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‘The Hunt’ is a reminder of what we are not. We are not pursued slaves any longer. This mocks that element of slavery but provides a real function, too. We are dressed in the village. It is another thing about not being slaves. Nudity is a matter of choice .

I have prepared myself as best I can. I am convinced nobody understands what I am capable of. Only a few of the ‘Warriors’ met Rayner and me on the other side. And they have probably already forgotten. I will find out if I indeed am capable of what I want to achieve through the unique opportunity The Hunt provides.

There are three other newcomers for this hunt. I have requested my own hunt, however. They try to change my mind. Everyone is aware that I want to go past the first day. They argue that the multiple people will spread the attention of the pursuers thinner and increase my chances. But for me, just being out longer ‘somehow’ isn’t the point. I want to make a point that it wasn’t a matter of taking advantage of an opportunity, but that I am truly and uniquely skilled to survive against this challenge. I want it very clear that I deserved and earned the right to the choices and options The Hunt gives me. The council relents, fully expecting that my insistence in going it alone will lessen my success. I see it differently. I can imagine that some of the others could attempt to follow me, making it even harder to melt into the surrounding forest.

On the day of the first one, I listen closely to the rules and instruction given to the three. I can already see that the one women and possibly one of the two men don’t have their heart into an extended effort to avoid capture. Like most, they are just thankful to be free from slavery and would be happy to serve the village in any capacity. They are used to doing what somebody else tells them to do, the drive or desire to gain as much independence and self-determination as possible is foreign to them. For me, though, having been raised and instructed by independent minded parents, it is what I desperately desire. And that requires that I can survive in The Hunt for as long as possible. There is an additional motivator, too. Wolf isn’t just any dog and his presence in the village is a regular source of tension. I have considered just leaving the village and continuing further West, but I am not a complete loner, and I want to show that Wolf and I want to be outside most of the time. That is why I have to get well into or past the second day.

The first group are captured pretty quickly, as I would have predicted. The one man lasted to about mid-afternoon, which isn’t too bad, relatively. The council decides that my time will begin the next morning. That’s fine by me, I am anxious to get this going. There is nothing in the rules about having a dog with the runner, but I am sure it is an unexpected or considered element, so I don’t bother asking. Wolf will be out in the forest and meet up with me later. I don’t anticipate using him on the first day, but on the other days when they use dogs he might be helpful. I can feel my excitement growing and sleep is all but impossible during the night.

But, there is another reason for part of my growing excitement. My participation in The Hunt means I have passed my eighteenth birthday. I am an adult, officially. I can hardly keep my eyes off Wolf. As I lie on the floor, curled into him, it is all I can do not reach for him like I had seen my mother do with Dog before. But, I have decided that will be our prize to celebrate the passing of the first day. I have seen that the pursuing men return to the village for the evening. The restricted area means that no part is so far away that an hour jog doesn’t get it covered.

The next morning is bright and clear. Wolf has already left. He often spends time in the forest being a wolf. At one time that concerned me, but on reflection I was happy that he did. He was a magnificent b**st, still wild in ways, but also fiercely loyal and protective of me. I stood in the middle of the village surrounded by those who would be my pursuers this day and most of the rest of the village population. These events were like celebrations, partly for the sexual implications after. Almost everybody was captured the first day meaning the party after would include all who were interested. An interesting thing was beginning to happen, though, as the village stabilized and more marriages and families were formed, the participants were increasingly just the singles. It didn’t really matter to me, though, I had my goal on a specific group and it would be a challenge.

The bell in the commons was rung signaling the start and I set off at an easy jog into the forest where I was quickly joined by Wolf. The bell was officially a signal to gather the population quickly for important or emergency needs. It was also the official signal for The Hunt, indicating the start, the end of each day (midnight), and the end, although nobody had ever survived even into the third day much less to the end. The ‘Warriors’ were always present even though they had never been able to actually participate.

My adrenaline was pumping. I have been looking forward to this moment for so long. I kept having to slow myself down, this was not a race, but evasion. But, when I heard the bell ring again indicating that the men from the ’Farmer’ and ‘Caretaker’ groups were now in pursuit, I couldn’t help myself, any longer, I heard the excitement of the villagers sending off the pursuers, the yelling, the dogs that joined the men in the chase, and I wanted to panicked. But that was exactly what I had to guard against.

I was wearing the simple dress that was common of the women of the village. That and my moccasins. The dress is simple and loose so running in it is okay. But, I expected it to be caught on brush and branches in the forest. It was not as close fitting as the trousers and shirts of the men. I would also need to be aware of that potential. I would hate to be caught only because my clothing got entangled in the brush. The idea of running naked had a certain appeal in a tight situation; that or stealing some men’s clothing from the village at some point and that idea had merit, too.

Despite the impulse to panic, I quickly realized that was not going to be necessary. These men were relatively inexperienced in this activity except for this event. And, add to that the fact that I didn’t need nearly so much time. The two hours was enough for me to get to the furthest point within the area allowed. It also gave me time to check out areas along the river and the rocks and ledges of the mountain side for escape routes. The rules were very clear that the hunted could not CROSS the river. The rules said nothing about being IN the river and that seemed like a good escape route. But, not for today. Today, my tactic was going to be alternating between being just evasive and playing hide and seek. I had a good head start and from the elevation of the ledge I could see them heading my way, so my first move was to the river, follow it down toward the lake, then cut diagonally across. I figured if I left enough markers along the way on the perimeter, I could hide in the center for the remainder of the day. And, it worked. I barely saw them the rest of the day. I could hear them, however, and they were royally pissed. They were having to return to the village with the decreasing light not only without me, but not having hardly even seen me.

I had planned to spend the night on a cliff ledge that I had spotted earlier. In the dark it would be next to impossible to reach us and I had an escape route up, if need be in the morning. I would have to leave Wolf behind, but they weren’t out to harm us, just capture us and I would like to see them try to take on Wolf.

Along the way, I came around a large tree and found two large grouse. I froze and they didn’t appear to have heard me. I looked around for something to use as a weapon and only found rocks. Rocks might work. Two quick throws and I had two stunned birds that were very soon two dead birds. I carried them with me and collected wood along the way. On the ledge, I dropped my load and returned down with the fading light and collected more wood. Tonight, I was going to be a mean player in the game. From the ledge I could just see the lights of fires in the village. That would mean that from the village, they would be able to see my fire, as well. That was being a mean player, not only did they not capture me, but I was staying warm with a fire.

I started the fire the way father taught me with dry wood turned quickly creating an ember that can be sparked into a fire. After establishing good coals and plucking the feathers from the birds, I put them to cooking. I sat next to the fire and patted the ground for Wolf to join me. Although I was watching the fire and the cooking birds, it would be terrible to go to this effort and overcook the meal, my thoughts were more directed to the a****l under my hand as I stroked his heavy fur. All the comments and images of my mother with Dog came rushing back to me. I was now an adult. I had kept my promise to my parents and waited, even patiently, to become an adult. Now, suddenly alone with Wolf, very alone, the thought was nearly consuming my attention. But, I forced myself to wait. There was good protein here to consume and regenerate us both and it might well be the last good source for the remainder of The Hunt.

I clean the meat off the bones of one bird and placed it on a rock for Wolf. He looked at it, then me. I put my bird to my mouth and bit a piece off and chewed. He then ate quickly and greedily. The darn guy then sat there watching me eat until I relented and gave him more.

After eating I just sat by the fire, Wolf lying behind a little further from the fire, which might have made him uncomfortable, anyway. I leaned back against him, resting my head on his chest and we became very quiet. There were only the night sounds of the forest … and Wolf’s breathing. I was very aware of him, not only because my head rose and fell slightly with his breathing, but because of his very presence, his essence. I had been looking forward to this time, this chance, this possibility and I didn’t know what to do. All the thinking, imagining, and planning for this moment and I can’t move. I am finally alone with him as an adult and we are on a rock ledge in the midst of being hunted by men in a big, elaborate, complicated, but very important game. But, I am sure it’s okay, that was the decision I had come to before making the fire, which was now slowly dying down.

I rolled to my knees and looked at him. I bent down and kissed him and the side of the face. He looked at me. In the fading light of the fire, he looked majestic, regal, maybe. He was a stunning a****l, dwarfing most other dogs of the village. He raised himself slightly so his head was up. I reached forward at the same time that he did. We touched noses and his tongue came out and licked my lips and nose. I tentatively put my tongue out and we touched, our tongues together, testing the gentleness of this moment. While we touched tongues, my hand stroked down his side to his belly and further … further, very slowly. It was like I was nervous, shy, uncertain, and timid before him. I suppose I was. I had purposefully not thought of him too much sexually, like Dog had been. I had made the promise and I wanted to keep it. Now … now I could fulfill my fantasy, my dream, and my desire.

Reaching down his belly I felt his sheath, but that wasn’t all. I had bumped his sheath before while stroking his belly, but this was different. This time I wanted to touch him … and, there was something different down there. Sticking out of the sheath was an inch of his cock tip and I wanted to feel it, touch it, and know it. I touched him and whispered to him, whispering my intention, my love, and my wishes for our life together. Mother talked about an a****listic bonding while mating with Dog, a feeling of the dog taking her completely, dominating her, and making her his. That’s what I whispered to him, that I could feel that way with him, that I could be his in that way, and he would make me his. I was so hot and horny right then and my whispering and feeling of him was having the same effect on him for his cock was far out of his sheath.

I knelt up and took hold of the hem of my dress and pulled it over my head and I discarded it to the rock face of the ledge. I was kneeling in front of him and his head came alert, he was sniffing the air, sniffing me, my scent in the air. I shuddered that he could already be alerted to me and my need. He crawled to me and moved his snout between my legs, following the scent until his snout touch me, touch my pussy, the first time anyone but me touched me there. I shuddered, again. I couldn’t believe the sensations coursing through my body. I put my hand on his head and he pulled back. I smiled at him and bent over hugging his head and neck to me. I needed more, much more.

I lifted his head and kissed him between the eyes, “Can you do that more for me, Wolf. I need more, please.” I let go of his head and sat back on the rock ledge and opened my legs to him. He looked at me and moved closer until he was again licking my pussy. I lay back and raised my knees and splay them open for him, brazenly displaying myself to him, opening myself to him, offering myself to him, and committing my body and love to him.

He sniffed me more deliberately. It was almost like he knew he was in the dominant position and this female was splayed out only for him, to do what he may. That thought and image sent a chill through my body and I raised my hips up off the rocky surface as a further gesture of offering myself. I felt completely and utterly submissive to him at that moment and it was all I could have wanted. His tongue shot out and licked from my puckered asshole over my pussy and clit. I shuddered like I might never stop. And, he didn’t stop, either. Once he licked and I raised myself to him further, offering my pussy to him, he licked and licked. He was lapping at my juices and the more he licked, the more juice flowed from my now open pussy. I wanted something inside me. I had never dreamed of feelings like this and I wanted more. Then … ooooooohhhhhhh … yesssssssssss … his tongue actually entered me! And I came! For the first time in my young life, I came and it was on the tongue of my wolf.
When my brain stopped flashing and I, again, had some sense about me, I realized he was still licking me. I closed my legs and rolled güvenilir bahis to me side. My body was shaking and the muscles twitching involuntarily. Even before my body fully stopped shivering on its own, I rolled to my hands and knees. I had to have him completely!

He licked me, again. “OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!, NNNNNOOOOOOOO. I … want … youuuuuuu … Wolf! Pleeeeaassseeeeee!” I reached back and grabbed a handful of his scruff around his neck and pulled. He jumped onto my back and he started humping into me but not finding my hole. OOOOOOOhhhh, pleeease. In a flash I remember an image of mother with her hand between her legs helping Dog into her, that must have been what she was doing. I reached between my legs just before Wolf was ready to dismount in frustration. I found his distended cock and guided him to my open and waiting pussy hole. UUUGGGGHHHHHHHH! “OOOOOHHHHHHHHH, Yesssssssssss, Wolf! I am yooooourssssssss!” In that definitive moment, that exact moment, I became a bitch to Wolf. I never wanted to be far from his wonder cock!

I felt like my mind was ready to separate completely and forever, leaving me a helpless, blithering, wanton, and degenerate bitch when yet a new thing intruded into my consciousness. Something was bumping into my pussy, pressing me, stretching me. My mind was nearly beyond rational thought, but this new sensation was bringing me back to the moment. I reached back my hand to his cock and felt a ball of muscle at the base of his cock. That will never fit inside me … will it? But at the moment I wasn’t Maia, I was Wolf’s bitch and he was intent to put that thing into me and being the bitch that I was now, I pressed back into him. If he wanted that inside me, it wasn’t my place to say, no. I was his and he can have me any way he wants me. I continued to press back against him and when it finally popped into me, I screamed. A delicious, glorious, and completely satisfied scream that might have been heard over the entire valley.

I came for the second time and he still wasn’t done with me. His strokes were now shorter but not because of his intention, but because of the ball inside me. Every time he pulled back to slam back into me the ball bumped into my pussy but now from the inside and sometimes, not every time, it hit just the spot inside my pussy that sent a jolt of pleasure through my body. What was that?!? Oh, I have so much to learn. But, now he is seeming so much more intent and deliberate in his fucking of me. I feel that ball inside me swelling even more, his cock growing in length and size. I feel him twitch and jerk inside me …. Ooooooohhhhhhhhh, yessssssss … and then I feel him spurt his seed into my pussy, I actually feel it and my body explodes, yet again! Feeling the jerks, the spurts of his hot seed into me, my pussy convulses, clenches, and clamps onto his cock inside me and he howls into the night.

If there was a conscious thought or mental image after that, I don’t know it.

I am awake with the first sounds of the new day. The sun is still not up with the mountains to the East. As soon as I stir, Wolf is sitting up with me. I can’t resist taking him in my arms and feeling him against my naked body again, even if for just a moment. Last night, finally being with him, was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt. It lived up to everything I had come to anticipate from the conversations with mother about sex in general but with a dog in particular.

We move off the ledge carefully and make our way to the stream below for water and washing the sleep off. There is nothing like a quick cold bath in a mountain stream to get the blood coursing through your body and to bring you alert. I had purposefully evaluated that food would not be a priority from this point on. Last night was a luxury and I was certain those men would not be remaining in the forest at night. The fire last night gave the opportunity for a last bit of protein and also a taunt at the men. The only concern would be to stay well watered. The remaining two days was not going to be a problem for a lack of food. I would keep my eye out for berries and fruit, nuts and edible roots, as we passed, but not to find meat, that would require cooking it and a fire would alert them to our location. The ‘Hunters’, and certainly the ‘Warriors’ the next day, would be much more adept in the forest.

I heard the bell rung in the middle of the night and it marked officially that I was into the second day of The Hunt. Today, there would be men from the ‘Hunters’ group joining men from the other two group. The forest may seem filled with men and dogs. I anticipated with the hunters that they would attempt a flushing tactic to catch me quickly. It is a common tactic with a large group of men and dogs. A large, noisy group is sent out to drive the prey into a predetermined funnel location that steadily narrows the prey into the others who are waiting. Generally, though, those flushing the prey were just creating chaos in order to cause the prey to flee. They weren’t the real hunters and that could be the escape for a prey that understood the process. A deer or other wild a****l was subject to the instinct of flight from fear. Father had talked about the natural reaction of fear and danger, ‘flight’ and ‘fight’. In a battle or conflict situation, he said, you often have to resist the instinct to flee in the face of overwhelming odds, but that does not mean that you have to turn and charge headlong into an unknown fight. But, staying, concealed, and prepared, it is possible to take advantage of an enemy that has become overconfident. That might be my best option here, but the situation would determine that.

I was sitting in the cold water, still naked, thinking out my possible options for the coming day. I had anticipated more time, but the men must have gotten an even earlier start than I had this morning. Suddenly, it seemed, there was crashing and noise coming from deeper in the forest. Perhaps my fire on the ledge last night was too much of a taunt and I had managed to anger them with it. I jumped out of the stream and took up my simple dress and put on my moccasins. I had already determined my initial route and I ran along it.

But, I appeared to be running headlong into one of the their lines of men. I stopped for just a moment to take in the direction of the sounds. They were focused on the location of the ledge where they had seen the fire last night. Their line seemed to be in a curve and nearly enclosing where I was. My reaction was to flee in the direction without sound but immediately stopped after twenty feet. No! That is exactly their intention. That is where the hunters will be waiting. I didn’t believe I could surprise them and charge through their lines, they would still be too organized this early in the chase. I had only one remaining option and that was the remaining forest up the mountain slope and crevices. It was hard work, extremely hard work and my footing was unsure, the rocks beneath my feet were slipping and not providing the footing I needed for good progress up the slope. Between the slipping, the noise behind me, and the work to steadily go up the slope, I was getting closer and closer to a feeling of panic. And then it took hold of me and I was scrambling like a crazed a****l.

They’re gaining on me, I can feel them back there and hear them as though they will grab me at any moment. My heart is beating so hard it feels like it might actually burst from my chest. My lungs are gasping for enough air to feed the demands of my body, demands that can’t possibly be satisfied if I continue at this pace. But, worse to me is the burning in the muscles of my legs as I demand their continued effort up hills and down slippery slopes. I have to stop but I don’t dare, I can feel them. They are almost on top of me. I know I am finished. I know all is lost, my dreams of a future life different than what THEY would give me. No option, no choice, just what THEY choose for me.

I am climbing a rise and that will give a vantage point. I have to stop, if just for a moment, to evaluate my situation, determine my pending fate, and mostly to relieve the aching in my body, legs, and lungs. They will be slowed by the climb as well and that will give me a moment. When I reach the top of this slope, I stop and turn, looking down the slope, then peering through the trees and brush, squinting finally because I don’t see my pursuers at all. What I realize is that my fear of being caught and returned by these has me over-reacting. And, that over-reacting could easily cause me to fail in my quest, my need to escape them and evade any capture. I know that eventually the dogs will also be coming. When the men are frustrated, angered even by my elusiveness and have failed in this initial pursuit, they will bring in the dogs and the dogs will have my scent from clothing left behind. I’ve seen it done before to others who have tried this, to gain some form of independence and choice.

Not seeing my pursuers, I give myself the much needed moments to rest my legs and recover my breathing and fully slow my beating heart. I nearly ran myself into exhaustion and certain failure. No one has more practice in this effort and the necessary skills than I, my success is not limited only by using my head and relying on natural gifts; my physical gifts and my father’s training give me a chance not otherwise realized by others. My opportunity is here, my efforts have to succeed, my very life goal is in the balance.

I turn and look above me. He is watching me and seems bemused. Damn him! How did he get up there so fast? But, I smile at his casual attitude. He waits for me, his tail wagging like he expects us to start playing. I give him a hug and scratch his ears and go down to a knee to accept the kisses of his tongue on my face. As I lower my face further to finally escape the tongue, I see between his legs. I smile, take hold of his head between my hands and kiss his snout. “I see you liked what we did last night. Me, too. But we can’t, not now. But, tonight, when the men have left the forest, again. I want that, again, too.” I glanced down, again. My smile got bigger with that new feeling once again coursing through my young body, the top of his cock was poking out of his sheath. “You better put that away, though, boy. We’re going to be charging through the brush in just a few minutes.”

And, just like that, I was in control, again. The game wasn’t going to change today, or likely even tomorrow, if I can take this that far. It will continue to be evasion and hiding. It will just become increasingly difficult.

I managed to scramble along a ledge over the narrowing line of men and drop down behind them. They continued to make noise and pushing forward to enclose in the corner formed by the cliff and the river drop. The only problem would be that I wouldn’t be inside. I jogged diagonally to the river but at the lake end of the boundaries. I would be far from them, again. That would provide me the opportunity for Wolf and me to hydrate leisurely and rest for the next effort. Besides trying to stay away from this larger group of men and hiding when necessary, my goal was to have them crisscross the forest chasing me and destroying tracks in the process. It generally works, but sometimes I have to fabricate tracks by breaking limbs and leaving torn pieces of my dress on branches. Ultimately, I stay just out of their sight except for one time when I thought I was trapped. My tactic of crisscrossing and creating confusion worked too good. Some of the men were simply wearing out and instead of actively chasing, they had begun to pretend and were walking, well behind the others. And, that was when I almost got trapped. I was in a simple jog ahead of a pack behind me, they were crashing through the brush and branches, completely dominating the sounds in the forest which created even confusion for me. Suddenly, Wolf stopped and crouched down. I immediately stopped with him and saw four men ambling towards us down a path that was crossing my route. The noise behind me was now getting closer and the men in front now stopped at the approaching group. I was trapped between them. I wildly looked around for some escape route. This was going to really suck if I was captured because of these four who couldn’t keep up with the chase.

I was about to decide to try charging through these four and hoping for surprise to get past them, when I spotted a fallen, rotting tree. It had a large hollowed section and open at the end. I crawled feet first into it and pulled with me layers of moss and sticks to cover the entrance. I told Wolf to run, hoping that the men might believe that I was simply ahead of the a****l. I did see Wolf leave but then apparently stopped. The other men were now approaching and their dogs were sniffing the area. Wolf returned part way and began growling and threatening the men and dogs.

Then I heard an amazing thing, “Look, that’s the a****l with the girl. See how it is defending that trail. I bet anything she took off that way and he is trying to stop us.”

Another man stepped onto the log I was in and his weight crushed it. It was that hollowed out. He swore when he fell and the men all ran off in the direction Wolf went, now sure they were again on my trail. I was definitely going to have to reward Wolf tonight.

Later in the afternoon, I again used one of the streams to erase my trail. That time I went upstream away from the village. It was getting late, the light was beginning to fade and I sensed the defeat in the men. Their enthusiasm was nearly gone. When my trail ended at the stream and didn’t come out on the other side, they seemed to be finished. In fact they were. I watched from my hiding spot above them in the rocks as they milled around, walking up and downstream looking in vain for my tracks leaving the stream. But, they weren’t to be found because I continued upstream and didn’t leave it until I was stepping onto rock, not dirt.

Wolf and I were getting an early reprieve from being hunted, which was welcome because tomorrow would be the ‘Warrior’ group. And, although their egos would limit the chase to just the three of them and their two dogs, I expected the chase tomorrow to be much more difficult to survive. With the remaining light, we made our way to a location along the river under a cliff overhang that would provide good protection even if someone decided to stay out overnight. That would be difficult and require the use of torches, but this location was at the falls and any sounds Wolf and I made would be drowned out. Of course, any sounds türkçe bahis they made would be drowned out, too.

There would be no fire tonight and no eating. There was just over 24 hours remaining. We had a good source of water and it was dry. A fire could attract attention, but otherwise this location was almost impossible to get to in the dark. We would have to be extra careful in the morning leaving it and the earliest possible time would be ideal, but I was feeling secure in the dark.

But, in the darkness, what I really needed was a good bath, including my hair. Not so much because I was just dirty, that was a part of being in the wild. It was the log that was crushed over my body. As soon as the log collapsed onto me, I was covered in all sorts of creepy, crawly things. Of course, the sense is worse than the reality once they get into your clothes and hair, but to be comfortable meant getting everything washed out. And it felt good, besides. I stripped off the dress and my moccasins, entered the water and quietly swam out into the river and going under the surface to clean out my hair and rinse off the rest of my body. Swimming back to shore was invigorating. Wolf, for his part, seemed intent on licking off the water from my thighs, stomach, and pussy. Yea, those are the only places I am wet, guy. But, the attention was nice.

I took my dress and considered it, as well. I went back into the shallows and turned it inside-out and washed it thoroughly, turned it back right-side-out and rewashed it. I wrung the water out and hung it over some branches. It would still be wet in the morning, but it might be a little bit dryer. I turned around and bumped into Wolf … again. He was not letting me very far from him. And for an a****l whose shoulders came to my waist, it wasn’t hard to be bumping into him in close quarters. And since I was bumping into him so much, I decided it was time to thank him properly for saving me earlier.

I indicated for him to lie down on the ground and I knelt near his head. I took his head in my hands and kissed his snout. His tongue shot out and we found ourselves licking each other’s tongues. I smiled. None of it ever seemed gross or weird, just all came out of a seemingly common bond of sharing and being together. I pulled back slightly, still holding his head, “Wolf, I want to try something different, tonight. I saw mother do it to Dog, once. I think it will feel good, I hope so. Then, we can do it like last night, again.”

I kissed his snout one more time, then stroked his body, working my way to his belly and his sheath. I smiled when I saw in the low light of the moon that his cock tip was again showing from his sheath. I touched the sheath, I had done this before. But, now, the part I had never done and now wanted to very much. Like he had licked me to such pleasure, I wanted to return that special favor to him. But, after tonight, it might not be so unusual for us. I lowered my head to his belly and moved to his sheath. My tongue came out and tentatively touched the tip of his cock. I felt some liquid at the end and brought it into my mouth. It tasted nice. My tongue went back to it and the more I licked it, the more cock came out. Now, more tentatively, I put my lips to the cock, opened my mouth and took it inside until I could suck gently on it, feeling it lengthen more inside my mouth, encouraging me to suck harder and slide my mouth down onto his cock and then pulled back up before descending back down.

It felt amazing in my mouth, like it felt amazing inside my pussy, the shape of it and texture though were so much more apparent in my mouth. As I sucked and slid my mouth up and down on it, taking it deeper and deeper into my mouth until I nearly gagged on it as it touched the back of my mouth and the entrance to my throat, I became greedy and wanting more and more. Finally, after repeated attempts and repeated gagging, the tip slipped into my throat and I felt him jerk and his cock swell and I felt the ball, the knot, in my hand as I held his cock to love it. The knot was hard, I reached for his balls and they were swelling, and I felt his cock in my mouth twitch and jerk. I pulled back more on the cock, still holding it in my mouth but with just the tip still inside, and that was when I got a new experience with Wolf, an experience I want to repeat many more times after. He shot his cum into my mouth, shot after shot of his hot cum, his seed, into my mouth. It was more than I could take down my throat, despite my attempts, I was unprepared for the amount coming out, and it spilled out of my lips and dripped onto his belly. When he was done, after I had licked and sucked the excess from his cock, I licked the spilt cum from his belly.

I felt so wanton, but at the same time I still wanted more. I wanted to cum, to explode, and feel the same earth shattering experience as last night. I wanted to scream into the night, again. Even as inexperienced as I was, I knew that he would be ready immediately. Already his hard, distended cock was shrinking, so I knew there would have to be time and encouragement. Hmmmmmmm, encouragement … I can do that.

As a diversion, I went to the edge of the water and called him. He looked at me but seemed game to try this with me. I walked out into the water and he followed. I went further out and made myself swim and he followed, swimming like a dog. He tried going back to the shallows and I called to him, again. And, again, he turned to follow me. But, finally, he went back to the shallows and barked. This was fun, but I couldn’t have him barking. I didn’t think there was anyone else in the forest, but there was no need in pushing our luck. Back on shore he again came to me and licked my thighs and into my pussy. I spread my legs while standing, giving him better access to my dripping pussy.

Then I sat on the ground and moved his head into my lap. There I stroked his head and neck, down his body and slowly, carefully, worked my way to his belly and, once more, touched his sheath, casually, accidently. His cock wasn’t showing but we had just come out of the cold water. I continued, not focused on his sheath, but his body and occasionally lightly touching his sheath, then lightly stroking it before returning to his belly and body. Then, I felt the tip coming out, again. Immediately, I move alongside him, kissed the tip and took the growing cock into my mouth. I was going to be fucked for the second night in a row.

Back in the village, the members of the Warrior group are interviewing the Hunter group about their experience in the Hunt. The leader, Tupac, has been reacting to the other group in the typical Warrior arrogance. “What was so different about this one? Any that got into the second day were always caught by noon. What happened this time?”

“We don’t know. It was like she was a ghost. We would seemingly have her in a trap and then she would just disappear. We were sure we had her hemmed in against the mountain cliff, forcing her to the river cliff where we were waiting for her. This was early in the day. But, when the line squeezed in, she wasn’t inside. Somehow, she got out, maybe she got into a crevice and scrambled up without being seen.”

“She sounds clever this one. I understand she also has a dog?”

“No, it’s a wolf. A full blood wolf. She calls it that, Wolf. It seems to be just as clever. The girl had us moving back and forth across the forest. The men had traveled over the forest in so many directions, the dogs couldn’t make out anything in the trampled ground. She had us moving so much that some of the men were getting tired. In fact, once in the late afternoon, we had her, again. She was leading us back through the forest when she bumped into four who were stragglers. She saw them with the main group behind her and those in front of her. She apparently made a run for it and her a****l delayed us by stopping our dogs.”

“What do you mean, stopped you?”

“It was the damnedest thing to see. He stood there growling at us in front of the trail. We hesitated probably long enough for her to escape because we couldn’t see her after we took chase. But, it wasn’t that much time.”

“Are you sure she didn’t just hide somewhere? In the trees or in a fallen log or under some brush?”

“No, we looked for that. One of the guys even jumped on a large rotting log and it collapsed. It was the only one large enough.”

“But, you didn’t look inside?”

“The end was covered with moss and sticks. And it collapsed.”

“Yes, she would have to have a lot of control not to yell out if she was inside. As you said, very clever.”

Wolf and I were curled together under the overhang in a light sleep when I heard the bell rung loudly indicating the end of the second day and the beginning of the third and final day. Midnight. Now I can’t go back to sleep. What will the Warrior group be doing? Could they reasonably come out in the darkness of night? And, if they did, where would they be heading? This location was chosen just because I had not used it yet in the chase. I trusted that this would not be the first place they would be heading. There will be only the three Warriors and their two dogs. These dogs will be much better trained for tracking by both sight and scent so my tactics will need some modification. Hiding in a log, for instance, just might not work this time with these dogs and they may not be quite so intimidated by Wolf, although they should be. But, more importantly, I had no clear idea of a better place to be. They might have torches to light their way, I had nothing but darkness and a very real possibility of injury, if I tried. I was too close to success to mess it up in panic now. I settled back into Wolf and tried, again, to find more sleep.

I was alert at the first sounds of the morning, though. And, that brought Wolf alert, too. We both cocked our heads to listen to what the sounds were but they were merely the sounds of the forest coming back to life. I carefully walked to my dress and felt it. The light of the morning was still very faint but it was time to leave this place. Being found here would be a certain trap. My dress was predictably still damp, but at least it wasn’t actually wet, any longer. I put it on and then my moccasins and trudged along the water’s edge to the location that would take the two of us up to the forest floor. At the top, I stopped and listened. Nothing. I thought of my options. I had to assume that these three would have talked to the Hunters for information and my habits and abilities. The problem for me, though, was that this was a restricted area and new options were very limited

I opted for the rocky cliff and its ledges. They had served me well the past couple days. The rock made it hard to follow tracks and my dress had just been washed so it might not give off as much of my scent. I figured I had a good head start with my early rising and the light just coming to the forest so I just walked at a steady pace. But I crouched and froze when I heard a shout from behind me in the direction of the river. It seemed like very near the location I had come from.

“Over here! You were right, Tupac. This is the spot she picked but she must have started the day early, too. There are barefoot tracks and then they turn to moccasins. She came out right where you are standing.”

“She’s clever, indeed. The first night on the ledge was good, it gave her a good vantage point and escapes. But, knowing we were coming, she picked a more isolated and protected location. I wouldn’t have considered it except that they said how cunning she was, how thoughtful. Now that we have her trail, let’s go get her and put this game to an end.”

A game, is it? Okay, they think they are so clever for guessing my location, but they were too late. You have to be pretty early to catch this worm. Okay, let’s see how they do on bare rock.

I jogged now to the crevice and scrambled up and onto the exposed rock surface and made my way to the ledge that wound around the curve in the rock. I heard them behind me. These were definitely much better at tracking. True, it was visual, but they were moving quickly and still on my trail, but now I was on rock, let’s see they follow a trail up here.

Behind, the men stopped at the crevice. These men were experienced and had worked together for several years. Tupac as the senior in experience and age and was the clear leader, though they worked so well together that it was generally just a team function. They used a technique that had one of them and a dog out in front pursuing the trail while the other two and the remaining dog lagging behind, watchful of movement and deception to the sides. The technique worked very well for them. As the two behind came up to the lead, “She went up the crevice?”

“Yes, both she and the dog. And, they went up fast. I have to say I am already impressed with her. Her stamina must be good to take this climb as quickly as it appears she did.”

“Be impressed with her all you want after we catch her.” He spoke to the other man, the youngest, “Dreng, get up there and see what we are dealing with.”

He scrambled up and slipped repeatedly before gaining his footing at the top. “Tupac, it hard, exposed, bedrock. No trail marks are possible, but she would almost certainly have to moved inland, away from the river.”

“You follow up there and we’ll follow down here, somewhere there must be an escape, she’ll come down somewhere.”

From my vantage point I could see what they were doing. The others just let me slip around them and escape. These were watching places of getting off the ledge. I had to come up with a new and bold option. Then I saw it but I had to do it before they reach view of me. I was at the dead end of the ledge, there was no going further and no turning back. I sent Wolf down the rock face and made my move as Wolf hit the ground and burst through the brush with a crash.

“It ends up here. It’s a dead end. What was that?!?”

“They just came down and crashed through that brush, get down here and follow us.”

I smiled. Wolf made quite a spectacle crashing through that brush. I wasn’t with him, however. I made a daring leap off the ledge and grasped the tree ten feet away like my life depended on it. With the men gone, I lowered myself from branch to branch before hanging from the lowest one and dropping to the ground. I made my way to the river and followed it downstream before heading back into the forest. I found a small rise to sit, catch my breath, and gauge the next exciting moment to occur.

I figured they would have discovered by now that I wasn’t with Wolf, returned to the ledge güvenilir bahis siteleri area, picked up my tracks where I dropped from the tree and were again in pursuit. This was much harder than I anticipated but time was passing steadily. I guessed from the placement of the sun in the sky that it was already about noon. I had to come up with another dramatic, but effective, ruse to kill more time. Something that could balance the field would be good, too. These dogs seemed very capable of following scent and that gave me idea. Now I only needed some wild cordage and Wolf.

“Do you have a good trail?”

“Yes. She is doing a good job of moving from rocks to logs to moss, but there just isn’t enough of it and she is speeding up. Also, the dogs have a good scent of her now. But … I think they are a little wary of that wolf of hers.”

They laughed. These men liked a challenge and respected a worthy foe. “I can’t say I can blame them on that.” They all agreed they were glad they had the dogs in front of them.

In a matter of minutes, the dogs had a strong track on the scent and were pulling hard on their leads. They ran behind the dogs until they came a small clearing. “I don’t get it. The dogs are going nuts, but I see no tracks.”

“She must be using something behind her to erase her tracks. But the dogs have her. I have to agree with you guys, she is clever. I can’t wait to run her down and meet her. Let’s finish it this time. It’s about noon and this is embarrassing enough.”

They ran after the dogs and they ran after the dogs and ran. Every now and then they came across a piece of cloth that was clearly from the standard woman’s dress used in the village. “Damn, this girl can run, but she can’t keep this up forever. Suck it up and speed up.”

They ran for what seemed another hour and they were making enough noise to let anyone know where they were, but that was fine with them. They had to be gaining. Every now and then they thought they caught a glimpse of a dress going into some brush or behind a clump of trees. Then, they heard a cry, but a male voice. They stopped. Tupac sent the other two on the chase and he waited for the head Hunter to get to him.

“You’re not going to like this, Tupac. What are you chasing?”

“You know, that damn girl. You’re right about her being clever.”

“More clever than any of us gave her credit for, it would appear. Whatever you are chasing, it is not the girl.”

“Of course it is. We’ve found scraps of torn cloth from a standard village dress. And, we’ve seen the end of the dress turn around some trees. We were getting close.”

“Does she seem to be running awfully fast for a girl?”

“Spit it out. What do you have?”

“Like I said, you aren’t going to like it. She just ran through the village. She grabbed some clothes off a line in the process. She was in a hurry, too.”

Tupac was having trouble with this. “Clothes? But … we saw the dress, the torn pieces …”

“Tupac, she was naked when she ran through the village. You aren’t chasing her, I guarantee it.”

Just then Herve, the second oldest Warriors returned with Dreng and the dogs, “Here you go. We caught her dress.” The two laughed but Tupac wasn’t amused. “Okay, we found it. It was lying on the ground, this cordage tied to the sleeve. This is what we saw, not her in a dress. It also explains why there were no tracks, this was dragging behind that damn a****l of hers. It was standing on a small rise looking down at us. If he could laugh, he would have been, I know it. This girl is driving me nuts.”

The Hunter stepped forward, “You want help, yet, Tupac? Or, is this still your stubborn Warrior ego?”

He looked at the man challenging him, “Damn it. Okay, get your Hunters and the dogs. Only the Hunters. Not the others. Spread out along the opposite side and drive to the river. We’re going to put an end to this.”

I had circled back to the edge of the village and scoped out the various cabins with wash hanging to dry outside. I wasn’t particular about the exact size because I knew I was small in comparison, but I didn’t want the clothes to be too big. And they had to be men’s. I was now naked, and although it didn’t particularly both me, I knew it might bother some in the village very much. I spotted the cabin of my choice and ran at full speed around the cabin, grabbed the clothes and continued out of the village at the other end. I could hear the shouts of exclamation as people caught a glimpse of my naked form streaking through the village. As unusual as it undoubtedly was for a hunted to return through the village, there was also nothing in the rules against it.

Once outside of the village and into the edge of the forest, I cut diagonally to the East where I hoped to rejoin Wolf. Once further into the trees, I stopped and put on the trousers and shirt. Tucking the tails into the trousers, I cinched up the cord at the waist and rolled up the pant legs. I then started jogging until I did find Wolf running up to me. He didn’t stop, though, but turned and continued to the North. I shrugged and followed, trusting in him completely.

It wasn’t immediately clear to me that the Hunters were joining forces with the Warriors in tracking me down. But, as I climbed a tree at the edge of a rise, I saw the Hunters coming directly up the East side but they were spacing themselves, dropping a Hunter every so often. They were clearly intending to push through the forest and drive me to the river where I was sure the Warriors were waiting. The sun was getting lower but still not low enough for my final move, which would hopefully be for my ultimate survival of The Hunt. I needed to delay them just a little longer. The sun was still too high and I needed a faded light at the end. And, a delay required causing just a bit more confusion. I waited for the line to pass underneath my position, then I descended and prepared Wolf and me for this bold move. I hugged him, then sent Wolf through their line splitting two of the men, then I moved down the line and visually signaled for Wolf to charge through again back the opposite way, but this time it was between two different men. We did this several times and the line stopped. They weren’t sure what was happening or where the next dash was coming from. That was when I charged through right after Wolf charged through. It worked perfectly. It was several moments until it occurred to them that I had breached their lines and was now inside them. It was what they wanted, anyway, and that too made them pause, thinking I was about to charge with Wolf back through the other direction, they stopped and waited. But, I didn’t, I was now headed for the waterfall. The light was fading and the small canyon containing the river would be even darker.

There was yelling now up and down the line as they took chase after me. Now, though, Wolf was acting on his own and he saw a wonderful game of suddenly appearing in front of a man or darting across the front of several of them before retreating back into the center. All of this added to the sense of confusion and made it that much more difficult for them to keep track of my route. The clothes I was wearing eliminated the dogs from tracking my scent and it was now all visual. And the visual was getting harder as the light faded.

As I approached the edge of the river canyon, I slowed to a walk, then stopped completely. One of the Warriors was indeed standing along the edge. Wolf joined me and I had a final idea for him. I pointed in the direction of downstream and hoped he would understand. He started to move and I pulled him back with my hands on the sides of his head, “Thank you, Wolf. This has been a lot of fun with you. If I make it through this, it will be after the bell is rung for the last time at midnight. Then, you can help me warm my body. Then, maybe we can make it three nights in a row.” He licked my face and pushed his head into my chest. I stroked his neck and back, then gave him a gentle pat on the rear. And he was off in the direction I had pointed. He was crashing through brush and it had the desired effect, the Warrior’s attention was diverted to Wolf, and I made my run.

His attention was diverted but not completely. He heard me crash through some brush and he was pivoting to my direction, but he was much too late to do anything about it. But, as I neared the edge of the drop, I heard him shout out to the others. I smiled at that, though, because I was airborne, hitting the edge at full speed, I jumped with every bit of remaining energy and projected myself off the edge and over the water, targeting the waterfalls where the water should be deepest. My trajectory was by necessity a little diagonal and to my surprise I almost made it to the falling water, but hit the river surface a three feet short. The water was about twenty feet below the edge that I jumped from so the impact hurt and knocked some of the breath from me. I went under the water surface and I was a bit panicked at the depth my fall propelled me, but the water depth was sufficient that I didn’t hit bottom and was able to kick back to the surface and take much needed air. I looked up to the edge above me and saw two of the Warriors watching me while the third was just arriving. Now, for the next part of my plan.

On top, Tupac was swearing, again. “What is it with her? Is it her personal mission to embarrass us?”

“I don’t think so. I think it is her personal mission to improve her position of getting what she wants.”

“You’re right, I know. I also figured out who she is. Remember that man and daughter we met on the other side? We went to their cabin, agreed to bring the mother who had one leg and the daughter? The daughter seemed like a wild creature at the time, living in a small cabin deep in the forest.”

“I remember, now. This is her? No wonder she is so intent. She would probably run away from the village if she had to be part of the Farmer or Caretaker groups. It makes sense now.”

“But … I still want to catch her. It is getting dark but she is in the river.”

The river current wasn’t real fast but it did move. It was moving, though, slower than a comfortable jog and I was soon watching two men sliding down the slope and entering the water behind me. Above, on the edge, I could see men lined up, watching and moving at about the same pace. Then, most of them moved faster down the river, lining the edge a regular intervals. So, they were lining up to take me wherever I came out of the water and they had two men coming down the river behind me. I squinted behind and saw in the moon light that they were separated and coming down. If I stopped they would catch me, if I swam for shore, the others would catch me.

Then, I heard their clincher, “You two continue down and don’t miss her. We’ll get a line across the river with men secured to stop her.”

So, they had me boxed in. But, I was coming to a rapids section with plenty of rocks and fallen trees piled up against them. I angled to a large boulder with logs against it and grabbed on as I hit it. That was going to cause a bruise, I could tell, but I was stopped and I waited for the men. Then, an idea came to me and wrapping my legs around a log, I wrestled my way out of the shirt, then with one arm around the log, I stripped out of the trousers. Bunching them together around some sticks, there was some size and I let them float down.

The men coming down the river yelled up, “I don’t see her, do you?”

The answer was reassuring, “Just barely in the moonlight. She is ahead of you to the left. She must have gone on the other side of that large boulder next to you.”

I watched as I saw one man float past, he was further away. I didn’t see the one that should have been closer until I heard flailing in the water on the other side of the boulder. “My foot is caught on a branch underwater. I … can’t … get it … loose.” There was panic in his voice.

The other man yelled back, “I can’t fight the current. I can’t get to you.”

There was rushing around on the bank, calls for a rope, anything. But, I knew that before they could do anything he would have drowned, being pulled below the surface by the current. I inched my way around the opposite side from him, then went under water, feeling with my hands, my feet braced on the boulder. I touched his foot and found the ‘V’ of the branch that had him trapped. I pulled with all my might to break it, but it wouldn’t. Wet wood doesn’t break easily.

I needed air and rose to the surface, fighting to stay in position against the current. The man was spending nearly as much time underwater as he was above and he wouldn’t last much longer. I went under again and felt in the other direction, now having another idea. I found the same branch and pull it and it moved. The current was holding it in place, I just needed to offset that balance. After I managed to pull the other end far enough upstream, the other end, trapping him, swung around the boulder and he and the branch floated away.

Then the news I, and everyone else, wanted to hear, “The branch came free, I don’t understand, but the branch is floating down now, and I am getting my foot loose. I … thought I … was dead.”

Whether I lasted to midnight or not, now this felt good.

Then, what I was waiting for, “She did it, again. We’re at the rope and she isn’t. I want to meet this girl, Tupac.”

From the shore, all I heard in response was, “Damnit!”

The bell rang loud and repeatedly. It was midnight. I had won! But, I was going to wait the night out and not return to the village until the morning light. The men were called out of the river and to return to the village. They weren’t happy that they failed to capture me. I just hoped they weren’t also mad.

The water was cold and probably colder just because it was over and the adrenaline was gone. I heard a ‘woof’ from the shore and squinted to catch an image of my Wolf. I kicked off the boulder and swam for the shore. I sat on the rocks of the shore and Wolf was licking me, again. A random lick across my breast and nipple sent a shiver of pleasure through me and I smiled. I stood up and made my way to the top of the bank which was only about five feet at this location.

I thought about getting a fire started, it was past midnight so I would be safe. But, I couldn’t find the right kind of wood to make an ember and was too tired to search in the dark. I simply moved to a grassy spot on the bank and lay down. Wolf joined me and I wiggled into him, feeling comfort in the contact of this furry body against my naked back. I wiggled my butt into him and I felt his sheath poke me, I thought I even felt something more poking me in the ass. But, I was too tired, too tired to even think about it. And, my mind went blank. Sleep came over me like a curtain being pulled closed. And, for the first night in days, sounds didn’t disturb my sleep.

* * CHAPTER 4: MY CHOICE will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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