, to trace the lines of his muscles, to feel the sweat, to run her hands through his silky, long hair.

“I love you, Janey.” he said, placing heavy kisses all over her face.

“I love you too, my darling Jurgen. And next time, it’s your turn to be tortured.” she grinned wickedly, and he hummed happily.

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