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Part 1

They lived in a modest bungalow. Finding it sometimes a bit cramped for the two of them, but it was all she could afford when he was born. Her son, who she loved more than life itself, had grown to a fine young man. He was to follow her next year into the faculty of engineering. Kevin was the one man she found acceptable in life having tried and failed many times. His own father was an example. Jacqueline had bedded him when she graduated from university, but soon found him unfit to live a life with. Although she already knew she was pregnant, Jackie didn’t tell him he was to be a father when she eased him from her life; choosing the tough road of raising her baby on her own. She was happy she had. Extremely proud of the fine man she had produced although she admitted his father’s genetic inheritance had contributed to his good looks and excellent physique. Jackie’s own beauty had added a certain sensuousness to him his father had lacked.

Although she loved the feeling of a man’s hardness inside her, she finally stopped dating not wanting to invest in the emotional upheaval, which came with each new attempt. Her one consolation was her twin sister Jillian, who now married, lived across the country, she in the east, herself in the west. Jillian came twice a year enduring the five-hour plane ride to be with her. When they were together, they referred to themselves as Jack and Jill going back to their parents’ sense of humor when they were named. Each time she visited they spent long hours in bed with each other. The two doors to her bedroom locked so her son wouldn’t accidentally walk in on them. They had begun exploring their bodies young and simply had never stopped. Neither had ever touched another woman and felt they were neither lesbian nor bisexual. They felt they were simply twins, communicating with each other.

Jackie loved the neighborhood were she lived so instead of moving she had renovated the house as her career grew more successful, spending considerable money on the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen was a cook’s delight. The bathroom was a hedonistic dream for those who enjoyed the sensuality of soap and warm water. Jackie had the third bedroom torn out to allow the expansion with a large three-person tub, complete with all the pumps and jets one could wish for. In the other corner a huge shower, which had two showerheads she could stand between. She had adjusted one so it sprayed on her bottom while the other made her breasts tingle; sending exotic feeling to her genitals, when she adjusted the settings of the spray. There was a small bench in the corner. When her knees became too weak to support her she often sat there finishing herself. Jackie had installed the most expensive plate glass door and wall to the front of the shower liking the opulence of the look. She had a door installed between her bedroom and the bath which could be locked from either side instructing her son to unlock it from his side when he left the bathroom.

Kevin loved his mom, but he was sure she didn’t know how much or the manifestations of his love. He often went to the clothes hamper in the bathroom to find a pair of her soiled panties. He didn’t consider them soiled. He felt they were redolent in her elixir and enjoyed smelling and tasting the crotch. His arousal assured by her taste. He was a virgin at eighteen which annoyed him, but he had been unable to find someone who enflamed his sexual imagination as much as his mum. Kevin had learned on the internet how men and woman seemed to love oral sex finding he had indeed enjoyed his mother’s flavor, savoring her aroma as he stoked himself to orgasm. Since he did not want to be caught his most erotic moments were in the bathroom thinking of his mom’s bodacious sumptuous body. He had seen it many times clad only in bra and panties, occasionally a thong her sensuous opulence manifested in every undulation of her body, which she paraded with blazon disregard for the salacious spectacle she so wantonly exposed. The taboos in the household were of nudity only. He consequently was often only in his briefs.

What he didn’t know was his mother loved and coveted his body as well, often promising herself she wouldn’t touch him until he made the first suggestive advance. Jackie often sexually gratified herself in the shower conceiving of many unladylike concepts of her son as her fingers danced in her sex. She had intemperate desires for him, which she wished to indulge with wholehearted fervency, but knew the taboos society imposed. She reclined on her bench legs spread stimulating her clitoris that in turn caused her hormone-enriched blood to race through her veins firing her sexuality until her cunt screamed for instant fruition spewing her spanking fingers with her lubricity. Her fingers brought the massive orgasmic shudders to her body as she was released momentarily from the lascivious desires which threatened to overwhelm her in cardnalism. She would dream her son would make the first decadently indecent move which would allow her to shamelessly break the taboo. Jackie felt casino şirketleri it was up to him to decide whether the taboo applied in their case. A parent should not molest a child even though the child was now a man with a gorgeous body.

One day Jackie came home early from work wanting to indulge herself in her favorite pastime. She slowly stripped her concupiscent body in front of the full-length mirror. She was proud of her breasts slightly pendulant with size, but also with age she had to admit. Still she felt they would kindle the bodily appetite of any man. She pulled down her scanty thong, filling the room with her rich redolent highly aroused sexual scent, as again she admired herself. Her pubic thatch covered her mound with a thick luxuriant growth which slightly hid the swollen lips of her lubricous furnace. Jackie went to the bathroom. In her haste to be in the shower to frig herself forgot to lock the door to the hallway. She stood in the shower soaping her now extremely lusty sex, dreaming of her son’s body pressed lasciviously against her. She could imagine her breasts mashed against his hard chest the areolas and nipples sending streams of messages to her brain of her need, her pubes salaciously rubbing against a muscular thigh. The hint of turgid penis against her; it throbbed against her body. Oh, she wanted him.

Oh, he wanted her. He had arrived home a few minutes after her. Her car, safely in its garage hadn’t given away the fact she was home. He had gone to his room and began thinking of his mom’s spectacularly curvaceous body as he stripped himself, leaving only his t-shirt, simply because it wouldn’t impede him. Kevin walked to the bathroom, his penis already engorged, bouncing along in front of him. Kevin was hoping he would find a pair of her emission stained panties full of her pungent scent, which would compliment his hot-blooded pleasure while thinking of her slippery wet incubating cunt wrapping his penis in the inflaming heat only a female can provide. He entered the bathroom to find a hint of steam in the air, his mother in the shower, gratifying her sexuality by pleasuring her dripping wet hot pussy. He closed the door quickly behind him so a cool draft wouldn’t alert her. He enkindled his own passions and stroked his penis slowly not wanting the moments to end. Finally, he was unable to stifle a moan; she turned to look at her son playing with his tumescent sex.

Jackie continued to play with her now enflamed horny pussy. She smiled the warm loving smile she always gave him with her approval. But this time there was the powerful allure of her extremely salacious nature in the smile. Kevin took it as a signal, entered the shower, his t shirt forgotten as he took her in his arms, her breasts pressed tightly against him. His hands were on her bottom. Oh how she loved it. But there was one flaw. She had him raise his arms as she stripped him of the shirt making him perfect. Jackie cuddled back in to him told him how long she had waited for this moment while she rubbed against him licentiously. He took the soap from her and began to wash her. Explored her body with his hands and the soap which he slid everywhere. First her back but then her neck, her face, her arms, her breasts not forgetting the rest of her chest, her abdomen were all carefully examined and washed. He skipped her pubes giving her a momentary sense of disappointment as he did both thighs, which gave her moments of ecstasy as his hand approached closely to her steamy sex. Then down her legs, her knees he washed. All the while the warm waters of the showerheads rinsing as he washed.

He went to his knees to do her feet lifting her legs, one at a time, to do the bottoms rinsing carefully so she wouldn’t slip. Then still on his knees in front of her Kevin began doing her hips, bottom, and sex. First, it was her hips, slathering them in soap before he twisted her sideways to him. Then her bum was carefully covered in soap. Just when Jackie had begun to despair, he touched her there for the first time. He sent jolts of impassioned fire through her body; it began to shiver in ecstasy.

Yet she was not close to climax. Kevin regained his feet, blinking the water from his eyes; he began to experience her thoroughly. One hand explored her sex while the other her bum. He withdrew his hands soaping them heavily before giving her the bar of soap. Jacqueline felt his penis hard against her hip as his hands now penetrated her. One finger slide into her anus as another two entered her center. The fingers brought waves of heated desire that coursed unrestrained through her body. Jackie was being felt up like never before. He continued to manipulate her pussy, seeing how many fingers he could put inside her. At one point, he took the soap from her: slid it into her, before digging it out and handing it back to her. She was so horny; her carnal passion would not allow her to return the wash but with the soap went directly to his hardened sex, caressing him to intense blazing lust, as he fingered her.

Jackie turned to her son loosing the casino firmaları finger in her bum as she did so but enjoying the feel of his stiffened shaft in her hand. She whispered in his ear, “You know all those words I taught not to say, well now is the time to use them. That is why you don’t use them any place else because they loose their meaning used as adjectives instead of nouns and verbs.” “I know mother” he replied as both their minds made the mental switch which complimented the raging lust now with in them. Kevin couldn’t believe the beautiful mother he had dreamed of was now his for the taking, her cunt begging for his cock. That she had loved him with equal intensity and now was giving him her body as she continued to stroke him further inflamed the passions he had held within himself. His cock was hard in her hand as she washed his aching balls with the other. His mom’s pussy was thrusting against the three fingers he was stroking her with. His mom again whispered in his ear if they didn’t get out of the shower they would soon be in for a cold one because even though there were twin hot water tanks in the basement they had a limit. They reluctantly let go of each other, respectively turning to turn off the shower taps behind them.

They toweled each other off, cherishing with calculating appraisal the sexuality they saw. Kevin followed his mom into her bedroom watched the sensual opulence of the fine ass flexing with her steps. It sent additional waves of lascivious desire coursing through his hormone-enhanced body. Jacqueline reclined on the bed facing her son her arms out stretched, as if he were still her little boy, who needed to be hugged. It was true. Although now there was considerably more to it with sexual desires of the flesh mixed all through the love. He bore her down into the bed passionately kissing her the first time as a lover. Kevin reveled in her soft salacious flesh as their kiss went on and on tongues intertwined as saliva flowed between them each sucking for the other’s taste. He began to lick her skin. He savored her. In a way he was trying to swallow her essence. He found a nipple sucked it greedily into his mouth, relishing the flavor, enjoying the moans he elicited as he took more and more of her tit into his mouth. The feel of her hand, which held him to her, sent beautiful messages of her desire to his brain. His mum’s hips began a dry hump on the bed. He knew more sexual stimulation was expected. He felt all the times he had ingested the aromatic juices of her panties were mere preparation for this sensually enriched moment. Her impassioned scent wafted in the air now from its’ liquescent source rather than second hand as he was use to.

Jacqueline loved the way he kissed her sucking the saliva out of her as their bodies writhed against each others. She knew she would soon need more enravishment as her hips involuntarily forced her cunt upwards searching for some potent flesh to fill it. He hesitantly told her he wanted to taste her down there and then more boldly said he wanted to tongue fuck her. She smiled her approval again, and asked him to get off the bed for a moment. As he stood watching she spread eagled on the bed so he could clearly see her cunt for the first time and began to rub her heated twat’s lips in front of him.

Jacqueline was no blushing virgin; she was a strumpet, using her lewdness to attract. She understood many things about men. The lesson, which stood out the most, was they were visual creatures created by nature’s influence. That’s why a woman’s breasts, the larger bum are nature’s design to seduce a mate. She knew the most seductive of all was a woman’s fully aroused cunt. Jackie very carefully stimulated her self until her outer lips were so engorged her inner lips were fully on display. She continued to rub which caused copious amount of her nectar to coat her fingers as she caused her inner lips to engorge and color spreading in their turn to show a hint of her pinkish red interior. When she was certain she could prepare herself no better she presented her self to him, evocatively suggestive as she brought her hips and ass off the bed high into the air, in an act so libidinous he almost came with the sight. She then fell back onto the bed sucking with her mouth, her honey from her fingers. He surprised her, grasping her hips, dragging her body until her buttocks were at the edge of the bed. He sat on the floor directly in front of her bum dropping her legs over his shoulders.

Kevin almost skipped the tonguing he wanted to give her for a cock in cunt fuck right then. That he wanted to be the most fabulous lover she ever had was the only thing that held him back. The exhibit she had but on had almost made him come on the spot making his cock jerk and fill even further with besotted desire. He loved the sight of her beautifully engorged fleshy cunt lips surrounded by her hairiness. He had long since realized the shaved pussies of the internet were for clinical cleanliness which had very little to do with sexual allure. His mother was extremely sexually güvenilir casino alluring; the aroma of her arousal inviting him to the succulent feast now inches from his tongue. He slid his arms up her body to grasp her sexually titillating voluptuous breasts as his tongue licked her inner milky white tremulous thighs first on one side and then the other Two could play the game of tease one with the visual, the other with the carnal sensations he could message with his lecherous tongue. He them licked her puffy outer lips moving his face back and forth careful not to touch the inner petals of love. His mom now tried to stuff herself into his mouth but each time she did so he pulled back so she only thrust at air.

Jackie started to moan as her animality increased now sending her close to orgasm. He had yet to enter her in any way since their arrival on the bed. Then it happened his tongue licked her inner lips bringing a mini orgasm as he simply flicked with his tongue over their slime-slicked surface. It did not relieve her from her sexual tension. It simply caused her body to shudder momentarily as it passed. His tongue made its first full lick flat against her inner lips almost penetrating as it passed from bottom to top sliding over the nerve bundle she had so carefully aroused. The next lick started at her asshole and moved along over cunt until it finished with a couple of flicks of her clit. The third probed her ass for entry, then felt around her hole before moving to her cunt, delving in as deeply as it could. Now she understood the thorough reaming of her ass in the shower. Then she lost count as her son’s tongue began to ravish her.

Kevin was now for the first time enjoying her taste directly. He tongued her ass because he had found out in the shower she liked having her asshole played with. It was her cunt he really enjoyed lapping all the syrupy honey she was producing. His hands left her tits came down her belly to the top of her pussy where they pulled on her skin exposing her hot quivering nubbin of love which now he began to suck on with his tongue giving occasional lightning flicks. A complete conjunction of mouth and cunt was established. She came immediately her hips with carnal volition driving her cunt upwards with such force she bruised both their lips. It was a wonderful bruising. He began to tongue her again. It was too painful her clit had over sensitized, she needed to rest it. Jackie explained this to her son. He thought about it and gave her two minutes to recuperate. Fortunately, as he began again she found it had been enough time.

This time he pushed her legs up until her knees were in proximity to her shoulders, and then asked her to hold them. In this position, her ass was completely vulnerable to his assault. Her son used his hands to spread her checks, this time drove his tongue into her ass knowing she was clean from the shower. He allowed her a few moments of that sensation before again sliding his tongue to her twat to ingest her savory honey he loved so much. His hands spreading her pussy wide as he laved her with his tongue. He soon brought her to another exceedingly strong overwhelming orgasm. He began licking her opulently fleshy thighs when she dropped her legs onto his shoulders giving her the two minutes before placing the bottom of her feet against his neck. Kevin drew her knees wide placing them almost flat on the bed.

Again, Kevin began, she moaned almost continuously as his tongue gamboled in her pussy drinking her cum as he searched for her next orgasm. He moved his tongue slowly this time; because her panting and moaning signaled, his mom was enjoying herself as her abdominal muscles clenched which brought her pussy up for loving. He used his tongue as a mini cock arousing her steadily towards her release. As Jacqueline’s moans became louder he transferred his mouth to her clit sucking it and the surrounding flesh into his mouth as his tongue danced on his mom’s clit. This time when she released she screamed as a multiple orgasm hit her for the first time in her life. Each successive wave brought tension and release; her body shook uncontrollably writhing on the bed. Finally she lay languorously, her legs over the edge, her cunt totally vulnerable to his further assault if he so desired, as he stood to look at her. His mom’s body was covered in a thin film of perspiration. Jackie was still panting physically depleted yet sexually animated. She realized she couldn’t get enough of him.

Jacqueline had lechery in her heart as she looked at her son’s engorged cock, inflamed by his desire. Its head purple filled with blood. She knew it must now hurt, it been had erect for so long without discharge. She squirmed out of her torpor back to the center of the bed, putting her arms out once more, while she brought her legs up showing her cunt wantonly; demanding penetration with her body. “Come to mommy” she said as she awaited him. Her son moved into position, her hand guiding his staff as he thrust forward into her. It felt astonishingly wonderful as her son returned to his place of birth filling her once again. She loved the sensation, the debauchery of the act, the self gratification of her whorish manipulations, as she thrust upwards receiving a flood of his cum which her pussy, wetting her thighs and ass with warmth.

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