Haziran 9, 2020

Trading continued

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Trading continued
The front doorbell rings through my large house. I am watching a video of a father disciplining his step daughter. She is lying across his lap as he spanks her naked bottom.


I pause the video. Walk to the front door. Through the window I see the back of a person standing in a white onesie.

“What does she want now?” I mutter to myself as I turn the handle to open the front door.

“Hello … ” she looks up at me. ” Your probably wondering what I want now!” Her eyes look up at me then down at my waist. “Umm I need a job. A part time job. Do you know of any around here. ”

“Yes. Hard work though. A company in town is looking for gardeners. A nursery is looking for staff. ” I suggest

“I was thinking closer to home. Do you need someone to do your laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc.. ?” She looks at the ground.

“I’m a bastard. You know that eh!” I turn and smile. “Come in and we can discuss it. Follow me!” I walk down the hall to the home theatre room. Where the 75″ tv screen shows a young woman in a school uniform bending over a teachers lap and being spanked.

” I won’t..” She stands transfixed looking at the screen. ” … do that.”

“You will and more.” I stand behind her my hand opens the moist back flap on her onesie exposing her clean shaven asshole and pussy. I rub two fingers along her slit.

“Miss bahis şirketleri me?”

She spreads her legs further apart allowing me better access. I rub my fingers along her slit to her swollen clit and back to her asshole. Over and over.

“Open the closet. Put on the maid outfit” I click the tv remote and video and the girl receives a good spanking her ass cheeks are red when he stops. The girl stands and watches as he opens a drawer and reveals a selection of restraints.

“No” she whispers.

“Are you sure? You did want a job cleaning.” My middle finger is wet with her juices caresses her anus.


“Yes you are sure or yes you will put on the maids uniform. ” I look at the screen as the teacher uses a cane striking the girls bottom. Her eyes watch as the cane leaves red marks on her ass cheeks. She reaches for the maids uniform. I sit down in the large comfortable leather lazy boy chair and watch her remove her onesie. She puts on the corset which fits under her breasts to give support. She steps in to the little black and white dress and pulls it up sliding her arms in the sleeves. The knee high white socks are next she rolls them up slowly pushes her toe in and unrolls them up her calf to her mid thigh. My semi hard cock is twitching my shorts. She repeats this on her other leg. My cock is throbbing illegal bahis in anticipation.

“The laundry is back that way” I point to the door off the hallway. She walks down to the laundry and watch as she sorts the colours from the whites. Fills the front loader with whites puts in the capsule closes the door selects the wash program pushes start. She walks toward me. I stop her putting my hands on the neckline of her dress and pull it down freeing her perky breasts.

“That’s better. Next is the dishes. The kitchen is down the end of the hallway. ”

She walks down the hallway the hem of dress is short it reveals the bottom of her chubby ass cheeks. My cock leaks precum in my shorts. I watch her from behind as she goes about washing the dishes. Water spills on to the floor.

“Do you have a mop?” She asks hopefully.

“No. Use the cloth.” I say. Watching as she drops to her hands and knees her brown naked bottom framed by the tight black dress and the white stockings. I drop my shorts to the floor and stroke my erection. What a great ass.

Her pussy lips are separating showing the internal pink velvet of her c***d bearing pussy. Her perky tits hang down the long dark nipples can be seen from behind. I move to stand over her pushing her torso on to the wet floor. Her body tremors under my foot.

“Hmm you have done illegal bahis siteleri a good job of cleaning the floor. Remove the dress and take it to the laundry.” I watch as she peels off the wet maids dress and is left standing in the corset and stockings. She runs quickly to the laundry and returns hoping that a neighbour walking passed the front door does not see her.

“Where do keep the vacuum cleaner?”

“In the butlers pantry ?”

“The what?”

“Over here through this door” I gesture to the door behind me. She walks passed and I follow her in. I hold a wooden spoon in my hand, which I swing firmly to land on her butt.

“Oww! What did I do wrong?” She cries tears stream down her face.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock. Suck up and swallow my cum. Your the vacuum cleaner” she smiles.

“I was wondering when you were going to fuck me.” She says pleased with what is happening. From one of the drawers I find a rolling pin.

“Put the handle in your pussy” she follows my instruction. I push her shoulders down the rolling pin stretches her wet cunt as the taper from the handle widens to the roller part.

“Ummph!!!” She moans as her mouth is full of my hard cock. I feel ready to explode, my balls tighten and throbbing cock twitches in her mouth.

“I’m coming” I moan.

Cum runs down her chin on to her breasts, the corset, and the floor.

“Lick it up!” I watch as she puts her face to the floor her long tongue laps up the cum puddle on the wooden floor.

“You can leave now! ” her face shows confusion. I hand her a purple pvc raincoat.

“See you tomorrow for more vacuuming”

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