Nisan 23, 2021

Her Brother

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***AN: This is a romance between a brother and sister and the sexy times come a little later in the story. It is also a little cliché, but I kind of like that. If you are cool with that, I hope you enjoy my story. The layout and editing is probably shit (sorry). All characters are over 18. ***

***Chapter One (Nova)***

Nova Miller jolted awake when she heard her phone ring. Her groggy eyes landed on the red digits of her alarm clock. Her phone had failed her so many times her brother bought her the huge monstrosity from a second hand store. He told her because it was barely digital it would never fail her. Right now the time on the display just pissed her off. It was 3:30 in the morning. She knew right away the call was from her previously mentioned brother. He was the only one who would dare call her at this time. Well really, due to completely her own fault, there was just no one else to call her in the dead of the night.

Sure enough, when she picked up her phone, her brother’s name was flashing on the screen. With a scowl she answered.

“This better be good, Kingston James Miller.” She only used his full name when she was completely exasperated or angry with him.

“You’re the lucky recipient of my one phone call.” Came the slightly slurred deep reply.

“You’re in jail.” It was a statement not a question and she tried to ignore the way his deep voice always washed over her body.

“No. I was detained at the police station, but I am free to go. Help me out, sis.”

“Call mom and dad.” She suggested, knowing he would never agree. The first time he got himself thrown in the local jail our parents never let him hear the end of it. King usually called his best friend Hayden, who was conveniently over seas on, well, she really didn’t know why the hell he was out of the country. She just knew she was mad at him now too.

“Hell no. Once was enough. Help me out No No.”

“Don’t call me No No.”

“I bet the look on your face is so cute.” He laughed. “Please, I’ll make it up to you.”

“Fine.” Nova said and hung up.

Who knew why King was in jail. Excuse her, “detained”. Nova was surprised he hadn’t charmed his way out of it. Usually his bad behavior just got him a slap on the wrist. King Miller was well known around their small town. 24 years old, handsome as fuck, charming, smart, and a troublemaker extraordinaire. Don’t forget rich. She wasn’t even sure how he had so much money at such a young age. It all had to do with investments and investors or some such. The first time he said the term Capital Gains, she almost instantly died of boredom. She wasn’t a numbers person, thus she couldn’t explain how King was a millionaire only two years out of college.

Nova was the exact opposite. 19 years old, still lived at home with their parents. Shy and a definite homebody. She wasn’t ugly or anything but compared to King, he was on another level. Her tummy, thighs, and butt a tad too curvy, and her breasts were too big in her opinion. Her hair was dark brown paired perfectly with large, equally dark eyes. She took after their mother. While King was completely golden with blond hair and golden hazel eyes. He took after their father.

She tried not to compare, but sometimes she couldn’t help it. He was so perfect and she was so boring.

She didn’t bother to change out of her crop top and boxers. It was summer and hot as hell and who was going to see her anyways. She slipped on some flip flops grabbed her bag, phone and keys and quietly slipped out the front door as to not wake up her parents. Oh, King was going to owe her so big.

Fifteen minutes later she pulled up in front of a dull brick building. King was leaning against the building waiting for her.

“If you didn’t have to stay why couldn’t you take your car, Jailbird?” Nova asked as her brother folded his 6’4 frame into her tiny Jeep. She did her best to pretend that his presence wasn’t completely overwhelming her. How could he smell so good after a night of boozing and philandering?

“Well, No No, you don’t usually get to take your car with you. Besides I am in no state to drive. I’m still a little drunk and beyond tired.”

He patiently explained like she was some nitwit. She flipped him the bird for his many infractions. Why does he insist on calling her No No? She’s not some toddler.

He just laughed. He knew he easily got under her skin. He reached over and squeezed her thigh and Nova ignored the tingles she felt at his touch and how she was getting wet. Brother! Nova! He’s your Brother! Fucking shit.

“Thank you for coming to get me Nova, I can always count on my baby sis.” He stared into her brown eyes with that crooked smile that drove her insane and another slight squeeze to her thigh. She did her best not to shudder.

“Why exactly did you get arrested?”

“Bar fight.” He happily informed her.

“Kingston! Why?”

“It just happened.” He shrugged. He wasn’t telling her everything, but she let it go. If he wanted to tell her he would.

“Are you going to your place?” She asked pulling the car back onto the road.

“Nope! I’m staying at the house.”

“Why?” Nova almost whined. She was trying to get over her crazy bahis firmaları crush on her own brother and now he was staying at the house!

“Yeah, didn’t mom and dad tell you?”

“I haven’t talked to them.”

“They are going on a three month vacation like tomorrow. They asked me to come stay while they’re gone.”

“I’m nineteen.” She needlessly informed him. She remembered her parents talking about taking an extended vacation, but she never thought they would do it. She really needed to work on her listening skills. Now she was going to be stuck with King.

“Come on. It will be fun. Like old times.”

“Whatever.” She mumbled. That’s just what I’m afraid of.

Nova let them in the house once they got back it was after four in the morning and she was exhausted.

“Night, King.” She told him as she turned to make her way up the stairs only to be stopped by his giant hand curving around her wrist. Then he pulled her into a tight hug, pulling her body flush against his. It was almost too much for Nova.

“You really are the best.” He said softly pressing a chaste kiss to her lips before letting her go. She was thankful for the darkness as her face was on fire and she knew she was blushing horribly. Her heart felt like it was going to burst out of her chest.

She fell on her bed gratefully, but sleep never came. Instead she was trying her best not to think of King. She could still feel the press of his lips on hers. She knew the way she felt about him was wrong. She had been silently dealing with this ridiculous crush since she was 15. It ruled her life. Caused her to breakup with her boyfriend. She hadn’t even bothered to start dating again, because no one could compare to King. She lost her closeness with her best friend Mia because Mia had slept with King and Nova’s poor heart couldn’t take the pain of looking at Mia knowing she had what Nova wanted so badly. Mia, who was a a year older than Nova, had been eighteen for all of two days and King had been home on Spring Break. Nova had no idea why he chose to come home for the final Spring break of his college career. But there he was bothering a highly irritated Nova for a full week. He had gone out to a party and was out until the wee hours of the morning.

Nova had fallen asleep waiting for King to come home and was jerked out of her sleep by some unfamiliar noises coming from down the hall. She grabbed a bottle of body spray her only weapon and scolded herself for watching a suspense thriller all alone. The sounds seemed to be coming from King’s room and she made her way there, body spray at the ready. It might not be much but she could do some damage to a perpetrators eyes.

She peaked through the slightly open door and what she saw broke her just a little. She knew the girl was Mia because she had just colored her hair a silvery lavender color and there was no mistaking it. She was straddling King’s hips, moans of pleasure releasing from both of their lips, King’s large hands gripping her tiny waist as he thrust up into her needy body. Nova slowly backed away and then turned and practically ran back to her own room. Trying to ignore the tears streaming down her face and the cracks in her heart. She knew how she felt was wrong and she was going to get over it.

The next morning Mia barged into Nova’s room, huge smile on her face as she told Nova what happened between her and King. Nova not even realizing the words coming out of her mouth, asked Mia not to pursue it further. When Mia asked why, Nova reminded her about their pact that their brothers were off limits to each other, when they made the pact at 10 years old, they both thought it would be weird and gross. Nova knew she was reaching by bringing up that childish pact, but what was she supposed to say? Leave my man alone, bitch. Yeah, because that would have went over so well.

Mia refused telling Nova she had wanted King for years and there was no way she was giving him up. Nova knew right then that they would never be the same. Especially when King told Mia it was fun, but he had no intention of being her boyfriend. Mia wasn’t going to give up though. Nova knew they still hooked up ever so often but she refused to acknowledge it. Her and Mia barely spoke unless it was cool, brief greetings in passing. It kind of hurt to know Mia would give up their friendship, in order to sporadically hook up with King.

After she saw King with Mia, she tried to distance herself from him, but he still had two days left before returning to college to finish out his final year. He stayed tight to Nova those last two days and he seemed to be oblivious or preferred to ignore how standoffish she was being. His constant closeness, and touching had ruined her emotionally. She never thought she would be happy to see him leave.

Over a year ago she could barely handle two days. Now after that little kiss, she knew her ass wasn’t anywhere near over her feelings for her brother. How was she ever going to survive three months alone with him?


Later that morning she was pulled from her fretful sleep by her parents banging their luggage around. Seriously, did her family have no respect for her sleep? Her monstrosity of an alarm clock read seven in kaçak iddaa the morning. She had only gotten about two hours of sleep since she got back from picking King up from holding.

Then she remembered she would be spending three months with King. ALONE! With that she ran downstairs with every intention of begging her parents to take her with them.

As if he knew exactly what she was thinking he walked out of his bedroom in basketball shorts his shirt in his hands, abs, pecs, and corded arm muscles on perfect display. Holy hell! That body though! She just wanted to growl at him to put his damn shirt on already.

“You’re gonna catch flies, No No.” With a smirk he reached out and pushed her chin up to close her open mouth. Then surprised her even further by brushing his lips against hers.

The sudden heat in her face probably raised the temperature by a good degree or two. King just laughed and barged his way around her to the stairs.

She hated him sometimes. He really needed to stop kissing her.

King finally put his shirt on and was helping their dad take the bags out to the car. King looked so much like their dad James it was uncanny. Strong genes right there. The same could be said about Nova and their mom. Nova was Amanda Miller’s mini me. Both parents were physically fit and looked way younger than their age. Most people couldn’t believe that had children in their late teens and early twenties. Much to Nova’s dismay, Mia had a crush on her dad for years, until King grew into his big ass head and got all hot and stuff.

“Please take me with you.” Nova begged giving her mom a hug.

“No. But we’ll let you and King drop us at the airport.” Amanda laughed, hugging Nova back.

“No fair. Also why does King have to stay? It’s not like he is going to be here much. He has to work.”

“I own the company so I am going to be off most of the time. I have worked seven days a week 16 hours a day for the last two years. I’m due, and anything I need to do work wise I can do from home. Doesn’t it make you happy to know your big brother is going to be all yours?”

Nova groaned. Fuck me.

Dad came in at that moment.

“Is that what you are wearing Nova?” He asked pointing to her little crop top and boxers.

“Dad, please.” Nova rolled her eyes when she realized he was laughing.

“Lets go!” Dad said. “King, where is your car?

“In the shop, I brought a taxi.” King lied smoothly as they piled into their parents black SUV. Nova stuck her tongue out at him and King reached out in an attempt to grab it, but Nova popped it back in her mouth too fast.

The trip to the airport was brief and goodbyes seemed even shorter. Nova was going to miss them.

“Take good care of your sister, King.” Dad said with one last demand over his shoulder

“Oh, I fully intend to.” King looked right at her as he responded.

Nova swore the only way to describe his gaze was heated. But then it was gone and she convinced herself it was her hopeful imagination.

King told her to drive since she was taking him to get his car from the bar and once she dropped him off she thought about not going back to the house. But then she realized her wallet and phone, and lets face it presentable clothes were all at the house.

She beat King home by a few minutes and he came in effortlessly carrying two huge duffel bags. Further evidence that he would be here for the next three months.

King winked at her and then took his bags up to his room.

He thought he was such a charmer.

She groaned and decided she was taking her very tired self back to bed. Only to run smack dab into a naked chest. Why was King in the hallway in just a towel? Why! She told herself to step back, but it was like she was addicted to his heat and her body refused to move.

He finally pushed her back a step or two, but her creeper ass just kept looking at him.

King threw his head back in delighted laughter. “Take a picture No No. It will last longer.” He said with a wink. Sexy smirk now in place.

“Lame.” She muttered and stomped off to her room, King’s laughter echoing down the hall.

Was King flirting with her? There’s no way.

Not two minutes later her phone alerted her to a new text from King.

She should have known better than to look.

There he was in his low slung towel, all that lovely golden skin and muscles on display.

Poor Nova knew she was not prepared for this. She threw her phone and flopped face first onto her mattress with a groan.

He was flirting.

***Chapter Two (King)***

King knew he was testing his own self-control when he pressed that kiss to Nova’s lips. She just looked so tired and cute, and he couldn’t resist. It wasn’t a passionate kiss, but that didn’t matter, whenever he had physical contact with Nova there was always heat. She was really sweet to come pick him up at this ungodly hour. He probably could have got a ride, they lived in a small town, but it had a small private college and a large tourist population so they had ride share options and he had the apps on his phone. He just had a need to see her.

The fight he got into was because of Nova. He had been kaçak bahis thinking about her constantly lately. And he was trying to drink his urges away. When one of his college friends couldn’t stop talking about Nova, how hot she was, how King need to hook a bro up. Yeah, like that was ever fucking happening.

King hauled off and punched him, broke his nose and then all hell broke loose. Eventually someone called the cops, and a bunch of drunks got transported to the police station. The really drunk ones got thrown in the tank to sober up. King and a couple other locals, including his college friend, were told they could go home if they had a safe ride. King called Nova.

“Don’t ever think about touching my sister again.” King aggressively bumped his shoulder as he made his way out of the station to wait for Nova. He figured they were no longer friends anyway.

His sister pulled up not much later in her Jeep and once he got in he noticed with a groan that she was wearing very little. She was tall for a women at 5’9, and her legs seemed to go on forever. He reached over almost involuntary and squeezed her thigh. She was so soft and he could practically feel those legs of hers wrapped around his waist as he plunged into her again and again. He wanted to do things to her that were probably illegal in most states. Hell the fact that he wanted her was illegal in pretty much all of the states. Fuck me.

He didn’t tell her much about the fight. He couldn’t tell her he was so jealous about one of his friends just considering her hot, that he broke the asshole’s nose. He was sure that wouldn’t go over well. He was starting to get possessive, it was new feeling for him.

Along with the possessiveness, came his body’s uncontrollable reactions to her. Like when she ran into him in the hallway two days ago, his body turned into a blaze threatening to consume him and his dick was instantly hard. He had to gently move her away from him before she noticed. Luckily she was too focused on his chest and abs. As if he couldn’t resist throwing more wood on the fire, he went and sent that picture of him in the towel to her. He couldn’t help it. She was so easy to tease. As an afterthought, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but once a flirt always a flirt. The frustrated groan he heard from her room was completely worth it.

Besides it wasn’t like she was any better. Bouncing all over the house in those thin crop tops with no bra on and her soft but toned tummy on display. Don’t even get him started on those long tanned legs again. Nova was gorgeous and King had been noticing more and more. He was dong his best to keep those inappropriate thoughts at bay. It was almost impossible when she was so damned sexy all the time. She was his sister. But his body definitely didn’t care about that fact and his brain seemed to be catching up with his body. He wanted her and he didn’t think he could stop. As mush as it was wrong he was going to make her his. Nova obviously never had to deal with an enamored King. She had no idea what was in store for her.

King had never been one to commit. He didn’t do relationships. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that he realized it was because he had feelings for Nova. King had been in the local bar and admittedly half shit faced when the epiphany came to him.

Nova’s friend Mia showed up and started flirting with him. King didn’t really like her. She was an easy lay when he was going through a dry spell. He had every intention of fucking her in the back seat of his car as he would never take her to his place, but then she started badmouthing Nova. How Nova had dropped her as a friend because she was jealous of them and that Mia had always thought Nova was a bitch. King stopped her right there and told her to watch what she said about Nova. He advised her that he could make life very uncomfortable for her and told her to fuck off. She stomped off with a huff and King couldn’t give two shits. That clueless woman was still trying to get him in bed no matter how rude he was to her.

The only thing he could focus on was Mia hinting that Nova was jealous. He didn’t think that was really possible at first. She was his baby sister, she admired him, loved hanging out with him, just like he did her, but being jealous of him and Mia? There was just no way, but the thought would not go away.

Did his baby sister have more than sisterly feelings for him?

He couldn’t shake the need to find out for himself and the next day he showed up at his parents house around noon and spent the day with Nova. He stayed in her personal space most of the day, sat right next to her at dinner and insisted they watch Netflix in her room so they could stretch out and be comfortable on her bed. Even though she slapped his hands away several times, he eventually wore her down and got her to cuddle with him. Her body stiffening when he began to lightly trace circles on the exposed skin of her thighs, her shudders at his touch a dead giveaway. Her reactions were now so blatantly obvious to him. The way she shuddered at just the slightest touch, how her entire body literally blushed for him if he said anything remotely suggestive. The way she would give up and melt right into him. It was her eyes that really gave her away. He suddenly noticed that her eyes didn’t light up that bright for anyone but him. Her eyes shown with such admiration and love, that King found it hard to breath.

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