Haziran 12, 2020

Seduction of a Conservative Wife

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Seduction of a Conservative Wife
Liz and I married young, I was 21 and she was just 18, little more than c***dren really. Our parents didn’t think it would last long but somehow we grew up and built a solid happy marriage together. I wish you could see the pictures of Liz in her wedding dress, she looked like a perfect china doll! She’s 5ft 3 with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes, 110 lbs and has a curvy figure and gorgeous, perfectly shaped 34C breasts that sit well and high up on her chest. She has pretty little girl looks and even though she’s not a stunning beauty men always look at her twice and the second look is always long and lingering.

So here we are 10 years down the line with two small c***dren and struggling to pay the mortgage on a dilapidated old house in a pretty village. You’d think I’d be gloriously happy wouldn’t you but I’m not. I’m depressed. Why? Well you see Liz came from a Catholic family and was educated at a convent school run by a strict order of nuns so from a very early age she was indoctrinated with the teaching that sex was sinful, that only wicked girls have sex and good catholic girls didn’t indulge. The result of all this brain washing was that Liz was very repressed about sex and there was always a tinge of guilt attached to it which made me feel guilty too. Having said that she never refused me and was willing if I made the first move but she never instigated or suggested sex, it was always me that had to take the lead. When we did have sex it was very, straight and formulaic. She didn’t like oral sex, it was always in the dark and in the bedroom, and she never wanted to try other positions or be adventurous in any way.

I tried many times to talk to her about it but she just used to cry and say she couldn’t help it, it was just her being her. However she was completely loyal and loving and was devoted to both me and the c***dren and she didn’t have any vices at all so I loved her truly and deeply and I knew I was going to have to accept her for what she was.

I used to hear fellas at work talking about their partners and how liberated and indulgent they were and it used to make me ache with envy so I resolved to try and break down her anxieties and give her the sexual freedom that I was sure she wanted and would enjoy, but how to do it? I bought her some sexy lingerie and cajoled her into wearing it one night but she was so embarrassed she couldn’t go through with it and sulked at me for a couple of days afterwards. I felt dreadful that I’d obliged her to try. I plucked up the courage to try again later and bought a small vibrator but again it ended up as an awkward and embarrassing disaster. I was running out of ideas and was becoming more desperate.

Then the local fuel station started renting video tapes and they had a soft core adult section so I rented one that looked fairly racy but still quite mild and took it home. That night after supper and the k**s were in bed we were sitting on the sofa watching a TV show when I said I’d got a video to watch.

“What is it then?” Liz asked.

“Well, it’s a kind of action movie.” I lied.

“OK, put it on then and we’ll give it a try.” she said brightly.

I loaded the tape and pressed the play button. There was a story line as such about a detective looking for a missing girl but the acting, plot and quality were all dreadful.

“This is rubbish! Do you really want to watch it?” Liz challenged.

“Oh, come on, let’s give it a chance.” I pleaded.

Suddenly the tone of the movie changed with a bedroom scene of a couple tumbling onto a bed, stripping naked and enthusiastically making out. It was all soft focus and quite innocuous but it was still quite charged and arousing and of course it was the first time Liz had ever seen anything like it. I braced myself for the reaction.

“This is disgusting.” but her voice wasn’t hard and angry, instead it was hushed and shocked.

“Do you want me to switch it off?” I asked.

“No, no, it’s OK, let it run.” came the surprising reply.

As the movie ran on there were more scenes of gentle but vigorous sex in various combinations during which Liz sat in complete silence but I was aware of how intensely she was watching the sex scenes. The video finished and I switched it off.

“What did you think of it?” I asked hesitantly.

” Yeah, it was OK, a bit tame perhaps but good.” was her considered answer. A bit tame I thought? This was surprising! I decided to push it further.

“Would you like to see another one some time?” I ventured, “maybe something a bit stronger?”

“Maybe, well OK why not.” She smiled. My mind raced at this thought, maybe porn was the key I had been looking for.

Soon afterwards we went to bed. After we’d settled down with the light off Liz giggled.

“I take it that movie excited you then? I saw the bulge growing in your pants, do you want me to relieve the pressure for you?”

Did I? Did I ever. I was already swollen and stiff when she grasped my shaft and started to tease it. Now whilst Liz had a lot of hang ups about sex she was an expert, world class prick teaser, she knew exactly where and how hard to work me. She could judge exactly when I was on the edge and then she would stop and let me calm down before working me again. As she gave me her expert attention she asked.

“What part of the film did you like best?”

“The car chase.”

“No silly, I mean which of the rude bits did you like best?” She was quietly insistent.

“I liked the bit where the guy was in bed with the two girls” I provoked.

She gasped and squeezed my shaft very hard until I winced but then she giggled again.

“Pig! But I suppose that’s every mans fantasy.” she concluded.

“What about you? What was your favourite bit then?” I asked.

“Umm, I don’t know. It was all quite exciting seeing those people making love, it gives you ideas doesn’t it?”

What? Ideas? Even though I was hanging on the edge of a massive orgasm my mind focussed on what she’d said. I knew I had to exploit this as soon and as much as possible.

“Tell me you love me.” she whispered as she brought me to an explosive finish.

At about this time we had a new neighbour move in. The house had been empty for some time and was in an even more dilapidated state than ours was. Through the window we saw the van parked outside being unloaded so we left them to it but the next day we had to walk down the street to the shops and Liz said we should knock on the door and introduce ourselves. The day was opened by a guy in his mid 50’s. He was tanned and lean looking and had a mane of silver grey hair and a matching silver beard and moustache. He looked very distinguished but the most noticeable features were his dark piercing eyes.

” Hello, how can I help you?” he smiled.

His voice was deep and rich but there was laughter in it. He looked us both over giving me just a cursory glance but his eyes settled on Liz and stayed on her.

“Hi, I’m Liz and this is my husband Alec, we’re your neighbours.”

She offered him her hand to shake which he took but he seemed to hold onto it for a fraction too long. He and I then shook hands. His handshake was very firm and his skin felt like old leather.

“Well I’m delighted to meet you, my name is Rob and I’m so glad I have such friendly neighbours, especially when they’re as lovely as you Liz.” He smiled broadly at her.

“You and your wife must come over for drinks one evening.” Liz blushed.

“I would really like that but there is no wife so you’ll just have to put up with me I’m afraid. How about tomorrow night?” he smiled again.

We agreed for him to come over the next night, made our goodbyes and continued walking down the road.

“He seems a decent enough guy.” I offered.

“Gives me the creeps,” Liz snapped “did you see the way he looked at me? And those eyes of his! He looks like a demon.”

“Then why did you invite him over.” I queried.

“Because it’s the proper and polite thing to do.” she said.

“You know one day your sense of fair play and decency is going to land you in it!” I cautioned. I never realised how prophetic my words would become.

The next day at work a colleague came over to me.

“I hear you’ve got a new neighbour.” he said.

“Yeah, a guy called Rob. How did you know?” I asked curiously.

“Oh, I know Rob from our work in a youth group. He’s just divorced you know for the third time! He’s a dreadful womaniser, a total satyr. He’s just had to leave the youth group for having an affair with one of the helpers and he’s got a paternity order against him as well after getting his secretary pregnant. He’s a rogue and no mistake!” he grinned. I decided to keep that information to myself for the time being.

When I got home Liz was busy fussing round preparing some snacks and tidying the house, she’d even brought in some fresh flowers from the garden, she really was the perfect hostess. Bang on time Rob rang the doorbell and we ushered him in, I shook hands with him but he’d brought a bunch of flowers for Liz.

“I brought you these to say thank you for being so welcoming, it’s meant a lot to me, I’m not usually welcomed anywhere.” he said with his deep rumbling laugh.

Liz blushed and mumbled an embarrassed thank you but Rob swept up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. The hug lasted a while and I guessed he was enjoying the feel of her body against him, especially her firm and generous breasts.

We all sat down and spent the next few hours in a very amicable and pleasant social evening. Rob was the perfect guest; witty, charming and completely amiable. He was a whisky drinker like me and he punished the bottle throughout the evening. We learnt a bit more about him, he said he was divorced but didn’t elaborate further. One thing he was very quick to tell us was that he had been sterilised and had just got his test results back and that he was ‘safe’ This was obviously for Liz’s benefit because by then I knew he was anything but safe around my wife!.

He was a sales trainer for a big IT company and spent a lot of time travelling the country running seminars for the sales teams. He certainly mounted a charm offensive on Liz, he flattered and complimented her at every opportunity and I became aware that her attitude to him was changing. From being coldly formal she warmed to him considerably, when they spoke together I noticed she leaned her body towards him slightly. I know he noticed this too because even though she was wearing a plain white blouse her high firm breasts always gave a tantalising glimpse of cleavage, something Rob obviously appreciated by the amount of time he spent surreptitiously ogling them.

At about 11pm Rob looked straight at Liz and announced he wanted to go to bed, the inference was obvious but Liz just giggled like a school girl. When he got up to leave he again swept Liz up in another hug that was much longer than the one he gave her when he arrived, he also kissed her on both cheeks. After he left we cleared the crockery and glasses away and went up to bed. As we were changing I thought I’d see what Liz was feeling.

“Well that seemed to go well don’t you think?” I said nonchalantly.

“Yes, he’s actually very charming, I think I may have misjudged him a little. But did you know when he hugged me as he left I could feel his shaft pressing against me? He was quite hard! I think it must have been all that whisky he drank.” and again she giggled shamelessly.

“I’m not sure about that, a mutual friend told me today that he’s a notorious womaniser with marriages and affairs galore behind him. It seems he can’t leave women alone.”

“Oh! Really! Well, well. Mind you I’m not surprised though the way he kept coming onto me and looking at me with his demon eyes.”

“So how do you feel about that?”

“Umm, I’m not sure. At first I didn’t like it but then I realised it was nice to have someone other than you find me attractive, but don’t worry he’s far too old for me.” and she laughed brightly. However there was a thoughtful look in her eyes.

I felt reassured by her answer and was confident Liz was totally faithful to me but that night and most of the next day I kept turning this over in my mind. I couldn’t work out if I felt threatened by Rob or whether like Liz I should feel flattered that he found my wife attractive, after all every man likes to be envied by others. He obviously found her attractive but how far would he go? The question nagged at my mind constantly together with a question I never thought I would ask myself — how far did I want this to go?

I loved my wife dearly but the sudden and never before faced prospect of her having an affair was utterly confusing. I was very possessive of her but even so I reasoned if she wanted a lover how was I to forbid it and could I even do that? And if I did what damage would it do to our marriage. I decided to concentrate instead on awakening her passions; I reasoned that if I did that then she wouldn’t want another man.

I called into the fuel station again and looked for a suitable video film that might explore Liz’s sexual feelings further. I didn’t want anything hardcore, I’d seen hardcore movies before and they were little more than anatomical lessons and I didn’t want to scare Liz off but I needed something stronger to excite her more. Looking at all the video boxes I found one with a picture on the back of a bondage scene. Not bad I thought, pushing the boundaries but not too far so I checked it out of the library.

That evening as we again sat down after eating and finishing our chores I said, “I got another video today, do you want to watch it?”

“Oh wow, great, can we watch it now? You set it up and I’ll fix us a drink.”

I thought I was going to have to entice Liz to watch it but here she was eager and keen and also having a drink! This was very unusual behaviour! We sat down on the sofa and I sat back a little from her so I could watch her reaction. I pressed the play button on the remote. As before the quality, sound and production were dreadful but Liz was intent on the TV screen. There were a couple of sex scenes pretty much the same as the last movie and she was totally absorbed by them. She was silent but I saw her body tensing as she watched. Then the scene I was waiting for came on. A man broke into a house and found a woman alone in the bedroom. She turned to see him but before she could scream he had thrown her onto the bed, pinned her down and put gaffer tape over her mouth. Liz stiffened and sat bolt upright mesmerised by the unfolding action. The man then tied the woman’s hands to the headboard with some conveniently placed rope, stripped her naked and took her forcefully.

I watched Liz carefully, she was silently mouthing ‘Oh my god’ over and over again. Her fingers were clenched tightly into her palms and her thighs were rubbing together. At the end of the scene she turned to me and said, “Will you do that to me? Now, right now?”

And with that she grabbed my hand and dragged me upstairs. When we got into the bedroom I went to my clothes draw to find a couple of my ties to bind her with and when I turned back Liz was already naked on the bed with her legs spread wide.

“Quickly lover quickly, I so need this.”

With that she raised her arms above her head and held them there while I fumbled to secure them with my tie. I undressed as fast as I could and kneeled astride her. She was breathing very fast in short shallow pants, her nipples were swollen and hard and she was flushed around her cheeks and neck. I took the second tie and tied it around her head as a blindfold. She was whimpering like a small a****l. I bent down and kissed her on the mouth and then nipped each of her nipples very hard. She gasped out loud and writhed underneath me, pulling uselessly at her bonds.

“Oh my god, oh my god, have me baby, have me now as hard as you can, please have me now.” she stammered.

Instead I took the tip of my shaft and held it against her mouth. Immediately she gasped and opened her mouth to accept it. As I pushed gently past her lips I felt her tongue flick over the swollen tip and her lips close around my shaft as she gently began to suck. She whimpered again and as she did so I reached behind me and began to tease her clit with my fingers.

I was so aroused I knew I was very near so I pulled away from her mouth and moved myself between her legs. As I did so she arched her back and raised both her legs straight into the air. I slid gently into her, my god she was wet, really wet so on my first thrust I slammed fully into her. She gave a deep long moan of pure ecstasy. I felt like a god. I tried to control my need to explode by trying to focus on work, the roof repair, the bank overdraft in fact anything to distract me and slow me down but her gorgeous body was overwhelming and after just a few thrusts I couldn’t hold back any longer. Liz felt me tensing and arched her back again, moaned loudly and I felt her pussy muscles gripping me tightly. We came together powerfully.

Afterwards we lay still in a kind of shocked silence. I untied her hands and she wrapped them round my neck while wrapping her legs around my waist.

“Ummmm, that was unbelievably good lover, I came sooo hard for you.” she purred like a contented kitten.

I don’t remember falling asleep but I was so spent I slept through the alarm next morning. I began to think that by being bound and helpless Liz was absolving herself of any responsibility for her wanton behaviour, it was all beyond her control so how could she feel guilty about it? I felt that the key I was looking for was beginning to turn in the lock.

I somehow managed to stay awake through work the next day and staggered home feeling like something the cat had dragged in. When I got in Liz rushed to meet me.

“I had a visitor today.” she announced.

“Oh yeah, who was that?”

“Rob, he came to say thank you for the other evening.”

“That was nice of him.”

“Yes, but as soon as I invited him in he made a pass at me, he squeezed my bottom and said he’d love to get to know me better, a LOT better.”

“So what did you do?”

“I laughed it off but he was serious.”

Immediately the thoughts that I had been trying to lose came flooding back and again I was confused and uncertain about exactly how I felt. Should I be upset at his behaviour? I thought I should be but I wasn’t, in fact I felt strangely excited about it. God, what is wrong with me!

“So how do you feel about all this?” I asked Liz.

“That’s the strange thing, I don’t know. At the time I was shocked but now I feel a little bit excited about it. It’s very flattering being chased by an attractive man even if he is a little bit old! His eyes look like devil eyes! I think I should be careful of him though.”

An attractive man? A bit excited! What is this? And now he’s not too old but just a little bit old!

“I think you should as well.” I said more to myself than Liz.

“Oh, and he wants to buy you a beer tonight at the pub, he said he’d see you over there about 8.00. He wants to tell you something but he wouldn’t tell me what it was.”

This was suddenly getting deeper and I certainly felt that I was floundering out of my depth. Things were happening that were ruining my cosy little world and I started to feel a bit scared.

After supper and chores she said, “When you come back from the pub with Rob I want to ask you something.” Even more to worry about I thought.

At 8.00 I walked across to the village pub and found Rob sitting at a table in the corner. He stood up and gave me a cheery wave, walked across to me and asked what I wanted to drink. He bought a couple of beers and we both sat down.

“Did Liz tell you I called in to see her this morning?”

“Uh huh.” I said cautiously.

“Well I’m sure she told you I made a pass at her then.”

“Uh huh.”

“I like you Alec you’re a nice guy so I’m going to tell you straight to your face. I think Liz is a very attractive and desirable woman, the kind of woman that really appeals to me and I intend to seduce her and make a cuckold of you.”

“Whaaat? Excuse me?”

“I have had a great many women in my life, they are my weakness, I live to chase and enjoy women and to me there is nothing more exciting or that makes me feel more alive than to seduce a woman. To seduce a married woman is the most thrilling of all and to have them in their marital bed is the ultimate excitement for me. I have a lifetimes experience, skill, and guile in the art of seduction and I will use every ounce of that to seduce your wife. When I break her defences I will use her mercilessly, I will use her like a sex doll, I will use her until I am satiated and that will never happen. I will do things to her that you have never done and I will give her experiences and feelings she has never dreamt of and not only will she be a willing conquest but she will beg me to pleasure her. I will not rest until I have feasted on her, made her mine and given her the sexual experiences of her life and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop me.”

OK, so that’s it then. He’s putting me on notice. What do I say?

“Well Rob, I understand why you want Liz, after all that’s why I married her and I can’t stop you trying for her but I don’t think you’ll succeed, she is very conservative, sexually innocent, naïve and very loyal.”

“Very well then, you must help me to seduce her.”

“Why should I do that for heaven’s sake.”

“Because like most other men who have been in a secure marriage for some years you find the idea strangely compelling and exciting. Admit it, ever since I’ve shown an interest in Liz you’ve been thinking about it haven’t you?”

“Yes.” I answered feebly.

“I’m not looking to break your marriage up and neither am I seeking to take her from you. You have nothing to fear from me at all in that respect. And you know that the idea of me pleasuring your wife excites you beyond reason so will you help me?”

I thought hard for a moment.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but yes, I will help you but it won’t be easy, she will resist your advances on her.”

Or at least I think she will anyway. Now I’m not so sure.

“Meanwhile you must tell me everything about her, her most intimate of secrets, the things that do excite her, her fantasies and weaknesses, anything I can use to break down her resistance to me.”

So I told him everything I could. I felt no sense of betrayal, just a growing excitement for planning her seduction with such cold method and intent. After that we talked about houses, work, cars and anything else but by then it was a done deal. What was I doing for pity’s sake?

It was quite late when I got home but Liz started talking to me as soon as I got in.

“You remember our lovemaking the other night?”

“I don’t think I’ll ever forget it, it was amazing, fantastic, wonderful.”

She smiled and chuckled provocatively, “Well I thought next time I would like to tie you up and pleasure you,” then in a quieter voice “and I want to video tape it.” She lowered her head and lifted her eyes to me coquettishly.

Liz had been going on about filming the k**s growing up so I’d sc****d the money together to buy a second hand camcorder. Now we were going to make our own porn movie!

Bloody hell, can there be any more shocks tonight! I now seem to have turned my wife from a conservative prude into a rampant sex maniac and my horny neighbour wants to debauch her. This was all getting a bit too much for me to get my head round.

“By the way what did Rob want to say to you?”

“Oh he’s going away for a few days and he wanted me to keep an eye on the house for him.” I lied. No way was I going to tell her what he’d really said.

Liz’s enthusiasm for our movie making was overwhelming and she insisted I take an afternoon off work so we could make the film in daylight and while the c***dren were at school. As soon as I got home Liz had me shower and then set the camcorder up in our bedroom on top of the wardrobe looking down onto the bed. Then she carefully tied my hands and feet to the bed frame (surprisingly tightly) so I was effectively spread-eagled. She was wearing her favourite kaftan robe and when the redlight started blinking on the camcorder she undid the zip and let it fall to the ground.

She was wearing the sexy lingerie I had bought for her previously! A figure hugging black basque that squeezed her breasts together and upwards, black stockings attached to the suspender straps, minute black briefs and a lovely black velvet neck choker sporting a small cameo broach. She looked absolutely stupendous, agonisingly beautiful and without any conscious thought my shaft rose at the sight of her.

“My, but you are a hungry boy aren’t you.” she purred.

She then climbed onto the bed beside me making sure not to obscure the cameras view and began to stroke my aching shaft.

“Mmmmm, I think I’m going to enjoy making you suffer for my pleasure and everything will be for my pleasure.”

Without another word she took my shaft deep into her mouth and began sucking, twisting and licking it. That was the start of the most surprising and enjoyable couple of minutes of my life. She squeezed, teased and pleased for as long as I could stand it and all the time she made the most suggestive sexual comments. When she finally released me she laughed with glee at my convulsions.

I suddenly realised that this wasn’t Liz my demure shy little wife any more, this was Liz the dominatrix porn star and she was acting very enthusiastically for the camera! Finally I had found which buttons to push to arouse her passions but now I was beginning to think it may not have been such a good idea after all. I was completely worn out.

That night we watched the video we had made and rather than be embarrassed by seeing herself behave that way instead she rejoiced in her behaviour pointing out the moments when her performance particularly pleased her. When it had finished she looked at me and said

“I want to make another one but a bit more daring this time.” Her eyes were glowing.

“What do you mean by more daring?” I asked hesitantly.

“I don’t know but you’re good at that kind of thing, you suggest something.”

I decided in a heartbeat to take the plunge, “OK, how about we do the same but with another man instead of me?”

I braced myself for what I was sure was going to be a hissy fit.


Not “Are you mad”, “No way” or “What do you think I am” just ‘Who?’

“Well I thought maybe Rob.” again I braced myself.

A thoughtful silence, no protests, shock or indignation just a thoughtful silence.

“Would he agree to it do you think? I have to say I’m curious about him.” her giggle was full of intent.

Curious about him huh? Well one thing I did know about women was that curiosity was their downfall. More women had succumbed because of their curiosity than any number of candle light dinners, moonlight walks along the beach or diamond jewellery. When a woman got curious about a man it was a certainty that things would happen. Now Liz was curious about Rob. I knew exactly where this was going to end.

“Oh yes, I’m sure he would agree to it, anything that will get him closer to you he will agree to, you already know he wants you.”

She giggled again, this time it was a purely sexual sound.

“How would we work it then? I don’t want him to see or touch me. I just want to enjoy him.”

“He’ll want to see the video though, he’ll still see you then?”

“That’s different, that’s video, I just don’t want him to see me while I’m having him, it would be wrong.”

Oh my god, this is moving faster than I can cope with, she actually wants to pleasure the man who is intent on seducing her but she doesn’t want him to see her in the flesh? A woman’s logic had always been beyond me. I was going crazy with all this.

I mentioned that we lived in an old quirky house and one of it’s idiosyncrasies was a first floor loft that was quite big and had arched beams so thinking quickly I decided it would be ideal.

“OK, we film it in the loft. We can tie his arms up to the ceiling beams and have him stand there. With a blindfold on he won’t be able to see or touch you. You come in after he’s been strung up and leave the room again before I let him down. What you do to him is entirely up to you, I will just work the camera.”

“When will you talk to him about it?”

“As soon as he gets back from his trip, he wants us to go out for a pint again anyway. I’ll tell him the ground rules about no touching or peeking and that he has to agree to anything you wish to do to him. Is that OK?”

“Mmmm yes, but I want him oiled up as well, oh I can’t wait, please make it happen lover.” she pouted.

I had truly woken her slumbering passions.

Rob came back from his trip and called me straightaway to arrange to go for a drink. When I got to the pub he was waiting at the table with two pints for us. He launched in straight away.

“Well, did you get anywhere with Liz? Did you work on her? Am I any closer to having her?”

“Yes you are but the route is unusual to say the least.”

“Explain to me, I don’t understand.” he looked puzzled.

So I told him about the video and bondage thing and how it had inflamed Liz’s desires and that it had now culminated in her wanting him to subject himself to her fantasies.

“I see what you mean about unusual. So in order to get closer to Liz I have to agree to be her sex slave while she films it? Mmmm that’s not something I’ve ever tried before but it interests and excites me immensely. Tell her I agree. This is going to be an even more satisfying conquest than I thought it would be.”

We finished our beers and went home. Liz pounced on me as soon as I got in the door, “Well, did you ask him?”

“Yes and he agrees to it and your conditions. I told you he would do it to get closer to you, he’s coming over tomorrow night to discuss the details and arrangements.”

She laughed out loud, “He’s not getting any closer to me but I’ll certainly be getting closer to him, poor fool! Men are so gullible when it comes to sex, they believe what they want to believe!”

I kept very quiet.

The following evening when Rob came over Liz greeted him warmly and with great confidence, I recognised the total change in her attitude toward him.

“Hi Rob, I’m so glad you agreed to my proposal, I’m looking forward to it enormously.” and with that she threw both arms round his neck and gave him a long kiss on the lips and pushed her hips hard against him.

I knew what she was doing, she’d put on a tight top with a revealing neck line and she was testing him to see what effect she had on him. The effect was immediate and highly visible.

“My, you are pleased to see me.” she teased him and then to my shock and Rob’s surprise she lowered her hand, grasped his shaft and squeezed. Then she suddenly pulled away and laughed.

“No more, that’s just a taste of what you’re going to get.” her smile was pure wickedness. Rob’s grin was ear to ear.

“I can’t wait either Liz, but I warn you I shall not be easy, you will have to work very hard at me.”

“Oh Rob, I think you’ll be the one who’ll be very hard!” They both laughed.

The moment passed and we sorted out a date and time and how it would go. I don’t remember that much of what was discussed; I was still fixated on the sight of my young gorgeous wife stroking another man’s shaft.

For the next two days Liz was walking on air, she was buzzing with anticipation and excitement. She went to the hairdressers and took herself off shopping for ‘things’ she needed for the big day. Also, for those two nights she became the passionate sensual woman I’d always dreamt of but I had a nasty nagging feeling she was using me for practice in preparation for her adventure with Rob.

Came the day and Liz spent all morning preparing herself to look her best. We had some old blackout curtains which I rigged in the loft as a background and floor covering, I’d bought a clothes rope and some screw eyes to rig up two ropes from the ceiling beam. I also fixed an angle poise lamp to the ceiling beam shining directly down and a second stand type lamp with two spotlights to one side to give oblique lighting for modelling. I had the camcorder on a rickety old tripod to one side, the mains lead was connected to prevent a battery failure at the wrong moment and I was set.

Rob arrived right on time, he let himself in the backdoor and climbed the stairs to the loft. We greeted each other as he looked around at the set up, glanced at his watch and said “It’s time, I’ve been thinking about this constantly and now it’s time, I think Liz is going to enjoy me more than she expects.”

“You realise the longer you hold out the more adventurous Liz will have to become?” I said.

“I’m well prepared,” he grinned “I took a Viagra earlier.”

He stripped naked and as he began to oil himself with the baby oil we’d bought I looked at his shaft. He didn’t look any bigger than me but he was massively thick and heavily veined, something I knew Liz appreciated in a man. I gave him a clean white towel that he wrapped round his waist and tied it at the back then I guided him to the spot under the ropes. He raised one arm and I tied the rope to his wrist and then his other hand the same. Finally I put the blindfold around his eyes.

“Are you ready?” I asked him. He nodded his head.

I walked to the door of the loft and called Liz. She came in wearing a bath robe and stopped still when she saw Rob restrained and presented for her pleasure. She gave me a smile of pure lust. I started the camera running and turned the lights on. The oblique lighting angle lit Rob’s body in a very flattering way highlighting his muscles and bone structure and his skin glistened from the baby oil.

Liz slipped the robe off onto the floor. She was wearing the same black lingerie that she had worn for me but with the addition of black high heels and a delicate filigree mask that concealed the top of her face. She looked more beautiful than I had ever seen her before and I wanted to take her myself there and then.

She walked up to Rob’s left side, leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, she then nipped his ear lobe between her lips. Her left hand was resting on his chest running through the mass of hair.

“You are not allowed to speak, you may cry out in pain or pleasure but if you speak I will punish you, do you understand?”

He nodded his head silently, he was certainly going along with his role.

Liz circled round him dragging her sharp nails across his body as she did so, she pressed so hard it left red weals in his skin. When she stood in front of him again she placed her hand behind his head and kissed him lovingly on his lips.

“Now we begin.” she whispered.

She gently ran the fingertips of both hands very gently across his chest moving them in circles, his skin had started to goose pimple in the cool loft and was already sensitive and his body hair rose to her touch. Then she took his nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and tweaked them until they hardened, as soon as they had responded to her touch she lowered her head and flicked her tongue over each nipple in turn. His shaft started to grow beneath the towel, something that Liz immediately noticed.

“Mmm, you are a big boy aren’t you.” she purred.

But she didn’t touch him there instead she started to nibble at his nipples while continuing to gently stroke his chest. His arousal continued until his shaft was fully erect beneath the towel. Liz stood back for a moment still running her hands through his chest hair to admire his length.

“My my, you could do some damage with that couldn’t you.” she cooed.

And at that moment the tip of his shaft poked through from the top of the towel. He was fully swollen and a deep purple colour and as I zoomed the camera in on it Liz put her hands on his hips and lowered herself to her knees, then she brought her mouth close to his tip.

“I can feel the heat coming from you and I can see your veins throbbing, I wonder what you taste like?”

She flicked her tongue over the soft purple flesh, at first just a slight lick and then she pushed her tongue right out and began to swirl it around him. Rob uttered a soft groan, tipped his head back and pulled hard on his bonds. They held firm and I could see them biting into his wrists. Liz licked that most sensitive part of his shaft for a full two minutes gradually applying more and more pressure.

“I love the taste of your shaft, I can’t wait to feel it in my mouth.” she teased.

Rob’s groans were becoming louder and more frequent and suddenly he pushed his hips forward into Liz’s face. She sprang back and stood up.

“Oh no, you’re not horny enough for that yet. You need to suffer a lot more first.” she laughed.

She walked round him again until she stood on his left side, then she slowly ran her left hand down his chest and slowly, very slowly lowered her hand until it covered his shaft over the towel.

Then she started to rub her hand over it very gently and slowly from the tip to the root, occasionally she slipped her fingers over his girth and squeezed gently. His erection grew even more in response to her massaging and he started to gasp in time to her stroking. She realised he was getting too aroused so she walked round behind him and released the towel from around his waist and threw it to one side. Still standing behind him she slid her hands round his waist, down his thighs and then inwards to his groin. Carefully she took one of his balls in each hand and began squeezing and separating them in a circular rhythm. She was stopping his balls from rising up into him so he couldn’t climax. She knew exactly how to work him. As soon as he had calmed down she walked round to stand before him again, sank to her knees and taking his shaft in her left hand and cupping his balls in her right hand she pulled the tip of his shaft downward and very slowly placed it into her mouth. She pushed her head downwards until most of it was deep inside and then she started to suck it. Again I zoomed in to show her cheeks hollowing with the power of her sucking. Her head started moving up and down in a deliberate calculated rhythm as she twisted her head from side to side.

Even though I was watching all this through a grainy tiny black and white viewfinder the vision of my soul partner pleasuring another man, delighting in inflicting cold blooded pain and pleasure on him drove my own excitement to the limit. I desperately wanted to grab my swollen shaft and give myself relief but my job was to record this for Liz for her to relish and enjoy later so I concentrated on the camerawork as best I could. I remembered that it was at this point that I had given way to her caresses and I marvelled at Rob’s control but then I saw her holding his balls very tightly together denying him the release he so desperately needed.

She must have felt he was getting near again because she lifted her head from him, raised herself on her knees and placed his shaft between those wonderful breasts. Rob realised straight away what she was doing and started to rub himself up and down in the soft billowing flesh of her cleavage. His rubbing became faster and faster but again at the critical moment she released him and left him untouched. She was ‘edging’ him expertly. He gave a long desperate groan of despair.

Liz laughed at his frustration long and loud, lifted his head and kissed him on the lips again.

“Am I working hard enough yet Rob? How hard are you hmm?” she ran a fingernail along the thick vein on the front of his shaft, “No, you’re not hard enough yet.”

Then she reached down and pulled a length of thin black ribbon from the top of her stocking, looped it around the base of his shaft tying it into a bow and snatching it as tight as she could. Immediately his shaft turned bright red and swelled thicker than before, his veins swelled up as the blood flow was restricted until they looked like they must burst. Liz admired her handiwork with a delicious smile. Then she gently reached out her fingers and stroked the swollen veins with loving care. After she was satisfied that Rob was suffering exquisitely she turned and went to her discarded robe, carefully reached into the pocket and pulled out a sprig of Urtica dioica or stinging nettle leaves. Without a word she jammed them onto his balls forcing the spines into his flesh. Rob cried out in pain but Liz just laughed and then drove the leaves onto his erection before finally moving them up his shaft and onto the wildly sensitive tip. Again Rob cried out in genuine pain. I couldn’t believe she could be so cruel but her sadism was obviously exciting her enormously. Rob whimpered softly.

“Now I’m going to finish you.” she said.

She dropped the nettles on the floor, released the ribbon cutting deep into his shaft, then stood to his left side so the camera got a good clear view and gripped his erection with her left hand. Holding his shaft out straight in front of him she began to work it back and forth with just her thumb and index finger grasped around the bottom of the tip. He immediately became rock hard again and he began to drive his shaft through her fingers, as forcefully as he could thrusting his hips forwards and backwards. After perhaps a minute Liz tightened her grip using all her fingers and his body stiffened, he gasped aloud and a thick string of seed shot from him with enormous force. He jerked convulsively a few times and then collapsed hanging güvenilir bahis from the ropes.

Liz kept her grip on him sliding her hand up and down him gently but firmly until she was sure she had drained him of every last drop of seed. As she released her grip she noticed some of his seed had splashed onto her finger. Carefully she raised her finger to her mouth and licked it up.

I stopped the camera recording.

Liz picked up her robe and walked out. I took off Rob’s blindfold and released his wrists.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“Bloody hell that was the most incredible hand job I’ve ever had, she is utterly fantastic and I want her more than ever. Now for pity’s sake give me a whisky to stop me shaking.”

He dressed slowly struggling to keep his balance then we went downstairs to the lounge and I poured him two fingers of Teachers, he downed it in one. I poured him a second and he settled himself onto the sofa. Just then Liz came downstairs, she had changed into jeans and sweatshirt but I could still see the flush of excitement on her face and neck. Rob turned to face her.

“Did you enjoy that Liz? Did I match up to expectation? I have to say it was the most amazing experience for me.”

Liz looked embarrassed by both the situation and the question.

“Yes Rob, I did enjoy that and yes, you did come up to expectation, in fact you exceeded it by far, you were magnificent and I’m sorry if I hurt you.” she said sincerely.

“Oh don’t worry about that, it was all part of the deal wasn’t it.” he laughed but then his devil eyes narrowed as he fixed them on her before continued , “but talking of the deal I expect you to give me a rematch but this time you will be the one who is bound and blindfolded and I shall be the one enjoying myself.”

Liz’s eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped.

“But, but I…” she started.

“No buts,” Rob interrupted, “I played the game for you, now it’s only right that you play the game for me, after all that’s only fair and I know what a fair person you are.”

So that was his scheme! I’d told him about Liz’s exaggerated sense of fairness and now he was using it as a lever to blackmail her into submitting to him. Clever, clever Rob. Liz turned her head to look at me and her expression was that of a rabbit caught in a car’s headlights. She had no words, she was dumbstruck. Rob hesitated a moment as he could see her consternation and confusion and I think he sensed he was in danger of getting an outright “NO” in reply so he backed off and gently let her off the hook.

“I’ll tell you what. I have to go away on business again for three days; I shall expect your answer when I return. Now I need to go and shower and rest.” he said.

He got up to leave and I walked him to the back door. He paused in the doorway and said to me, “She’s wavering but I expect you to do absolutely everything you can to get Liz to agree. After this afternoon I want her more than ever. Pressure her at every opportunity, she will listen to you, she trusts you, convince her to submit to me.”

When I returned to the living room Liz had gone back upstairs and when I called her she told me she needed to be alone. When the k**s came home from school she reappeared to cook supper and play with them as if nothing had happened but later when we were sitting on the sofa again she said, “Well, are you going to show me the video of this afternoon or not?”

I loaded the tape into the machine and started it rolling, it lasted less than 10 minutes but Liz sat through it all in silence watching the screen intently. As the tape finished I looked at her and said, “Tell me what you’re thinking?”

“I don’t know, I’m really confused. What should I do?”

“Well, if you agree to submit to Rob you know exactly what will happen. He is a sexual predator who has had dozens of women so he will know exactly what to do to you to make you want him, he will use his undoubted skills to tease and arouse you until your body takes over from your mind and you won’t be able to stop yourself from surrendering to him”

“But I love you.” she said tearfully.

“And I love you too but this is not about love, this is about lust. Rob doesn’t love you and he isn’t interested in loving you. He lusts after you, he wants your body for his sexual gratification and to use you purely for his pleasure. You will just be the latest notch on his headboard. Now if the idea of another man having you just for the thrill, excitement and experience of pure sex interests you then this is the perfect opportunity. I’m sure Rob is a highly skilled lover who would give you enormous pleasure but without any messy emotional entanglements. I’m OK with you having another man because I think you deserve that experience and I know that we will still be happy and secure together afterward. But ask yourself honestly, do you think you would enjoy Rob having you?”

She looked away and whispered very quietly, “Yes, yes I think I would especially after seeing and enjoying his massive shaft today. I kept wondering how it would feel having it deep inside me, driving me crazy and making me come. Am I wicked for feeling like this?”

My heart began to pound and I felt dizzy hearing her say this. It was curiosity you see, it’s their downfall every time.

“No my love, you are a wonderful woman who has a woman’s feelings. If you want Rob to make love to you it’s as natural and as understandable as your love for me, in fact I think it would make our love stronger.” I said and I genuinely meant it.

She leaned over and gently kissed me.

“I love you with all my heart,” she said “but I so want him to have me”

“Then it’s agreed.” was all I could say.

We didn’t speak about it anymore that day or the next. Liz had looked into her heart and made her decision, she was sure in it and she knew that I was OK with it so there really was nothing more to say. During the next day Liz was very attentive and affectionate to me but I don’t think she was feeling guilty or trying to make it up to me, I think she was genuinely happy and content. Seeing her so relaxed and settled reassured me that I was doing the right thing by her and that she had now become a whole and confident woman totally free of anxieties and guilt. I was so pleased that she had now become absolute and complete and utterly happy in herself.

That night the phone rang and I answered it, “Hello Alec, its Rob. How are you and Liz?”

The question was loaded and he was obviously desperate for the answer.

“Hold on Rob, I’ll pass you over to her.”

She had already got up and was making her way across the room when I handed the receiver to her.

“Hi Rob, how are you today?” she answered brightly. Her voice was full of confidence and strength.

Mumble mumble mumble from the phone.

“Yes I have decided and I will be very happy to give you the rematch you want.”

Mumble mumble, mumble mumble mumble. She laughed, it was carefree and full of joy.

“I’m very excited about it too and I can hardly wait either, when do you want this to happen?” she turned and flashed me a truly happy smile.

Mumble mumble mumble.

“Friday afternoon when you get back is fine.”

Mumble mumble mumble.

“Yes, OK, I understand and I will do as you say.”

Mumble mumble mumble. Again that carefree laugh.

“You b**st, you say the most dreadful things to me and there is no need, I so want this too you know.”

Mumble mumble mumble.


Mumble mumble.

“Yes I will, see you on Friday. Bye.”

After she hung up she came back and sat beside me.

“And?” I queried.

“OK, he wants me in our bedroom on our bed, he wants full daylight and he will supply what he wants me to wear, I’m not to wear a mask or blindfold but I must wear my wedding ring and you and I are not to have any kind of sex until after he’s finished with me.”

“Are you OK with all that?” I asked uncertainly.

“I will do whatever he wants because I told him I would.” was her flat reply.

Her face then became serious, “There is one thing though. I think Rob is the kind of man who in his passion may lose all control so if he tries to be kinky you must promise me you will step in and stop things.”

“What exactly do you mean by ‘kinky’?” I queried.

“I don’t mind him being a bit rough, in fact I hope he is because that makes me so incredibly hot as you know,” and she giggled mischievously, “but I don’t want him to try and have sex with my bottom. I hate that and the thought of it makes me sick. Promise me you’ll tell him and you’ll stop him if he tries?”

I gave her a reassuring hug and said, “Don’t worry poppet I will never let anyone do anything to you that you don’t want.” and I meant it because I loved her so.

Until Friday came Liz was a complete nervous fidget, she was like a c***d on Xmas Eve. She didn’t talk about it but her eagerness was obvious, instead she put her energy into going over every inch of our bedroom making sure it was immaculately clean and attractive looking. She even washed the windows to ensure as much light as possible came through them, she explained that she wanted the best possible recording of her seduction. During this time she was true to her promise to Rob and she did no more than give me a friendly kiss me on the cheek but I could feel her anticipation and sexual tension rising.

However, one evening as I was sitting on the sofa watching TV Liz came in wearing a very short skirt and a tight T shirt with a very low neckline, she took the room in at a glance.

“Where’s the TV remote?” she asked. I pointed to it lying on the cushion at the other end of the sofa from me. Instead of walking round me to get to it Liz leaned across me struggling to reach it at the far end. This placed her b**sts firmly across my head.

“Oh flipping thing come here!” she complained but as she struggled to reach it her breasts jiggled firmly into my face. Now I defy any heterosexual man who still has a pulse not to be aroused by having a perfect bosom like Liz’s massaging their face. Instantly I responded in a very visible fashion with an erection I could be proud of. Eventually the wriggling in my face stopped and Liz straightened up holding the remote. She immediately and deliberately looked down to see what effect her struggling had had on me. As she saw the bulge in my pants she smiled and flicked her eyes to mine in a look of satisfaction. She muttered quietly, “Mmmm, we can’t have the k**s seeing that now can we?” and without warning she smacked my erection very hard with the back of the remote. I doubled up in pain but Liz just laughed, threw the remote back onto the sofa and flounced out in triumph. She was trying out her sexual powers on me and I was loving it!

Rob didn’t call again and we had no contact with him until the Friday afternoon when he came to our door. Liz had been upstairs all morning in the bathroom and bedroom making sure she looked her very best so I sat him down on the sofa and gave him a whisky. He was carrying two plastic bags that had the name of a chain of high street adult shops on them. After he sat down he gave me one of them.

“Give these to Liz to put on, she must wear these and nothing else and she is not to see me until I begin her seduction.”

I took the bag upstairs to Liz and relayed the message, she looked in the bag excitedly, “Oh wow, these are so sexy, they must have cost him a fortune!”

I left her to it and went downstairs again. As I sat down I said to Rob, “Listen Rob, there is one very strict ground rule today, anal sex is absolutely out, it revolts Liz and she’s made me promise that I will not allow it no matter how heavy the action gets.”

He smiled a gentle smile, “I quite understand and I give you my word on it. Besides, the very last thing I want to do now is upset Liz and put her off me when I’m just about to start having her.”

He then went on to tell me how he wanted Liz prepared for him, what camera angles and close ups he wanted, how he would momentarily pause things to allow the camera a good angle or shot and what he particularly wanted to have recorded. He’d obviously been planning the whole thing meticulously and was intent on directing as well as starring in this film.

“This is absolutely the best thing,” he grinned evilly as he drank his whisky, “I get to seduce a beautiful young woman half my age, a happily married woman at that, and I have her in her own marital bed in front of her husband who’s filming it for me! God, this is the ultimate, I’ve never enjoyed a conquest as much as this before. I hope you have a full tape in the camera because I intend for this to take a long, long time. I’ve taken another Viagra so that I can ravish her better and for longer than she’s ever known. I will make her so hot she will be begging me to have her.” And he gave a broad leering grin, “Come on Alec, and don’t look so glum, your darling wife is gagging for my shaft and I will make sure she gets more of it than her gorgeous young pussy can take. God, this is fantastic!”

I think I felt a bit sick, I had put myself in a position that I couldn’t possibly win. If I tried to forbid what was going to happen then I felt certain that Liz would just go ahead regardless of what I said and simply cheat on me, at least this way I could influence or manage things to some degree. Then I felt the itch in my groin start to get worse and I knew that it was too late now and I wanted this to happen as much as Liz and Rob both did.

“I’m ready.” Liz called from the bedroom. Rob gave me some handcuffs and I went up and opened the door. She was wearing the clothes Rob had bought her. It was a tight black lycra ‘boob tube’ type dress that hugged her figure like skin. It finished about 3 inches below her pussy and started half way across her breasts. There were no straps to hold it up and it was secured by a zip fastener that ran from top to bottom down the centre front. She also had on black latex stockings that ended about 2 inches below her skirt. It looked sensational and very expensive. Rob had chosen carefully and she looked incredible.

Then I began to position and bind her as Rob had directed. Our bed was an iron frame one with a metal bar head and foot board, she was to be kneeling at the bottom of the bed with her back to the foot board and facing the headboard. I handcuffed each of her hands slightly behind her to the foot board. I noticed she was shivering, “Are you cold? I can bring a heater.” She shook her head, “No, I’m just very excited.”

I checked the camera which was positioned to the side of the bed and quite high up looking down onto it and called Rob to come up. He was wearing the bathrobe he had asked for and I noticed there were some things in the pockets and that he had a small black whip like a miniature ‘cat of 9 tails’ stuck in the waist band. I told him that after I closed the door he should count to 30 before entering so I could get the camera running. From the cameras viewpoint Liz was in profile, her splendid breasts were outlined to perfection by the tight material of her dress and kneeling on the bed it had risen up to her hips. The door was to her right.

The door opened and Rob walked in. Liz turned her head to see him and let out a small gasp of sexual expectation at the sight of the man she was going to surrender herself too and who would take her innocence. As Rob looked back into her eyes his own narrowed into dark slits, he looked for the entire world like a tiger about to pounce on a young deer tethered to a tree.

“Seduce me.” she said simply, the pupils her dark brown eyes opening wide as she drank in the sight of him.

He walked round and stood behind her. She tried to turn her head to follow him with her eyes but could only go so far and was unable to see him standing close behind. He ran a knuckle down between her shoulder blades and down her spine; she gasped and shuddered at his first touch. He turned her head towards him and leaned round to give her a long fierce kiss working his lips against hers. Liz responded passionately and pushed her tongue deep into his mouth working it around his tongue and demonstrating her complete willingness for him to possess her. Eventually they broke the kiss and he started kissing her gently on her shoulder slowly working his way along to her neck kissing and licking every inch of her flesh. He bent his head close to her ear, pulled the hair back away from it and whispered, “Are you ready for this Liz; are you ready for me to take you long and hard until you forget your name but will always remember mine.” Liz shivered again, “Oh god yes, I so want you Rob. Please have me.”

“Ah but I want you to beg me to have you so now I’m going to have to teach you to beg.” he hissed in her ear.

He pulled the small whip from his belt and wound his other hand into Liz’s hair and pulled her upwards as high as her handcuffs would allow. The dress had ridden up and the naked cheeks of her bottom were exposed. He lashed the whip across them. Liz flinched but otherwise didn’t react. He ran his hand over the reddened flesh and squeezed it gently before he lashed them again with more force. Again she flinched but stayed silent so he lashed again even harder. This time she gasped and winced at the pain.

“Excellent, now I know how much pain you can endure I shall see how long you can endure it for.”

He started to lash her back and forth across her cheeks maybe a dozen times, they started to become reddened and inflamed. Liz winced and cried out at every blow but the hot flush on her neck and face showed it was exciting her immensely and as she suffered the blows she pushed her bottom back towards him for more. He stopped and dropped the whip onto the floor. Moving forward to stand directly behind her he put his mouth to her ear. Her breathing had now become fast and shallow as her arousal had grown.

“Beg me to have you, beg me.” he growled in her ear.

“Please, please, please have me Rob, I need you to have my pussy so much, please.” she whispered desperately.

“When you really want me then you will beg properly, when your need to feel me deep inside you is at its greatest then you will know how to beg me properly.” he menaced.

He began to nibble her ear lobe. I’d told him that Liz was sensitive there and he paid close attention to them. At first Liz laughed and giggled but he kept on nibbling and sucking until she began to twist, jerk, and shake gently. He continued for some minutes driving her higher and higher and then suddenly he stopped.

Without another word he took a thin black rope from his robe pocket, looped it around the headboard and then passed it through the end of each handcuff that secured Liz’s wrists to the foot board. He unshackled the handcuffs from the foot board and then pulled on the ends of the rope. Liz’s arms were pulled forward and she was then pulled flat and stretched out on top of the bed. He secured the rope ends to the headboard and told her to turn over onto her back. Lying there panting with lust and arousal in the sexiest of clothes with her hands bound above her head she was the most beautiful creature alive and my own lust for her made me ache.

He climbed onto the bed and straddled her sitting across her hips, his weight stopped her from trying to move away but the passion in her eyes said she had no wish to move away. He bent down and licked her neck from her collarbones up to her chin, it was an incredibly sensual act that drew a sigh of happiness from Liz. Suddenly he kissed her fiercely on the lips before gently kissing her on the forehead. She didn’t know what he was going to do next, gentle or rough he gave no indication of what sensation he was going to inflict on her. I could see the anticipation and uncertainty was driving her sexual desire beyond anything I could have imagined. As her eyes widened and she stared up at his face he looked down at her coldly, looked at this the sweetest of his conquests at the moment of her surrender.

Gently he ran a finger down from her neck into the top of her cleavage Pausing for a moment to let me zoom the camera in he reached for and pulled the zipper on the front of the dress down very slowly until her ample breasts burst from the thin material.

“Nice, very nice, I’ve wanted to enjoy these from the first day I saw you.” he murmured as he placed a hand on each of them and carefully stroked and explored their firmness and shape. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds and as red as rubies and sat high on her breasts. Silently he bent down and started to lick her breast all around the nipple being very careful not to touch it. Working slowly he traced her nipples roundness with his tongue on both her breasts and then began to kiss the around them. The gentle teasing aroused Liz’s sensitivity incredibly so when he finally took one into his mouth and nipped it firmly in his teeth Liz writhed and moaned . He then did the same to her other nipple before working his way back and forth between the two. Circling the thumb and fore finger of each hand around the base of each breast he squeezed them hard. Liz’s moans turned into groans of ecstasy. He did this for several minutes driving her passion with skill and practice, a true expert enjoying himself immensely.

Then he pulled away, reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps linked together by a thin gold chain.

“Now my dear it’s time for you to feel some more pain.” he said with obvious pleasure.

Liz whimpered and tried to pull away tugging at her bonds but she was held firm. He placed a clamp on each of her nipples and tightened them cruelly before pulling on the chain so that they were pulled forward from her breast as far as they would go. She cried out softly and I saw tears of pain start to trickle from her eyes but she didn’t object or ask him to stop.

Rob lifted himself up from her and removed his robe. He was naked and fully erect. The pleasure of this seduction and the Viagra had swelled him and he was thicker than I’d seen him before and his shaft was standing vertical.

Liz lifted her head and fixed her eyes on the shaft that she realised was going to fill her completely, “Oh my God, you’re huge, God it’s beautiful.” she gasped in shock.

Rob bent forward, slipped his shaft under the nipple chain and laid it between her breasts, using his hands to wrap her breasts around his shaft he began to rub up and down buried in her generous cleavage. Liz raised her head as far as she could and managed to flick her tongue over the tip of his shaft at the top of every thrust.

“Mmm mmmmm mmmmmm oh god mmm yesssss.” She gushed.

Rob’s expression was one of intense pleasure, he was savouring every moment. Soon he stopped and pulled his shaft free and leaned forward balancing his body by placing his hands on the headboard and carefully pushed his tip against her lips. Obediently she opened her mouth wide. He hesitated a moment to let the camera zoom in again and then slid into her. She had to open her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate his swollen girth but he pushed forward deeper and deeper until she began to gag and choke. He paused and smiled at her, “Now my pleasure begins” he crowed.

He started to thrust in and out of her mouth while she desperately tried to accept him, she could only just manage to close her lips around him as he pushed faster and faster. Liz looked straight into those eyes that she called his ‘demon eyes’ but I doubt she saw any mercy or compassion in them, he was using her cruelly. He thrust and thrust until suddenly he put both his hands behind her head holding it firmly then groaned and held himself deep in her before his body started to jerk. Once, twice, three times he jerked as he blasted his seed into her. I saw Liz swallow hard twice as she took his seed inside her.

I couldn’t understand why he had come so early on but after a while as he pulled out of Liz’s mouth I saw that his shaft was still firm and solid and I realised that he’d taken Viagra to maintain his erection even after an orgasm. He’d come in Liz’s mouth so soon to ease his need to climax and so would be able to keep pleasuring her for longer when he did enter her. The ruthless and calculating manner with which he was seducing her was chilling.

Liz lay still and I saw his seed start to trickle out of the corners of her mouth and dribble down onto her chin. It was thick and creamy but her expression was ecstatic. It was the first time she taken seed into her mouth and she had swallowed it as well. This was my wife as I had never ever seen her.

Rob took a moment to recover and then still astride her slid down to her ankles, still pinning her down. He grasped the zip on her dress and pulled it the rest of the way down and unclipped it. The dress fell open baring her lovely body, totally naked now save for the stockings.

Roughly he pulled the dress from beneath her and threw it onto the floor. Starting at her neck he ran his tongue down the whole length of her body causing her to shiver with delight before he lifted himself slightly and took her ankles in his hands and lifted them upwards, pushed them backward and spread them wide exposing her pussy. He then crouched down and placed his hands round under her thighs and then over the top of them until they rested on the join between her thigh and hip. Gripping the delicious flesh firmly he held her pinioned in this position with her pussy defenceless to his pleasure. Her legs were spread wide for him and hung over his shoulders and she brought her feet inwards to grasp him tightly.

He inched his head forward until his face was cradled by the soft flesh of her top inner thighs. Liz was panting again in eager anticipation of his next assault on her, he waited just long enough for the camera to catch up and then carefully licked the inside of each thigh before he took one of her pussy lips between his own and pulled on it gently. Liz gave a long low moan of exquisite pleasure. He released her lip and pulled on the one on the other side. Again Liz responded with a gasp of joy. Slowly and purposefully he worked each of her lips in turn sucking and nipping with increasing but gentle force. Liz writhed against her bonds but both they and Rob’s hands held her firm and she was helpless and unable to resist the constant torturing of his mouth. On and on he went for perhaps two minutes driving her passions even higher. Then he stopped, placed both his thumbs on her lips and spread them wide, they were crimson and swollen after his skilled touch. Eagerly he pushed out his tongue and gave her clit a long slow lick from bottom to top followed by another and then another building into a rapid motion that he didn’t stop.

“Ohhh god ohhh that feels so good ohhhhhhhh please please ahhh yessss ohhhhh.” she moaned constantly as she surrendered all control of her body to his lovemaking.

Suddenly he pushed his face hard against her pussy, she yelped and writhed again. The short stiff hairs of his moustache and beard were rubbing and prickling against her, teasing her with totally new and previously unknown sensations. Within a minute she suddenly arched her back, her eyes rolled back until just the whites showed and her chest heaved violently as she reached a huge climax, “Oh my God, oh god I’m coming ohhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh god yes.”

Rob lifted his head and grinned down at her helpless ecstasy. He was relishing this conquest more than even he expected he would. He bent down and kissed her gently on her breasts, “Am I working hard enough yet Liz? Do you want more?”

“Oh god, please, oh mmmmmm, please take me now.”

He laughed and then gently pushed the first two fingers of his right hand, palm upwards into her pussy. Again Liz jerked and moaned pleasurably, slowly he started to move his fingers inside her searching for that most sensitive part of her pussy. His fingers soon found it as Liz cried out again. He grinned and continued stroking. Very quickly Liz went rigid, shuddered violently and moaned loudly as her second orgasm beat powerfully through her whole body. Again Rob grinned callously, “Are you ready to beg me to have you now Liz?” he asked teasingly whilst continuing to massage the inside of her pussy, “Please, please , please have me now Rob, please screw me, screw me hard, please my demon lover, I’m begging you, screw me, make me come for you, I need you inside me so much, please take me now please.” she shamelessly offered herself to him in total abandonment.

His victory was complete, this lovely young married woman was begging him to violate her, to use her mercilessly in any way he wished and he was gorging himself on her. He took two of the pillows and bodily lifted her hips and put the pillows beneath her. This ensured that her pussy was offered up to him so that he could enter and pump her easily as he knelt between her legs, his hands free to roam over her. He took the swollen tip of his shaft and started to rub it gently against her pussy and clit moving it slowly in small circles.

“Uhhh ahhh oh god that feels so fantastic please put it in me, please I’m begging you please put it in me now, I can’t bear it any more! I need your shaft inside me pleeeeeease Ohhhh Rob.”

“Now there’s a good girl begging me to screw you, I think you deserve me now, look at what you’re going to get.”

Liz raised her head and looked down as he laid his shaft flat along her belly. The base of his shaft rested on her pussy but the tip reached her navel, “Oh my God, I so want all of that in me.” she whispered lustfully.

He lifted his shaft and placed it against the entrance to her pussy.This was another shot he had specifically told me he wanted so again I zoomed the camera in. Slowly, incredibly slowly, he started to push himself into her. Millimetre by millimetre his swollen bulbous tip forced her lips apart as he entered her. Liz arched her back and her hands gripped the metal bars of the headboard, her knuckles showing white as she grasped with all the power in her fingers.

“Ohhhhhhhh, god above, Oh please Rob, please give it all to me, don’t stop, please don’t stop, please now, mmmmm, oh god yes.” Liz begged in total submission to him.

His tip disappeared inside her but as his girth began to penetrate her she gasped in surprise and pain. He hesitated, bent his head down to hers and gloated, “Am I big enough for you Liz? You did say you wanted it all and I’m going to make damn sure you get it.” he threatened as he looked down at her shocked expression.

Then he pushed slowly into her again, forcing his way into her tight firm pussy as he grasped her waist and pulled her against him.The deliberate slowness of his entry drove Liz into a frenzy of arousal but also let her pussy adjust to his girth. She writhed and twisted, gasped, sighed and moaned the whole time it took for him to penetrate her. It took a couple of minutes before he was in her to the hilt and then he gave a last sudden hard thrust pushing himself into her as far as he could go.

It was too much for Liz and she instantly had a third shattering orgasm more noisy and spectacular than either of her previous climaxes, it was like an electric shock had passed through her body. She screamed out loud. Rob watched her ecstasy on the end of his shaft with undisguised glee. He waited for her convulsions to subside.

“Now you know what a real shaft feels like I will show you what it can do to you.”

He started to work her. Tightening his grip on her waist he drew his shaft back slowly until he was almost out of her before driving it back quickly and firmly to the hilt twisting his hips slightly as he did so to make sure every part of her pussy was being rubbed and aroused. He repeated this over and over slowly building up a rhythm that clearly drove Liz wild and opened up new and unbelievably exciting feelings inside her. It was obviously a technique he had perfected over his years of seducing every woman he could and its effectiveness on her was devastating. He carried on pumping like a piston in an engine, powerful, regular and unstoppable on and on and on.

Liz stopped twisting and writhing, she stopped arching her back to his every thrust, she stopped gasping loudly and calling his name, she was broken. She lay there like a rag doll whimpering and moaning continuously but hardly moving, at one point I thought she might have passed out but then she rolled her head to the side, momentarily opened her eyes and saw me. Looking into my eyes she gave me a weak happy smile of utter bliss and then closed her eyes and gave another long low moan of ecstasy. I came in my pants.

Rob seemed oblivious to her, occasionally he would lower his head and nuzzle her breasts or kiss her lips but otherwise his eyes were closed and it seemed as though every fibre of his being was focussed entirely on driving his shaft as hard and mercilessly as he could into this beautiful young woman’s pussy and to do so for as long as he could. He was feasting on her delicious young body. I checked the counter in the camera viewfinder, he had been pumping her for a full seven minutes.

Finally he gave a loud groan, threw his head back and thrust frantically a few times before holding himself rigidly hard against her. As he drained himself inside her Liz responded with a fourth orgasm of her own but she was totally spent and weak and just shuddered moaning quietly. I stopped the camera recording.

Rob remained motionless for a while breathing deeply while he recovered. Then without a word he pulled out of Liz, climbed off the bed, retrieved his robe and left the room.

I released Liz from the handcuffs and removed the nipple clamps, she moaned and rolled onto her side into a foetal position with both her hands between her thighs clasping her pussy. I got a damp facecloth from the bathroom and wiped off his seed from around her lips and mouth and by the time I covered her with a duvet she was fast asleep. Finally I retrieved the tape from the camera and left the room quietly closing the door behind me.

When I got downstairs Rob was sitting on the sofa in his robe holding a tumbler full of Teachers. He was on fire, “My god that was the best. She is incredible, perfect tits, a sweet tight pussy, she comes harder than most of the women I’ve had and the way she begs for it was so very hot, I can’t wait to have her again. That was just fantastic. Is that the tape? Good, put it on, I want to watch her come for me.”

I put the tape in the machine, poured myself a whisky and sat down on the other end of the sofa. All the way through the tape Rob commented enthusiastically about his performance and how he had pleasured Liz so expertly. He enjoyed watching his seduction techniques from the cameras viewpoint and particularly relished watching Liz taking him in her mouth. Viewing Liz’s total surrender on the tape got him hot and excited again and I noticed his shaft growing beneath his robe. The tape ran for about thirty minutes and just as it finished Liz came downstairs.

She was wearing a bathrobe and still had the black latex stockings on. She walked past me without giving me a glance and stood silently in front of Rob before giving him a warm contented smile. Rob smiled back but his smile was not a benevolent one. His smile said, ‘You’re mine now, I shall have you whenever I want and however I want and you will belong to me totally for as long as I want you,”

Liz glanced down and saw his erection under the robe. Still without a word she bent forward and gave him a long tender and affectionate kiss on the lips but as she did so she also untied his robe and pulled it apart exposing his excited shaft. She straightened and slipped her own robe off her shoulders onto the floor, she was naked save for the stockings.

Still without a word and in one smooth movement she straddled him as he sat there, grasped his shaft and guided it into her pussy. Slowly she lowered herself down onto it until she could go no further. She placed her arms on the sofa backrest and began to pump him. She lifted herself slowly until just his tip was in her and then drove down powerfully onto him twisting and grinding her hips as she did so. She kept doing this building her tempo until it reached a feverish pace. Her exquisite breasts were swaying in Rob’s face and he immediately clamped his mouth over first one and then the other sucking, nibbling and kissing. Liz threw her head back and closed her eyes. She was drunk on sexual pleasure, delirious on ecstasy. In less than a minute she gasped out loud and reached an orgasm but it hardly slowed her pace and she kept grinding all the way through it. After another couple of minutes Rob suddenly grasped her hips with both his hands and thrust upwards with such force that he lifted his body clear of the sofa cushions and raised Liz bodily into the air. They exploded together in a final surge of perfectly synchronised passion before collapsing together on the sofa. They lay there entwined together totally spent for some time before she lifted herself from him and put her robe back on. She had still not said a word. Then she turned sideways and gently sat on his lap, put her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder. I could feel her purring.

As I watched them I felt a part of me had died but I’d never experienced such an exhilaration and excitement before. The whole experience forced me to view my life differently now. Was I unhappy about it? The honest answer was no, but I couldn’t explain quite why because the thrill of it all was overpowering. Was I jealous? Yes, I was jealous because Rob had pleasured Liz in a way that I never could. Was I worried about the future? Yes, I was. I felt that it was now down to me to make sure Liz still needed, loved and wanted me as she was more precious to me now than ever before but now I had opened the lid on Liz’s Pandora’s Box of sexuality how would she behave?

I roused them both when it was close to the time when the k**s were going to be home from school. Liz went straight to the bathroom and took a shower without a word to either of us. Rob dressed and left without saying anything either.

The early evening was completely surreal, I ordered a takeaway supper which we ate at table like a perfect happy family completely removed from the total debauchery of the afternoon. Liz asked the c***dren about school and as it was their last day before the mid – term break, she asked what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go, laughing and joking and completely at ease. I didn’t say much, I was desperately trying to gauge what was in Liz’s mind but then she caught me looking at her and gave me a wonderful smile and blew me a kiss, it made my heart soar.

After the c***dren went to bed we sat together and looked at each other in silence for some time. Eventually I opened my mouth to speak but Liz quickly placed a silencing finger across my lips. She looked me steadily in the eye and I braced myself for what was to come.

“Darling,” she started, “this afternoon was an incredible experience and I wouldn’t be honest if I said I didn’t enjoy it but I need you to understand something very important. This afternoon was purely a physical experience, as you said before it was just lust, and while Rob was a magnificent lover it was a completely different experience than when I’m with you. I love you deeply and passionately and we don’t have sex, we make love and when we do my feelings for you take our lovemaking to a totally different emotional place and that’s something Rob could never do. Rob gave me sensations and pleasures that you never have because I’ve never wanted or allowed you to do those things to me, but now I’ve experienced them I want you to do them to me because I know I will enjoy them far more with you than I ever could with Rob. You allowed me to have an amazing experience that I really wanted to have and I know you did that for my pleasure and I adore you for it all the more. Rob and I enjoyed the thrill of each other but I will never, ever, stop loving you”

Then she held me tight, buried her face in my chest and gave a gentle sob, she raised her tear filled eyes to me and I knew that I would forgive and love this woman forever. We remained silent for a while then she took my hand and led me to bed. Our lovemaking was gentle and subdued but when she orgasmed it was with all the force of her love for me. I would have died for her.

We didn’t see or hear from Rob at all over the weekend and Liz and I went about like a honeymoon couple spoiling and fawning over each other all the time. Even the k**s noticed we were acting differently asked if we were OK! On the Monday I was off work as I’d promised to take the c***dren to a travelling funfair that had set up in the local park. We set off very excitedly leaving Liz to wave goodbye from the door. We came home about an hour later when I’d run out of money but we were loaded down with bags of candyfloss and cheap tacky toys and still wildly excited about the rides and amusements. When we got in the house there was a dreadful acrid smell of burning but before I could ask Liz what it was the k**s were all over her with stories of funfair adventure and thrills but I could tell something was bothering her. Eventually the k**s went upstairs to share out their loot from the day so I turned to Liz and asked, “What’s wrong?”

She frowned and said, “As soon türkçe bahis as you’d left for the fair Rob rang, he’d seen you and the c***dren walk down the street and he wanted to know how long you would be gone so I told him maybe an hour so then he said, ‘OK, I’ll come straight over and have you again’ so I said, ‘Oh no you won’t’ so he asked why?”

“You said no?” I asked

“Of course I said no!” she snapped, “I told him that I’d kept my part of the deal and he’d had me once but that was it! I told him that anything else without your permission and without you being there would be nothing more than cheating and that I would never, ever cheat on you!”

I was struggling to understand the words and more confusingly the logic she had applied in speaking them, but understanding a woman’s logic has never been my strongpoint anyway. But I was also thinking how it must have been a real kick in the nuts for Casanova Rob. Inside I was feeling so proud of Liz.

“Anyway,” she continued, “then he got angry and started to shout at me! I mean you’ve never raised your voice to me in all the time we’ve been together even though heaven knows sometimes you’ve had reason to, but he shouted at me! So then I got angry and told him I wasn’t going to be spoken to like that and I hung up on him! Then I thought he might try and blackmail me into sex with him so I burnt the videotape on the fire, didn’t realise it would stink so much but it’s destroyed now and serve him right! Then after about 10 minutes he called back and tried to apologise in a really creepy, grovelling way, asking if I’d forgive him but I told him I was still mad at him and he should leave me alone”.

Well, well, what a turn of events I thought. The woman I had married ten years before, the mother of my two c***dren, my life partner, my soul mate and I didn’t know her at all! I remembered an old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”.

Nothing else happened that day but next morning when I left to go to work I found a note wedged under the windshield wiper of my car. It read, ‘Alec, call me urgent, Rob’ Well you can wait and stew for a while I thought, screwed it up and trashed it but when I got home from work there was a huge bouquet of flowers and an enormous box of chocolates on the dining table.

“Don’t tell me, Rob?” I guessed. Liz was all smiles, “Yes they arrived this morning” Obviously Rob didn’t want to wait for my help in smoothing things over and had gone straight for Liz.

“There was a note saying he’d totally misjudged me and I was different from every other woman he’s known and he didn’t want to lose my friendship and would I call him.” Why is it women believe and fall so easily to flattery when it comes from a known ‘bad boy’ I wondered.

“So I called him and he was very sweet about it and really sincere and very, very sorry so I forgave him,” she smiled gently, “after all we can’t be at war with our neighbour now can we?” I wanted to ask her who this ‘we’ was ‘Kimosabe,’ but I bit my tongue instead.

“So we talked for a long time and he said he understood that I wasn’t prepared to cheat on you and that he totally respected that but he really wanted me again because he’d never had anyone as good as me before so then he spoke around it a bit but finally he came out and asked if we would consider a threesome with him?” Once again she lowered her head and lifted her eyes to me in her irresistibly appealing little girl look.

So again I was in a situation that I couldn’t win. It was obvious that Liz wanted this and if I refused who knows what might happen. She’d probably make my life a misery at the very least and might well change her viewpoint about cheating on me so I had little choice but to go along with it and try to control it.

“What do you think about a threesome with Rob?” I asked already knowing in my heart what her answer would be.

She smiled a knowing smile, “Umm, well I know that you’re both wonderful lovers and you both please me so much in your different ways so I can’t help but be curious about what you could both do for me at the same time.” and she gave me a simpering, coy pout.

That word ‘Curious’ again, a woman’s downfall every time without fail.

“Please baby, it would be so much fun, pleeeease?” and as she pressed herself against me I could feel the heat from her body and her hips grinding hard against my shaft. I was reduced to utter helplessness.

“OK, you’d better call him back.” I said resignedly.

Her face broke into a grin like a cat that’s never tasted milk before suddenly being allowed to gorge itself on cream, then she giggled wickedly and ran straight over to the phone. As she reached it she looked back over her shoulder and smiled at me with an expression of sheer wantonness. However, she was so deliriously happy I couldn’t do or say anything to stop that. Guess I was in love with her.

When Liz called Rob, he suggested that we go to his house for drinks one evening to make arrangements for the planned threesome that Liz was so excited about so an evening date was made for three days time. I called the babysitter who was able to make that date so Liz called Rob back and confirmed it. Her enthusiasm to make this all happen was obvious and real.

On the evening our babysitter arrived right on time, her name was Samantha but she liked to be called Sam. She had been our regular babysitter for almost two years now, and had just turned 18. She was a sassy, pretty, tall blonde with amazing big blue eyes that belonged on an angel. She had a willowy, slim figure and legs that went on forever and you could clearly see her curves because of her wearing her usual outfit of T shirt and incredibly tight jeans, I had often wondered if her jeans came in an aerosol can and were sprayed on because I couldn’t see how anyone could possibly pull them on! Sam was an intelligent and responsible girl who Liz liked immensely and who the k**s adored. She had younger siblings herself and so was very capable of looking after our two but we always had to make sure our two were asleep before Sam arrived because if they knew she was there they would never settle down!

She greeted Liz as she walked into the lounge, “Hi Liz, you’ve had your hair done since I last saw you, it suits you very well.” and they smiled and girly hugged.

Then she turned to me, “Gosh Alec, you look really average.” they both laughed out loud at this jibe.

“Just for that you can do the laundry while you’re here.” I retorted.

She smiled evilly and responded, “Oh really? Do you want me to see your boxers then? I hear there’s a picture of Disney’s Dumbo on the front of them but it’s only wishful thinking on your part!” and again they both laughed at me.

Liz decided to join in as well, “He should have a picture of a worm on them instead!” she said acidly and at this remark they clutched at each other and dissolved into helpless giggles. It was bad enough being outnumbered one on one, but with the two of them I was just being massacred.

“I shall think of something amusing for you two,” I said trying to sound stern and masterful, “something like boiling oil or red hot pincers.”

Sam instantly replied, “Ooooh, I like the rough stuff, chase me round and call me names first!” Again they supported each other as they laughed helplessly.

I knew I was never going to win any points against these two so I said to Liz, “Time we were going Liz, come on and get your coat. You know where everything is don’t you Sam and we’re only next door if you need us.”

Sam smiled reassuringly, “I’ll be fine, you two have fun and I’ll see you later,”

We walked across to Robs and Liz rang the bell. Rob opened the door almost immediately and ushered into his lounge, we exchanged a few pleasantries as he took our coats then he gave Liz a heavy long kiss and as he did so he ran his hand down her back and onto her bottom which he squeezed in an obviously lecherous way. Their eyes locked and I could see the chemistry of lust working on both of them. “Mmmm,” said Liz staring into his eyes, “you’re as hungry for this as I am aren’t you. I hope you’ll rise to the occasion”.

Rob grinned, “I think you’ll find I’m up to it!” They both laughed at the innuendo but the sexual tension between them was palpable.

I got a quick handshake and a brief greeting from Rob but his eyes were all for Liz. The lounge was surprisingly spacious but furnished in a very spartan, bachelor way. A huge TV sat in the corner and there were two large sofas with a dark wood coffee table sitting between them where he’d placed some bowls of savouries, there were no ornaments or pictures or decorations, it was very much down to the basics of what he needed. Rob sat us on one of the sofas while he went to fetch a bottle of wine and some glasses.

My knowledge of wine is even less than my knowledge about everything else but it was red, had an expensive looking label with a coat of arms on it and was 13.5%.

Liz was wearing a short skirt and a thin clinging sweater that served to show off her curves perfectly. Rob was all but dribbling over her as he said, “you look incredible Liz, I can barely wait until we get this threesome organised.”

Liz laughed easily, put a hand on Rob’s chest as he poured her wine and said, “Let’s get one thing clear before we go any further shall we? This is going to be my party and I make all the rules. Are you agreed?”

Rob grinned and said, “Whatever pleases you princess, and whatever you want is fine by me.” Liz purred her approval and took a long drink of wine.

“Steady girl,” I said to her, “that stuffs got a kick and you’re not used to strong wine.” She glared back at me in reply and held her glass out to Rob for a refill which she drank most of in one go. We sat down, Liz beside me on one sofa and Rob on the other.

Rob started the conversation off, “I assume neither of you have had a threesome before?” We both shook our heads. “Do you have any idea what to expect?” Again we shook our heads. Rob grinned and continued, “OK then it might be useful to show you.” He crossed to the TV and switched it on together the video recorder beneath it. Liz and I sat silently unsure what to expect but almost straight away the screen cleared to show a double bed with three people on it. One of them was Rob and the other two were a couple in their 40’s. The woman lay in the centre of the bed with a man on each side of her and they were engaged in heavy foreplay with the woman stroking the men’s shafts and the men kissing, fondling and licking the woman all over her body. I felt Liz stiffen and sit up straight at the scene in front of her. I noticed Rob was watching her intently and he smiled to himself at her obvious interest. The video ran on showing the increasing passions of the lovers and progressing into scenes of penetration and oral sex with changing positions and partners. I heard a sharp intake of breath from Liz when the video showed Rob entering the woman making her gasp as his shaft slid into her as at the same time the other man placed his shaft in her mouth. Liz muttered, “Oh yes, lucky bitch!” Rob laughed in satisfaction at this.

After they had spent themselves and were resting we saw Rob get up from the bed, walk toward the camera and then the screen went black. Rob turned the TV off. “Did you enjoy that Liz?” Rob asked.

“Oh God yes, it really turned me on, and it gave me some ideas too!” She replied and her eyes were glowing as she answered him.

He smiled at her lecherously, “Good, I’m pleased you enjoyed it because that is what is going to happen to you very soon.” Liz purred again and shivered in approval and anticipation.

I asked Rob, “Are you intending to video us too?”

He smiled coldly, “I film all my conquests so I can enjoy watching them over and over again. I thought you realised that just now when I showed you the film of that other threesome I had, but is that a problem?” he asked looking at Liz.

She smiled wickedly, “Not really, to be honest it turns me on hugely but I will wear my mask again in case you end up showing it to another couple you’re intent on seducing! I don’t mind being filmed and the idea of you getting hot watching me later on makes me feel good but I would like to remain anonymous!”

Rob continued,” This is exactly the point I was going to make, a threesome is a partnership and we must all be aware of each other’s needs or it will spoil it for everyone. It’s also important that if any one of us wants to back out or set any rules then they should do so before it happens.”

Liz laughed, “There’s no chance of me stopping it or backing out after seeing that video!”

Again Rob grinned lecherously, “I’ve got a king size bed upstairs perfect for a romp like this so I suggest we use that?” Liz agreed, I just kept silent and let the two of them carry on making plans and setting the rules. However Liz was beginning to slur her words as she added that our k**s were having a sleepover at friends the following Tuesday so that would be a perfect time, Rob agreed.

Liz had now become very worse for the wine so I suggested to her that I take her home, something Rob agreed with, “I don’t want you being unwell for the threesome!” he chided.

However she suddenly said, “There is one thing we haven’t decided yet!”

Rob looked puzzled, “And what’s that?” he asked.

Liz smiled drunkenly, “Who’s going to have me first?”

Rob and I looked at each other in confusion, “Who do you want first?” I asked.

“We’ll play a game to decide.” She giggled.

“What game would that be?” Rob asked.

Again she giggled, “A little game I’ve made up. It’s very simple!” She stood up shakily and said to Rob, “Come and sit on the sofa beside Alec.” Rob dutifully obeyed and as we sat beside each other Liz came and knelt on the floor between us. She smiled at both of us in turn and then gave each of us a long passionate kiss at the same time using both her hands to undo our pants, pulling them apart and placing a hand on each of our shafts which she began to massage gently. “Now,” she said, “I’m going to work you both simultaneously until one of you comes. Whoever comes first is the loser and the winner gets to have me first.” and she flicked her tongue over her lips in anticipation. “Are you ready boys?”

Rob and I looked at each other and Rob grinned as he said, “May the best man win!”

And so it began, within moments Rob and I were both fully swollen and hard as she pulled our shafts clear of our pants and started to stroke both of us in a slow steady rhythm. Her eyes stared at our shafts greedily and she started to breathe heavily. “Wow, each of my lovers at the same time, one in each hand. What better way for a girl to spend an evening but now it’s time to heat things up I think.” Releasing her grip on us she pulled the sweater up over her head, dropped it on the floor and in one swift movement undid the front clasp on her bra freeing her wonderful breasts.

Rob and I simultaneously reached out to fondle her so she pushed her breasts toward us to make them more available to our caressing hands. Again she resumed her grasp on us and pumped us both again, up and down, slow regular and irresistible. The sight of Liz working us both and being caressed by both of us was insanely arousing and I was fighting the increasing urge to climax. Rob too seemed to be finding it wildly exciting too allowing Liz to sense the urgency in our shafts. Suddenly her face broke into a wicked smile as she released her grip on Rob, moved sideways slightly toward me and pressed her breasts round my swollen aching shaft before she slowly massaged me in her soft billowing cleavage. At that moment she glanced at Rob and gave him a knowing smile, suddenly I realised that the game was rigged, that she was determined that I should lose so that Rob would have her first but at that very moment of realisation and before I could make a protest my control broke and I spurted my seed violently across her breasts.

She giggled mischievously and said, “Sorry baby, you lose.”

Rob laughed out loud at my demise as Liz turned to him, grasped his shaft in both her hands, smiled at him and said, “To the victor the spoils.”

She lowered her head onto his shaft and slowly took nearly all of it inside her mouth. Looking up into his eyes to watch the pleasure she was giving him and without losing eye contact with him she slowly and exquisitely sucked his shaft with obvious pleasure as he used both his hands to stroke and squeeze her breasts. I was impressed by Rob’s control but very soon afterwards he gasped, placed both his hands on the back of her head and drove his shaft deep into her with a final powerful spasm of ecstasy. Liz squealed with glee and wrapped her lips tightly round his shaft to hold every drop of his seed, swallowing as much of it as she could and when his orgasm subsided she raised her head, provocatively wiped his spilt seed from her lips with her finger and licked it clean. Finally she took her wine glass and drained it in one go swallowing the last of his seed with it.

Rob and I sat there drained as Liz tried to stand but only succeeded in stumbling sideways and sitting down again still giggling drunkenly.

Rob said, “God, that was a fantastic blow job but I think you should take her home now before she passes out” so I cleaned her up with some tissues then dressed her again, slipped her coat on her and supported her to the door. Rob saw us out and added with a grin, “I’ll see you later then for our threesome.”

I half carried Liz the short distance home but couldn’t get to my door keys so rang the bell instead. After a moment I heard Sam’s voice call out, “Who is it?”

I called back, “It’s OK Sam it’s me and Liz, I can’t get my keys out of my pocket!” I heard the locks turn as

Sam opened the door and saw the surprise on her face as she saw Liz leaning against me, her reaction was one of concern, “Oh my God! Is Liz OK?”

I laughed quietly and reassured her, “She’s fine Sam, just a little too much to drink I’m afraid.” Sam helped me carry Liz through to the lounge and we placed her gently on the sofa where she began to snore quietly.

Sam giggled loudly, “Oh dear, I didn’t think Liz got drunk!”

I hurriedly made excuses for her, “She doesn’t normally drink at all so the wine took her by surprise, she’s going to have a sore head tomorrow that’s for sure.”

And again Sam giggled. “I wondered why you were back so early, do you want me to give you a hand putting her to bed?” she asked helpfully.

“No thanks, I can manage OK but it’s really kind of you to offer though. Umm, look Sam, can we keep this quiet? Liz would be desperately embarrassed if it got out that she’s a closet drunk?” I pleaded.

Sam laughed kindly, “Of course Alec, I wouldn’t want Liz to suffer that, I think too much of you!” and she smiled broadly at me.

I reached into my jacket and took out some bank notes, “Look Sam I want to pay you the full amount we agreed plus a bit more, it’s not your fault we’re home early so I don’t see you should be out of pocket and besides you’ve been so helpful I really insist on paying you extra.”

As I held the notes out to her she put both her hands round mine and took the money while looking up at me and said, “That’s really kind of you Alec and I promise I will make it up to you,” she paused for a moment whilst her eyes held mine and then added, “somehow.” and as she smiled at me I felt I could drown in those incredible clear blue eyes of hers.

The moment passed and I said, “Grab your stuff and I’ll walk you home.” Ever since she began babysitting for us I had always walked her the few hundred yards along the road to her home afterwards. I felt it important to make sure she got home OK and it was something her parents liked and found reassuring.

“It’s OK Alec, you stay with Liz, I can see myself home.” she protested.

“I won’t hear of it!” I asserted, “Liz will be fine for a couple of minutes and I wouldn’t be happy leaving you on your own!” She laughed easily, a gentle rippling sound full of youthful fun,

“Thank you Alec, you really are so sweet!” and she smiled into my eyes again as she slipped her jacket on and gathered up the magazines she’d brought with her.

I checked Liz once more to make sure she was alright then Sam and I slipped out of the door and began the walk to her home. Now it had always been the custom that we would chat as we walked and talk about how she was, what she was doing, what her ambitions and hopes were, in fact anything generally about her and I felt that she trusted me enough to be quite candid and open with me so I started the conversation off with, “So what’s new in Sam’s world then?”

She pulled a sour face, “I’ve just broken up with my boyfriend.”

I looked surprised, “Oh dear, you’d been together a while hadn’t you? What was his name again? Wasn’t it Gary or Gareth?”.

“No, it was Dave” and she gave me a black look for my forgetfulness!

“Dave! Yes of course it was.” I blurted and I quickly hurried the conversation on to leave my error behind, “So what went wrong Sam?”

Her face flashed with a momentary look of anger and frustration, “Oh honestly all he ever wanted to do was get into my knickers, he never showed any interest in me as a person and he never talked to me, I mean really talked to me the way you do, the way you ask me how I feel about things. I am so fed up with boys my age I’ve decided I want to find someone older who’s more mature and understanding.” I noticed she was looking at me intently.

I tried to appease her anger, “Don’t be too hard on him Sam, I mean at that age boys are all hormones and testosterone and after all you really are a very attractive girl so you can’t blame him for trying.”

Suddenly she stopped walking and turned to face me, puzzled I stopped too and turned toward her. There was a broad smile on her face and she chuckled as she said, “Do you think I’m really attractive then? I didn’t think you’d even looked at me in that way?”

A sudden frightening thought crossed my mind and I gabbled, “Whoa, hold on a second, yes I do think you’re very attractive and anyone who saw you would say that too but that’s just an honest observation. I don’t want you telling your Dad that I made a pass at you!”

Her smile grew broader and her eyes sparkled, “Don’t worry Alec, I would never ever do that to you, but don’t you realise I want you to make a pass at me! I’ve been wanting you to make a pass at me for a long time now but you’ve completely missed all the hints I’ve been giving you and my telling you about wanting an older man!”

I felt my brain freeze up as I struggled to comprehend this, “Steady now Sam,” I spluttered, “you’re scaring your nice employer! Besides my making a pass at you would be wrong on every level not least because I’m far too old for you and I’m married!”

She chuckled again and fixed me with the kind of look that is usually reserved for explaining things to a small c***d, “Alec I’m really not the silly little girl you seem to think I am! I’m grown up now and I know my mind. I understand that you are devoted to Liz and the c***dren and would never leave them and I never want you to do that, but we can become lovers and have an affair! I’m not an innocent either, I’ve had sex with all of my boyfriends, or at least they called it sex, I called it a bitter disappointment! But now I want an experienced older man who can make me feel like a woman in bed and who understands me and treats me with respect and consideration. That man is you Alec! I want you!”

I started walking again. She caught me up and wrapped both her arms around mine and fell in step with me. “Sam,” I said hesitantly, “you’ve completely shocked and surprised me with this. I can’t begin to tell you how flattered I feel and how desirable I think you are but I just can’t get my head round this! I’ve never been unfaithful to Liz and I’m not even sure that I could be!”

Again she chuckled, “Oh Alec you’re so sweet and kind but you are so naïve! This would be for laughs, just for the fun of it! And it’s all very simple, you just let me seduce you!”

I grimaced and said “It’s hardly that simple believe me.” But Sam just laughed again at my confusion. By this time we’d arrived at her house and were standing at the bottom of the path to her door.

She fixed me with a stare and said, “I realised that at some time I was going to have to be totally open with you if I was going to get my way, so I’m glad I’ve told you. And I promise you I will get my way, I’m decided on this! Now, are you going to give me a goodnight kiss?”

“No. “I said, “You’re Dads watching us through the window.”

She turned and saw her father looking out at us and gave him a cheery wave, and then she turned back to me and said, “Until later lover, until later.” then she hurried happily down the path. Her Dad gave me a wave of recognition so I gave a half hearted wave in return and then turned and started to trudge home. My mind was racing trying to make some sense of all this and once again, as had been happening so often recently I felt like I was being carried along by events that I wasn’t able to control or affect without wrecking my life completely!

When I got home Liz was still sleeping on the sofa so I roused her and helped her to bed. As I got into bed beside her my mind filled with thoughts about her lust for Rob and her absolute desire to have both of us together. I didn’t know where this was all going or even what I should be doing about it to keep Liz and our marriage happy. Turning things over and over in my mind I decided that despite everything the sex games Liz wanted with Rob turned me on more than the probable implications from them and for now I had no option or desire but to let this dangerous journey continue.

Then my thoughts drifted to Sam. I decided that I couldn’t go through with it with Sam and that I would have to find a way of letting her down gently. It was different with Liz and Rob, that was with my knowledge and consent but for me to have an affair with Sam would be cheating on Liz and that was something I found unpalatable, but then I imagined those hypnotic blue eyes staring up into mine as I thrust into her firm young body and the itch in my groin became unbearable. It took a long time for me to fall asleep that night and I was far from settled.

During the days leading up to the arranged threesome Liz became increasingly excited and her anticipation was obvious. She mentioned it at every possible occasion, saying how much she was looking forward to it and then one day she admitted to me that it had been a secret fantasy of hers for years to be roughly used by two men. This was the first time I had ever heard her mention a fantasy of any sort and it made me realise how desperately repressed and miserable she must have been for all those years. Up until then I wasn’t sure about this threesome but her confession decided me that it needed to be done for her satisfaction and emancipation.

Came the day and when I got home from work my first job was to take the c***dren round to their friends for the sleepover. When I got back Liz came up to me, hugged me tightly and said, “You know I love you and only you but my need to be taken by you and Rob is more powerful than I could ever have thought possible, I get so hot just thinking about it, I never thought I could feel this passionate about sex but I just can’t control it. Please be forgiving and understanding, I can’t help myself.”

I had thought many times about how this conversation, should it ever happen, would go but all my rehearsed speeches suddenly evaporated and I just kissed her and said, “I get so much satisfaction from your pleasure and I want you to have as much pleasure as possible because I feel you deserve it but your heart belongs to me, never think it doesn’t”. She smiled and kissed me, I could feel her shaking with the excitement that was welling up inside her. She grabbed her jacket and we went over to Rob’s.

He opened the door before we even rang the bell and led us through to the lounge, “Are you ready for this Liz?” he smiled.

When she answered him her voice was quiet and husky, “Yes, yes I am so very ready!”

Rob ran his hand down the side of her body and I saw her shiver with excitement, “Very well,” Rob said, “I’ve started the camera running so put your mask on and we’ll go upstairs.” Liz produced the black filigree mask that covered the top of her face and slipped it on before Rob led us up the stairs to a big double bedroom where there was a king size bed made up with crisp fresh white linen.

He ushered us into the room and closed the door. Immediately Liz pulled Rob and I together and put an arm round each of our necks. Her breathing was heavy and her eyes were blazing, she kissed each of us with force and passion and then said, “Now screw me like I’ve never been screwed before, don’t stop even if I beg you to, do anything you want to me, hurt me, make me come so hard I scream, use me, use me now” It seemed as if the anonymity afforded her by the mask had completely dispelled any remaining inhibitions left within her allowing her lust full reign.

Her passion aroused both of us and we closed on her, one from each side, pulling and tearing at her clothes until she stood naked and shivering between us. My mouth bit her ear lobe, my hand closed on her breast and squeezed as hard as I could my fingers rolling her nipple into a hard mound, my other hand squeezing her bottom cheek. Rob had his lips locked on hers, one hand behind her head holding her face against his, his other hand sliding between her thighs forcing against her pussy and clit.

She moaned deliciously as we pushed her back and onto the bed and as she lay down she spread her legs wide and raised her arms high above her head offering herself to us in total submission and abandonment. Rob moved between her legs and lowered his mouth onto her pussy where he started to lick and nip causing her to gasp and moan, his beard and moustache rubbing against her and cruelly working against her driving her passions higher. I lay beside her on her left side and fondled and caressed both of her breasts, licking sucking and biting at the soft flesh and at her pert hard nipples. I looked down at her face, her head was tilted back, her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, she was in complete ecstasy. I rose and quickly stripped off my clothes, as I did so she opened her eyes to look for me and seeing my shaft stiff and hard she reached out her left hand and grasped it, she pulled me down against her and guided my shaft into her open mouth sucking on it powerfully and greedily, her eyes were wide open staring into mine with a look that was a mixture of shock, disbelief and lust, she whimpered with pleasure. My hands carried on fondling her breasts and as I squeezed her nipples I felt them swell and harden, she was completely consumed by sexual excitement and passion and reaching a frenzy of arousal.

Rob then brought her to orgasm teasing her pussy with his tongue and mouth and she squealed loudly in pleasure as she climaxed. Rob had been undressing himself as he worked her so after her orgasm he stopped licking her and raised himself up on top of her, feeling this she released my shaft from her mouth and lifted her head just in time to see Rob place his shaft against her pussy, “Oh my God, yes, now, give all of it to me now!” she shouted and at that moment I grasped both her arms and held them tightly above her head pinning her down against the bed.

Rob grinned and gave a great laugh as he forcefully and roughly thrust his shaft all the way inside her in one fierce movement. Liz screamed out loud but in sheer delight rather than pain. As Rob began to thrust and drive in and out of her Liz writhed and arched her back but I used all my weight and strength to restrain her and force her to accept his violent penetration. She turned her head and bent it down to find my shaft again and drew it deep into her mouth, whimpering excitedly as she did so. Rob was pumping her ferociously now lost in his own passion and oblivious to Liz while she for her part was sweating heavily and a deep red blush was forming around her neck. I was trying desperately to fight the urge to explode in Liz’s mouth but as she neared her second orgasm she released me and started to moan loudly, it was an a****l moan driven by pure lust. Then she screamed loudly again and began to shudder violently as her orgasm ripped through her body causing her muscles to convulse and shake. Rob responded with his own orgasm finally driving his shaft deeper inside her and grunting loudly as he spurted inside her.

Liz stopped shuddering and stayed perfectly still for a few moments, every muscle in her body tensed then she suddenly groaned loudly and collapsed into a relaxed state. Slowly she roused herself, turned to me and said, “Take me baby, I need you to take me now.” Without a word Rob moved aside and I took his place between her legs, I thrust into her with ridiculous ease because she was so wet and full of Rob’s seed. I slammed into her to the hilt and began to pump her as hard as I could completely ignoring her needs and totally focussed on my own.

“Oh God yes, pump me baby, make me come for you.” Liz begged me. I saw Rob kneel beside her and then Liz take hold of his shaft and start stroking it. Within moments she began to shiver and shudder once more as she groaned and moaned louder than ever. She pulled Robs shaft to her mouth and squealed at me, “I’m coming for you baby, watch me come for you, I love you!” then her body shook convulsively for a third climax and at that moment Rob came in her mouth and I came inside her in near perfect synchronisation.

We all paused to recover from our exertions but Liz said to me, “Let me lie on top of you on my back, take me from behind.” I rolled onto my back on the bed and Liz quickly climbed on top of me guiding me into her. I was still very hard because I had never felt so aroused and I was overjoyed that when I entered her she moaned pleasurably and whispered, “God you feel so good inside me lover.” Then she said, “Pump me baby, pump me hard baby, Rob come over my breasts.” Rob knelt beside her and started to wipe his shaft over her breasts. “Come on my breasts Rob, mark me as yours, cover me with your seed.” I started to pump her again as she took Robs shaft and stroked it hard as she encouraged Rob, “Come on me Rob, give me everything your balls have.” Rob gave a loud gasp and as he came over her and Liz laughed, “Oh yes, give it all to me.”

As soon as Rob had finished spraying his seed over Liz she immediately climbed off me, turned round and straddled me again guiding my shaft into her. I saw Rob’s seed splattered across her chest and as she began to lift herself up and down on me she started to rub his sperm into her skin. She worked me at her chosen pace, altering her rhythm to suit her needs but I slid my hand between her thighs and began to stroke her clit with my middle finger making her gasp and sigh. Rob lay unmoving next to us apparently exhausted so Liz turned all her attention to me, “I’m having you baby, really having you and I love you so much! Now come for me harder than you’ve ever come before.” I managed to last longer than I expected but Liz suddenly said. “Now baby, come for me now.” And as we exploded together I did come harder than ever before.

By my count Liz had now come four times and she fell forward across my chest panting heavily and covered with sweat but she wasn’t finished. She rolled sideways onto her back between us and said, “I want both your shafts in my mouth, I want to suck you both off together!” Rob and I both sat up on our knees when Liz took us both, one in each hand and guided us to her mouth where she began to lick and suck each of us in turn. Liz was moaning in pleasure as Rob started to rub and squeeze her breasts and I again pushed my finger down onto her clit and began stroking it making Liz squeal happily with the extra sensation. The sight of her naked beauty, in total ecstasy and sucking on two men was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and she had never looked more beautiful than she did then. I don’t know how we managed it but both Rob and I came in her mouth and over her face almost together just after Liz came to a final climax moaning wildly.

We were all exhausted and lay there in silence for a while recovering from the energetic explosion of passion we had just shared. We lay side by side in silence until Rob rose from the bed and left the room, he returned a few moments later and told us he’d switched the camera off and it seemed to have recorded fine. He grinned at both of us, “Well I don’t know if you enjoyed that as much as I did but I thought that was fantastic!”

Liz said drowsily, “It was amazing, everything I’d hoped for and I enjoyed you both so much, but now I’m exhausted and I need a shower and rest.” We all dressed in tired silence before Liz and I left to go home.

As we left Rob paused us in the doorway and said, “I ‘m sure we will enjoy another experience again very soon, I’m absolutely sure!”

I didn’t know quite what to make of that remark, it was full of intent but I thought he was probably being arrogantly confident again of his appeal to Liz, anyway I certainly didn’t like his words. When we got in Liz took a quick shower and then we went straight to bed, immediately Liz cuddled up to me and gave me a long tender kiss., then she rested her head on my shoulder and said, “Thank you, I do so love you and I always will, you give me everything I ask for even if it’s so selfish, I’m so frightened I might lose you, can you keep loving me as I am?”

I hesitated before saying, “I want you to be happy even if it means being sexually adventurous, but I promise you that if I want it to stop I will say so.

“She thought silently for a moment,” I understand and I agree, there will be a limit to this and we shouldn’t and mustn’t go beyond it but I’m not sure if I’ve found that limit yet but I promise you I will never go behind your back on anything.”

Her words jarred in my mind, I thought about Sam and her intention of us becoming lovers behind Liz’s back but to my astonishment and shame I didn’t feel any guilt about the prospect of an affair, both Liz and I had changed so much from what we were that it made the last ten years of our lives seem so dull and wasted. Fortunately I was too tired to dwell on these thoughts any longer and fell asleep.

The next morning we didn’t talk about what had happened but we were both relaxed and comfortable in each other’s company and seemed to have reached a mutual understanding of acceptance and tolerance, so our marriage seemed to be working happily despite our breaking the sexual taboos that defined normality. For her part Liz now seemed to positively glow in her new found liberation and confidence, she seemed to glow and radiate an aura of sexuality. It all made me begin to understand how emotionally different women are from men. A woman can seal herself off from an affair or infidelity and separate it without difficulty with balancing her role as a loving wife or partner, men on the other hand seemed to blur the lines and not be able to easily separate their emotions or compartmentalise things. It made me realise that we are taught to comply with social codes and traditions but the moment we break free from them we really start to discover ourselves and usually with shocking result.

Early the next evening we had a parent / teacher evening at the school and Liz had arranged for Sam to babysit. I was a bit apprehensive about seeing her again but when she arrived she gave no hint whatsoever of our conversation and I marvelled at her ability to conceal the secret from Liz so very easily, she appeared perfectly normal and began abusing me straight away, “You must feel strange going to school today Alec, after all you could never have spent any time there when you were young judging by your intelligence.” Of course Liz delighted in Sam’s assaults on me and laughed gleefully at every barbed comment she made.

I tried to defend myself as best I could, “What would you know Sam, you’re just a soppy little girlie!” I saw a sudden flash in Sam’s eyes and knew I’d scored a hit by calling her that, but I also knew that at some time, probably long after I had forgotten it, it would be repaid with interest! Women have long memories and can bear grudges!

So we went off to the evening to be told all the usual things by the k**s teachers, in fact they were exactly the same things my parents used to be told about me, ‘Tries hard but must do better’ being the popular one. However the teachers told us they were satisfied with their performance and attitude and they seemed to be happy and getting on well with their classmates so we were pleased.

We returned home and Sam asked about the evening so Liz explained all about it to her and then mentioned in passing that their bedroom needed decorating and that I was going to paint a mural of a****ls on the wall. Sam jumped at the chance to insult me again, “Are you sure the k**s themselves wouldn’t do a better job than Alec?” and she grinned maliciously at me.

“They probably güvenilir bahis siteleri would,” Liz agreed but I’m taking them to my Mothers this weekend and Alec has chickened out of coming,” I tried to look contrite and penitent about not visiting my mother in law but couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. Liz continued, “so he’s going to do it this weekend, or else!” And she glared at me to show her displeasure.

When Sam realised that I would be alone for the weekend and that this was an opportunity for us to become the lovers she wanted us to be she turned her face to me and away from Liz and gave me a wicked deceitful look, “Can you trust him to do that Liz?” she asked sweetly.

“Probably not!” Liz replied.

Sam carried on without the slightest change in tone and in a completely innocent manner whilst looking me directly in the eye, “Would you like me to call in and keep him at it in the bedroom?”

I jumped at her remark but Liz just smiled, “I think that’s a very kind offer Sam, would you mind? Otherwise I know he’ll goof off somehow.”

Sam turned to Liz and gave her an angelic smile, “I will so enjoy keeping on top of him and making him work hard and I promise you I won’t let him slack.” I could barely hide my shock at Sam’s double talk but Liz missed it completely!

It was still early evening so Sam insisted on walking herself home, I think she believed I would try to wriggle out of being alone with her at the weekend, instead she left me in no doubt of her intentions because as she left she turned to me and said, “Better get yourself ready for some serious effort this weekend Alec, I’m a tough boss to work for!” I smiled feebly as I realised that I was undoubtedly going to give Sam what she wanted, I didn’t think she would accept being denied and besides that I wanted her so badly! All that evening I fantasised about making love to Sam, how her body would feel and how much I needed to take and enjoy her yet Liz seemed totally oblivious to what was going on and I found it so easy to deceive her, I never realised that cheating was so simple and that I could feel so guiltless about it. I told myself I would feel remorse later on but I conveniently forgot that it would be too late by then.

Things got more complicated the following evening when Rob called round to see us. I ushered him in and Liz greeted him with warm hug, Rob took the opportunity to paw her a little at which she gave a shameless giggle. He held a package which he offered to Liz, “The souvenir video from our romp the other night.”

Liz opened the package to find the video tape inside. “Mmmm, I am so going to enjoy watching this! Is it good?”” she asked.

“It’s excellent!” he grinned, “The picture detail and sound quality are first class, your every moan is recorded clearly!”

Liz teased him, “And did you get hot watching me?” “Of course I did.”

Rob replied staring at her, “Just thinking about it now is turning me on!”

Liz gave him a look that would have seduced a statue, “Perhaps we should watch it together then?” They both laughed and I saw the lust in their eyes.

Increasingly I was just becoming a passenger to all their games because Liz was now driving this along as hard as Rob was but with me about to cheat on her with Sam I was losing any moral high ground I might have claimed before. I had to make sure that all of these goings on were nothing more than sexual adventure and fun but the spectre of it all crashing and burning was getting ever greater as I wondered whether Liz was in full control of her emotions.

Then Rob looked straight at Liz and said, “I want you to come round again in a week or so, I’m setting up something very special for you.”

Without taking her eyes away from his she asked, “Oh? And what would that be then?”

Again Rob stared hard at her, “Ah, now that’s a secret and a surprise. To find out what it is you need to agree to come along, if you don’t agree then I won’t arrange it and you will never know what it is. Do you agree to my terms?”

Liz was flustered, “So I have to agree to whatever it is in advance or I’ll never know? Is that what you’re saying?”

Again Rob grinned, “Exactly, but I promise you it will be an amazing experience, something beyond your imagination and you will come to no harm. Now, do you agree?”

Liz chewed her bottom lip, the sign that she was in turmoil and uncertainty, “Will you give me a clue as to what this is?” she asked.

“No.” was Rob’s flat reply. He could see how undecided she was and how he’d got her dangling on a hook, torturing her with not knowing the secret and he also knew it would drive her mad, he was playing her again with consummate skill. He laughed and finished the conversation with, “Let me have your answer as soon as you decide, I need time to make arrangements. Now I shall leave you to think about it.”

After I’d seen him out and gone back to the lounge Liz was still standing there chewing her lip, “What is he planning do you think?” she asked me.

I frowned at her, “I haven’t a clue but I’m very dubious about all the secrecy and that he wants a blind commitment on it. What do you want to do?”

She shook her head, “I don’t know, but now he’s said about it I’m desperate to find out what it is, he’s got me really curious now.”

There it was again, the curiosity that I knew would lead to her inevitable agreement to Rob’s scheme. I guessed she would decide to agree to it within the next few days, I was wrong of course. That night as we lay in bed she started talking about it, “Alec, this thing Rob intends, I’m really, really curious about it but I’m a bit scared too. I need you to help me with this.”

I sighed and said, “We have no idea what Rob is planning, it could be anything and if you agree to it then you must be prepared for anything and by that I mean anything sexual that Rob can come up with! He’s promised you no harm will come to you but if you want to agree then insist on a few rules of your own. For example insist that there is no anal sex involved and that I am present to look after you. If you want things to stop then you can just say so and I will step in. Are there any other safeguards you want to consider?”

She thought for a moment, “Umm, no sex toys or gag. Thank you baby, I know if you’re there I will be safe, I love you so much.” And to prove it she climbed on top of me and made me suffer the most intense pleasure she could inflict on me for a good half hour.

The next morning she rang Rob and told him her conditions to which he readily agreed so with a mounting excitement she totally committed to his scheme.

I just let my thoughts dwell on Sam instead, I found that at the moment that excited me more.

The weekend came round and Liz packed the k**s up and set off for her Mother’s for two days. She’d been talking constantly about the upcoming special experience at Rob’s so much that I was glad to be free of it for a while and I was looking forward to my assignation with Sam but at the last minute Liz hesitated telling me, “Oh baby, I really don’t like leaving you on your own to do the decorating, I think I’ll call my Mother and cancel so that I can help you with it.”

I started to panic, “No, no it’s fine, besides I can’t do their room while they’re here, the smell of paint will probably make them sick.”

She thought for a moment and said, “Yes, you’re right but I feel so guilty about it. Tell you what when I get back on Sunday I’ll make it up to you, you deserve me wearing Basque and stockings, I know how much that turns you on!” and she kissed me passionately, “I’ll call you when I get there and to let you know what’s happening.”

As soon as they drove off I started work in the k**’s room. I’d bought a big pile of sampler paint pots and some brushes and had got some illustrated c***dren’s books from the library so I set about tracing outlines onto the wall ready for painting, This was going to be my Sistine Chapel! I was doing well when at about 11 the doorbell rang. I went downstairs and opened the door to find Sam standing there.

“Hi Sam.” I said brightly but then I saw she was frowning at me. She pushed through the doorway and shut the door behind her. Still frowning and without a word she grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard. I gasped and winced, shocked by this assault from someone who’d protested affection for me.

She stared at me coldly, “Now Alec, let’s talk about that remark you made to me. Do you remember? That remark about me being a ‘soppy little girlie’?”

Through my pain I gasped, “It was just a joke Sam, that’s all, just a joke, please let go of me, please.”

Her face was still stony and cold, “A joke huh? Well I didn’t find it funny so now you’re going to apologise for it aren’t you?”

I grovelled pathetically, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, really really sorry. Please let go of me.”

A smile came to her face, “I knew you’d apologise if I asked you too but you should consider yourself lucky that I need your balls working or I’d twist them clean off! Do we understand each other?” I nodded rapidly in acquiescence.” To my absolute relief she released me and still smiling said, “Now take me to bed.”

Taking my hand she led me upstairs and into the guest room. She turned to face me and put both her arms round my neck kissing me fiercely then still kissing me she started undoing my shirt. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her close to me. The excitement of this new young body against me had already made me stiffen and as she felt my erection pressing against her she pulled away from me and laughed quietly, “And I thought I was going to have to work on you to get you interested!” She slipped my shirt off and then put both hands on my shaft and started to rub me through my pants, “Mmmm, let’s get rid of these shall we?” she giggled as she undid and freed me from my pants. As they slipped to the floor she grasped me with both her small delicate hands and pulled me to the bed. I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled off my shoes and socks before Sam ordered, “Lie down.” When I did so she came and stood next to me beside the bed, quickly she stripped off her T shirt, undid her bra and raised her arms above her head to show me a beautifully sculpted slender torso with a smooth flat stomach below her clearly defined rib cage and her small, very firm conical breasts where her pert rosebud nipples sat. “Do you like what you see?” she asked provocatively, “Do you want me?” then she laughed and said “Looking at your shaft throbbing I think the answer to that is yes!” Slowly and teasingly she unbuttoned her jeans and started to wriggle them and her briefs down her hips and thighs, letting them slip to the floor, finally she kicked her feet out of both them and stood naked so that I could adore her properly. Standing there so beautiful and young I wanted her so much I ached.

Slowly she climbed onto the bed and straddled me, all the while keeping her eyes on mine. She took hold of my shaft and guided me straight into her pussy and pushed herself down until I was fully inside her, she felt so very tight. “Ooooh, that feels nice.” She purred as she placed her hands on my chest and started to ride me very hard and fast, working herself on top of me at a frantic pace.

I grasped her hips with my hands and stopped her from grinding me, “Whoa, slow down, this isn’t a race, take your time, we need to enjoy this as much as possible.” Using my hands on her hips I led her into a slower more gradual rhythm which she soon picked up on and took over. I gently worked her like this for a while and was surprised to discover that even though I had been so incredibly aroused to start with I felt very controlled and slightly detached in this dreamlike, unreal situation so I could concentrate solely on pleasuring her. I slowly and gently ran my hands up from her hips over her body to hold her breasts, adoring their firmness and rolling her nipples, squeezing them gently. All the time her eyes never left mine. As I caressed her breasts she sighed gently and closed her eyes for a moment before opening them again very wide and staring at me again and sighing in pleasure.

We carried on like this but it wasn’t too long before she said in a breathless quiet voice, “I’m near!”

I said to her, “Lie down on top of me.” Quickly she did as I asked stretching her legs either side of mine and raising herself up onto her hands.

“God I’m so near!” she whispered. I grasped her bottom with both hands and pulled her down onto me as hard as I could and began to drive my shaft into her deep and fast. She gasped out loud at this change in tempo and as I thrust feverishly into her she started to pant and moan but her eyes still never left mine. Suddenly she gasped, “I’m coming!” and moaned softly as I felt her pussy tighten around me. It took everything I had but I managed to hold myself from climaxing as she drove herself down on me forcing me into her as deeply as I could go. She yelled, “Oh God, yes,yes,yes!” as she came very powerfully before she finally collapsed on top of me in a heap. Instantly I rolled her over onto her back and began to pump her again with all my strength and energy. Staring wide eyed into my face she wrapped her legs round my waist and her arms round my neck clinging to me desperately and digging her nails into my skin as I drove her toward a second orgasm. I could feel myself getting closer all the time but she was moaning constantly now and holding me tighter and tighter until I saw her eyes roll back so that just the whites were visible and she grunted loudly as she came. I felt her pussy spasm and that took me to my own massive orgasm. Eventually her arms and legs slipped from around me and she lay exhausted on the bed, I raised myself up to take my weight off her, panting heavily from the power of my exertions.

We lay together totally spent for a moment or two when she said, “Oh wow, that’s what I’ve been waiting for. Awesome, totally awesome. I mean I’ve brought myself off before now but that was so different, so deep, so powerful. Awesome just awesome!”

“Are you hungry?” I asked her.

She instantly snapped back into focus, “Oooh yeah! I’m starving!” she said.

I grinned at her, “Crispy bacon sandwich and coffee?”

She giggled, “Does the sandwich come with brown sauce?”

We both laughed, “Damn right!” I said and gently lifted myself off her and sat on the edge of the bed pulling my pants and shirt on.

Sam rolled over onto her front and wriggled across the bed until she was lying beside me and then cuddled up to me. She giggled again, “That was awesome but I still think Dumbo on your boxers is being optimistic!” so I took great delight in leaning backwards slightly and giving her bare, upturned bottom a sharp slap. “Oww, that hurt!” she yelped.

I smiled and retorted, “Thought you told me you like the rough stuff!” Again that light bubbling laugh as she poked me in the ribs very hard with her finger. Then she wriggled round me again until she was lying across my lap looking up at me.

Her face suddenly became serious and concerned, “Was I OK? Did you enjoy me?” she asked and her questions made me realise that despite all her bravado and swagger she was still a fragile young girl and I needed to be so careful of her feelings.

I smiled down at her and gently brushed some strands of hair away from her face, “You were wonderful, a perfect woman and you made me come incredibly hard for you.” My answer obviously pleased her because that wonderful smile immediately came back onto her face. It was like watching the sun come out from behind a cloud.

She giggled, “Do you want me again?”

I laughed out loud, “I would love to have you again but you’ve completely worn me out! I’ve got nothing left!”

Once again my answer seemed to please her and she put both her arms round my neck, lifted herself up and gave me a tender kiss, “Now go and make me my sandwich slave!” she commanded, so I slid both my arms beneath her and stood up lifting her bodily and then tossed her onto the bed where she hit the mattress with a thud. She was still giggling helplessly as I left the room heading for the kitchen.

I’d got the coffee on and had buttered the bread and was boiling the bacon rashers in water in the fry pan when a fully dressed Sam came into the kitchen. She came up behind me, put her arms round my waist and hugged me and said, “Mmmm, I so enjoyed that, by the way I’ve tidied the bedroom up so Liz won’t wonder what’s been going on in there.” I was staggered at the way she thought of this and her innate natural ability to deceive. I would never have thought of that detail and I doubt many other men would either but her mind was working on a completely different level, it was so scary!

She jumped up and sat on the worktop beside me and looked down into the pan then asked, “Why are you boiling the bacon?”

I carried on working and explained, “Because if you boil it in water for two minutes before you fry it the bacon goes wonderfully crispy.”

She chuckled, “Awesome, fantastic sex and a cookery lesson! You’ll make someone a wonderful wife!” I gave her a sour look and carried on emptying the water from the pan, putting oil in it and starting to fry the rashers. The oil spat and hissed as it hit the water but the aroma was wonderful prompting yummy noises from Sam.

As the bacon fried I decided to test her on her feelings, “Sam,” I asked, “You are still playing this for laughs aren’t you? You’re not getting serious are you?”

Sam looked at me seriously, “It’s OK Alec, I’m cool with this, don’t worry. Besides, don’t fool yourself, you’re not that much to get excited about!”, again she gave that delightful rippling laugh of hers so I poked my tongue out at her and she did the same to me.

I lifted the rashers from the pan onto the bread and then took both plates and put them down on opposite sides of the kitchen table beside the mugs of coffee.

Sam plonked herself down in front of a sandwich that looked as big as a doorstep, “Brown sauce please.” she asked. I pulled the bottle from the cupboard as then Sam lifted the top slice of bread and squeezed a great dollop of sauce on top of it. Pushing the other bread slice down heavily on top of it she lifted it up and savoured the sight of it. It seemed to be as big as her head and I thought that if she dropped it on her foot it would probably break her toes! But then she began demolishing it in very short order! In no time at all it had disappeared and Sam was licking the last of the bacon grease and brown sauce from her fingertips! “Mmmm, delicious!” she smiled, I was amazed because I was still only half way through mine.

“Would you like something else?” I offered, it seemed that the sandwich wasn’t going to be enough for her.

“What have you got?” was the swift reply.

“I have chocolate cake!” I smiled.

“Oh yesssss! I love chocolate cake.” she grinned.

I put a plate and fork in front of her and got the cake box from the cupboard, Liz had bought it from a small artisan baker before she went away leaving me with strict instructions not to touch it until she returned but needs must so hey ho! It was a triple layer of intense chocolate sponge layered with thick rich chocolate butter cream and topped with a generous coating of the same and curled chocolate flakes. You could feel your arteries harden just looking at it!

I handed Sam a cake slice and said, “Help yourself to however much you want.” her mouth dropped, her eyes popped and she nearly started to dribble! They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but chocolate cake and I know better!

Sam carved herself off a huge portion of cake and I watched in awe as she devoured it hungrily! For a very slender framed girl she could have eaten for her country! It was like watching a speeded up film of a mechanical excavator as her fork tore chunks from the slab and transported them to her mouth. In almost no time at all there were only a few crumbs and a small smear of cream left on her plate which she picked up by licking her fingertip and dabbing it onto what was left before sucking it clean. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when I looked at her face and saw a huge amount of cake and cream smothered around her mouth. “What’s funny?” she asked.

I handed her some paper towel and said, “Here, you’ve got half of it around your mouth!” When she wiped her face with the towel and looked at the debris it had cleaned off her she too started laughing. I felt overwhelming happy being in the company of this delightful, lovely girl who was so full of life and fun. It seemed as though I was warming myself in her presence and it felt wonderful.

Sam glanced at the clock on the wall and yelped, “Oh my God! Is that the time? I’ve got to go, I’m meeting up with my friend Sophie, we’re going into town tonight!” She jumped up and came round the table to me bending over and kissing me. Pulling away from me she started laughing and gave me the paper towel, “Here, you need this now, I’ve put all the cake on you! Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out.” She dashed out and was gone!

I sat there for some time thinking about the events of the afternoon. Sam was a fantastic sex partner and I couldn’t believe how aroused I’d been or how powerful my climax with her had been. Though what really made me think hard was my lack of guilt feelings and how easy it had all been. I felt that I should be feeling remorse and shame for what I’d done but I didn’t, was this normal? I guessed that somehow I was blocking out thoughts and emotions that could be uncomfortable but how long would that last for? I wondered how I would feel seeing Liz again knowing I had cheated on her, would I be able to keep the secret or would I just blurt it out?

Trying to leave all these thoughts behind I went back to the decorating and worked feverishly distracting myself in the job until the light began to fail. I stood back and looked at my handiwork critically. I was generally pleased with my efforts except the elephants eyes were too close together giving it a comical, myopic look and the crocodile’s snout looked like a penis. I decided to leave the elephant as it was but tried to rework crocopenis by making its snout lumpier and putting a knobble on the end. When I stood back again to evaluate my improvements it still looked like a penis so I decided to walk away from it!

As soon as I’d cleaned up the phone rang, it was Liz, “Hi darling, how’s things?” she asked cheerfully. I hesitated a moment then to my surprise started talking to her quite normally and without feeling guilty, “Great thanks, I’ve nearly finished the room.” She sounded pleased, “Oh that’s wonderful! I look forward to seeing it. Have you had anything to eat yet?” she asked.

“No, I was going to grab a meal at the pub. I know you don’t like the mess I make when I cook!”

She laughed loudly, “I was going to suggest you do that but you know me so well!”

We chatted for a while before hanging up and as we did so I realised how easy it had been to conceal the biggest secret I had ever kept from her. I didn’t dwell on this for too long, I was beginning not to recognise myself anymore.

I strolled over to the pub and being Saturday night it was packed. Mostly they were younger people filling up on booze at pub prices before going onto the clubs where the drink prices were hiked up tremendously. I worked my way through to the bar and ordered a pint and a curry and carrying my drink protectively through the press I found a small table to sit at. Waiting for the curry to arrive I indulged in one of my favourite pastimes of people watching, especially the young girls in their clothes that seemed to be designed to be just decent.

After a few minutes a young waitress struggled through the crowd carrying a plate high in the air and calling, “Chicken curry! Who ordered a chicken curry?”

I waved my arm and called, “Over here please!” She came over and put the plate down, she looked totally harassed and fed up so I said to her, “Bet you’ll be glad when you’re shifts finished won’t you?”

She rolled her eyes, “Tell me about it! It’s frantic in here tonight!”, then she suddenly put her hand on her forehead and sighed, “Oh no! I’ve forgotten your chutney, I’m sorry I’ll go back and get it for you.”

I felt so sorry for her so I said, “No, it’s OK, I don’t eat the chutney anyway and you’ve got more than enough to do so leave it.” and I gave her a tip.

Her face brightened, “Oh thank you, that’s really kind of you. The next time you’re in I’ll take good care of you!” then she smiled and disappeared back into the crowd.

It was a good curry and I was enjoying it as I carried on studying all the customers there when the door opened and a couple walked in and made their way to the bar. They looked to be about my age and were both very attractive and were smartly dressed in what looked to be expensive clothes. I watched them idly as they reached the bar and the man ordered drinks, as he did so the woman turned and looked searchingly around the bar. She was dark haired with a fine figure shown to perfection in a little black dress and had considerable presence. As she looked around her gaze settled on me and I was amazed to see her give me a slight smile, I was further amazed when she walked over to me. I stood to greet her.

“Hello,” she said, “aren’t you Liz’s husband?”

I was enchanted by her pretty heart shaped face and smiling eyes so I think I was blushing as I replied, “Yes that’s right, I’m Alec. I’m so sorry but I don’t remember us meeting?”

She laughed gently, “I’m Carol, our c***dren are in the same class at school so I see Liz regularly on the school Mum run, I’ve seen you a couple of times there too but we’ve never actually met” Her companion joined us with their drinks, “This is my husband Richard,” we nodded to each other. He was a handsome man who looked to be a dynamic, thrusting young executive type fiercely fighting his way up the corporate greasy pole.

I said, “Do you want to join me? It’s very busy in here tonight.”

Carol smiled easily, “Thank you we will. It will be nice to get to know you better.” As soon as we’d sat down Carol asked, “So where is Liz tonight?”

“Oh, she’s at her mother’s this weekend with the k**s so I can do some decorating but because I use every pot and pan in the kitchen when I cook she’s sent me over to the pub to eat! Cruel isn’t she! Anyway I’m living like a rat until she gets back!”

They both laughed then Carol said, “So when the cat’s away?”

I panicked for a second, did she know about me and Sam? How could she know? I calmed down and realised I was jumping at shadows, “Oh I wish!” I laughed but her question worried me and I found her gaze unsettling and I started to feel slightly uncomfortable.

“Never mind” she smiled, “there’s always the next time!” Her words caught me off guard and I was still pondering them when her husband tapped his watch. “Yes, we must be going” she purred, “We have a party to go to. I’m afraid I can’t invite you along but perhaps you and Liz would like to come round for drinks one evening?” she asked as they both stood up.

I stood too and said, “Thank you, I’ll pass your invitation onto Liz, I’m sure she’ll be delighted.” And with that they both left.

I finished eating and wandered back home trying to understand the unusual conversation I’d just had. I was still turning it over in my mind as I got into bed and fell asleep feeling very tired and confused with the roller coaster ride my life had now become.

The next morning I slept late before grabbing some cereal for breakfast and putting on my work clothes intent on finishing off my masterpiece a****l mural. I decided to add more detail to the block shapes I’d painted and was enjoying myself experimenting with shading to give dimension and depth when around midday the door bell rang.

I opened the door to find Sam standing there with another girl. I was relieved Sam had company with her as it meant I wasn’t going to be expected to perform again in bed, I really didn’t feel strong enough for another session. As we stood in the doorway I noticed Rob was working in front of his house and had stopped to stare intently at my visitors, I gave him a wave but he just stood there unmoving, taking in every detail.

Sam greeted me happily, “Hi Alec, this is my friend Sophie that I told you about.”

Sophie smiled at me and said, “Sam’s told me all about you so I wanted to meet you for myself!”

I glanced quickly at Sam wondering exactly what she had confided in Sophie but her face was an impassive mask. I felt panic rising in me again as I fought to retain my composure.

I smiled back at Sophie, “I suppose she told you about the chocolate cake did she? You’d better come in and try some.”

They both laughed and walked through to the lounge and sat side by side on the sofa.

Sophie was shorter than Sam and slightly plump. She had auburn hair and bright searching eyes but the most striking thing about her was her enormous bosom, it was out of proportion to the rest of her and seemed to carry everything before it. I had to tell myself to stop staring at it and look her in the eye.

“So how long have you two been friends?” I asked Sophie.

“Oh, since our first day at school and we’ve been best friends ever since. We share everything don’t we Sam?” she stated calmly but looked me straight in the eye.

Again, I glanced to Sam for a hint of comfort on our secret. Sam stared at me and replied, “Absolutely! We share absolutely everything.”

I began to realise that my fling with Sam was now probably no longer a secret and my calmness began to unravel and disappear. “Do you want coffee as well?” I asked and they both said yes so I went to the kitchen to try and compose myself better whilst I made the drinks.

I could hear them talking quietly together in the lounge when Sam called out, “Is it OK if we go and look at the mural?”

“Sure,” I replied, “as long as you say nice things about it though!” and they both laughed as I heard them climb the stairs.

While I finished making the coffee I decided that all I could do was make a complete denial of my romp with Sam, after all it would seem ridiculous to everyone that she would have an affair with me. I took the coffee into the lounge but they weren’t there so I called up to them, “Coffee’s ready guys!”

I heard laughing then Sam’s voice called “Come up a minute please Alec.” This was followed by more laughter. I guessed they were going to mock my artistry which I found a bit upsetting so I climbed the stairs unhappily and went into the k**s room to find it empty.

Puzzled I called, “Where are you?”

“In here.” Sam’s voice came from the guest room. Still puzzled I crossed the hallway in a couple of strides and pushed open the door to stop dead in my tracks as I saw Sam and Sophie both kneeling on the bed stark naked with rapidly discarded clothes strewn around the floor.

“What the!” I gasped out loud but my eyes were set on Sophie’s huge breasts jiggling as she and Sam laughed at me.

“Oh Alec I wish you could see your face, you look so stupid!” Sam said laughingly as she slid off the bed and walked up to me. “I told you Sophie and I share everything and when I told her what a fantastic time you gave me yesterday she decided she wanted to enjoy you too.” As she explained she unbuttoned my shirt and squeezed my shaft through my pants.

Now if history remembers me for anything it will be for my dumb remarks but right then I made the dumbest remark of my entire illustrious career, “But, but, you’ll kill me!”

Sam shrieked with laughter and said, “Well at least you’ll die happy!”

Sophie’s remark was more direct, “Bet it’ll take three days to get the coffin lid down!” she giggled.

Sam was unbuttoning my pants by then and I could feel myself swollen and desperately hungry for these two utterly gorgeous girls. She purred easily, “Now don’t tell me you aren’t interested in this, I can feel you’re shaft throbbing and you haven’t taken your eyes off Sophie’s boobs since you came in!” And right on cue Sophie shook her breasts gently making them sway from side to side.

I turned and sat on the end of the bed pulling desperately at my shoes and socks as Sam climbed back onto the bed. I was struggling madly with a knotted shoe lace when I felt Sophie come up and kneel behind me. She leaned round me and began to nibble my ear and I felt the vast, soft warmness of her breasts against my back. By now I was so aroused I was feeling slightly dizzy so when Sophie reached her left hand down and started caressing my shaft I gasped, “Steady now Sophie or I’ll be done before I can pleasure you properly!”

She laughed loudly and as I turned to face her she moved backward up the bed and then lay back and opened her legs to me. I dropped my face till it was between her thighs and started to lick her pussy. I was still perfecting my oral skills but she seemed to respond immediately and started to gasp gently so I eagerly licked her clit as hard as I could. As I did so I worked my finger onto her pussy lips and rubbed gently making her moan very loudly.

I carried on teasing her this way feeling her passions rise and her ecstatic sighs, gasps and moans becoming ever louder until suddenly she fell silent. Instantly curious I raised my head to see over the twin peaks of her breasts to see Sam lying beside her kissing her passionately but gently on her lips while her hand caressed Sophie’s breasts squeezing and tugging at her large brown nipples. It was obvious their intimacy was mutual and established but rather than be shocked by it I found it very arousing.

I went back to my teasing using my fingers by pushing two of them gently into her pussy and licking her at the same time. My fingers probed and stroked when without warning Sophie suddenly screamed loudly and went rigid gasping heavily as her orgasm shook through her. Without hesitating I moved myself up and along her body until I felt the tip of my shaft rub against her pussy, I was so ready for her I was feeling dizzy with need and as she opened her eyes and raised them to mine I pushed firmly into her sliding my shaft completely inside her. Her smile of complete pleasure told me she was as ready as I was as I began to move inside her. Her head tilted backwards and she raised her arms over her head in total surrender to me inciting me to thrust deeper and more vigorously into her and as I did so her splendid breasts began to sway in a rhythmic circular motion that only served to inflame me further.

I heard Sam whispering to her, “Take it honey, take it all, feel it deep in you!” Sophie moaned in reply to Sam’s encouragement and her hand moved down over Sam’s shoulder and gripped her tightly. I buried my face in Sophie’s breasts nuzzling and kissing them as my self control disappeared and pure lust drove me furiously onward faster and more aggressive with my every thrust. Then once more Sophie screamed very loudly and shouted, “I’m coming, make me come Alec!”

She wrapped her legs around me and jerked her back fiercely several times lifting me bodily with her as I also orgasmed violently pumping my seed into her. The physical power of her pleasure was overwhelming and surprising, I’d never felt a woman climax so ferociously before.

However, before I could even gather my thoughts Sam pushed me off Sophie and straddled her on all fours, “Take me from behind Alec!” she urged pushing her pussy toward me. I dutifully obeyed and took position kneeling behind her and entered her pussy pushing against her beautifully firm bottom whilst sliding my hand over her thigh and down between her legs so my finger could tease her clit. As I began to pump into her I saw Sam and Sophie kissing again with real passion and I saw Sam’s hand was teasing Sophie’s clit in time with my thrusts into her.

The whole situation was wildly exciting and the extreme sensations and realisation of what was happening were fuelling my lust without let up as I pleasured Sam with a desire I never knew existed in a moment that was seemingly outside of time or reality. I felt myself come to bursting point again and as I released myself into Sam’s sweet pussy I was totally oblivious to both Sam and Sophie, my own passion consuming me utterly.

My awareness returned slowly and I saw Sam collapsed on top of Sophie with the two of them kissing dreamily, their arms were around each other gently holding each other. I pulled away from them and began to put my clothes back on after which I staggered downstairs where I poured myself a tumbler with two fingers of whisky which I downed in two. I poured another and slumped down on the sofa trying to put some understanding of this crazy episode into my head. I’d never seen it coming and never even dreamt it would but the delirious pleasures had passed and now my mind was coming to terms with the reality of the previous half hour and what the ramifications of it might be.

I was still sitting there a while later when the two girls, now fully dressed, came down stairs and sat down opposite me on the other sofa. They both exuded that warm kind of glow that comes after intense sex as they cuddled up to each other in an undisguised and happy show of affection for each other.

“Well now,” I said, “you two are full of surprises aren’t you?”

They looked at each other and giggled quietly then Sam said, “I told Sophie you were worried that my feelings for you might be getting too deep so she said the best thing to do would be to reassure you by letting you into our little bi-sexual secret.”

Sophie continued the conversation. “Don’t judge us too harshly Alec, we live for the moment and if we want something then we just take it, life’s too short to miss opportunities and we all only get one ride on the carousel so we make the most of it. We don’t care what anyone else thinks so when Sam told how much she had enjoyed making love with you then it was an obvious step for us to want to enjoy you together because we’ve never tried a threesome before! And I have to tell you that we’ve been talking about it just now and we both enjoyed it so much we want to try it again and soon!”

As usual I managed yet another of my world renowned dumb remarks, “Chocolate cake?” I asked.

They stayed and devoured the cake and then left, as I saw them out the door I noticed Rob was still out front and he watched them leave very intently. I suspected this meant more trouble on the way but I put it out of my mind as I was too exhausted to think about it.

That evening Liz returned home with the c***dren who rushed excitedly to their room to inspect the a****l mural I had laboured at so hard, fortunately they thought it was great and that I was the best mural painter in the world which of course I wholeheartedly agreed with!

To my amazement I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable with Liz and I realised I would be able to hide my infidelity from her, it was all too easy. As we stood looking at the mural together in silence I asked her, “What do you think of my artwork?”

She giggled loudly and said, “The crocodile’s snout looks like Robs erect shaft!” We both laughed.

We ate supper and then Liz announced she was going to have some of the chocolate cake and that she’d been looking forward to trying it all weekend. However when she opened the box and saw the meagre slice the two girls had left she rounded on me angrily, “I told you not to touch it! What happened to ‘don’t touch it!’ ”

“I’m sorry Liz, but Sam and her friend came round and there was nothing else to offer them!” I blurted in apology.

“What!, you mean they ate all of it?” she exclaimed.

“They were really hungry,” I said, “they’d built up an appetite beforehand.”

Liz ate what was left of the cake and her displeasure with me began to slowly evaporate. “Did you eat at the pub last night?” she asked me

“Yes, I had a really good curry. Met a friend of yours over there, a school Mum called Carol and her husband Richard.” Liz’s face froze icily. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“What did you say to them?” She asked coldly.

“Nothing much, just chit chat really, but they’ve invited us over for drinks sometime. Why the concern?” I continued innocently.

Liz frowned, “You wouldn’t know this but there are a lot of rumours amongst the school Mums about a wife swapping clique in the village and Carol is thought to be at the centre of it! Are you sure you didn’t say anything you shouldn’t?”

“Um, don’t think so,” was my sheepish reply, “she seemed very nice but he was a bit off with me.”

“You’d better not have said anything, and if you get asked again don’t agree to drinks! Clear?” Liz ordered.

Duly chastised I kept a low profile for the rest of the evening until later on when Liz said, “I promised you a treat tonight if you remember, you get into bed and give me ten minutes to put my sexy gear on and then I’ll show you how much I love you!” My heart sank at the thought of making love again that day but I went upstairs, undressed and climbed into bed.

The next morning Liz told me that when she came into the bedroom dressed to kill I was out like a light and snoring loudly so she changed out of the sexy outfit, put her PJ’s on and read a book for a while.

She also said her curiosity and excitement about Rob’s special experience was keeping her passions boiling and she couldn’t wait. I felt emotionally wrecked and confused which for a control freak like me was the worst possible thing but I’d opened Pandora ‘s Box and must pay whatever price it demanded. I just hoped it wouldn’t be as bad as I suspected.

The End.

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