Haziran 10, 2020

Visit to Aunt Vicky Ch. 1

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Visit to Aunt Vicky Ch. 1
I was 18, and had just graduated from high school. This was my last summer of freedom before going off to college. I had never really had a serious girlfriend in high school, so I was looking forward to going off to college and losing my virginity finally. I was going to be going to one of the biggest party schools in the state, so I was counting the days until college started. The summer had just begun, graduation had only occurred a couple weeks ago, and there was quite a bit of time to do nothing.

I guess I was a pretty typical teenager, except that I liked to jerk off… a lot. Sure, most teenagers jerked off a lot, but I jerked off more than a few times a day. Some times I would masturbate thinking about the popular cheerleaders in school, and those tight little uniforms they would wear, but most of the time, I was jerking off thinking about my mother.

My mom was a total babe. She was thirty nine years old, but was in excellent shape for her age. Working out often kept her body nice and firm. She was a blonde, with short hair and a figure straight out of a porno. She has nice hips and a full, firm rear-end, and her waist was thin and toned from working out. All of that contrasted against her huge, voluptuous tits. Her breasts were the first thing you’d notice about her, sticking out from her chest like watermelons. She didn’t do much to conceal them either, in fact she completely flaunted them, usually walking around the house wearing just a flimsy wife-beater tshirt or a sports bra.

My parents had an active sex life, it seemed like they had sex every night. And some days on the weekend I would wake up in the morning hearing the thumping of their bed. Of course I wasn’t resentful. I mean who could blame my dad? If I was him, I would screw mom every minute I got the chance. Almost every night, I would lie in my bed, listening to the sounds of my mother moaning down the hall and the thumping of their bed, while underneath my covers I’d stroke my cock furiously, imagining mom’s huge tits, or what it would be like to slam my cock inside her.

– – – – – – – –

One day I was bringing a load of laundry down to the basement. I set the laundry basket down by the washing machine, noticing another basket full of laundry waiting to be washed. I went back up the basement stairs, looked to make sure no one was around, then closed the door. Going back to the laundry basket, I fished around through the clothes until he found one of his mom’s bras. This is something I did once in a while.

The bra was a demi-cup, satin with lace embroidering. Looking at the tag, I saw that it read 38F. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my already stiff cock. I held one of the cups of the bra in the palm of my hand and wrapped it around my thick shaft. Then I began stroking my hand up and down, sliding the smooth, silky bra up and down my hard cock.

Fantasies of his mom filled my head as I fucked my cock through her bra. I imagined diving my head in between her massive melons and sucking every inch of them. Then I’d kneel her down and slide my stiff member between them, tittyfucking her until I came all over.

By now my cock was really aching, and I was oozing precum out all over the bra as I stroked up and down.

Suddenly I heard the basement door open behind me, and my mother’s voice called down the stairs. “Jake, are you down there?”

I damn near had a heart-attack. I quickly tossed the bra back into the laundry basket and began trying to stuff my huge hardon back into my pants as I called back, “Yeah, just a second, I’m doing laundry!”

“Come up stairs, your father güvenilir bahis siteleri and I need to talk to you.” She answered bac, before closing the door again.

My heart was racing, and my cock was still rock-hard; It just wouldn’t go down! What do they want? Oh no, maybe they know I’ve been jerking off like this.

I shoved mom’s bra down into the bottom of the laundry basket, hiding it, and then waited several minutes for my cock to go soft before walking upstairs into the living room.

My parents were sitting on the couch as I came into the room. Mom was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a tube top that caused her breasts to bulge out at the top.

“Jake,” My mom began, “Your father and I are going to go to Europe on vacation for three weeks.”

“Oh, well that’s great.” I replied. Yes, I’m going to have the house to myself.

“You’re going to go live with your aunt Vicky while we’re away.” My father then said.

“Aunt Vicky?” I asked in surprise, “But, it’s so far, and I haven’t even met her before.”

“The last time she saw you, you were three years old.” Mom replied, “And it would be good to see her before you move off to college, she’s excited to have you go stay with her. And besides, we aren’t going to let you stay here by yourself for three weeks!”

Aunt Vicky was my mom’s twin sister who lived in Texas. Since we lived in New York, we rarely saw each other. Apparently my dad had some important conference to go to in London, and my mom was going to go as well and they would turn the trip into a vacation. It was probably just an excuse for them to fuck like rabbits all day.

In any case, a week later I was packed up and on an airplane to Texas to stay with my aunt Vicky.

– – – – – – – –

The plane pulled into the terminal in Dallas and I stood up, taking my carry-on bag from the overhead storage. I made my way through the tunnel into the airport terminal. As I walked out into the arrivals area, I began looking around at the people waiting, trying to spot Aunt Vicky. Actually, I could hardly remember what she looked like. I couldn’t even remember the last time I saw her, so I only vaguely knew what she looked like from some old photos in the family album. I scanned around the lobby quickly, and at first glance I saw no sign of her.

“Jake?” A young woman’s voice spoke from behind me.

I turned around to see a stunningly beautiful woman. Not quite what I expected, this young woman was in her early twenties. Her blonde curls framed her young, sweet face as she smiled at me, but that was just the beginning of her assets. Her skin was smooth and tanned bronze, and quite a bit of it was showing due to her skimpy clothes. She wore a short nylon miniskirt that gave a great view of her luscious thighs, and on top she had on a tight little tank-top which bulged around an impressive rack. Her tits were great, nice and big, probably a double D cup, or at least a large D.

“Umm…. Aunt Vicky?” I asked incredulously.

“Oh heavens no!” She laughed, “I’m Brigette, Vicky’s daughter, your cousin, we’ve never met. My mom asked me to come pick you up at the airport today.”

“I didn’t know Aunt Vicky was married.” I was confused.

“She’s not; it’s just me and her.” Brigette replied, and we left for the car.

– – – – – – – –

A few hours later we pulled into the driveway of Brigette and Aunt Vicky’s house. As I reached over to unbuckle my seat belt, I noticed the cool air conditioning in the car had caused Brigette’s nipples to stiffen up, and they were poking through the thin little tanktop she wore.

We walked in through the front door of the house and Brigette took perabet güvenilir mi my suitcase and tossed it into the living room. “Well, here we are.” She said.

“This must be my nephew…” came another voice in the room.

I turned to hear the source of the voice as his Aunt Vicky walked into the room from the kitchen… and my jaw dropped. Vicky looked exactly like my mother, a mirror image, except that she had long blonde hair, instead of short like mom’s. Other than that, I would have thought I was looking right at my own mother. They even had the same gigantic tits. Vicky was wearing a button-up blouse that was tied in front, holding her huge knockers up like a bra.

“Aunt Vicky!” I smiled as she came over and gave me a big hug.

Vicky squeezed me tightly in a big hug, crushing her massive melons against my chest. She held me there for a while, patting my back gently. “I haven’t seen you since you were just a little boy. My you’ve grown!”

I felt my cock getting hard as I was pressed up against my aunt. Her tits rubbed and squeezed up against me tightly, and my growing member was pressed right up against her hips. I quickly stepped back, hoping she hadn’t noticed the firmness in my crotch.

“Looks like you’re still growing too.” She winked. “Well, I’ve got dinner all ready, so lets eat!” Vicky exclaimed happily, clasping her hands together.

It turned out that Brigette was going to go out to eat that night with some friends from college; in fact, she was going to be out all night, so it was just me and Aunt Vicky. We ate together pleasantly, chatting about each other’s lives. I told Vicky all about the college I was going to go to, and Aunt Vicky told me about her life as well. It turned out that Vicky had never been married; Brigette’s father was a man she had dated for only a few months.

After dinner, Vicky showed me the room I was going to be sleeping in, then she said she was going to take a shower before bed. She left me alone in the room, and then left down the hallway into the bathroom.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and sighed. My cock was raging hard inside my pants, and I was dying to jerk off since I hadn’t done it all day. It didn’t help that I had been staring at my Aunt’s tits the whole time during dinner. Quietly, I undid my jeans and pulled out my rock-solid member. I stroked my hands up and down it a couple times as I thought about my aunt’s gorgeous body, just like I thought about my own mom. I snuck down the hallway toward the bathroom, cock still sticking out of my pants.

I listened at the door, hearing the shower running. Very carefully and quietly, I opened the door just enough for me to peek inside. Aunt Vicky was in the shower, but unfortunately she was hidden behind the fogged doors. Looking down at the floor, I spotted her clothes lying there; among them was her bra and panties. I snatched up her bra and headed back to down to my room.

I closed the door behind me and walked to the bed, lying down on top of it. Clutching the bra in my hands, I stroked it a little. The bra was white silk and fringed with lot of lace. I wrapped one of the cups around my hardon tightly, feeling that the fabric was still warm, and then started to stroke.

I laid there for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling of thrusting my cock through my Auntie’s warm bra, imagining what it would be like to shove my cock between her tits for real.

Then suddenly I froze as I heard her voice. “What in heaven’s name are you doing??”

I sat up quickly, seeing Vicky standing in the doorway with a towel wrapped around her. I was speechless, there perabet giriş was no explanation.

“Is that my bra?” She asked as she walked into the room further, getting closer to the bed.

Vicky’s bra laid there wrapped around my cock, while the member throbbed and the head oozed with precum, dripping down over the lace. “Umm.. I … yes.” I sighed, completely embarrassed.

“Ohhhh, I see.” She said softly, sitting on the edge of the bed. She reached over, taking the bra and pulling it off my oozing dick. She looked the bra over, inspecting the precum which had dripped over it and she actually smiled.

“Aunt Vicky…” I began, searching for the words. “I uh… I just… I’m sorry…”

“Shhh” she said, “I know what you need.” And then she leaned forward a little, wrapping her fingers around my stiff pole!

I groaned, I couldn’t believe my aunt had her hands wrapped around my cock! God it felt good! What was she doing??

Vicky began stroking her delicate hands up and down her nephew’s swollen cock (that’s me). She sat there on the edge of the bed, jerking me off as I just laid back half in shock, half in sheer pleasure. I don’t know if Vicky figured I was too surprised to move, or too horny to stop her.

She climbed up onto the bed, kneeling over my legs at the base of the bed. She sat down, pressing her firm ass up against my shins. I looked down; my aunt’s thighs were spread apart, and the towel pushed up so that I could see between her legs at her exposed pussy. Her cunt lips were completely shaved, the only hair on her mound was a thin little strip of black hair just above her slit. My cock throbbed, sticking straight up in the air like a flagpole.

Then Vicky reached up and undid her towel, letting it slip off her body and fall behind her. Her huge breasts jiggled slightly as they were freed. They were gorgeous, like huge suckable melons, surprisingly self-supporting and perky, and her big nipples were stiff. She leaned over, letting her tits press against my thighs as she licked the tip of my cock, lapping up some of the oozing precum.

“Ohhhh Aunt Vicky!” I moaned out.

She opened her lips and let the swollen head of my cock slide into her warm, wet mouth. She sealed her lips around the cockhead tightly like a rubber band and began sucking hard. She didn’t let up at all, sucking so hard that her cheeks caved in, and she nuzzled her head down further, taking me deeper into her mouth.

I groaned as I watched my Aunt suck my cock. Was this wrong? At this point, I didn’t care to think about that. I felt her tongue wiggling along the underside of my shaft while she bobbed her head up and down the top half of my dick. Her hands were wrapped around the base of my fuckrod, jerking me off into her mouth.

I wish I could have held out a little longer and enjoyed the wonderful sensation, but my cock had already been ready to erupt before Vicky had started sucking it, and now I was really ready to blow my wad.

“Aaah, Aunt Vicky.. I’m gonna cum!”

She lifted her head, taking her mouth off the cock and moaned, “Oh that’s it, Jake, go ahead and cum, shoot your jizz all over me!”

Her hands were stroking me up and down furiously, and I had already started to cum before she was done talking. I blasted a jet of cum straight up, streaking across her cheek. Another squirt of cum shot up, splattering across her chin and lower lip. I continued to erupt, sending shot after shot of hot jizz all over my Aunt’s face. She had her mouth open, and so I was able to send a few ropes of goey cum into her mouth.

Finally I finished cumming, and sank back into the mattress, completely drained. Suddenly the realization of what had just happened hit me.

“Goodnight, big boy.” Vicky said, climbing off the bed, completely naked, her face plastered in fuckjuice. “I have a feeling you’ll sleep well tonight.” She said with a wink, and left the room, shutting off the light.

To be continued…

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