Haziran 9, 2020

YMCA3: My Brother’s Best Mate, the Dude from the S

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YMCA3: My Brother’s Best Mate, the Dude from the S
Ken, Bryan and I slowly walked back to our gear. We were grabbing each other, kissing, pulling swimsuits down, until we got to my towel. A sexy dude of 40, in some cargo shorts and ball cap, was taking pictures of dudes and the scenery. He came over to Ken and reminded him that he just bought tons of gear, porn, and toys from the shop. He asked Ken to pose and snapped a few frames while Bryan and I laid down, with the guy just at our feet. Bryan was still fingering my hole, when the guy came over and introduced himself as a model scout. We rolled our eyes, and Bryan said “Dude, you don’t need a camera to fuck with us. Be sexy, hung, hard, and ask politely!” The guy, stood up, pulled out a card, a press pass, and a glossy gay rag that he turned the pages to and showed three guys in and out of a hot tub making out, that was shot by him. David Sanders was a legit photographer and invited the three of us to join him at his house. He’d love to shoot us, but also can put the camera down.

We shrugged, and said ‘Why Not check it Out?” I asked, and we were off down the beach. He lived in a guest house of a wealthy older woman who was out of town but had beach front property. We walked up the stairs and through a gate into a lush tropical garden. A salt water pool was there, fed by the ocean, a waterfall with a cave in it was in the corner, there was a wet bar, large grill kitchenette, and locker room behind it. David, called me by name and asked me to help him a bit. We went into the carriage house and there were around 50 different speeds, jocks, briefs, thongs, trunks, singlets, cock rings, etc. on the floor and bed. He pulled off his shirt and shorts and stood there in a sheer white bikini barely keeping his cock in it. I immediately, dropped to my knees and tried to bury my face in it, and he said ‘No!” Not yet. I get played with last, but let’s find some letters of the alphabet—G, M, T and some K. He gave me a 100 mg of V, and some G, and bent me over and put a large shard in my ass. In a minute, I was turned on, and asked him if he’d take pics and video of Bryan Pozzing me? He asked my age, “18”, I lied, and he said “just turned? “ “You are really hot… you want to get the gift today. You could sell that”

I started kissing him, and grabbing at the raw cock toy from Fort Troff. He said yeah, lets get the others spun up too! Bryan, Ken and David quickly caught up to me, and Bryan suggested that he act as a ‘bartender’ at a gay clothing optional resort and Ken and I were guests. The guests would come out and lie out while Ken would wait, serve, suck, etc. us individually, together, and then on his own.

Bryan put on some white trunks with a snap on/off lycra kaçak iddaa cod piece, a sailor’s hat, and a mesh long sleeve shoulder cover, but the rest of him was bare. He made a scarf out of a blue tank top, and started mixing up some real G-tails, T-tails, and plain water. David have Ken in strings! A G-string, high split running shorts, and ball cap, and he had me put on a Cocksox red bikini, Black Sheer tights, a Raw T-shirts that said ‘Bareback” and a TIM Ball cap. He wanted me to scream that I fuck raw in these pics.

so David called action, took a big puff of the pipe and started taking stills. He said the overhead cams are recording the play, and we would all get watermarked copies. Ken, got to his chair facing Bryan at the bar, nodded, and then put on a show. He slowly bent over showing his beautiful hole, with a Lovense in it. Bryan saw, and found the scene on Chaturbate and started tipping Ken so his hole would buzz. I was turned on watching them, and wanted my turn when Bryan turned and said ‘Hello Sir! How was your run?”

I walked into he scene, and nodded saying I was spent, and sure could use something to get me going. Something with a ‘kick! “I watched Ken, laying on his back with his ass pointed up showing the vibrator, and asked what he was riding? “Ken got up and showed me his lovense, and that the tokens and noise makes it buzz…” as I Pulled off the Raw is law shirt Ken commented, ‘Fuck man, I love your nipples, you should pierce them!’ And ”Yeah?” how would that look. Ken came over and stood with his arms folded behind him, classic sub bboy posture, and leaned back showing me his beautiful nips. I dove for them and took the left one in my mouth…and bit at them. I stopped to tell Ken, that I loved his smooth hairless body and wanted to go hairless, but he shook his head. ‘Naw, your pecs and clipped chest are fucking sexy!” And with that he started pulling my sheer running tights down… My cock was in the Cocksox, but it was dripping and had a huge wet spot. Suddenly Ken started convulsing as he whispered we must be open on C4 or Chaturb, as I stepped out of my tights, and looked up to see two sexy Swedish looking dudes at the back gate.

David motioned for them to come in but pointed them to some chairs off cam for them to wait a minute. Bryan came over and as he poured the G-tail into my and Ken’s mouths. He was also convulsing as his hole was getting worked over by the tokens and lovense. Ken and I were laying in the sun, under the camera, and rubbing our bulges and convulsing as we got tipped. David paused the play and talked with the guys, Ivan and Aron. Two sexy as fuck fitness cycling dudes who were first cousins. They pulled out a small bag and it contained more favs and gave tipobet giriş David something that he took to the guest house to do alone. Then he offered me whatever I wanted, so I told Aron to finger my hole with more shards.

Aron, looked over at me as he pulled off his Aussiebum Tank and Sheer Shorts to reveal a pink Daniel Alexander thong and whistled as he looked me over, leaned over and put his nose in my smooth, ripe arm pit! He took a deep whiff, then reached over and took my nipple between his teeth as his big Swedish hand pulled the suit I had on to the side and started fingering my hole. As he did, he looked up and introduced himself as Aron, and his cousin Ivan was digging in a bag for… some cock rings! Ivan stood up and took off his footy shorts to reveal a white N2N X-treme G thong. With his back to us, and facing the camera, Ivan spread his feet wide, put his hands on his hips and licked his lips looking at me. He didn’t even acknowledge Aron who immediately came up to him from behind, got on his knees, and took Ivan’s growing uncut 8+ cock in his mouth. Aron pulled the leather cock ring on, separated his balls and snapped it shut. Aron adjusted his cousin’s cock in the tiny thong and stood back and it bulged hard, sticking out. Aron nodded as Ken sat up. Ken jumped for Aron’s crotch and sucked him hard, and Ivan wrapped a cock ring on Aron’s cock which was bigger and thicker than his own.

Ken asked me if these two studs were ‘Swedish Delight’ for ‘dessert’ and I said “Fuck Yeah” … they were delectable with tons of Swedish crème to fill us. They both shook their heads… and said “No, not crème filled.” Ken and I looked at each other dejected. Ivan clarified “No, we’re tops today. Today we do the filling!”

Bryan appeared and the two forgot about Ken and Me. Bryan looked like a slutty Sailor, big bulging tight spandex shorts, serving up G-tails and T-Tails with some V and M on a silver tray. Bryan looked Ivan and Aron over and asked, so are you two joining the shoot and will be “guests at this Private Gay–Clothing optional, PNP, Cum hotel’ for cam, video and pictures?” The two nodded and Aron started talking about them cycling around the island as part of their travel VLOG.

In the midst of being spun, I was interested in hearing about these two super-hot cousins both being gay, and hoping they had some hot story. Aron confessed he was a few years older than Ivan, and he had already been hitting the cruisy spots and bookstores back where they lived in Phoenix. In the gay part of town, he saw Ivan–by himself—going into a porn/adult Bookstore. He followed his cousin into a store that had tons of underwear and bikinis. Ivan said he was 17 when he had gone to try on some perabet Cocksox and Aussiebum gear. It was his first time he had the guts to do it, and when he did in walked his cousin. Aron grabbed Ivan and kissed him. They tried on gear then went to the car and made out in their new gear. “Yeah,” Ivan said, “and the k** fucked me in my car with that big cock.”

“We started cycling as we were in Uni, but also because we got to wear our spandex and sweat and show off.” said Aron, as he moved closer to me and Ivan. He immediately dropped to his knees and buried his face in our bulges as Ivan and I kissed. The older cousin was only about 21, but he worked those bulges thru that gear. He stopped and looked up at Ivan and me as we kissed. David was back at it with his camera, the camera was on, and we could hear the dings of tokens, so, realizing this Aron stood up, poured baby oil on his rippled abs and hard pecs as his cock drooled through his thong, then he turned, grabbed the back of our swimmers and pulled them to our ankles releasing our hard drooling cocks. Aron turned his beautiful bubble but toward the camera and took both our cocks into his control, as we made out.

Bryan was clearly spun out and was ‘hooting and hollering’ from behind the bar. Ken and Bryan were working the Chaturbate room and guys were making all sorts of requests/demands. The main guy was hot—from Spain or Italy—but he wanted Aron and Ivan to DP me, breed my hole, then cream pie on Ken’s abs. Bryan came over and lined his beautiful big cock up with Ivan’s hot hole and pressed into him til his balls were on the Swede’s meaty ass globes. Aron got me behind him and Ken behind me. Aron called to Bryan “nice Tatt above your cock!” He turned and showed his left arm band was made from modified Hazardous Material ‘spider.’

The two nodded and Aron said Ivan has no Tat, and Bryan confirmed that neither did I, but that I had toyed with the idea earlier today, maybe on cam, or with point play. With very little noise and fanfare, my cock was shoved into Aron, and Ivan was in me. Aron pushed back into me and Ian into me as I shifted my hips back and forth giving a raw ride and getting one at the same time. We were getting into a groove when I looked over and saw Paul walking toward us, hard cock leading him as his SLR was snapping pics. He had Black Nipple suction Cups and a body harness on.

“Boys, we’ve been at it for 3 hours, and maybe we need a break.” said Paul “I gotta sober up enough to go pick up the owner tomorrow morning when she gets home. Ken must have been hanging with Paul because he was pretty much dressed, with weights on his nipple rings. Bryan and Aron conferred as Ivan and I got up and used the hose to rinse lube off our bodies. Bryan and Aron spoke with Paul and they wanted to keep fucking, slam and have a great time. I hollered at Bryan that I had to get the bus to the Central Y to clean up, steam and sauna. Or, Bryan suggested we hit the bathhouse.

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