Haziran 10, 2020

One night with a man

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One night with a man
It’s been a long time since my girlfriend Gabrielle and I have been able to take a nice long vacation. We booked a condo in Tamarindo Costa Rica for a few weeks on the beach and are very excited about going after all the hard work we’ve put into getting our bodies in shape for the beach.
We were scheduled to leave 1st of June but she got delayed because of work but encouraged me to go ahead without her and enjoy the few extra days before she got there. I felt comfortable doing this since we’ve been a few times and had a private driver we trusted and have used many times before.
I have to admit I wasn’t totally upset that she was going to be a few days late cause we’ve been to Tamarindo a few times and I liked the idea of being single for a few days.
I arrived early Friday afternoon and made it to the condo in time to spend a little time on the beach before sunset. We both worked really hard at getting our bodies in shape for this trip and we both were looking forward to showing them off.
After I arrived at the condo I decided to just grab a bite to eat and hit the beach to see if I could spot some ladies in bikinis or better yet thongs.
I watched a beautiful sunset and headed back to my condo after a few hours of watching all the beautiful ladies and a couple guys that made that hidden feelings that I get once in awhile towards another guy reappear.
Upon getting back to my condo I met my neighbor’s next door a couple of younger guys and I’m guessing there girlfriends. They invited me over for drinks and and a bbq to welcome me to Costa Rica Pura Vida.
As the night went on we all were getting tipsy and having way to much fun if that’s possible.
A couple other guy’s stopped by that knew my neighbors and to my surprise one of the guy’s that I was actually attracted to on the beach earlier was among them.
It’s been awhile since I was with a guy but occasionally I get the urge like my girlfriend to suck a nice cock and more. I introduced myself to him whenever the opportunity arose his name was Ricardo from Spain. I have to admit that I was feeling something for this guy and wanted to try and kaçak iddaa get to know him and see if maybe we could hook up for some fun before Gabrielle got to town.
As the night went on Ricardo and I got to talking and were enjoying each other’s company and he seemed to be into me like I was for sure into him.
Turns out he was staying at the condo next door but so were five other people which I knew this was my opportunity to make a move on him. I asked him if he wanted to stay at my place since I had a condo to myself which he quickly replied HELL YEAH.
I got butterflies in my stomach and was hoping I wasn’t coming on to strong with him so quickly. So after an hour or so we went to my place and just relaxing on the patio taking in the sounds of the ocean.
Like with any guys conversation always turns to sex and more sex. It turns out we both were bi and agreed that we each were attracted to each other even though he was much younger than me 25 years younger to be exact.
We went inside to figure out the sleeping arrangements and rinse of in the shower from the humidy and to be honest frankly we were drunk needed to sober up a little. It turns out I only had the king size bed and a pull out couch in the other room but no sheets for the pull out.
We both were ok with sharing the bed for the night and would figure something out in the morning.
I jumped in the shower and rinsed off and left it running for him to get in while I dried off.
He walked in a said he was impressed with my body and slapped me on the ass and said super nice man.
Ricardo was only wearing shorts which he took off and in the mirror I could see that he was very well endowed.
He had long dark hair super smooth carmel colored skin and his body was totally smooth no hair.
I was in love I want to make love with this man tonight and for as long as I could before Gabrielle got there.
I made small talk so I could watch him shower in this beautiful typical shower with only a glass sliding door between us.
I finished up and put on some sexy underwear that were meant for Gabrielle but I wasn’t thinking about her at this point.
After he got out of makrobet the shower he was like Damn I left everything next door to change into. Which I replied feel free to wear the towel something of mine or better yet nothing at all.
He was like what the hell right were both guys and both have cocks to which I was thinking true but his was so much nicer.
We both set on the couch next to each other and I was kind of chit chatting away when he leans in and kisses me firmly. I instantly responded back because I was hoping this would happen and soon. We started kissing and caressing each other’s bodies and soon both of us were getting aroused.
I reached down and started stroking his smooth cock with my hand as he kissed my neck. I could feel it getting harder and harder in my hand.
Then he stood up and his cock was rock hard right in front of me it was big damn big and thick. I slowly dropped to my knees in front of him and began to caress his balls and slowly suck his hard cock. I know I’m pretty good at sucking cock I’ve done it for year’s but this was the biggest I’ve ever tried. I knew I needed to take it slow cause it’s been awhile since I’ve given head and didn’t want to look like an amuture.
I was working his cock over like I’ve been doing it every day for my entire life but it was that I was really attracted to him and wanted to please him.
He started to pump my face as I reached back and grabbed on to his firm ass to help him. After a few minutes I suggested we use the bed to be more comfortable. I grabbed him by his cock and lead him to the bed were we both laid down beside each other.
We started kissing again and stroking each other’s smooth cocks as the passion began to heat up.
He took his hand put both our cocks together and stroked them as we French kissed and I squeezed his ass. He told me he wanted to top me which I wanted badly but we didn’t have any condoms.
We decided that was fine for tonight we could get some in the morning and continued to kiss and stroke each other’s cock.
By now I had a morning seven in the middle of the night and he went down on me.
Omg I loved how warm makrobet giriş his mouth was and the skills out of this world. Hate to say this and I wouldn’t tell Gabrielle but he was much better at sucking my cock than she was which is hard to believe.
My cock was so hard and throbbing my heart was racing my breathing was deep and fast.
He stop sucking long enough to climb on top of me and started grinding our cocks together while we kissed and squeezed each other’s bodies with alot more passion than before. He rolled us on our sides and started to finger my ass and tongue me in my ear while also kissing my neck.
We got up laid down on his back and told me to get on top so we could 69.
He didn’t have to tell me twice I climbed on grabbing his hard cock and taking as much as I could as fast as I could. He was stroking me with one hand while splitting my ass cheeks apart so he could eat my man pussy.
As I was sucking him all I could think of was God I want ride this cock.
After eating my ass out for awhile he began to suck my cock again and man was he good. We both began to thrust our hips pushing our cocks deep down each others throat.
He was squeezing my ass pulling me into his mouth as I was supporting myself on his muscular thighs sucking away.
Out of no where I was about to cum I warned him but he didn’t care and kept sucking me. I went back to sucking him and massaging his thighs when I started to cum down his throat.
I stopped sucking him just long enough to come up for air for a few seconds and I stroked his cock while he finished me off. After he was done he flipped me over quickly and moved me the edge of the bed hanging my head over the edge.
He proceeded to start fucking my face very hard and deep I knew he was close. I’ve done this to Gabrielle many times and I always try to choke and gag her now it was happening to me.
I struggled to handle his big cock and all his strength as he face fucked me then he unloaded down my throat. It was way more than I could handle I was choking spitting out some cum but he still kept fucking me and cumming in me.
Finally he stopped and I was able to swallow what was left and clean him up.
I rolled over we embraced each other to kiss each other while our throbbing cocks laid against each other. We kissed softly.and rubbed each other softly and we slowly fell asleep in each other’s arm’s.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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