Haziran 11, 2020

That Was Fun

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That Was Fun
Check-in was essentially uneventful, except I knew that I was the luckiest guy in the airport. Every possible opportunity you gave me the chance to not just glance, but stare down your top. Your tits are magnificent. Utterly perfect. Perfectly sized, perfectly proportioned. Perfected topped by perfect nipples. I absolutely never tire of seeing either them, or your equally perfect pussy for that matter, but especially in forbidden settings – like airports.

Lets see, I had a great view of your ass and your pussy as you bent over to tie your shoe, while going up the escalator in front of me, I looked down your top while you rummaged in your carry on bag and the floor in the check-in line. I got a great view as you leaned on the check in counter, but best of all, you sat directly across from me in the waiting room and were constantly crossing and uncrossing your legs. The glistening that I could see, even from where I sat gave away how excited being such an exhibitionist was making you.

There was hardly anyone else in the waiting area. That was understandable though. Not only was it off season, but also it was going to be an unpopular overnight flight. It was no accident that we had picked this one, because we had talked at great length about the best way to join the mile high club. We had strongly agreed that simply slipping into a washroom for a quick fuck was copping out so we hoped to find a way to have some fun while everyone else around us slept.

We were luckier than we had dreamed. There were less that two dozen people on the flight, so even though we were seated near the front I led us towards the back where there wasn’t anyone behind us, and nobody for at least six rows in front of us.

We were just about to push back from the gate when an attractive young couple came bursting into the plane. They made there way down the aisle and ended up sitting directly across from us. I overheard the girl mutter “damn, the girl at the check in counter said nobody was sitting aft of row 12”. I didn’t think anything of her comment at the time.

Take-off and climb weren’t noteworthy. Nor was the meal. It had grown very late, and everybody else on the airplane had their reading lights turned out and seemed to be asleep. That is except for the couple directly across from us. They kept looking at us and I couldn’t figure out why. I wouldn’t have noticed except that I kept looking at them, hoping to see some sign of them turning their lights out so that we could implement our plan to make love on the airplane.

Finally, with a look of exasperation in our general direction the girl turned her light off and spread her blanket over her and her partner. The fellow followed suit, güvenilir bahis siteleri shutting off his light and slipping under their blanket too. I whispered to you that this might finally be our chance so we decided to turn out our lights too.

We did just that and it took a while for our eyes to adjust to the dimness. As it turns out though, we were immediately in front of a set of emergency aisle markers that provided a surprising amount of illumination.

As we sat there we covered ourselves with our own blanket and I spooned up against you, holding you tightly against me. After a few moments I glanced across the aisle to see if our ‘friends’ had gone to sleep yet but noticed that they seemed to be having trouble getting comfortable. I was nuzzling your neck with my hand up your shirt when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. Our neighbor’s blanket had slipped to the girl’s waist. That wasn’t very noteworthy, but was of considerably more interest was that fact that she was bare, at least as far as I could see. They weren’t paying any attention to us though as the guy’s mouth was fastened to one of her tits while his hand was fondling her other.

I very quietly asked you if you saw what I saw and you just nodded subtly as you apparently didn’t want to draw any attention to us. After a moment the girl must have noticed her lost covering and drew it back up. I kind of figured that they had the right idea and so I unbuttoned your top. As I was edging it off your shoulders to free you magnificent breasts the couple across the way changed position. The girl leaned forward to bury her face in her friend’s crotch. Her head was under the cover, but from the bobbing is was very obvious what was going on. It was also obvious that she was totally naked as the blanket had shifted slightly away from the seat and left a narrow strip of bare skin exposed, all the way down her back, across a very bare buttock and from what I could see the top of a bare thigh.

That was all the encouragement that we needed to get your top the rest of the way off you. I suspect that we were considerably more careful with our blanket management though. Once your breasts were bare you began to unbutton my fly. A few buttons later my rigid manhood sprung free. About this time the other couple changed positions again. This time the girl sat up and the guy apparently began to lick her. In the process their blanket slipped right off and they didn’t even make the attempt to straighten it out. We then readjusted ourselves so that I could lift your skirt up to slip my straining cock up your dripping cunt as we watched the show across the way.

What an experience. Having tipobet sex while watching another couple fuck was nothing new to us. Saturday nights were always porn nights at home, but watching someone fuck on screen and watching some chick have her pussy licked only a few feet away was something totally different.

The slow rocking motion set up by my hips under the blanket must have caught the fellow’s eye because all of a sudden he stopped, sat up, and then whispered something in the girl’s ear. She was shaking her head vigorously, but as of yet had made no move to cover herself. The fellow sat up tall and looked around the airplane and then leaned over to whisper in the girls ear again. Whatever he said she must have agreed because she made room for the fellow to clamber over her to the aisle seat, where he reclined the seat all the way. He was totally naked with a huge erection. Decidedly both longer and thicker than mine. Guys like this were only supposed to be in movies, not in real life. The girl bundled up the blanket and then knelt on the seat next to him and began to suck his huge cock. They were clearly putting on a show just for us.

From the moment when they noticed us watching them we had gone totally rigid, but watching her lips slowly fuck his cock I began to rock my hips back and forth again. Every time I thrust forward you complimented my stroke by pushing back. Even though we were totally covered the couple smiled at us when they saw our motion begin again. In fact that seemed to trigger them to try a new position. After flipping up the remaining armrest between the seat the fellow lay back and the girl straddled him and then leaned forward so that they could 69. I’m not sure whether it was for his benefit or ours but he rhythmically pulled the girls ass cheeks wide apart, holding them that way for a long while before squeezing them together.

Our motion picked up speed and I began to wonder what position we could switch to that would allow us better penetration.

The couple were amazingly quiet as they sucked and licked even though it was clear that they were having a tremendous amount of fun. These folks were nothing if not both resourceful and considerate. They were going out of their way entertain us! Their next position they demonstrated for us was doggy, but once again facing away from us so that we would have the best view possible of that massive cock pummeling the girls pussy.

I really wanted to thrust hard and fast, and I couldn’t do that while spooning but I was too embarrassed to let the blanket slip while changing positions and I didn’t dare, so I just kept pumping you from behind. I figured that if I was that shy you must be tipobet güvenilir mi beet red with embarrassment.

I was a little alarmed when they broke off and the fellow came right to the edge of the row and sat on the arm rest facing us. I thought that he was going to talk to us, or proposition us or something but then the girl came out in the aisle too. Once the girl was past, the fellow leaned well back and the girl positioned herself in front of him, but facing us. She climbed up and settled herself slowly down so that that the huge erection was slowly consumed by her cunt. She immediately raised herself back up and off him. She then repositioned herself over his well moistened cock and allowed him access to her ass, Sighing as she settled herself down on him. She then put one foot up on our arm rest and the other on the armrest of the row in front of us and began lift herself up so that we could see the head of his cock just begin to peek out at us before settling back down to take him deeply inside her ass. She used her left arm to help balance, support and lift but she used her right hand to furiously rub her clit while her ass took a pounding.

I asked you if you would mind trying another position and without even asking me what I had in mind you got on your hands and knees in front of me, letting our blanket slide to the ground in the process. With one foot on the floor and one on the seat I thrust back into your eagerly awaiting pussy and began to pump like a madman.

Our friend across the way began to quietly grunt so the girl pulled herself off of him and spun around to take him in her mouth. He obviously began to cum. The girl was clearly experienced at dealing with this and took every drop. Then, as if it had been choreographed they changed places, with the girl sitting on the armrest, and the fellow kneeling before her with his face buried deep in her crotch.

As I pumped I reached around to your waist to rub your clit and found you already well at it. As soon as you felt my hand nudge yours you grasped it and used my fingers as if there were a dildo, occasionally using my fingers to slap lightly at your clit but mostly just rubbing yourself like there was no tomorrow.

Then, in one magical moment I felt my cum began to boil in my balls just as both you and the other girl began to simultaneously buck. You had to bury your face in the seat to avoid crying out as I felt the walls of your cunt constrict around my shaft like a silken fist with each wave of your orgasm. It was if you were milking me. I definitely knew that I wanted to reach simultaneous orgasm with you again.

The other couple seemed to be winding up too. After it was clear that the girl had finished her orgasm the two of them got themselves sorted out and dressed just as we did.

You leaned over to me and whispered “I can’t believe that we did that!” I couldn’t believe it either and I responded by saying “at least we will never ever see them again”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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