Haziran 9, 2020

The maid and her daughter

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The maid and her daughter
I was out driving around one day and decided to stop at my parents house , pulling up I noticed my moms car not in the driveway. I walked in the house and see my dad plowing the Asian maid. He had her up against the wall. Her hands holding her firm C cup titties as they bounced. She seen me watching her get fuck.

I always liked Ming she stood 5’ even, nice firm round titts. She was Japanese. She even had a great ass for a Asian lady. I say lady cause she was 48 years old. Her face was beautiful and looked to be in her 30’s.

My dad never knew I was there as his cock plunged in and out of Ming’s brown eye. Her moans were on the verge of crying sounds. I just looked in her eyes watching her facial expressions. My dad finally came and pulled up his pant and went about his day.

Ming stood up and walked over to me. Pulling her panties up and fixing her dress. I opened and shut the door so he could here. Hey Ming I said you look great how you doing?
Hey Chris is that you? My dad called out
I walked in what you up to dad? Eh nothing. We shot the shit a while. Then I headed to take a piss and headed out. Ming waiting for me by the door. I handed her a note and headed out.

Dear Ming,
Do you like your job?
What if I told my mom?
Clear your weekend and be at my place tonight 8pm!

At 8pm there was a knock at the door. Ming walked in and sat down.
Mr. Chris let me explain she said.
Explain what ? Your a hot jap my dad fucks in the ass?
He makes me she cried.
What ?
He says if I don’t he will fire me.
Why doesn’t he fuck your pussy? Why the ass? No chance of getting me pregnant again…
Again? Yea May is your half sister…

May was hot as fuck, I often jerked off to her she was 5’8 125 pounds, grey eyes . Firm b cup titties and a great ass. I guess I should have known she was half white.
Does she know? Yeah and now she knows I’m here and you will probably fuck me too.

Well I always wanted to but I’m not going to force you. Invite may over so we can all talk. Ok she rings May.
20 minutes later May arrives. Hey Chris she says as she walks in. She’s got a pink mini dress on her long tanned legs looking amazing, high heels and a half top showing her belly. My cock half hard.

She walks over to the couch and flopped down crossing her long gorgeous legs, a brief instant I seen her white panties.
Did you just look up my skirt Chris? What is wrong with your family? Your all perverts!

Hey bitch you showed up In a mini skirt don’t blame me! Whatever Chris…

I couldn’t take my eyes off her honey brown thighs. Dude I’m your half sister stop looking at me like a piece of meat. !
Just shut the fuck up May before I gag you, I’m trying to start a discussion. Me and Ming talked may continue to be a bitch.

She comes back and says she’s sorry and sits down. She looks at my crotch and noticed my hard on. Really Chris your hard she laughed. I’m illegal bahis leaving…

May gets up to walk away and I grabbed her wrists. Your not going anywhere sit down and shut up. She struggled with me and we fell on the couch. Her legs spread wide, and her skirt up around her waist. I held her wrists to the couch. Ming stands up, what would you like me to to Mr. Chris?
May looks at her mom…
Ming get undressed.
Yes Mr. Chris..
I make May watch her mother strip. She spits in my face, I laughed and licked my lips. Your a pig she screamed.
Ming give me your panties! She hands over her black satin panties .
I shoved them in May’s mouth. She looks at me with pleading eyes as she tastes her mothers snatch and her fathers dried cum. Ming moves closer I look at her small black and grey pubic hair above her pussy.
Ming hold her hands! Ming holds mays hands firmly to the cushions. I reached down and ripped Mays panties off. Her delicate little pussy bald and innocent. I leaned down and gave it a lick as she started flailing . I undid her skirt and slipped it off throwing it to the floor. I pulled out my pocket knife and cut off her shirt and bra exposing her amazing breasts. Her nipples a dark pink and hard I went In for a suck.

Ming go in the garage and get me rope. She returned with ample amounts. I dragged May to my bedroom and with Ming’s help we tied her to the bed. Her wrists and ankles secured so she couldn’t move. I removed her panty gag. Please don’t do this Cris ! She begged. I position Ming off the side of the bed on her knees so May could see her. I stripped naked. My 7” erect cock in my hand I shoved it down Ming’s throat. She gagged a bit. Stairing at May I grabbed Ming’s head and started fucking her mouth. Please stop Chris! I’ll do anything! Do it to me I beg you!
I pulled my cock out and walk over to May she opened her mouth. If you bite my cock your mother will pay dearly. I whispered.

I slipped my cock in her mouth and she started sucking. I held her cheek to the bed one hand holding her hair the other fondle her tit. I started fucking her mouth. She gagged the entire time. Ming sat and watched.
I pulled my cock out. Ming lay on your daughter. She crawled up and laid on top of her. Their tits touching.
What ?
Make out!
No Chris we won’t!
I climbed up behind Ming. Spreading her cheeks spit on her asshole and my cock. I shoved my cock balls deep into Ming’s ass. She gasped loudly. Thrusting my cock in and out their tits rubbing together. She moaned.
You like that Ming?
Yes sir she moaned.
Kiss her Ming!
Ming started making out with May as May cried. Stop Chris I’ll do anything I swear. She cried.
I pulled my wet cock from Ming’s asshole. Ming moves to the side. Sitting on her chest I said suck my cock. Mays mouth engulfed my cock. Licking her moms hole from me.

I pulled out and positioned Ming’s face between Mays legs. perabet giriş Ming have you ever eaten pussy before? No . May cried please no!
Ming start eating. She took her daughters soft mound in her mouth and started sucking and licking. Make her cum Ming. I demanded. Chris please don’t do this! May begged. I kissed her lips and started making out with her, playing with her tits.

May started moaning. Her body trembling. I moved on to sucking her nipples, her moans grew louder and louder. Her body shaking. Omg I’m cumming she screamed. Ming don’t stop! Mays body jolted . Her hands grabbing at the sheets. Sweat dripping around her neck. I sucked her nipple hard taking half her tit in my mouth. Oh fuck she cried. As she came even harder. I get behind Ming and rub my cock up and down her wet pussy lips. She moans as she continues to eat. I slipped my cock in. May I think your mom likes eating you ,her pussy is soaked! I pulled my cock out. Glistening with her mother’s wetness. I walk to Mays head. Look how wet she is! May opening her mouth to taste her mother off my cock. She looks up at me with her big grey eyes sucking me clean.

I returned to Ming’s slippery cunt and slipped back in. She moaned. I slowly fuck Ming. She continues munching May into yet another orgasm. Mays body soaked with sweat. Shining under the lights. I pounded Ming’s pussy until she came.

Ming sit on Mays face? Yes Chris. Mays face actually lit up. You want to eat mommy don’t you ? Yes
Ming hovers over Mays face. Her juices dripping into her mouth. May starts sucking Ming’s pussy.

I untied her feet. And started eating Mays pussy myself. I stopped to run my cock between her lips . Oh god she moaned. But in a scared way. I get up. Ming untie her.

They both sat on the edge of the bed. Stand up! Face each other! Make out. They sucked each other’s tongues and kissed sloppy. I kneeled behind May parting her cheeks and began eating her ass. She moaned in her mother’s mouth her asshole so tight I could barely get me tongue in. But I did and her body trembled. I told Ming to get us some drinks. I sat with May. Are you a virgin?
She said yes. No anal no pussy? Nope your cock is my first.
Ok I’ll just fuck your mom then.
No Chris please I want you.
It should be with someone special I said.
What’s more special than my half brother and my mom being there? She straddle my lap holding her self up with her arms. Ming walks in , mommy can you position his cock to my pussy? Ming grabs my cock. May lower! Ming demands lower! I feel her wet box surrounded my head, take your time I whispered. Lower keep going! May cried it kinda hurts.
Ming grabbed Mays hips, I got you let go of his neck. She let go and Ming slammed her down on my cock. She cried I pulled her close and hugged her. My cock balls deep in her innocent hole. She wrapped her arms around me crying into my shoulder.

Wtf perabet Ming? Why did you do that?
Go fast get it over with.
I’m cooking food for when you two are done she laughed.

May leaned back and looked at me . Thanks Chris I needed to be put in my place. We made out. Slowly she bounced up and down on my shaft while we kissed. Ok I’m ready baby. I laid her on her back. Working my cock back and forth she moaned, grabbing her own tits, she looked up baby am I bleeding. I pulled my cock out. A little. Let me see. Oh that’s hot as she sucked it clean. I drilled it back in and started faster. Omg baby I’m Cumming she moaned. My cock got ultra wet as it sloshed in and out of her newly defiled pussy. She wrapped her legs around me tight. Chris cum in me! I thrusted hard my balls slapping her asshole over and over . I let out a loud grunt and my cock erupted into her wet pussy. Omg she moaned I feel it. I rubbed her clit as I kept pumping. Holy shit I’m gonna cum again. I rubbed faster and harder and she screamed as her pussy erupted squirting all over my face and chest.
I collapsed next to her and she rolled over licking my chest and face. Then sucked my cock clean.

Dinners ready Ming yelled.
We got up to walk out and she grabbed me. After dinner will you fuck my ass? Please?

Dinner was served. The mood around the table was filled with a weird happiness. Ming smiles at me. Chris what do you think of your half sister.
I think she’s amazing Ming, May blushed.
How’s your pussy baby ? Ming asked her daughter. It’s a little sore but well worth it. She giggled. I think your cum is leaking out though. Mmmm Ming moans. That’s the best part, after your done eating make sure you slurp it up!
Yes mommy!

I got up from the table my cock stiff! Ming grabbing it started sucking it. May stares in disbelief. She pulled it out . May when ever he is hard you suck or fuck it! Yes mommy.
She fell to her knees and started sucking me. Good girl Ming announces.
Ming clears the table and I pulled May to her feet. Looking down in her seat was a puddle of cum. I scoop it up in my fingers and bend May over the table wiping the cum on and in her ass. Mmm nature’s lube her mom laughed. I stroked my cock nice and hard and pressed it to Mays asshole. She grabbed the edges of the table. Ok baby I’m ready! My cock pushes her asshole open.

Relax, deep breaths honey, Ming coached her. I slid further. Ahhhh she cried. Breathe baby. My balls touched her pussy.
Omg is it in? Yeah babe.
Now what? She looks back.

Ming vends over next to her. Bang us both Chris!
I pull out slowly and slam it back in. Omg she cried. Over and over I slammed. I pulled out looking at he opened hole and slid back in. Started fucking her hard . When she started moaning. I pulled out and slammed into Ming’s ass. She was a old pro. I fucked her harder…
Then returning to Mays asshole. I fucked just as hard, switching between the two over and over . Finally returned to May to blow my load. After I pulled out. Ming ate her clean. That night I slept with two beautiful Japanese bitches.
May is my girlfriend now, Ming cleans my house and my cock.

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