Haziran 13, 2020

Treat the Babysitter Well

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Treat the Babysitter Well
Gwen has been our babysitter for several years, starting from when our son was just a baby. She’s always been very responsible and cared for our c***d like it was her own. We have watched her grow and blossom from a skinny teenager into a buxom redhead bombshell. Now that she is in her first year at college and our son is a little older, we still like the peace of mind that we feel when she is there to take care of him. Although she is a very beautiful young woman, I’ve tried my very best to not be sexually attracted to her because of our relationship. However, it’s hard to ignore her big tits, her hourglass figure and her shapely ass.

One night, my wife, Cindy, and I had been to a big party where she had had a few too many drinks. She was so drunk that she couldn’t even stand up and Gwen even had to help me get her into our bed. In the process of getting my wife undressed and into bed, Gwen’s large tits were pressed up against me at one point and another time her hand passed over my crotch and even seemed to linger there a little too long, but I figured that both incidents were probably accidental. I also notice her sweet smelling perfume due to our close contact.

Since my wife is surely in no condition to drive Gwen home, the responsibility for that now falls upon me. After checking to be sure that our son was still soundly asleep, I tell Gwen, “Okay, let’s go.” Since she now lives in an apartment near her college campus instead of at her parent’s home a few doors down, it’s a longer drive to take her home than it used to be.

We have gone only a couple of blocks when feel her hand on my thigh. I’m a little surprised, but I’m even more astounded when she starts rubbing it. Then she asks, “Mr. Wilson, can I tell you something?”

“Sure, what is it?” I say lightheartedly while trying to figure out what is going on with her.

“Mr. Wilson, I’ve … I’ve ……” she starts to stammer out. At the same time, I feel her hand sliding further up my thigh. “I’ve …… had a crush on you … for a long, long time.” The last part of the sentence comes out in a rush just as I feel her hand on my crotch. I’m shocked, both by her actions and her words. I am trying my best not let my cock get aroused, but to no avail since it has been rising ever since I felt her hand on my thigh. A moment later her hand has found my hardening cock and she is lightly caressing it through my pants. “And … and … I … I … want you to make love to me.”

“WHAAAT?” I burst out in astonishment. She is gently squeezing my now hard cock and I’m so flustered that I almost blow through a red light, causing me to jam on my brakes to stop just in time. But even then, she doesn’t stop her playing, even though there are cars on both sides of us.

As she strokes my cock, she says in a matter of fact way, “I want you to make love to me … to … uh … fuck me. Boys that are my age don’t know how to do it right, all they want to do is fuck and leave … they don’t care about a woman’s pleasure, they only care about themselves. I feel like I’m nothing but a score to them, a notch on their gun, so to speak. But I know that you do care about a woman’s pleasure … Mrs. Wilson has told me so.” When the light changes during her spiel, I try to concentrate on my driving even though she gets a little bolder with her hand.

I am completely flabbergasted … both by her request and the fact that she used the word ‘fuck’ twice, a word that I had never heard her say before. And I wonder what kind of conversations my wife has had with Gwen that she would know that I care about a woman’s pleasure. I still attempt to argue, “But … but … Gwen, I’m nearly old enough to be your father!”

She is stroking my cock firmly through my pants. “Yes, I know that, but you’re not my father … although you’ve seemed to be a lot like him sometimes.”

“I guess that’s a good thing,” I mumble as she squeezes my cock.

“Yes, it’s a good thing, Mr. Wilson. You’ve helped me out a lot over the years, probably as much as my father has. Now I’d like for you to help me out once again. I want to know what it is like to be loved instead of just fucked and left lying there wondering if that is all there is to sex.”

While she’s talking, she is trying to pull down my zipper, but I put my hand on top of hers. “You shouldn’t …… we shouldn’t be doing this! Let me just take you home.” I’m starting to sweat a little while wondering how I am going to get out of this.

She firmly pushes my hand away. “But I want to feel this nice hard cock inside me, Mr. Wilson! Can’t you do it just this once? Take me to my apartment and make love to me like I know that you can. Your wife will never know; she’s passed out drunk. Face it; you know that you won’t be having any fun with her while she’s in that state, but you can definitely have some fun with me now.” In the meantime, her hand has made it inside my pants and it’s working its way underneath my underwear. “C’mon, Mr. Wilson.”

Although my resistance is quickly crumbling, I once again lay my hand on top of hers again and try to dissuade her. “But, Gwen, it is so wrong! You are much younger that I … and I’d be cheating on my wife!”

Once more she pushes my hand away while saying, “I know … but I’ve heard that older men fuck lots better. And your wife doesn’t care about you or she wouldn’t get so drunk that you couldn’t have any fun after the party.” Suddenly, with her free hand, she pulls up her T-shirt to reveal her big tits to me as we pass underneath the streetlight! I’m a little surprised that I didn’t notice before that she isn’t wearing a bra. She says enticingly, “Don’t you want these? I’ve seen you gazing at them. Wouldn’t you like to play with my big boobs? After all, they’re bigger than your wife’s.” She then pulls the front of her stretch pants open and asks, “And wouldn’t you like to see and feel what is in here? Please Mr. Wilson?” Meanwhile her other hand has made it underneath my underwear and is touching my hard-throbbing cock. “See, Mr. Wilson, your cock really wants me!” She grasps it and starts stroking it.

Still totally bowled over at the situation, I mumble, “I’ve got to get you home before this goes too far.” I can’t fight off her advances very much since I’m still driving. And, while I drive, Gwen continues to stroke my cock, even pulling it out through the front of my pants after unfastening them. My resistance is totally shattered … and I still don’t know how I’m going to handle the situation. I’ve never had any woman be this aggressive! I protest, “Gwen, we can’t do this!! It’s not right!! You’re too young and I’m married!”

She quickly says, “No, I’m not too young, I’m of legal age!” I notice that she doesn’t address the fact that I am married. At the next stoplight, she grasps my hand that is nearest to her and slides it down behind her pants while she spreads her legs widely apart. “Don’t you want to feel how wet I am, Mr. Wilson?” she asks as I unsuccessfully try to pull my hand away. Despite my feeble protest, and before the light changes, she has my hand pushed down behind her panties where my fingers are touching her very wet mound. “See how much I want you, Mr. Wilson?” she asks sexily.

My fingers can’t help but rub against her pussy lips that are slick with her wetness. Since I don’t feel any hair, I figure that she must shave her pussy. “Damn, Gwen, if you keep this up, I might just have to fuck you right here in the car!” I burst out before I even think about what I have said.

“That might be fun sometime, but my apartment is only a couple of blocks away,” she replies while she’s still holding my hand against her mound as the light changes. “Your fingers feel so good on my pussy, Mr. Wilson.” A couple of moments later, I pull into the parking lot of her apartment building, none too soon since I’ve really been unable to concentrate on my driving. I maneuver the car into a parking place and turn the engine off. Before I can protest or even do anything else, she leans over and begins kissing the head of my cock. She sucks on the head for a couple of minutes or so before she says, “That’s to give you a sample of things that could happen if you come into my apartment.” She strokes my cock some more with her hand before she looks güvenilir bahis siteleri at me with puppy dog eyes and asks, “Please Mr. Wilson? You are the only older man that I trust.”

Suddenly I can no longer resist her begging … or the chance to make love to this gorgeous teenager, so I give in. “Okay, just as long as Cindy doesn’t find out.”

“She won’t find out from me,” she says in a matter of fact way as she pulls her top back down over her big tits. “Zip up and let’s go inside.” Once out of the car, she almost drags me into her apartment. As soon as we walk in, she stands on her tiptoes and gives me a kiss. “Thank you for doing this, Mr. Wilson.”

I place my hands on her shoulders and say, “Please call me Jim. Mr. Wilson is much too formal for this.”

“Okay, Mr. … I mean Jim.”

Suddenly becoming more aggressive, I slide my hands down her back until I am cupping her firm ass. I squeeze her cheeks and pull her toward me, letting her feel my hard cock pressing against her belly. At the same time, I start kissing her very passionately. She moans into my mouth and returns my kiss until our tongues are having a duel within our mouths. Moments later my hands are sliding behind the waistband of her pants and beneath her skimpy panties so that I can grip her bare ass cheeks. She moans at the feeling of my hands there and moans some more when I push her pants partway down, as far as I hands will reach without breaking the kiss. Then I play with her bared ass cheeks some more. At about the same time, she slides her hand between us and grasps my cock.

Releasing my hold on her ass a few moments later, I start lifting her T-shirt upwards to expose her tits. Without a word, we break our kiss just long enough for me to pull her shirt off and toss it aside. We start kissing again and I begin playing with her tits while she plays with my cock through my clothing. It doesn’t take long for her to have her hand back inside my pants again, though. She starts stroking my cock and then a moment later, I realize that my pants are falling around my ankles. Then she pulls my underwear down enough to set my cock free. “Oh Mr. Wil … I mean Jim, your cock is so BIG!!”

After stroking it a few more times, she drops down to her knees. She oohs and awes over it while she strokes it a few more times. Then she places several kisses on the tip before sliding her luscious wet lips over the crown. She licks and sucks on it while still stroking the hard shaft with her hand. I moan from the pleasurable feelings that she is generating on my manhood. I look down at her to see that she is looking up at me while she begins to slowly take my cock further into her mouth. I can’t believe that I am watching our lovely babysitter sucking on my hard cock!!

And she is damn good at it too!! She is taking it into her mouth as far as it will go while using her tongue all along the underside and then sliding it back out so that she can kiss, lick and suck on my balls. Then she slides it back into her mouth again, going deeper each time, sucking hard on it. While she is doing this, she looks up at me quite often and I smile down at her each time. “Oh gaaawwwd, Gwen!” I moan out as she takes it deep enough to almost gag on it. “That feels so fucking good!” I exclaim. She seems to smile as much as she can with a cock stuck deep in her mouth.

My compliment also seems to give her new energy and she starts really bobbing her head up and down on my cock while she plays with my balls. I wonder where she learned to suck cock like this. With her expertise, it doesn’t take long for her to get me to the point to where I am just about ready to hose down her tonsils with hot jizz. Reluctantly, I reach out and gently push her off my cock. Immediately she asks, “Wasn’t I doing a good enough job of sucking your cock?”

“You were doing too good, Gwen … you were doing such a good job that I was almost ready to shoot my hot cum down your pretty little throat,” I answer factually. “And I’m generally good for only one orgasm a night.”

“Oh, okay … but sometimes I would like to do that for you.”

Even though I think that this should be only a one-time fling, I say, “We’ll see.” Then I say, almost demanding, “Take me to your bedroom.”

She chuckles and says, “Yes SIR!” I quickly kick off my shoes so that I can pull off my pants. We head off to the bedroom with her in the lead and my cock sticking straight out toward her and waving in the breeze. She stands next to the bed and asks, “Are you going to fuck me now?”

“No, not yet,” I reply. I take her tits in my hands and start massaging them and running my fingers over her nipples, which harden almost immediately. I take them between my fingertips and gently roll them. Then I lean in and take one of her hard nubbins into my mouth and suck on it while I continue playing with her boobs.

“Ooohhh, Jiimm!” she moans out. After a while, I change sides and suck on her other nipple while she almost continuously moans. While still playing, I slide one hand down and push her pants the rest of the way down, since they’ve been stuck at the base of her ass cheeks ever since we were kissing. Then I help her to step out of them so that I can gently push her legs apart to caress her wet pussy lips. They open almost immediately at my touch and I caress the super soft pink flesh inside, reveling in the warm wetness. She moans at the touch of my fingers on her most private place and pushes downward a little with her hips.

“Lie back on the bed,” I instruct her a few minutes later, “and place your ass near the edge.” I notice that she is shaking a little as she lies down, and I hope that it is from excitement. Just to be sure, I ask, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m okay,” she replies in a somewhat shaky voice. “I’m just … excited!”

I stare down at her and say, “You are so beautiful, Gwen!”

“Thank you, Jim. You are pretty handsome yourself!” A moment later, I spread her legs and kneel between them. After that, I start teasing her by kissing her inner thighs from her knees to just shy of her womanhood and back down again, never touching her sex. After a few more passes she says, “Please kiss me down there.”

“Kiss you down where?” I ask teasingly as I kiss one of her knees.

“You know …… down there … on my pussy.”

“You mean like this?” I ask just before I kiss her warm wet flesh and the run my tongue up and down her wet gash.

“Yeeessss!! Just like that! Oh gaaawwwd!” I start kissing, licking and sucking on her pussy lips and the soft tender flesh inside. I slide my tongue up over her clitoris and her hips jerk. She moans.

“Oh, you like that, huh?” I say as a tease.

“Yeess!! Please don’t stop!!” And I don’t stop, but I make oral love to her luscious pussy and she rewards me with even more of her juices. I slip my tongue into her opening and tongue-fuck her for a little bit. Then I slide up until I can take the hard-little nubbin of her clit into my mouth. I hear a sharp intake of breath when I start sucking on it. A moment later, I start playing with her hole with my finger before sliding it inward. I am slowly finger-fucking her while she moans her approval. After stretching her out a little, I slip a second finger inside her tight fuck-hole. Twisting my hand around somewhat, I search out her special place inside. As soon as I start rubbing it, she moans even louder and places her feet on my shoulders so that she can push her hips upward. “Ooohhh, gaaawwwd, Jim!! That feels soooo good!!”

“MmmmmMMmmmm!” is all that I can say since my mouth is rather busy. I concentrate on giving her pleasure … maybe more than she’s ever felt before. My tongue lightly flicks over her sensitive nubbin while I suck on it. The slightly rough patch of her G-spot gets even larger from the stimulation. Her body is moving around, and her head is rolling from side to side in pleasure. Then suddenly she is still, and I can feel her tensing up.

I know that she is close to orgasm when she says, “Jim, I’ve got this funny feeling inside me! Oh, Jim stop, I must pee. …… No don’t stop!! Oooohhhhh, I don’t know what I’m feeling!” Well I do know what she is feeling, and I am determined to take her over the top. “It feels so good, don’t stop!!” A moment or two tipobet giriş later, her hips lift off of the bed and she starts a wordless wail. Then her body starts shuddering and shaking and suddenly my face becomes super wet. “Oh Jim, stop, I’m peeing on you!” she says a couple of moments later.

But I don’t stop … instead I keep going with my activities with my mouth, tongue and fingers. She keeps conflicting herself, first telling me to stop and then begging me to continue. Her hands finally come down on my head and she winds her fingers in my hair while she holds me in place. Then comes that wail again, a little louder this time and I wonder if the neighbors are hearing her. Her pussy gushes all over my face as she slides over the orgasmic cliff and into her second climax.

I’m smiling inside; I’ve made her cum … twice. Perhaps I’ve given her more pleasure than she’s ever experienced from those boys that she was talking about. This time she is pretty limp, and her hands gently push my head away. She is breathing hard and at one point she says just one word, “WOW!!” I sit back on my heels and watch her lovely pussy rhythmically pulsate. After a few moments she says, “That was so wonderful!! Cindy was right … you do know how to please a woman! Will you fuck me now, Jim?”

Suddenly remembering my responsibility, I ask, “Do you have any condoms?”
“No, Mr. Wilson, I mean, Jim. We don’t need condoms … I’m on the pill. I want to feel your bare cock inside me. Fuck me bareback, Jim!” She scoots up on the bed and I crawl up between her legs. I look at her, lying there like an angel … but such a naughty angel.

“Are you sure that you want this?” I tease as I hold my big cock in my hand.

“YES, Jim, I want your big cock inside me. Please put it inside my needy pussy! I need to feel you!”

I come up close enough that I can swipe my cock up and down her sloppy wet slit. “Okaaaay!” I say, “here it comes … ready or not.” I place the head of my cock against her fuck-hole and start pushing inward.

She requests, “Oh, Jim, go slow, you’re so big … much bigger than the boys!” I do as she asks, slowly fucking her in rather short strokes, sliding in a little more with each inward push. The further that I slide in, the longer my strokes are. “Oh, that feels soooo good, Jim!!” she exclaims when over half of my cock is inside her. “You are filling me up so much!”

“And you are going to take it all!” I say as I slide my cock a little further into her tight wet pussy.

“Yes, I want it all, Jim!! Give it to me!! Oh fuck!! Your big, hard cock feels so good inside me … just like I knew that it would!!” It isn’t long before my whole cock is inside her incredibly tight pussy. I still can’t believe that I am really fucking our babysitter. I wonder once or twice if I am dreaming! I am still fucking her slowly with long strokes, letting her feel every inch of my invading cock. She is moaning and pushing up with her hips, meeting my strokes. “Oh yeah, Jim, just … like … that!!” She repeatedly tells me, “Oh, that feels so good!!” Then, after a few minutes she asks, “Will you fuck me from behind?”

“You mean doggy style?” She nods her head. “Yes, we can do that.” Although I try to turn her over without uncoupling, I don’t succeed. But moments later I am sliding my cock back into her warm and juicy pussy. I love how her beautiful ass looks and feels as I grasp her hips and start fucking her a little harder.

“Oh … yeah, Jim … just … like … that!!” she repeats. “Fuck me!! Fuck me!!” she says over and over. Once again, she pushes back to meet my strokes, making our bodies smack together. “Oh, that feels soooo damn good!! Don’t stop!!” I have no intention of stopping before I make this lovely creature cum and fill her cunt with hot jizz. While I’m fucking her, I try to make sure that my cockhead is dragging along her special place inside. It must be working because a few minutes later she says, “I’m getting that funny feeling again.”

I tell her, “Rub your clit for me!” She shifts position so that she can reach down and rub her clit. I feel my balls bumping up against her fingers on each inward stroke and her pussy tightens around my cock. Soon, I urge her, “Cum for me, Gwen. Cum all over my cock!” I guess that is all she needs because her body tenses up just before she explodes in orgasm. Warm fluid splashes against me as I continue to fuck her through her orgasm. Her body is writhing around from her climax. I really want to go on, but her pussy clenching tightly around my cock is too much and a moment later I’m groaning and saying, “I’m cumming!! I’m gonna fill your pussy with hot cum!”

“Yeesss … give me … your cum … Jim …… fill my pussy!!” she nearly shouts out. Again, I wonder about her neighbors are hearing this. But it doesn’t stop me from pumping her cunt full of man juice. When I am finally done spurting, I just hold her tightly against me to keep my cock from being pushed out because I want to feel her pussy pulsing around it with her aftershocks. We are both breathing hard. No words are spoken and none are needed. I look down at her ass cheeks, still not believing what just happened. Soon she starts to slide down until she is lying flat on the bed and I follow her down while trying not to crush her into the mattress.

We lay like that for a while until my deflating cock is pushed out of her pussy. I then roll over onto my side and start caressing her back and ass, reveling in the soft skin there. A few moments later she rolls over to face me. “That was incredible, Jim!! Thank you so much for showing me that sex is much more than ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am!” She leans in and kisses me on the mouth. “You are wonderful!” she whispers.

“You are pretty wonderful yourself!” I run my fingertips around her areola and watch as it crinkles up. “You did a great job sucking my cock.”

“Did I really?” she asks, and I nod my head affirmatively. I really meant it when I said that I want to make you cum with my mouth sometime.”

“Yeah … well maybe sometime, we’ll see. It’s getting really late, I need to go.”

“I understand, Jim. But promise me that we will do this again sometime … maybe another time when you wife gets drunk.”

Even though I have misgivings I say, “Sure, we can do this again,” while in my mind I have my fingers crossed. Right now, I must get out of here and get home before I lose control again. “I’ve got to go, Gwen.” I kiss her passionately and give her naked body a final caress before I quickly dress to leave. Fearing that my wife could wake up at any time and realize that I’m not back yet, I don’t even take time to clean up.

When I get home, my wife seems to be lying in the exact same position as she was when I left. I quietly get undressed in the dark and carefully crawl into bed. I snuggle up next to her and d**** my arm over her while thinking about all the events that occurred earlier with Gwen. The next thing that happens makes my blood run cold. My wife’s voice comes clearly out of the darkness, “You fucked her, didn’t you?”

“Wha … what … who?”

“You fucked Gwen, didn’t you?”

I am silent while I try to figure out what to say and how to get out of this. Then I start to say. “No, I ………”

She interrupts me and says, “Don’t lie to me, Jim. You were gone far too long to have just driven her home. And furthermore, I can smell her pussy on you.” There is no slurring of her words and no signs of her being drunk like she was before. I can’t believe that she sobered up that quickly!! I’m silent while I’m thinking, ‘Damn, I should have taken a shower.’ I start to see the whole future scenario flash through my brain; I see her filing for divorce and dragging my infidelity in front of the judge and taking everything that I’ve worked so hard for. She says firmly, “Just be honest with me, Jim. Did you fuck Gwen or not?”

“I decide to come clean and I reply in a voice choked with emotion, “Ye … Yes … but she seduced me … she begged me even.”

She turns over to face me. I can only see her silhouette in the dim light from the nightlight in the hall so I cannot see the emotion on her face. She says, “Thank you so much for being honest, Jim.” She pauses while a thousand things go through my mind. A moment later, I feel tipobet güvenilir mi her reaching down and grasping my cock, which is still very limp at this point. Even though she does this, I feel like my life as I know it is probably gone. But then she surprises me when she gives my cock a little squeeze and says, “I’m not mad or upset, Jim …… in fact I put her up to it.”

“Whaaat?” I say incredulously.

“Yes, before we left for the party, I told her that I wanted her to try to seduce you when you drove her home. This was all a plan …… I wasn’t really drunk when we came home; I only had one alcoholic drink all night. It was all an act … I pretended to be drunk so that you would have to drive her home.” I feel a load coming off my shoulders as she explains, “The last time that she did babysitting for us, we had a long talk while I drove her home. She told me about her frustration with how many guys, especially the younger ones, just don’t know how to treat women in bed … how they just want to fuck and run. And during the conversation, she inquired about our relationship and I told her some highlights about how you treated me.”

“So that is how she knew,” I say softly.

“Knew what?” my wife inquires.

“She said that she knew that I care about a woman’s pleasure … and that you had told her. I had no idea that you shared anything like that with her.”

“I hope that you’re not mad because I talked about our sex life to her … but many times she seems like a younger sister to me.”

“How can you be worried about you talking about our sex life when I did something far, far worse … I cheated on you with her?”

“Yes, but you didn’t know that tine that you had my blessing to do so. I told her to keep after you until you caved in … and it must have worked.”

“Yes, it did work, but she got pretty aggressive and she had to use all of her tricks … and do a lot of begging.” Cindy asks me to tell her how she seduced me, and I haltingly start to tell her everything that Gwen had done in the car on the way to her apartment. And then, much to my shock and astonishment, she asks to hear all about what happened in her apartment, so I go ahead and tell her everything. I even tell her how Gwen made me promise that we could do it again and how she wants to make me cum with her mouth.

All during this time, Cindy is stroking my cock, which has gotten hard again. After I have told my story, she brings the fingers of her other hand up underneath my nose. I smell the scent of her arousal and I realize that she must have been playing with her pussy while I talked. Hungrily, I grasp her wrist and put her fingers into my mouth to suck them clean.

Without a word, Cindy then changes position on the bed so that she can take my cock into her mouth. She sucks on it for a few moments and then moves herself so that she can straddle my face with her hips. While she sucks on my cock, she lowers herself downward until her pussy lips touch my mouth. I have no complaints since I really like 69 … but I’m really surprised that she has initiated it. Soon I am grasping her hips with my big hands and pulling her down on my face so that I can attack her cunt and her clit with my tongue.

The only sounds in the room are our moans as we lick and suck each other. She slowly rides my face back and forth. After a while, I reach up and grasp onto her tits and start playing with them, rolling her nipples firmly between my fingertips like I know that she likes. She is doing a great job on my cock and I hope that I am doing as well on her pussy. It turns out that I must be doing well, because after a few minutes, her body tenses up. Then she starts shaking all over as her orgasm engulfs her. She stops her movements on my cock during her orgasm, although it is still rather deep in her mouth. My face is quickly covered in her juices as I try to suck up as much as I can from her pussy. Then I pull her even tighter to my mouth and keep sucking on her clit until she has still another orgasm. A few moments later, she collapses forward to where I can no longer reach her pussy with my mouth and my arms are trapped between our bodies.

Even though I can no longer reach her pussy, and her mouth has been removed from my cock, she continues to lightly stroke my hard shaft with her hand. After a few minutes, I am surprised once again when she lifts herself off me and moves around so that she can straddle my hips. Then she rises, takes my cock in her hand, aims it at her pussy, and starts settling down on it. Her warm and very wet pussy is soon engulfing my cock. She has never initiated like this!! I wish that there was some more light so that I could watch her face, but I must be satisfied with watching her silhouette. She sits on me for a little while, just moving her hips in a small circle, letting her pussy get used to my cock. Her pussy feels so good wrapped around my hard shaft. She asks, “Does this pussy feel as good as Gwen’s?”

“It feels even better than Gwen’s, Baby. Your pussy is the best!!” After that, she starts slowly bouncing up and down on my cock. “Oh, that feels so fucking good!!” I say as she slides her pussy up and down the length of my cock. A little while later, she leans forward and places her hands on my chest for balance so that she can start moving her ass up and down more rapidly. “Ooohhhh gaaawwwd, Baby!!” I moan as encouragement. I reach up and grasp her tits and gently squeeze them while she fucks herself on my cock.

“I love your cock, Jim!! It fills me up so much!! Oh gaaawwwd, yes!!” Her motions get wilder as her arousal rises. I find her nipples and pinch them rather hard, something that I know that she likes in the middle of sex. Then she says something else surprising, “It feels so good to be fucking your cock, Jim, the very same cock that just fucked Gwen!!”

“Your hot wet pussy feels so good!! Fuck that cock!! Fuck that cock hard!!” I urge. And she does just that. “I love your hot wet pussy wrapped around my cock, Baby!!” In the low light I can tell that her hair has fallen around her face as she now frantically rides my cock. “Oh, fuck yeeessss!!” I moan out. It all feels so good …… too good! A few moments later, I warn her, “I’m gonna cum soon, Baby!”

“Oh yeah, cum inside me. Shoot your hot cum deep in my belly!!”

A minute or so later I do just that. I moan out, “I’mmmmm cuuummmmmming!!” just as my cock begins spurting deep inside her.

“Oh gaaawwwd, I can feel you cumming. I’m cumming too!!” Her orgasm slams into her and her rhythm goes to hell. I’m forced to hold her hips in place while I drive my throbbing, spurting cock into her from below. All too soon, it is all over and she collapses down on top of me again. We are both breathing like steam engines going uphill. “Am I … crushing you?” she asks.

“No, you are just fine!” I reply as I wrap my arms around her and hold her tightly to me. I whisper in her ear, “I love you so much, Cindy!”

“I love you too, Jim!” she replies. While I’m holding her, my shrinking cock slips out of her pussy and I can feel warm liquid leaking out of her onto my belly. It makes us both chuckle. A few minutes later she rolls off me and surprises me again by licking my cock and balls clean of our combined juices, something else that she has never done before. When she is done, she says, “Mmmm, that was good! By the way, I liked the taste of Gwen’s pussy on your cock along with your cum. Next time, I’d like to taste it fresh.”

Her statement amazes me. “What are you saying, Cindy?” I ask.

She astounds me even more with her reply, “I’m saying that someday, I’d like us to have a threesome with her. Then I could suck your cock as soon as it came out of her hot, wet, just-fucked pussy. And then I could eat all of your hot creamy cum out of her cunt too.” Although I knew that my wife had had some girl-on-girl encounters while she was in college, I didn’t know that she still harbored feelings like that. I’m silent for a while as I process this information, so she says, “I shocked you, didn’t I?”

“I’ve been shocked all night and I’m wondering what you did with my wife. But that does sound like it could be fun … as long as you don’t get jealous.”

“I won’t get jealous as long as I’m either there or I know exactly what’s going on …… because I have you all of the rest of the time. And you have just proven that you are good for more than once per night.”

“Yes, I have, I guess,” I say with a chuckle.

And a few weeks later we do make that threesome happen …… but that is another story.

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