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Step Daughter is a woman now part 4

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Step Daughter is a woman now part 4
Continuation of the following story:


It had been 20 minutes of me sitting there, lost in my head, struggling with the thought of what to do. I was so torn with what I had done and what I should do. I know what I wanted to do, but could I? I finally decided to think things through a bit more clearly and made my first move. I called my wife to check in and confirm that she was indeed staying at her sisters and not coming home. I felt my heart race as I went back to the window and checked to see what the girls were doing and how to make the next play. I saw both of them still on the deck, their breasts still exposed, the sight immediately making my dick come back to life. I decided to turn on the music in the house to go through the speakers in the back to give them the opportunity of a subtle warning and also to bring them sun tan lotion as a premise to come outside. I quickly ran upstairs and changed into my swim trunks, and grabbed the lotion, turned on some tunes and grabbed a beer and took one last look outside. I was both relieved and disappointed to see the girls had their tops back on but decided to go out anyway.

I walked out onto the deck ” sorry to intrude girls, but its too nice to not go for a swim, I hope you don’t mind” setting my beer down I walked to the pool. ” I brought out some sun tan lotion if you guys need it” I smiled and started walking towards the pool.

” Thanks dad, thats a good idea. I thought you would have been out here a while ago” Jesse said with the biggest smile on her face. I waited a second to take my sunglasses off and took a quick glance at Sara to see her reaction, which was a big smile as well. I dove in the pool and just swam alone, trying to keep my thoughts and my eyes to myself. I swam for a few minutes and then grabbed a floating chair and asked Jesse to bring me my beer.

“I got it Jess” Sara said quickly and grabbed it and brought it over to me as I waded to the edge. ” Here you go” she said as she bahis şirketleri leaned over and handed it to me, I stared at her gorgeous cleavage, not able to hide my eyes. ” Thank you Sara” I looked finally up at her and knew that she saw me staring and yet she had an even bigger smile than before, and took her time standing back up before walking away, a small laugh coming from her mouth as she walked back to her chair.

I floated around for a few minutes, and the reached for my sunglasses so that I could enjoy the view without being caught. A few minutes later Jesse decided to put the sun tan lotion on, slowly lathering it all over her body and staring at me, paying careful attention to her legs and stomach. I wasn’t able to look away and then she looks at Sara ” can you put it on my back please?” as she turns over and lays on her stomach. I watch Sara go just as slow, spreading it and rubbing it all over Jesses perfect body and then I hear “undo the strap too, get it all over my back…” Sara hesitates and then just unties her top and pours more lotion on her back ” Shit jesse I put too much” Sara says as she starts rubbing it in. “That’s ok, sc**** the extra off with you hand” Jesse says and as soon as Sara does, Jesse quickly flips around, lays on her back her gorgeous tits facing up to the sky. ” Just rub it on the front too, don’t waste any” Jesse says laughingly. Sara gasps, looking stunned at her boldness, and is lost for words……Jesse pulls her shades down and looks right at me…”Its not like you haven’t touched them before Sara, just rub it in” Jesse’s smile getting bigger……Sara still froze slowly turns, seeing Jesse’s eyes looking right at me, and looks at me as well, then turns back and starts to rub the lotion on her. Jesse smiles and lets a small gasp and moan out as Sara’s hands rub her breasts, her nipples getting harder by the second at the touch. It takes a second for Sara’s movements to start being more confident, more smooth and she gets lost in the moment and starts to squeeze Jesses tits, spending much longer than needed to rub the lotion in…..Jesse looks back at me and says to Sara…..”your turn”

Sara slowly gets up, turns, glances at me and lays on illegal bahis her chair as Jesse stands up and squeezes lotion on her legs, slowly rubbing it in all over up to her waist and stomach, stopping just shy of her top and tells Sara to flip over, applying the lotion all over her back, her legs, and her ass, then her shoulders. I found myself floating closer to them, maybe by chance, maybe on purpose, but staring at the show silently, barely hearing the music in the background. Jesse turns slightly and looks at me again, and then quickly pulls at the string on Saras top without asking and continues to rub the lotion in. I see Saras body tense, a short whimper leaves her lips as she thinks about protesting, and then relaxes and lets it happen. I am now only a few feet away, still floating in the pool, my cock as hard as it has ever been standing straight up as I watch Jesse, her tits freshly lotioned, glistening the in the sunlight, swaying as she works Saras body over….” time to flip over Sara”…….

I find my hand make its way to my shorts, seconds feeling like an eternity as I wait in anticipation, as I see Sara slowly turn over, her top falling off of her as she does, her gorgeous body exposed to the sun, her nipples as hard as little rocks…..She tries to look away but she sees me, only a few feet away, staring at her body, my erection as obvious as it could ever be, and she looks at me……and then my shorts, and as Jesses hands touch her, she bites her lip, unable to hide her enjoyment and pleasure of it all…..she knows her tits have made me hard…..The touch of Jesses hands…..the thought of being watched naked……Jesse looks at me as well, her hands continuing to rub and squeeze Saras tits, and she focuses on my shorts, my dick bursting through the fabric…..”I think my dad likes your tits Sara, he has the biggest hard on right now”…..Jesse looks at Sara as she squeezes her nipple, her other hand continues down her stomach…..” Look how hard he is Sara”……Sara looks as Jesse asks, staring at my dick through my shorts, only a few feet from her, Jesses hand finding its way into Saras bottoms…..Sara bites her lip again and her head tilts back as Jesses fingers illegal bahis siteleri find their way to her wetness….Saras mouth falls open as her pussy is stroked……..”Do you want to see it Sara???? Do you want to see his cock??” Jesse says while looking right at me…..My hand now on my cock through my shorts…”Jesse……I don’t…..I can’t……OMG…” Sara lets out a slightly louder moan….”Don’t you want to see It Sara, he is touching it right now, watching me play with your pussy….Don’t you want to see how hard you make him????” Jesse continues staring at me…….”I ….I ……” Sara stutters…..”Don;t you want to see my dads dick? I know you do, just say it” Jesse works her harder….” I ….oh god, yes, I do” Jesse gives in as her head lowers back to look….”Tell me you want to, tell me you want to see my dads dick” Jesse pushes her…..”I ….yes, I want to, I want to see your dads DICK…”

I sat there, watching, hearing, yet somehow not understanding or able to even move, my hand squeezing my cock on its own through my shorts. Jesse looks at me with her smile and her eyes getting larger…” You heard her dad, she wants to see your cock…..She wants to see you pull it out, she wants to see it”……I look back at Jesse and almost on their own, my hands start to pull down my shorts, my dick hard as it had ever been, springs free, my hand quickly going to it and slowly strokes it….”Look Sara, look how hard it is……Look at him, hes stroking it watching you”…..Jesse speeding up her hand, fingering Sara harder, Sara arching her back struggling to keep her head down staring at my dick….”Isn’t it nice Sara?” Jesse pushes her….”yes, its so hard, its amazing……It looks…..OMG…it looks so good” Sara moans loudly……Jesse looks back and motions to the stairs at me….she does it twice……I immediately respond still my hand on my dick and make my way to the stairs, without even thinking, my body in autopilot, and walk towards them on the deck, cock in hand, still stroking, ending up at the foot of the chair, my dick inches away from Jesses head, Sara looking intently at it…..Jesse makes a move, her other hand reaches for it, takes a couple strokes, and then looks right at Sara, then turns back and wraps her lips around my tip…..Sara bucks at the sight, back arching and lets out a small scream as she cums hard, her eyes never losing sight of her friends lips on the tip of my dick…..

To be continued

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