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Sweaty Hike Ass Licking

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Sweaty Hike Ass Licking
I was 3 days into a hiking trip in the mountains in California. I came upon 2 girls hiking together that were taking a break. I introduced myself and they said their names were Kate and Eva. Kate was brunette that was about 5’4 with small tits, but thicker hips. Her ass was exceptionally round and she was wearing some short running shorts. Eva was hispanic with brown hair in a ponytail halfway down her back. Her skin was a golden brown and she stood at about 5’6 with a much larger and full set of tits than Kate. I asked if I could take a break with them and they said it would be fine. We sat and talked for a short time and had some food and water. We finished and all got up to keep hiking. We walked and walked for a long while through some rocky terrain as well as some more forested areas. As we walked I kept noticing the sweat gathering on their tight shirts in between and under their tits as well as under their armpits. Their shoulders and exposed legs glistened as droplets of sweat formed. I wished I could lick all of the sweat off of both of them. From EVERY inch of them. I imagined their damp crotches and soaking ass cracks. I imagined their slippery nipples and soggy toes. I caught whiffs of them both in slight breezes. They were smelly, but it was a sweaty scent that is much more delicate and less musky than a man.

We stopped that night and I asked if they minded if I camped in the same area as them. They said it would actually make them feel better to have a man with them. So we stopped and put up our tents and made some food. We sat around and talked and I decided to turn in for the night. Then I overheard them whispering. I don’t know who was talking but the conversation went like this:

“You already want to suck his dick?”

“He is helping us!”

“You are such a slut”

“Like you don’t want to”

“Of course I do, but not right now”

“Bullshit! If he came over here right now and pulled his dick out without saying anything, you’d suck it so quick”

“Yeah, but you’d swallow!”

“Fucking right I’d swallow!”

“You are so nasty! What are we going to do if he wants to stay in a hostel with us in town?”

“We’ll fuck him! But I call him first”

“Why don’t you just go over to his tent and fuck him?”

“Because I smell like shit!”

“We both do! But do you think he smells bad?”

“No, he smells manly and musky. I smell like a pig!”

I wished I could tell them that I would give my left nut to have them come sit their sweaty pussies right on my face.

“Well, if he’s still with us at a hostel, then he’s as good as fucked”

“Wait, who is going to fuck him?”


“No fucking way! You just said I was the slut! I get him!”

“You can blow him out here! I get him after I shower!”

They both laughed at that and the conversation trailed off.
The next morning, I woke up to them softly talking again.

“I have to pee”

“Then go”

“What if he sees me?”

“He’s probably still asleep”

“What if I wake him up with my piss noise?” They both giggled.

“Just go! I have to go too”

At that I heard some rustling and a tent zipper opening. I heard some footsteps and I quietly rolled a little and peeked through a tiny opening in my tent door. I could see feet. Then I saw panties drop down to ankles. After that an ass squatted into view. I could see her asshole relax as she began to push. As she pissed, I could feel my cock growing hard. I could tell by the skin of her ass that it was Eva. Her dark asshole flexed as she squeezed the last bit of piss out. She wiped and pulled up her panties as she stood. “Hurry up!” I hard Kate say.

Then I saw a pair of whiter legs go to almost the same spot and again panties dropped around her ankles. Kate’s asshole was much lighter, even pink. I watched her asshole contract as she went through the cycle of releasing and then tightening her pissing muscles. I would have given anything to be close enough to smell either one of those asses. Kate wiped and pulled her panties up.

A few minutes later, I made some sounds of me stirring so I could begin getting up. I came out of my tent and saw Kate out of the corner of my eye toward the edge of the clearing. I went by a tree and pulled my cock out to piss. It was still semi-hard and I must admit I have a pretty big dick. I looked up and Kate was staring at my cock. Her eyes were big. I tried to act like I didn’t realize she was standing there and apologized. But I still stood there with my cock in my hand and she laughed nervously and insisted that it was ok. I left it out just a little longer.

Once put my cock away, Kate went back into the tent with Eva. I could hear some whispering and giggling and I knew they were talking about my cock. Once Kate re-emerged from the tent, she looked at me and smiled. I noticed immediately that she had taken off her sports bra. Her tight athletic shirt showed me the size of her small tits and the pokiness of her very hard nipples. My cock began to grow. I looked at her legs. They seemed longer. No, her shorts were shorter. I looked and the elastic of her shorts had been rolled up. She turned around and began messing with something in her backpack. But “somehow” her ass was pointed right at me. I could see how tight her shorts were and how they pushed snugly in between her ass cheeks and how the crotch slid firmly in between her pussy lips. As she stood up, her ass cheeks hung out of the shorts. She went back into the tent and I noticed what she had done to her backpack. She had taken her panties and tied them onto the outside of the bag. Usually this is done when you wash them so that they can dry throughout the day. But I knew she hadn’t washed them. And I wanted a sniff of Kate’s sweaty dirty panties.

A moment later, Kate got back out of the tent followed by Eva. Eva had made the same modifications. No sports bra, rolled up shorts, and tied her dirty panties on her backpack. My swollen dick was clearly visible, but this felt like an awesome game. I was going to see how long they would toy with me. I felt like the toying was the most fun part. At this point, fucking one of not both of them was inevitable and I just wanted to see how much fun we could have beforehand.

We broke down our tents and packed everything into our bags. As we set off, Kate saw me staring at her dirty panties tied to her bag. They were bahis siteleri blue bikinis. I could see they had a Victoria’s Secret tag marked as Medium. The crotch of the beautiful motherfuckers was wrinkled and crusty. Not crusty with cum, although there was some. Crusty with just being worn. Kate said “They needed to air out. Someone told us that we only needed one pair, but that was bad advice. We were supposed to wear them one day, flip them inside out, and then wear them for a second day. We’ve worn them for 4 flipping them in and out. We should try to wash them. But until then, we have to go commando!” she said with a sly grin. I openly looked down at her cameltoe and she openly looked at my already stiff cock. I looked over at Eva’s panties, which were black lacy boyshorts. The crotch was the same as Kates. Very wrinkly. I let the ladies go ahead. Because I’m a fucking gentleman, but also so I could look at the panties and try to catch whiffs of them when I could. I was behind Eva for a while. I couldn’t stop looking at her ass. The blus shorts she was wearing started to get a sweat stain on the back. Her shorts were so fucking tight and wedged into her asscrack, that the sweat started to show on the crack. My dick was as hard as it had ever been. I caught whiffs of the panties every few minutes and they smelled incredible. I could feel a spot of precum forming in my underwear. I looked down. It was definitely visible at the tip of my equally visible erection.

We walked along and found a sign for a lake. We got closer and Kate mentioned “We have to wash our clothes here too. Not just our panties.” “FUCK!” I thought. I didn’t want them to wash the panties before I got a chance to sniff them. “Why don’t we take a break before that and get a snack? I feel too tired to swim” was all I could come up with. It would buy me a little time to figure out another plan to get my hands on those panties. “Ok” said Eva. “We can stop and have lunch if that’s cool” “That’d be great” I replied.

We stopped for lunch and the ladies said they needed to pee. They asked if would watch their bags. “OF FUCKING COURSE I WILL! I WANT TO SNIFF THE CROTCH OF YOUR 4-DAY DIRTY SWEATY PANTIES BEOFRE I FUCK YOU BOTH!!” I wanted to scream, but “Yeah, sure” is all that came out. As soon as they walked into the trees, I made my move. I went to Kate’s first. They were stiff with dried sweat. I stuck the crotch up to my nose and inhaled deeply. GOD FUCKING DAMMIT those panties smelled perfect! They smelled like crotch sweat, salt, pussy, and ass. ALL MULTIPLED BY 4 FUCKING DAYS!! I didn’t give a fuck anymore. I pulled my cock out. I licked the panties and tasted the salt on my tongue as I stroked my cock. I rubbed my cock on the ass of the panties and a large glob of precum streaked the fabric. I moved quickly to Eva’s panties, which may have smelled even better than Kate’s The sweat was stronger on Kate’s, but the ass and pussy was stronger on Eva’s. I put the ass of the panties up to my face and inhaled deeply. These panties had been exactly like the shorts were earlier, but for 4 days. Sweaty as fuck. I moved my nose to the crotch and smelled a sharp pussy scent. Both panties were funky as shit. Both panties needed to be washed. Those motherfuckers were stout for sure, but I LOVE pussy sweat, so they were my own personal heaven.

As I stroked, I wiped some precum on Eva’s panties. The sensation of the stinkiest panties I had ever smelled grazing my cock set me off. I started to cum immediately. As soon as I shot the first shot, I heard footsteps coming through the woods towards me. The second large shot flew from my cock onto the side of Eva’s bag. Startled, I put my cock into my pants, but pointed down. The ladies emerged from the woods while I was still cumming. “Hey, are you ok?” Eva asked me. All I could think about was the 2 fat globs of cum I just hot onto her dirty panties and the side of her bag. “I’m fine” I managed to get out as my cock was still spasming, shooting my fat load into my underwear and… oh fuck, down my leg. Kate looked down at my cock. Eva said “Ok… well let’s eat. She went to open her bag and saw the fat cum shot on her panties as well as the one next to it directly on her bag. “Is that… did you… ok, I’m just going to say it. Did you just jack off on my bag?” She asked, sounding surprisingly not mad. “Fuck” I said as I exhaled. “Um, look… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get it on your bag, it just sort of happened.” I said, feeling embarrassed. “I was more going for your panties, but I missed a little.” I muttered. She smiled and said “It’s almost a compliment. Like if I drive you wild enough to sniff my dirtiest panties ever, then you must think I’m pretty hot” “Uh, yeah. I guess… wait, I said I was trying to cum on your panties, not that I was sniffing them.” I said. Kate said “Ok ok, we were trying to entice you with the panties. We were watching you sniff them and jack off the whole time.” “So, you wanted me to?” I said, trying to sound surprised. I wasn’t surprised at all. I know I could have gone up and bent either one of them over at any point and fucked the shit out of them. “Yeah, we liked having you around and didn’t really want you to go” she said, shyly. “She wanted to fuck you” said Eva “But I do too. Sooo….” “So do you want to fuck?” I asked. “Oh, I was going to let her her…” Eva trailed off. “I was thinking both of you” I suggested. They looked at each other. Kate said “We haven’t ever really…done that. We’ve been friends for a while. I mean, I have had threesomes with other friends but…” “I mean, I’m not opposed to it…” said Eva. That was it. Kate suddenly felt like the threesome was completely ok. I reached up and touched Eva’s hardening nipple. I pinched it and she moaned. I brought Kate closer and touched her nipple too. I kissed Kate and felt her nibble on my lip. I slid my tongue into her mouth. I was squeezing Eva’s tits and Kate’s ass. Her ass was damp as fuck. I reached down and grabbed Eva’s ass too. Her ass was sweatier, as I suspected. I turned my head and slid my tongue into Eva’s mouth as well. As I did that, I stuck my hand into the back of both girl’s shorts. Now when I say these girl’s asses were sweaty, I mean they were wet as fuck. I cannot begin to describe to you the pure ecstasy of having both bahis şirketleri hands in the dirty, sweaty ass cracks of these two hot ass girls. I pushed my fingers into their ass cracks and felt how wet but silky the dampness of their asses was. I suddenly ACHED to pull my hands out and smell them both, but I refrained. Eva pulled her shirt up and her big tits fell out. Now was my chance. I pulled my sweaty ass hand up to squeeze her tit as I sucked on her nipple. My hand glistened with sweat. That gave me the opportunity to smell the sweat that had formed in her ass crack and dripped down to her asshole. It was strong as fuck. But still so motherfucking sweet. Like the panties had been, but goddamn it was a lot stronger. As I let go of her titty, there was a full sweaty hand print of ass sweat left behind. I decided to do the same thing to Kate. I pulled her shirt up and used my glistening ass sweat hand to squeeze her tit as I sucked on it. Kate’s wasn’t as strong as Eva’s but it was still pretty fucking pungent. And just as exquisite, jut in a different way. Kate’s “brand” was more delicate while Eva’s was a sucker punch.

I had to stick my hand back into their pants. I was enjoying it too much I kept making out with them as I double-fisted handfuls of pretty girls’ swamp ass. I guarantee you have never read a sentence like that.

I felt a hand pulling my shorts down. Then Kate bent down. She was licking the cum off the tip of my dick and squeezing out the rest. She swallowed it. I looked up at Eva. She was looking at the wet hand mark on her tit. She pushed her tit up to her nose and smelled it. “Holy fuck! Is that from my ass?” “Yeah” I replied. “It smells great” “That smells great? It’s 4 days of ass sweat!” She smelled it again “It’s not actually that bad, I guess. Does Kate’s smell like that?” she asked. “Uh… sort of.” I said. “Sort of? What do you mean sort of?” She responded. “It’s hard to explain” I said. “Now I want to know…” she said quietly. Kate pulled my cock out of her mouth “You what? You’re not smelling my ass, bitch.” “Come on! I just want to know how yours compares to mine!” she replied which made them both laugh. “Are you fucking serious? No!” and she went back to sucking my cock. I had an idea. I used my “Kate’s ass sweat hand” to squeeze the base of my cock while she sucked it. It was a strong smell, so I knew she could smell it. She stopped sucking and smelled my fingers. “Whose ass is that from?” she asked “Yours” I said. She immediately reached back and stuck her hand down into her own sweaty ass crack and pulled it back out and sniffed it. “Fuck that is me… ok, now I want to see what Eva smells like” She said. “See? I’m not crazy! You wanted to know what mine smelled like after sniffing your own!” Eva said loudly.

Since Kate was on her knees from sucking my cock, she went first. Eva turned her ass towards Kate’s face. Kate gripped the band of Eva’s shorts and pulled them down a little. About 2 inches of ass crack was exposed, but you could already see the copious amount of sweat that was there. Kate sniffed cautiously at that little bit of crack. She looked up at me and grinned. “It’s not that bad. Eva, your ass is so fucking sweaty.” She said. She pulled the shorts lower and took another sniff and made a puzzled face like she was thinking deeply about the scent. She pulled them down about halfway and grabbed Eva’s ass cheeks and pulled them open a little bit. The glistening sweat was beaded up in her little peach-fuzz hairs in her crack. Kate finally pulled the shorts all the way down, completely exposing her friend’s ass. She looked focused and determined. She grabbed Eva’s ass cheeks and tried to pull them apart. Eva’s ass was too slippery and Kate had to let go. She tried again and squeezed harder this time, but Eva’s ass was just too sweaty. I told Eva to bend over and that did the trick. You could hear Eva’s ass cheeks pulling wetly apart as she bent over. Kate kept looking. I followed her gaze and saw that she was staring at Eva’s asshole. She studied the dark skin and folds the same way I had that morning while secretly watching her piss. Kate stuck her nose about an inch and a half away from Eva’s sweaty asshole and inhaled. The look on her face was partially grossed out, but also intrigued. She took another whiff. “Wow… it’s ummm… it’s not that bad, actually.” And took another sniff. “Do I… should I… lick it?” Kate asked. “Yeah” I said, trying not to sound too eager. Kate gently touched her tongue to Eva’s asshole and I could see it contract. “Sorry” Kate said and I told her that was normal. I suggested she try it again, but with more pressure this time. Kate stopped and smelled Eva’s asshole again and then stuck her tongue harder onto Eva’s butthole. Kate smiled some and licked again. Eva said “Ok, I really want to smell yours now” Kate kissed Eva’s asshole and said “Ok”. Eva got down on her knees as Kate stood up and Eva hungrily grasped Kate’s shorts and lowered them. Eva stuck her nose directly into Kates’s sweaty crack as she lowered the shorts. I could hear the sweat squishing around as Eva’s face was pressed into Kate. Eva pulled the shorts all the way down and pressed her face hard into Kates drenched ass. Kate made a shocked sound as I assumed Eva’s tongue began flicking her butthole. I began to kiss Kate and taste Eva’s sweat and asshole. I looked down and Eva was full on licking up and down in Kate’s crack. The sound was wet and glorious. Eva finally pulled her face out of Kate’s ass and it was drenched. I immediately stuck my tongue into Eva’s mouth to taste the gloriousness of Kate’s ass. I inhaled deeply as I kissed her and smelled that amazing scent. Then I felt Kate pulling my shorts down in the back. She got down on her knees again and stuck her face into my ass and started licking. Eva took her cue and got on her knees in the front and began sucking my cock. After a couple minutes, Eva had an idea. “I want to taste my own ass” she said as she stood up and rubbed my cock up and down in her ass crack. She stopped and focused on rubbing the head directly on the asshole. I could feel her push against it as the head and first inch slid in. She jacked me off for a few seconds and pulled it out. She then got back on her knees and put my cock that was drenched in her ass illegal bahis sweat and had just been inside of her asshole up to her nose. She sniffed and smiled as she licked all over it. She then sucked me hard. I could feel Kate’s tongue flicking against my asshole. “I never got to smell any ass” I said almost breathlessly. Eva pulled my cock out of her mouth and stood up, bending over immediately. I lowered my head down and inhaled the aroma of Eva’s ass. This was the best day of my life. I licked from her pussy hole all the way to the top of her ass crack. That was a fuckload of sweat. I licked up and down it a few more times and stood back up straight. As I slid my cock into Eva’s pussy, Kate turned my head and kissed me deeply. Her mouth tasted like my ass. I didn’t really care for it, but if it turned her on, I was down to play ball. I kissed her deeply, sucking on her tongue. She reached down and stuck her middle finger up my ass as I fucked Eva. I still wanted to lick Kate’s ass. I told Eva to lay down on a big flat rock a few feet away. I started fucking her pussy again. Kate came and sat on Eva’s face facing away from me so Eva could lick her pussy while I licked her ass. Eva’s pussy was a wet sloppy fucking mess. I couldn’t believe a pussy could get that wet. I looked down at the creamy goodness built up on my cock. I pulled it out and there was a ring down by my balls of white pussy cream. My balls also had quite a buildup. Eva’s pussy was a mess of white cream including what was dripping down her crack. I wanted Eva to clean her juices from me. “Suck it clean” I managed to say. Eva heard and obeyed right away, sitting up,almost throwing Kate off of her face. Eva took my cock into her mouth and I could see the cum building up as she slid it deeper in. Then she pulled it out and licked her lips. She then meticulously cleaned all of her pussy juices off of my cock and balls. I told Kate to go clean up Eva’s pussy and she hungrily obliged, licking all of the juice off of Eva’s pussy lips and off of her asshole, taking the time to stick her tongue up Eva’s ass. I wanted to keep fucking Eva, but I couldn’t keep that up for much longer without cumming, so I had Kate bend over. I slid my cock into her and I could smell her ass scent wafting up at the same time. That is one reason why doggystyle is my favorite. You can smell the girl’s ass the whole time. And this girl’s ass smell was strong, even though most of what I smelled was Eva still on my face and lips. Eva took her turn licking my ass. She was more vigorous than Kate. Eva was much more outgoing in bed. Eva Squeezed my balls as she tongued deeply into my asshole.

“What should I do when I cum?” I asked. “Cum in Kate so I can suck it out” Eva said muffled because her tongue was still in my ass. “Finger my ass and lick my balls” I managed to get out. I felt Eva slide a finger into my ass as her warm wet mouth enveloped my balls. Kate was wet as fuck too and Eva was licking her juices off my balls and the base of my dick. She also started licking Kate’s clit while we fucked. Kate’s knees started getting weak. Her pussy started spasming. She pushed me back and out as she started squirting. WHAT THE FUCK? CUTE LITTLE KATE IS A SQUIRTER?? She is obviously naughtier than we expected. As she convulsed, she shot a fuck-ton of pussy juice onto Eva who was still below licking her clit. I lunged forward to try to catch some of the delicious nectar spraying from Kate. I was able to get a mouthful. When she had finished, she immediately came down and began licking her juices off of Eva. I could cum watching that. But no. I had promised to cum in Kate. Eva’s finger was still inside of me and I almost came from that. I looked at Eva and said “Can I cum in you and Kate sucks it out?” “Fuck it, yeah!” she replied.
As I slid my cock back into her pussy, I had to reflect on the magic that was happening. Here I was with a cute brunette with a round ass and a Hispanic girl with a round ass and fat titties. I had smelled both of their 4-day old sweaty hiking panties, double fisted grabbing their swamp ass (I got it in there again), talked them into smelling and licking each other’s asses, I had licked both of their asses, they licked my ass, I fucked them both, had one suck her own pussy juices off my cock, had my ass fingered by both of them, and had one surprisingly squirt all over the other girl. The girl whose pussy was currently surrounding my dick in a warm and extremely wet glory was covered in sweat, my spit, and her friend’s pussy juices. I was in heaven. As I slid my cock in for the last time before exploding inside of Eva, I realized Eva hadn’t cum yet. I kept my cock in her as I shot what felt like a surprisingly large load since I had just cum a little while before. I pulled out and told Kate to get ready. She got her face hungrily close as I pulled completely out. She pressed her lips to Eva’s pussy hole and made a slurping sound as she sucked the cum out. I put my dick in Eva’s mouth and she sucked her juices and the rest of my cum out. Just then Kate’s face came up and she kissed Eva deeply with my cum in her mouth. I wanted Eva to cum, so I moved back down to her pussy and started to lick it. She began to moan as she and Kate continued to slurp and suck loudly on each others mouths and tongues. Cum was dripping out of her pussy and I licked it up. I slid my finger into Eva’s ass and flicked her clit with my tongue. I looked up at the two girls and they had my tongue dripping down their chins and onto their tits. I slid a second finger up Eva’s ass and she moaned. Kate reached down and slid a finger into Eva’s ass too. Kate was definitely full of surprises. So I continued to lick her clit and inside of her pussy that was still dripping with my cum. Even though she has been relatively quiet so far, when she came, Eva was a screamer. It might have been the 3 fingers up her ass, though. I could feel her asshole contracting around our fingers as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her. Once she was done cumming, We all laid down on the rock touching each other and kissing. The girls slurped my cum off of each other’s chins I licked it off their tits. Then we laid back, COVERED in bodily fluids and just breathed. Then we decided to go down to the lake and wash up. We cleaned up, but we were definitely close the entire rest of the hike. The girls had to leave after 5 more days to go back to work and we made sure to fuck as often as possible in that time. I was also able to lick a lot of sweaty assholes in that time too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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