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Pocket money

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Pocket money
I was asked by a Hamster subscriber if I had ever been offered and taken money for sex. The answer is yes, I have on a number of occasions in the past. The first time and on a few occasions thereafter I wasn’t aware that taking money for sex was ‘prostitution’. To me, at the time, it was a way of increasing my meager wages so that I could afford to buy cigarettes, clothes, and makeup. It was 1979 and I was 15 years old living in London where I had been born and raised. Still, at school, I was clever and hoping to go to university but my parents weren’t well off and with three other k**s, there wasn’t much spare cash to go around. And so I got a part-time job at a local garage helping out in the salesroom sweeping up, making tea and doing any other menial job that needed to be done.

I looked older than my age ( I had told the garage owner that I was 16 which was the minimum age they employed people) and easily passed for 17 or 18, particularly if I dressed the part, which I did when working, which may have accounted for the interest shown in me by the sales manager, Steve. It took him a couple of weeks from my first day at the garage to chat to me, offering me cigarettes and generally being pleasant and complimentary about the way I dressed and telling me how pretty I was. He was about 30 years old, tall and slim and good looking and he dressed very well. All that and the fact that he drove a company Jaguar soon had me daydreaming about him.

Three weeks in and on Saturday he asked if I’d like to take a drive after work in his Jag’ and have a drink somewhere. He said he had an errand to run after work but would pick me up outside local the cinema in the High Street. To be honest I didn’t know how to say no as I was too embarrassed due to inexperience but although nervous I agreed. He duly arrived and I climbed into the Jag’ and he drove off. I’d never been in an expensive car and it was a real thrill as he sped off toward the A1. An hour later we had driven north to a village in the countryside and parked in a pub car park. The only alcoholic drink I hade ever had was a small glass of sherry at a family christening so when he offered to buy me a drink I hadn’t a clue what else casino siteleri to ask for. When he then asked if I wanted sweet or dry sherry I nearly choked!! ‘Sweet’ I managed to stammer. We took a table in the corner of the lounge bar and he settled in to ask me about myself, what I wanted to do with my life etc. all very attentive and flattering. The sherry wasn’t bad after I got used to the taste and he bought another and after my third, I found myself feeling a bit dizzy and I stumbled over a few words that made him laugh and comment that I was obviously not used to the ‘hard stuff’. I said I was fine and he suggested one more before we headed back. I accepted, which I shouldn’t have but I trying to be grown up and didn’t want to let myself down.

By the end of my fifth sherry, I was without a doubt pretty tipsy and stumbled on my way to the car and would have fallen if Steve hadn’t grabbed my arm. It was dark by now and having got me into his car he took off and I sat there desperately trying to stay awake as suddenly I felt really tired but every time I closed my eyes my head spun. After a short while, he pulled off the road and onto a narrow track that led into a wood. When we were out of sight of the road he stopped the car, turned off the lights and the engine and then lit two cigarettes one of which he gave to me. I was a bit bewildered as I thought we were heading back into town but I took a drag on the cigarette and looked across at him. He looked back and smiled ‘I really fancy you, you know’ he said still smiling. I remember feeling suddenly nervous but also excited that this older man liked me. Then I felt his hand on my knee and he suddenly he leaned across and kissed me full on the mouth pushing his tongue between my lips. I instinctively I jerked back and hit my head on the window, but he followed on, moving across and pressing himself on me whilst kissing me again and grabbing at my left tit and squeezing it hard.

Now I need to make it clear, although I was a virgin I was not a stranger to what we used to call ‘heavy petting’ that in my case included having a finger inserted in my pussy and my tits fondled often followed by me wanking boys off when they started tipobet güvenilir mi to get overexcited, something I enjoyed doing as it gave me a sense of power over them. I enjoyed all of that rather more than the average 15 year old should have done! But of course, the ‘petting’ was done by boys of my own age or thereabouts and what was happening to me in that car was being done by a fully grown man who’s hand had now found its way up my skirt and inside my knickers. I tried to push him off but he kept going and I felt his finger massaging my pussy lips and then his index finger slipped inside me and extended upwards that made me cry out as it hurt. His weight was on top of me now and he was using his other hand to pull his cock out of his trousers. Once out he forced my legs apart and started yanking at my knickers to get them off. I was panicking and desperately trying to get from underneath him but he was too strong and I felt his rigid member brush the inside of my thigh as he moved up guiding it toward the middle of my legs. I reached down and managed to grab his cock to push it away and it felt huge and stiff and the end oozed sticky liquid all over my hand. That’s when he said ‘ That’s it babe give it a good jerking, make me harder’. I yanked at it hoping to hurt him enough to get him off me but he just got more excited and I felt the head of his cock press against my pussy lips that forced me to press hard into the car seat to get away.

I managed to keep him far enough away and then heard myself saying that I would jerk him off if he just got off me but he kept pressing saying that he wanted to fuck me, but I had my hand around his cock and started jerking my hand up and down and I heard myself begging him to let me just wank him. He was breathing really heavily by now and as his cock prised my cunt lips apart he suddenly gasped and shot his load. As I felt the hot liquid hit my pussy I managed to turn his cock away and felt his cum shoot up my arm and over my naked thigh. With a groan his body went sort of limp and snapped at me ‘ You fucking cock teasing bitch!!!’ I went rigid as I thought he was going to hit me but he just made a heavy sighing noise and perabet pulled himself upright and then back into his seat. After a short time, he moved around putting his cock away and zipping up his trousers. I didn’t move and sat there rigid with my skirt around my waist and my knickers around my legs just above my knees. My pussy was clearly exposed with his cum spread over what little pubic hair I had in those days and spread over my upper thigh with splashes of it on my skirt and stockings.

I was looking straight ahead but I was watching him out of the corner of my eye when he said ‘You’ve made a real fucking mess here. Look at my trousers and the car seat, all covered in spunk!!! You little bitch, why do you think I brought you out here if it wasn’t for a fuck. You’ve been asking for one all week!’

I looked at him and said ‘No I haven’t. I just thought you liked me that’s all’. He looked straight at me and laughed loudly then said ‘Where the fuck do you come from, Mars. You must know that when an older guy takes you out for a drink at night in the countryside all he wants is to put his cock in you and fuck your brains out’. I looked at him and my emotions just went into overdrive and I started to cry, real sobbing chest heaving crying. After a while he looked at me and said in a softer voice ‘Look, ok I was wrong, but you gave out the wrong message sweetheart, you really did.’ I said ‘I told you to stop, that I didn’t want it’ I said between sobs. ‘Yeah well, I didn’t hear that’. he replied and slumped back in his seat. ‘Sort yourself and we’ll head home’.

We drove back in silence until we were nearly back at the High Street when he reached inside his jacket and took out his wallet and then dropped it in my lap. ‘Open it’ he said in an angry tone. I did as I was told and held it in my lap. Take out the two tenners’. he instructed. I removed the money and he took back his wallet. ‘That’s for you to keep your fucking trap shut about tonight. OK. We all square?’ I looked at the two ten pound notes that back then was good money and just nodded. He dropped me off outside the cinema and I walked home.

Walking home I thought about nearly being ****d (some might say that I was) but that in the end I had been given more money than I earned in a week. It sparked an idea in my head that I decided later, after I had thought it through, to try out on Steve the next time I saw him at work.

The start of my sexual adventures. xxxx Paula Collins

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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