Haziran 14, 2020

On My Day Off

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On My Day Off
By Dina Petro

Being a married woman of early thirties, I have no k**s and I spent most of my time and money on making sure my body and looks were fit, especially that I have always been a great looking woman, with gorgeous face, tits and ass, I worked hard on keeping it that way.
I am the flirty type of a woman, I love making new friends almost every day, either at work or by chatting on the internet during my free time, I was working as an office secretary for a nice big company, I loved my job and made sure to enjoy it too as much as I could.
One day I had the day off to relax at home, my husband was working and he had to stay late at work that day, I was home all alone, I got some of my house work done and it was time to have a drink and relax in my bedroom to spend sometime on the internet for fun as usual.
I was wearing a comfortable night gown, which was very little, a light see through nightie, very short and sleeveless, nothing else under it, I was just chatting with this new friend who had joined my page on the Face Book lately, she seemed to be nice, very young, but she seemed to be into woman to woman sex, although she was very young, a teen age, but after sending me her pictures, she was exceptionally hot and gorgeous by all the meaning of the word.
She was brave enough to show me some hot, nude pictures of her, I showed her some of mine in return, and she showed much interest in my body as well, at a certain point we were in the middle of cybersex during our chat and that made us both horny and hot, I remember my pussy was leaking wet and so was here’s as she told me, but as of a sudden she had to leave the house telling me to stay foot and she would be back with me soon enough to continue what we were doing as neither of us had cum yet.
I felt I was getting hungry and I did not cook that day, I called a restaurant for a meal delivery, then I got up finished some of the house work that did not get to be done, I got back to my room relaxed a little when I heard the doorbell.
I got up, walked out of my room through the living room to my front door, opened it up to find it was the delivery food I have asked for, the guy was a young fellow of late teens or early twenties, a real nice looking and very handsome boy, tall and big too, but his young age was very obvious, I smiled asking him to lay the box on the side table, then I took the bill from him and walked to the couch a couple of yards away from where he was standing up, I turned around, bent over and tried to get some money out of my purse.
It seemed to me at that point that I had totally forgotten about the way I was dressed, I was almost nude, a see through nightie, that did not cover much of my sexy body anyway, honest, I did not intend to show the poor guy that much, but it just happened, I guess when I turned around facing the other direction of the couch and bent over, he must have seem way more than he was supposed to.
I only noticed that, when I turned around to hand him the money, he was almost sweating, his eyes were fixed on my body browsing it top to toe, he seemed to be having an obvious hard on, making a tent under his jeans that he could not hide, I could describe his situation at that moment by being embarrassed, turned on, irritated, unstable…etc.
Seeing the guy in that situation, I tried to picture back on my mind what he had seen of my body, I knew it by then, güvenilir bahis the nightie was light and see through, very short, my bending over must have put a full scene of my bare ass and bare pussy for his poor, hungry eyes.
Momentarily, I personally have felt a strong itch down at my pussy, my clit started getting hard and I felt my pussy misty, I felt as if an electrical current went through my whole body, I was fully turned on too, but it was only then that I have realized how nude I was in front of that stranger boy who was standing by the door inside my house.
I was embarrassed too, I placed a hand over my pussy trying to cover it up while my other hand went over my tits, I looked at him and smiled, he said “mam, you gave me a large bill, but I have no change, would you try to find me exact change please?” I nodded going back to my purse, but this time I made sure I did not bend over, trying to hide as much as I could of my semi-nude body in front of that boy who seemed to be getting wild, but I guess it was too late, he had seen enough already.
I was still looking into my purse when I felt something strange, the boy was exactly behind me, I did not realize he was stepping closer to me till I felt his breath behind my back, before I could turn, he got closer hugging me from behind, wrapped his arms around my body, both of his hands cupped my boobs while his crotch was humping my ass, at that point I have clearly felt his hard cock, under his pants, trying to find its way between my ass cheeks.
I was shocked, jumped around rebelling him and trying to get free from his arms, but his arms were so strong and tight, and to be frank and honest, I did not use all of my power to push him away, somehow, part of me wanted him to continue, especially the feel of his dick on my ass, remembering how gorgeous and handsome he was, it all turned me on and made me more horny than I already were.
In a couple of seconds my nightie’s top was aside and my bare big tits were already filling his hands, one of his hands went back between us lifting my nightie’s bottom up to my waist with my fully round, bare ass filling his crotch area, he pulled back away from my ass, I did not know what he was doing, but he surprised me when he got his crotch closer to my body again, I felt his bare cock going between my ass cheeks invading the little spacing between my upper thighs, sliding under my hot pussy, he must have freed it through his front pants’ zipper.
Considering the hot situation I was in before his arrival and the way he looked, feeling his warm and long cock sliding between my legs, rubbing my pussy lips from the bottom, all of that together made me reconsider on the fighting I was doing to get free from him, I slowed down, then stopped, on the feel of his cock rubbing my pussy lips back and forth a couple of times, as of a sudden an unwilling moan had escaped my mouth and I found my back bending over while my ass was being lifted upwards to meet his throbbing dick, as if I was already approving of what he was about to do.
I have expected him to feel my ass and my pussy, may be bend over and lick my pussy or give me his dick to suck it, but that boy shocked the hell out of me when he held his dick in hand rubbing its head to my pussy lips and clit then started pushing it in me strongly, my pussy was taking it like a piece of cake of course, he was sliding and türkçe bahis gliding into my watery cunt, all the way till he was balls deep in me.
I was in a standing doggy position at that point, leaning over the sofa, with my pussy and ass way up facing him, he placed both of his young, strong hands over both of my ass cheeks, holding my ass and pushing it back and forth meeting the fucking laps in and out of my pussy, he was fucking me so strong and so fast, I can’t lie, I was enjoying each and every inch of that strong, young dick in me, I was moving back and forth on the same rhythm meeting his laps while he fucked me like a horse.
That boy shocked me again by the speed he came, he only fucked me for a few minutes then was screaming loud, he did not give me a chance to move away or do anything, he started pumping a thick, strong load of cock cream into my pussy, filling it up till the cum was seeping outside my cunt from its sides around his cock.
He froze for a couple of minutes till his cock totally stopped pumping its load in me, I did not feel his dick shrink at all, it was as hard and as long as it was when he started fucking me, he pulled out of my pussy at once, I turned around asking him “how dare you fuck me and cum in my pussy?” He did not say a word except “I am sorry mam, I did not mean it” he kept avoiding my eyes, looking down, shoving his dick into his jeans, zipping up, he turned around, held the door handle and tried to open it up, I guess he was ready to run away, but that wasn’t exactly what I wanted to happen at that moment.
I walked towards him grabbed him by the shoulder, pulled him towards me asking “where the hell do you think you are going?”
Still looking down, he said “I am sorry again mam, it just happened, I do not know how, I want to leave”
I smiled saying “what happened has happened already, but you have to finish up what you have started baby, you cannot walk out on my like that”.
He looked up, looking me in the eyes asking “what? what do you mean mam?” without saying a word, I pulled him towards me wrapped my arms around his body, kissed him on the lips for a long passionate kiss till he started kissing me back, I moved away, held his hand and pulled him walking with him towards my bedroom, we got in, I pushed him on the bed, got rid of my nightie and lay over his body.
I kissed him again saying “honey, I did not finish yet, neither did you, look at your cock still rock hard” he did not answer, but his smile showed how happy he was with my sudden decision, I rubbed his hard cock over his pants a little, then started unbuckling his belt, taking his clothes off till he was naked, I got on my knees and started sucking his dick, taking it as deep as possible till his balls touched my lips, he was moaning of pleasure at some point.
A few minutes later, I stopped sucking his dick, lay down on bed pointing at my wet pussy saying “lick it baby, show me how hungry you are, I want you all over my pussy, will you?” he did not need to be asked again, he was on his knees between my legs, passing the tip of his tongue and his lips over each single part of my pussy lips, inner lips, slit and clit, I came twice while he was doing that lovely pussy eating job.
I lifted my head up, held his cock in hand pulling it towards me asking him to fuck me, he rubbed its head to my pussy lips, shoved it in me while holding my legs, up and wide güvenilir bahis siteleri spread over his strong shoulders, he was deep inside me till the last inch which made me enjoy it to the fullest, I knew exactly I would get enough fucking this time, as I knew younger boys who cum fast the first time, would fuck hard and strong and last much longer the second round of fucking before Cumming again.
At a certain point while fucking my pussy and pinching my hard nipples, he kissed me on the lips and I whispered in his ears “if you like fucking the back door, it Is ready and willing to take you deep?” he was a fast thinker and smart enough to know I was inviting him to fuck me in the ass, he pulled his dick out of my pussy, lifted my legs higher spreading them wider, bent over till his lips were over my ass hole, he shoved his tongue in my ass and started licking me and tongue fucking my ass, making my voice and moans going louder and wider.
He held his lovely dick in hand, rubbing its head to my back fuck hole, trying to push it slowly and carefully till his dick head popped into my ass and he started pushing slowly too, he was sliding into my ass till he was balls deep in me, I was already used to anal sex, that is why it wasn’t hard for me to take his cock deep inside my ass hole.
He fucked my ass for another ten minutes before he started alternating his lovely dick between my ass and pussy making me cum two more times during that process, he was breathing harder, screaming louder, I asked him to cum inside my ass this time, as he had already come into my pussy once, bare back, he started pumping his new, fresh load into my back door, but this time the load was less in quantity and slower in power, but it did fill my ass to the rim and some of it started seeping out of me.
He froze for a few minutes, then pulled out of my ass, let my legs down, slept over my body, we both relaxed for a few minutes, he got up, I pulled his dick, sucked it dry again, he started putting his clothes on, we had no discussions whatsoever, neither did we say a thing, he started walking towards my living room and main door, I was still naked when followed him.
Before I opened the door for him, I asked him to wait, I pulled a piece of paper from my purse, wrote down my phone number on it, I handed it to him saying “did you enjoy it baby?”
He nodded with a very wide smile saying “I sure did mam”
I said “If you ever want to do it over again, just call me on this number to make me prepare for it, we do not need to exchange any personal informations or anything else, it is going to be your cock and my pussy only for such game, are you for it that way?”
He nodded smiling and saying “I know you are married, I do not want to ruin your life, all I want is to fuck you whenever you let me”
I smiled, kissed him on the lips saying “yes, that is my good boy, you can fuck me anytime you want if we agree to such terms” he nodded, I opened the door and he walked out like a bullet.
I returned to my bedroom, still unbalanced and shocked of what had happened, it is an unusual thing to happen in fact, but it sure did and I enjoyed it to the fullest, I found my girl waiting for me, shouting on the chat board asking where was I.
I answered her saying to her, she would not believe what had happened to me, I said “If I personally do not believe it happened, how could you, you must think I am lying and making it up, I gave her the full details, she started screaming loud, when I asked her about the reason, she said she came rubbing her pussy enjoying the details I was giving her.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro

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